How we make pencils

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Producing 2.3 billion pencils a year and being in the business for over 257 years, Faber-Castell has a sound know-how of how quality pencils are made. Have a look behind the scenes of our manufacturing.



2 Ara 2018




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Cassia A
Cassia A 3 yıl önce
This video makes pencils look like they’re worth a lot more money then what we buy them for
Katletas Domkratas
Katletas Domkratas 2 gün önce
I suggest you read essay by Leonard Read "I, Pencil"
Silencio Vincent
Silencio Vincent 3 gün önce
That 's why we call it mass production
Ŧor Desaċ
Ŧor Desaċ 6 gün önce
paddymills12345 8 gün önce
@scott campbell Because it was lead
scott campbell
scott campbell 8 gün önce
@paddymills12345 it's still known as a "lead". Regardless of material
C.L. Yıl önce
Fun fact: Faber-Castell was founded in 1761 (260 years ago). This was oddly pleasing to watch. True craftsmanship, it's becoming a lost art. Well done. ✏️📝✒️🖋️🖊️
Jae Ung Hwang
Jae Ung Hwang 2 aylar önce
@matthew zenkie mendoza The words, "lost art" in the original comment was obviously referring to this video where there is heavy use of machinery. Hence my question, "why is it becoming a lost art?" I wouldn't have asked this question if the pencils in the video were mainly handcrafted.
matthew zenkie mendoza
@Jae Ung Hwang because machines are doing it FOR them dude youre giving me a stroke
Jae Ung Hwang
Jae Ung Hwang 2 aylar önce
@matthew zenkie mendoza The way the pencils are produced in the video cannot be called 'handcrafted', that's why I asked.
matthew zenkie mendoza
@Jae Ung Hwang probably because that machines are automating the process and handcrafting is less used but without it pencils would take hours to make if handcrafted making production slower machines just help with the process not take over
Birbz 4 aylar önce
@patarchi channel founded*
Spek 2 aylar önce
I literally cried while watching this, the journey that these pencils go through to bring our imagination to life. Well done Faber Castell 😭
Shan 7 aylar önce
When I was little, before I left my homeland to immigrate to the other side of the world, my teary-eyed relatives gave me the 48 colored pencil set as a goodbye gift. I took that set everywhere as I learned to acclimate. On my first visit back many years later, I bought myself a new set and passed that down to my baby sister. And to this day, I still have my original set from more than 2 decades ago. Faber-Castell will always have a special meaning in my life (I’m cheesy, yes, but this video brings back nostalgia).
HeyRandom 9 gün önce
It seems to me that this automated production process of making pencils is incredible, the fact that it also applies quality control (an inspection) before if gets sent off.
iiSOH 2 yıl önce
That weird moment when you realize Faber Castell has a TRvid channel:
InkRaven 6 saatler önce
And it has epic videos
Lemon the budgie
Lemon the budgie 5 gün önce
Amy Barrett
Amy Barrett 6 gün önce
Truth. 😂🤣
Birdsong 9 gün önce
A little bit of everything official
@Learn Python good to hear, I have 27 let’s see mine 😃
Jo NaaSol
Jo NaaSol Yıl önce
I once used lots of these when I was in my drafting, design and architecture class, I am surprised to see so many manual parts of it. Thank you for showing this! I hope pencils never go out of style
Елена Натаревич
Как здорово! Мощное производство!!!
msGvious Aylar önce
Such a treat. These little joy sticks most people forget to think about. Thanks for our rainbow wands Faber-Castell Team 🌈🥰💖🌻🐳
Renismay 11 aylar önce
As an artist I take pride in knowing the quality of pencils and materials by using them once. The amount of satisfaction is gave me just by showing me the process of making something so common made that moment magical for me.
Snehadeep Chatterjee
Back in junior school days...These Faber-Castels were the rolls-royce of all pencils for us.
Ulrike Matter
Ulrike Matter 18 gün önce
@James Card you just try the polychromos
The_Fire_Phoenix BG
Clueless Aylar önce
at least the colored pencil still are
M Hassan Shaik
M Hassan Shaik Aylar önce
Saritha 2 aylar önce
It still is
Dan Clay
Dan Clay Yıl önce
So satisfying to watch. I love how processes get to be so efficient and effective over time.
Year 7
Year 7 10 aylar önce
This is the first time I've seen making a pencil like this. Little did I know that there was so much hard work. Thanks Faber-Castell for the fantastic work.
