Hulk VS Broly (Marvel VS Dragon Ball) | DEATH BATTLE!

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The Legendary Super Saiyan fights the Immortal Hulk!

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Romeo M
Romeo M 2 saatler önce
I love the way broly looks at the head of hulk not knowing what to do with it.
Stup Overlord
Stup Overlord 3 saatler önce
A video with a Marvel and Dragon Ball character sponsored by a DC movie
Duke 15 saatler önce
Broly solos
Lawrence Strong
Lawrence Strong 17 saatler önce
I don't like the fact that the incredible hulk lost twice already it's really not fair to compare him to a dragon Ball z character come on now
Zion Williamson
Zion Williamson Gün önce
Hulk vs Eren
Elmo9001 Gün önce
Research team for this episode were 34-1 in favour of Hulk because they thought "Goku and Beerus could destroy the universe, so SSJ3 Goku could destroy 3,600 universes, and Broly can destroy at least a million!" was completely ridiculous and baseless.
Nicholas Hewitt
Nicholas Hewitt Gün önce
Could you care to explain how the scaling doesn't at least somewhat work? The multipliers are canon.
Victor Valenzuela
Besides Goku vs Superman part 1, this one is also my favorite one of all times
Bonkai !
Bonkai ! Gün önce
World Breaker Hulk>>>DBZ Broly DBS Broly>>>World Breaker Hulk
Boogie.A Truss
Boogie.A Truss Gün önce
Bruh is this even debatable broly would clap da hulk
D-Rock ShotDead
D-Rock ShotDead Gün önce
Vegeta got nuked, the planet my son or me yes
Krous Anthony
Krous Anthony Gün önce
Broly=unlimited potential
DD R 2 gün önce
Oh c'mmon man for some people I might sound like a jerk but it's my point sometimes y'all are very unfair guys
Justin Alicea
Justin Alicea 2 gün önce
What do you mean?
Sai Guan
Sai Guan 2 gün önce
Vegeta in manga already have destruction power if vegeta fought broly again you all already know right.broly will learn destruction power from vegeta😓
Gamer 26
Gamer 26 2 gün önce
The Ikari theme that plays would fit soo well in a shadow the hedgehog smash bro’s trailer. If shadow ever gets in I’m gonna put this theme over his smash bro’s trailer. That’s a huge if though
It’s Nave
It’s Nave 2 gün önce
double ad, sponsor, double ad before 1:30...
nail dwyer
nail dwyer 2 gün önce
Hulk SMASH. Widdled down is still too much..
andy theGoatman
andy theGoatman 3 gün önce
Ik everyone wants to distpute the facts but lets appreciate the sound tract ikari is 🔥
Max Zax
Max Zax 3 gün önce
That song playing during the battle sounds real familiar 🤔
Kaiser Isaiah Foo
Kaiser Isaiah Foo 2 gün önce
Ikari by Therewolf Media just in case ya want the song
Cool Sanji Guy
Cool Sanji Guy 3 gün önce
Po could beat both of them.
Cool Sanji Guy
Cool Sanji Guy 3 gün önce
SO true.
Cool Sanji Guy
Cool Sanji Guy 3 gün önce
Cool Sanji Guy
Cool Sanji Guy 3 gün önce
I watched the movies.
Cool Sanji Guy
Cool Sanji Guy 3 gün önce
At the same time.
Billie Jean
Billie Jean 3 gün önce
Hulk couldnt defeat Thanos. You really thinks he got the balls to take on Broly?
Sharpie Gün önce
The MCU has literally nothing to do with comics
Nathan0973 2 gün önce
That was mcu Hulk
Overlord Vox
Overlord Vox 3 gün önce
This is suprising, hulk loosing TWICE... Once to Doomsday, and now to Broly. Our green goliath is on a loosing streak
J LionG
J LionG 2 gün önce
Yeah it’s not that Hulks weak its just Broly and Doomsday are stronger
Ash Animations
Ash Animations 3 gün önce
It’s always the dimension breaking…ever since Dragon Ball Super Broly came out…
PriyeshRamsaran 3 gün önce
broly will make hulk pregant
Nathan0973 2 gün önce
@PriyeshRamsaran other way around
PriyeshRamsaran 2 gün önce
Cause Broly will tear him apart
Nathan0973 2 gün önce
Peyton 3 gün önce
Why was hulk not like dis WHEN HE WAS FIGHTING THANOS?!
