How To Catch Gar EASY! Simple Gar Fishing Rig!

Richard Gene The Fishing Machine
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Folk's, today I show a simple, easy way to catch Gar on Rod and Reel! We talk Gar Fishing rigs, setup, tips, and much more! I hope you enjoy the video!

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Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort.




27 Ağu 2020




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fishing in the south us
that fish is the fish ive tried ten years to catch now i feel a bit closer to getting my trophy!
jonas 24
jonas 24 6 gün önce
Im going gar fishing Sunday I hope I can catch a big one
Fk thebullshit
Fk thebullshit 26 gün önce
That intro was pure gold. Didnt understand a word but knew exactly what you were saying
nick Barrow
nick Barrow Aylar önce
Nice fishing Sir. But why do you grab them by their snout?
Christopher Thames
Christopher Thames 2 aylar önce
I could just imagine this man watching a Bama football game "WOOOOOOO Lets score anothern" lol
Jt Bunker
Jt Bunker 3 aylar önce
Wtf was he saying
W M 4 aylar önce
This is what everyone outside of the States thinks Americans are
Al Petkiewicz
Al Petkiewicz 4 aylar önce
The intro was pure Ninja! 😎💯❤️
Al Petkiewicz
Al Petkiewicz 4 aylar önce
I love this man! Great channel and the cure for depression. 🙏❤️
Gabe Johnson
Gabe Johnson 4 aylar önce
is there no leader?
Bucket Mouth Inc
Bucket Mouth Inc 4 aylar önce
8:57 😆
rj gordan
rj gordan 5 aylar önce
I seen a far today In the lake by my house, had to find out how to catch em 🎣
Dave Miller
Dave Miller 5 aylar önce
“Put the steel to him” 😂
Jackson Bordelon
Jackson Bordelon 5 aylar önce
I would like this video 10 times again if I could, I have been catching gar in my creek, and I love taking people and seeing their reaction to catching them, and you just real fun to watch.
Michael Griffis
Michael Griffis 5 aylar önce
Gar are good for the Gar den.
erk berk135
erk berk135 5 aylar önce
I'm harny for gar
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown 6 aylar önce
What the fuck is he saying
Clyde Darrin Myers
Clyde Darrin Myers 6 aylar önce
Gar are amazingly delicious. I don’t understand why more anglers don’t keep them.
Xueq 6 aylar önce
Thanks for the tutorial. I'm gonna try this.
Ryan Walden
Ryan Walden 7 aylar önce
Richard I can’t express how much I love your videos! Fishing lies heavily on my heart as well!! Entertaining,educational,& funny, and what an enjoyable example for our youth! Keep making them! I wish you good health and well-being, we just need to get you a UGA hat instead of that bama hat to wear!👍😉
Starrlight 8 aylar önce
RG. God Bless! You crack me up. I really enjoy the information that you share. Thank You.
Fishing Hippie
Fishing Hippie 10 aylar önce
Caught a 51 inch one once, fight of my lifetime
Bryce McGowan
Bryce McGowan 11 aylar önce
First 30 seconds of this video and I already knew I had to subscribe
Aadan Langley
Aadan Langley Yıl önce
Or how do you catch them
Aadan Langley
Aadan Langley Yıl önce
Where do you catch your shad and minnows
cjl troll
cjl troll Yıl önce
How come you don't use a swivel? Just curious
Avelina Todd
Avelina Todd Yıl önce
your videos give me pure joy keep doing what you are doing
FishingIsNeat Yıl önce
Longnose gar are super fun to fight.
Randy Wilson
Randy Wilson Yıl önce
How do u choose the rod and reel to take
Lumber Jaxe
Lumber Jaxe Yıl önce
The Intro kept me hanging around!
Go fishing it's good for ya!
Joshua Reynolds
Joshua Reynolds Yıl önce
Richard Gene is the best Woooooo!!!!!
Joshua Roberts
Joshua Roberts Yıl önce
We got long nose gar in my part of the Tennessee river 5 and 6 foot long I've caught a few on cut bait while fishing for catfish I was pulled a half of a mile against the current by one on my kayak
Allen Mcdowell
Allen Mcdowell Yıl önce
Do put weight on when you fishing for gar
Nathanial 19
Nathanial 19 Yıl önce
Man you're awsome dude 😂
Mike Faulkner
Mike Faulkner Yıl önce
Trash fish. Just crack them across them the head and let them sink
War Eagle Fishing
dadburndogonewoooo I'm talkin woo!
