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23 May 2022




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NewWorldReview Aylar önce
UPDATE: Togashi's assistant has claimed that the chapters will begin to release once 10 of them are complete!
waridah muthiah
waridah muthiah 4 gün önce
togashi has assistant?
B o b a l y
B o b a l y 11 gün önce
Does this also includes episodes for the animation series
Harold Necmann
Harold Necmann 16 gün önce
Weebo 25 gün önce
@TrytheGreenOne He did have some assistants earlier from time to time. I think in one of the chapters even faces do not look as usual.
Regulus 28 gün önce
@DJ Twister nope he definetly said "chapters will be released" which qualifies as a spoiler. Strictly HXH
JLlanes 41
JLlanes 41 Aylar önce
I just hope nobody has forgotten that Bungee Gum has the properties of both rubber and gum
jerry can
jerry can 4 gün önce
this wasn't funny the first timie I heard this joke and 100 times later it still isn't funny
section808 7 gün önce
Jerry Likes
Jerry Likes 12 gün önce
kross K
kross K 13 gün önce
Man that made me laugh
RedTeamReview Aylar önce
The frustrating part is that Togashi could be the next Miura with all his health issues but the dude just won't let his assistants carry on the series with his input. He doesn't have to draw it all himself.
bun jareco
bun jareco 4 gün önce
@GodVanisher He has health issues. In an interview at the college from which he graduated, he stated that his weight gain has put a strain on his back, making it difficult for him to sit Also, MANGA-KA is a profession that involves sitting for long periods of time, and most people have back problems. It is also a profession where many people die prematurely because they do not exercise, which is bad for their health.
GodVanisher 6 gün önce
He has no health issues. He is only burnt out by working too much and he just doesn't feel like drawing at the moment. I can't believe people still believe that.
Vibrant Dreamer
Vibrant Dreamer 6 gün önce
@Pen Peen Tf is wrong with some of yall? I want the story to continue too and we're lucky it is but I don't want someone sacrificing their health behind it smh
I Am
I Am 15 gün önce
@XephyR Not everyone will pass away at that age just because miura did
Sarii _P
Sarii _P 16 gün önce
@Harold Necmann yeah but not by him
Anterie Dragon
Anterie Dragon Aylar önce
The contrast between how simple HxH was at the beginning and how twisted and complicated it became over the arcs I think justifies in a way the time the author takes to think the narrative through. I love both anyway. The simplest and the the the the succession war black whale dark continent calamities Kurapika's Emperor Time disaster Tserriednich horror nen skill Ging vs Pariston arc. Can't wait to se how Togashi's going to make all those work.
Vibrant Dreamer
Vibrant Dreamer 6 gün önce
@Stona Lisa I'm pretty sure oda actually let's hugs assistants help him though so that's different. Togashi doesn't but I agree that his health is the main reason he hasn't picked it back up along with him doing the work alone
Old Mold
Old Mold 19 gün önce
@Stona Lisa author can order someone to write manga panels when he is unable to write himself
Durpanda 26 gün önce
kuriko🍨 26 gün önce
The the the the
Smokey Bandit
Smokey Bandit Aylar önce
Togashi's storytelling is top tier. Everything is for a reason, and he writes different groups stories (all presumed to be happening at the same time) and then weaves them in together flawlessly. So many different things going on, being drip fed. We're going up the rollercoaster waiting to reach the summit and have it crash down in ways nobody else could have imagined. This is Hunter Hunter.
Smokey Bandit
Smokey Bandit 4 gün önce
@Janukov1c I think the point of the Chimera ants was to demonstrate the danger of things they are likely to find in the dark continent. The situation was contained; and even so it still spiralled out of control and the 'enemy' [meruem] demonstrated how powerful the ants were in a short amout of time through the death of Netero. It was character development for Gon & Killua having to think like hunters, work with other hunters and make hard choices. The ant arc was exaggerated, but contained -- they didn't occupy the entire world, therefore throwing in every character randomly is not necessary. The election arc was extremely relevant following the death of Netero and the necessity of picking a successor, and the relevance of Nanika was purely a tool/excuse to heal Gon [as the shows primary protagonist]. As well as the representation it has in our own society where just about every decision ever made for the general public is usually politically motivated. Please don't forget, the election arc isn't entirely concluded, because it leads into the dark continent arc as well, they just havent animated it.
Janukov1c 5 gün önce
@Smokey Bandit
Janukov1c 5 gün önce
I guess I need some explanations then, why in the fuck did the story, the second the chimera ants appeared completely shut our Hisoka, Curapika and Leorio.. the ants came out of nowhere with no real purpose, it was kinda cool listening to meruem talk about the human society, but that was it. All that happend before, the entire phantom group, chrollos story all that wouldve been so much more interesting than these random ants. Also Alluka as a completely overpowered being made no sense, there are such easy ways to control him/her yet nobody besides Killua knew and somehow Killua decided to not even tell Illumi or his father which nearly got Alluka killed. And one more catastrophe is the „climaxe“ of gon meeting Ging, that was supposed to be a huge moment, the entire series lead up to those few seconds of a random encounter at an election nobody ever gave 2 shits about yet took up huge amounts of time like the chimera ant ark. I love the show because the characters bond really well, hisoka and chrollo are great antagonists and there COULD be an amazing arc with a comeback of chrollo, Killua fighting his brother Illumi maybe even a comeback of the little guy who learned to use nenn with gon and killua.. Anyways great characters with lots of potential but absolutely awful storytelling, some of the most senseless trash. Nothing adds up no idea how anyone could like hxh for its storytelling that honestly baffles me
Smokey Bandit
Smokey Bandit 29 gün önce
@bouytt guyt Well for now, we have a non-cannon return anime original -- which im totally cool with 😊😎
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 29 gün önce
i really hope that the show comes back too. it’s one of my favorite animes of all time! even if i have to wait ten years i just hope it happens someday.
