Hozier - The Parting Glass (Live from the Late Late Show)

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Listen to The Parting Glass here - orcd.co/thepartingglass

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Of all the money that e'er I had
I've spent it in good company
And all the harm that ever I done
Alas it was to none but me
For all I've done for want of wit
To memory now I can't recall
So fill to me the parting glass
Good night and joy be with you all

Oh, all the comrades that e'er I had
They're sorry for my going away
And of all the sweethearts that e'er I had
They'd wish me one more day to stay
But as it falls unto my lot
That I must go and you must not
I'll gently rise and I'll softly call
Good night and joy be with you all




16 Nis 2020




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Alina 3 gün önce
He comes, he sings , he tell the story with his CLEAR Voice and his Soul ! What a interesting man , what a wonderful experience his Interpretation to hear it ! He is “not only “ Singer ! He is Poet ,Messiah , and all above great HUMAN ! Thank YOU Hozier for being hier ! We need You !
Craig Bonacchi
Craig Bonacchi 3 gün önce
God he makes my juices flow and my nipples rigid
I’m tired
I’m tired 7 gün önce
These are my favorites. Wow. This is a voice that sells expensive headphones. Mygod
Stella Morris
Stella Morris 11 gün önce
TheMCImpi 12 gün önce
A Song that would play at the end of all of this Covid thing.
Mbali rachel Ntsele
Mbali rachel Ntsele 16 gün önce
Arturo Cianca
Arturo Cianca 21 gün önce
🥺🥺 hermoso
Fink 23 gün önce
Megan Aylar önce
the way he says sweethearts
Marta Araujo
Marta Araujo Aylar önce
Mano é perfeito é hozier 🎶🎵🎶🎵👋👋👋👋👋👋
Sherry Glass
Sherry Glass Aylar önce
Wow!!! No other words needed, but I will add amazing. This guy did very well on this piece and with much feeling. But oft times, we just "know" the singer and the song. The author is rarely a factor. To the author, I am spechless and my heart is full.
Dr. Justin O'Brien
Dr. Justin O'Brien Aylar önce
And he's got a dip in! Legend!
dr rd
dr rd Aylar önce
Fun fact: this song comes from Scotland, it was the original Scottish parting song at the end of the night at the pub until "Auld Lang Syne" was popularized then "Auld Lang Syne" became a much more famous Scottish song worldwide, so yeah, I kinda feel sorry for this song, it's cousin stole it's limelight and then became more famous. And the past line " Goodnight and joy ECT..." Is actually a line from Robert Burns who said this to a different melody that then inspired this one.
Nikki Morales
Nikki Morales Aylar önce
My Son....I love You
Rebellions Recycled
Rebellions Recycled 2 aylar önce
Pranav mishra
Pranav mishra 2 aylar önce
Is this song made by this guy
AnastaSEA 2 aylar önce
This is the only song that make me cry every time I hear it. But l cry very very rarely. As you can see, l liked this song SO much, because this is my second comment on TRvid for years 😚
JZA AAa 3 aylar önce
Ash ,
Ash , 3 aylar önce
This an Humors of Whiskey immediately reduce me to tears
Matt Hubbard
Matt Hubbard 3 aylar önce
Of all his hits he could could sing on national television he chose a traditional song and one of the most beautiful ones at that. What a true and genuine artist.
Frank German
Frank German 3 aylar önce
Captain Kenway…
Reese Rigby Yospe
Reese Rigby Yospe 3 aylar önce
OMG.....It's the song Beth sings in TWD!!! *tears*
Kenneth T
Kenneth T 3 aylar önce
As amazingly beautiful as this guys voice is, I can’t make out a lot of the words because he doesn’t annunciate. He slurs a lot.
Cynthia Lewis
Cynthia Lewis 3 aylar önce
In the time it took you to post that comment, you could have looked up the lyrics.
Sherry Canon
Sherry Canon 3 aylar önce
This young man was born a musical prodigy. Best version of Parting Glass yet☆
Judit Almár
Judit Almár 3 aylar önce
I love this rendition. Usually it takes a mature man to sing this song, but in this case it is very amazing. I love his accent and his talent. Beautiful.
