How We build Swimming Pool Water Slide into Underground Tunnel Swimming Pool 

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How We build Swimming Pool Water Slide into Underground Tunnel Swimming Pool
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Dear Value fans,
We are working as a team of three People. We would like to share you all of all our hard work building Underground Basement, Houses, Shelter for survival, and add some Entertainment Ideas such as swimming Pool for Happy Ending Video.
Thank you very much for your value time to Watch, Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe to our Channel, and we will try all our best to find more idea and produce more interesting video for survival and Entertainment purpose to live or Camping in the deep jungle.
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6 Nis 2022




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@Apni-Islah Yıl önce
All the people that create this kind of content need to come together to build a village from scratch. It's going to be a major Tourist attraction.
Кроссовые строите
imagine the world going to shit these are the kids we’ll need to help save us
@user-ez5ic8ys1j Yıl önce
Like slave
@mjkel6888 Yıl önce
@@user-ez5ic8ys1j 💀
Very true. I know I’d be visiting. The jungle life certainly has its advantages but I would probably be a little fearful of the venomous animals and plants.
@Angie-ji7be Yıl önce
I always just love when they start frantically swimming & enjoying themselves after all their hardwork. Your videos are amazing!!
@annamakh3980 Yıl önce
Hard working, love all.
@PUBGMjonado Yıl önce
Its a bunch of crew members behind the cam lol do not believe everything you sss
@@PUBGMjonado why we beein negative
@PUBGMjonado Yıl önce
@Aubrey Elizabeth negative? 😂😂 thats the only thing crossing your mind? Lmao kids
@jowlorenz9555 Yıl önce
@@PUBGMjonado That voodoo chicken they ate turned em into monkeys .
@jadwigadr1371 Yıl önce
Mądrość tych ludzi mnie zadziwia Wiedza w przyrodzie i wiedzą jak ją wykorzystać . Ręce , maczeta i ich osobisty wysiłek , czynią cuda . Podziwiam tych ludzi . Dzięki za ten fil bo ciekawy i jest samym życiem .
@lisek913 Yıl önce
@user-pz7jz8bt2s Yıl önce
@Disvade Yıl önce
@lyr4nn668 10 aylar önce
i can’t stop thinking what if 100+ years later people find these and they’ll think we are so primitive hahaha
@darlaplayssYT 7 aylar önce
💀 comment of the year
@Claire-ro2xd 7 aylar önce
@svetlana5587 Yıl önce
Молодцы ребята, одно удовольствие их смотреть👍 Кажется, они в Тайланде уже все дикие места облагородили)))
@igorgold5170 Yıl önce
Можливо і так 🇺🇦
@leshayt7938 Yıl önce
@igorgold5170 Yıl önce
@@leshayt7938 я з України
@mendyi Yıl önce
@@leshayt7938 я тоже!!!
@user-bi2dq6lp4r 2 aylar önce
Don’t talk about how I watch this at night to make me fall asleep it sounds so satisfying 😂
@Zone38official Aylar önce
@DANDY7879 Yıl önce
These places are gonna randomly exist and people in the future will think they are like ancient ruins 🙂💯
@sagemint2076 Yıl önce
The future they will be...
I was thinking the exact thing.
@ionnicoara6657 Yıl önce
It's dirt already. Relax.
@@PAFstanygamerAmongus585 ppp
@strawberry5250 Yıl önce
@bgm2658 Yıl önce
Me too 😂😂😂
@acexgod2260 Yıl önce
🤣🤣🤣🤣God damn it i cant
The chicken in side them are singing at the End😅
@user-tp7dv8gh3b Yıl önce
@@tanzeelanazeer3674 hurjgjtg
@cool_person68 Yıl önce
@Michell3_kay Yıl önce
I love how in the end they jump and make that funny noise 😭:)
Pls they sound like rats😭 I can’t it’s making me laugh😭
@Nixie._weewee Yıl önce
@Gamerafighter76 24 gün önce
It’s sped up, I think.
@MoinGayak 24 gün önce
Mi to
@pro_balcon33 3 aylar önce
В конце, посмеялся 😂 Вопрос? Ради хайпа ясно, но какая в этом практическая цель?))) Из инструмента, ятыган, ведро и штанишки 😁
@Wrldsfavlibra Yıl önce
I really would love to actually travel and see some of the things they’ve built up close in person
@sharonreed749 Yıl önce
me too!