Sloopy51 5 gün önce
Just. Amazing! It was great to see how the "best of the best" is made ...they're the only pencil I've used to sketch with, so this was very eye-opening. Thank you Faber-Castell!
Jens Kreibach
Jens Kreibach 5 gün önce
As an architect and artist I use them for years. It is one of the tools you pick up without thinking about it, and they never disappointed me.
Anime_Arts 3 yıl önce
Now I see why Faber Castell is an high quality pencil
Idk Idc
Idk Idc 6 gün önce
@Damianos Outskas how mamy languages do you speak? shut up
Verity Yıl önce
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Geimpfter Sachse
Geimpfter Sachse 3 yıl önce
They are hard to brake and they give strong and vibrand colour without much pressure And they dont get old If they are not lile that they are might be fake ones. I know you can get fake farbers on wish. And we europeans are sorry for making mistakes in grammar and spelling. At least we try to lern multiple languages other than most amaricans. Wich seam to think that even a second language is a imppssible task.
Survivor-0101 3 yıl önce
no. Oh, you’re one of those people. Often called a Killjoy, Teachers Pet, or The Person That’s Fun At Parties. Yes, we understand that not everyone speaks English. However, the people correcting OP are not saying he’s stupid, just trying to help. If you don’t want to help people learn a new language, then whatever. Shut up about it. Also, who said OP doesn’t speak English natively? That’s kind of rude to assume, since the rest of the comment was fine.
Ewan Boyes
Ewan Boyes 3 yıl önce
@Anime_Arts It might have been an accident but it's actually acceptable in the English language to use 'an' before a word starting with 'h'
Thiana Blair
Thiana Blair 4 gün önce
Can I just say this was one of the most interesting videos I've watched. Always fascinating to see how things we use every day, and take for granted, are made.
roxana negreanu
roxana negreanu Aylar önce
I have no idea you guys had a channel. Thank you for sharing this process, I love it! My kids will be delighted to see it today when they come from school. 😊
Kushee M
Kushee M 11 aylar önce
I love the way they are made…..the machines do a really great work as well as the staff members…..hats off for all of the team members who work so hard and bring us such beautiful pencils and school supplies
Saskia Cornish
Saskia Cornish 17 gün önce
This company makes some of the best coloured pens & pencils I've ever used. I'm glad to see how they're made :D
Tsumugi Yukiwara
Tsumugi Yukiwara 2 yıl önce
Idk Why but I feel like respecting my pencils more.
_oofy_ 7 aylar önce
@AleenaRahman huh
AleenaRahman 7 aylar önce
@_oofy_ you said i-I k-know r-right
Surabhi C S
Surabhi C S 7 aylar önce
Total Solving
Total Solving 10 aylar önce
Same Here Too😂😂😂
RjBeatsRadio📻 10 aylar önce
After watching this video I feel like my pencil should respect me more
Amy Barrett
Amy Barrett 6 gün önce
That was fascinating. Thanks for making such high quality colored pencils.
Foxglove 5 gün önce
Wow! I've been taking these pencils for granted. Thank you for such care and love that you put into each and every pencil.
Legend 11 aylar önce
This is an amazing process thanks for them, really appreciate their work!
Netrali Deshpande
Netrali Deshpande 10 aylar önce
Kudos to the pencil crafters!... they are responsible to grow the future of billions of kids globally. ❤️ Such a lean and thin product at affordable price, highly useful but as a student when we were young at school never realised the manufacturing effort behind the scenes. Great to watch this!
MumaNSFL Yıl önce
Me: Alright, time to go to bed Faber-Castell: "How we make pencils" Me: well well well then let's find out
Eleisa Martin
Eleisa Martin 4 gün önce
🥱 exactly!
Foxglove 5 gün önce
Inscriptor 6 gün önce
Exactly the same -- found in recommendations, right b4 going to the bed! :)
Aarohi Rasane
Aarohi Rasane 3 aylar önce
lmao yes i'm literally watching this at 1 am
LM10 10 gün önce
I always use your pencils when I want to draw something new. I love your pencils ✏️. They’ve never disappointed me
A Friendly Face in the Crowd
Cool, thank you. I remember getting a box of Faber-Castell pencils, and being so happy and grateful. I still am, just watching this video took me back to the smell of the fresh pencils and the joy of holding a brand new smooth colour, ready to ✍🏽 draw , in my hand.
