How to wood repair

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13 Haz 2022




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Brian L
Brian L 6 gün önce
That’s an awesome way to turn a knot into a new knot
Sweetn pretty
Sweetn pretty 4 saatler önce
so satisfying
Sepul2rA PB
Sepul2rA PB 16 saatler önce
Monkeysquad101 18 saatler önce
Robert Wolfgan
Robert Wolfgan 20 saatler önce
@Brian L ughh my dad instincts made me give u a like xD
Macaulee Gün önce
@Brian L knot funny
AdPrincipium 9 saatler önce
For all the experts: if the wood has a pith in it, then the surface is uneven. It looks very bad when you make wooden structures (especially stained and varnished ones) with a pith. So, he cut out the pith and turned it into a knot that can be stained and varnished just like a regular flat surface, without any imperfection. It also eliminates entry points for damp. So yes, this IS a "fix".
Chris B
Chris B 3 gün önce
Great prep to remove the sap and debris. Then you had to mess it up, natural imperfect wood filled with clear resin would look 1000 times better.
Steadfast The Renowned
Looks pretty good. Usually I use sanding dust from the same piece of wood if you play it right, it can look like part of the grain. The part between the darker growth ring. Sap pockets are annoying.
M. Riggs
M. Riggs 3 saatler önce
If you use fine wood dust it'll turn out beautiful. For strength one can use epoxy instead of wood glue too.
Mark Orellano
Mark Orellano 4 gün önce
Restoration of an old knot to a new knot. Genious!
Baw thai only👀
Mimi ni sanamu best. Petitte.ICU 💖 daima ziko moyoni mwangu. kesho sijui. Wao ni moja ya matamasha bora..💕.
Abdul Mannan
Abdul Mannan 11 saatler önce
I did the same 25 years ago and the doo is still filled with the same...it's an awesome technique ...I am not a carpenter, just an enthusiastic for new things
TJ 6 gün önce
Can you show it after a couple days when it shrinks? That would be cool.
the cycle will start again
Baw thai only👀
Mimi ni sanamu best. Petitte.ICU 💖 daima ziko moyoni mwangu. kesho sijui. Wao ni moja ya matamasha bora..💕.
kdsavage1991 2 gün önce
@Dan Gerous What did you just gain from that other than the L you took?
Tristan Griswell
Tristan Griswell 2 gün önce
@Dan Gerous this isn’t wood filler. It’s glue and wood shavings. When the glue dries it shrinks which will break it loose from the board because it isn’t properly adhered to it.
Eder 5 gün önce
Muito bom, nota 3
bovinicusdivinicus 2 saatler önce
I've actually done this. It works if you need a surface for painting, otherwise just replace the piece with another ounce, that's the best you can do.
Damon Thomas
Damon Thomas 18 saatler önce
Awesome! I have always wondered how I could create a glaring defect in a board.
Emerson Hoffmann
Emerson Hoffmann 3 gün önce
Deveria ter usado serragem com granulação mais fina! Acabamento ficaria ainda melhor! Mas ficou show, parabéns.
Carlos Enriquez
Carlos Enriquez 12 saatler önce
Whenever creating unnecessary work it is always best to use the finest sawdust possible. Something like cinnamon would have produced a muck finer texture paste and therefore a smother finish.
mark brown
mark brown Gün önce
Great job,you cant buy filler that will blend in and give as natural a look,might shrink a bit though.
Zack Lujan
Zack Lujan Gün önce
I appreciate the effort, but two ideas for future. A cut piece to fill thr void with the dust and glue (use finer dust) packed into the edges then sand smooth. Or, fill the imperfection with epoxy, let it set, and then smooth. To me, wood isn't meant to be perfect. That's what plastics and metals are for. Best of luck, any way you choose.
Corinne 💦Need S🍆ucks
Restoration of an old knot to a new knot. Genious!
Myles Gratton
Myles Gratton 5 gün önce
Nice nice. It looks exactly like I did when you started
Baw thai only👀
That *PetiTTe.Icu* love your of the moment videos. Blessings beautiful Celina may God take care of you wherever he wants..
G RAWS 2 gün önce
@Dan Gerous that's what wood filler is for
Mega Tron
Mega Tron 3 gün önce
@Dan Gerous lol android autocorrect is a wonderful thing
Dan Gerous
Dan Gerous 3 gün önce
@System Bypass Nah, There are lots of instances where you would do this before sanding and staining or sanding and painting. Not every project requires unvarnished natural wood. If that's the look you're going for then you wouldn't do this.
Dan Gerous
Dan Gerous 3 gün önce
@Mega Tron You're supposed to sand and stain it after you do this.
Gulliver 2 gün önce
We used to fix a wood blemish that way in the 60’s in high school wood shop class. The challenge is to stain the repair the same color as the virgin wood.
Just Dump It
Just Dump It 2 gün önce
Wow! That was some precise wood surgery. That’s exactly what the doctor did to my leg when I got shin splints from running.
