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Simple gardening hacks for your backyard. Look how to make a concrete garden path, imitation of paving stones.

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15 Kas 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Platinum1812 Aylar önce
When I think about making my garden better I always include burning plastic into my plans, just sets the right mood
Sumit Pal
Sumit Pal 9 gün önce
@Veronica Adams I actually giggled on the fact you actually giggled.
shelley dumire
shelley dumire 10 gün önce
Ali saleh AL Kendi
Ali saleh AL Kendi 11 gün önce
فيديوث اني
hong minh
hong minh 12 gün önce
Platinum1812 14 gün önce
@William Gainor yes, certainly was a joke lol. Pure sarcasm.
Elizabete asendr
Elizabete asendr 15 gün önce
Muito engenhoso ,continue assim abençoando nossos olhos com suas criações.
Maria Do Carmo Lara Oliveira
Belas ideias, bem criativas,amei!👏👏
Maria Magna
Maria Magna 17 gün önce
Excelente amei,principalmente o das falsas pedras,lindooo
Thomas Orchard
Thomas Orchard Aylar önce
I never really thought of a garden as a toxic environment until now. 😆
Andréa Santana
Andréa Santana Aylar önce
Amei a idéia da cerquinha. Tenho aqui em casa, vou fazer também! Aqui a gente faz muito fruteira, sapateira, prateleira... e aí vai, o que vier na cabeça. O importante é saber criar, essa é a beleza de tudo, o resto deixa a imaginação fluir e vê no que vai dar.
paule bademeister
paule bademeister Aylar önce
using a lot of plastic and spray paint is just the right spirit for gardening!
Ryan 4 gün önce
@Tamara Bradshaw and there's the idiot that thinks this isn't a terrible idea
Graciela Riofrio
Graciela Riofrio 7 gün önce
Tania Coretta
Tania Coretta 9 gün önce
Nothing has been natural for a long time
Sangov Dilovar и
Sangov Dilovar и 13 gün önce
@Christopher Alexander и не ххх ххх ххх и не х в этом направлении и не в силах изменить хххх в себе х х и х хххх в себе и в жизни каждого из х х хх ххххххх и х в этом направлении и в этом направлении ххх и хх хх х х и в этом случае хх ххх и не х в этом х х х и ххх х ххх х и ххххххх хххх ххххххх хххх х х я так понимаю что хх не в том х хх ххххххх и и ххххххх ххххххх хххх и хх х х хх хх х х х хх хх хх х ххх х х х х ххххх хх хххх хх я х х ты х меня х ххх хххх и и х ххххххх ххххххх я х х х ххххх и х х в хх х и в хх х хх х ххх хххх ххххх хххх хх ххх хх ххххххх я так понимаю х в хх хх хх и ххх ххххх ххххххх ххххххх хххх х и х в этом году в №Москве году х ххх в ххххххх ххххх ххххххх х ххх в Москве и в Москве №и хх в Москве и Москве в в в ххххх хххх ххххххх ххх х и х хх в х х и в Москве в районе города х и в Москве в районе города города х хх хх и и в в результате хх хх х х и х х х х х х и и в х этом случае х х в х х хх и в х и ххххх х в х и в этом хххх х и в этом и в №х х и в этом и в №том же месте и в том же месте и х в том же месте и х в том же месте и в то же х х и хх и ххх и в этом случае не х хх х и не х в этом направлении и не может быть и х х и х и не быть в в виду виду виду виду того что ты не знаешь что №и х в этом мире и ты не знаешь не знаешь что делать х если ты не знаешь х то ты хх и ты не можешь быть в этом мире и ты не №в этом мире и х х и хх в х и хх х х х х х и хх х хх и не надо ничего делать и не надо х х и х х и не надо ничего делать хх не надо х х х и и хх хх не х и не надо не надо ничего делать не надо делать надо только не делать ничего не делать и не делать ничего не №делать и делать то что нужно и делать и делать то что нужно и делать и делать то что нужно и делать и делать то что нужно и делать и №делать нечего делать нечего делать нечего