Rudranil Biswas
Rudranil Biswas 11 aylar önce
I don't know why but the colour mixing process looked so soothing!! Amazing visual ❤️
Rosemary Allen
Rosemary Allen 11 aylar önce
I've always thought a brand new pencil was so beautiful, it was a shame to use it! The potential, as with a nicely bound notebook, is usually better than the usage. Another aesthetic delight is the precision of manufacture as shown here. Machines (and the men who invented them) are bloomin' marvellous!
Bop 2 yıl önce
Imagine being a pencil, going through that long journey only to get snapped in half.
Seniru Kankanamge
Seniru Kankanamge 11 aylar önce
Let's vote for Pencil Rights
kaloyan Yıl önce
Once in 3rd grade i broke a pencil with my cock. Will remember that experience for life
Verity Yıl önce
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• sᴍᴏʟʟ_Qᴜᴀᴄᴋ • 「・ω・」
That’s a pencils life cycle
Bebe 2 yıl önce
Finn The Legend Or chewed
Shaking Bird Art
Shaking Bird Art 4 gün önce
Faber Castell pencils and colored pencils are still my top favorites! I use them constantly. This was a fascinating video!
lemuret 3 gün önce
So glad this turned up in my feed! It's gratifying to see the care that goes into making a beloved product.
Isabel Bard
Isabel Bard 11 aylar önce
I was not expecting this video to be so well-put-together, but I stand corrected. Very interesting process.
Sarah Rose Johnstone
Years of feeling such enjoyment of pencils, having Faber Castells for first time, I tell you this brought back wonderful times when I got to savor beautiful, truly-colored drawing and writing. Bravo 👏
John Michaelson
John Michaelson Yıl önce
The humblest things in life that we take for granted often have some of the most interesting stories behind their creation. Thanks for making this!
The habit of Win- जीत की आदत
Nkechinyere Ofor
Nkechinyere Ofor Yıl önce
Absolutely. The care and mindfulness is outstanding.
Haaris Hussain17
Haaris Hussain17 Yıl önce
Sean Riopel
Sean Riopel Yıl önce
I used to live Mr Rogers when they would show how things were made like crayons, mushrooms and pianos. Now they have a show how it's made and I love it.
Jai Mendonsa
Jai Mendonsa Yıl önce
Very true
Dennyreact 11 aylar önce
Thank you for all the pencils that you guys made. I've been using them since 1st grade of elementary school. Now I'm in college and still using them
Fathmath Sobira
Fathmath Sobira 11 aylar önce
This was more interesting than I thought it will be. I appretiate all of your dedication in making them.
AS Mehedi Asad
AS Mehedi Asad 10 aylar önce
When I was younger, I used to carry your pencil in my bag. It's been 5 years since 2002. It was one of my favorite pencils. These are no longer available in the market because our own companies have started producing such pencils. Miss you Faber castell..♥️♥️😢 Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩♥️
Katherine Perez
Katherine Perez 10 aylar önce
Let’s take a moment to appreciate everything that our table pencils went through
Steppenwolf 2 yıl önce
Admit 2 things- 1. No one searched for it. It was in our recommendations. 2. You loved it.
Verity Yıl önce
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SmIlE:) Yıl önce
@A S what do you mean by "drunk youtube”
A S Yıl önce
Drunk TRvid 🤥
Natalie Yıl önce
lol me XD
SmIlE:) Yıl önce
I searched for this
Maria das Graças Kwitschal
Amo a Faber Castell, sou grata, pois esse maravilhoso produto sempre me acompanhou. Muito obrigada. Agradeço a Deus por seus fundadores e a todos os membros da família. Deus os abençoem sempre 🙏.
Yusuf T-Deen
Yusuf T-Deen Yıl önce
Since 1761. Damn, how much the process for inventing possibly one of the oldest tools in history has changed over the years.
snickerrrr eaterrrr
snickerrrr eaterrrr 5 aylar önce
Ur luck cuz this is not what they looked like they kinda looked yellow oh and the paint was made with arsenic yea....
