HUGE FAIL: This Cursed Recovery Broke ALL Of Our Equipment

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25 Oca 2023




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HeavyDSparks Aylar önce
Go to athleticgreens.com/heavydsparks to get started on your first purchase and receive a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D3+K2 and 10 travel packs. Thanks to Athletic Greens for sponsoring today's video!
Tymeismoney Tran
Tymeismoney Tran 6 gün önce
L like
Don Kelley
Don Kelley 10 gün önce
I would like to came out and help but I have stage 4 bone and prostate cancer man caureable,,so I don't know how long I have to live. I would enter your bronco sweepstakes but all my money go for treatments. That's enough I will get out of your hair, you guys are doing a great job may GOD bless all of you
calholli Aylar önce
@firestarter When? timestamp? the only time I seen them try it is when he pushed against the tree and it worked great to move them, it just wasn't going the right direction to get them back on the hill. I've had one of these buried to the bottom pan on the ground, both axles under the mud, 3/4's of ALL of the tires were covered- that's how deep it was; and we left it there overnight. Next morning the ground was frozen, We yanked on it several times with a 1 ton 4x4 and it didn't budge- but when I boomed out the boom, and then pulled it IN as the action that pulled us out of the hole-- it did it without any hesitation or resistance.
ELDR Gaming
ELDR Gaming Aylar önce
Did that Scottish title help with recovery ?
Andrew Wilbanks
Andrew Wilbanks Aylar önce
Whoever edits these videos is wildin. Allen explaining the burnt wire and the algebra and stuff flying past on the screen made me laugh so hard...
jigglie 6 gün önce
@Sal please be slightly more incorrect and it might be useful.
Sal 6 gün önce
@jigglie i’m
Arthur Lisogor
Arthur Lisogor 6 gün önce
Haha me too!! 🤣🤣🤣
FukkUr1500 16 gün önce
😂😂😂bro I was just geeking at that. And when Dave said “we got the big sno cat “braaaa” 😅😂
steve oblenes
steve oblenes 26 gün önce
The guy driving the “telehandler” did a shit job. He needed to realize the only control he had is the back wheels which he had the wrong way. The whole time.
Richard Matthews
Richard Matthews Aylar önce
I think the main reason the tele handler kept going opposite where you wanted is because you left it in 4 wheel steer. There’s more weight on the rear when the forks are empty so that’s where she went. If you had straightened the wheels out and put in front steer only, you would have had better success.
And the boom was too high
tjlovesrachel 5 gün önce
I wonder if it has a crab setting… I feel that would’ve been ideal
1nvisible1 9 gün önce
*Steam bending two sheets of plywood into a front ski that bolts to the shed might be easier the next time they offer you one of these jobs.*
Elliot Labbe
Elliot Labbe 26 gün önce
totally agree ! was frustrating seeing that !
Nathan Short
Nathan Short Aylar önce
I must say this has honestly been my favourite video from the new year!! Seeing Dave truly tested and watching everyone’s minds tick over and find solutions to incredibly difficult problems whilst under extreme duress is very entertaining
Messianic Hebrew Shawn Kawcak
Somethings are just not meant to come down a mountain in the winter. Lol.
Matthew moore
Matthew moore Aylar önce
Dave and the crews ability to stay calm through adversity amazes me
Lord Knightyme
Lord Knightyme Aylar önce
In the past they run out of fuel, or got stuck, or had a hydrolic problem, or had to put track on, or something went over the edge, or this, or that. This time replace the 'or' with 'and', and this video is the result.
Ungvari Stefan
Ungvari Stefan Aylar önce
I am sorry for you guys going through all that trouble and still not getting that equipment out, but man I laughed so hard so many times that even my tears came. Hope you guys make it. And those sound effects, pure gold... PURE GOLD..... And Dave laughing in despair at the end..... that broke me... laughed for 5 min
Diane Mackey
Diane Mackey Aylar önce
Amazing amount of persistence and creativity to get this job done. How the heck did you all stay warm during this recovery? My toes got frostbite watching this video!
frisbynathan Aylar önce
I think the problem is Bud and Hillbilly being this close to each other caused a rip in a temporal vortex making everything go wrong.
🗽RageAgainstTheMachine 🗽
Job for the WIZARD
G Flo
G Flo Aylar önce
They need a spin-off series!