@jojonas6783 Yıl önce
They leave it abandoned so it wont look good when you are there. It will just be a hole
@cyrus2133 Yıl önce
@@jojonas6783 abandon it? If I had the skill to do that then I would build a massive mansion and underground shit with my own waterpark 💀😭
@@cyrus2133 Skill to do what? Make big sand castles with a team of helpers? These things turn into nasty pits within weeks if not days.
@cyrus2133 Yıl önce
@@skepticalextraterrestrial2971 alright I didn’t know 💀
@cuaruaocsen 2 aylar önce
tuyệt vời 😍😍 trên cả tuyệt vời ❤❤. Amazing video ❤ nice video good vide great video building 😍😍 Cám ơn hai anh đã Làm video rất hay và công phu , Xây dựng hoang dã rất Hay và thú vị ❤ chúc Hai anh nhiều sức khoẻ Và làm thật nhiều video hay nhé ❤❤❤❤ thank You for sharing video ❤❤
@xtellclem7565 Yıl önce
Если они с палкой копалкой такое делают, боюсь представить что они построят если дать строительную технику, инструменты и материалы...
@elnurkaplay3905 Yıl önce
По моему это пишут почти под каждым их видео...
@goosequack79 Yıl önce
Да ладно русские
@@elnurkaplay3905 cc
@deriklite5169 Yıl önce
8:55 это чисто я с другом в майнкрафте ночью под землей.
Imagine if you and your friend or sibling did this when your parents forced you to go outside for a while. If only it was this easy in reality for me and my friend to build. That would be so awesome. You gained a new sub on my switch and this device, I will watch these at night for sure keep up w the good content!
@annamakh3980 Yıl önce
If you spent every day for a few months you can achieve something like this, all this work isn’t done in just a few days
Phineas and ferb
@@yuuurdjerski5198 Aww yes that is true and you are a legend thank you for your encouragement. 💚
@JaseGT Yıl önce
@@kevintavares4255 wHaT aRe wE gOnNa dO tOdAy?
@TheRoadDawg Yıl önce
I wish I had known this digging method when I was younger and digging trenches and things. I’m too old now, but it would have saved a ton of work.
@sumanprabu5298 Yıl önce
@@sumanprabu5298 9wowoo2pskk39soke
@amast126 Yıl önce
bro the digging method is a fucking bulldozer
I love how the higher speed video has the voices like mice hahaha
@heavyfails7179 Yıl önce
I love how the old techniques to make homes are more satisfying than the new ones. When you use a forklift or whatever, it’s just normal. When you use a shovel though, you can make lots of cool things.
@amast126 Yıl önce
except they used a forklift?
@gregorh.3919 Yıl önce
You know they actually brought manufactured cement for that? And heavy machinery? Its all cut to look like 2 dudes did it, most of it would instantly fall apart since if they did it their way, it would all be just mud.
@jenniferhughes6461 3 aylar önce
This is very cool at first i thought they were really moving that fast haha but then i realized its fast forward but its so neat i wish i could build that bare footed too wow
@Leta1842 Yıl önce
Am I the only one who likes watching this at night?
@porangporang1 Yıl önce
Im watching this at night actually 😭😂😂
@sonuofficial7040 4 aylar önce
No bro I'm also watching this type video in night😂
@ChubaLaa 3 aylar önce
Same here
@Nick67893 3 aylar önce
I watch this at night a lot but in the morning I don't 😂
@CloudNine-bi7yl 3 aylar önce
im also watching at night
C'est vraiment magnifique ! Ils sont tellement doués et créatifs ! 😮
Enfin, un français, mais, mec ils ont tué une poule et ils l'ont graille
Mais c est pas vrai il son plus que 2 car une personne a filmé comment il fesait et il font avec des vrai outils pas des trucs en bois😞✨
@rossozizo3764 Yıl önce
Mon reuf c'est fak
@user-hj5yz8lf5k Yıl önce
옛날 사람들이 어떻게 그 커다란 건물들을 멋지게 지었는지 확인해주는 영상들..최고!!!!!!! 보다보면 멋진 건축물들이 많은데 곡선과 연결되는 자연과의 조화가 멋지다. 몇 가지 영상을 보면 수영장에 진심이신데 급수는 잘하시는데 배수시설이 부족해서 약간 아쉽다. 하지만 모든 재료를 자연에서 얻은걸로 시작해서 자연에서 얻은걸로 끝이나니 보는 내내 마음이 평온해진다. 유튜브를 보면서 창의성을 또 얻고 간다.