All Over The Lake
Have you ever eaten gar? One day i plan to give it a try!👍👊🎣🔥💥
Trina Tyler
Trina Tyler Yıl önce
God bless you too.
thunder god
thunder god Yıl önce
Look here, I want yall to look what a fisherman. My my my my my hes a goodun! RGTFM, the greatest fishermen to walk the planet!!!!
Timothy Openshaw
Timothy Openshaw Yıl önce
We love you too. Thanks for all the time you spend on your viedos we look foward to each one...Tim Openshaw...got the hat and i ware it every day.
Dill Pickle
Dill Pickle Yıl önce
@8:57 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Refan GL
Refan GL Yıl önce
Duck Brian
Duck Brian Yıl önce
Get a top water bait that makes lots of splash and noise. You really don’t hook them, keep pressure on the line. To reel them in. At the boat have a dip net or slack the line. Which ever one you like.
J S Yıl önce
Love your videos fishing dad we never had
Jeff Downs
Jeff Downs Yıl önce
Great video
bobby newton
bobby newton Yıl önce
Nice fishing Richard enjoyed so much God Bless
Tyler Luck
Tyler Luck Yıl önce
Ole Richard is about the only person that will undersize his fish when he's guessing length. I know some guys that would have said that was at least 40.
Pescador Gallo97
Pescador Gallo97 Yıl önce
I'm going to try this! Almost every time I hook gar they manage to get away in the last moment.
pressure drop
pressure drop Yıl önce
Those are some beautiful fish... Thanks Richard!
ms. ogynous
ms. ogynous Yıl önce
I guessed 36...WOOOOOOO
say do you have any white perch down there? id like to see you target that
gamakatsu are the best,,btw im surprised you dont need a steel wire leader on these monsters like they do for pike
nice t shirt ,,wooooooo
saw a vid by mr houston catching a monster gar im talkin monster im talking dinosaur,looked like a submarine rising when caught and a gator going back to the water when being released ,200lb sog
well i had nothing to do and felt like going fishin so i said to ma self let's see what mr gene is up to and bang boom another adventure wooooh im talking woohh
David Dura
David Dura Yıl önce
I believe in a pinch they can GULP air......very hardy animal......they are survivors!
David Dura
David Dura Yıl önce
Dead minners, Needle-nose Gar love em......caught 4 in 1 night near a marina here in Dallas area....lotsa fun.....grew up in Wisconsin, and they fight like Northern Pike.....
PostalBound Yıl önce
No matter what kind of day I'm having, Richard Gene puts a smile on my face. Thanks Richard from all of us. God Bless.
Tony J
Tony J Yıl önce
Really enjoy your videos until you start acting crazy. I usually fast forward past the stupidity. Thumbs up though.
marcus shanklin
marcus shanklin Yıl önce
Man I love your shoes
Nathan Liles
Nathan Liles Yıl önce
BlancosFamilyFarm 3 aylar önce
Amen brother Nathan 🙏
truth matters
truth matters Yıl önce
gar are considered by most to be a nuisance. however they do have a purpose , some consider their eggs to be a palatable substitute for caviar. therefore if one actually fishes for and catches them on purpose the task is to remove the egg-sack then toss the carcass on the bank to feed racoons, opossums, etc.
Mark Bonham
Mark Bonham Yıl önce
The ol' "steel in the snoot", trick.
Richard Good
Richard Good Yıl önce
Your buddy Jimmy Houston caught a monster gar 131 lb.
Richard Good
Richard Good Yıl önce
Great post of Billy Graham story.
Bass Boss Outdoors
great video. dropped a sub hope you can do the same
FishingWithMike Yıl önce
Idk if richard responds. But me and my dad are driving up from tuscaloosa to fish Guntersville tomorrow evening. Only place I'm aware of is the boat ramp down past the lodge of 227. In the state park. Richard where should we go for the best bank fishing? Or anyone for that matter. Dad starts chemo next week so I wanna put him on a hog
B G Yıl önce
We have Gar everywhere in Oklahoma. Horrible trying to fish the river during the Gar Pre spawn. I hate them.
Eric The Red
Eric The Red Yıl önce
Richard thank you for posting these awesome videos I’m pretty new to bass fishing and I’m learning a lot from you. Today I caught my PB large mouth it was about 5 pounds and on a whopper plopper! But I caught it with my best friend two days before I leave for boot camp for the Coast Gaurd thank you for everything you’re a true inspiration!
Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva
These fish are beautiful, congratulations fisherman your fishing was incredible. Hug!👍😉
Jaxson Ariel
Jaxson Ariel 2 aylar önce
@Ralph Paxton Glad I could help :)
Ralph Paxton
Ralph Paxton 2 aylar önce
@Jaxson Ariel Thanks, I went there and it seems like they got a lot of movies there =) I really appreciate it !