Grandmas Farm Life
Grandmas Farm Life Aylar önce
jafa toall
jafa toall Aylar önce
bonnojs Aylar önce
Best comment ever!
nick chill
nick chill 11 gün önce
I needed something positive and this did the trick. I lost a old friend 2 weeks ago that sucked. Seeing people do selfless acts of kindness kindness is amazing. Thanks for doing something for everyone.
Rusty Comer
Rusty Comer Aylar önce
Big kudos to the guys doing the edits on all these videos!! I believe that all those extra little sounds and flourishes they add to the mix really help enhance the viewing experience and, give the videos a very unique style that I find extremely enjoyable. 👍 Great job guys!!
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor 11 gün önce
Also like to say you guy's as a team! Are absolutely changing people's life's for the better. Good vibes only! All love no brakes
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 10 gün önce
I found this episode very amusing. Dave smiling like the Cheshire cat throughout. Cold is tough to work in so glad you all come out doing alright.
Ready To Hunt
Ready To Hunt 12 gün önce
The overtired laughing after a night of hell that doesn’t seem to end brings me back to the farming days. When it rains it sure does pour 😂
Adam Peters
Adam Peters Aylar önce
Love how everyone in Utah on YT calls on the Heavy D crew when they need some ridiculous rescue done. Best Episode in a LONG time!
Dawn Cornwall
Dawn Cornwall 21 gün önce
Except for the time Trent & Allie had to rescue them!😂
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis Aylar önce
Love the crossover. Showing how to fail, regroup and try again.
William Morris
William Morris Aylar önce
@Shweezy24 Thats why Heavy D should show up at the wrecker wars with the green HEIT! Just Yankum rope WBW, Trailmater and the RatRod together , Then yankem rop those 3 to The Heit! bet that Heit will pull them all with ease...
Shweezy24 Aylar önce
Them or Matt's off road recovery in southern Utah. But when they can't get something, they call Heavy D 🤣🤣👑
Pamela Nicholson
Pamela Nicholson Aylar önce
It was a Murphy's Law kinda day for you all, with that said you "plowed" on and kept going! Excited to see part 2!
Big Mike
Big Mike Aylar önce
Heavy D is a never say never kind of guy! The world needs more men like him!!!
ProfHort Sunlover
ProfHort Sunlover Aylar önce
and women, i hate being excluded all the time, i'm a phD, i run my own thang, i never say never if a client needs help, i love collabs, women create all men you know, women built everything great we have today, you never hear about it cuz these rich oldboys wrote books full of drivel, which dehumanised half the population, the half risking it all to keep the species going, then they changed laws which removed our human rights, right to trade, to inherit, to education, to vote etc [source: Engels]
Demarcus Irick
Demarcus Irick Aylar önce
@steverodgers Relax, man. lol
steverodgers Aylar önce
Without his money and heavy equipment, he'd be nothing. Let's be real....
Erin Morgan
Erin Morgan 11 gün önce
So proud of everyone who showed up to help these beautiful humans. Love is the answer. No matter the question ❤ God Bless all of you ❤
Noah Miller
Noah Miller Aylar önce
The amount of times I thought that snow cat was gonna break and it didn't is impressive lol those things go through some serious sh*t. Great work as always guys
Petko Petkov
Petko Petkov Aylar önce
Ahh the biggest failures create the most awesome content! Laugh my ass off! Thank you guys for being so genuine, laugh in the face of faulire, joke about how worser it can get and laugh even more when it happens :D
Ryan Shadders
Ryan Shadders Aylar önce
I don't understand how you guys consider this video of fail. This is rare example in today's society of men working their asses off attempting a nearly impossible recovery with all the odds stacked against them and continuing to persevere. Incredible job guys! Can't wait for part 2
Jeff Guthrie
Jeff Guthrie Aylar önce
@Ryan Shadders thanks but I should have said “What area in Utah” but it’s near Fairview.
Ryan Shadders
Ryan Shadders Aylar önce
@Jeff Guthrie Utah
Jeff Guthrie
Jeff Guthrie Aylar önce
Where is this located?
Old Dog Prepper
Old Dog Prepper Aylar önce
Marlow925 Aylar önce
Aye. Just as most recoveries go.
Zaz Bell
Zaz Bell Aylar önce
Real fun is miserable when it happens, but always a joy to look upon later.
