How to Tile Tub Shower. Step by Step. 🚀Price Breakdown🚀 MITER TILE

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My goal is to one day build houses and Give them away to my subscribers!

In this video is do the best that i can to show you every step that it takes to tile a tub shower walls. We will miter tile around the niche to give it a beautiful look! Learning how to miter tile can be such a cool way for you to level up you work!

We will touch on how to build a niche in a shower and how to tile a niche. Additionally I will talk all about pricing! how to price my work.

All of the tiling tools used in the video! I shop at The Tool Locker. Here is the link🔥

Winni designs.

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Angelica B
Angelica B Aylar önce
I loved that you included the mistake and then fixed it. I keep rewatching because I am going to tile my bathroom and the walls are cement walls (island house) I had to try to level a bit. That bit about first row was explained super well too and explaining why really helps me remember what to avoid. The video for using the angle grinder for miter SAVED my budget! Thank you!
S P 3 aylar önce
You're a great teacher and a real professional worker, a perfectionist you might say. Well done!
Jason J -Flipping Life
Awesome tutorial. Do you freehand the miters when your outside niche tile wraps around a corner? For example when you cut out a corner portion of the wall tile around a cutout like a niche.
Bryan Temple
Bryan Temple 3 aylar önce
Thanks a ton Mischa, these videos have been the absolute best help during these home renovations, came over from ig and definitely more confident taking on these jobs now
John Mullen
John Mullen 2 aylar önce
Very informative videos, appreciate it. Would recommend to anyone to fill the tub first before caulking/silicon around the joint incase there is any sag from weight etc. Subscribed 👍
andre tonaet
andre tonaet 3 aylar önce
Thanks Mischa, great work. One question: I would have liked to have seen how you made those angle cuts on the first row. Did you freehand push them through the table saw? Or set an angle on the blade and use the fence? Or, did you cut them with your grinder?
Truevideo1986 3 aylar önce
Graat. I had the same q Thanks for asking
WINNI 3 aylar önce
Great question! So if I have some room I use my wetsaw. But if the angle goes to 0 I use a bringer with a polishing pad. Bc a wetsaw blade will jump off
DrPepperJunior 2 aylar önce
I'm in Houston and finally priced a $5k shower build. I was doing them dirt cheap bc I wasn't confident in my skill but after a couple dozen $2000 builds it's time to step it up. I'm doing wayyy better work than the local pros and actually using quality materials and methods
Sean Keen
Sean Keen Gün önce
How are you getting away with a $2000 shower? It’s hard to stay under that just in supplies.
Noe Rodriguez
Noe Rodriguez 27 gün önce
Love all your videos. You’re a great teacher and your videos definitely help a lot.
Joy Nylen
Joy Nylen 12 gün önce
Fantastic work Winni! Thanks for showing this how to video as we are renovating 2 bathrooms and using the same tile. May I ask what type of grout you are using? I'm paranoid on which product to use as want something I don't have to seal after. I believe it should be an epoxy type? Thanks!! Love all your video's, we've learnt so much!
N Ca
N Ca 3 aylar önce
The blooper bird said *"subscribe or else!!!"* OMG that streamer! I legit was thinking of how to safely rig up my water hose. 😂 And thanks for explaining the importance of keeping the grout lines clean. I always wondered why it was a priority when the tile gets covered in grout anyway. This came out beautiful.
Miguel Trejo
Miguel Trejo 3 aylar önce
Awesome video this really helps to know when I get started on mine. Details make the best outcome on this type of projects and you cover them very well. Thanks for sharing this great info.
Caslon Bodoni
Caslon Bodoni 3 aylar önce
Could you please explain how you transition from the plasterboard wall to the tile wall? Do you use a metal corner bead on the plasterboard and go board? Beautiful work.
Richard Gallegos
Richard Gallegos 3 aylar önce
Amazing work and thanks for doing this video. Very helpful.
Ernie R
Ernie R 3 aylar önce
Whats going on misha man oh man! Great video thanks so much for making these great teachings. Ive been installing tile now for about 7 years i love it but i kinda want to take a class so i can get certified and i want to really know my stuff, you know what i mean, not just install, learn all the info. anyways thank you man.
Jonathan Garrett
Jonathan Garrett Aylar önce
Good videos with clear understanding of steps. However, your video on mitering outside corners and curbs you said you don't like to do because they aren't as strong. What do you prefer to use? Schluter trim?