Wow just wow a TRvid assay
@MikeLeady Yıl önce
Sorry mate. No where in the neighborhood of precision in antiquity. These guys are amazing. Never take away from that. But making a bath tub in clay, doesn't even describe precision in granite of Egypt.
@TiKTOK-um4bk Yıl önce
@user-dn1cm3je2e Yıl önce
와 한국인
@Mahogany3661 7 aylar önce
What an amazing way to spend a few days. It would be awesome to meet these guys.
@doniharianto-pt2ri 6 aylar önce
be tidiop jdqa s j e
@doniharianto-pt2ri 6 aylar önce
na hai jat ngj hhh hghj jvihi hhij
@doniharianto-pt2ri 6 aylar önce
@SA-wr1bp Yıl önce
The ending was so cute watching them play 😂 they look like they’re definitely enjoying it as soon as they could!
@ayhanoruc3921 Yıl önce
Caraca isso faz uma casa tão bonita também Eu já vi você fazendo uma arca
Love how they relieve each other and take turns so the other can rest . Great teamwork !
@robvega4262 Yıl önce
Then the rest of the team do all the hard work
@kyletv6355 Yıl önce
Its so good🤣🤣
@ionnicoara6657 Yıl önce
@slimeboyjr Yıl önce
@@robvega4262 the machinery
@WeirdVirgox Yıl önce
I love that there is no music In the background just the sounds 😮‍💨😌😌😌😌 And their sweet little voices 😊😌😌
@Buffy03 Yıl önce
Those voices are fake just like all their wideos
Qwertyuiopdwyshdhnxuxgrohwidgxzhwkdbdniavw zgzkzihskzuz
Tem que dar um prêmio para essas 2 lendas, fazer isso na machadinha não é mole não
They use excavators you can see the tracks and even a construction worker in the back
@ivanarocha8195 6 aylar önce
@antje8303 Yıl önce
What I love most about this is, how two grown men can have fun like kids! Don´t see this here in Europe that much. Everyone is way too serious once they become adults....or try to escape it by drinking alcohol....well.
@user-nt8wu9ue2w Yıl önce
The same is true in East Asia. No childlike figure can be found in them anywhere.
@AtlanMusicHub Yıl önce
They're destroying their jungle and terrorizing animals ,don't feel good for them
@user-gp8ql7he4f 4 aylar önce
@pilka_countryhumans 5 aylar önce
Они плюхаются как дети счастливые я их понимаю ❤❤
@user-dv4dt4ro4r 3 aylar önce
тебе курочек не жалко😢
@user-wo5wo7fb8g 2 aylar önce
@user-xm1mb4oq9n 2 aylar önce
Ага ещё за 32 минуты сделали это всё вот молодцы,!)
@mintychan4883 Yıl önce
Imagine randomly finding the structures in these videos and you are just confused as to why such a good building is in the middle of nowhere.
@finwick3253 Yıl önce
@J T its probably private property ot something, if not they might give it to people to live in or maintain 🤷‍♀️
@user-ot5jc4rg6m Yıl önce
0pl00⁰000000000⁰000000000000h u
They collapse immediately, there are videos that pretty thoroughly cover the mess these people leave after they make these videos.
@Chuuyasimp49 Yıl önce
These guys seem to be extremely active good job it’s a great exercise👍
@Ман ван данн how bout u shut it because it is real they use their own strength and knowledge to build amazing structures
@Chuuyasimp49 Yıl önce
If this is fake I’m impressed and wondering how they faked it lol
@anthrax4744 Yıl önce
@@Chuuyasimp49 in a video they covered in which they saw excavator tracks
@Bloxenbie Yıl önce
@@cookingwithjeanna7330 nope it’s fake. look up. primitive building channels exposed
@mtg8900 Yıl önce
I know these guys have a team behind them, helping out every time there's a cut, but they're still master's of jungle life, which isn't easy at all tbh. So still got to give them a lot of credit, great looking work on what they've created here 👍🏼
These guys get paid,and are helped by others... it's a money making scheme... Places like this are built all around,not so far from each other,then abandoned as they start the next one.
