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22 Eki 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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RuRu edits🤩
RuRu edits🤩 Gün önce
HA I cracked up LOL!
peeknee 5 gün önce
i love how Erik's love language is buying you shoes hahahaha this is like the 4th vlog i've watched where he's bought you shoes
Natasha Evans
Natasha Evans 10 gün önce
Why can’t you find the clothes you wear in a bigger size problem solved
James Mc Dowell
James Mc Dowell 12 gün önce
He's on the money
M Shann
M Shann 14 gün önce
Who else misses Colleen and comes to vids from 2-3 weeks ago
Raining Watermelons
Raining Watermelons 14 gün önce
I would like the Jean dress without the tie in the front. Love the black romper.
nkosingiphile 15 gün önce
I am so happy for you
Rebecca E. Webber
Rebecca E. Webber 16 gün önce
Demin look was my favorite. Bow is a must.
paintthecitypink 16 gün önce
Plus they cost a small fortune because they know they have you
Ala Bacik
Ala Bacik 16 gün önce
too late now but asos has cute maternity fancy clothes
Holmonブランドン 17 gün önce
Ok Flynn vocals look out Ari
Diashati Mardiasmo
Diashati Mardiasmo 17 gün önce
Five kids with Imagination
Lol two months left if pregnancy the twins are born less then a month later
Gracie Faubion
Gracie Faubion 18 gün önce
I just like the hats
เพลงกล่อมเด็๋ก - Lullaby Music [SMG]
Praying that everyone falls asleep quickly and has a peaceful sleep. Hope you all wake up happy and well rested 😘😍😜😘
:3 19 gün önce
the second outfit looks like something my primary 6 teacher wore when she was pregnant. with the bow an everything and she could only wear sandals cause she also broke her pinky toe like twice :D
Peaceful Christianity
Peaceful Christianity 19 gün önce
I love the pokadot
leelee51713 19 gün önce
Erik I think you did a great job. Colleen looked great in the outfits you chose!
D&D PRODUCTIONS 20 gün önce
Your husband haa great taste..sadly Colleen is not stylish
D&D PRODUCTIONS 20 gün önce
The jeans dress is cute
Ash Ley
Ash Ley 20 gün önce
Colleen is to hard on the clothes. She looks fantastic in everything. She cannot even see her belly in the “moo moo” dress. That was the best!
Lieke De Jong
Lieke De Jong 20 gün önce
My fave was definitely the t-shirt dress
Jess ieyer
Jess ieyer 20 gün önce
Oh my goodness twins twins that’s ridiculous😆
Mariah 20 gün önce
I feel like if that big t-shirt mumu (lol) had better sleeves, it would have been cuter! The sleeves just kind of... hung there lol
Summer Lorraine
Summer Lorraine 21 gün önce
The laugh after he asked you to do your red carpet walk omgggg 😂💀 I can relate 😂😂
m2 22 gün önce
Can't remember, did she do a video where she dressed Erik? I feel like she has...
m2 22 gün önce
The whole family is she featured in this video! :)
Monae Break
Monae Break 22 gün önce
As a big girl the T-shirt dress is my best friend! 🙌 You looked super cute in all of it!!! 🥰
SnappleThat 22 gün önce
that t-shirt dress looked super cute i would give it at least 7/10
Danica Nortje
Danica Nortje 23 gün önce
The last dress was my favourite.
Tara Harrison
Tara Harrison 23 gün önce
Lol most of what Erik picked is all stuff I regularly wear. And I’m not pregnant. I feel validated by style icon Erik. Except for that last dress. Colleen’s right. It’s a Duggar dress
Sansa_The_Puppo Maiya
Sansa_The_Puppo Maiya 24 gün önce
I kinda liked the second one-
catrina soldevila
catrina soldevila 24 gün önce
Dave after day...
PrincessArmy 25 gün önce
Outffit #1 10 Outfit #2 6 Outfit #3 8 Outfit #4 9 Outfit #5 10 Outfit #6 5 Outfit #7 5 Erik did great choosing these outfits for you😊
PrincessArmy 25 gün önce
Pregnancy looks beautiful on you, your'e glowing colleen🥰🥰
MiguelCalzadilla Martinez
she is rite about the swing error but i did like that one ,black and white if the swing wold be corrected she didn't like having a big belly His is great in all he pick up GOOD JOB from one to ten I scored him 10+
MiguelCalzadilla Martinez
come on Be more creative you can do better than that>>>LOL only been pregnant is the best time that a Lady looks great
Courtney G
Courtney G 25 gün önce
you should definitely make a line of pregnancy clothes
Aleksandra Petreska
Aleksandra Petreska 25 gün önce
ok can anyone else also agree with me and colleen that i LOVE sweat pants 10000000000milion times more than jeans! I feel like jeans should be canceled
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson 25 gün önce
I love how Eric is willing to do this 💜. I loved #1 and 2. The moo moo looks so comfy. I think Eric is on point with the dress with flowers, super cute with a jacket and boots. I give Eric a 100 percent for doing this and being your personal stylist 🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰!!!!
