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In this video, I will be making a multipurpose workbench from 2 by 4 and plywood.

All my woodworking plans gumroad.com/diycreators

Building this workbench has really changed the work I work in my shop. I keep two toolboxes underneath for my most used tools. Being able to hang drills and measuring tapes on the side is very handy. My favorite part is being able to store tools I want in the shop, but do not want to build a workbench for. The T-Track on the side works great for holding materials. This workbench is made from 3/4in plywood and 2by4. Get the plans here gum.co/gfKwe

Materials List (Affiliate Links)
• (11) - Lumber 2in. x 4in. x 8ft (Frame)
• (2) - Plywood 3/4 in. 4ft x 8ft (Top, bottom shelf and storage)
• (1) - 48in. T-Track (Cut in half) amzn.to/3esyvtQ
• (12) - #6 x 3/4in Screw (for the T-Track) amzn.to/3eDRfad
• (38) - #8 x 3/4in. Wood screw (For brackets) amzn.to/2YsRwHj
• (19) - 2in. x 2in. Corner Bracket (need two packs) amzn.to/3erLY5m
• (46) - # 8 x 1-1/2in. Wood screw (Bottom shelf, storage mount, and foot pad)
• (50) - 2-1/2in. Pocket Hole Screws Wood screw (Frame) amzn.to/2NjI9mT
• (4) - 5in Workbench Casters amzn.to/2zWe2Pb
• (16) - #12 X 1in wood screw (Caster mount)
• (16) - Washer for the caster screw
• (1) - 32in x 1-1/4in. x 1/16in. Aluminum angle
• (8) - #6 X 3/4in wood screw (Mount the Aluminum angle)

Tools List
• Circular saw amzn.to/37Xj5f0
• K5 Pocket hole jig amzn.to/2Yn95IG
• Drill amzn.to/316lbaL
• Clamps
• Router and 3/4in router bit
• Hand saw amzn.to/2Z3aCm6
• Chisel amzn.to/2YYBCmZ
• Sander
• Kreg bench clamps amzn.to/2YpqH6x
• RIDGID R8660B 18v cordless drywall screwdriver homedepot.sjv.io/xPBL5

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DIY Creators
DIY Creators Yıl önce
Building this workbench has really changed the work I work in my shop. It's simple, but really makes an impact. I have plans if you would like to build to the spec I have. gumroad.com/diycreators Thanks for tuning in!
JorgsTube Aylar önce
Howzit Glen, downloaded your plans here in South Africa and just built my first workbench. Had to adjust the measurements slightly since no 2x4s readily available here, and lumber is pretty warped, so was about 4mm out of square, but all worked out. Thanks a lot, enjoy your style and content. Keep it up. Cheers
Kody Rowen
Kody Rowen 5 aylar önce
Will Crumley
Will Crumley 5 aylar önce
I'm going to build this work bench as an extension for my table saw. I'll add a dust collector underneath my saw instead of the stationary drawer storage. And still have all the storage below for other bench-top tools I don't want to give a specific home to. Awesome video!
Mega Lou
Mega Lou 7 aylar önce
Do you wanna get married? ;)
Nickolas Poliskey
Nickolas Poliskey 9 aylar önce
Awesome bench, quick question, did you paint it or use a stain?
Williston Audio Labs
Excellent build, got ya a new subscriber!
coansm 9017
coansm 9017 3 aylar önce
Im glad you subscribed, my privellege is killing me, he is so smart and we are so stupid, it's because of our privellege, we need to send him money
9and7 Yıl önce
Enjoy, some of the best vids out there...
Tod Anthony
Tod Anthony Yıl önce
Thank you a million times for this. I built mine in 12hours this passed weekend for under app bucks. No tool cubby or tracks but I will be adding a moxen vice from a kit. So I got the man design from here and did it myself. Not easy being disabled but I am proud of this bench. Thanks for the guidance man.
Logan 8 gün önce
Hows it coming along?
Steven O'Connor
Steven O'Connor Yıl önce
Just the right amount of detail. Getting ready to build a new one (moved) and looking for ideas. Some great ideas and build technics, thanks!