Shaune Pegrum
Shaune Pegrum Aylar önce
Dave ur calmness thru all this is outstanding. U r definitely one of the special blokes out there mate and ur a real trooper. Great effort so far with everything that’s happened and to get as far as all u guys have. I think Robby owes u a few drink after this one. Ur absolutely awesome mate 🤙😎🇦🇺
11 gün önce
I have a gradall and when he said "well, we got it stuck and then we got it unstuck but then we got it more stuck" I felt that in my soul. This video cracked me up and makes me feel better about my gradall's current predicament (buried up to the top of the back tires in mud).
Brutally Honest
Brutally Honest Aylar önce
One of the best videos ever. That last 10 minutes was gold. It being 5am and loopy, just absolutely over everything, but still laughing hysterically 😂
Josh Durston
Josh Durston 6 gün önce
Amazing! love watching the struggle. Way to fight thru it!
Brandon Gross
Brandon Gross Aylar önce
Running out of gas at the end was just icing on the cake.. as well as Nate having to walk because Bud left him 😂😂
Padmé Amidala
Padmé Amidala Aylar önce
@Chip_W Diesel, fuel, petrol, oil are liquid, so they can’t be gas. 😬😇
Deanna Wheeler
Deanna Wheeler Aylar önce
Loved seeing you in this episode.
Konor Sacks
Konor Sacks Aylar önce
@Chip_W You're right cuz most of everything they have is diesel... So they ran out of fuel
Chip_W Aylar önce
They never ran out of gas (think about it)
BKMDano Aylar önce
I was wondering when they were going to run out of gas
Edendick Aylar önce
Unfortunate that things break but that’s the nature of the job my guys… Still stayed positive throughout the whole fiasco and I admire y’all for that 😎 it’s my dream to do all the cool recoveries you guys do! Bravo 👏 can’t wait for part 2!!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Major'KG Aylar önce
Part 2?, what was a forklift / telehandler doing so far out in the middle of nowhere in the first place... With fork's on it do u no
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee Aylar önce
What a Hellacious Day!!!!if it’s not one thing, it’s another. This by far was a very hard recovery. And to make matters worst, it’s in the Deep snow. You guys kept your wits up! Great video Dave , Alan, crew and Robby!!🤙😎
Mark Eckardt
Mark Eckardt Aylar önce
Allen's a rare bread of human, understands the how and why things work the way they do. Seems like he's a positive energy and can explain him self out of any situation love it
Alpstar85 Aylar önce
Funny I was wondering about the fuel and how much it had left knowing how much work you had it doing throughout the day lol.
Terry Rsh
Terry Rsh Aylar önce
Dave needs to teach a masterclass on how to always remain calm. Super chill even when everything's going pear-shaped
Travis B
Travis B Aylar önce
@Mechanically Creative being a millionaire and essentially doing this for fun also helps. Dave doesn't have to be there, Dave wants to be there. Huge change in mindset from doing something for fun / helping someone than having to do something to pay the bills. If they'd had to make this happen or he wasn't feeding his family the next week I guarantee the stress level would be high.
Charlie Foxtrot
Charlie Foxtrot Aylar önce
When I worked with the tools as an industrial electrician, loo the many decades ago, when the foreman got quiet and polite, you knew the shit was coming apart.
CJ Pryvate
CJ Pryvate Aylar önce
Going pear shaped... My favorite English idiom. I feel it needs to be used more
Mechanically Creative
Become incredibly capable. There's the secret. Capable men are confident, it's almost like they know what they can do! Knowing what you are good at, allows you to prepare for and constantly work on your weaknesses. It's self-actualization personified. It's available to everyone.
Avg Joe
Avg Joe Aylar önce
Just scam people out of Established Titles money and you too can afford to remain calm.
Serw Hiuo
Serw Hiuo Aylar önce
the odds stacked against them and continuing to persevere. Incredible job guys! Can't wait for part 2
Jeffrey Harbert
Jeffrey Harbert Aylar önce
Talent recognizing talent! Pretty cool seeing a Sparks/Layton collaboration! Thanks for the entertainment, fellas!
Jason Ross
Jason Ross Aylar önce
looks like you boys had alot of fun!..and i will bet they are happy your helping them 😁😁
Wait... Whaaat!?
Wait... Whaaat!? Aylar önce
Hey Hevy, this is the best episode ever that you have uploaded? Your, your crew's and Robby's suffering has been just been absolute blast of amusement!!! Well done chaps, great attitude!
Trail Driving
Trail Driving Aylar önce
It’s cool to see you and Robbie do a video together. It’s crazy how hard it is to move that machine.