Isabel A
Isabel A 25 gün önce
Nooo that “smock” dress was so cute 😭
Milwaukee Ray
Milwaukee Ray 25 gün önce
“Virgin bottomless mimosas” That’s orange juice Erik
Annabelle Rhodes
Annabelle Rhodes 25 gün önce
KOKSA DESIGNS 25 gün önce
He goes “waddle around the coffee shop” and I’m like :😂😂😂😂🤣
bonjour itsizzy
bonjour itsizzy 25 gün önce
lol I love the relationship you have haha! I love how he went shopping for you, great hubby! a total fashion icon
Vale Mansi
Vale Mansi 25 gün önce
I liked everything for real! Hahaha
Sweet_Tee0429 26 gün önce
Shoutout to Colleen’s hair for distracting me for a 3rd of the video. It’s sooooo shiny.
clem 26 gün önce
"Yes! A placenta brunch!"
Hope Forever lasting
Hope Forever lasting 26 gün önce
I loveeee the last dress and the tie dye pajama and the first pantsuit...
Siobhan Mulvey
Siobhan Mulvey 26 gün önce
You looked great in the black white checked romper. Oh course you’d live the black tie dye!
Annika Hart
Annika Hart 27 gün önce
Why not make a maternity clothes line? Clearly a gap in the market...
Stephanie Hamilton
Stephanie Hamilton 27 gün önce
Loved everything except that last dress 😂 could not see his vision there.
drgrube 27 gün önce
The last dress minus the flowers would be cute and less teachery
Victoria Abarca
Victoria Abarca 27 gün önce
Alot of the outfits were cute! Not a fan of the pants w/shirt or the t-shirt dress. The rest of them were realy cute the hat too. Good job Erik. Enjoy! these last few miserable weeks. Wear the outfits well you can. Lol! Love ya!
Miranda Thompson
Miranda Thompson 27 gün önce
I do love the black and white romper (the seam is definitely infuriating lol) and the plaid/flower dress honestly!
Paige Edwards
Paige Edwards 27 gün önce
They all looked super cute! Erik did so good love! Wear it all 😍
Paige Edwards
Paige Edwards 27 gün önce
COLLEEN! Hear me out! That blue dress is precious on you! Some white sneakers and a bandana tied around your hair! I’d love to see it! 😍😍
Gossip Gal
Gossip Gal 27 gün önce
Where is the tie dye from?
Lindsay McCorkendale
Lindsay McCorkendale 28 gün önce
The first one I gave a 10 the second one I gave him one the third one I gave a 3/4 The fourth one I gave it a five the fifth one I gave her the 10 61 I gave her the 10 the seventh one I gave a five
Kim Anderson
Kim Anderson 28 gün önce
I like you in clothing more fitted in the shoulder and breast area.
Kim Anderson
Kim Anderson 28 gün önce
No! Bow in the back.
Chelsea Paulson
Chelsea Paulson 28 gün önce
that T shirt dress is bad but I love the soft black romper. Also how are you so funny even when you are miserable? lol
Team Phelly
Team Phelly 28 gün önce
Tbh I loved most of them and I think Erik was spot on when he was talking about the types of shoes and suggestions he would make after you tried them on lol. Idk if it's just me. I LOVED the polka dot romper it was soooo gorgeous on you and tbh I really loved the last one. I agreed it was also cool pregnant lady status
Natasha Hurley
Natasha Hurley 28 gün önce
Can so see you wearing the last one to a party (at your house) I thought it was perfect, with your hair just the way it is. Dressy. You don’t give your pregnant self enough credit. Eric showing how much he cares is the greatest.
Jennifer Krebs
Jennifer Krebs 28 gün önce
This video brought out all the laughs 😂 a definite no for that big brown t shirt!
Nicole Schroeder
Nicole Schroeder 28 gün önce
The denim dress and the black tie dye for the win
Jean Gannon
Jean Gannon 28 gün önce
OMG. So hilarious!