J LionG
J LionG 2 gün önce
Because Mcu Hulk is different than Comic Hulk
nightmare69 metal matt
Now we need to see broly vs superman
Alexander king
Alexander king 4 gün önce
So that glow in dbz isn't just ki leaking, it's actually a barrier
Alexander king
Alexander king 4 gün önce
Hulk sounds like dark sidous lol
B Rotten
B Rotten 4 gün önce
Being a rage-fueled Devil Warrior Monster Fighter myself, this is still my favorite battle they’ve done…just out of fandom.
Jason Schmidt
Jason Schmidt 4 gün önce
What about the fact that hulk gets reborn? Technically he wouldn’t die so the battle would never end?
Simply Murph
Simply Murph 4 gün önce
Best fight I’ve seen so far
Jackson Alvis
Jackson Alvis 4 gün önce
I’ve been waiting so long to watch this and it didn’t disappoint.
XLR8 Quix
XLR8 Quix 4 gün önce
WW 1984 was trash
Manaf Benayache
Manaf Benayache 4 gün önce
Broly is too strong for Hulk !
Hyper Animations
Hyper Animations Gün önce
@Justin Alicea So, is that a point for me, or...?
Hyper Animations
Hyper Animations 3 gün önce
@Justin Alicea Well for starters, Hulk scales to Thor, who has withstood and overpowered infinitely increased gravity. Hulk's Thunderclap sent shockwaves across an infinite number of dimensions. Him and Umar f**king was so strong it sent shockwaves and bent reality across the multiverse to where the Silver Surfer knew something was wrong. Devil Hulk shatters a shard that contains Nyx’s power, and a weakened Nyx with no shards killed Zeus. He scales to Hercules, and Hercules can physically lift Atlas’s universe, which was literally described as infinite mass. Plus, Hulk survived in a realm with infinite density. He pushed back against a wave that repelled reality itself and everything in the crossroads. And most importantly, Hulk got his balls cracked by CAPTAIN F**KING AMERICA.
Justin Alicea
Justin Alicea 3 gün önce
@Hyper Animations I mean, the massively amped Hercules wasn't able to pull that off, and a weapon that matched one for a character who is Thor's superior, and was completely overtaken, I have to highly doubt the idea that what Thor is doing is actual damage. And what infinite feats?
Hyper Animations
Hyper Animations 3 gün önce
@Justin Alicea I mean aside from the fact that it pierced his god damn body? Strange. But can we just move on to the infinite feats now? This "x times universal" stuff is pretty annoying.
Justin Alicea
Justin Alicea 3 gün önce
@Hyper Animations Strange. I can't even find anything about Thor fighting and injuring the Chaos King. Only a single panel where Thor's lightning goes through the Chaos King, with the Chaos King not showing anything to indicate it even felt the lightning. So how does a base Thor hurt the Chaos King? Not to mention said being had been defeated by Grasscutter, a sword meant for the Chaos King, which was supposedly perfect. Yet was broken by Zeus's flawed Godkiller. So the sword that defeated the Chaos King the first time he tried to invade is matched by a sword meant for Zeus. Strange.
Lucky 4 gün önce
Comic hulk, literally to angry to die Movie hulk, owie me hit :
J LionG
J LionG 2 gün önce
Right they nerfed and hoed hulk
jess5432 cut12
jess5432 cut12 4 gün önce
Can you make a Goku ultra instinct vs Superman full power
RikuRadical 4 gün önce
RIP Fodderku
Anero 4 gün önce
Also forgot to put in a key detail about broly the old movie was about him BLOWING UP universe 6 and king Kai wanted to find out who did itn
J LionG
J LionG 2 gün önce
@Mob D yeah it wasn’t canon but Broly is waaaaaaaayyy stronger so he could do it waaaaaaayy easier
Mob D
Mob D 4 gün önce
Ya but that wasnt cannon
Andrew W.C.
Andrew W.C. 4 gün önce
Saitama vs Omni-Man. Come on. That hipster popular mustached fool needs to be kicked down to size. And it’s ridiculous you haven’t included One Punch Man in anything major. Yet. Do it. Have Caped Baldy wipe his ass with that pepper-haired DILF.
terriboy 5 gün önce
BROLY: You are monster? HULK: No, THE DEVIL Is that a TFS reference?