Vince Earl
Vince Earl Yıl önce
Really nice build. I love how inexpensive this one could end up being, but it would be super simple to make changes like if you wanted a solid wood top or some drawers. And your makeshift moxon vice is awesome!
Harold Kingston
Harold Kingston Yıl önce
Well, my complements on being fit enough to make the “jump”. Your production values on the video are excellent. This one is a must view for anyone building a workbench. Thanks Glen.
Edward Layne
Edward Layne Yıl önce
Thought you should know, I watched several videos to determine what my workbench will be like and yours is the closest to what I built. Watching it over again and having it in use for a couple weeks I realize how important 'accessories' are and will begin that this weekend. Very much appreciated and I love watching your videos.
Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith 11 aylar önce
Wow! Really appreciate how you can pack so many clear intelligent and common sense design and construction suggestions, tips and design elements into your short well designed videos. Thanks much.
Bruce Jandrey
Bruce Jandrey 11 aylar önce
Love DIY videos that get to it and show great detail without having to watch every screw get drilled in. Nice work. I might even make this thing.
iniquity Yıl önce
Love the content, and this project was just what I'm looking for. As others have said, the editing is really helpful to follow along. Thank you for the videos.
Stevie Marchant's Wood Shop
That was a stroke of genius clamping your speed square to the top frame to line your legs up. Brilliant 👍👍
Victor Trujillo
Victor Trujillo 11 aylar önce
Really noiceee
Livin' The Dream
Livin' The Dream Yıl önce
Glad I'm not the only one that didn't know about that. I was very impressed.
vivashra1 Yıl önce
I wouldn’t have thought of using the speed square as he did. I will now! Brilliant!
carla allen
carla allen Yıl önce
Totally agree
Matt Rosich
Matt Rosich Yıl önce
My favorite part of video
snowmchristv2 Yıl önce
I really like the extra wood for the casters, that was a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration and I really like how everything turned out
Sean Yıl önce
Nice work! Love how simple, clean, and affordable this bench is. Video is well done too!
I’ve had problems with leveling and adding castors from putting in too many screws. I love this video because you answer many of the questions that I have. Great video!
Yeah man! That's a great looking bench! it's definitely inspiration for my next bench build. Thank you!
James Rawlings
James Rawlings Yıl önce
Visual for "where I'm at" is very helpful. Haven't seen that very often in videos.
A Abshir
A Abshir 2 gün önce
Wow that’s awesome addition.
Jeff C
Jeff C 2 aylar önce
True. Ive actually never seen that.
Tanglwyst de Holloway
Tanglwyst de Holloway 3 aylar önce
Came here to say this! My hubs just turned me onto this channel and I'm very much in love with this content!
Chris Pattullo
Chris Pattullo 3 aylar önce
Came to say this as well. I've not seen it anywhere. Total bar raiser.
Honey LaBronx
Honey LaBronx 9 aylar önce
I literally came rushing to the comments section so I could see the same thing! This is SO helpful!
Andrew Wallace
Andrew Wallace Yıl önce
This is brilliant, man. I'm getting ready to build my workbench, this looks like a great plan. Can hardly wait! inspirational!
Harry inHuaHin
Harry inHuaHin 5 aylar önce
Hi Glen - this the first time I've encountered your channel, and love it. So professional - good shooting/editing - polished delivery without um's & er's, and totally without the amateur waffling that so many TRvidrs think is acceptable. I shall now go back to the beginning and work my way through... Thanks.
Shawna Fletcher
Shawna Fletcher 10 aylar önce
I just found your channel today. This is some quality content, Sir! 😁 I look forward to seeing what you produce next. Also, that quick tool storage section you created would've been super useful for some of the projects I've worked on in the past. Awesome idea! 👍
Maxime Soucie
Maxime Soucie Yıl önce
Hey Glen, I have been binge watching your videos for the past 4 days. I'm new to wood working and thought your limited tools series were so helpful, I now have a plan on how to achieve so much with so little, thankyou. I was really wondering if you could make an indoor/outdoor bar with sink and your ingenuity w incorporating LED light to it.. They're some other videos on TRvid, but I'm sure you can top all of those. It would be very nice! Cheers and this is the best wood working channel.