делать нечего делать нечего делать №нечего как надо надо делать делать и и как быть х х не надо делать то что хочешь №делай что хочешь и делай что хочешь и №не надо делать то что хочешь делать надо только тогда делать нечего делать нечего делать не надо ничего не делать и не делать ничего не №надо делать то что надо делать перед сексм и не думать что делать №это не значит быть человеком и быть не можешь и не думать о нем и думать о нем и думать о нем и думать о нем и думать о нем и думать о нем и думать о нем и думать о нем №это не значит быть человеком и быть не можешь и №не можешь быть с ним не можешь быть с ним не быть не знаешь что делать если №любишь человека человека который не знает тебя знает тебя больше всего всего всего всего всего всего не не лишь тебе тебе №хватает хватает хватает хватает надо и но но только только только только только только ты не не не не ты ты думать о №не хочешь хочешь ничего хочешь ничего хочешь ничего хочешь ничего можешь ничего можешь ничего можешь знаешь знаешь и не делать не делать не делать не делать не делать не знаешь не знаешь не знаешь не знаешь не знаешь не знаешь не знаешь что знаешь знаешь ничего ничего ничего ничего нечего нечего как как как что что х что х как что такое не знаешь не делать делать не делать не делать делать х х х х не не не ты ты не не то не происходит что ничего ничего х х х надо надо нечего нечего как надо надо х х х х делать делать делать и и и №и и и и нечего нечего
Gian 877
Gian 877 16 gün önce
Ma nun c scassa o cazz
Ulalee Morris
Ulalee Morris 10 gün önce
I love it thanks for showing me how to repurpose the plastics often found around the home. This sure help to keep them out of the land fill. Life is funny I am reading where people talking trash about what you are doing but sits idle while a huge company is manufacturing lots more plastic n other junk to packs other goods n services. Keep shining I love your creativity.
gusyyquesito 8 gün önce
¡Geniales ideas! 😃
Venezolaneando con kelly Torres
Maravilloso. Excelente. Grandes ideas.
jmiller Aylar önce
Plastic forms are available that can do 6 + stones at a time with concrete. They will also fit together much better for grout lines and they don't cost much.
Mariarosaria Robles
Geniale...economico,bello e ......👍ok
OfficialDaBaws Aylar önce
concrete would be better, this guy just knocked up some cement and called it a day, few weeks of walking on that and it will need removing anyway lol
Нина Потапенко
Просто Супер! Успехов Удачи во всем и всегда! Благодарю Вас за Ваш труд и интересное видео!
Luca Ortolani
Luca Ortolani Aylar önce
He woke up and said "what's the most environmental unfriendly way to make a paved way?"
Geese Grease
Geese Grease 4 gün önce
@James McVay What power plant? The nuclear plant that doesn’t pollute the air? That doesn’t release burned plastic into the atmosphere? The plant that has any real purpose besides some idiotic video?
Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene Aylar önce
That's exactly what I was thinking. The hardened mud solution wrapped in individual bags was OD asf
Camouflage Jumpsuit
I like the idea but I'm an independent thinker so I'd do it my way, unwrap each faux stone (fauxn?) and place it back down. Good start of an idea though.
James McVay
James McVay Aylar önce
And polluted the air just as much as that power plant did to power your cell phone long enough for you to post a whiney comment. Get back in your Prius and go home, Karen!
Maria Lorena Dias Yamasaki
Perfeito 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Filipe Pegado
Filipe Pegado Aylar önce
Muito bom ...
