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We were born to flex. #HustlersMovie
Starring Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Julia Stiles, Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart, Lizzo and Cardi B.
Hustlers follows a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients. The film was inspired by the article published by New York Magazine entitled “The Hustlers at Scores” written by Jessica Pressler.
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17 Jul 2019

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FreedMan76 2 saatler önce
This is a perfect example of why men have gone their own way. Why shouldn't we? Men are much happier being single. Once they break free from the social conditioning that says they have to take care of women, life is great for us! If women want to run the world and work 70 hour weeks that's awesome for men. I have no debt, no bills, no drama, and no whinning. High quality sex (as opposed to married sex) is readily available and cheap. I can work three days a week and save most of what I earn. In a feminist world MGTOW is the only real choice. The key is never allow yourself to get emotionally attached to a whore, and once you see the true nature of women is hypergamy it's easy enough not to. Women are incapable of loving men, so don't fall for the lie you've been sold... go your own way and be happy gentlemen.
kevin Di Mauro
kevin Di Mauro 11 saatler önce
This movie looks shit
Gabbi Durham
Gabbi Durham 17 saatler önce
Yo this isn’t Riverdale
Meher Khan
Meher Khan 19 saatler önce
crusader lauri
crusader lauri 20 saatler önce
pls come in georgia black sea arena
Diva aka Candy
Diva aka Candy 23 saatler önce
It comes out on my birthday....😂😂😂😂I rather stay home and clean than watch those attention wh*res for almost two hours....yup, there are a lot of Hustler's out there ....that's just not what people say about cheap Cardy and j grandma... if ya were really hustlars...ya would have started a cottage cheese company...word on streets...cardio cheap-o and grandma-ho. .have more STDs combined than the American Population...so, yup...my birthday coming up soon... Happy birthdayyyyy to the bougiest and realest, ghetto fab, hot ass/exotic Barbie...you two should have not started snitching and sending people after me. Ya should have minded your own business... snitching is always a mistake. Pay $931 dollars for hating remarks.💰💰💰💰💰💰👑🤑🤑 My name is #diva aka #candy They be like she beautiful yet evil...I be like...yup😘🦁🦁💯💯✨✨✨✨👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑 by
Baptized A Scribe
At the twilight of her career, she wants to do a strip club movie. WOOOW. Almost 2020 and there's people who are STILL interested in strip clubs. WOOOW.
Michael Moulds
Michael Moulds Gün önce
Cool. I always wondered where those skanks learned how to pole dance. lol
Igor Schmidlapp
Igor Schmidlapp Gün önce
It would have been easier for them to just do "extras" in VIP... Chris Rock was full of shit...
Komik Adam
Komik Adam Gün önce
trvid.com/video/video-k1W-fwAfKDg.html Jennifer Lopez Antalya Concert August 2019
Justin Dancer
Justin Dancer Gün önce
Skanks!!!! What’s the excuse to defend this?
Justin Dancer
Justin Dancer Gün önce
J-Lo is glorifying the ho movement. Trump 2020. Are we talking about facts or fiction?
JonPaul Brooks
JonPaul Brooks Gün önce
Digital Bullet
Digital Bullet Gün önce
Jennifer Lopez = Shake your ass and have a career lol
Holly Harvey
Holly Harvey Gün önce
Lived it and did it 🤑
Lourdes Rodz
Lourdes Rodz 2 gün önce
Everybody here for cardi b or the others and im here for JLo 💕💕🙌🏻
Chet Baker
Chet Baker 2 gün önce
The people that like this movie will go home and watch gerry springer while eating their kfc.
Janina Junique
Janina Junique 2 gün önce
Dirty circus. Who’s going to watch it in 2019?...🙄
yaz Ochoa
yaz Ochoa 2 gün önce
I’m here for all the ladies !!🤗🤩😍😎
Hector M
Hector M 2 gün önce
Love how women can hustle men and get idolize for doing it and make a movie but when men do it we are the worst people on earth.
nduncan79 2 gün önce
I'm definiletly going to check this out.
El Able
El Able 2 gün önce
1:55 aww the girl looks like britney murphy was so sad for a sec
Kirsten Finch
Kirsten Finch 3 gün önce
This movie would be perfect is Awkwafina were in it
J Bryant
J Bryant 3 gün önce
I love how keke plamer is getting bavk into the acting game cause she is a great actress and i vant wait too see this movie and hopefully more of her and of course the other magnificent ladies who plays in this flim but i aint gonna lie i am here for keke plamer
Yungsleepy ixi
Yungsleepy ixi 3 gün önce
They made this movie specifically for cardi. She's the queen of Payola
Ryan Lennox
Ryan Lennox 3 gün önce
anybody that thinks this movie is good or thinks that tells a true story is a piece of shit that needs to do research
Hayden The Movie Nerd Judd
Constance Wu looks so different.
