How To Catch Gar ( Summer Tips And Techniques)

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Thanks for watch this video yall hope you enjoyed it like always! zave and I had a blast out here! its sucks i lost my spot but im working on that right now! but it made my day seeing zave catch other fish than bass! he now has a love for bowfin and gar like i do as well!

hope yall can take something from this video theses fish are so much fun to catch!! get out there and find out for your self!!

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till next time yall lippinbasstv

songs in video!!


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4 Tem 2019




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Frostizz 21 gün önce
i remember going down the everrglades and i hopped out on the side of the road and there are so many gars
St. Francis
St. Francis 2 aylar önce
Stop dipping. It’s disgusting and makes you look stupid.
Dr Feelsbadman
Dr Feelsbadman 2 aylar önce
catch/release/repeat….otherwise you have no respect for conservation
BIG LMNZtv 2 aylar önce
Just subbed bro! Let's link! And get on some bigs!
Steffane Rodriguez
Steffane Rodriguez 3 aylar önce
Dude I love that school water reflection in the background
TIGHTT88 3 aylar önce
You catch gar on 3 1/2 - 4 inch jerk baits. I have caught a 4ft gar on an Ozark Trail 4 inch blue jerk bait.
Ryan Stewart
Ryan Stewart 3 aylar önce
Is there a good time to fish for far? I know morning and evening but is it possible to go in the afternoon?
Zoomfn 4 aylar önce
What is a good size of hook, a bluegill hook or a small circle hook, because I have seen people use bluegill hooks and also small octopus hooks
Jon Propps
Jon Propps 4 aylar önce
If that first spot is a river or creek there is easement along any roads or river/creeks so unless it's a pond or lake that the guy owed u should be able to still fish there
Jestin Gravely
Jestin Gravely 5 aylar önce
Man I got a hole with thousands of them i. Tried everything u have shown me on your videos I still can't get a hook up lol It might be my rod im not sure love the videos thanks
John Rozycki
John Rozycki 6 aylar önce
I was wondering why my fingers were slit open too
Jonathan Curtis
Jonathan Curtis 6 aylar önce
Got my first 2 today great feeling
Tourette syndrome
Tourette syndrome 7 aylar önce
That was so cool it seemed like every time one of y’all hooked up the other did
Eddie Mason IV
Eddie Mason IV 7 aylar önce
When we went fishing two days ago and we caught a gar. We were not prepared to get a gar so we set it free.
Dr. Jacob Conway
Dr. Jacob Conway 7 aylar önce
My little girl’s favorite fish is a gar. Hope your tips help!
C x
C x 11 aylar önce
PLEASE DO NOT REPRODUCE OR RELEASE IT, KILL THEM IF YOU DON'T WANT THEM WITHOUT PASSING THEM TO SOMEONE WHO DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THAT WHAT HE SEES IN NORTHERN NATURE IS OFTEN NEWLY INTRODUCED, DANGEROUS AND LITTLE DOCUMENTED. This concerns in particular the spotted gar, oculatus lepisosteus or fongei oculatus, especially in Canada, in the northern United States and in the great lakes. Thanks for reading it. Complement: be aware that this fish (Lepisosteus or gar oculatus from North America) breathes in very shallow (1 to 5 inches of water) or less oxygenated water. It can stay alive out of water for long hours and will only get dehydrated after a long time. This one is not like other subspecies (lepisosteus oculatus, fongei or spotted gar), it spreads into new shallow waters forming hordes until there is no more territory to cover. .. stealthily awaits its prey. Given the lesser interest in its fishing for food compared to other native species removed from the ecosystem, it gradually occupies the space of all dominant predators. It becomes the undisputed predator of the ecosystem, nothing survives it given its ability to seek its prey anywhere and to develop there, this involves all the eggs, larvae and offspring in addition to the bait fish (food of all the others). It can grow 8 to 15 inches per year. On top of that, her eggs are poisoned and are not afraid of predation. With climate change (and easier aquarium maintenance), some people have helped with introductions and released some of it into lakes and streams, the latter quickly finding native breeding habitats, warmer shores, including staying while stretching. You end up as a gradual disaster in more northern ecosystems, where species are less accustomed to gradual or competitive evolution, unlike the southern states of the United States. It is not like those that have been found in their region for hundreds of years like the lepisosteus osseus or osseous which is also found in native Canada but which also benefits from the overfishing of others, an imbalance that makes more numerous and threatens the ecosystem. These are the new subspecies that are not original and