@busymom8007 Yıl önce
Probably not as many as you think. How many people do you think you can fit in that small of spot?
@premaselvi4806 Yıl önce
Which part of the India or Country M TG
@aobemine Yıl önce
@@davidravenscroft1641 I'll
U don't know if they have help or not what if they didn't and the put all this hard work just for u to say they don't do it all that is messed up smh
@jaimebuboy4426 Yıl önce
There's no way u can build that just in one day bro... What the heck.. It's really satisfying and it's build amazing
@Emily-dm7fv 10 aylar önce
Takes years of work bro to be able to do that in only one day.unbelievable really..
Queria mto saber o que acontece com essas obras aii depois, da pra morar em algumas delas tranquilo kkkk
love u
@layla8147 Yıl önce
Eu também kkk
Eu também moraria e muito linda
@aqua7370 Yıl önce
日本には無い土質です。世界にはホント素晴らしい土質! いえ作りに役立てて欲しい!
@aqua7370 Yıl önce
@MoinGayak 24 gün önce
Imagine u r lost in a forest and u come across an underground tunner swimming pool 🙂
@cinnabunbandit Yıl önce
XD I always think about that when I watch these sorts of videos bro
@Cooltraxxas Yıl önce
I would be like l’m lost but l’m liven luxury
bro said tunner. meant to say tunnel :/
@hdgxhj2638 Yıl önce
@Anonymous_482 Yıl önce
@-.Ghostie.- Yıl önce
I wanna go to one of these places when they are finished
Eu gosto muito do seu trabalho de construção 😍😍😍👊🏠
@asmaradi53 Yıl önce
you are very creative, I hope you become household architects🤲
Love the freakin’ Internet! Most satisfying moment is the flaming charcoal as they mix the natural cement mixer with anthill clay. Oh also the catching of wild fowl and grilling. These guys build with their bare hands and with what is available in the immediate environment. Sure it’s constructed but they did it! Honestly this is probably how they built the pyramids in KMT and Uxmal … Mexicans build with not a machine in sight to this day …rocks were right there and they built them like Lalibela in Ethiopia probably. Oh last thing I was not expecting is that the whole dig was to create a labyrinth of a swimming situation. Cinematography, sound, real life actors, story and outcomes… aaaamazing! What we have lost due to capitalism… everything.
@cat_sky769 Yıl önce
u do realise its completely fake, right? There's a team of machinery and workers behind the screen ... how else do you think they "dug" those pits and made the concrete with their own hands? As for the bamboo pipes, the water is literally transported in cube boxes and put through blue pipes which are covered by bamboo... Oh, and after the build is done they simply abandon it and leave it in the jungle to make the next one... (Before you say I'm wrong there's plenty of yt videos about it and proof I'm right)
@diviem43 8 aylar önce
I love the sound they make when they’re installing those grass patches 💚💚💚
@nancygomez1072 Yıl önce
Holy Molly! Those must be some magical berries! I mean , no shirt, no shoes, no gloves! And such energy! Wow!
@weedconesuer Yıl önce
Thats called work ethic. I know its something rare to us in the united states but the rest of the world still has it.. Just cuz americans are lazy doesnt mean the rest of the world is especially when talking about third world countries compared to a second world country like the united states. And no we are not first world, way too much homelessness, poverty and starvation going on here to even warrant considering ourselves first world. If you think the us is first world its only cuz you were raised spoiled
@cat_sky769 Yıl önce
u do realise its completely fake, right? There's a team of machinery and workers behind the screen ... how else do you think they "dug" those pits and made the concrete with their own hands? As for the bamboo pipes, the water is literally transported in cube boxes and put through blue pipes which are covered by bamboo... Oh, and after the build is done they simply abandon it and leave it in the jungle to make the next one...
تتعععععععععفتااااااع٧ككااجاااتتتتتتتاهجرراا. ر رر رررر. تتتتتههههننت ٢٨كجتنتغج
The swimming and yelling at the end is awesome they are just enjoying it so much
@dianetaylor2826 Yıl önce
What enterprising young men
@user-kq7yn6tv1i Yıl önce
@GMrK-qq6sp Yıl önce
@ruka_77 Yıl önce
@GMrK-qq6sp Yıl önce
@@ruka_77 そうですねー!まじで、なんか罪にとらわれるかなー
All the people that this kind of content need to come together ti build a village from scratch.It's young to be a major Tourist attraction.