Grace Briden
Grace Briden 3 aylar önce
His raw voice is so captivating and calm. Oh, what a song can do to you sometimes...
Mark J. Hannah
Mark J. Hannah 3 aylar önce
I don't know how to describe it but the sincerity of this made me tear up a little bit. Pure beauty 🥺💚
Robinson Jones
Robinson Jones 3 aylar önce
RIP Defiance, you were a great game I will miss you as much as I miss my Beloved Ruthie.
Micrographia 4 aylar önce
One only best cover of parting glass.
Mankind - Redefined
Mankind - Redefined 4 aylar önce
Jesus he almost sounds like how I'd imagine the person who wrote this would sound.
Kayla Rosemary
Kayla Rosemary 4 aylar önce
I grew up on this song, and I still sometimes cry listening to it. And then this masterpiece of a version comes along. Respectfully, my emotional state cannot take this /pos
Joni Mari Cruz
Joni Mari Cruz 4 aylar önce
One of my favorite songs, a lovely rendition, thank you for sharing your talent with us. Goodnight and joy be with you, too.
Katie Ko
Katie Ko 4 aylar önce
He is SO underpitch omg
Cynthia Lewis
Cynthia Lewis 3 aylar önce
You better retrace your steps, cuz you lost both your ears and your soul somewhere.
Eric Masson
Eric Masson 4 aylar önce
This is a Sottish song from the 16th century ! A border rievers
Hannah Whittle
Hannah Whittle 4 aylar önce
Irish songs 🥰😍🇮🇪
Mary Begley
Mary Begley 4 aylar önce
Hozier, you are a genius without the bullshit. Great rendition of this song.
Nigel Charlesworth
Nigel Charlesworth 4 aylar önce
Wonderful rendition. Check out the recent BBC Radio Soul Music programme about The Parting Glass. Glen Hansard does a very good version too. trvid.com/video/video-sCZcJHAcAZ4.html
Ivan Flank
Ivan Flank 5 aylar önce
I close my eyes and picture myself sailing the Jackdaw.
Susanna Cox
Susanna Cox 5 aylar önce
His art & whole way of being are an inspiration during a dark time.
allanfy2 5 aylar önce
What a voice, God I wish I had a voice like that.
Marcus Eide
Marcus Eide 5 aylar önce
AC4 fans rejoice
Gustavo Durazzo
Gustavo Durazzo 5 aylar önce
This song was not Emily Kinney and Lauren Cohan ?
Greef Havoc
Greef Havoc 5 aylar önce
I cry every time I hear this
Amal 5 aylar önce
Oh gosh
Brendan k
Brendan k 5 aylar önce
Fucking class I’m proud to be irish☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️
Mariana Freitas
Mariana Freitas 5 aylar önce
designbycorrea 5 aylar önce
"In a world without gold, we might've been heroes."
Ian Kelley
Ian Kelley 6 aylar önce
Word salad
Harshni Kumar
Harshni Kumar 6 aylar önce
I come to this video everyday 😭✋
Kira Alia Leeon Fairy The Green One
Wonderful voice, grand intensity and passion. Love this. Haunting.
Dania Alaa
Dania Alaa 6 aylar önce
I killed depression its dead now hold me tears take me away i killed something
james guffey
james guffey 6 aylar önce
Is just beautiful
Apryllshowers M
Apryllshowers M 6 aylar önce
Words on the Bathroom Walls sent me here
Gregory Perkins
Gregory Perkins 6 aylar önce
He sounds very irish
Proinseas O'Kiellig
Proinseas O'Kiellig 6 aylar önce
Good man..x
Kelsey T
Kelsey T 6 aylar önce
This is the way this song is meant to be heard.
Tobias Neal
Tobias Neal 7 aylar önce
I love all of his songs, but I’ve been listening to and singing this for days...beautiful rendition of this song.
Rob de Raad
Rob de Raad 7 aylar önce
Straight to my soul...!
The Kilted Adventurer
The Kilted Adventurer 7 aylar önce
Beautiful. A favorite! ♥️🇮🇪🇺🇲🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
David Pike
David Pike 7 aylar önce
oh wow.
Kerrilyn Downs
Kerrilyn Downs 7 aylar önce
This is my religion
The Hangman's Daughter
My god, that's beautiful.
Tom Biscuits
Tom Biscuits 7 aylar önce
Can people stop calling this a Scottish song? It's not a Scottish song ffs... Just a few words can be traced to an early Scottish song, the Parting Glass was written in Ireland and is an Irish song.
Djmill 7 aylar önce
Hmmm, not for me.
Padraic Brennan
Padraic Brennan 7 aylar önce