fbi agent
fbi agent Aylar önce
I've rewatched this show 4 times, when I say it's my favorite anime I'm not even joking. Like it's one those shows you can watch over again and never get tired of
johnny 13 gün önce
Same well not 4 times but its also my fav anime show
Reditater 18 gün önce
@Draven Gooode It caught up to the last completed arc, its not going to start making animation for an incompleted arc
Draven Gooode
Draven Gooode 18 gün önce
@Reditater it never caught up?
Reditater 18 gün önce
@Nazar Gunko Manga is no longer super ahead, anime caught up so they couldn't make a new season
jacob norris
jacob norris 19 gün önce
@Lil_spazz Chimera ant arc has a low of boring parts though. Succession war has been interesting all the way through.
Kitsune Kimchi
Kitsune Kimchi Aylar önce
Let's pray that the man's health stays in tip top condition in his later years. Lord knows he must be just as excited to continue this intricate tale.
bun jareco
bun jareco 4 gün önce
@Zerman Man His creative style is unique, and he begins by interacting with the characters he has created in his mind to capture their personalities. It takes time because he starts with a conversation that has nothing to do with the story. After that, he fits the characters into the story board he has prepared. However, even if he have prepared a development in which the protagonist wins, he also prepare a development in which the enemy wins. He explains that this makes the story more compelling and gives it depth. Sometimes, while he is thinking about the lines, the characters speak different lines, but if he feels it is more interesting, he discards the storyboard he has thought of. He says that it is in these situations where the character is out of control that the more interesting things are created. He also says that if he sets an ending, he has to work toward it, so he prefers to write without thinking about it. Furthermore, from the CA arc, he has also set up all the off-screen character actions, which is also done in the current SW arc. He is a man who loves when he is thinking about a story and it must be very time consuming. From a HUNTER x HUNTER fan in Japan
Zerman Man
Zerman Man 5 gün önce
@Vibrant Dreamer I’m not angry at him or anything but I definitely feel like he could have continued it to its end by now, or at least close to it
Vibrant Dreamer
Vibrant Dreamer 6 gün önce
@Zerman Man if he wasn't, he wouldn't have brought back the series at all. Even if he did lose passion at one point, it's not like he can't het it back. Writer's block and chronic pain can do that to a person so he deserves some slack. He left it up to his wife to finish the story if anything ever happened so, I would say he definitely cares about the story still
Zerman Man
Zerman Man 18 gün önce
@Kitsune Kimchi guess so
Kitsune Kimchi
Kitsune Kimchi 18 gün önce
@Zerman Man guess we'll have to see the first new episode to find out
mK_- 23 gün önce
I can’t wait to see Hisoka continue with his antics. He had been on one hell of a spree as of late. I didn’t think it was possible to make the spiders act so out of character but the psycho zombie sexual battle clown found a way.
Harold Necmann
Harold Necmann 16 gün önce
He need to end chrollo and marry machi
I've rewatched this show 4 times, when I say it's my favorite anime I'm not even joking. Like it's one those shows you can watch over again and never get tired of
XxYoloit15xX 29 gün önce
I'm hoping they give the show a chance to come back, it's a top 3 anime for me but I can't put it at number 1 unless they continue it😭😭
messi12knight 11 gün önce
it’s almost like it just started with the whole dark continent thing
yes, you are right
yes, you are right 22 gün önce
@clorox bleach mine are 3. death note 2. one punch man 1. re zero
clorox bleach
clorox bleach 25 gün önce
what are your top 3? just curious because i love hxh
Dabuin Aylar önce
I cant believe this. I was commenting sooo many comments under HxH videos that I am sad that it will never continue. And now here we are. HxH is my favourite Anime/Manga man, every arc was soooo good. please let this be real ahhhhhh. Also I hope Togashi will be fine, this man is a legend. But healthy always first.
natsuki tsundere
natsuki tsundere 29 gün önce
@Ivy Saur great lol😂
Ivy Saur
Ivy Saur Aylar önce
I’m actually gonna watch the whole thing again 😭
natsuki tsundere
natsuki tsundere Aylar önce
@emeai omg same!!
natsuki tsundere
natsuki tsundere Aylar önce
Same!! This is my favorite anime too! I'm glad To see someone that thinks the same as me :) I literally miss hunter x hunter so much, and I started it last year(i don't remember if it was in 2021 or 2020 though)I think and It Already became my favorite anime and I started To buy the mangas :> This anime/manga is a masterpiece and so is the guy who made it. Togashi truly is intelligent and creative!