Nick Moran
Nick Moran Aylar önce
I love how Alan went from just in the video to getting a job to being Dave's best guy he got that knows everything about everything haha
Banrir Cardot
Banrir Cardot Aylar önce
@Cortex dB I was cringing the whole time.
Cortex dB
Cortex dB Aylar önce
@Charles Johns, Jr. So you're saying that under max load, whatever that was, if failure happened, the rope would just fall to the ground... We saw in THIS video that's not true. Wizard or not, riding on that machine in that location at that time was STUPID. That's all.
jimkhana007 Aylar önce
Guys a legend… When you stumble across someone like that you have to welcome them with open arms 👍
Hans Landa
Hans Landa Aylar önce
@Charles Johns, Jr. still Carrie’s the same energy on the d-rings tho. And those mf’s get launched when broken. Just watch his dry river bed rescue
Charles Johns, Jr.
Charles Johns, Jr. Aylar önce
@Cortex dB it’s not a rope. Doesn’t carry same energy as a rope. Yankum.
Tracey Kitchin
Tracey Kitchin Aylar önce
You guys must be so exhausted after the hours and break downs and to see Dave laugh after running out of fuel honestly looks like he's delirious from a s it show all over lol. What else could possibly go wrong on this one??? And I'm sure young mate would love to Dave's new apprentice lol, cheers Tracey from Australia xo where we don t get snow xo
Lon Hoschar
Lon Hoschar Aylar önce
What a day!! You guys were awesome... Never quitting, always had another plan, equipment breaking down and still hanging in there!! I think everyone should have ONE of those days in their lives just to make them appreciate all the times when it went better!! LOL!! I'll be watching for part 2 because I have got to see this through to the end!! 🤣
Edward Pagano
Edward Pagano Aylar önce
Great episode! If I may ask what is the cost for a recovery like this?
Chuck C
Chuck C Aylar önce
Wow, that looks like a lot of work getting the Material Handler out of there. Can not wait to see part 2.
Don't Tread on Me NCFreeman
Robbie is a awesome guy. He has a great work ethic and he is a super worm personality. It is great to see you both collaborate together.
Tony Hussey
Tony Hussey Aylar önce
He is a super Worm 🐛🐛 ? 🪱
Steve E
Steve E Aylar önce
Dave is such a good guy with a lot of patience! He’s always willing to help someone in need!
Ike Aylar önce
@Remsster What to you reckon he charges for these sponsored ads he does?
Chef Shade tree
Chef Shade tree Aylar önce
I wish I could get some help from Dave. I'm in dire need right now but I highly doubt he'd help me. I'm about to lose everything and just lost my dad. County coming in to level my property with everything on it. Really sucks
Remsster Aylar önce
@Ike You way overestimate how much youtubers get paid for views. CPM these days is trash, almost all money would be from sponosrs.
LORD og waldo
LORD og waldo Aylar önce
he helped me become a lord
Ike Aylar önce
@Brian Moore I don't think it was setup but yeah they'll make more off the youtube views than what would be charging for the job.
úlfur bróðir
úlfur bróðir Aylar önce
Murphy: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Recovery of telehandler: Murphy was a optimist.
SurfingKook Aylar önce
Dave embodies life. Keep trying and never give up! And when things don't work out as planned, go home and regroup... then come back and try again! That's life!!!
BakuAmad Aylar önce
Our snow this year is definitely making some interesting situations.
Old Dog Prepper
Old Dog Prepper Aylar önce
All I can say and all that is needed to be said is ... Not just Huge but EPIC! but certainly NOT a fail in the entertainment department!
519 media
519 media Aylar önce
give your editor a raise, the 20:00 mark had me laughing good
Rick Orr
Rick Orr Aylar önce
What a crazy recovery! Dave I am amazed at how calm and cool you remain has things get progressively worse. Your whole crew looks like a great bunch to work with.
Big on eBikes
Big on eBikes Aylar önce
I love how you guys supported each other and got shit done. Love the editing too. Flying math woo hoo!
Becky N Bo Wright
Becky N Bo Wright Aylar önce
Hey heavy D we absolutely love watching your videos. And what you do for people is an absolute inspiration to me and My wife. Keep up the good work. And just a quick suggestion if u don't mind but u could have just undone the other side of your hose and stuck a quarter in it and put it back on. It would've been easier lol I know bc I've had to do it before. Anyways God Bless and have a good day
Ross Aylar önce
Helluva rescue. What a video. Stopped work to watch it. You guys just rock
Dave Kolean
Dave Kolean Aylar önce
Love when Alan explains things!! You guys rock keep it up!
