I AM GROOT BREAKDOWN! All Five Episodes Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

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Marvel Studios' I Am Groot Full Season Breakdown! MCU Easter Eggs and Guardians of the Galaxy Timeline Explained! See Marvel Studios’ only in theaters! © 2022 MARVEL

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What details did you miss in the episodes of I Am Groot on Disney+? Erik Voss breaks down the five episodes of I Am Groot: "Groot's First Steps," "The Little Guy," "Groot's Pursuit," "Groot Takes A Bath," and "Magnum Opus." How connected are these shorts to the canonical timeline of the MCU? What cameos and Easter Eggs connect to the cosmic side of the MCU of the Guardians of the Galaxy?

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Rick Denmon

Producer: Erik Voss twitter.com/eavoss
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Producer: Brandon Barrick
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Laota Surfs
Laota Surfs Aylar önce
The 37 minute tantrum was awesome. Baby Groot is filled with rage.
watevr4evr Aylar önce
Especially considering it took him like 5 minutes to make the house
Vandita Aylar önce
Like most of the toddlers lol 🤣
uosdwiSrdewoH Aylar önce
These were so fun. I hope we get more of this kind of thing. Like the Baymax shorts as well. It doesn't always have to be saving the world. Baby Groot is so adorable.
Razvan Ciobotaru
Razvan Ciobotaru Aylar önce
Agreed I hope is going to be season 2 for Baymax and I am Groot.
David Ruiz
David Ruiz Aylar önce
I think these shorts are going to be ideas of what we can expect Groot to do in the future....become Alpha Groot. And of course he would have memory of his past self saving the team as his species has the most knowledge of the cosmos
Princeton Chia
Princeton Chia Aylar önce
Imagine King Groot appearing in secret wars. I always liked that evil tyrant variant of Groot.
Louis Berry
Louis Berry Aylar önce
This series is entertaining and cute. Hope to get Season 2 of this with longer runtime with aleast 10 episodes. Also hope the picture and creature return for aleast The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special, Hope Trailers for that and Vol 3 come out soon.
Louis Berry
Louis Berry Aylar önce
@TheVideoEnds Will love that in Season 2 with more scenes of him and Rocket.
TheVideoEnds Aylar önce
I want to see teenage groot.
Princeton Chia
Princeton Chia Aylar önce
@super-wolf 11 Yeah, and we all saw that picture floating in the void of space at the end of the episode, so what's your point?
CorPig Aylar önce
It was funny lol 😂
Faic Legion
Faic Legion Aylar önce
I hope they get filed together eventually. They’re taking up a lot of menu space the way it is now.
llbenjonjoll Aylar önce
Seeing that second short reminded me why Gorr wanted to kill all the gods
DaddySmurf Aylar önce
@Skither It’s too late fren. Gorr got ‘em
llbenjonjoll Aylar önce
@Yaboizukini yeah
Yaboizukini Aylar önce
The episode where groot destroys the mini city?
Samantha Evelyn
Samantha Evelyn Aylar önce
@Skither which God, Thor? Odin? Loki? Hela? Bast? Khonshu? Arishem? Please tell me, I must know!
Ryan Haney
Ryan Haney Aylar önce
2:16 I completely missed each of those. I hope they do more of these. I enjoyed them. The We Are Groot family photo was a nice touch.
Joshua Aylar önce
Season 2 is confirmed
NedBark Aylar önce
2.5 mins per episode was a lot shorter than I was expecting. I thought they would be 10 mins at least.