Emperor Lelouch
Emperor Lelouch Aylar önce
I'm just glad Togashi's alive and well🙏🏽. I hope he continues to stay well enough to be able to continue to creat it passion and go on living life with meaning. HxH returning is merely a gift we aught to accept and be grateful for🙏🏽
Andrew Aylar önce
I think Yusuke is gonna show up. The dark continent is just the demon realm and he’s been training his ass off to make his spirit gun even stronger.
hassan birbir
hassan birbir 28 gün önce
@CHIEF🌞 i know they have the same author but i prefer hxh a lot than this anime
CHIEF🌞 28 gün önce
@hassan birbir same author
hassan birbir
hassan birbir 29 gün önce
@ML Channel hxh is more successful than this anime
hassan birbir
hassan birbir 29 gün önce
@ML Channel bruh they are different animes wdym
ML Channel
ML Channel 29 gün önce
Yo if hunter x hunter n yuyuhakusho gets combined that would be definitely cool, that hunter was just the sequel to yuyuhakushu and theyre going to fight as enemies
moguera Aylar önce
Personally, I like how the Succession War Arc is basically a grand-scale Kodoku ritual. It’s implied that everything, from the actual conflict between the princes themselves, to the conflicts between the mafia families (which are each patronized by one of the princes) and the chaos spreading out to afflict everyone in between is all part of the plan, a bloodbath designed to leave a single survivor, who will be massively empowered as a result.
Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart Aylar önce
I only watch the anime but this gives me hope for more seasons so as many fans of hxh are thinking right now I would like to say "AHHHHHHHHHHHH" that is all
Ramón Emilio Chacon Perdomo
The fact that Togashi himself just announced the return of his manga is a prove that his health is ok and that make me happy! I just want him with no problem because deserve it.
Evan Aylar önce
​@N1pah Also he's been playing Dragon Quest.
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Andrew Parrish
Andrew Parrish Aylar önce
@sakurakou2009 gonna wait a while
Lux Aylar önce
@adithyan ram Source?
SANOTI Aylar önce
I really wish Togashi would take an artist under his wing to ease the load. The closest we ever got to this is Ishida (Tokyo Ghoul). Whenever he released Hisoka’s backstory it was so left field so it doesn’t seem completely impossible. Here’s hoping.. 🤞🏾
HENNAH- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
Glad you’re back covering this, it’s actually crazy that it’s coming back. Would also be cool if you carried on covering jjk, would be interesting to hear your thoughts and theories on the culling games.
Drejkol Aylar önce
1:50 actually, literally every single fan of HxH. I remember less of FMA (which is outstanding and amazing show) than HxH. The way the Hunter was written is so unique that everyone who watched the show, doesn't matter if they liked it or not. Doesn't even matter if that was 10 or 5 years ago. Everyone remembers the Ant King, remembers Nanika, Ging etc. They can just release another episode and I would feel like I watched the previous one just few weeks ago.
Caitlin Jones
Caitlin Jones 28 gün önce
Great news! Brings us closer (even if only incrementally) to the dark continent! Ever since its existence was first revealed I’ve been hyped for the story to go there!
 Slashy 爱
Slashy 爱 Aylar önce
LETSS GOOO EVERYONE! After thousands of years…Hunter X Hunter is back.
Neocricket Aylar önce
@adithyan ram not true
diorcoldd Aylar önce
Currently going crazy rn.
Raikana Aylar önce
Killua pfp gang
Spawn Savage 108
Spawn Savage 108 Aylar önce
Is killua in the next hxh
LazyDips Aylar önce
@just-lazy not slick
El Rokusho
El Rokusho Aylar önce
i think Miura's dead was a really heavy warning of what could happen to him, im very excited for what is coming and maybe just maybe have more than one volume this year, one can dream :)
SaikyouのQ 19 gün önce
@El Rokusho yep that would suck. Pretty sure Miura didn't have any regrets because he didn't have a chance to, the element of surprise of death is op. Nobody can see that coming
El Rokusho
El Rokusho 19 gün önce
@SaikyouのQ yeah, but i mean in the regret of never finishing his craft, more than just dying
SaikyouのQ 19 gün önce
Heavy warning of what could happen to anyone any moment (young, old, healthy, ill... Etc)
El Rokusho
El Rokusho 26 gün önce
@A Fat Nose Miura was Berserk author, he died before finishing his story, it was a great hit for manga community at a global level, i havent read berserk but i know how much impact it had in how manga is perceived around the world, and maybe, just maybe, his dead motivated togashi to finish his story in his last good years, bcs past sixty, is very hard to begin new works if your health isnt that good
A Fat Nose
A Fat Nose 27 gün önce
Could you tell me who Miura is and his story?
Reymart Cosme
Reymart Cosme Aylar önce
seriously, Togashi should hire his own illustrator if his back is having problems. just like One and Murata. HxH is so good of an anime to be always on Hiatus.