threaten the entire original environment. It will cost efforts to preserve other species and for its elimination in areas it should never have visited in recent years. Just be open to it and don't communicate your preconception about anything that is not well known enough and too new for hard facts to be documented. This leads to unconscious behavior on ecosystems outside of secular areas of presence. Even if these facts are less documented from official works which are only in phase of awakening. You must know the subspecies in new territories (not of origin) and have seen it dissolve all species of fish, insects (dragonflies ...), ducks and others in a spawning ground managed by zombies and impetences who would have introduced her into a double false desire for conservation in order to fully understand ..
Eggcellent Gaming eggs
Eggcellent Gaming eggs 11 aylar önce
Where is this at? I would love to know so I can fish with my friends there.
El Hajj Malik El
El Hajj Malik El Yıl önce
Have you ever tried eating gar meat? It's pretty good. You should try it.
rick eggers
rick eggers Yıl önce
Going for gar..... use a small hook. The hook you are using in the start of video is huge and could miss the nose of the gar on each side, if that makes sense.
Greebies Jr
Greebies Jr Yıl önce
God dang how hard do you set the hook
Diego Alvarado
Diego Alvarado Yıl önce
yo this was crazy
Bad Texas Bill
Bad Texas Bill Yıl önce
They're always cruising by while I'm fishing, totally ignoring me. Then, when I reel in to re-cast, they follow the line, look at it, and leave
unseenoutdoors s
unseenoutdoors s Yıl önce
Do you work for abc supply or just a roofer?
I_Buy _Ur_Mom
I_Buy _Ur_Mom Yıl önce
7:57 Moral of story: *People Suck*
Its Bear
Its Bear Yıl önce
Today I was fishing on kayaks with my neighbor, and I hooked a gar perfectly, and landed it! I went to this vid because i wan to see if I did it right
Bad Texas Bill
Bad Texas Bill Yıl önce
Have you tried again? I see them all the time and have decided to catch one. We'll see what happens.
Maurice Śiv
Maurice Śiv Yıl önce
Didn’t know faze banks liked fishing
James Oaks
James Oaks Yıl önce
You look like my uncle
derper derp
derper derp Yıl önce
Cool video. How do you unhook them if they bite?
Elley Smith
Elley Smith Yıl önce
Nice fishing!
Elley Smith
Elley Smith Yıl önce
Sorry to hear about the spot.
Chemist Knight
Chemist Knight Yıl önce
So damn hard to hook a gar
Tman OutDoors
Tman OutDoors Yıl önce
A massive gar took my rod into the lake a few hours ago, tomorrow I’m gonna catch one and eat it for revenge
Christian Fuller
Christian Fuller Yıl önce
Did ya get one?
Chicano Outdoors
Chicano Outdoors Yıl önce
I left my tackle box open during the rain and all my hooks got rusty so now I have to buy new ones 😔
Chicano Outdoors
Chicano Outdoors Yıl önce
Jared krans yes
Hello_sup_1232 Yıl önce
Kickedbeast well did you get some
Landon Saunders
Landon Saunders Yıl önce
Hey today I was trying to catch a bass and hooked a gar by it’s fin and got it in the boat
pbjonesful Yıl önce
Hey, great video, thanks for the tips, going after my first gar later this afternoon. Sorry you got run off your spot.
jonas 24
jonas 24 Aylar önce
Im going far fishing Sunday
Stxrz Fn
Stxrz Fn 2 aylar önce
If anyone wants to learn about Jesus reply
Kayla Cannon
Kayla Cannon Yıl önce
Hope you catch one good luck
Adam Wrather
Adam Wrather Yıl önce
Anyone ever tell you that you look like FaZe Banks?
Akatsuki Nemo
Akatsuki Nemo Yıl önce
I just caught a gar with net I saw it and try to bet it but it ran away and I went down the pond and when I set the net flying it got caught it was tasty
Silas Bohlen
Silas Bohlen Yıl önce
Sick video man. I'm gonna try fishing for gar this summer and learned alot from your video. Love that you released them too. Tight lines brother
Dave Danker
Dave Danker Yıl önce
It is always those OTHER people that ruin it.
Blue Collar Jason
Yeah dude I fish for far in this creek outside my town and it's a public spot people been going to for generations.... These assholes gotta come trash the place all the time. I used to spend every Saturday morning before I fished picking up trash. I fucking hate that shit man. Folks come in and just leave all their bullshit behind. It's enough to raise your blood pressure.
Megatron Yıl önce
Wait come up for air?
Jacob Roberts
Jacob Roberts Yıl önce
Would 10lb mono be alright for fish of this size maybe a bit smaller?
Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa Yıl önce
It’s not uncommon to catch fish around 10-15 pounds on 5 pound test. Just gotta use your rod right and it makes for an insane fight.
LippinBassTV Yıl önce
It could just make sure it’s open water no snags!
Dennis Lane
Dennis Lane Yıl önce
Bo fin is delicious feila them cook them in beer batter becareful I lost a nice chunk of finger on the bow find teath .it ( Hurt bad
M Yıl önce