Steve Stroker
Steve Stroker 4 gün önce
I strippers career is only 5 years ,most of them are single moms ,you can't get rich by stripping,most of them strip because they think they are going to hit the jackpot with a desperate blue pill man who has money good luck with that
Mercy Kemboy
Mercy Kemboy 4 gün önce
Jimmys Neutrons
Jimmys Neutrons 4 gün önce
Imagine if a man drug and raped women and then they made a movie about it glorifying it. That’s what they just did.
Ashley Sicely
Ashley Sicely 4 gün önce
Looks like a fantastic movie
Lady Sapphire
Lady Sapphire 4 gün önce
I can’t wait
John Brown
John Brown 4 gün önce
This is how they make drugging and robbing people cool. Just like they made killing cool in rap music
jeremyirons79 4 gün önce
When i look at this movie, it reminds me of Pain and Gain (2013) Mark Walberg, The Rock film. Except this is the female version.
Gerardo Morales
Gerardo Morales 4 gün önce
Notice how them Hollywood mee too SJW FEMANAZI hypocrites wont protest this movie ,this piece of crap movie just shows how today's ungodly women want RESPECT but wont stand up to this kind of slut music n movies.....This is why Trump will SLAY again in 2020.....You cant take the CNN the Left or the DEMONCRAPS SERIOUSLY 😅
That Boi Paul
That Boi Paul 4 gün önce
Wow they actually made a movie bout Cardi B drunking men 😂😱
Harris Harris
Harris Harris 4 gün önce
Wow what a shit movie.
Amani Scott
Amani Scott 4 gün önce
Yo but lizzo on this shit letsgo
Bailey Risher
Bailey Risher 4 gün önce
Drugging men and stealing thier money while they are intoxicated, there is, well I guess by this logic bill Cosby is a hero
The Alphanoid
The Alphanoid 4 gün önce
Super double standards. Man drugs a woman he goes to jail. Woman drugs a man they make a movie to commemorate it.
jm apple
jm apple 5 gün önce
This movie is a pure example of toxic feminity.... Drugging and using men. Imagine if the roles were flipped.
Richard Grace
Richard Grace 5 gün önce
Honestly I think this movie should be cancelled or boycotted since cardi B is in it and it's essentially about what she did as a stripper (drugging guys and robbing them and in most cases she would get them raped by trannies)
Kloa 5 gün önce
This is basically a Cardi B documentary
Yubi K.
Yubi K. 5 gün önce
What’s the point of this.
Dewayne Battle
Dewayne Battle 5 gün önce
The add poped fir this
Queen Gaia30
Queen Gaia30 5 gün önce
So nobody gonna talk about how this movie based off of Cardi B life
denisecolon86 Gün önce
@J Bryant oh okay
J Bryant
J Bryant Gün önce
@denisecolon86 this is based off a true story but not hers it's based of a article someone wrote about a group of girls
denisecolon86 2 gün önce
Lol I believe so as well as it does say based on a true story. She's the only one whom I know as far as that cast who's literally done that role in real life. Overall great cast picked it's going to be an epic movie.
J Bryant
J Bryant 3 gün önce
Thats because it isn't
INKY06 5 gün önce
They made a movie about cardi b
gasperm3 5 gün önce
Does anybody else find something about this movie to be insanely wrong?
MR_E_ GOMEZ 22 saatler önce
gasperm3 yeah, needs more cowbells
StockyPhilB 5 gün önce
Cardi B has admitted to drugging and date-raping men, and it looks like they do it in this movie. It's not everyday they let a technical adviser in a film they work on. Lucky her.
Leonardo Da Kimchi
Leonardo Da Kimchi 5 gün önce
Empowering dumb hoes from east to west.
Rima SINGLEinNY 5 gün önce
Damn JLo is stunting on them
EBK • 5 gün önce
Damn these hoes just don't stop 😂🚫
Donald Drumpf
Donald Drumpf 5 gün önce
Imagine the fucking outrage if this was men doing it instead of women lol...
Austin McMahon
Austin McMahon 6 gün önce
I'm pretty convinced that half of the comments are fake. The movie is about crooks in Wall Street but Hollywood is probably paying 20 cents an hour for some crew in India to write fake accolades. That's kinda crooked
Phuk Yu
Phuk Yu 6 gün önce
J-Ho betta be flashin dat Kitty
Raheem V
Raheem V 6 gün önce
Chelsea Lisle
Chelsea Lisle 6 gün önce
All you women in the comments talking bout, "Yasss qweeeeens!" And how great this movie is going to be make me sick. Because the cast is multicultural, it's okay the premise is disgusting? In the wake of the me too movement, with the social climate being what it is... to have the big, brass, lady-balls to comment on a public forum advocating for a movie that depicts women (who sell their dignity for a living,) drugging, and robbing the very people they couldn't survive without, makes me wanna retch. Show some God damn class and have some respect for yourselves, for fucks sake. Nobody wants to be called a whore or bitch, but y'all damn sure don't know what it means to be a lady deserving of respect. Imagine if the premise of Magic Mike was that the guys showed up to bachelorette parties, drugged and robbed rich women. Y'all are 110% the reason the MGTOW movement is growing leaps and bounds. Anyone who would cheer for this kind of shit, let alone waste money to support it, is a vile, reprehensible creature that deserves to die alone.