Michael 13 gün önce
Man I need the dark continent arc. I was so bummed when I discovered HxH and finished the anime then manga and found out about the authors health. Glad he’s doing well enough to continue. Seriously though the dark continent has so much potential. I’m so excited to see what happens. After the whole succession war and such..
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson 16 gün önce
I just binged watched all 6 seasons for the past 3 weeks!! This was an awesome show!! I really hope Hunter X Hunter is coming back soon!!
Greycat R
Greycat R Aylar önce
I still hope that Togashi partners up with another artist to take most of the burden and I mean it beyond just more assistance.
bun jareco
bun jareco 4 gün önce
@jacob norris Yes, I am talking about drawing. But even if he could hire a great artist, he would not be able to draw MANGA unless he could think up a story and put it together. He's known to spend a lot of time thinking about the story, and I don't see how that could work. Murata (One Punch Man) calls Togashi a NEEMU (storyboard) genius. Nothing will come of rushing a man like that.
jacob norris
jacob norris 19 gün önce
@bun jareco This is about hiring someone to do art though, not writing? Or am I misunderstanding what you're saying?
RavenousNomad 27 gün önce
I hope he will be with a trusted one.
BIG BACC Aylar önce
Imagine takehiko inoue(author of the beautiful manga vagabond) and togashi together. Yeah it ain't gonna happen, too different.
ali Jabbar
ali Jabbar Aylar önce
I feel like Gege Akutami (The person behind Jujutsu Kaisen) is the best choice for that as their art style is kinda similar !
Cooper 29 gün önce
I really hope that Togashi continues on with the Sucession war arc as planned. Honestly, If it's seen all the way through I think it could be even better than the Chimera ant arc
Logan Martin
Logan Martin Aylar önce
IVE FOLLOWED YOU FOR SO LONG BECAUSE I ALWAYS KNEW IT WOULD COME BACK! Thanks for always keeping us motivated with new theories and discussions and keeping our passions alive!!
Weebo 25 gün önce
Great video and great news! We've been waiting patiently and it's here! I'm glad that he wants to continue the story and does not want to leave it unfinished!
affan nagi
affan nagi Aylar önce
As someone who loved the anime and has just started reading the manga to fill my craving for Hunter X Hunter Im so excited to here that we are getting new chapters my journey has gotten a little longer and I am here for it!!
Swag God Eren
Swag God Eren Aylar önce
I'm just glad Togashi is healthy enough to make new chapters. It's been a long wait, but we're finally back boys!
Tim DC
Tim DC Aylar önce
@Kishka I just want the royal guards to have a redemption arc and be given a chance...
Saburnzoid Aylar önce
@Odyssey Ghost meruem and pitou rip but I don't care about that sussy butterfly
Odyssey Ghost
Odyssey Ghost Aylar önce
@Saburnzoid And Meruem. And pouf. And Pitou. And all the others who died R.I.P
Saburnzoid Aylar önce
@StrawHatCrow except for kite 😖😖😳
StrawHatCrow Aylar önce
@Kishka if gon can be healed anyone can
Neil Meskill
Neil Meskill Aylar önce
Thank you Liam @NewWorldReview for keeping Hunter x Hunter content afloat for many people during the very long hiatus.
Kevin Qerimi
Kevin Qerimi Aylar önce
You kidding me ?! Of course I'm excited, in fact I hope he continues from where he left off. Those new mafia characters had really cool and unique powers so I'd be happy to see where it leads with the troupe.
Moshu Willow
Moshu Willow Aylar önce
So happy with this news! I’m excited that we are getting new chapters. Hoping he has more help to aid him.
Igor Luiz
Igor Luiz Aylar önce
Awesome video. One question: Do you think Togashi would be inspired/influenced and maybe incorporate some of our recent global problems such as Covid in the story?
Zey Aylar önce
The Dark Continent arc has more potential to be great than any other manga arc I've ever seen. The scope, the mysteries, the unique opportunities to be weird and challenging and subversive. There is no way we'll ever get more than breadcrumbs of that, but I am starving and ready to gobble those crumbs up.
Saleem Ali
Saleem Ali Aylar önce
Dark Continent and Laugh Tale potential is crazy
DARK SUN Aylar önce
No gon and killua. am i the only one sad
Zey Aylar önce
@Hydro Cy. lol, good one
Andy Day
Andy Day Aylar önce
とりあえずあと4話 is more like "now, 4 more left." Given the rumor that Togashi is working on the next 10 chapters and that there was a 6 on the sketch board he tweeted, I think this tweet means "I have finished 6 chapters. 4 more left before the next hiatus."
Kiro 29 gün önce
@Rae why u sound mad lol im jsut sayin my opinion abt it base on my experience
Rae Aylar önce
@Kiro that’s your fault lol, just be grateful that his health is okay and after 4 years hxh is finally continuing
Kiro Aylar önce
@Turrtle uh yeah but im currently rewatching it rn and if a new episode will come out in the next few years then i would have to rewatch it again. :// also im rewatching it cause i thought their will be a new episode release soon
Turrtle Aylar önce
@Kiro isnt a few years better than never though
Kiro Aylar önce
@ralph carino i was so hype up for no reason
A semi mediocre Pokemon player
Honestly idc if the new chapters are just us getting more info on the Mafia clash or not I'm just happy Togashi is back in business 😭😭🙏
Space Penguins
Space Penguins Aylar önce
I just hope we see the end to the succession war one day. I’m not that bothered about getting to the dark continent as long as kurapika’s story ends nicely… or at least as nice as his story could
Pen Aylar önce
i actually care about the story more than the characters im so happy that the story is getting on track again
Free Aylar önce
The heavens have spoken and the blessings have arrived. Togashi is really back and I’m so hyped. I hope it’s actually confirmed to be his Twitter. I’m a little concerned about him finishing HxH in 4 chapters but in Togashi we trust.