Zachary Jackson
Zachary Jackson Aylar önce
@havokismygame what shorts are you referencing?
havokismygame Aylar önce
@Zachary Jackson check out all the other series of shorts marvel animation has made, particularly the ones surrounding or quasi surrounding the mcu..I wasn't expecting a total canon moment or some kind of reveal, i just think they missed an opportunity, especially given how much demand there is for groot and how long they took to make this, maybe they shouldn't have advertised it the way they did leading up almost 13 months in advance
Zachary Jackson
Zachary Jackson Aylar önce
@havokismygame it's literally meant to be a short series. Just something to sit down, turn your brains off, and just have fun watching. It's basically like those old cartoon shorts that told a narrative through little to no words and instead let you focus solely on the visuals. Yall expecting it to be the equivalent of a movie or series like What If...
havokismygame Aylar önce
@Zachary Jacksonwhat was so satisfying about, be real, this felt so disappointing, if there was a story to tell here or at least more than a handful of minutes it would be rewatchable, unfortunately itll barely be memorable
Arman Jay Loremas
Arman Jay Loremas Aylar önce
It's all Shorts. Just like Larva
Alex Banks
Alex Banks Aylar önce
In the 'timeline order' section it shows that only episode 1 is between vol 1 and 2. Every other one is between vol 2 and infinity war
FortuneFarm Aylar önce
@Joshua How do you know?
Joshua Aylar önce
@FortuneFarm he didn’t, D+ did
FortuneFarm Aylar önce
@GreatEditz maybe he made a mistake?
GreatEditz Aylar önce
Yes so why does he say episode 3 is before vol.2?!!!
Shenita Aylar önce
Very cool
A bit of Everything
The first episode is between GotG Vol 1 and Vol 2 but the remaining 4 are after Vol 2. The Disney+ timeline gives us that information. So it actually was the Benetar rather than the Milano in Ep 2. Regardless, love your videos. Thanks for creating such awesome content!
Joe Gamer147
Joe Gamer147 Aylar önce
Glad to see I wasn't the only one to see that
Castyn Scott
Castyn Scott Aylar önce
It would be the Benetar either way the Milano got destroyed and they got the benetar all in Vol 1 idk where he got that from
FACEMAN Aylar önce
Yeah, and Milano and Benetar looks kinda different soooo :D
Night Monkey
Night Monkey Aylar önce
DeadApple Aylar önce
I love how rocket has reading glasses
WyDubhs Aylar önce
One thing I noticed is that he actually acts like a young kid/ baby.
GM Artist
GM Artist Aylar önce
The son of groot we see in GotG vol 1
Jake Kayden
Jake Kayden Aylar önce
Wow great observation I never noticed that baby Groot acts like a baby!! 🤯
Evan Lorenzo
Evan Lorenzo Aylar önce
.... 🤨 BABY Groot... 🤷🏾‍♂️
Heather Ramirez
Heather Ramirez Aylar önce
The description for the Bath episode says that he’s a toddler Flora Colosso or something along that line. So perhaps that’s just how that species reproduce.
ChicoTheGoat Aylar önce
This was fun to watch 😂 Groot is so adorable and hilarious
CorPig Aylar önce
Same 😂😂😂
koolerpure Aylar önce
somehow i was expecting 30 minute episodes so i was let down there but over all it was silly but refreshing, rocket was a great cameo
Definitely not a bot
So, you think most of the "WandaVision" episodes are short?
James Aylar önce
The series was a fun brief journey with a fun character! 😊🍃🌱
CharklieEpic Aylar önce
This series was so fun I would watch it all over again lol :)
West3DP Aylar önce
@havokismygame I think you meant 17 minutes of pure cuteness and joy
havokismygame Aylar önce
Can you even call it a series....17 mins of nothing really
Bedrock Breaker
Bedrock Breaker Aylar önce
The only short that takes place after vol 1 is the first one. All of the other 4 come after vol 2
Master E
Master E Aylar önce
Technically speaking, they'd all come after vol 1 xD but yeah, you're right hahaha
Peter Skorec
Peter Skorec Aylar önce
Actually kinda cute, kinda fun, good vibes overall. I loved it 😂 the first two episodes were fun, the third one I enjoyed the dance scene a Lot 😂, for general and personal reasons. The fourth one was hilarious 😂 laughed soo much 😂 especially when he took that squirreled fur. And the fifth one 😂 I mean rocket is a legend 😂 but Rocket with glasses 😂 sheesh. Also I swear one of Groot’s “I am groot” translated to “Boooooooom looking for this!?”
