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Dear friends, today we would like to share with you the - How to Make Turkish Tea and Revani video, we really hope you enjoy this video and share with your friends
As a Country Life Vlog, we love to share what we do at countryside, engage with nature and make the most out of village life. Come and see the colorful videos of nature, unique cooking recipes and just the beautiful life at a countryside. Sit back and relax by watching our content!



31 May 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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ريحانة الجنة
ريحانة الجنة 2 saatler önce
Bozena Lamboj
Bozena Lamboj 7 saatler önce
Witam z Gdańska pysznie to wszystko wygląda. Pozdrawiam i dużo zdrowia życzę
Silvana Scognamiglio
Silvana Scognamiglio 9 saatler önce
Starei ore a guardare i video senza mai annoiarmi!! Poi ADORO il cagnolino che non lascia in pace quel bellissimo gattino. Ammiro il vostro stare in silenzio e la quiete del luogo. MERAVIGLIOSO, SPETTACOLARE, VI AMO!! ლ(´ ❥ `ლ)❤️❤️❤️
déjà doja
déjà doja 9 saatler önce
حياتكم حلم ولا في الخيال
СВЕТЛАНА 12 saatler önce
Мне нравится красотень, животные бегают на свободе класс
Людмила Гуренко
И кот такой довольный...жизнь удалась..
AYU CAHYA OFFICIAL 19 saatler önce
Subhanallah anda sangat luar biasa,begitu banyak kemampuan anda mengolah makanan dari memasak,membuat kue,membuat minuman,membuat aneka minyak dari sari bunga. Alam di sekitar anda juga sangat bagus penuh dengan bunga yang cantik hewan-hewan yang sehat alam yang begitu sejuk. Rasanya ingin sekali aku berkunjung dan bersilaturahmi dengan kalian,ini pasti akan menyenangkan. Salam cinta dari Indonesia 💞🇲🇨🤝🌹
Joy to the world
Joy to the world 19 saatler önce
I will visit your country in Oct. I am watching all your videos. I love them.
Laurie Asmus
Laurie Asmus 21 saatler önce
Beautiful scenery, lovely and tasty recipes! You are a master chef! Please keep making these videos to inspire the world!
Nefertiti 1974
Nefertiti 1974 21 saatler önce
Where are you located? Turkey is it?
Joann Tucker
Joann Tucker 21 saatler önce
Your roses are beautiful! I love watching the cows chicken cats dogs and watching you cook. 🐔♥️
Зинаида Кумец-Кулеш
Спасибо за видео. А что такое симойлина?
Teresa Wommack
Teresa Wommack Gün önce
I love watching your videos. You two work so hard. You have a lovely place, You are so strong. Just amazing people. Thank you!
Angie Gold
Angie Gold Gün önce
I am addicted to watching your videos! So relaxing! This is my dream, to live the way you live. So beautiful, peaceful, and live off the land. Thank you for your videos!
Sibella Kingston
Sibella Kingston Gün önce
The only thing that bothered me was the dog seemed afraid of the man. Normally the dog would run to his owner.
Masyita Tahadju
Masyita Tahadju Gün önce
Beautiful.. 😍
Liza Galvão Terapias
as coisas mais simples da vida e o que nos faz feliz
Liza Galvão Terapias
maravilhoso adorei o lugar e tudo que voce prepara love
Valentina Grishina
Raquel Lora
Raquel Lora Gün önce
I love the cake's recipe. Everything it's just gorgeous and peaceful.
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