Atlantime Aylar önce
@Garou yeah i hear you i only wanted to add my own take and how i don't think togashi is really looking at endings to his overall story now. Where we are in the story is more so about filling in those blanks, answering questions he and the fans want answered in the narrative. Shit like Ging in action, the dark continent, Netero's son in action, the spiders, the royal families, nen beasts, bodygaurds and all their dynamics. I see him having some big ass field day with what he's introduced and just saying fuck a reasonable ending to the story, like he knows we just want to see his brain at work introducing tons of interesting plot points now that the main story (gon finding ging) is done.
Garou Aylar önce
@Atlantime I know that. I'm not saying an ending isn't possible, I'm saying I don't see him wrapping the two arcs that are left (and the gyro sub plot). Assuming he releases the 4 chapters, who knows how long will he take to release new ones.
Atlantime Aylar önce
@Garou no ending would honestly be the best bet now. We got the best possible conclusion with Gon meeting his dad and not dying while also never being able to use nen again. Now we're just along for the ride as Togashi wraps up the succession war, the spiders, kurapika, and of course the dark continent.
Lars Nyman
Lars Nyman Aylar önce
@TerrorOfTalos that tracks better, enough to put out Volume 37 this year
Sinon12x Aylar önce
It's not google translated is broken. The message was 4 chapters on the way too (which you could see in picture "6" which means he already did 6 chapters)
Zoro Aylar önce
Quite literally had a fangirl moment when I heard about this. Hunter x Hunter is one of the best stories ever and I cannot wait to read more!
Asce Aylar önce
I would just love for new volumes come out so Viz can take advantage of the populartity of HxH to make Box Sets. would make all of our lives easier for people who have not collected it yet, which gotta be quite a few me included. i read HxH in 2021 and instantly jumped on the Hiatus Paintrain. but unlike Berserk (which i read in 2020) HxH does not have a convenient way of collecting it as of yet.
Putu Teguh Dharmawijaya
I would like filler chapters that explore gon’s struggle to regain his nen or even normal life at whale island. That or killua x alluka side trip would be nice. But at this point seeing the real dark continent is more likely plot and most exciting.
Nen Master5
Nen Master5 Aylar önce
So much Stuff to do now for LIam: Like cover Nen, discuss Nen, cover Nen, ect, ect. Oh, and what about... Nen? Theres, after all, entirwe Concepts and Rules he never mentioned, even if we ignore such super-unkown rules like 'Apparently you CAN conjure something Indestructable, as well as emit it IFFF it's just a Counter, as we see with 'Tag' and 'Hakoware'. As long as these things are totally neutral and just Counters, it seems to be a Possibility to just make them Indestructable, which Hakowake is very blatantly insinuated to be.
amooosed Aylar önce
honestly i cant wait for when Togashi manages to finish this arc so we can figure out wtf is happening to Gon and his loss of powers. It was such a cliffhanger to have happen on that side of the storyline. This current arc is interesting but the plot feels a bit scattered and unfocused, maybe when he actually finishes the arc and I reread it in its entirety it will be better. I do hope that Togashi has the energy, health, and motivation to finish the arc in a semi-timely fashion.
Ryuksgelus Aylar önce
He could jump to a new spot. We just ended at the beginning of some carnage involving some relatively unimportant characters. We can just hear about the aftermath and see the immediate ripple effects of what happened. I say we get clash part 2 then what Chrollo is doing.
Ft_Splits Aylar önce
Finally can stop planning on telling my grandchildren that I have been waiting 60 years for the show. Also I know a lot of hate got thrown toward togashi, and I just wanna say I think almost the whole fan base can support this man W the return of togashi arc
Tobi Grantlbart
Tobi Grantlbart 24 gün önce
I could see it going to be another Yu Yu Hakusho situation, where an ending came out of nowwhere and Togashi ended the series abruptly in 4 chapters. I can also see this not being another Yu Yu Hakusho and he wants to end the series properly, even if the bext hiatus after 4 chapters takes him another 2 years.
Terence Clay
Terence Clay Aylar önce
Lets go! Brightened my day right up! I don't really care what Togashi decides to release, but I would love to see it continue relatively close to where it left off. Will you be releasing chapter review videos when they get publsihed?
Jonathan D Rummel
Jonathan D Rummel Aylar önce
Man, who would have thought that 2022 would bring us a 400% increase on the amount of hunterXhunter we currently had? WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!