Sebastian Anton
Sebastian Anton Aylar önce
It's for us millennials on how us and our 7 roommates can re do our rented house and garden. 🏠 Loved the milk crate fencing. Nothing says class like plastic in your lawn. 👌
Sebastian Anton
Sebastian Anton Aylar önce
@rohit parashar tf outta here
rohit parashar
rohit parashar Aylar önce
😉trvid.com/video/video-zdjUAB4-MYc.html 😁
Solid Snake
Solid Snake Aylar önce
@Sebastian Anton TAKE NOTE, KIDS! Communism seems cool and non-conforming. You think you'll be part of a secret club. But that club gets you a lack of innovation, a lack of sufficient crops, a lack of reasonable GDP, a lack of freedom, and it means that a couple of people at the top will be able to tell you exactly what to do - or else. These guys are angry because they aren't smart or motivated enough to make their own destinies, so they want the government to steal the destinies of people who did succeed , so that the government can give it to them. Doesn't it seem better to be a landowner? Have a savings account? To be able to retire with actual wealth? To be able to choose your own occupation, and have that occupation reward you according to the value that you create? Sure, it seems nice just to have the government take from others and give it to you, but that just causes everybody to be equally poor. Except for the people at the top that have murdered hundreds of millions - possibly billions of people. Choose capitalism, kids! Its the reason we don't live in grass huts, having to bury our turds where we eat the same crappy meal everyday. You don't want to be a 30 or 40 year old nobody. Be a somebody! Oh, and also, kids - look at how the commie responds to facts. He hates them! Don't you want to like facts?! Capitalism loves facts and figures!
Solid Snake
Solid Snake Aylar önce
@ChadChu i agree 100%. Its dumb to do that for sure. I'm just saying though that it takes several years of repeated exposure for most carcinogens to cause cells to start reproducing too quickly. Inhaling it definitely isn't going to do you any good, but most carcinogens aren't something to worry about if you aren't exposed to them occupationally or in your environment.
Solid Snake
Solid Snake Aylar önce
@Sebastian Anton You're the one who started the argument about who's a bigger patriot, silly boy. And you're also the one who started being passive aggressive first. Leave it to a seething millennial weenie to start an argument and blame the other guy for arguing back. You are literally all over the place. I think you need to go back and look into the signatories of the DoI. You just might realize that you were dumber than you thought. Oh, and judging by your profile on insta, I probably wouldn't be calling anybody boy if I were you. You really do check all the boxes! I love it! But you enjoy being a nobody and then complaining about it like its somebody else's fault. I hope it works out for you.
Haydee Lanas Ramos
Haydee Lanas Ramos 14 gün önce
Gracias por esas geniales ideas de decoración....muchas gracias..me encantan...lo haré
Lisiane Lago
Lisiane Lago 11 gün önce
Excelente 💡ideias!
Людмила Долотихина
Простота рядом с совершенством👏👏👏
Farida A.R.
Farida A.R. 16 gün önce
Amazing tips and techniques for home gardening. Thanks for sharing.
Common Pestimist
Common Pestimist Aylar önce
Love the idea, but is there a way to just remove the plastic? Like oil the plastic first, then just unwrap and place?
JEÑÑY 🅥 Aylar önce
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Common Pestimist
Common Pestimist Aylar önce
@B-BOP Eddie lol
B-BOP Eddie
B-BOP Eddie Aylar önce
F THE PLASTIC ........ The world has bigger problems
Common Pestimist
Common Pestimist Aylar önce
@Dzl also i don't drive. I have a car, and if its raining, or I have to leave town for some reason, I use it, but my town is VERY small, so I just walk to work and yhe store
Common Pestimist
Common Pestimist Aylar önce
@Dzl ima be honest, I don't like the work id take to remove the plastic the way he did. Its not about the environment, although I suppose that's important to, im more lazy.
Maria Souza
Maria Souza Aylar önce
Muito bom
Carrie Lee
Carrie Lee 12 gün önce
The human brain,and imagination never fails in amazing me.😊
shubhkarman kaur
shubhkarman kaur Aylar önce
Amazing! Well done!!
Юлия Вализер
Здорово, спасибо💕👍
ShyOfTheMoon *
ShyOfTheMoon * Aylar önce
If you could just unwrap each one after they hardened and then put some different colored grout between that would actually be a pretty cool walkway. But the second one looks like a baby gate 🤷🏻‍♀️
Deborah Bovee
Deborah Bovee Aylar önce
@Game Lover then what would you do with it that's different than just leaving it to disintegrate. Petro back to the earth where it came.
joanamarie capalungan
@JEÑÑY 🅥 wth
JEÑÑY 🅥 Aylar önce
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Game Lover
Game Lover Aylar önce
@vijayalakshmi prakash but what they said is correct, could have just removed the plastic wrap entirely rather than just burning the top!!