Trevor Williams
Trevor Williams Yıl önce
The T track addition is a clever idea. I don’t believe I have ever seen a workbench build with this feature. Thanks for sharing! BTW, how much did the bench cost to make?
Bazzybumbum VLOGS
Bazzybumbum VLOGS 11 aylar önce
I love your work you’re so creative you encouraging me to make things of November made before. ☺️
Ryan Keough
Ryan Keough Yıl önce
You build some of the most awesome looking wood working things on youtube but you always manage to make it seem completely doable. Thanks for inspiring so many ideas in me!
Joe McKenna
Joe McKenna Yıl önce
Not only was this an educational video, it was fun to watch. I’m getting ready to build a new workbench so I’ve been watching lots of videos for ideas. At this point I am going to use your video and plans for this new workbench. You’re an awesome teacher. You’re very creative. And it’s obvious you know what you’re doing. I’ll be back to watch more of your videos in the future. Thanks a lot.
Rick Folwarkow
Rick Folwarkow Yıl önce
I've been watching a lot of your videos and just soaking up everything I can. My projects have been getting much better and a lot faster than I thought they would, thank you DIY Creator :D
Peter Giordano
Peter Giordano Yıl önce
So many genius tips Glen! Love the aluminum angle for hanging the drills and tape measures.
Simon Woo
Simon Woo Yıl önce
Love it! Simple to build and with wheels - really liked the CAD drawing as you went along
Frankie Voltage
Frankie Voltage 8 aylar önce
Glen, you’re awesome! My father is a disabled Veteran and I didn’t get a chance to do these kinds of projects with him. Watching your channel gave me the confidence to improve that skill set and make him proud. I can’t say thank you enough. 🤘🏻
rdodds033 Yıl önce
Thanks a lot for the video! I've been wanting a mobile workbench for metalworking, and this is perfect! I should be able to integrate mounts for a TIG welder and add a steel top later on. Really excited to get rolling on this soon!
Tim Leeman
Tim Leeman 10 aylar önce
Awesome workbench! I downloaded your plans and built one of these for my shop, I could not be happier with it. Your plans are very clear, organized and well thought out. I just downloaded the DIY Budget Desk plans. Thanks Glen
Pamela Wilkinson
Pamela Wilkinson Yıl önce
That workbench is on point. I need to try and make a few different versions (in terms of size and purpose) myself. Thanks for the video!!
Melissa Robidas
Melissa Robidas 4 aylar önce
Thank you for this video! I built my shop table this past weekend and love it!
Scott Russell
Scott Russell 10 aylar önce
Thanks for the awesome build! I got the plans and made mine this past weekend. I haven't got to the shelf or rails yet but for now it's working well. Thanks again!
Philip Lee
Philip Lee Yıl önce
Love your channel, you have such a great presenting style and positive vibe. Pocket hole jig purchased and I’m halfway through building this. Got the black paint and red wheels standing by.
FobbitOperator 6 aylar önce
This bench is right at my skill level to make. I love that jig you used to drill the angled holes for your joints. That bench looks quite strong, & doesn't appear to "jiggle/wobble" around when leaning into work with some stout elbow grease. Thanks for sharing this creation!
Susan Caraher
Susan Caraher 10 aylar önce
This is a great bench - really smart add ons! I'm going to incorporate some of those into my new one. Thanks!
Brian Williams
Brian Williams Yıl önce
Just made this. Thanks for the plans. Looks great in my space and will be exactly what I need. Keep up the great work!
DM Momma
DM Momma Yıl önce
Great job! Really inspired to finally put my bench together. The vice grip! Awesome!!! I'm going for it! Thanks for the post.
Randy Granger
Randy Granger Yıl önce
I really like the simplicity of the bench. In addition to this the graphic keeping you up to date on the progress in the top right was so cool! Keep up the great work! Thank you
Ian Casey
Ian Casey Yıl önce
I'm impressed by your work, skill and intelligence displayed in all your videos that I've seen. I feel so inspired to get into woodworking!😄👍
Livin' The Dream
Livin' The Dream Yıl önce
I'M VERY IMPRESSED with you sir. I was in awww at watching you work. It's nice to watch professional woodworkers do great work and you are really good at what you do. Cheers!