Armen Oganesjan
Armen Oganesjan 19 saatler önce
Мы так делали ещё 1995 году паркет!:)) Даже у нас красивее вышло!
sukiඞ 11 saatler önce
Turned out there is always a choice in life I just haven’t had the guts to make the right one - said by clay Calloway
alun morgan
alun morgan 10 gün önce
I wouldn’t recommend that way , closer inspection will show it be patchy and granulated
Baw thai only👀
Mimi ni sanamu best. Petitte.ICU 💖 daima ziko moyoni mwangu. kesho sijui. Wao ni moja ya matamasha bora..💕.
Tristan Griswell
Tristan Griswell 2 gün önce
@Dan Gerous if you’ve been in “fine woodworking” for twenty years I’m Neil Armstrong.
hot salami 🔥
hot salami 🔥 2 gün önce
No closer inspection needed, it looks like shit already
Leon 2 gün önce
Stained some of the surrounding wood as well
bandaidsandshoes 3 gün önce
@Dan Gerous my source is 20+ years of being a finisher.
EastSide RC
EastSide RC 2 gün önce
Glue and saw dust makes the very best wood filler . A guy I worked with he helped build the old wooden roller coasters 🎢 at Kings Dominion showed me this trick!
I think the imperfection looked better before repairing. Personally I would have left it as it was, it looks more natural.
stephen maye
stephen maye 4 gün önce
Grade: D- Take 2: Squeakless epoxy Take 3: Cocobolo inlay Take 4: Lignum vitae parquetry
Mike Cuntala
Mike Cuntala 3 gün önce
Tried this over 20 years ago when i was a kid. It looked a actually like this. Like someone glued a pile of sawdust together. Came out awful
Baw thai only👀
Hai alls iam Nagendar Alls -Xvideos na age 21 PETITTE.ICU qualification m.l.t medical lab techniciany ,Srpt lo jobs unte cheppagalaru anna.with govt Jobs.
KMer_eaSY 3 gün önce
Не понимаю, что не так с некоторыми комментаторами, этот способ ремонта вполне подходит для случаев, когда внешний вид изделия не критичен. Я так литейные модели исправлял, когда в фанере из-за некачественного шпона, отверстия неучтенные после фрезера оставались.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 3 gün önce
Restoration of an old knot to a new knot. Genious!
Rafael Nascimento
Rafael Nascimento 5 saatler önce
Na próxima, utilize o pó de uma lixadeira,,, o acabamento ficará mais liso, 👍
Amanda Moraes
Amanda Moraes 5 gün önce
Sou viciada nesse tipo de vídeo kk
JimmyJuJu 3 gün önce
When $5 wood putty is just too expensive.
TheChuthos 2 gün önce
5 bucks of wood putty is too expensive, but a half day screwing around with one repair? Yes, please
Robert Wolfgan
Robert Wolfgan 20 saatler önce
As a man that knows nothing of handling wood at all, would using epoxy instead be a better "fix" or am I worsening it?
Nobody 11 saatler önce
I had this idea before this video came I had to hide the damage from my parents so i used the same trick on the wooden table
Nite Owl
Nite Owl 14 saatler önce
You should have used finer saw dust. That's an old floor refinishing trick. Any small holes and cracks can be used with the dust right after the collection bag.
And money Hoes
And money Hoes 4 gün önce
Ya know. I think I liked it better before 🤣. Haha nah it's not that bad. But they make wood filler that would look alot better.
Seattle Scofflaws
Seattle Scofflaws 3 gün önce
You can also put sawdust and glue in the gap then run an orbital sander over it for a few seconds.
Brandon Woodhull
Brandon Woodhull Gün önce
People love the live edge look to their wood furniture. Epoxy coat that thing, to preserve it and they would call it art.
Артур 5 gün önce
Работа ПАЛЬЦЕМ выделяет настоящего мастера
TickleThatMonkey 2 gün önce
You should use epoxy resin not wood glue and use smaller finer bits of sawdust
Hanibalscookbook 5 gün önce
It's never going to hold stain. You'll have a white spot. Plus everyone loves that antique look so the gap was fine to begin with.
Eric Jones
Eric Jones 4 gün önce
Excellent comment the white glue never holds the stain and it looks so obvious.The natural imperfections in the timber add character.
Bryan Baldassarri
Bryan Baldassarri 3 gün önce
Yeah don’t use wood glue, wood glue won’t take stain, so use whatever you are finishing the project with and mix with sawdust not wood glue
Mike 4 gün önce
Wood powder next time..it give a better look.. And you can also mark the area with a pencil to crate wood grain
Sandro Marques
Sandro Marques 3 gün önce
Brasil - Coloque algumas gotas de Limão no pó retirado da Madeira e aí você consegue a cor original da mesma...
Stoffer108 2 gün önce
You can make wood-glue using wood and glue and then use it as wood-glue. Thanks, i never knew.
Gabriel Müller
Gabriel Müller 4 gün önce
Great, now it looks like you jammed a piece of particleboard in there.
