How To Locate Catfish On River Systems - What To Look For

Richard Gene The Fishing Machine
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In This Video, I explain everything you need to know to catch a Catfish. I go over my Catfish fishing Rig, the type of catfishing bait you will need, and How To Find Catfish! I hope you enjoy the video!

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11 Haz 2019




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Timmy the Woo
Timmy the Woo 2 gün önce
Imma bout burnt out on these "Catch/ Release" videos.
American Patriot
American Patriot 4 gün önce
I’m a pure bred Cajun. If I cooked a flathead in CATFISH COURTBOUILLON you would never throw another one overboard. Flatheads are the blue ribbon of fish in Louisiana. Some men would trade their wives for that big flathead you caught. We call them Opelousa Cats or the Cajun French word is Gooshan kie (yellow cat). Better than fillet mignon.
YakStreamTV 12 gün önce
Love your content I think your compulsivenes to randomly make crazy noise an goofy comments is what reeled me in, keep em comin
Luccimatic Aylar önce
catfish tastes like river water. i get it.
Jonathan Partridge
Jonathan Partridge Aylar önce
I sure love watching your videos!!!! Thanks for taking the time to make these videos for us wannabe’s
daniel murphy
daniel murphy 2 aylar önce
Richard gene, where can i get one of those t shirts youre wearing?
Dustion Morgan
Dustion Morgan 2 aylar önce
How did u mount ur rod holders on ur boat
Chris Walls
Chris Walls 2 aylar önce
I'm looking for current, piles, drop offs
Trevor the cbd reviewer
What knots you using?
Trevor the cbd reviewer
Get er done ole pal
Outsider Outdoors
Outsider Outdoors 3 aylar önce
I love this guy
Working Man
Working Man 3 aylar önce
Rain ain't nothing more than airborne surface water 😎
Overitall13 3 aylar önce
What state or river is this?
TWELVE TWENTY-TWO 3 aylar önce
Can you imagine seeing Gene talking to his audience dancing around beating the air by himself on his fishing boat 😂
Paul Pearson
Paul Pearson 3 aylar önce
Richard love your videos cat fishing is what I love the most and any size is just fine please do some more catfish videos
Carole McConnell
Carole McConnell 3 aylar önce
Tryn to learn how to locate bigger fish.u just said it ,thanks ,good fishn &God bless you and your fishn abilites.....fishn 'is good fer ya ,I agree!!!
Dave Larson
Dave Larson 3 aylar önce
Might want to warn folks to never cut towards themselves, always cut towards your buddy. Helps avoid cutting yourself
Jerry Schisler
Jerry Schisler 3 aylar önce
Love your fishing videos...but please go buy a bigger net.
Robin Frazier
Robin Frazier 3 aylar önce
Did you know that any given day the earth is covered with clouds over 34 . Rob.
davy1458 4 aylar önce
Well you got me ....I subscribed! I grew up on the Ohio....my house was just above the bank growing up....fishing for cat fish has been a life long affair for me...I'm 42 now...I grew up on the Indiana side more or less across the river from Louisville ...I like what your doing and how you do it.
johnny willkie
johnny willkie 4 aylar önce
Man I would love to go with you one day. I don't have any luck myself at all. I fish in Stevenson, scottsboro, and guntersville be just can't find them. If you can point me to a good spot I would gladly appreciate it.
Jeanie Cassel
Jeanie Cassel 4 aylar önce
4 or 5 hours more like it. Might as well be reasonable !
James Meade
James Meade 4 aylar önce
i like the way he said quit it to that fish but i gotta say you caught some big flathead catfish and that blue.... nice catch brother
Kevin Long
Kevin Long 4 aylar önce
Hard to watch him fillet that shad towards his hand..!!! Wowza…!!!
Zach Martin
Zach Martin 5 aylar önce
I have the utmost respect for this guy... Such a wealth of knowledge.
grisseldog 5 aylar önce
You don’t like to eat catfish Gave you a thumbs down 👎
James Duncan
James Duncan 5 aylar önce
Your passion for fishing is awesome I grew in East TN. Slot of places you fish I know we'll keep it up brother
Richard Sommers
Richard Sommers 6 aylar önce
Dear Mr. Fishing machine....You should always cut sway from your hand not toward your hand. May save you some stitches one day. Love some Abu Garcia reels.
Austin Rabbitt
Austin Rabbitt 6 aylar önce
Flathead or blue either one will do!
Steve Fadrosh
Steve Fadrosh 6 aylar önce
Dan Raymond
Dan Raymond 6 aylar önce
I would love to fish with this guy!
vic 1964
vic 1964 6 aylar önce
My grandfather taught me as a little boy you never cut towards your hand ..but seems like you do great ..