@JownesyWOW Yıl önce
This was amazing. Love all of their videos. Showed this one to my wife and she said it looked like they made a big toilet. Thats all I can see now.
@user-yv8kl6vp6w 7 aylar önce
@Spagetti_28 Yıl önce
Только представьте какой труд был проделан, сколько времени ушло на создание такого шедевра даже представить трудно...
@toptoptop8884 Yıl önce
Да ты 1 рус которого я увидил
@fogsel5274 Yıl önce
@@toptoptop8884 а ты второй ля меня
@yarn8090 Yıl önce
@witched2765 Yıl önce
I don’t know why I think 24:24 is so funny, the way they raise their hands at the same time + the squeals they are making is 10/10. 🤣
@MS_144HZ Yıl önce
N vi nada demais ksksk
@ThanhTran-cl9ho Yıl önce
really fun :D
@renasreno2676 Yıl önce
م عاد ف اه ك
@@ThanhTran-cl9ho Hola
@GODxINDIAN Yıl önce
Ahh man this is beautiful, I enjoyed very moment of it,wish you could see myself "Goosebumps" 😊😍may the almighty Lord continue bless and protect you guys ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ from south Africa 🇿🇦love your all videos, keep up good work 💙💙💯
@doctormechta 10 aylar önce
Они вроде и не из Южной Африки🇿🇦
@candyari235 Yıl önce
Молодцы умеют делать такую работу а сейчас не все мальчики такие
@user-xg9fj9wx8u Yıl önce
@user-lm7ob4uz7p Yıl önce
Ты глуп к сожалению
@d1llichbest Yıl önce
Девочки тоже если б хотели могли б сделать, так что ты кринжанула
@SilviaParra-ie4nl 5 aylar önce
Q lindo. Megustan. Todo lo Q asen. Pero tengo una Duda. Cuento tiempo duraran esas construcciones
@JTEE1808 Yıl önce
Imagine these guys in a zombie apocalypse. They would probably have some genius underground refuge base. Man U guys r so cool.
@thestrngman3060 Yıl önce
They would need a team of 40 men and a few machineries to do that though
@cherylmizak1416 10 aylar önce
I love, love the videos. Absolutely amazing workmanship!! Thank you!! I wish they would talk though and not those squeaks.
@valentine_gacha. 3 aylar önce
Its sped up they are taking
@valentine_gacha. 3 aylar önce
I suddenly wanna build a pool now
About three minutes into building a pool I’d have given up by then…
@JAKETHEGOAT123 Yıl önce
yo same
@novaplay264 Yıl önce
em quanto muita gente reclama de seus trabalhos pesados , eles fazem os deles com maior dedicação e sem ganhar nada , eu fico torcendo para que eles achem uma mina de ouro nessa cavada dia a pós dia eles merecem e muito 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@user-cc3nx2ki8r Yıl önce
@user-cc3nx2ki8r Yıl önce
This reminds me of a while ago when I was younger and our house had this amazing pool with a slide and small cave under some rocks and waterfall, those were the good times
@mandyko Yıl önce
ew rich kid
@matthewhibbard2032 10 aylar önce
@@mandyko just no
@mandyko 10 aylar önce
@@matthewhibbard2032 swimming pool with a waterfall. thats rich kid stuff
@user-vm3tn9nh9j 8 aylar önce
D😊🎉😂❤❤ 😮nybz
@user-vm3tn9nh9j 8 aylar önce
@LynnAngel-zz1dd 4 aylar önce
Guys you are so amazing i laughed so hard to see you jump down in 🕳️ of water you did amazing job i like it iwatch you day and night good work on your creating build amazing pool and build home 😀😀 I enjoy your beautiful talent video
@Rbum4 Yıl önce
Q: Why don't they do fancy timelapses for some of the work? A: Because then they would show that they use machines and extra outside materials inbetween scenes. They film the beginning of the work, then next shot they're 99% done and everything looks too good to be true. I say that's pretty sus.
@MarkoBolliger Yıl önce
yea i have seen some proofs they left plastic bags and whatever shit after they shot the video
@Lazasakh Yıl önce
You're right. But they jusy show that a man can do everything by simple tools and his hands using a time. No matter if they do the rest of digging or material gathering using outside help or machinery.