Jose Retana
Jose Retana 5 gün önce
I just realized kale could be universe 6’s legendary super Saiyan
J LionG
J LionG 2 gün önce
She is even though people call it beserkerit’s obviously legendary super sayian
Zs85 H
Zs85 H 5 gün önce
With really just watching the results, i must say this is a BIG BS. Well, im no expert in the marvel universe but from what i know, hulk would have been BLOWN AWAY to the atomic level from the very first punch from broly. I noticed many of the people even among fans doesnt really understand the concept behind dragon ball. In Dragon ball the power levels are so high, they could break cliffs already even when they were considerably young and still weak compared to later stuffs. When they move and turn into just a couple of lines, is because they move so fast, they broke the limit where the human eye can follow them ( kid goku achieved that first ) also with the punches. That was "early" dragon ball and they multiply their power nonstop in the rest of all dragon ball episodes. This is what is the show about actually! Martial artists who get so strong they became super humans pretty early in the show( even earliest goku right away was that by withanding bullets and stuff ) . With a high martial artist concentration they can even materialize their inner energy and shoot them and stuff( ki blast ). By early dragon ball Z they could destroy a whole planet with that. Now ofcourse many other things happens in every dragon ball show i could talk about ,but the point is its all about more and more insane power levels. So at the end of dbz or super the power levels are so high, so unimaginably powerful, they cant be even succesfully drawn anymore.Because if the artist would be 100% consistent, they couldnt even draw the characters with anyone standing near when they fighting as a single punch would rip appart even a very strong bystander, only by the punch's blow through the air!!- but even the whole planet just by the power alone they produce even on a considerably mediocre power level. Then there is the last and very very fantastic movie of dragon ball featuring the canon broly. Its a different argument how could broly stand against even just an ssj1 goku or vegeta but it was so good i will be lenient about those and just stick with the results which were outstanding. Now that broly is against the hulk... I get it its the strong man of the marvel universe but come on... Broly would utterly eliminate him with a single punch. Not just hulk, the whole marvel universe along with thanos and thor and everybody. under a milisec They wouldnt withstand anything from that power its obvious even if its just fantasy and they not even in the same comic universe
J LionG
J LionG 2 gün önce
@Zs85 H yeah
Zs85 H
Zs85 H 2 gün önce
@J LionG but would be true
J LionG
J LionG 2 gün önce
@Zs85 H realistically it would’ve been quick maybe but that would be boring and disappointing
Zs85 H
Zs85 H 5 gün önce
@Nicholas Hewitt maybe,but its best to not take this too seriously as its just fantasy and theyre not even in the same universe. i just HAD to make clear what is dragon ball alla bout as i already wrote: even among the fans i noticed they lack of knowing many stuffs like "laser blasts" are not a skill or magic or something but its their inner energy and it takes an insane high level of martial artist concentration to channel out in a blast ( naruto went even deeper in the details with the chakra version ). or its not the budget when they are shown with just lines when they move or punch and fundamental stuff like that...
Nicholas Hewitt
Nicholas Hewitt 5 gün önce
@Zs85 H Even if the battle isn't even close, the battles still go on for several minutes. If it was accurate battles like Flash vs Quicksilver or Blake vs Mikasa would end real quick. But since Broly wouldn't know of Hulk's healing powers to the extreme to they go since there's no previous knowledge of fighters between each other due to the rules, the battle would likely last a LITTLE bit.
Christian ChanceVlogs
could you guys PLEASE redo a hulk vs doomsday fight?
Christian ChanceVlogs
could you guys PLEASE redo a hulk vs doomsday fight?
Vitor Vieira
Vitor Vieira 6 gün önce
This fight is magical, great work Death Battle.
Fred Rebz
Fred Rebz 6 gün önce
Maestro would have won use the tech he gathered alone
Brayan Beltrán
Brayan Beltrán 6 gün önce
Alonzo Jackson
Alonzo Jackson 6 gün önce
Hulk is not faster but w.e
DeadlyDad5 6 gün önce
Those headbutts at the end remind me of someone raging smashing there head off a wall 😂 great fight!
David Hany
David Hany 6 gün önce
please do broly vs beerus
IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch
Bill Bingham
Bill Bingham 6 gün önce
As a rather large fan of both these industries, I'd have to agree with this outcome. If SS 3 Goku is stronger than world breaker based on feats, then Broly does annihilate Hulk, in any form.
Void Icy
Void Icy 6 gün önce
Oh the things they undermined and left out.
Andrew Turner-Craft
Andrew Turner-Craft 7 gün önce
I knew Broly was gonna win, if he didn't smh. Guessing all them right love this channel lol. So good.