DarkSagauk Aylar önce
Ep1 hilarious probably my fav 😊 Ep2 the memes from this are going to be endless 🤣🤣🤣 Ep3/4 laughing aside can we just address how ruthless groot is the bit with the airlock he did not hesitate for sec to kill it and with the bird creature that was vengeance do not laugh at me 😅 Ep5 didn't get me like the others with full on laughter this was like aw ok that's nice. The rocket cameo was kool but something just felt weird anyone else think that as well? 🤔
A machine that goes DING!
Am I the only one who feels so bad for the gangalorian squirrel bird after it’s fur was shaved, just look at it’s heartbroken face, I can help but shed a tear.
Princeton Chia
Princeton Chia Aylar önce
Yes, you're the only one. That freakish bird deserves no sympathy after how it treated baby Groot
A machine that goes DING!
@duckvader oh yeah now I see lol
duckvader Aylar önce
@A machine that goes DING! thats not what i meant. I mean like if they feel no sympathy for the animal they would say yes that hes the only one who feels for it. So they should have said yes than no.
A machine that goes DING!
@duckvader hopefully
A machine that goes DING!
@Joe Mama thank you, the one person who feels some respect for the poor thing.
bruce lau
bruce lau Aylar önce
literally tho this series was so fun, heck this might not be canon but i don't care, seeing 5 episodes of Baby Groot's adventures is so great, i love it and it's so wholesome
Definitely not a bot
It is canon.
TTA Roco
TTA Roco Aylar önce
I think it is canon because they put it in the mcu in timeline order section
Santi Aylar önce
Is it canon and besides it's on the marvel cinematic universe area
Andrew Ferguson
Andrew Ferguson Aylar önce
In Magnum Opus, Groot is carrying around fuel rods for the ship, not the Anulax batteries. I thought the same at first but Rocket acknowledged them once as fuel rods toward the end at 2:16.
Link TV
Link TV Aylar önce
This made me happy that Mr. Voss will give me everything that I missed in a fun little happy short
MCU HQ Aylar önce
There was a little mistake in this video: every short with the exception of “Groot’s First Steps” take place after Guardians 2
Pickle Bread
Pickle Bread Aylar önce
10:09 they're called Harbulary Batteries
Raj Panchal
Raj Panchal Aylar önce
I understood that reference.
Marvelfangirl00 Aylar önce
These Groot shorts were so cute and very adorable, and I would love to see more of these shorts, and I cannot wait to see what Marvel Studios dreams up next for the next installment of Groot.
Blaize Burley
Blaize Burley Aylar önce
I am groot made up for the past few movies. The shorts made me so happy and actually laugh out loud. Much love for groot
Victor Olsson
Victor Olsson Aylar önce
He is not groot he is groots son so he Drew his dad in the end of the last part. He is a groot but not the groot from gotg1
Z4P Aylar önce
@Sinteleon yeah because he was made from part of Groot
Sinteleon Aylar önce
If we are to be technical, he is a cutting/clone of the original groot.
Z4P Aylar önce
@Grizz Zelda no, he is groot’s son but as like he said in the video, he retained some of OG Groot’s Memories
Grizz Zelda
Grizz Zelda Aylar önce
He drew himself
Mark Aylar önce
Just a bit of fun, it was a unique spin that I enjoyed even if it was a little "short"
Stancinatti Aylar önce
Baby groot is cute asf but I hope he’s full size in GOTG volume 3
Jeff Dennis
Jeff Dennis Aylar önce
I binged them, turned my kids onto them and they loved then too. So fun😂
Garrett the Carrot
Garrett the Carrot Aylar önce
Me: sees this video Also me: binges all 5 episodes "OK I'm ready!"