@vladrus995 23 gün önce
Нереально крутые ребята!!! Просто супер!!! Всё идеально! Столько силы, терпения! Вот это труд! Желаю этим ребятам удачи! Надеюсь, что за свой труд они достойно получают! Браво!!!
@webley19 22 gün önce
Это лажа их давно раскусили, делается всё современной техникой, это пародия на канал австралийца "примитивные технологии". Они получают каждый 300 $ за проект, в проекте участвуют от 12 до 20 человек, всё делается от 3-х до 10-и дней максимум. После них остается куча строительного мусора, всё засрали и всё ради красивых видео и бабла! И в чем их крутизна?
@webley19 22 gün önce
могу ссылку на разоблачение бросить, а можешь и сам поискать
@vladrus995 22 gün önce
@user-ix5jm6km1n 17 gün önce
Это не работа их, а просто для себя (не хейт) 😊 Я думала это они сами😮
@stendoff2homik 10 gün önce
Жалко курицу😢
@user-bn5ij6ln9k 2 aylar önce
이거는 다 자연을 파게 하고 다닌다 플라스틱도 막 사용하고 다닌다 이러케 만든건다 숲에 버려져서 동물들이 빠져 죽는 상황이 나오고 있다.
i love how they play in the pool after they're done
@dustumodak139 Yıl önce
@meganbee1790 Yıl önce
It’s like a reward
@lokab1927 Yıl önce
@@dustumodak139 h8
@misstien8213 Yıl önce
I have some question: 1. Was the land yours? 2. When you do another project, is this beautiful pool abandoned? It's amazing what you've built.. trully amazing.
@erik791 Yıl önce
what makes you think they need to buy the land when its in the middle of no where, for real they be in the middle of the jungle
@@erik791 It's not the middle of the jungle it's a big piece of land with trees. These videos are fake, they do not own the land and yes the pool will be abandoned as soon as there done with the video. Dirt that soft would never hold against water so the land is also littered with concrete bags.
@Yeehmein Yıl önce
@Aubrey Elizabeth there fake idiot, look it up. People like you are gullible. There cool videos and stuff but there fake.
@Aubrey Elizabeth fax
Yea pshhh ok Karen 😂
I know you have a team but the amount of time you guys have to work to make one of these structures is amazing
@moizkazmi2659 Yıl önce
Shdhdgdhhdjrhgdjdkfjhdgdggvxhuuuujthdhdhfkfodhhsgsgdvhdhfhfhvdvsvhsjfhggrvdhdhgdvvdbdhdvd xxagzjdb d csgdjfjdhogjdjshs. Gdhdgsgegnfjdhshsgdhfjfhhshdhfjhshfhfhshgdgdgdgdgdgfgfhfhfhfhhgsfscrhdvcdce gf hxhcsc
@slenderman7597 Yıl önce
it's fake they just hire builders to do most of the work during the cuts
@@slenderman7597 DID YOU EVEN READ WHAT I SAID
@user-ld4sl3om1t Yıl önce
They are a duo together and people visit when they finish and they take months to build this
@user-vq5ib8qz4j 2 aylar önce
А вот после еды в воде 2-3 часа не льзя заходить...
@user-fe3xd2ym8w Yıl önce
이 지역 땅은 단단하네요 한국은 흙에 수분이 많아서 저렇게 지을 수가 없는데 영상 잘 보고 갑니다!
@Elena36882 2 aylar önce
Вау❤❤❤❤ молодцы 😊😊😊😊
알고리즘의 선택으로 몇 개 영상 보다가 구독까지 했어요 잠자기 전에 틀어놓고 계속 보다가 잠들고있습니다 자연 소리+땅 파는 소리+두 분의 삽으로 작업하시는 소리 모두 완벽☺️ 근데 볼 수록 정말 신기하네요 흙과 삽으로 집을 만들다니!
@enolamsamoht Yıl önce
I'm going to also try watching this repeatedly before going to bed.
j'av... :/
@nonnah9969 Yıl önce
@@nonnah9969 我不會說中文
Amazing skills! Just give them some proper tools and they would build wonders. I would hire them any time!!