Xunatic 4 gün önce
Hulk is way stronger than broly he punched a hole into reality and can punch is way through dimension these guys are bias and over power anime characters way to much
Tate Anderson
Tate Anderson 7 gün önce
Guess the similarities this fight has with Mario vs sonic (2018)
Frederick Guerrero
Frederick Guerrero 7 gün önce
yo in comics this would actually be badass just everyone watching this battle take place because no one could stop it, it would prob destroy the multiverse.
Swift Bro
Swift Bro 7 gün önce
That wasn’t base goku that shook the universe it was ss god goku
J LionG
J LionG Gün önce
@Rolkendy verty yeah my bad
Rolkendy verty
Rolkendy verty Gün önce
@J LionG there you go
J LionG
J LionG Gün önce
@Rolkendy verty oh yeah he just uses god ki in his base
Rolkendy verty
Rolkendy verty Gün önce
@J LionG no
J LionG
J LionG 2 gün önce
Didn’t goku make his base his Ss god though
Sami M
Sami M 7 gün önce
This fight is wrong but I love the animation
?????? 2 gün önce
I mean research is debatable but result 100% correct
Micah Oliver
Micah Oliver 7 gün önce
I agree, especially the music.
Ffriday Nightfunking
Last Chance
Last Chance 8 gün önce
i gotta be honest, a fight between these two would end with the universe destroyed before there was a winner
PrettyBoiFreddy 8 gün önce
ion even think hulk would can compare to broly
Hulk world breaker claps
DuckyTheGamer 2 gün önce
@Nathan0973 Hulk lost, get over it dude and saying that doesn't make you someone a dragon ball fanboy
Nathan0973 2 gün önce
@Johan Liebert no
Johan Liebert
Johan Liebert 2 gün önce
@Nathan0973 are you on any battle boarding site ? Or Reddit ? Or discord ?
Nathan0973 2 gün önce
@Johan Liebert if TRvid could stop deleting my comments I would send you the proof
Johan Liebert
Johan Liebert 2 gün önce
@Nathan0973 Broly is far far superior to SSG Goku who , by casual punches , was destroy the Universe 7 back in BOG , The Universe 7's destruction , Is a low Multiversal feat because Universal 7 have multiple realms , other dimensions e.t.c. Now you tell me how world Breaker Hulk is Low Multiversal
Midnight 8 gün önce
But hulk couldn’t whoop thanos ass
J LionG
J LionG 2 gün önce
@Xunatic facts that’s what I’ve been telling people they nerfed and hoed hulk in the mcu
Xunatic 4 gün önce
In the movie in the comics he destroys
Eidhan Gaming
Eidhan Gaming 8 gün önce
all the hulks be like: this hulk is weak
Naparoid 8 gün önce
Hulk: Yes, Get Angry!!! Broly: That's my secret Hulk. I'm always Angry
Emperor X
Emperor X 9 gün önce
The fact that the battle ended in a headbutt competition makes it all the better.
Eli 9 gün önce
This was legit
Gordito Xtrm
Gordito Xtrm 9 gün önce
This made me rethink my love for broly
Eric Olsen
Eric Olsen 9 gün önce
This fight would be over before the dbz character would finish his dialogue. Just like the Loki scene.
Someone br
Someone br 9 gün önce
Full powered Juggernaut vs Escanor
ひShoko 9 gün önce
Right from the beginning when they were in space Broly should’ve died because siayans can’t breath in space
ひShoko Gün önce
@?????? go for it dude I ain’t allies with anybody.
?????? 2 gün önce
@ひShoko I didn't say you were I just said I was going to stop you before you fed the hulk fanboys pathetic ego
ひShoko 2 gün önce
@?????? I’m no fanboy at all dude lol but go ahead at this point I don’t even care anymore this is just to funny 😂 and honestly the only petty I feel is about how much I try to type back it’s just way too funny
?????? 2 gün önce
@ひShoko I'm about to debunk your whole petty attempt to feed the hulk fanboy ego before they get it by replying the answer to it even if we assume they can't breathe in space I wouldn't put it behind broly to be able to hold his breathe for a while
Nathan0973 4 gün önce
@ひShoko you’re the clown for not knowing Sayains can be in space 💀💀💀💀🤡🤡🤡🤡
SeuS 09
SeuS 09 10 gün önce
Sooo... could Brolly bear Superman? Ooops...did I just start something. LOL
Ivang007 10 gün önce
If hulk can do this how did he lose to thanos
Nagato / Pain
Nagato / Pain 8 gün önce
@OmegaSaiyan Uchiha thank you people downplay thanos and don't read any comics
OmegaSaiyan Uchiha
OmegaSaiyan Uchiha 9 gün önce
Thanos is still leagues above of Hulk
Airric Barber
Airric Barber 10 gün önce
What song/audio is this ????