A P Aylar önce
You are the definition of perfection. Best tile works on youtube!
Just starting out in the tiling business and love the creative process, i have learned a lot from your videos, you are my favourite guy on the scene, thank you.Des from the UK.
Agar Aura
Agar Aura 8 gün önce
Amazing tiles, and even more amazing work - as usual! Krasivaya! Are these a smaller format of the same Arabescatto tiles you used in the $10K shower job in your other 3-part vids? Got another (perhaps odd) question for ya. I've noticed that in the east (Russia, China, Middle East, etc) they somehow get the grout lines fully flush with the tiles. I mean, you could close your eyes and scrape across the surface with your fingernails and not know where the tile ends and grout begins. Do those folks maybe use a different material for grouting? Or maybe it's common to double-grout before the first grout fully cures.. 🤔 Haven't seen it out west (Canada where I am, or the U.S.), but in my travels in the East I've been impressed by how it gives a 'stone carpet' effect. Keep up the great work bro, and keep the videos coming!
Victor Mejia
Victor Mejia 3 aylar önce
Awesome job man, I'm I tile contractor in northern California my self and I really enjoy watching your videos. Keep up the good work..
Littleman with Glasses
Love it!!! very helpful!!
RoK 3 aylar önce
Another great video. Next time I hope you’ll walkthrough/highlight those clips/wedges in the niche base.
POLOLOUS3 3 aylar önce
Whats your favorite thinset? Have you tried Titanium? Multimax compared to keraflex?
Hector Lambaren
Hector Lambaren 3 aylar önce
Amazing tips, thank you!
James Hird
James Hird 2 gün önce
Good job buddy, I learnt how to miter tile for a wood stove surround from you 👍
daniel vidar svendsen
daniel vidar svendsen 2 aylar önce
This is awesome, thanks for sharing 👍
Blake 4 gün önce
I did not see where you may have addressed it in the video but was wondering if on that inserted area that bottom tile you put in do you make that slope out from wall to tub slightly so you don’t have standing water in there?
Glen Chan
Glen Chan 2 aylar önce
I love your you tube channel!! Quick question, what would you do if the tile itself are not even already from the beginning.
Olena Charivna
Olena Charivna 3 aylar önce
Great video ! Great job 👏!
Aepek 2 aylar önce
14:59 OH YEAH WE MAKE MISTAKES. Was doing a curbless walk in shower (tile in shower, bathroom floor, and bathroom walls, non on ceiling) and for some reason we had 3 diff color grouts on site that day. This bathroom shower and walls was all black, w/ bathroom floor diff color. Well, not sure what happened but left site and came back and the guys grouted the shower walls/floor with a completely diff color grout. What color, SILVER…..THE tile for shower was all black so that’s was so noticeable, and you’d think that there’d stop when realized mistake and redo, but Nope…..all silver. The grout we used for this job was epoxy. So, that was a fun time redoing the grout, 😅🤦🏼 But, mistakes do happen, not often, but they do. It’s HOW YOU HANDLE THEM IS WHAT COUNTS, imo. Great vid, and love the miters, very very nice👍🏻👍🏻
Jacob M
Jacob M 3 aylar önce
I can’t think of anything you missed but I have a question. My question is, how far above the shower head should the tiles go?
WINNI 3 aylar önce
I always go to the ceiling! Feel like that looks little more modern
Ricardo Guillen
Ricardo Guillen 2 aylar önce
Your work is very similar to mine and the price too nice job
coolceelah 3 aylar önce
Can it be laid vertically?
Frank Dwyer
Frank Dwyer 3 aylar önce
Hello Mischa. You are a great teacher, and your videos are awesome. I have learned so much from watching you. FOREVER GRATEFUL to You. 😎 Frank Dwyer BKLYN NY
Angelica B
Angelica B 3 aylar önce
Love your videos!
Aepek 2 aylar önce
Funny, that you said, it’s how you fix the mistakes is what helps makes you a better pro (there about), and I paused vid to comment below, and then you said exactly what I was taught soon as hit play again. Well said and good biz practices👍🏻😊
Alberto Abundez
Alberto Abundez 2 aylar önce
Great video! What kind of laser do you use?
coolceelah 3 aylar önce
Was that 12 X 24 Porcelain tile you installed in the shower?
william rivera
william rivera 18 gün önce
More of pricing please!! Thanks !!
Angelica B
Angelica B Aylar önce
If I'm not tiling all the way up to the ceiling should I silicone the top row or should I use grout
Sainna Afong
Sainna Afong 2 aylar önce
Love the work bro.🤙🤙
Brian Snyder
Brian Snyder 3 aylar önce
How much do you cut your tiles to overhang inside the niche? The left/right and top/bottom tiles
Brian Snyder
Brian Snyder 3 aylar önce
Still have the back butter shirt from ya when I ordered the suction tool from ya back in the day. Used to watch your lives on tiktok. Good work and good luck!