Eddie Vangilder
Eddie Vangilder Yıl önce
Sir, I have throughly enjoyed every single video you have posted. Your creativity and attention to detail are second to none. You inspire me to get back into woodworking. Perhaps soon. This work bench will def be on my list. Thank you for all you do and keep up the good work!
T Van Loon
T Van Loon Yıl önce
Another great creation Glen! Love the add-ons. Those are great idea that I can use on My bench. And Dammmmm - that jump was Awesome !!
pt eddie
pt eddie 11 aylar önce
Glen, I love this work bench especially the tool holder shelf, the angle iron tool holder and the t-tracks on the legs. I'm building a bench this week and next and I plan to include two tool holder shelves and t-track on one leg. Thanks for the video. Stay safe.
Friday 0089
Friday 0089 4 aylar önce
Best, easiest designed, most thought out, useful workbench design I've come across. I have never built an official workbench because I have never thought one was useful enough. Today you've changed my mind thanks!
Emory Holley
Emory Holley Yıl önce
He's a woodsmith and an athlete! Nice work Glenn, definitely learned some things watching your videos, I'm gonna pass on the vertical though lol.
Brian Dimitri
Brian Dimitri Yıl önce
Awesome job! Well produced video, with great "how-to" explanations.
Gabe Cerritos
Gabe Cerritos Yıl önce
The sheer amount of tools and clamps you have is always amazing to me
Godfella's Yıl önce
I've watched a dozen or more of these and your design is by far the best. Thanks so much! Cheers mate 🙂
CharM H
CharM H Yıl önce
This is awesome! I am going to use this when I finally build my bench! Thanks so much for sharing!!!
Tony InAngus
Tony InAngus Yıl önce
There are always loads of things I love about your videos one of which is that everything you use and everything you make is sparkly clean: not sure our kitchen is as clean as your shop!!! In this video I absolutely love the end vice. It’s a great modern twist on a Moxon vise and a really clever idea. Cheers for sharing more great tips. 👍🏻
Steve Page
Steve Page Yıl önce
Great work - thank you for sharing! Your carpentry, and your video editing, are top notch! :)
Val_80 Yıl önce
That looks awesome and very functional. Well done! I want to make something similar on a smaller scale.
PhrygianCat Yıl önce
Love this! I have a question though, I noticed that for the pocket holes you fastened the screws pointing outward. It looks nicer because you don't see the holes, but isn't that making it weak?
Hal Borland
Hal Borland Yıl önce
Thumbs up for the box jump! Love the design I'm thinking of building one of these. Thanks for all the great content. I love it!
Scott Mcdaniel
Scott Mcdaniel Yıl önce
This was a great, concise and well explained DIY! The design of the bench was straight forward and easy to both understand and build and you gave great tips and options for making changes to the design to suit other's tastes, skills and work habits. When the "Where I'm At" graphic first popped up I kind of chuckled, but even on a build this quick and easy it really made understanding what was happening better. Great job!
Maggie M
Maggie M Yıl önce
Great build! Very clear and easy instruction! Ty for sharing! 👍🏼 Love the little extras that you did! Kudos!!
Elly Montgomery
Elly Montgomery 20 gün önce
This workbench is a great concept! I’m brand new to woodworking, I have a tiny garage & a dedicated workbench space is tough. I like the castors to be able to roll it out on the driveway & the tool storage bin is cool to stash tools used in a project..if you’re like me, I’m always looking for my jigsaw, my pencil, my tape measure, etc. lol. Thanks for the plans I can’t wait to build it!
Jamie Arispe
Jamie Arispe Yıl önce
Love this workbench! Great work. Love your videos. You're very thorough and explain very well throughout. Thank you so much
Fafa Downy
Fafa Downy Yıl önce
Amazing as always! I'm always look forward to your new videos, for great ideas. I hope I can be like you someday! Good job and more power!
Ellie Gibson
Ellie Gibson Yıl önce
love it! the speed square for installing the legs was really clever!