Chelsea Lisle
Chelsea Lisle 6 gün önce
Oh, boy... not even sure where to start with this. www.distractify.com/p/hustlers-a-true-story For starters, BASED ON A TRUE STORY. And secondly, even if it's entirely fabricated-- is this still a message we want young girls seeing and thinking is a good idea? Lol Considering how many real women in the comments that are hyped the fuck about, and cheering about this, goes to show you how close to reality this mindset is really becoming. God bless and good luck to you, bruh. You're gonna need it. Lol
brucenatelee 6 gün önce
While I support the stance in reality, it's still just a movie. Chill and fight the real bullshit.
Darrow Hall
Darrow Hall 6 gün önce
why cardi b her music is garbage
Arandomwhitekid 6 gün önce
Becky Lps
Becky Lps 6 gün önce
Am I the only one just here for Jlo?
A Subjugated Subject
Shit looks stupid as fuck. Another star vehicle trying to push Lopez back into the spotlight. Unfortunately she's a talentless hack.
Ethan 6 gün önce
Why... Why does this keep popping up everywhere....
Mjlovechild15 7 gün önce
Yall care more about these loser do anything for money ass fools then the core fucked up message. Stop showing this stupid ass movie in ads yall make me sick y tu pendeja, yo insecure ass has to do a movie like this to make yourself feel better bout your age or something ? Not cute from none of you busted asses.
ILikeDonuts._. 21
ILikeDonuts._. 21 7 gün önce
Soo nobody gonna talk about how she smoked in one of the scenes and prob addicted
ILikeDonuts._. 21
ILikeDonuts._. 21 7 gün önce
@iiSunni yea but still she might be addicted now but i guess it was just special effects then?
iiSunni 7 gün önce
I mean it could a Juul/Vape so not a cigar
Ultra 2000
Ultra 2000 7 gün önce
Disgusting movie
Liur 7 gün önce
Ya'll just gonna pretend like Cardi B didn't do all this shit for real? 😂
William Bennett
William Bennett 7 gün önce
Are you serious with this movie? It shouldn't even be allowed out, what the f*** is wrong with Hollywood? yeah let's make a movie and show everyone how we fuck people up and robbed them. cardi B. A bunch a stank pussy, I'll pass. And they justify it? They need to be shot!!
85Henne 7 gün önce
Allow me to personally tell you that you are a DISGRACE for promoting this garbage. Could you imagine if the gender roles were reversed in this movie? You have a degenerate woman in this move that admitted to drugging and robbing people. You are scum of the earth.
Lord Alpha
Lord Alpha 7 gün önce
This is not a good life style.
feragon430 7 gün önce
This should be further proof as to how fucked Hollywood is. Cardi B reveals that she drugged people to rob them and she then brazenly has a major motion picture made with herself in the movie. I am sorry, but this is just embarrassing to see. Out of principle if you are going to watch a movie go see anything but this garbage.
Freedom Cobra
Freedom Cobra 7 gün önce
So it’s ok to get men drunk and take advantage of them, but it’s not ok if men do that to women?
Nox 6 gün önce
@Scumbagsquad Which somehow makes this okay..?
Scumbagsquad 6 gün önce
Taking money n Taking sex from people r 2 different things 🙄🤣
My Life Is A Testimony
Keep your Hustle high.trvid.com/video/video-4XYdJUjefXQ.html
christopher corvino
christopher corvino 7 gün önce
People should be smart enough to know by now to take the so called true story aspect of such movies with a massive grain of salt. Or you gonna tell me that all the events that happened in the conjuring films were true😑
Nox 6 gün önce
False equivalency. You're talking about a horror film while this is promoting something people could actually do to others. You're just another degenerate who doesn't know any better.
alaysha lee
alaysha lee 7 gün önce
how lili go from playing a teen to this lolol Edit: oh wow i wonder who liked my comment.
Matthew Whiting
Matthew Whiting 7 gün önce
Imagine if the main characters were guys
Austin McMahon
Austin McMahon 6 gün önce
There'd be Berkeley professors organizing a march on Washington.Not sure what congress has to do with a movie but they'd be out marching there.
brucenatelee 6 gün önce
Was one, but a different plot.
Geetsikha Pathak
Geetsikha Pathak 6 gün önce
it's called Ocean's Eleven
Joy 7 gün önce
people i'm sure cardi wasn't the only one. the difference she was just honest about her past i give her that let the girl live stop judging only god can do that
Nox 6 gün önce
Yeah, keep using that "only god can judge people" line to justify bullshit. That'll get you far.
Joy 7 gün önce
i love them all yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Rajosree Paul
Rajosree Paul 7 gün önce
Cleuza Barros Barros
Ótimo dia. 
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