@ekamvirk519 Yıl önce
Nice video 👍🏻
@nwogunther3879 Yıl önce
they actually use proper tools. they only stage one scene and the rest is done with diggers and modern materials such as cement from bags which they leave behind afterwards
@user-tn3xf9hx2o Yıl önce
This makes me think is how ancient civilizations had their homes and how they build them. That’s so cool
Ancient peoples everywhere built mud pits to live in... using excavators and cement. ;)
If I had this kind of dirt, I wouldnt need anything else either 😅
These people are just incredibly cool! They are able to build such buildings with the most ordinary sticks and stones. It's very difficult. But they're great! You are the best! Greetings from Russia!
Why do you believe a random TRvid video like this?
@user-zv3mt5np1r Yıl önce
@nickeygmusic Yıl önce
@neck1ace 8 aylar önce
Да это пиздеж, там команда а не только они работают Есть видос где вообще экскаватор был
@rabczanska Yıl önce
The bamboo 'pipeline' is not possible. Bamboo has fiber blocks to create chambers. So no water flows through them. You would have to split the bamboo and then clear the fiber walls along the length. Also that's not waterproof cement they made.
@summerflake4275 Yıl önce
Imagine you're lost in a forest and you see all of these people's creations. Me: imma not think of going back. 👁️👅👁️
@ThreeJFive Yıl önce
What if all the (supposedly ancient) finds were made by these dudes?
@user-dw3pr1lq9u Yıl önce
@Роберт Александрович ظ
@L0st____ Yıl önce
Каждый раз, когда смотрю вас ночью, поражаюсь тому, как вы буквально из ничего строите архитектурные шедевры
@layzis4716 Yıl önce
Жаль в России климат не позволяет такое построить 😟
@swiftkey7133 9 aylar önce
Тут скорее почва не позволяет
@sanya_verni1k577 4 gün önce
Сейчас полночь, вместо того, чтобы спать наслаждаюсь видео
@tarajones6232 Yıl önce
I love this to watch them have all their fun from all the hard work they did it's awesome
@albhere Yıl önce
good nek
@bbasina Yıl önce
So you expect me to believe that two guys just picked up some shovels, or whatever those tools are, walked out to the middle of the forest, and went: "Welp, we have nothing better to do today. Let's just make a pool." "Bet, let's do that!" - 💀
@thenormalgaming0285 11 aylar önce
And he just goes: "Omg a termite nest with tons of real breathing termites! Let's mix it with some random black powder and dirt and water to turn it into some perfectly functional cement that only has a little amount but was able to be used to be painted on all of the walls in our totally real pool that we only dig by hand!" "Ok."
@hawaiianbread453 8 aylar önce
I saw a video on TikTok exsposing Theese types of builder and they had building things in the back like those big vechicels that dog up dirt and stuff they’re called ‘cats’ but idk another name for it 😔 I was actually disappointed
@qwert2312 Yıl önce
내가 보고 있는게 사실인가…? 와 정말 장비없이 저렇게 한다는게 너무 놀랍고 정교한 기술에 두번놀랍다. 영상또한 지루할틈 없고 소리가 너무 좋다……대단합니다👍
@user-ps2rh7mv6b Yıl önce
@tiagopqdt5886 Yıl önce
Não sei não em se for verdade muito bom
@user-ps2rh7mv6b Yıl önce
@@tiagopqdt5886 what?
@tiagopqdt5886 Yıl önce
@@user-ps2rh7mv6b sim
@m8m81 Yıl önce
오 한국인 찾았군
@user-jz8js7hh4v Yıl önce
норм ледорубом и корзиной построить такой шедевр поели ягод и дальше строить 😃👍
@bobbykeyz1263 Yıl önce
We all know it's not possible to build something like this without blueprints. It would take years. Especially with only 2 people. But I have to say they do some of the work and I like watching it.
I wouldn’t say years, but maybe like 3-4 weeks with the right supplies
@XavierWebley 9 aylar önce
Exactly how I feel
@user-pg5ms2lw3y 2 aylar önce
Меня одного удивило они снимают видос на хорошую камеру и пользуются свечками чтоб копать
@yfnjc1 Yıl önce
El tiempo que dedican a esto es maravilloso
siu muito tempo
@yfnjc1 Yıl önce
@@ginagonzalez7481 de verdad
Amazing that these guys are only using one set of handmade tools to dig, shape, level and smooth.