S. J.
S. J. Yıl önce
You have some amazing ideas! There are many ways to build a workbench, but your creativity has inspired me to think outside the box. Keep those great ideas coming!
Robert woods
Robert woods 8 aylar önce
Wow, I love how simple it is but so functional is is too. Thank you for sharing this!
julio marentes
julio marentes 6 aylar önce
Man, I love everything about it, this is how a TRvid channel should be, so enjoyable and well put together
Kevin Barriger
Kevin Barriger 4 aylar önce
This is one of the best videos I've watched so far for just putting a workbench together you giving so many good tips and trades. Keep it up dude you're going places. You've already given me like six ideas that I never even thought about before I love this kind of video.
824rmrock Yıl önce
Dude you're an excellent teacher! Love your videos. You definitely think outside the box
Taurus Man
Taurus Man 3 aylar önce
Your work bench is perfect for beginners like me ! I have watched several videos on work bench building and wow ! Some are way to complicated and others way to cheap made! Yours hits right in the middle and is perfect for me! Thank You very much!
The Frugal Overlander
Thanks for that video. I've been considering replacing my current workbench and this really fits both my expense level and use requirements. My carport is my shop and I need all the space I can get. I think that I'd add leveling feet and retractable castors though as my carport driveway has a slight slope.
Stephen Nicholas
Stephen Nicholas 10 aylar önce
Absolutely perfect pattern for lots of things I need to make: planters in front and rear garden using treated timber, workbench in large garden shed, kitchen island in house. Thanks from London, United Kingdom
JDC Yıl önce
Glen, I came across your channel, have since watched several videos, you have passion for what you are doing, passion for your vocation leads to success. You definetly know what you are doing, very good video and audio too. Very educational and entertaining. Job well done. You could easily be a fantastic vo-tech teacher. From a new subscriber in Iowa.
Ras Smith
Ras Smith Yıl önce
Really love how you describe the pitfalls and show little tips with humility. The graphics in the top right are an excellent idea! Thanks for sharing.
Yvette Pugin
Yvette Pugin Yıl önce
Brilliant - the best idea I've seen to date, simple and very useful additions. Thanks for sharing.
Pia Konstmann
Pia Konstmann 11 aylar önce
Thank you so much for another great video! (y) This is exactly what I've been looking for. As I'm renting the house I live in, and the space for my workshop outside is quite small and not heated, and I want to build a workbench that isn't too expensive or difficult for me to build, install and perhaps take with me one day, and can be used as storage for some of the tools too, but still being a strong and very useful workspace, this just has it all. And it's quite easy to add features like dogs, wises, etc. to fit exactly your needs, even after it's built. Only our creativity (and/or budget) are the limits to what this workbench can be extended with. And the same limits when it comes to the projects we can build on this workbench in our workshops. :D
Johann Wiese
Johann Wiese 11 aylar önce
Amazing. Your work space looks like a perfectionist work area. Great video!
Keith Bean
Keith Bean Yıl önce
Love this work bench Glen! I'm probably getting to work on this design for my shop soon! Thanks :)
Zane Wallace
Zane Wallace Yıl önce
I appreciate the small tips and tricks while you go through the process. Good stuff man
Joe Reyes
Joe Reyes Yıl önce
You have some great skills. Probably the best looking work table I’ve ever seen.
Marvin Woodard
Marvin Woodard Yıl önce
This workbench is the truth. Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to share examples of this and other ideas you inspired. Keep doing what you’re doing Homie.
Ian Casey
Ian Casey Yıl önce
Keep up your good work! I think that your approach is the most innovative and even clearer and simpler to follow. At the same, you create interest in the area of woodworking that will make a novice achieve a professional finish!
Jb B
Jb B Yıl önce
Outstanding build and video! I could use one just like yours in my garage (shop). Being on wheels works well in a garage so I can move it around as needed. Really like your design, Great all around!