1:45 - Her expression says it all.
白九方 7 aylar önce
The emotion in Hozier’s voice and the gentleness of Alex’s piano make me want to cry… such a poignant performance. Edit: This is such a hauntingly beautiful song I can’t stop thinking about it. Parsed through the most recommended covers on youtube and this remains my favorite rendition with Cara Dillon’s coming in a close second. Different vibes but both beautiful.
Bonnie Raynott
Bonnie Raynott 7 aylar önce
My favourite voice ever
The astroguy
The astroguy 7 aylar önce
Finishing AC4 and hearing this song... Am sadge
Nory Reynoso
Nory Reynoso 7 aylar önce
One of the most beautiful song I heard....I love it from the irish film "Ned Devine"
Joy 8 aylar önce
Here from fionas playlist for noahs walk. Rip noah donohoe 💙💚❤️ #justicefornoah
Sarah Severn
Sarah Severn 8 aylar önce
One of my favorite songs..
Februaria o
Februaria o 8 aylar önce
do you, you, persons performing this. Know how good, how strong this version is?! sick...
Donna Nyegaard
Donna Nyegaard 8 aylar önce
So beautiful.
Brody Heys
Brody Heys 8 aylar önce
Beth 😭😭😭
Dan Onil Galang
Dan Onil Galang 8 aylar önce
For 2 minutes and 20 seconds, I felt peace and the world just hushed and this man is not just singing but serenading your soul. WTF
Una patada en el C*lo de Hozier y se te reinicia la vida. Jajaja
Pearl McFarland
Pearl McFarland 8 aylar önce
Beautiful voice.
D R 8 aylar önce
Can anybody tell me the chords the pianist is playing? They seem to change from verse to verse.
Simply Sophie
Simply Sophie 8 aylar önce
You make me want to learn more about Irish culture. So beautiful song and voice 🖤💚
Mike 8 aylar önce
Listening to this on the one year anniversary of me and my brothers and sisters starting the fire academy. Truly blessed to spend it with them. Happy St. Paddy's
Forever Shewolf
Forever Shewolf 8 aylar önce
How is everyone in that room not sobbing lol I'm over here just balling my eyes out.
Sarai Dent
Sarai Dent 8 aylar önce
Sways side to side as I imagine I'm in a field of flowers as the wind kisses my face 😌
Darlisa Black
Darlisa Black 8 aylar önce
Thank you, this is heartwarming!!
Kim Marie Faber
Kim Marie Faber 8 aylar önce
I want this song at my funereal
Emerson Sprinkel
Emerson Sprinkel 8 aylar önce
we had to do this in chorus and now i love this song even more
Angela Capogrosso
Angela Capogrosso 9 aylar önce
I wish Hozier did a collab with Clannad
anya_mz 9 aylar önce
Assassin's Creed: Black Flag anyone?
miriã borges
miriã borges 9 aylar önce
jackr9445 9 aylar önce
His voice is amazing.
Hiennn Shortaaay
Hiennn Shortaaay 9 aylar önce
I wish I could "thumbs down" the individuals who "thumbs down" this.. . .
Mei Fennelly Sieu
Mei Fennelly Sieu 9 aylar önce
Look, I always cry when I hear this song. But you know it's a great cover if you listen to it, and cry even harder than usual.
Attracta Murray
Attracta Murray 9 aylar önce
Beautiful voice with love Attracta. xx
jb music
jb music 9 aylar önce
this is so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye. is it possible to get this tattooed on my soul?
Someone Somewhere
Someone Somewhere 9 aylar önce
Hozier is one of the few musicians that can sing a ballot and get me to tears about it, and in a way, I appreciate that kind of reaction.
Mondamelf 9 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-wzLuS-OOrO0.html way superior
Baby Pluto
Baby Pluto 9 aylar önce
"In a world without gold we would've been heros!"
Beatriz Brave Dela Peña
Amy r Thompson
Amy r Thompson 9 aylar önce
This is one of my absolute favorite songs..love ya Hozier love amy renee
Kara Larson
Kara Larson 9 aylar önce
Very rarely do I find a song that causes me to weep the first time I ever listen to it.
Itzel Arceo
Itzel Arceo 9 aylar önce
the serotonin filling my body is undescribable
Nicolette le Riche
Nicolette le Riche 9 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing your majestic talent with us, Hozier.
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