HUGE FIGHT Breaks Out After Trash Talker Did This... 5v5 Basketball!

Tristan Jass
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I can't believe this actually happened...
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3 Dec 2020




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Tristan Jass
Tristan Jass Aylar önce
I was very shocked that this happened... Like & comment & subscribe with post notifications on! Love you all! ❤️🙏
Chiraq12 6 gün önce
They are trying to beat up the weakest looking player. Easy fix tell your guy to learn jujitsu. Personally I was a street fighter but too damn old to be fighting now. So I would have given him a quick check to the upper throat. Hopefully not killing him but to cut off his breathing long enough for him to realize he don’t want to fight.
Marcus Hamner
Marcus Hamner 6 gün önce
BRO, that’s wild!! I love basketball, and I’ve seen guys get crazy at games 🤣🤣
Dianne Fragher
Dianne Fragher 20 gün önce
Orange kick him
Dianne Fragher
Dianne Fragher 20 gün önce
It's the boy in the red he told me he did it after we left
Tommy Basham
Tommy Basham 21 gün önce
TRISTAN JASS It's not crazy, it's typical, & you know exactly why this happens, they despise "whitey" & they hate you because you can play basketball.
ZoroFN 57 dakika önce
This dude sees a good player tries to finesse every situation look he’s dribbling the bow travel
Anthony Vera
Anthony Vera 9 saatler önce
Dude saying he with that, but only hits he got in was kicking the kid in the head while he was on the floor
Tristan Ocean
Tristan Ocean 9 saatler önce
The red shirt kicked the manz right in the head
Armando Garcia
Armando Garcia 14 saatler önce
#14 gotta go🤣
Michael Greiff
Michael Greiff 20 saatler önce
why did the guy kick the blue wall
Jinju Shi
Jinju Shi Gün önce
I want him to shave his beard though.... But idc....cuz... He StIlL HanDsOmE🤩😍
web gareot
web gareot Gün önce
High school shit. This is what basketball is at the gym. Guys getting mad when they get beat. Can’t take a white team winning
Willie Boston
Willie Boston Gün önce
I'm Going Nut & Bananas On This Man's Channel... LOL! I'm Fried
Jeff Tommy
Jeff Tommy Gün önce
When he hugged his Grandma and told her it was okay 💟💜👏🏼👍🏻
Pedro Dynamite
Pedro Dynamite Gün önce
Tj Big Country Cothern
The dude in the orange kicked him. Play it back.
Lil Hitler
Lil Hitler Gün önce
Fight starts @ 18:25
Alex Campion
Alex Campion Gün önce
as far as i can see rewatching this, dude in the red shirt is angry because he's not very good. and pretty lazy, too.
Random Guy
Random Guy Gün önce
A wise man once said "IM WIT DAT"
Jason Oshima
Jason Oshima Gün önce
Dude in the orange is trash. Kicking somebody in the back of the head when they are down. What a coward. The whole team of wannabe Charlotte Hornets are losers.
styven fitt
styven fitt Gün önce
The ref just thought... Okey, I don't get paid enough for this shit so game over.
MrLANKY04 Gün önce
He's with that until he gets his ass locked up.
Teresa Ronel
Teresa Ronel Gün önce
thats crazy
Mazen Elzamel
Mazen Elzamel 2 gün önce
how tf you see your boy get kicked and do nothing about it tho... I understand it's just a game at the end of the day but that's personal to me.
Exotic-Sway 2 gün önce
The orange guy got dropped imagine kicking when fighting pussy move
bannedfromtv 2 gün önce
Should've thrown some pepper at them dudes with all their saltiness.
Dagyn 3 gün önce
3:45 what kinda fluke shit is that lmao
ucsdsnsd4 3 gün önce
I will blindside tackle a man then punch him before he even notices who did it. Yea I'm with that... I mean if you're gonna think you are tough, at least actually do something tough
Mike Barn
Mike Barn 3 gün önce
Dude that hair nest has to go 🤣
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 3 gün önce
Black at it again huh, black people try and fight about anything
Damian Dmb
Damian Dmb 3 gün önce
When ego goes higher than their shots........
Duttz 3 gün önce
how you gonna let the orange shirt dude chase your teammate around the whole court without anyone trying to stop him
The Middleman Reseller
This happens in men's soccer rec leagues all the time.
FacTsunami 3 gün önce
That dude who keeps screaming carry has no idea what a carry is
Kurbz Garage
Kurbz Garage 3 gün önce
😂😂that was a fight?