Jaxson Ariel
Jaxson Ariel 2 aylar önce
@Ralph Paxton flixportal :D
Ralph Paxton
Ralph Paxton 2 aylar önce
i know I am pretty randomly asking but do anybody know a good website to watch newly released tv shows online?
2 Ol' Vets
2 Ol' Vets Yıl önce
Might get around to going after some one of these days
Camo Crappie
Camo Crappie Yıl önce
Was crappie fishing this morning and it was slow. Saw a ton of gar and tried this. We ended up catching 8 on crappie tackle. It was a lot of fun. We didn’t have leather gloves so will have to add them to the boat.
Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas Yıl önce
Richard do you ever or would you ever take a person to catch a big cat ? Man I’m not joking I have tried and tried for 2 years to catch a big cat and have tried everything and been to all the places folks have instructed me to go and even sat there for 7 hours straight and not a single hit 🤷🏻‍♂️ I been watching your videos for a good while and dang man you seem to catch em with ease and I’m over like mannnnn I would love to do that lol . The biggest i have caught is 11 pound channel smh ... I have all the gear . Just can’t seem to land one of these beautiful monsters . Is there a way to get in touch with ya and perhaps come catch one with ya too ... thanks for all the inspiration brother and god bless
Theo Isaac
Theo Isaac Yıl önce
Gregory Vrooman
Gregory Vrooman Yıl önce
All them gar around ya I think i'd use a cast net.
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Yıl önce
Awesome videos Richard ! Can't find a hoodie that says "And REMEMBER ! GO fishin when ya can ! Cuz it's...... " In your merch... " let's go catch another one.."
Heck yeah that looked like fun. I caught a 51 1/4 inch gar in the late 90's here in SC
roger funk
roger funk Yıl önce
How are you hooking them
Joel Henderson
Joel Henderson Yıl önce
God bless you Richard Gene I love you to but I ain't gona kiss ya!
Garry Millwood
Garry Millwood Yıl önce
Never been gar fishing but you made it look fun . thank you
paul platt
paul platt Yıl önce
Yes Sir!
Devin Dith
Devin Dith Yıl önce
8:56 Those random goofy moments where you just make random noises is what got me hooked to these videos. Please never stop those😂
monkey stuff
monkey stuff Yıl önce
Your awesome
Gus Robinson
Gus Robinson Yıl önce
If I was fishing gar I would ware gloves to they stink plus the teeth
Ben B.
Ben B. Yıl önce
The best way for me to catch them is on a fly rod actually. Haven't perfected the hook set but I know you like fly fishing.
Gary Keller
Gary Keller Yıl önce
why you're my favorite. I love to catch everything that swims.
Leatherneck 2038
Leatherneck 2038 Yıl önce
They are beautiful fish. I love to just watch them swim by my boat.
The Minimalist Fisherman
Y'all ever eat 'em? I saw a bunch in Arkansas last weekend.
Adam Albert
Adam Albert Yıl önce
Love you too Richard, keep doing what you're doing. God Bless and say hello to Momma Sue.
kai Esrom
kai Esrom Yıl önce
Richard Gene could catch a fish out of a hat full of riverwater
kai Esrom
kai Esrom Yıl önce
I'm going to have to get me some of those red Converse all Stars like Richard
Greenpea Yıl önce
I've watched you catch those with a piece of string.
Finna Fish
Finna Fish Yıl önce
If it wasn't official before it sure is now! Richard you are a master! I thought you only resorted to using rope lures for longnose. You never cease to amaze me, and what pound flourocarbon leader did you say?? Mad man!
Clark O'Bannon
Clark O'Bannon Yıl önce
I love your Fishing Videos Mr. Gene. God bless you. :)
Bradley Jones
Bradley Jones Yıl önce
Can you clean Gar and eat the meat? I always been told they don't taste good
Terry Eastep
Terry Eastep Yıl önce
It takes a real man to say I love ya. We love you too uncle Richard. 😙
Steven Jennings
Steven Jennings Yıl önce
Awesome informative Video experience Y'alls God bless Y'alls
Josh&Jo Productions
Happy birthday Richard. I always love what you do. Keep up the good work.
Lanse McLain
Lanse McLain Yıl önce
I would imagine like bass gar have pecking orders. So the best spots go to the biggest baddest. Maybe the ones that seem low on energy get the lesser areas. With it being as hot as it is the better spots have more oxygen this time of year. So the stronger fish possibly get more oxygen. Just a thought.
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