Shell Blaster
Shell Blaster Aylar önce
BballNintendo3 Aylar önce
Who knows, he might go on hiatus again after dropping 4 chapters. Then 2022 will be the year with the least chapters besides 2019 to 2021 which had none
DARK SUN Aylar önce
No gon and killua. am i the only one sad
L El
L El Aylar önce
Just going to point out that 400% increase on something isn’t multiplied by 0 as (might be wrong here) thats a statistics equation and not a basic mathematical equation.
Jonathan D Rummel
Jonathan D Rummel Aylar önce
@Totally Not A Human Sir! Did you plan on making my day even better? Cause you just did!
Lakaya Summers
Lakaya Summers Aylar önce
I'm so happy!! I started to think we'd really never get new chapters, miracles DO happen lol
Danielle Whitley
Danielle Whitley Aylar önce
I’ve read the manga, watched the old and new anime and I cannot wait for more!!!! Absolutely love any adventure to be had in the Hunter Hunter world!!! Togashi is a master.
THE ONE 24 gün önce
Damn i love this so much, the fact the togashi lets me wait for 3 years and than gives me no contend with the main characters, or any sort of fan service, it turns me really on oh my gosh, and i dont mean this ironically. I just love the smugness and confidence of him, he just does the stuff that fascinates him unapologetically without any fan service cringe. The only thing that matters to him is a good high quality manga and understandably his health and free time, wich sets him apart for disasters like DBS. Togashi is a force against to commercialization of Manga wich is highly valuable for our culture.
Leilani Ovalle
Leilani Ovalle Aylar önce
I do hope we get more than 4 chapters. I really did not think hxh was even going to come back and get even 1 chapter, I really lost hope in all of that, so did most people, but we were proven wrong! We thought we wouldn’t get anything new and here we are! I really want to remain optimistic and hope for the story to finish, but I don’t know.
Gio Ciasico
Gio Ciasico Aylar önce
I think this was all calculated from his end. He is creating a masterpiece here. He needed to end other mangas first that started at the same generation as HxH such as OnePiece so that people can pay full attention to the art that he is about to create.
ian Aylar önce
After seeing this Hunter x Hunter announcement, I really feel so nostalgic that I cried due to the fact that bungee gum possesses the ability of both gum and rubber.
Carla Moura
Carla Moura Aylar önce
I hope Togashi finds someone who can draw the manga for him while he handles the story. Health comes first.
Salma vanm
Salma vanm Aylar önce
I am very much hoping that eventually there will be enough content to make a new season of the anime
MattyP Aylar önce
I'm definitely in the group that's just happy to be getting more hxh in general, I don't need gon and killua immediately to feel this satisfying return to PEAK
Nabzy Man
Nabzy Man 25 gün önce
@kuriko🍨 I know I just hope we still see gon 😭
kuriko🍨 26 gün önce
@Nabzy Man but kurapika is the mc in the current arc
Nabzy Man
Nabzy Man 28 gün önce
@Robin Saputra gons pretty much the mc we will still see quite a lot of him
Robin Saputra
Robin Saputra Aylar önce
Gon arc pretty much complete lol he meet his dad.
Virtuous Pyromaniac
Virtuous Pyromaniac 20 gün önce
That moment when the subplot is more interesting and exciting than the major plot. The Hisoka and Chrollo fight is the best subplot in all anime.
kyle lumsden
kyle lumsden Aylar önce
im so excited to hear togashi is coming back to make new chapters. hopefully there are many more to come.
Meetra Aylar önce
The first chapter is going to be about the 271th kakin daugher's 3rd guard's explaining his nen ability and how he uses cinderblocks as his weapon while flying using the power of specific socks and i'm going to be hype about it
Mark Shaw
Mark Shaw Aylar önce
Finally my friend. Really kept the whole fan base on your back. Thanks for the years of updates to this point!
Connor Aylar önce
I'm so stoked for the 4 new chapters as well as the 50 videos about each chapter that ill get to listen to from you!
Stvn Aylar önce
I’ve been following this channel for a while… Super Grateful Liam has kept HxH alive with content despite its inactivity and here we are now :)
Come On Fhqwhgads
Come On Fhqwhgads Aylar önce
I got into Hunter x Hunter in college, way back in 2001-2002 when the fansubs of the first anime were making the rounds on VHS. Every year that passes by feels faster & it also makes the hiatuses feel shorter.
Galvani Montenegro
Galvani Montenegro Aylar önce
A moment of silent for the fans that wanted to read, know, watch, feel and experience HxH story continuation. No word is enough to describe this feeling for you.
Poup Aylar önce
I just hope that it comes back and not leave after a few chapters. I wouldn't mind it being like one piece where it's a continuous weekly series that has a break week after 3 chapters.
king Hassan
king Hassan Aylar önce
I dont have a problem if he release 1 chapter each 6 months lol 😂😂😂
HIIMROSS777 Aylar önce
even 1 chapter a month would be amazing tbh.
sue3timez Aylar önce
Honestly I think it should become bi-weekly. Gives togashi time for himself and for the manga, maybe even monthly if his health demands it. All I want is consistent chapters with a set schedule
Embo Semdo
Embo Semdo Aylar önce
@Joker94 👍🔥
Pink Cicada
Pink Cicada Aylar önce
Yea, that's not happening. Shoot for the sun tho I suppose.