Charles Sanders
Charles Sanders 6 aylar önce
Small bass brother, a number one best tasting fish out there. In my opinion lol
Tomas Padilla
Tomas Padilla 7 aylar önce
Where can I get that shirt Richard
The Ted
The Ted 7 aylar önce
Mr Gene - your videos are absolutely the best cuz you're engaging, informative, and entertaining all at once. I think your videos are so watchable because it's obvious that you are truly enjoying what you are doing.....and the endings.....I won't dare sign off until I've watched each one. Keep rolling and thanks for the great content.
Shah-Haan Pryce
Shah-Haan Pryce 7 aylar önce
Absolutely love your videos all the way from Atlanta ga I was wondering can you cut blue gill like slipper shad ?
Grayson Schlinker
Grayson Schlinker 7 aylar önce
I love the enthusiasm!! Ain’t nothing like them big ole flats!
John Beck
John Beck 7 aylar önce
Richard all fish is good, some is just a little better than the rest. Salmon to blue gill I eat all of them.
Mark Hall
Mark Hall 7 aylar önce
Hey Richard, my name is Mark Hall and I just got a kayak, I have fish for catfish on the bank of Sharon Harris Lake in NC and have caught a few 20 pounders, but I was wondering if you could give me a few tips on how to find big cats in big lakes, I have left messages to Justin Johnson and catfish Dave but have not got any responses, but I did see on one of catfish Dave 's videos that he said to watch you because you taught people how to fish, any tips would be appreciated, keep your videos coming I love them. Thank you
Trevor Finnan
Trevor Finnan 7 aylar önce
Thank you for this
ghetin knotabush
ghetin knotabush 7 aylar önce
...well, ye did it 2 yessef, mistr machine...u wanted a bign 2 bite & well...U GOT BIT!...(gotta stop hurtn yorself like that) hahaha
Dougie Mac
Dougie Mac 7 aylar önce
LOL!!!!!!! ❤💯❤
David Sherman
David Sherman 7 aylar önce
Got me excited too lol loved this video
Jesse Wood
Jesse Wood 7 aylar önce
My friend I don't know how many times before I learned that you have to let them take it before you set that hook or start reeling. To the new people targeting Flat head, this man just showed you the Bible on how to catch a big flat head. I've never did well on cut bait for flat head but I have caught a May on live bait just like that
Kaden333 7 aylar önce
just said small blue but bigger than all of my catches
Ricky Cook
Ricky Cook 8 aylar önce
You have probably forgot more than most of us will ever know about fishing!!! absolutely more knowledge than any person I've ever seen fishing!!! you are simply the best👍💯
Perfect Weather
Perfect Weather 8 aylar önce
After years of wanting a fishing boat I finally got one. I've been out in the Ocklawaha bunch of times I haven't caught anything...not even a stick. Anyone want to buy a bass boat? ...I quit.
Theyon Greyjoy
Theyon Greyjoy 8 aylar önce
Kayak Catfish replied: "I have reached out to him before. He never responded to my message."
Dan White
Dan White 8 aylar önce
Red Converse High-tops seem to bring you the best luck
Dan White
Dan White 8 aylar önce
King Richard.........much loved
James Low
James Low 8 aylar önce
thanks for startin my day with a smile yet again....Keep that line tight and your bait in the zone brother 🤠👍🏼
Paul hip-hop best
Paul hip-hop best 9 aylar önce
Like cat fishing God bless💯💯💯💯
Daniel Mills
Daniel Mills 9 aylar önce
man i love this guy such good energy and just an all around good guy always makes me laugh
Shane Whitfield
Shane Whitfield 10 aylar önce
This dude is genuinely dun to watch!!
Machinegun Preacher
Machinegun Preacher 10 aylar önce
I personally prefer kahle hooks for big chunks of cut bait. Are you using circles for sport, or do you prefer them outright for big cut bait?
Mr Lizard
Mr Lizard 11 aylar önce
That first fish he caught "it's a small one". You and I have a very different definition of small lol.
Toan Thieu
Toan Thieu Yıl önce
Hi Brother, Could you tell me where is the river?
Peoria Os
Peoria Os Yıl önce
Our family loves your videos. I wish they were a little longer.
Alan Couch
Alan Couch Yıl önce
What brand of rod holder do you have?
Steven Jennings
Steven Jennings Yıl önce
Awesome informative Video experience Y'alls God bless Ya Prayers 🙏
Allen Suber
Allen Suber Yıl önce
Great show
JohnnyRebKy Yıl önce
How much does it cost to go fishing with you lol 😅. Every person I know brags about their fishing then when I go we never catch a damn thing . I catch catch the fool out of bluegill but never had 50 cents worth of luck with cats. Well ACCEPT for my Grandpa when we used to go to Wheeler in Alabama but he's long gone now. He used to use jugs at wheeler and catch em as fast as I could get them in. I wish he stayed around longer
longbowbanjoAL Yıl önce
that island down river of you is a good spot for flat heads. im sure you have but you ever fished coon creek? its got some really big blues in really shallow water. we caught a 32 lb blue here other day at coon creek. also starky and bellefonte island are good places too. i drag fish a bunch and i love doing it around islands.