Steven Roberts
Steven Roberts Aylar önce
@joanamarie capalungan {}} 😂
PROFFESOR Aylar önce
These shorts are so entertaining they always makes my day happier 💕
Helaine Gonçalves
Helaine Gonçalves Aylar önce
Ravshan Unusov
Ravshan Unusov 13 gün önce
Оригинально и красиво.Браво!
лана Левон
Декоративный заборчик понравился. Идея супер!
Алевтина Смагина
Rodrigo Lima Da Costa
Idéia genial, simples e objetiva.👏👏👏👏
Tetra néon
Tetra néon Aylar önce
Aqui onde eu moro chamamos de ideia de girico kkk
Карим Кебедов
Спасибо 😃 Молодец 👍🏽
Isabel Alicia Frate
Isabel Alicia Frate 5 gün önce
Muito legal!!!!!!!
Nanoks Game
Nanoks Game 17 gün önce
Это то самое видео из немногих про которое я могу сказать абсолютно полезное видео
Данил Логинов
hong minh
hong minh 12 gün önce
Ana Maria García
Ana Maria García 27 gün önce
Muy buenas ideas. Gracias.
Niño Jude Vega
Niño Jude Vega Aylar önce
Ah yes, as if the world isn't cooking itself from all the carbon footprint we do on a daily basis, and youre teaching ppl to burn more plastic. Sounds like a terrific idea!
ALIEN 👾 9 gün önce
@Max MF the world isn't going to cook itself alive if we didn't produce excessive carbon dioxide. You idiots always think you are so right 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦
24_Smiley_ 9 gün önce
@Southern star all the industrial nations aligned themselves the easy way to fast economical growth and looked away when people said that this harms the environment which we are a part of. You cant blame others when these companies gave other people new things and didnt instruct them to use them properly. Sure at some point there must have been people from other countries as well that realized what plastics and other oils, war weapons and what not all do to the environment but since they got introduced to the markets of the industrial nations bet how much playroom they have when they are not the leaders in that market. And then companies and leaders of these countries mustve went with the easy route as well. But the initiators were the companies and governments of the industrial nations. thats how i see it for now. if you have a different view tell me. Im keen to have a look at it 😄
24_Smiley_ 9 gün önce
@Southern star well the industrial nations are responsible for most of it. Governments threw nuclear waste, deadly gases and other war substances in the oceans, some of the companies put co2 directly into the ocean which kills the ocean life. They just threw hazard waste somewhere and refuse to clean it up. Companies just gave other nations materials that harm the planet without instructing them because they didnt instruct the people of their own country as well. Everything started with the companies of the developed nations and their careless behavior. And in the developed nations there have been people pointing at that for long but they invested a lot of money so no one gets to hear what they say. The developed nations put their economy with plastics and what not all on a lot of other countries. And it has a lot of benefits but it was used careless and greedy.
Southern star
Southern star 9 gün önce
@24_Smiley_ maybe you should be screaming at africa, india and china ya know the extremely over populated polluters of the world. Whats that? You only want to stunt the progress of white nations. Ahh got it.
David Loya
David Loya 13 gün önce
Cry 😭 me a river
Esther Eloiza
Esther Eloiza 20 gün önce
Boas idéias ✌
Silvana Trindade de Souza
Thomas Tyler
Thomas Tyler 11 gün önce
Honestly it would probably be way easier and way healthier to pick up each stone one by one and rip the plastic off then replace it
DKOFTH !!! 2 gün önce
Big fax
in time
in time Aylar önce
I would think about the clingwrap underneath that _didn’t_ burn away for the REST of my natural life 💀
martin boyd
martin boyd 16 gün önce
@James Russell what about it??
James Russell
James Russell 16 gün önce
@martin boyd What about the shingles decomposing on your roof & draining into your well water?
devastKink Aylar önce
@Jon well the keypad doesn't get eroded into microplastic to stay in the soil forever
Deborah Bovee
Deborah Bovee Aylar önce
Petro is from the earth and to the earth it returns.
Jest'in Case
Jest'in Case Aylar önce
You mean the "subsurface protection" placed during construction?
Самоучка Дмитрий
Хорошая идея с укладкой дорожки!!!