Idk y everything seems possible n available when they need 😄 And even after so many jumps the water is still crystal clear ✌️
@fogstorm5531 Yıl önce
They definitely had help building this
@gogowork5933 Yıl önce
Hi bro I need your help...l want to practice my English language
@somakhan5895 Yıl önce
Appreciate the hard work rather than criticism
@@somakhan5895 idk hw or where u see any criticism n idk wts wrong wt u
@jimmyz9666 Yıl önce
They used concrete
@ayakoadachi8191 Yıl önce
@tthomaskiss4539 Yıl önce
I hope you're having a blessed day over there today have a nice day and god bless you and your family
@AliAli-es7pj Yıl önce
وات هه موو معقوله هذول
@sincero.6605 Yıl önce
Eu só queria sabe o que acontece com todas essas construções e em que lugar isso é construído pois tem muitos vídeos e deve ter muitas dessas obras, gostaria muito de um vídeo explicando quem, o que e como são os envolvidos nesse conteúdo pois o estrago ambiental deve ser enorme.
@prototype1175 Yıl önce
Don't building huge skyscrapers damage the environment?
@sincero.6605 Yıl önce
Não é a questão de ser grande ou não, mas sim a área desmatada, agora se toda construções após os vídeos forem destruídas ok agora fazer as construções e pular pra próxima sem um planejamento é burrice.
@saragarcia4912 Yıl önce
¿O tal vez arquitectura sustentable? No usan químicos, plásticos, acero... Solo es una transformación de la naturaleza. Es mi punto de vista 😃
@slimshaky69 Yıl önce
@@sincero.6605you do realize that where cities are located there used to be forests?
@DianaRohachko 2 aylar önce
Your videos help me to calm down my anxiety because all I have to do atm is just watch and not thinking
@MUDSWAT Yıl önce
I find it very cool. That guys like this can live in the middle of the jungle, create masterpieces of independent construction and architecture and get paid millions of dollars for doing it online for the world to see 😮😳😄
@josehirado4141 10 aylar önce
Its fake all of it are fake, all these outlandish construction projects are made by a team full with machinery and people and then are left abandoned and to rot with piles of trash everywhere
@olgaknyazkova 6 aylar önce
Это сценическая площадка Ютуб?😂))..но парнишки молодцы конечно😊❤
You couldn't tell these dudes to go outside and play when they was little you go outside and tell him come in for dinner and they built the whole pool house with a pool and slide 🤣🤣🤣🥰🤣😭🤣 the talent amazing what a Blessing gentlemen congratulations 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💪🏽💯💐💖👏🏾🍿👀
@tthomaskiss4539 Yıl önce
I pray to God to give you a lot of beautiful days, and I hope God bless you to have a great day today🙏🙏
@ester1398 Yıl önce
Great job,absolutely! This is a good token to anyone who says you need lot of money to built freetime facility.This is how it used to be long time ago,it was possible for you to have piece of land and it was yours.
@lowin6480 Yıl önce
behind the cam are a lot of crew members and staff. The two men did basically nothing. Dont believe everything you see
@mandyzwicker4083 11 aylar önce
@btsarmyyy5624 Yıl önce
Of I had enough money, I would definitely buy your things for literally a quadrillion! Your work is stunning! Keep it up!
@gloatyuk Yıl önce
I love how they make concrete from an insect nest. This is nigh comedic. Concrete requires a very specific combination of materials and heat, non of which can be gathered from an insect nest.
@cjs8530 Yıl önce
I love how you use a lot of effort in this nice building u r such a pro
@chappy-hx9cf Yıl önce
@Vash_Kep Yıl önce
Ребят,не показывайте охоту,а то у изнеженных горожан сердечный приступ будет.Они ведь думают,что хлеб на деревьях растёт.=) Спасибо за яркое видео.Всем добра и мира!
Sério que as pessoas são tão ingênuas de achar que esse povo realmente construiu isso assim, tem toda uma produção por trás disso, máquinas e uma equipe, daí eles gravam em trechos para parecer que eles fizeram. Da muito View isso pelo jeito. Mas mesmo assim não deixa de ser um bom conteúdo de se assistir
@pipsya Yıl önce
то как они разговаривают в ускоренном режиме просто шик😅
@utahlie9408 Yıl önce
само видео то не ускоренное)
@goldenwolf4733 Yıl önce
я думала я одна тут русская....
@normaperez3498 6 aylar önce
Guys they’re actually cheating by using Construction equipment cause like every time it’s on the ground I see tire marks of the extraction car
ama güzel kandırdım seni 😂