Scott Chagnon
Scott Chagnon 3 gün önce
I just want to know if anyone was ever charged?
Samsambelfast Samsambelfast
It’s a rec-less place today
Tim J
Tim J 3 gün önce
They salty cause they cant ball 🤣 yall beat there ass on the court though
Ron Poirier
Ron Poirier 3 gün önce
Besides the kick in the back of the head I don't know what all the excitement is for? There was no actual fighting, just a lot of yelling, pushing & a few air punches. But what do I know I mostly play hockey where if you gotta a problem with someone you drop the gloves & go toe to toe. Afterwards all is cool because you leave that shit on the ice.
Anthony C
Anthony C 4 gün önce
The i peaked in high school squad
Shawn Lunatic
Shawn Lunatic 4 gün önce
Them dudes was mad cause you guys where some white boys who can hoop and you guys put a spanking on them chumps ! They got frustrated and took their anger out on you guys. Poor unsportsman-like conduct on their part. Good game though Bro ! Keep up the good work on the videos.
Lee Duncan
Lee Duncan 4 gün önce
sorry homie... this stuff used to always happen. lol John gets picked on cuz it looks like a brother that rolls with a bunch of white guys and some insecure black guys hate seeing that... they wouldnt care if they were killing yall, but I guarantee they were calling him a sell out in the car.
Lee Duncan
Lee Duncan 4 gün önce
I feel like yall all missed the sucker punch from James "i'm wit that" Hardly. Happened right before the kick 18:45, The guy in grey kind of obscures the view.
Powerlifting Kid2
Powerlifting Kid2 4 gün önce
Fear The Beard
TheRealGee Smith
TheRealGee Smith 4 gün önce
lol shoutout to the camera man, he caught everything
SF KAJ 10 saatler önce
I think that’s tjass girl bc it was his girl in another video
SinMafias 5 gün önce
Man take them punks to a ring to fight some trained people to get the fight out of them ..kicking anyone while on the ground is just cowardly thing to do
william gallucci
william gallucci 5 gün önce
Love style of play trusted no bullshit trash talking you just play the game class act continue posting your games you know that I and others will be viewing
Seth Floyd
Seth Floyd 5 gün önce
HOLLLYY bro they need to CHILLL! My gosh.
MPkidd 5 gün önce
Respect to him, he took those hits and that kick. He ate them hits 💪
demarcus mclean
demarcus mclean 5 gün önce
Bro get to the fight
Daniel Chambers
Daniel Chambers 5 gün önce
Fuck this shit. Took too fucking long to get to the fight. These guys can't shoot
Ben Bertot
Ben Bertot 5 gün önce
If the ref calls the first foul none of that it happens...
Jent Mous
Jent Mous 5 gün önce
I have had worse were the trainers came and attacked with glass bottles and ties at a soccer match with 12 years olds
Quentin Harrison
Quentin Harrison 6 gün önce
SKIP TO 18:20💁🏾‍♂️
abraham hernadez
abraham hernadez 6 gün önce
18:50 3
El Chapo del 8
El Chapo del 8 7 gün önce
What a coward punching or kicking someone on the ground... that’s being a pussy
andrew manigos
andrew manigos 7 gün önce
Fun fact: Some hoods in our place people be bringing sharp objects. When they rebound sharp objects would be dropped on the floor.
Shannon Michels
Shannon Michels 5 gün önce
great sportsmanship
Al illups
Al illups 8 gün önce
23 in white was protecting mass, the other team was already frustrated because they were getting their ass kicked, that's what set it off
john Doe
john Doe 8 gün önce
You have a 26 min video that could have Been 2 min
David Costa
David Costa 8 gün önce
Anyone know what shoes is he wearing?
Florenz Gulane
Florenz Gulane 8 gün önce
Ahaha the way they fight is like a see bunch of a girl's fighting with one another ahaha here in PH the way we're fight is so chaotic and maniac like there's no other day
KaSh'S wOrLd
KaSh'S wOrLd 8 gün önce
the most s*** talker is the one who saying carry in travel
Steven Randall
Steven Randall 8 gün önce
I've seen worse in rec games
sean rivaille
sean rivaille 9 gün önce
nice stage you got there... it would be a shame if..
Mekhi Glover
Mekhi Glover 9 gün önce
Some of the people wasn't even wearing mask 😂😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥
Mario Warthaw
Mario Warthaw 9 gün önce
Most funniest shit ever omg..the chase.. the knock out , the kick to the head.. another chase.. the running & dodging 😆 🤣.. hel nawl..