Airric Barber
Airric Barber 10 gün önce
@Ian Johns thank u
Ian Johns
Ian Johns 10 gün önce
ikari by therewolf media
Airric Barber
Airric Barber 10 gün önce
Easily my All tome fav death battle fight
El Carnal
El Carnal 10 gün önce
Devil Hulk sounds so wholesome
ProfessorJay2017 10 gün önce
Now Thor is a better match up
ProfessorJay2017 10 gün önce
It’s not even close lol Broly would destroy in less then 90 seconds at base form
Xunatic 4 gün önce
No he wouldn’t dumbass green scar hulk base form is so strong normal hulk punched a hole into reality and can punch through dimensions
Caseem Sexton
Caseem Sexton 10 gün önce
I'm sorry but broly can't beat the hulk
Daniel Ferrieri
Daniel Ferrieri 10 gün önce
Hulk vs Broly: RAGE. Daniallyia (MUC) vs Plenderwoman (MUC): T H I C C
15 Sankalp Jataprolu
15 Sankalp Jataprolu 10 gün önce
Broly is OP!!!!!!
Kento Diamond
Kento Diamond 10 gün önce
I would be pissed if Broly lost it makes more sense that hulk lost
Xunatic Gün önce
@Madrick740 hulk ends them in a hit
Xunatic Gün önce
@Madrick740 cause they’re fist were chasing hulk punched once and went thru 26 dimension at once meanwhile broly and gogeta were clashing fist to go through 1
Madrick740 Gün önce
@Xunatic broly and gogeta literally break the reality while fighying
Xunatic 4 gün önce
Hulk punched a hole into reality 🤡 and can punch thru dimensions broly couldn’t even compete
Joker 9 gün önce
@Percival Knight Of the Flames bruh grey hulk is enough for db
DarthBlastoise009 11 gün önce
I feel like Hulk didn’t even try in this fight
?????? 2 gün önce
I just enjoy the saltiness of the hulk fans that can't accept reality pls give me more salt for my fries
@Uganda Knuckles Oof on you.
Justin Alicea
Justin Alicea 9 gün önce
@Uganda Knuckles Except the only example of surviving disintegration is the Leader, the current body of the One Below All. And even then, it's only a "Oh, the Leader was disintegrated and then he came back." So there are only assumptions as to how long it took him to come back. Meaning it cannot be applied to Hulk.
Uganda Knuckles
Uganda Knuckles 11 gün önce
@Justin Alicea Funny you say that because Green Door is part of Hulk and all versions of Hulk's arsenal. He should have just materialized from a bright green wall of energy to rip of base Broly's head after Broly tired himself out like a massive tantrum baby that Broly is from DBZ to DBS.
Justin Alicea
Justin Alicea 11 gün önce
Because he was the Devil Hulk trying to enjoy himself being able to go all out. Even if, in the end, he didn't have a chance.
Jo J
Jo J 11 gün önce
I find that at this point of power levels you just lose all meaning and stakes. Does make for some cool visuals, though.
mikennike Back
mikennike Back 11 gün önce
Max2ds 11 gün önce
People complaining about MCU Hulk being weak are probably the same people who call Superman too strong when complaining about DC vs Marvel
OmegaSaiyan Uchiha
OmegaSaiyan Uchiha 9 gün önce
@Johnny Joestar No he's not Iron Man HulkBuster whoop his ass in age of Ultron Thor almost beat him fair and square if the grandmaster didn't taser his neck Thanos casually beat him without a stone while Thanos needed to use Power stone against someone like Captain Marvel.