The Awesome Creations Channel
This is an epic adventure of failures and sheer determination! I'm looking forward to the next episode!
Gordon Gullon
Gordon Gullon Aylar önce
Man, I laughed more on this “rescue” than any other. A good reminder that a successful day in the mountains is only one ring terminal or bolt away from a real adventure.
Franknford Aylar önce
Robby and body filler to fix a hydraulic leak. I laughed so hard I almost sprang a leak.
patricia dille
patricia dille Aylar önce
I must say I love you guys. There is never a boring video, you guys are amazing. Great editing with all the algebra with Allen. You guys just all click in sync when sh^t happens.
Rick Bullock
Rick Bullock Aylar önce
Whatever could go wrong did go wrong but for the most part, at least on camera, you guys kept your wits about you and persevered. That big machine is a brute for power though. It’s really great to see a group of people working together to achieve a goal. Lots of wrenches thrown into the gears but a lot of hard work I’m guessing in the end got that machine down. I’ll wait for part two with baited breath though.👍👍🇨🇦
Daniel Baxtrom
Daniel Baxtrom Aylar önce
Dudes! Most awesome episode yet. We got to experience it with you, human factor & all. Outrageously funny. You guys rock! Cheers from Alberta
Jim Borst
Jim Borst Aylar önce
Robby's first trip was just the recon mission. That was quite a show you guys put on, I 1st thought this video might be a bit too long but now I know why. Nice seeing you work with Layton and Co.
Bill Shaw
Bill Shaw Aylar önce
Dave has the patience of Jobe. Look it up. Its when someone (Dave) exhibits great endurance through all kinds of trials, annoyances, or provocations (most of his crew and other people). But he loves them.
Born On The Water
Born On The Water Aylar önce
Alan is a tough cookie, I thought he was supposed to be in new recovery gear!
Throttle Watch
Throttle Watch Aylar önce
Robby Layton and his crew are good people. Love watching his channel. Thanks for helping them out
Jen Long
Jen Long Aylar önce
I have giggled and laughed my way thru this video. Thank you for brightening my bad day with you helluva day!! Stay safe y'all!
ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ ᴀᴘᴘ👉𝑫𝒂𝒎𝒐𝒏𝑬𝒙𝒐𝒕𝒊𝒄𝒔
Get in Touch ↖️↖️ Congratulations..,, Win.
edna roberts
edna roberts Aylar önce
Well done, after all the fails you guys persevered and got the job done . All of your team are great guys . Keep bringing us awesome videos. Be safe you guys and God bless .
Joe Fudd
Joe Fudd Aylar önce
The best part about all of this is that nobody got mad or argued in the faces of adversity. They thought things through and together came up with solutions and used what they had on hand and tried tried again, overcoming each problem and hurdle until another one would pop up. They are doing this mostly for fun and adventure and adversity often adds to that adventure!
Rx7man Aylar önce
you know you're all getting tired when you're getting the giggles
Chris Mccue
Chris Mccue Aylar önce
Awesome job Dave and as I said on Robbie's channel I think it's really great how you all work together and help each other out.
Bryce S
Bryce S Aylar önce
man i'm sure there are some parts that were cut, but your whole crew's ability to keep your cool as things get progressively worse is beyond amazing. I can tell you now that anybody i've done work even remotely like this for in the past would have blown every gasket in their mental engine when that line broke. Keep it up, all of you!! thanks for the entertainment :)
Javier Preciado Jr
Javier Preciado Jr Aylar önce
Does heavy d ever say no? Can't imagine how many people are asking this good hearted man for favors. Someone should repay him, make a series of giving back to Dave.
Ric Warner
Ric Warner Aylar önce
You guys are a AWESOME… Allen and the math stuff flying by:priceless…. Heavy D, you put it all out there to get people out of stuck situationS, GREAT RESPECT THERE…. Great to see Robby, The Boss, Big Dinner & Hillbilly..
Glenn Hall
Glenn Hall Aylar önce
Kings of cool, Dave, Robbie Alan... the whole crew. You never gave up. Thanks for a great vid
Mike Destefano
Mike Destefano Aylar önce
Loved this video. Was a good collab and nothing but chaos. Loved every minute of it
WEMS20 Aylar önce
Whatever you pay Alan, you should pay him more. What a guy to have on your team!
g man
g man Aylar önce
Hell of a day!!! You've posted a lot of easy recoveries lately, so you were overdue a bitch day. Glad all you guys made it back safely. Looking forward to Part 2.