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith Aylar önce
I did the same exact thing haha
Charlie Pena
Charlie Pena Aylar önce
In the picture Groot drew there’s a tiny leaf that has a face on Big Groots right shoulder, that’s baby Groot
ItsAAA Aylar önce
I Am Groot was definitely one of the Marvel series of all time thats for sure..
Samantha Evelyn
Samantha Evelyn Aylar önce
Yeah, it’s one of the Marvel shows I’ve ever watched
Cake n Bacon
Cake n Bacon Aylar önce
one of the best
CoolTrainerHuffy Aylar önce
I loved the series but didn't really love that almost half of each episode was credits.
Wico90 Aylar önce
They're shorts. They never guaranteed any length
Chris Kehley
Chris Kehley Aylar önce
Why tho?? Nothing about it was slightly good
Hayley C
Hayley C Aylar önce
These shorts remind me of when I was a kid and movies, especially Disney movies, always had a little animated short before them. Disney needs to bring this tradition back.
This series is entertaining and cute. Hope to get Season 2 of this with longer runtime with aleast 10 episodes. Also hope the picture and creature return for aleast The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special, Hope Trailers for that and Vol 3 come out soon.
Hui 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me
The first episode is between GotG Vol 1 and Vol 2 but the remaining 4 are after Vol 2. The Disney+ timeline gives us that information. So it actually was the Benetar rather than the Milano in Ep 2. Regardless, love your videos. Thanks for creating such awesome content!
Kpoper Whovian
Kpoper Whovian Aylar önce
I really enjoyed these shorts! They were so funny i had a few giggles and honestly is one of those shows that is intended for kids but it has a few winks for us adults.
Trishan Fernandopulle
The alien writing on the fitness tracker looks similar to that of the Builder's machine code in the comics
ReazY Aylar önce
Yeah that's actually what it is
Evan Mullin Decoste
Evan Mullin Decoste 18 gün önce
So #21, about him drawing the moment he saved them, and you said maybe he still remembers back memories. I think it might be more probable and make more sense that he knows of this memory because the entire team reminds him of his deed all the time, maybe like Rocket telling him a bedtime story about how Groot became to be small and his heroic gesture of him saving the entire team. And they probably mention it so much its like a bonding moment for the entire team, as much as they can but heads and argue they all feel the same way about that moment, like when a kid draws a picture of their parents and them at the park.
landon616 Aylar önce
I loved this series!
Kamaan Morgan
Kamaan Morgan Aylar önce
It’s the benatar cause it had those back engines
BMBxiii Aylar önce
I really loved these. They cute and laugh out loud funny and Groot is adorable and a little punk ass at the same time 🤗
Connor Caron
Connor Caron Aylar önce
10:09 they’re called harbulary batteries Seriously though the picture of Groot holding them all isn’t him remembering that because the Groot that we’ve known for years is the original Groot’s son
Brandon Russell
Brandon Russell Aylar önce
I think we shoulda got a sneak peek for the GOTG Holiday Special cos it's only 4 months left. But I loved this series, hope they make more episodes.
Average Human
Average Human Aylar önce
According to disney plus the first short takes place in between the two movies and the rest are after vol 2 hope that helped anyone confused about the time line
HOMEN Aylar önce
Just finished watching these, so good and hilarious.
Andy Manser
Andy Manser Aylar önce
I just watched them all with my kids and we all loved them. Doesn't matter they are aimed at kids, im a big kid at heart 🤣
Michael Morris
Michael Morris Aylar önce
"Older than the intended audience?" Nah, you're well within the target audience, which I'm 100% sure was "Marvel fans that love Groot"
Master0fHyrule Aylar önce
Each episode was like watching a TRvid Animation film because of how short they were.
Hamm Bone
Hamm Bone Aylar önce
The language on the smart watch Groot uses as a flashlight looks very similar to the language of Krakoa in the comics. They aren't identical, but circles with dots and lines are essentially it.