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar 10 gün önce
Compared to his comic counterpart, he is, but he's still a force to be reckoned with in the MCU
pooja kumari
pooja kumari 11 gün önce
You are super noob noob noob ha ha ha
Sheff G
Sheff G 11 gün önce
Broly is obv winning 😂
Vengeance Dad
Vengeance Dad 10 gün önce
Not Child Friendly Yoda
New title: green vs green
Sam the maniac
Sam the maniac 11 gün önce
I have to say, 3d animating kinda better then pixels
lets go gaming
lets go gaming 11 gün önce
If brolly can destroy a galaxy with easy does that mean hulk can to jk it’s just stupid
Dino Stop Motion Fighterz
Well this is cursed 16:12
Saul Montes
Saul Montes 12 gün önce
The fact that these two broke the space-time continuum doesn't surprise me...I expected this to happen. Now that's a death battle
Xavian Rivera
Xavian Rivera 12 gün önce
they really capped on hulk
Uganda Knuckles
Uganda Knuckles 11 gün önce
@Justin Alicea Classic Hulk matched Classic Thor who surpassed the battle Odin had when shaking the Multiverse when Thor fought Hercules yet Thor claimed Hulk was stronger than that. Shaking a 6D to even larger Multiverse vs an angry Ape man who struggles against "limited 3D energy" because UI wasn't used means Broly was beneath Jiren.
Justin Alicea
Justin Alicea 11 gün önce
How so?
Red King
Red King 11 gün önce
Austin Tyler
Austin Tyler 12 gün önce
Oh yeah, that's why I quit watching death battles.
Leon's European island adventure
I think both sides are stupid.
Nathan0973 9 gün önce
@Edozie Aligwekwe dragon ball fanboys 🤡
Edozie Aligwekwe
Edozie Aligwekwe 9 gün önce
@Nathan0973 marvel fanboys 🤦🏾‍♂️
Nathan0973 9 gün önce
@Edozie Aligwekwe 🧢
Edozie Aligwekwe
Edozie Aligwekwe 10 gün önce
@Uganda Knuckles broly stronger bro relax
Ezequiel Navon
Ezequiel Navon 12 gün önce
Story: Gogeta is about to murder Broly Death battle: BrOlY cAn TaKe HiTs FrOm GoGeTa WiTh OuT eVeN bLeEdINg
Red King
Red King 7 gün önce
@DuckyTheGamer Inaccurate outcome = Inaccurate outcome. It's up to smart people to correct all the misunderstanding that Death battle gives out. That is a much harder job than needed because of all the ignorance out there on Death battle's side. You mad I Debunked dragon ball? Guess what? Either keep crying to me or Actually do something about it lmfao.
DuckyTheGamer 7 gün önce
@Red King Beat opponent = Beat Opponent, I don't need to do anything since Hulk lost lmao
Red King
Red King 7 gün önce
@DuckyTheGamer I'm the one telling people the truth. Don't like it? Do something about it instead of crying about me Debunking some dragon ball wank. I don't care if you like Death battle or not, trash research=trash research
DuckyTheGamer 7 gün önce
@Red King You're the one going to different comments talking about how Hulk could've won, so yes you are mad. Hulk lost, seethe more.
Red King
Red King 7 gün önce
@DuckyTheGamer imagine thinking that I'm crying over a Characters I could giver zero cares about. I just know that broly would lose. Keep giving me your tears that Death battle is not Accurate at all lmfao and I'm going to be the one in the right while doing my own legit research.
Multiverse Gogeta
Multiverse Gogeta 12 gün önce
There goes south galaxy again
ByFenix Z015
ByFenix Z015 12 gün önce
Or, the legendary super Saiyan broly Vs Seelkadoom= the hedgehog strongest enemy's of sonic and shadow, created by eggman
ByFenix Z015
ByFenix Z015 12 gün önce
Excuse me, the immortal hulk would be fight Vs doomsday And the legendary super Saiyan broly would be fight Vs tracer --> I hate it
Nzzertral 12 gün önce
i'm a dragonball fan and would love to see broly beat hulk, but this felt like total bs
Uganda Knuckles
Uganda Knuckles 11 gün önce
@Justin Alicea Because they claimed Hulk's personalities would clash despite the fact that Death Battle "looks at the strongest" and they didn't use this rule on Thanos who always seek the strongest weapon before giving it up due to his desire to lose. You are bias as hell if you believed Death Battle has a shred of credibility XD
Justin Alicea
Justin Alicea 11 gün önce
Why is that?
Red King
Red King 11 gün önce
It was a bs fight. Especially the version of Hulk that they were using.
DarthBlastoise009 11 gün önce
Couldn’t agree more
imagina20748 12 gün önce
Claps. Now that was epic. Learn a lot about the hulk but nothing beats kind, emotional and powerful. My favorite character archetype.
MVA 12 gün önce
pro to the camera man to got all action
Kiever 12 gün önce
Just finished their intro for the Hulk. I can't imagine how anyone can beat him.
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Awkward moment! 😳😅 #prank
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