TheCowBowToo Aylar önce
I want to see the strongest Zoldyk in the dark continent, the one that even Netero could not defeat.
mmem Aylar önce
I've pretty much lost all faith in Togashi so even if he does come back for a few chpts doesn't actually make me feel excited anymore. Still, it's exciting you've actually uploaded a video to this channel lol
Disciple of the Caped Baldy
So I decided to finally start reading HxH recently and clearly my aura reached Togashi and that's why he's decided to continue. It's the only logical explanation. No need to thank me all at once guys, I'm just happy for you long-timers who have been there since the beginning ;) Seriously though, there's two things I wanna say about HxH. I get that Bleach was/is considered one of the "big three" of modern shounen along with Naruto and One Piece, and maybe from a commercial standpoint that's fair enough, but in terms of meriting that status based on good storytelling and characters that's BS (I mean, Bleach started really well but just became a series of stupidly long, repetitive and predictable fights). That place in the big three truly belongs to HxH. As a work I'd happily put it on par with Naruto and both of them above One Piece. Secondly, I just wanna say that while I've enjoyed the hell out of HxH the part of it that truly shines as a piece of great storytelling is the Frieza 2.0, sorry, Meruem and Komugi sub-plot. I don't think I could pay that piece of writing a higher compliment than to say it's like something Naoki Urasawa would write. It's simple but beautiful and perfectly done. And Komugi is one of the most lovable characters in a medium filled with lovable characters. Definitely a new fan here.
Alexi Vanderstraeten
Wishing to have HH with coherent timeline continuity is like wishing to have OP without the word Nakama.
goldmemberpb Aylar önce
Geez, nearly half a million follows with a single tweet. That's the power of HxH. For me, it takes like half an hour to read a HxH chapter. There is so much information crammed into recent chapters that rereading them just feels a tad overwhelming. Togashi made it very clear that he has no intention of creating consistent amount of chapters and frankly, I am not gonna read the new chapters until I am sure he is not going on another extended hiatus.
Mrquanduy1 Quan
Mrquanduy1 Quan Aylar önce
1,7 mil now
metalsadman Aylar önce
hiatus will always be thing in this series apparently, so beggars can't be choosers, i'll take how many chaps he releases. 3 years since last chap felt like a decade, quite numb with the hiatuses alr.😅
Je Ting
Je Ting Aylar önce
1.3m now. Insane!
bohemian grove
bohemian grove Aylar önce
Last time I check 1.2mil.
aiuc lse
aiuc lse Aylar önce
Man, who would have thought that 2022 would bring us a 400% increase on the amount of hunterXhunter we currently had? WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!
bãßßêt Aylar önce
I heard from a Twitter account that the user name togashi used after the @ contains subtle hints and foreshadowing of the next events of the manga for example "4v5" is a hint that the fourth prince is gonna fight the fifth, and other hints about kurapika forming an alliance with other princes
Meh lol
Meh lol Aylar önce
LETTS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 i am also glad tagoshi is doing ok! he has come a long way, and seeing him enounce this just shows he's doing well now. :)
mae!! Aylar önce
i really hope that the show comes back too. it’s one of my favorite animes of all time! even if i have to wait ten years i just hope it happens someday.
Unity Fitness
Unity Fitness 28 gün önce
Bold of you to assume you’ll be here in 10 years
ruken Aylar önce
this current arc in the manga would be so good in an anime adaption. the tension and political intrigue>>>>
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Aylar önce
I think Yusuke is gonna show up. The dark continent is just the demon realm and he’s been training his ass off to make his spirit gun even stronger.
Tarek Chahattou
Tarek Chahattou Aylar önce
I can't believe we lived to see the day that HxH returns. I'm not even sure the world is ready for the day the anime gets new episodes!
Boople Doople
Boople Doople Aylar önce
It’s been a while on this channel! I can’t wait for more from here!
Lexx Luthor
Lexx Luthor Aylar önce
Hell yeah!!!!! I been wanting to see Gon run a drill with his pops!!!! Don’t know if that’s happening but whatever…. I haven’t seen the manga but I’m here for however the episodes drop!!!
No No
No No Aylar önce
Glad you’re back covering this, it’s actually crazy that it’s coming back. Would also be cool if you carried on covering jjk, would be interesting to hear your thoughts and theories on the culling games.
Michael Aylar önce
I would love this but it's hard because if you look at his JJK views compared to his Hunter x Hunter views or his One Piece views there's a pretty huge difference. I loved his JJK stuff but I wouldn't blame him not doing it anymore. Or at least until the Anime comes back, Anime seem to bring a lot more views
HIIMROSS777 Aylar önce
yeah I believe he stopped covering JJK because HxH was getting more views but I hope we can get some JJK content because the current arc is really good rn even if the start was a little slow.
Draykon Aylar önce
I am way more excited for this news than I thought I would be. Also, I need to say, Liam, you are rocking that beard.
Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil Aylar önce
I am so excited to see the new episodes I really want to see gings power Also is it only the manga returning
#Ballislife #thegrindneverstops
I hope Gon comes back, re opens his nodes the hard way (that would fit with his character development as he hates following rules and has always tried to go around them)
Nen Master5
Nen Master5 Aylar önce
So much Stuff to do now for LIam: Like cover Nen, discuss Nen, cover Nen, ect, ect. Oh, and what about... Nen? Theres, after all, entirwe Concepts and Rules he never mentioned, even if we ignore such super-unkown rules like 'Apparently you CAN conjure something Indestructable, as well as emit it IFFF it's just a Counter, as we see with 'Tag' and 'Hakoware'. As long as these things are totally neutral and just Counters, it seems to be a Possibility to just make them Indestructable, which Hakowake is very blatantly insinuated to be.
Yekkusu Sekai Seiken
I wonder how much the story will change. Togashi has this weird idea of forgetting what he wanted to do before, spending years without making content and when he comes back he has way too new ideas and he start letting plot points opened forever XD
David Lamb
David Lamb Aylar önce
The fact Togashi can deal with this insane pain in the back and STILL potentially working on this is insane... Thank you Yoshihiro Togashi. You have my respect. Even if you're not, you have my respect. Edit: BTW, this arc definitely reminds me of the Yorknew Arc. Kurapika as the main protag? Check. Kurapika being a bodyguard? Check. His colleagues having unique powers? Check. Someone with kissing powers like Baise? Check. Definitely excited since this arc other than the Chimera Ant arc is my fav arc. Can't wait!
David Lamb
David Lamb Aylar önce
@bohemian grove That's a fair point
bohemian grove
bohemian grove Aylar önce
@David Lamb DC basically an all star cast fucking s#it I can't even imagine how togashi will magnage to handles those characters. That's gonna be a royal ramble man. Spiders, kurapika, hizuka, Ging, Paris ton, illumni, tserriednich, beyond, zodiac, gyro, don freecs etc.
David Lamb
David Lamb Aylar önce
@bohemian grove Aye man, we can only hope. Dark Contient has potential of a lifetime so it can be fire
bohemian grove
bohemian grove Aylar önce
I've really good feeling that he can out do the chimera arc in this coming arc, dark continent is gonna be master piece. All those years of his rest I believe hxh is always in his mind thinking how he can make it more better. I've truly believed he thinks that he failed his yuyu hakusho that's why he made hunter x hunter (yuyu hakusho 2.0) I hope he dont make that mistake again.
Mad-Skill_GaMMer 1
Mad-Skill_GaMMer 1 Aylar önce
I’m feeling more appreciative than excited. I really like this series
clipclop15 17 gün önce
One of the newer characters in a gang on the black whale seems like a direct reference to Deadman Wonderland, the character who’s Nen ability is controlling his blood
PinkWaffles Aylar önce
I was scrolling through the internet when I saw an article about the return of hxh I couldn't believe it so I kept searching and I kept seeing more and more stuff about the new hxh returning and I almost cried ITS BEEN SO LONG :D
God Feared
God Feared 23 gün önce
I’m stoked for the Phantom Troupe & Chrollo’s return.
Emma Aylar önce
So excited, can't wait for these to release, I bet they'll take a while but it's better than thinking we were never going to get them in the first place.
Nen Master5
Nen Master5 Aylar önce
So much Stuff to do now for LIam: Like cover Nen, discuss Nen, cover Nen, ect, ect. Oh, and what about... Nen? Theres, after all, entirwe Concepts and Rules he never mentioned, even if we ignore such super-unkown rules like 'Apparently you CAN conjure something Indestructable, as well as emit it IFFF it's just a Counter, as we see with 'Tag' and 'Hakoware'. As long as these things are totally neutral and just Counters, it seems to be a Possibility to just make them Indestructable, which Hakowake is very blatantly insinuated to be.
vash lotus
vash lotus 29 gün önce
Dark Continent is an absolute must for me. Everything else is obsolete. There are plenty of other manga/anime to watch with new and interesting ideas that can replace this manga/anime if it can't deliver.
It was NewWorldReview that got me into your content. Glad we've come full circle 😌
Chiyo Aylar önce
Im equally excited for more NewWorldReview content as much as i am Hunter x Hunter!
CrashNebula On Ice
CrashNebula On Ice Aylar önce
I've watched it when I was a kid. For s weird reason TRvid recommend me this channel and I started again to watch and read the manga, finished it this weekend and I was like " damn , what's next?" .... And now I'm happy
Neil Meskill
Neil Meskill Aylar önce
This is great news! Super pumped to get more of the succession war, or anything HxH for that matter. It could be 4 chapters of Tonpa for all I care!
Syed Mustajeeb ul Hasan
Tonpa sama
monke Aylar önce
I would unironically love to see Tonpa make a return somehow
BballNintendo3 Aylar önce
FUCK YES! HxH has so much potential and it HAS to continue. It's already my 3rd favorite anime/manga and may become my #1 depending on the quality of what's to come
elberto layson
elberto layson Aylar önce
hoping to see the ending of hxh gives me the reason to live, specially i want to see the dark continent arc to happen.
BEWD Eyes White Dragon
I'm excited for the next chapter of Togashi's novel with some drawings in it.
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