PurpleBlib Aylar önce
It's actually Builder Machine Code
Nico Aylar önce
I am Groot could've a lot of seasons since it's only 5 episodes and 4 minutes per episode. Plus they could make more merch for Groot in this because there's only one Guardians film left and I think by the end of Season 3 we will see Groot transform from Baby to Teen! Then by the start of Season 6 he will be Alpha Groot and probably the last season of I Am Groot!
Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X Aylar önce
This series is entertaining and cute. Hope to get Season 2 of this with longer runtime with aleast 10 episodes. Also hope the picture and creature return for aleast The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special, Hope Trailers for that and Vol 3 come out soon.
anthony solis
anthony solis Aylar önce
All these shorts were phenomenal I enjoyed every moment the humor was really good
West3DP Aylar önce
Didn't Rocket specifically call out that the glowing tubes were the ships fuel cells? Did they look different from the anulax batteries or are these two being confused by Eavoss?
Chall hatt!
Chall hatt! Aylar önce
I guess in a universe every character needs to get these kind of shorts. So we know what they were upto when they were not on missions.
2.5 mins per episode was a lot shorter than I was expecting. I thought they would be 10 mins at least.
Faic Legion
Faic Legion Aylar önce
10:57 Or, well, his dad doing so. Technically this is Groot Jr.
rosettasilvermist Aylar önce
Disagree about the intended demographic. This was totally meant for all of us and not just the younglings
BLACK BEAST Aylar önce
I had fun watching I am Groot. Had a good laugh. Love episode 3 when Groot fight Iwua and ticks he to go out to space. Love Groot trees house in episode 2. Happy we get to see Rocket Raccoon in the last episode
BetterNick Aylar önce
I Would Like to bring up According to Disney plus Episodes 2, 3, 4, And 5 Are Actually Set After Volume 2 And that makes sense Because Looking at images The ship In the episodes looks more like the benetar Not The Milano
Joshua McClinton
Joshua McClinton Aylar önce
This shorts series was too funny and I enjoyed seeing Groot be petty 😂🤣😂. I hope they do more like this.
casey Aylar önce
I love love love the shorts! baby Groot is the cutest 😭 Love all the details! Great video :)
Tomer Greenberger
Tomer Greenberger Aylar önce
I don't know how you get all those details (the one with the drink from the hulk movie was out of this world!!!), that's your superpwer! One thing however, in episode 5 those yellow vials are the ship's fuel rods, Rocket says that
James Roswell
James Roswell Aylar önce
"Groot cruelly fast forward through it;" this was torture for my dad who loves the opening fanfare of MCU projects
Amanda Grow
Amanda Grow Aylar önce
Do you think the symbols on the watch Groot puts on his head in Groot's Pursuit is the Builder's machine code?
Brett Rayl
Brett Rayl Aylar önce
In Groot’s drawing if you look close it also looks like there is a small stick figure of Mantis outside of Groot’s arms to the left of his head.
Tyler Neve-Harris
Tyler Neve-Harris Aylar önce
I loved these shorts, they made my day.:)
Varad Kulkarni
Varad Kulkarni Aylar önce
MORE IMPORTANTLY, remember in Guardians 2 where Rocket asked Quill for tape? He didn't have any bc Groot used it all up here trying to cover up the hole. (Yes this is a joke)
Mansaf Productions
Mansaf Productions Aylar önce
11:05 "he saved them all" well technically baby groot is groots son not groot, so he didn't save them, his father did
Crunchy Crunch
Crunchy Crunch Aylar önce
Just watched "I am groot" and I love episode 5 lol
Mr. Williams
Mr. Williams Aylar önce
Question, if Rocket was able to save Groot by replanting him, wasn't there more pieces of Groot left on the ground after the crash? Wouldn't there be a bunch of Groots running around on Xandar?
