Hurricane Ian Aftermath | The Surge | Key West, Florida

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27 Eyl 2022




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Duane Steen
I follow a few channels on YT pretty closely. The content varies widely. The common denominator is likable people worth caring about. I am so thankful to you for sharing your situation with us, and I’m very thankful you are both well and safe.
Nick Vito Bovino
I’m so glad the way it went for us but unfortunately so many people can’t say the same, this hurricane was pure devastation for many families. Stay safe brother great footage
So glad you two are ok. I'm hoping your friends and family are as well. Some folks might be saying you shouldn't be out riding when roads are flooded but I feel that you know your area that well that you and Maddie were not in danger. Thanks for taking your time to update us.
David Elin
So thankful that you guys are ok! Thank you for the inside look at the storm, it was super interesting and informative. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the hurricane as they begin the clean up and repair process! Take care and stay safe!
Sure am relieved that you guys are safe and relatively unscathed. Our Prayers are with you all and hope the whole community recovers quickly. Thanks for sharing. Viewing from the 🇬🇧
Elisabeth Linert
Thanks you guys ,for the information . I wishing all the best for you and for everyone in Florida !
Glorious _Conqueror Network 2021
Firstly thank God you two are ok and made through without severe damage and still have power. And Thank you sooo much for sharing this actual footage in real time. Be safe ❤
Russell Avocato
Glad you guys made it without too much fuss. Stay safe
Robert Neuman
Happy for you guys! We’re all good here in Key Largo as well! Excited for next weeks action video!
Pam Mager
I'm not familiar with a storm surge? So scary seeing the water rise and you can't do anything about it! Must have been pretty frightening hearing the wind in the dark? What about the Islamorada area? Best Wishes to you both and your area!
My gf and her husband just moved to port Charlotte last year so this was their first and it went right over them. They put in shutters which saved all of their windows, an enormous tree going down on the neighbors just missed their house. She said the eeriest part was when the eye went over them.
You Are The Creator
There’s something about making it through a hurricane. The feeling you get the next day. You’re still alive and all the people you care about are still alive. And sure some bad stuff happens. But it brings people together. That’s the cool part. Wish you guys well!
Matt Adcock
thanks for the update, glad you guys skirted the worst of it and minimal damage and prayers to all those out there facing damages ! Stay safe!
Gary Vander Giessen
Glad you guys are OK, Our last winter up here was devastating for a lot of the surrounding communities. We all pitch in, it takes a village.
Living in paradise seems not so good but I’m so glad you guys are ok hope all my other Floridian you tubers are good prayers
Travis S
Glad y'all faired ok. I was worried, but kept close eyes on your Instagram posts. Thanks for keeping us updated.
Lorne Tiernan
Watching from southern Australia in 14’c cold and wishing everyone in Florida the best.
bud girl
Thank goodness you're ok Aaron! I told you this before but you seem like the sweetest most down to earth guy and I love that about you so stay safe. So glad you were one of the lucky people who kept their power!! Good things do happen to good people 👍My fingers are crossed that it stays that way !!🤞
Glad you guys are good. WAY better to over prepare than underprepare. My heart goes out to all of the people who have lost their homes and also the undercarriage of your truck
Danny Kelton
I'm glad to see y'all are ok. Our time starts tonight.
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