Hey mate, what makes you think theyre smarter than avg fish? Very interested in this species so anything you can share would be appreciated!
LippinBassTV Yıl önce
Think what u want bud but I know my Gar thanks for watching
LippinBassTV Yıl önce
They’re actually not they’ve been alive longer than you bud
Skyler Farlow
Skyler Farlow Yıl önce
For one they are super sensitive to the type of hook you use because they can feel a treble hook if you use it
Ward Point Ranch
Ward Point Ranch 2 yıl önce
Gloves are your friend when it comes to Gar. You can use rope lures to catch them and not worry about the hookset or gut hooking them. Thanks for releasing them and not leaving them to die like a lot of people do.
Skyler Farlow
Skyler Farlow Yıl önce
I have never been bit by a bowfin or a gar suprisingly
LippinBassTV 2 yıl önce
Angling Aviator Of course man thanks for watching I will protect these fish until I die glad there’s some other anglers out there that will do the same!
Michael Monnier
Michael Monnier 2 yıl önce
These are small compared to what I've caught lol
Michael Monnier
Michael Monnier 2 yıl önce
@LippinBassTV Probably the best fight out there for fresh water, good eating too!
LippinBassTV 2 yıl önce
Michael Monnier I’ve caught bigger bud
Chrissy Holloway
Chrissy Holloway 2 yıl önce
3rd time watchIng this video gets better every time !!!!!!! You are amazing
Alberto Acosta
Alberto Acosta 2 yıl önce
Gar Kayak Fishing! trvid.com/video/video-6cMhk4kpzQU.html
Moore Outdoors
Moore Outdoors 2 yıl önce
That first hook set😂 he really wanted it😂 nice vid
UltimateNinja1984 2 yıl önce
Sandy Creek off of Highway 401 Has some nice Gar/Jack Fish.
Shawn K
Shawn K 2 yıl önce
Probably won't have a bottom lip later on in life...
John Mexican
John Mexican 2 yıl önce
Are those needle nose or alligator gar
Skyler Farlow
Skyler Farlow Yıl önce
Those gar were long nose gar
Olympic Justice
Olympic Justice 2 yıl önce
John Mexican needle nose gar alligator gar have thicker nose and they look like alligator
Gerald Jemar
Gerald Jemar 2 yıl önce
U should put a small bowfin in your tank
Mikayla Reebenaker
Mikayla Reebenaker 2 yıl önce
Thank you this was really helpful cant wait to try these tips
Peeling Line
Peeling Line 2 yıl önce
Great catches. Yeah gotta be carerful handling the gar. I've had them mess up my hand too. Try using 1/0 circle hooks for the bowfin. You hook them in the soft corner of the mouth every time and you don't have to lay into them just reel. Too bad about losing the spot but I understand the owners point of view from what I've seen of other fishermen.
G 2 yıl önce
Been there the other day it was good fishing. Great video
Cory Snyder
Cory Snyder 2 yıl önce
I’m coming to Florida in September. I’d love to do some fishing out your way! Great video. Sucks about your spot. Give the person a month or two and then go talk to them. Once they run the problem folks off, they might let you back on. I’ve had that happen before.
Marshall Hurt
Marshall Hurt 2 yıl önce
Great video as always, nice fishing
Jesse Stephens
Jesse Stephens 2 yıl önce
Awesome video! The bowfin and gar are definitely some of the coolest freshwater fish in North America!
Skyler Farlow
Skyler Farlow Yıl önce
400 million years and they are still here
LippinBassTV 2 yıl önce
Jesse Stephens for sure man thanks for watching brother!
Cameron Owen
Cameron Owen 2 yıl önce
Quote of the day " Okay y'all need to quit doin that" I'm laughin hard. Sorry for your hand man comes with they territory of fishin.
LippinBassTV 2 yıl önce
Cameron Owen hahah thanks man for watching!!
Will Wilcox
Will Wilcox 2 yıl önce
When a bowfin is hungry they'll hit anything. Fun fish to catch, sucks you got run off from your spot!
Will Wilcox
Will Wilcox 2 yıl önce
@LippinBassTV two years ago I was fishing behind a statehighpatrol station in Smithfield NC fishing with a 6inch senko, caught about a 8 pound bowfin haha
LippinBassTV 2 yıl önce
Will919 you got that right man and I’m working on it hopefully I’ll be back soon!!
1Cast 1Fish
1Cast 1Fish 2 yıl önce
Gar are super fun...we were getting a ton a few weeks ago...but slowed now that the spawn is over.
LippinBassTV 2 yıl önce
That’s awesome man glad other people are catching them thanks for watching
Chrissy Holloway
Chrissy Holloway 2 yıl önce
Awesome day !!! For the two of you ..... great video, enjoyed watching it .....
LippinBassTV 2 yıl önce
Thank you so much for watching
I'm going fishing
I'm going fishing 2 yıl önce
I gotta take a trip to fish with you been a while...
LippinBassTV 2 yıl önce
Hook'em with Whispering walt for sure man thanks for watching
Tyler Trotter
Tyler Trotter 2 yıl önce
Nice day of fishing! Never have caught bowfin or gar but ill definitely have to try now! Keep up the great vids!
LippinBassTV 2 yıl önce
Tyler Trotter Appreciate the comment man thanks for watching
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