DarkGengar 94
DarkGengar 94 Aylar önce
All entertaining but Groots Pursuit made me laugh out loud with that ending
DecidueyeOfDoom Aylar önce
Just me, or does the writing on Groot's fitness tracker look vaguely Krakoan from the more recent X-Men comics?
Captain Chrispy
Captain Chrispy Aylar önce
"...some part of Groot may retain his memories!" Or, said Guardians told him about it and so he drew it.
Lauren Munro
Lauren Munro Aylar önce
this is literally the cutest series I have ever watched! The best part was I saw it all on TRvid! 😅
OnlineLudio Aylar önce
But wouldn’t it be possible to have the benitar just after volume 2? Because of the design of the ship itself
Noah Dean
Noah Dean Aylar önce
Groot screaming for 37 minutes but nobody hears him because he's so small rocket raccoon "does anybody else hear that!?" Drex "all I hear is my stomach hunger for war!"
wolflower Aylar önce
baby groot in a onesie is the cutest thing i have EVER seen!! 🥹😭
Dan_The_Man Aylar önce
I am Groot is a 10/10
KushTheSmoker254 Aylar önce
My 5 year old loved these as did I. What a pleasant surprise, I thought it was coming out later in the year.
swordwhale1 Aylar önce
These shorts were great! Thanks for reviewing!
Alex Zachmeier
Alex Zachmeier Aylar önce
That is the Benatar in episode 2's opening
Supermoonwalker Aylar önce
This might just be me, but is the tree the same one from Daredevil season 2? The one in the Roxxon building that’s used as a door switch with Daredevil and Elektra (I don’t know the Episode sorry it’s like 6-8)
מ מ
מ מ Aylar önce
It's so happy to know that Groot remembers his past life and the drawing is the proof!
Z4P Aylar önce
He only retained some OG Groot’s memories
Z4P Aylar önce
That’s Groot’s son, not actually 2014 Groot
PlatyPlush Aylar önce
Groot dancing with his mirror is amazing
M Hay
M Hay Aylar önce
This was truly a grootin experience
Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu Aylar önce
@AshtraysOnSundays i love this joke
Aditya Naik
Aditya Naik Aylar önce
Truly one of the Marvel shows ever made
AshtraysOnSundays Aylar önce
My favorite scene was when Groot said “It’s Grootin Time”
Falk Hammermüller
Falk Hammermüller Aylar önce
Why these episodes are only 2 minutes short, will be forever a miracle to me. I would have watches 5h of these.
Arthur E. Pierce II
I watched them. They are so cute. I can't wait for the next batch of shorts.
Robert G
Robert G Aylar önce
@havokismygame Keep crying
havokismygame Aylar önce
The next batch?? If they take as long to make another as it took to make this 17 mins of nothing it'll be the end of phase 7
EthenWithAnE Aylar önce
Just finished watching it the last episode was great
John Alexander
John Alexander Aylar önce
I genuinely apologise for mentioning this but it'll just annoy me otherwise. Those weren't anulax batteries, Rocket specifically says they're the ships fuel rods. Anyway, couldn't be less important, have a lovely day.
Kahrem Favors
Kahrem Favors Aylar önce
Groot's a little psycho... And I loved it. Lol
Only W
Only W Aylar önce
This shorts are like fresh air for me who started to get tired of mcu theories... baby groot is just so cute, he cleanses up my soul 🥲
ShaKK DiseL
ShaKK DiseL Aylar önce
Who' doesn't Love Groot!? I wish they can make 1 every week
Jimmy White
Jimmy White Aylar önce
I need more!!! My son enjoyed these fully!!
Lord Aylar önce
I love these shorts, especially because groot is my favourite character!
Venomised Aylar önce
There’s no way people would rather get a season 2 of THIS than something like moon knight.
Xsydo Aylar önce
The Disney+ timeline says that the first short takes place after GOTG 1, but the other 4 take place after GOTG 2
weop Aylar önce
"I am Groot" *the crowd goes wild*
WestHGaming Aylar önce
I literally just finished watching this
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