Марина Кoнстантинова
Придумано классно‼️цементные камни, дорожка. Почему нет. Дешевле, чем камнями выкладывать.
Galina Gün önce
@Roman Ku Да не только теткам. Дырок слишком много. В любой обуви будешь в эти дыры нырять. А дети вообще убьются.
Roman Ku
Roman Ku 10 gün önce
Теткам на каблуках неудобно
Noi Gardner
Noi Gardner Aylar önce
Thank you, Amazing ideas. I'm loving it🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞
Yakelin Marte
Yakelin Marte 13 gün önce
Muy Bonito trabajo👏👏👏
Ryan Lawton
Ryan Lawton Aylar önce
Give your house the gift that will have your guests say “did you really make a fence out of a busted up milk crate?”
Sompopudpom Teptongpun
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afd afd
afd afd 9 gün önce
Muy buenas ideas Gracias
Yvonne Talamantes
Yvonne Talamantes Aylar önce
Well how creative is that, that's very helpful on the cobblestones that is such a neat idea 👍👍👍👍👍
Andrea Flieher
Andrea Flieher Aylar önce
❤️ Klasse gemacht 👍
Ben Law
Ben Law 7 gün önce
Why not just make paving stones in a mould wait for them to dry and lay them also maybe a piece of card behind when spray painting
xnetpc Aylar önce
I’m so glad I saw this. Now my kids running around barefoot on burnt plastic. I can keep lead paint free, and they still get their daily dose of carcinogens. Maybe grind up some asbestos and sweep it into the gaps.
Mi Amor
Mi Amor 16 gün önce
Sad all the toxic stuff u put into the earth
Al emran ayat
Al emran ayat 18 gün önce
Luana Mattos
Luana Mattos 21 gün önce
@bennolenn pk
Azharuddin Sayyad
Azharuddin Sayyad 25 gün önce
Yb @Pierre-yves Charette
krankenwagen Aylar önce
lmfao yes!
Ana Rosa
Ana Rosa Aylar önce
Muito legal
Lynn Haynes
Lynn Haynes Aylar önce
I will use this Thank you,how smart you are!
Mark Sullivan
Mark Sullivan Aylar önce
This seems wonderful for the environment
Brian Brian
Brian Brian Aylar önce
Awesome ideas!
Markus & Co - Leckere Rezepte - simple & good
Wooow 👍🏼 simple & nice!
Kieran Mullen
Kieran Mullen Aylar önce
You can buy river rock and plastic edging at the same place you buy the concrete
The high ground
The high ground 10 gün önce
This is way cheaper.
Mome Gnome
Mome Gnome Aylar önce
Costs a fk ton
Виктория Арне
Благодарю за Ваши идеи на счёт заборчика! Возьму себе.
Ryan Samuel
Ryan Samuel Aylar önce
Julia really creative I wish I could do that👍👍🤩
Sirlene Barreto
Sirlene Barreto 9 gün önce
Eu vou fazer maminha casa 🏡👏👏👏😄😃
НАИЛЯ Интеровна
Классно!!! Молодец! Здорово! Красавчик!
Marlene Morais
Marlene Morais Aylar önce
Adriana Alves
Adriana Alves 9 gün önce
Nossa mt criativo
Cancerino Aylar önce
How to make plastic fences that will give your house the "abandoned look" in 6 months!
Pablo Salme Viera
Pablo Salme Viera Aylar önce
Excelente 👍
Sky Rock
Sky Rock Aylar önce
Fantastic ideas!
Clarissa Matteo
Clarissa Matteo Aylar önce
Bravo! Belle idee! 👍👍👍👍
Arthur Romulo
Arthur Romulo 14 gün önce
Chão bom pra andar de skate, recomendo
linda Mclennan
linda Mclennan 9 gün önce
Fantastic ideas!
Nature Lover
Nature Lover Aylar önce
Loved it ❤️✌️😊
Me And
Me And Aylar önce
Very nice ideas 👍🏻
Francisco Rodriguez
Beautiful, all organic 😍
Deb Aylar önce
OMG!!! I have been trying to come up with a way to make a walk way in my slightly uneven pathway. That's genious!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING👏👏👏 NEW SUBSCRIBER HERE!!