Liangelus Yıl önce
OMG, you must have heard my hubby complaining about how much he needs a workbench 😄 This is perfect! The T-tracks are an awesome idea! And when you were talking about what colour to paint it, I instantly said black top, white legs so I was close 😂
Jay Berrios
Jay Berrios 10 aylar önce
Hands down one of the best how to videos. The visual for where you are in the project is very useful. The ideas you come up with are very insightful for a beginner like myself. 👍
Tim Smith
Tim Smith Yıl önce
That is really a good idea. I was actually thinking of doing the same thing. I like the idea of the roller because I can roll it onto my back patio and work on projects outside. Thanks for posting this video.
Marisela Garcia
Marisela Garcia 6 aylar önce
Thank you so much for sharing your projects with your viewers!!! I would love to see a video of you adding a table saw to your work table.
Smith Farms
Smith Farms Yıl önce
Don't know how I've never come across your channel until now, but glad I found it. Great video and really well thought out workbench. Thanks!
ppnumber1 Yıl önce
Really like this. My question is at the end how many takes did it take to jump on it perfectly lol. Love your videos
Roy Perez
Roy Perez Yıl önce
This is great! Have you considered creating a foldable work bench which can be folded up against the wall? Would be great for people with small garages!
Eddie Maldonado
Eddie Maldonado Yıl önce
Bro, you rock! You sure know your stuff and you are clear explaining step by step what you're doing. Thanks for your info and instructions.
Guy Stewart
Guy Stewart Yıl önce
Pretty cool build ! Several ideas I will use on my next build . Thanks for the video !
Just Cracked Coffee
Love this!!! My next project! One thing I would want to add is a long power strip . I was thinking about routing a slot for one like in the front....or side. Thoughts?
K Mayer
K Mayer Yıl önce
This was fantastic. I thought the "where I'm at" helped understand the components you were building, I thought the explanations were great and the hints along the way. I would love to have the space for a workbench like yours.
Tariq Abdullah, AIA, NOMA
I’m a registered architect, builder and regular on many DYI craft channels. This is the first time I’ve EVER commented, liked, subscribed, ring the bell and like a video (for whatever that’s worth). But this video was so well put together I just had to do it. I can’t wait to explore the rest of your videos! Thanks for going through the trouble of creating such a detailed video.
Restoration Rescue
Great video. Definitely a good design and looks easy to build too.
K N 10 aylar önce
Only halfway through your video but omg, this is awesome! You're so talented...thoughtful down to the very last detail! Love that it's on wheels -so many uses for this workbench. - Love crafting but never built anything. I'd love to try & make this, been feeling the diy/builder itch for awhile - even though I've never used a drill & know nothing about wood working electric saws/tools - (stay at home mom my whole life & but kids are grown - live at home but don't need me as much. Now what?.. I'm bored, lol - us girls should've ditched a semester of HomeEc & took Woodshop back in the day ;) - Could a small woman w/no experience handle this?...Electric saw? - Where did you learn how to do all this?... How to measure, what kind of tools to use, knowing to make pocket holes, type & size of wood - knowing to add a support block when attaching your tool tray (9:34). Extremely gifted, you should go into business - both men & women would love to have this workbench - sure to sell out quick! Good luck to you!!!
Rayne Chantel
Rayne Chantel 10 aylar önce
Love seeing the T track part, I really didn't know what or how people used them or determined where to place them - this really works and replaces a big bulky vise.
censor this.
censor this. Yıl önce
You're a good carpenter. This, in my opinion, is by far the best workbench video on youtube. I am building mine this weekend with leftover lumber from work. I was a little worried about constructing it with just 2x4's but your video definitely put my mind at ease. Thank you for posting this video👍
Lets Build That App
This was a great walkthrough. Would be nice if you went through tradeoffs and different options you considered before doing the build.
lolo ent
lolo ent Yıl önce
I've been doing woodworking for over 10yrs you just inspired me to get back in to it thank you 😊
mrreread Yıl önce
Another gem of a video from Glen! So many great ideas in there - thank you.
rmyukon 2 aylar önce
Really like the idea of the tool holder. Great idea. And I also love the "Where I'm at" visual. I am about to rebuild my assembly table. I will definitely be adding the tool holder to it.
Joe Carron
Joe Carron Yıl önce
This is easily one of the best if not the best simple yet very functional workbench designs I have seen. Great job, sir!
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