joebinion1 2 aylar önce
Great video GOD BLESS YOU
Me Nechita
Me Nechita Aylar önce
Respect to a tile pro
JoeWafer 2 aylar önce
Great video! What is your profit from a $5k job/ what do you charge for labor?? Thank you!
George Obama-Biden
George Obama-Biden 8 gün önce
It took a week to tile that surround, niche, and floor???? Am I missing something?
Leviwosc 3 aylar önce
I like your video. It's well made. I do think it takes you a long time to tile that bathroom. I'm from the Netherlands, in Europe, and a bathroom like that, fairly small to be honest, should take you two 8-hour workdays max. Was there a reason why you were so 'slow'? I think your price is pretty high as well, at least for West-European standards. Here you'd pay about 800 to 1,000 euros (927.98 to 1159.97 US dollars) for a tiling job like this. But I do admit, you did an awesome job. It really looks great.
Marco Poulin
Marco Poulin Aylar önce
2 days to do bull shit work haha
Grizzly 3 aylar önce
Now that's a tile saw. That's is what I use. I should have sent bigger
WilliamP 3 aylar önce
I charge around $1000 a day for labor. If It takes me 5 days to build a shower, $5k plus materials. Some guys get away with $2k a day....It depends on how good you are at selling your services and the area you live in. You have to live around a high income white collar area where there's a labor shortage and high demand for tile work.
WilliamP Aylar önce
@Marco Poulin Why would i be lying? How much do you charge? If you can't charge at least $100 an hour as a business then you should close your business, go drive for amazon and go back to school. You're wasting your life away doing cheap labor.
Marco Poulin
Marco Poulin Aylar önce
I think you are liar bull shit
Alan McCarthy
Alan McCarthy Aylar önce
1000 a day !?? Wow
flozil Aylar önce
Im dyi in about to do two bath on my house do you recomend do mitter on the curb?
Nelstream 26 gün önce
lol if they said they were changing the window out why wouldn't you just cut that corner off, now you just made sure they won't change it XD
Hasan Gulamov
Hasan Gulamov 2 aylar önce
Great job man!!!! Can we get in touch?? Let me know
Yuliyan Yul
Yuliyan Yul 2 aylar önce
Whole bath labor and material $5,000 ?
Brian Dow
Brian Dow 3 aylar önce
A bird???? hahahahaha Thats awesome!
Bryan Benson
Bryan Benson 2 aylar önce
How come all you tile guys on TRvid get to put up bigger tiles most of the time, making the job much quicker and easier(in most cases)?? I swear every shower I do is with 3"x6" subway tiles or 1" hexagon mosaic! Lol
Marco Poulin
Marco Poulin Aylar önce
No its not realy quicker you to float walls n floors to get straith as possibole the preparation is time consuming then its take more time to mesure n cut big tile is expensive when you do mistake or wreck the tile try to instale big tile like that its not for amature diy
Ryan McGregor
Ryan McGregor Aylar önce
Or penny tile 😭
JBI Tile
JBI Tile 3 aylar önce
What would the price be in Texas dallas. Far as labor only.thats customer buying tile and materials. Then how much for labor and materials with customer only buying tile. Please help I'm a tile installer here in dallas but done most of my work in California. 18 years in tile industry. But I have nice work done right like your nice tubsurround there. And some people think I'm to high. Here I would charge like 4 thousand or 42 . That's labor and materials. You have any ideal what's a good decent price here.
Timothy Brady
Timothy Brady 2 aylar önce
I don't want to wait for 5 minutes, no reason a bird should poop on my head.
Meysa James
Meysa James 3 aylar önce
Who disliked this video???
Armen A.
Armen A. 2 aylar önce
Are you balkan bro? Miša? I'm from sarajevo. :)
George Obama-Biden
George Obama-Biden 8 gün önce
Don't mean to be knit picky, but why not take off the sharkbite from the spout, before cutting hole for the spout? That's a big hole, dude.
V R 2 aylar önce
Is he the same Misha who sang the "I play pokemon go everyday" 😳?
mcj john
mcj john 2 aylar önce
Ok I subscribed. Didn’t want to get pooped on.
Tony Crisci
Tony Crisci 3 aylar önce
Too cheap!
Hector Lambaren
Hector Lambaren 3 aylar önce
That’s awesome you can sell for more! Keep hustling. Thanks Misha for the content and the guidance!
Tony Crisci
Tony Crisci 3 aylar önce
@WINNI It would be hard too get the quality you display here. I'm in a south Jersey shore resort town. Very difficult to get someone to evey quote jobs. I would think you could add several thousand to your price here. But the price of real estate is crazy here. Was the tub and install included or did a plumber at the tub. Great video
WINNI 3 aylar önce
wow really?! what would this run in your area?
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