Emma Falconer Art
Emma Falconer Art 2 gün önce
This was absolutely fascinating! I now have even more respect for the humble pencil.
ecomusichannel Yıl önce
I used to think Fabre-Castell was expensive, but understand its production process has blew up my mind that every single pencil is a masterpiece
Val K
Val K 3 yıl önce
TRvid: "Today, you shall learn how pencils are made" Me: "OK"
Verity Yıl önce
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Starlight moon eclipse
TRvid is better then rel school ngl 😌
not_elie 2 yıl önce
Same, it was on my recommended list
ItsKeith 2 yıl önce
Val K youtube rick rolled me
fukaakeii 2 yıl önce
@Brian Brock same xD
Master of None
Master of None 7 aylar önce
I am an artist with a pack of Faber Castell colour pencils (and couple of other packs) ✏ I am so thankful to these people for making these for me.
Karen Blackburn
Karen Blackburn 7 gün önce
Thank you, I use your pencils whenever possible and have always wondered how you get the leads into the pencils. Pleased to find out at long last.
Sam 8 aylar önce
Amazing seeing this video, I always used Faber Castell pencils for my kid drawing and now as a begginer drawing, I would like to have one of these professional kits
Divya Sancheti
Divya Sancheti Yıl önce
The camera work and making process, both r so impressive 👏 feels so satisfying to watch.
FILMY ZILLA 11 aylar önce
Gerald Anciboy
Gerald Anciboy 2 yıl önce
my dream as an artist is to go there secretly and get all those colored pencils lol
Verity Yıl önce
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Yahir Yıl önce
jeric gamer vilas
jeric gamer vilas
Anonymous Dudet
Anonymous Dudet Yıl önce
Lmao same
Pom Pom
Pom Pom Yıl önce
Since I was a kid I always wondered how pencils were made, like, how did you fit the leads in the wood without leaving a groove in the wood?? Guess my question has finally been answered now, thank you. Still wonder what was used to make like the lead in colored pencils tho, cause I’m pretty sure it didn’t actually say
Mary P
Mary P Yıl önce
Thank you for your beautiful job) I have got Faber-Castel color pencils in red metall box when I was at primary school. Loved them so much then and now, after a lot of colorings-that-only-mom-likes at school and few good sketches in University, these pencils are still great and easy to sharp.
orKKa 5 gün önce
So cool, I love seeing how things are made.
Matteeer 11 aylar önce
Faber-Castell is still one of the top 3 pencils I like since I was a kid.
Armina Jean Villacorta
So this is why Faber Castell Pencils are in best quality. Ever since I used a Faber Castell Pencil once, it became my favorite pencils. Gotta say though, Faber Castell is one of the best brand.
Verity Yıl önce
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SophJie Yıl önce
@Kimberly Madriaga such a great message, well said 👏 almost made me cry 😢😭
Gibs Peat
Gibs Peat Yıl önce
Made in Germany. How could it not be the best.
Shalinee Choudhary
Kitna accha lag raha tha .... 😀😀
Laxto Buttgroyn
Laxto Buttgroyn Yıl önce
Very nice. Break is over, you have graphiteto install.
D V 4 gün önce
I love Faber Castell pencils. Mechanical ones. I have been in love with them more than 35 years. Good to see this video 😍
Every time I break a pencil, I would simply say that it is junk. All the school pencils when I was in Grade 1 was restocked and think they were infinite. Everyone kept on breaking pencils until I found this video. I just saw the work of hundreds of people if not thousands just worked for 1 pencil. I realized that ONE piece of wood can change lives. As Malala Yousafzai said. One child, One teacher, One book, One pencil can change the world. Even I still bring 10 pencils that are Faber-Castell until this day too. I just felt sorry for the pencils I broke in my entire life. The story behind them was marvellous! We should forgive our buddy for life pencils!
Anna Wolf
Anna Wolf 3 gün önce
Love it as a child, appreciate it now even more as an adult! Thanks for sharing!
Ali khan
Ali khan 11 aylar önce
I want some Faber Castell pencils now. Always have been wondering why their products cost so much, now I see, a high quality german production :D
Old Danny Devito
Old Danny Devito 3 yıl önce
I didn't know Faber Castell had a TRvid channel until now
Jasmine Mahat
Jasmine Mahat 3 yıl önce
and that too with 124K followers😂
lmao 3 yıl önce
IKR! I never found this!
Hedonist 3 yıl önce
Hannah 3 yıl önce
bruh me too
LadyLuckyLu 3 yıl önce
Abigail Flores
Abigail Flores 11 aylar önce
Thank yiu, Faber-Castell for making quality, nice-looking products at affordable prices. God bless 😊
Don Hendricks
Don Hendricks 2 gün önce
Absolutely amazing! I'm 72 (2022) and I can not recall a time in my entire life that I did not have Faber-Castell pencils. THE Standard for EXCELLENCE. Bravo!