Geeze, give those fish to folks to who do eat them. What a waist.
Bad Texas Bill
Bad Texas Bill Yıl önce
I'd enjoy fishing with this guy. He reminds me of the folks I grew up with.
Robert Crowson
Robert Crowson Yıl önce
Watch out there catfish so big they can catch and eat you
Jonathan Carmley
Jonathan Carmley Yıl önce
"Oh my knee, dag gonnit" lol
ninja Godzilla
ninja Godzilla Yıl önce
This is my first time seein ur videos.i like you.i myself am going to start going for big flathead.i live real close to the arkansas river in south centeral arkansas.there are some big fish out here & i know of several areas that resemble the structure/drop off holes that you are fishing.its the dog days of summer but i aint got nothin better to do until bow season for deer starts so im goung for it.i know where to catch some live bream & get some fresh shad.i hope ur tecnique will work for me! Thanks for sharing ur adventure.from arkansas
Robin Whitley
Robin Whitley Yıl önce
Kevin Leopold
Kevin Leopold Yıl önce
What you rod and reel set up again?
Craig Travis
Craig Travis Yıl önce
Awesome video. I love your commentary!
Henry Kosky
Henry Kosky Yıl önce
You dah man Richie G
SAM Flynn
SAM Flynn Yıl önce
Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !
Gary Bramblett
Gary Bramblett Yıl önce
I just love your videos my friend
Keith Huskey
Keith Huskey Yıl önce
My biggest blue catfish is 83 pounds
Daniel Wright
Daniel Wright Yıl önce
I been fishing for kind of fish and we know where to fish at
Daniel Wright
Daniel Wright Yıl önce
Me And my Daddy fishing at young men's lake there kind of fish and that includes. Every lake we go oh also make sure you catch a big catfish flathead or a big blue.
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones Yıl önce
I wish I could go fishing with him
RiseUpYall Yıl önce
Great video. Is the deepest part of a river where the bigguns are?
Barrett Doyle
Barrett Doyle Yıl önce
do you ever use a bluegill as a flapper?
Josh Simpson
Josh Simpson Yıl önce
Ernest goes fishing ha live your videos bud
Far EastSide P.
Far EastSide P. Yıl önce
The fishing machine
Weak MoFo
Weak MoFo Yıl önce
First time watching you, INSTANT SUB!!!
terry beck
terry beck Yıl önce
Mr. Richard. I ALWAYS enjoy your videos.
I love my 6500 C3, great reel!
Kayak Shwackin
Kayak Shwackin Yıl önce
like a machine..
Tyrell Lovitt
Tyrell Lovitt Yıl önce
Mike Childress
Mike Childress Yıl önce
Love your channel great info and entertaining as heck
John Moos
John Moos Yıl önce
I like to eat 1 to 2 lb Channels. Other than that i dont eat many cats.
Chase Dehmlow
Chase Dehmlow Yıl önce
Quit! Yer whooped! Whooo!
Love the videos,but i cant take the camera movement
David Butler
David Butler Yıl önce
You make good videos keep up the good work
Benny Casillas
Benny Casillas Yıl önce
Glad to see you using Eagle Claw hooks. I probably plated that hook at one point being that I work for Eagle Claw. Love your videos bud
Adam Albert
Adam Albert Yıl önce
Thanks Richard for another good video.
Quick Mane
Quick Mane Yıl önce
How long should I wait before I set the hook on the catfish I noticed u waited a while before u started to pull him in
Yeak the Snake
Yeak the Snake Yıl önce
Love watching your catches brother. Very informative. Time to go fishing!
Fisher 247
Fisher 247 Yıl önce
What rod and reel is that
flippindocks Yıl önce
He said inside turns....and also said outside turns.... Which is it?
Larry Morris
Larry Morris Yıl önce
Love the T shirt Mr Machine! Go fishin when you can because it’s goooooooood for you!
Parker Garland
Parker Garland Yıl önce
I love the split flapper shad deal thats cool right there i love to watch old skool fishermen so much in info lovin it keep them lines tight
jeff snider
jeff snider Yıl önce
I catfish by myself on the Arkansas River. I would give my eye teeth to have a fun buddy like this to make memories with. Rock on man!
Chase N. Paper
Chase N. Paper 6 aylar önce
Ark River fisher in Kansas.....talk about hogg heaven 😁
Asiah Tenner
Asiah Tenner Yıl önce
I like the Arkansas River as well
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