Oh Danny Boy
Oh Danny Boy Aylar önce
Alan comin in with the wizard jargon. this guy is a gem.
Pieterjan Cousserier
Incredible episode, great work and persistence!
Lucky Charms
Lucky Charms Aylar önce
Living my snowrunner dream guys! Be safe out there!
Jesus Magaña
Jesus Magaña Aylar önce
This video was exciting to watch and yet so comical. I loved it honestly this is the best video I've seen on TRvid so far and I'm a fan of all these Utah based channels. Can't wait for part two!
S M Aylar önce
Dave you have the patience of Jobe. Well done.
Jacques Nel
Jacques Nel Aylar önce
I enjoy how my favorite TRvid lot get on together, HeavyD, Cleetus, Matt, Robby, Vicegripp, FabbRats, Mike Patey. This shitshow was one for the books, can't wait for epp 2. Kudos for not quitting.
warren michael
warren michael Aylar önce
Watch them all myself but no clue who Mike Patey is. Guess i need to go look now.
Greenbelt7 Aylar önce
That was insane! Great footage and commentary by the crew.
NathanP Aylar önce
Epic video, it would be easier to list what didn't go wrong. Can't wait for part 2!
FyerFyter33 Aylar önce
Well, at least you all discovered a few more things to add to the toolboxes. Good luck with part 2. Got a feeling Dave is going to bring everything to the party. After some shut eye of course.
Chayton Aylar önce
looks like so much fun haha despite the situation... That giant snow cat things a BEAST holy crap!!!
Gordon McKay
Gordon McKay Aylar önce
As a farmer of 50 plus years in the prairies of western Canada, I empathize with your crew!
Steve Boling
Steve Boling Aylar önce
That point where you are so tired that even a bad day makes you laugh. Thanks for the video and for helping Robbie and crew. Can't wait for part 2.
Ben Wilkinson
Ben Wilkinson Aylar önce
I haven't laughed so much in so long. It's a laugh of "oh man, I've been there, I don't see this getting much worse" and then BAM, it does..
Joanie Hussey
Joanie Hussey 13 gün önce
Great video. Daves hotline for Utah call ( anytime day or night) 🙈 This shows how much time and effort you all put in to help each other. Alan Eisenstein with all those equations flying around his head 🤔😂 he does know his stuff tho. On to part 2 😁
Jack Miyamoto
Jack Miyamoto Aylar önce
Your videos have great content along with humor and funny dialogue. Love all your crew and the boss.....your lovely wife.
Kerry Lewis
Kerry Lewis Aylar önce
Total frustration ending in laughter. You guys are the best
Moons of Vega
Moons of Vega Aylar önce
Not a fail at all. No equipment was totaled, and every single person came back safe and sound. You'll get it, like you always do!
Geex204 Aylar önce
To have such a mood after literally everything goes so bad is really nice to see. Also this sure was hell for you guys it's a pleasure to watch this as always.
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Aylar önce
The ending of this video is just all over the place, all you can really do is just laugh when your there out of gas in the cat watching Nate walk to catch his ride that left him on a mountain at 5am.. hahah
Larry Smith
Larry Smith 12 gün önce
Awesome job. You and your crew top notch 🤛👍
Robert Davis
Robert Davis Aylar önce
That Piston Bully is a freakin' Beast. Nice little addition to Dave's Recovery Team. Loved this shit!
Bill Dennis
Bill Dennis Aylar önce
Thx HDS for great video content of a challenging recovery with Big Boy Snow Toys bailing RL out. Props for great video production keeping it entertaining.
UnWanted Aylar önce
This video is a good representation of my week. I feel your pain.
Cary Serack
Cary Serack Aylar önce
Holy crap what a shitshow! : ) I think not enough people have been in situations like this to appreciate how absurdly funny it is... Play hard, work hard. Keep smiling HeavyD :)
Riley Thompson
Riley Thompson Aylar önce
Those are the moments you remember where you cant do anything but laugh
Brutally Honest
Brutally Honest Aylar önce
Some hard working gentlemen right here 💪
Neden kızdı sizce ?:)
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Sarma yiyen kız
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İŞTE KAZANAN (Sonuna kadar izle)
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Neden kızdı sizce ?:)
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#üniversite #kykyurt
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