Sriya Diyaa
Sriya Diyaa Yıl önce
Thank you soo much for these ✏️ pencils, Loving it ...very helpful for exams!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Maher 7 aylar önce
This was one of the best manufacturing process videos I've ever seen. Seriously.
ctrd 3 yıl önce
When i was a kid having Faber-Castell pencils was sort of like a status symbol
The habit of Win- जीत की आदत
Abhishek R
Abhishek R Yıl önce
❤️ from india for Faber castle..my fav pencil
Verity Yıl önce
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FireFrog 3 yıl önce
And the more colors you owned, the bigger your clout. I remember.
Crawling Topiary
Crawling Topiary 3 yıl önce
When i was a kid high status kids bought crayola and in weird cases faber castell, usually faber was for college kids or people who drew really well. Me? I bought barrilito (at like 2 cents)
A bunny that will chew on your cables
Faber Castell is probably my favourite brand for art supplies. I just wish they would improve upon their sustainability more.
gebe Pharma
gebe Pharma 11 aylar önce
Never knew making something as simple as a pencil was that complicated with the that sophisticated machines and processing....Wooww..that's amazing
Biologist Koray Irmak
Biologist Koray Irmak 8 aylar önce
They made both of our childhood and our pencils. Thanks Faber-Castell!
Ashley Artus
Ashley Artus 3 aylar önce
Wow!! Faber Castell polychromus pencils..hands down the best in the world. Thank you for igniting my imagination and fueling my creativity and keeping me alive. Art is everything. From the clothes we wear to the cars we drive from animal displays for courtship to the colour of our carpets.. The colour in our lives. .Art...is ....life. Thank you. X
English &English For Kids
"If you can't be a pencil to write someone's happiness... then try to be a nice eraser to remove their sadness."
Verity Yıl önce
Excuse me........ BLACKPINK's Lisa - ' MONEY ' $ : Hip Hop 🎶 trvid.com/video/video-dNCWe_6HAM8.html
HQ Yıl önce
@Simon S. basically trauma
Didin Hidayat
Didin Hidayat Yıl önce
I'll be a eraser to remove their Happiness
I love memes
I love memes Yıl önce
@Wesam Moh shut the fu** up nasty redditor
Aww this is a good comment. That made my day.
Roxanne George
Roxanne George Yıl önce
Fascinating! The people who invent all these things and build the machines to make them are the true fathers of our civilization! Thank you! 😍💖👏
Tarika Taneja
Tarika Taneja 11 aylar önce
Such a humble pencil with such a beautiful story behind it 🥰
Janne Peltonen
Janne Peltonen 6 aylar önce
A surprising number of manual steps in the process. Especially in the lead-making process.
Mohammad Rayyan
Mohammad Rayyan Yıl önce
Don't ask me how, but deep down I always knew faber castle did it right down to the smallest detail, their pencils are simply the best (stedlar is nice too)
lucy drexel
lucy drexel 3 yıl önce
This makes me have a much better appreciation for colored pencils.
Asdfgh 3 yıl önce
Hans hat Mein Dorf angegriffen
Sagittarius A* ficki
Sagittarius A*
Sagittarius A* 3 yıl önce
Ahmet Sencer Aksu
Ahmet Sencer Aksu 3 yıl önce
@Hans hat Mein Dorf angegriffen Nasıl türk olduğunu bu kadar belşi edebiliyorsun?
Hans hat Mein Dorf angegriffen
Honest Chicken Talk Show pipi popo Kacka
Satsuki TheAnimeLover
Satsuki TheAnimeLover 10 aylar önce
I had always respected all of my wood pencils and electrical pencils, but this is wayyyyy more high quality.
G S 6 aylar önce
I will never take a pencil for granite again. Amazing workmanship. Thank you for pencils!!
3IN4U 11 aylar önce
These pencils, specifically from this company, a brand is whole orginal story with physics, chemistry and working with your hands. The crafting is so satisfying to watch how is make! I luv this brand even is expensive still I think is worth of buying one, and using them (+ taking good care they can last pretty long too).
Ella Yıl önce
The video teaches me to value every single piece of things that I have including those color pencils that I used to take for GRANTED.