Suresh Geetha
Suresh Geetha 19 gün önce
Super Amazing ideas❤️
Людмила Муратова
Надо же такое придумать, браво!
Naila Makki
Naila Makki Aylar önce
Wonderful..I like it 👏👏👏👏😌
immortalchicken21 13 gün önce
Really inspiring! Shows just how easy it is to have an ugly garden!
hetzer 73
hetzer 73 Aylar önce
As a child in my parents backyard on my hands and knees having fun lighting plastic on fire never did I think I would be an adult in my own backyard lighting plastic on fire LOL
AJ KI PAKAIYE Aylar önce
Tanisha arya 5thB
Tanisha arya 5thB Aylar önce
Wow wow Kitna Sundar
Shelia Rossell
Shelia Rossell 21 gün önce
Thank you we never know how many ideas just one person has what your idea just start.
Euphoria Aylar önce
Вау, я в шоке как же он хорош использовал не нужные вещи. Вот кто умный.
Joseline Apoma
Joseline Apoma Aylar önce
am so proud of you, good job
Mr 2K
Mr 2K 28 gün önce
ماشاء الله ماشاء الله الله يعطيكي العافية والصحة يارب🙌🙌🙌✨✨✨
Ann Wahlström
Ann Wahlström Aylar önce
Use natural stones for the walkway and wood around plants, why not from a wooden pallet.
Anurag Parashar
Anurag Parashar Aylar önce
Yes its better, the mud with plsstic will fail when rain comes
Zhongli Aylar önce
@Jeffrey Shern is it fuckable?
Jeffrey Shern
Jeffrey Shern Aylar önce
@Zhongli its a bot
reginaldino enchillada
Genius, ann!
Zhongli Aylar önce
@DCRAXEONKLINGON&SCRIBLURAE srsly what r they doing
Тома Мамедова
Хорошая идея из ящиков. Супер. Успеха
Vlad Krylov
Vlad Krylov 7 gün önce
Спасибо теперь дача выглядит намного лучше
Riswan Chanel
Riswan Chanel Aylar önce
Beautiful 👍
Рыбкина Память
Умница,здоровья и удачи!
franchesca tobon
franchesca tobon Aylar önce
That's awesome 👏
Sossane Khodah Panah
It' s very cool!!😮😎🤗
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Aylar önce
We used concrete forms that look like stone. They also sell coloring powder if you want gray, dark gray, blush, etc. In OH our stone/gravel is expensive.
Beatriz Gardini
Beatriz Gardini Aylar önce
julia isabel martinez
julia isabel martinez 19 gün önce
Me gustó el piso ,como preparaste el material?
Mẫn Nguyễn Trần Huệ
Sáng tạo thế này sẽ đỡ tốn kém chi tiêu hơn,rất hữu ích cho đời sống
Christina Bailey
Christina Bailey Aylar önce
We used concrete forms that look like stone. They also sell coloring powder if you want gray, dark gray, blush, etc. In OH our stone/gravel is expensive.
colette coates
colette coates Aylar önce
We did too & they have lasted over 20 years.
Toppy Pet
Toppy Pet Aylar önce
Buena idea las piedras 👏👏👏
Raj Gill
Raj Gill Aylar önce
This reminds me of those cooking shorts where they have a plastic bag of oil and just dip it in the pan to melt a bit and thats how they open the bag into the pan.
K.sreelatha Reddy
K.sreelatha Reddy 15 gün önce
@Nehalennia yuiopgh
K.sreelatha Reddy
K.sreelatha Reddy 15 gün önce
krankenwagen Aylar önce
wtf what videos do you watch i just cook myself
Nehalennia Aylar önce
excuse me?
ZK All in One
ZK All in One 29 gün önce
Thanks for giving us a good idea dear
Paige Mull
Paige Mull Aylar önce
Now both of those are clever as hell! I love it! ❤️💜💚
Waouh super 👍 merci pour le partage
Наталья Рогова
СУПЕР КЛАСС!,, 😍😍👍👍👍🌺
Алсу Садриева
How to work with cement #Shorts
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