H4L 9 gün önce
dude in the grey shirt carries so much its tough to watch.
Elias da Silva Corrêa
and u publish it, dont share violence bro
Jonjon Ybarra
Jonjon Ybarra 9 gün önce
Red got slumped so then he wanna kick someone else hahaha weak ass boy
duggiefresh4496 10 gün önce
Yo y’all got some nice passing going on tho. And just good team work! Good stuff bro🙏💯
Alex Charles
Alex Charles 10 gün önce
"This is the craziest shit I've ever seen for a rec game" How long have you been playing basketball? lol
Larry Jacobo
Larry Jacobo 10 gün önce
I see a teammate going to help a teammate up and an all out brawl..... good grief, good game 😂
Danner Harvey
Danner Harvey 10 gün önce
I heard Tommy’s head THUD when that guy kicked him smh
Ray Maglio
Ray Maglio 10 gün önce
they no nothing about basketball "carry again" 😂
Bon Frani
Bon Frani 10 gün önce
*They Called It A Fight? Shit Saw Mayweather Running Then You Called It A Fight? Huge Fight? They Just Talking And Running, Poor Content😂*
ESK8UNITY 10 gün önce
are u surprised? lol
Kadia Barenbaum
Kadia Barenbaum 10 gün önce
Reds frustration doesn't excuse not keeping his feet on the floor..no control..no excuse..
Ryan B
Ryan B 10 gün önce
This why I don’t play with black people
Rew Long
Rew Long 10 gün önce
Tommy wanted no smoke 😂😂
Nono 11 gün önce
Tristan, your two tall player need more gym workout to face such incident.
theawesomewarlover 12 gün önce
Guy in the orange, his shot is about as broke as his boxing skills
J4 P20
J4 P20 12 gün önce
It wasn’t that crazy!
YPD Nutzo
YPD Nutzo 12 gün önce
Tommy got field goaled lol gotta keep ya head on the move in those situations
Cale Holland
Cale Holland 12 gün önce
Guy in red looked so silly and got dropped as well lol
Sac Town Farms
Sac Town Farms 12 gün önce
Number 5 drops dude good for him man
LAB 12 gün önce
this kick on head is a try to murder...police arrest him please.
Richard Taito
Richard Taito 12 gün önce
Hey at least you did your best to try break it up and that’s all that matters
da goat
da goat 12 gün önce
18:30 just to save some time
Alec McClain
Alec McClain 12 gün önce
This needs to be on jomboy media rn
da goat
da goat 12 gün önce
Let's be honest we all came for the fight
Michael Taheny
Michael Taheny 12 gün önce
Dude in the red was like straight trash the whole time, out classed, out performed, obviously didn't belong. Go figure he's the one trying to fight people. Why it always gotta be that way? DM me red shirt, I work with anger management and women, you'd be a great client.
FALLEN GAMING 12 gün önce
Trip kuat anjay
Psycho Skippy
Psycho Skippy 13 gün önce
Bunch of grown as men acting like a bunch of dam kids sit the fuck down dude in the orange shirt you couldn’t fight your way out of a wet paper bag
RRDD 13 gün önce
it's funny how your opponent trashing you he can't even shoot
Randy SoCal 5 7
Randy SoCal 5 7 13 gün önce
Most of These players are Terrible i Aint Never seen No one Air Ball a Free throw
The Second Initiate
The Second Initiate 13 gün önce
Either fight back or have the guy arrested yalll ended up looking like the sheep-like punks that you are.
Adrian Rosaels
Adrian Rosaels 13 gün önce
Is it another world witho¿ut COVID-19?
Alex Schellenberg
Alex Schellenberg 13 gün önce
When you suck but can’t admit it
John Humphries
John Humphries 13 gün önce
I had a soccer game like this I made a clean tackle and their whole team attacked me
Mat3rialWorldENT 13 gün önce
Armie Hammer
—————______ 13 gün önce
If u think this is a huge fight u need to see the fights in London, people using baseball bats and knuckle dusters.
Pean0t :D
Pean0t :D 11 gün önce
It's a big fight for a league game bot
Adam Noce
Adam Noce 13 gün önce
Hence why I Stopped doing mens leagues. The fighting is ridicolous.
Noise To Music
Noise To Music 13 gün önce
People got warrants the po po rolled up and bare man rolled out 😂
Real Hasta La Muerte
Real Hasta La Muerte 13 gün önce
20:22 😈
Lyrically Gifted
Lyrically Gifted 21 saatler önce
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