The Racing Monkey
The Racing Monkey 3 yıl önce
Just spent a solid 4 minutes watching a video about pencils... I regret nothing
Aadya♤♧ 11 aylar önce
Me tooooòoooo
Marian Lawrie
Marian Lawrie Yıl önce
I would love to work there .i found the video fascinating !
The habit of Win- जीत की आदत
Verity Yıl önce
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Pankaj Gayki
Pankaj Gayki Yıl önce
First time in my life I have felt awe for pencils!!! 🔥🔥🔥
De1an 11 aylar önce
I am literally amazed with your quality. I fell in love with it.
Ahmad Chaudhry
Ahmad Chaudhry 21 gün önce
Thank you so much for this video I have ALWAYS wondered how pencils are made and I just found out how
Tuntuni Tultul student
That's why Faber- Castle branded pencils are the best of quality.
Fatima Riaz
Fatima Riaz Yıl önce
It's really awkward to believe that the pencil we're holding in our hands gone through all this process...
Fatima Riaz
Fatima Riaz Yıl önce
@Farhana Azhar truee
Farhana Azhar
Farhana Azhar Yıl önce
"You've been through a lot pencil ✏ "
Fatima Riaz
Fatima Riaz Yıl önce
@ZahraKoalaCatz Masha Allah.. May Allah(SWT) bless you sister ❤
ZahraKoalaCatz Yıl önce
Shaan Alam and Fatima Riaz Im islam too :)
Shack Tron
Shack Tron Yıl önce
Lal Bikes
Lal Bikes Yıl önce
This is super cool. I'm fascinated by all the automation.
pragati chari
pragati chari 11 aylar önce
Best video ever, for making pencils . I'm details. It's really fantastic to know how small stationary stuff are made!! I really felt as I have visited the company for school trip.
Barbara Assumpcao
Que coisa linda! Parabéns a todos! Achei maravilhoso a forma com que é feito os lápis, as cores tudo,tudo! Abraços a todos!
Aliyah Plays
Aliyah Plays 11 aylar önce
For anyone wondering, she said, "What a beautiful thing! Congratulations to all of you! I thought it was wonderful the way the pencils are made, the colors, everything! hugs everyone" É tão satisfatório também ... :D
Once Upon A KC
Once Upon A KC 11 aylar önce
This brand of pencils has always been top notch. Very cool video.
010_Harsh Raj
010_Harsh Raj 3 yıl önce
I dont know how is this gonna help me , but i feel educated
The habit of Win- जीत की आदत
Bonnie Lucas
Bonnie Lucas Yıl önce
Think of all the inventing that went into the pencil factory. Lots of creative people. Lots of stuff to know. Good jobs, too
Josiah Fickinger
Josiah Fickinger Yıl önce
It'll keep you from using mechanical pencils?
Verity Yıl önce
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Aybuke Divrik
Aybuke Divrik Yıl önce
Magpie Girl
Magpie Girl 14 gün önce
Just WOW! I look at my pencils differently now, knowing the craft that foes into making them.
Vojtěch Kopta
Vojtěch Kopta Yıl önce
I love watching videos about hard work of employees who produce our daily-life's items.
Karen Rademacher
Karen Rademacher 17 gün önce
Never considered that colored pencils contained graphite!! Very interesting! 👏👏
Minh Quan Phan
Minh Quan Phan Yıl önce
It's so satisfying to see how it's actually made.
macintosh wave
macintosh wave 3 yıl önce
Actually interesting to see how everyday items are made even something as simple as a pencil
macintosh wave
macintosh wave 3 yıl önce
@Kasper Hoffman ok, thanks will do
Poke Okwardi
Poke Okwardi 3 yıl önce
Kevin C Very accurate. I agree with you.
K C 3 yıl önce
Except these pencils probably cost 10x as much as the factory-made counterparts which are the real everyday item. It’s like watching a Michelin restaurant chef prepare a lobster, while at home you just boil the thing.
Cristian Flores
Cristian Flores 3 yıl önce
Check out "How it's Made"
Chiscake! 11 gün önce
Wow, such an amazing process!
Julysev Guarin
Julysev Guarin 11 aylar önce
I remember Faber-Castell went to our school when I was elementary and conducted a workshop where we made our own FC pencils. 💚
Ante S.
Ante S. Yıl önce
Faber Castell is the best at what it's doing. First time I got a Faber Castell eraser I instantly fell in love with their products.
Ankisha Das
Ankisha Das Yıl önce
This gave me goosebumps... Woww!! I am never taking my pencils for granted now.
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