Jannira Velazquez
Jannira Velazquez 28 gün önce
I love the "denim" dress, but without the belt. I also love the t-shirt dress. I'm with Erik that it's cool and cute. And throwing the hat on it just makes it even better!
Christina K
Christina K 29 gün önce
Erik is definitely a fashion icon and he picked amazing things
Nina B
Nina B 29 gün önce
I actually LOVE the checkered romper 🥰😍
Jess Young
Jess Young 29 gün önce
11:34 - oh… my… freaking… GOD!!! There is NO WAAAYYYYY THAT BIG BIRD’S LEG WASN’T THE INSPIRATION FOR THIS DRESS THINGY!!! I literally laughed out loud when this came up on the screen!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Abigail Hingley
Abigail Hingley 29 gün önce
I love the Jean dress !!!! You look beautiful
Kiralynnxo 29 gün önce
“We’re all gonna talk about our placentas” 🤣
Melanie Flores
Melanie Flores 29 gün önce
"No offense to the dugars but full offense" lmao I agree with colleen on that one, the rest were not bad
K T 29 gün önce
The first black jumpsuit thing would be cute with a little light weight cropped jacket
Nicole Vose
Nicole Vose Aylar önce
I think that Colleen looks stunningly gorgeous in all of these outfits.
Julian Bigelow
Julian Bigelow Aylar önce
I think that Colleen looks stunningly gorgeous in all of those outfits.
Ella DeBlanc
Ella DeBlanc Aylar önce
14:14 Coleen and the twins wore that in one of her recent videos
Jacey Whitcomb
Jacey Whitcomb Aylar önce
I love Eric!!!😂 “girls braid there hair right? That’s a thing?” 😂💗
Random Human
Random Human Aylar önce
Okay but the denim dress was so cute 🧍‍♀️
Jannira Velazquez
Jannira Velazquez Aylar önce
Maternity clothes aren't that hard to find, they just all look the same. But also when you don't want anything touching or tight around your belly, well then you've eliminated about 80% of maternity clothes LOL!
gabrielle henry
gabrielle henry Aylar önce
erika is trying so hard to hype these outfits up
gabrielle henry
gabrielle henry Aylar önce
8:15 this one is NOT it
gabrielle henry
gabrielle henry Aylar önce
erika is so funny. i want a wife just like him
Shannon Gregory
Shannon Gregory Aylar önce
The escape jumper has a weird optical illusion lol
The Henex Family
The Henex Family Aylar önce
I really like that denim dress! I can't believe she gave it 2/10!! It looks great!! 😍
Natalie Wilkinson
Natalie Wilkinson Aylar önce
He's a really good shopper. Love the first black one.
Patricia Buckner
Patricia Buckner Aylar önce
Colleen you looked amazing in every outfit! Eric you did a fabulous job picking out the clothes! Love watching you both! Thank you for the fashion show! 😊
Katharina Theophanu
I loooved the black and white dotted romper... It looked so awesome! (only the seam on the belly is a bit weird), the dress in the end has a nice cut but it doesn't look like colleen at all... (and also just the white stripes would be cooler)
Jayla Rodri
Jayla Rodri Aylar önce
The denim one with a rope was giving a pilgrim😂😂😂😂
moonbright ☀️
moonbright ☀️ Aylar önce
'a pLaCeNtA bRuNcH' - erik, 2021
Summer Guerra
Summer Guerra Aylar önce
eric is right, i actually love all these outfits! XD
Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin Aylar önce
Am I the only one who loves the 2nd outfit? Idk
Nikki T
Nikki T Aylar önce
😂 Sorry Eric, the black matchy jammies were the only 👍🏻.
Carolyn Jones
Carolyn Jones Aylar önce
I perfectly understand the reference Colleen😋😄
Leslie Wiles
Leslie Wiles Aylar önce
The T Shirt dress looked super trendy especially with the hat! Good job Erik!!
Emma Galván
Emma Galván Aylar önce
Colleen makes me laugh. Erick makes me laugh. But Colleen and Erick together is even better 💕💕
Becky Howie
Becky Howie Aylar önce
I love that last dress!!
이가현 Aylar önce
i just binge watched the office and idk why but they remind me of pam and jim!!! relationship gooooaaaaalllllsssss♡
Emily Thomas
Emily Thomas Aylar önce
I feel like of the second was rooted in the back of would have looked way better
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