Josh Pepper
Josh Pepper 5 gün önce
The sawdust needed to be a lot finer in my opinion.
Jeff Williams
Jeff Williams 8 saatler önce
There is such a thing as wood filler, you know since your whipping out store bought glue and saw dust from nowhere, maybe you forgot to put it on your list. Elmer's white glue is good for melamine.
Martha Mryglod
Martha Mryglod 3 gün önce
Close. You have to use sanding dust, and make sure the sandpaper isn't colored green or red or you'll see the color coming through if you have a good eye.
Romildo Monteiro Ferreira
qwooekd 8 gün önce
putty turned out, a good way, but use wood dust instead of sawdust . Have a good year 🦖💐🐙🐬
Dan Gerous
Dan Gerous 3 gün önce
Huh? What's the difference between wood dust and sawdust? I think you meant sawdust instead of wood chips.
Bernadete Reis
Bernadete Reis 3 gün önce
Lindo perfeito 👏👏👏👏
Donald Blevins
Donald Blevins 5 gün önce
Instead of Elmer's glue you could just use wood glue or tree sap.
TravisD Gün önce
Not bad..... HOWEVER, using some darker, (or lighter) sawdust with a more uniform tone (not mottled or multicolored) would've worked better. At least that's what I think. 😉
David Mm
David Mm 4 gün önce
Could have stabilized it with some CA glue and added just a little saw dust to fill in any small deficiency.
Nate Thunder
Nate Thunder 4 gün önce
Yeah, I’ll stick with wood fill.
Liquid Devil
Liquid Devil 6 gün önce
Buy a wood filler that accepts stain. The sawdust/ glue mix won’t.
Adventures with Kaipo
I am so happy, that I am not the only one who thought this was a stupid way to fix it. Looks worse now lol
Lope Dog
Lope Dog Gün önce
If u cleaned the hole better and you used more cleaner saw dust it would have blended better, unless u wanted a dark spot. Some people want it to look like a knot.
Ashlee Benedict
Ashlee Benedict Gün önce
Interesting! This is exactly how we fill out a tooth cavity! The sames principle and it's never gonna be as good as original.
Damon Thomas
Damon Thomas 18 saatler önce
Filling teeth with sawdust is the worst kind of crappy dentistry.
Marcus Tuuhetoka
Marcus Tuuhetoka 4 gün önce
As a toilet cleaner I just want to say, this could work. 💪🏾
Fantomen 13 saatler önce
I trust you man!
Scheren Schnitt
Scheren Schnitt 5 gün önce
It looks worse after the treatment. This procedure can be done for small defects.
Ron Car
Ron Car 3 saatler önce
In my best Forrest Gump voice: "A knot is still a knot no matter what you do to it! (👍)
Michael R.
Michael R. 4 gün önce
Never ever use glue if you are putting stain on the wood!
ЙОШКИН КОТ 7 gün önce
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Николай Кудряшов
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Александр Андреев
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Estrada de Ferro minha Paixão
Cola com serragem é ótimo melhor ainda se for serragem da própria madeira nem parece o encherto
Rk Vn
Rk Vn 4 gün önce
I worked at Home Depot and guys would ask for the sawdust, it looks grainy after sanding it's smooth
jts3339 3 gün önce
Cut out the defect and use a decent section of the board. Anything worth building is worth starting without defective wood.
Boothy 5 saatler önce
The beauty of the wood are the imperfections that make it. I say leave it as it is.
Jeremy Montgomery
Jeremy Montgomery 6 gün önce
Possibly the dumbest "fix" I've ever seen
the smallest dalton brother
if you use sawdust it looks good. but with those tiny pieces it looks bad
cdm 13
cdm 13 15 saatler önce
@Redneck Zombie “redneck” checks out
Redneck Zombie
Redneck Zombie Gün önce
@Rhonda Rochon awww poor single lady, get some cats that will fill the void.
юрий Саяпин
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moaski Gün önce
You need finer sawdust from a sander to match the wood.
ldchappell1 Gün önce
I can think of at least three ways to repair that more effectively without leaving a mar on the the wood like that. I'm just not a "that's good enough" type of carpenter.
Yo Momma
Yo Momma 4 gün önce
Now it's an extra special knot
estive aqui
estive aqui 4 gün önce
faltou usar serragem limpa👌
Шпиц 2 gün önce
Ремонт массива методом ДСП)) Неплохо
Fuerst Darren
Fuerst Darren 3 gün önce
You gotta use some of the powdered sawdust for filler on top or it'll look like, well.. this ^
Ana Lucia Lucia
Ana Lucia Lucia 2 gün önce
Lindo trabalho parabéns
Riko Lime
Riko Lime 2 gün önce
"How to make a natural wood blemish look like total cheap ass"
Dmitriy Vsykiy
Dmitriy Vsykiy Gün önce
На полимерный клей, лак может и не лечь, если таковым решили покрыть после.
Jeffery Wright
Jeffery Wright 3 gün önce
Nice, couldn't drill a hole in it but it would make a good surface after that
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