How to Beat The HIGH SCHOOL DEATH GAME in "King's Game 2"

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You’ve been forced into another high school death game and all of your classmates are dying AGAIN.
You're the only one who knows what's about to happen, and you'll need to escape the same game again that won't stop until you DIE. What do you do? I’m going to break down the mistakes made, what you should do, and how to beat King’s Game part 2.

Narrated by Griffin Shoemaker
Directed by Albert Pranoto and Dom Jeswal
Written by Dom Jeswal
Edited by Albert Pranoto

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22 Eyl 2021




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Pratibha Saxena
Pratibha Saxena 12 saatler önce
There is no way to beat king's game-
Vanessa Muñoz
Vanessa Muñoz 20 saatler önce
Me a black hair girl with short hair: Welp looks like I would sacrifice myself to my boyfriend 🧍🏻‍♀️ Me and my ace and aromatic: Wait.... does that mean I find someone 💃🏻✨
CY LIM Gün önce
How to beat squid's game: Don't get a phone
Aylin Cisneros
Aylin Cisneros 2 gün önce
Isn't this also a real life show(acting show)
commandervulkan 2 gün önce
...Drop out of fucking school because clearly after the 2nd or 3rd time it's safe to call it a trend with you as the focus
Joe Jesus Jr.
Joe Jesus Jr. 2 gün önce
I thought this looked familiar. An creepy ass anime game on my phone a couple years ago.
Alvirus 4 gün önce
Green Bean
Green Bean 4 gün önce
Ok but I would have paid to see the girl who dr0wn3d herself go to the afterlife just to see Nobu and his girlfriend 💀
Axl Fernandez
Axl Fernandez 4 gün önce
Kings game is a way to escape reality where you can be at peace
Nothing 0779
Nothing 0779 4 gün önce
I was so nervous when it was 11:59pm lol
Leesa063 5 gün önce
My guy I think your to smart for this world
SEN.Overlord 5 gün önce
Such a sad anime
OMEGA SHARK 5 gün önce
not gonna lie that virus looks like covid lol
Ducky the Great
Ducky the Great 5 gün önce
the virus only goes to schools and they are dumb enough to keep going to SCHOOLS
Helen Lockley
Helen Lockley 6 gün önce
natsuko or whatever her name was you could easily have found out that she had a crush on Nobu 1 because like the way she kissed him just to survive 2 like SHE SAID SHE HAD FEELINGS FOR HIM and 3 she said he looked like her old bf which is wierd cause Nobu's old gf died when he first played and natsuko's bf died as well COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT
I like Memes
I like Memes 7 gün önce
All the Japanese school animes are literally just Killing killing murder death
Hyplone 75
Hyplone 75 7 gün önce
Is that the same teacher
Raccoon Yew
Raccoon Yew 7 gün önce
The King's Game virus sounds like a narcissistic-sadistic-misanthropic-attention-seeking little germ to me.
Cat Wilson
Cat Wilson 7 gün önce
If this was only happening in high schools then I would ask to home schooled and tell my mom and dad that everyone hates me and bullies me great idea?
Cat Wilson
Cat Wilson 7 gün önce
O.M.G. he said and that happen when he was making the video so yeah he did not say it when I commented it okay well your know anyway bye
Cat Wilson
Cat Wilson 7 gün önce
Okay so the person the is the king for now would order everyone must die but them
Bhavi Tarun Ch
Bhavi Tarun Ch 8 gün önce
Use jammer so that virus won't get orders and don't trigger
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 8 gün önce
Badass charac in thai anime its " the virus " the most badass
Semi 8 gün önce
ah yes, this boy is 100% trying to rape this girl even though he publicly stated he would rather die than kiss her. No holes in that. None at all.
jcjiii 8 gün önce
Gril brakes other girls ding other girl is ok white whaaaaaat
Rice 8 gün önce
DreamVille HQ
DreamVille HQ 9 gün önce
wait how did they not all die after jumping nobu???????????????
Trysten Francis
Trysten Francis 9 gün önce
This is why you wear a mask people.
Bruhsubheh 9 gün önce
how to beat kings game go home schooled XD
Kattlarv 9 gün önce
Wait... wasn't attacking classmates forbidden? xD And they all do it like, 20 seconds later xD
Kelly 9 gün önce
Where the fuck did Natsuko get a chainsaw
Caerus 10 gün önce
How to beat kings game: be the camera man
ILoveDoggys Sirbike
ILoveDoggys Sirbike 10 gün önce
Pog shes just like my mom :D
Pierre Seludo
Pierre Seludo 10 gün önce
Someone whos watching this in 2022 (GoodLuck)
Jason Irons
Jason Irons 10 gün önce
when the guy became the king and had the option to make one order, why didnt he make an order that says everyone is the winner of the game.
78_ Mary
78_ Mary 9 gün önce
ikr? there are always so many options to try out like these people whenever they recieve an order to become king also chose the dumbest thing as a king
JustAnotherFreak 10 gün önce
Gold Gamer
Gold Gamer 11 gün önce
to be fair about the last part the kings never said the parts had to be living just that it had to be your classmates so couldnt you use a few of the dead student bodies
tyrone rolle
tyrone rolle 11 gün önce
This is the best how to beat channal
Naurtooobi Okwuban Obi
Plz what anime is this
Dylan Le
Dylan Le 11 gün önce
Jc1_sans, SofiaTkT0kss
How to beat it: Don’t be Animated and stop going to school.
Tywin Lannister
Tywin Lannister 12 gün önce
How to beat Kings Game (or THE ONLY REAL WAY TO WIN); Dont fucking watch that trash in the first place. Lol.
Just some kid
Just some kid 12 gün önce
TopShowVideo7 12 gün önce
Bruh you can't beat the damn thing. It's basically cancer at its last stage and you have less than 24 hours
How to beat the kings game: dont have a phone its that ez
ChrisJZed1997 Stormzone
TheDarkShark 13 gün önce
This is sad how stupid they are when someone has the ability to make his own order just say everybody must die except me and boom ez win edit: btw when i heard the name natsuko, im like: nezuko?!?!?!
Силва Дешпинола Дима да
The first person to read this will be the one invited, I mean, forced to play the King's Game with the rest of one's family.
kat「かや」 13 gün önce
easier way to beat kings game: dont go to school or just dont buy a phone
spino spino
spino spino 13 gün önce
when you play pokemon as the pokemon LOL
thekori<3 14 gün önce
How to beat kings game : just don’t go to school 🏫 ❌ Also he’s the king 🤴 but he denied at first of being king 🤴 So now kings game revolve around him
Cursed Account
Cursed Account 14 gün önce
free pass
Valo rant
Valo rant 14 gün önce
How to beat the game don't own any form of electric device
Prince Tadros The II
Prince Tadros The II 14 gün önce
Why go to school when there is a chance it might be a death game
jacy 14 gün önce
kinda reminds me of danganronpa
Jean Pedersen
Jean Pedersen 15 gün önce
where the part 3 XD
Banana Boi
Banana Boi 15 gün önce
King game 2
Wladi East Drive
Wladi East Drive 15 gün önce
Umm you know That the King will kill you cos That Dude , didn't sent him the message
Thanancha Chokdee
Thanancha Chokdee 15 gün önce
Your the best and being scary. But sometime you make me scared
Hoosier Daddy
Hoosier Daddy 15 gün önce
Elaina-chan 15 gün önce
I'm happy that he and his gf atleast got a happy ending
Moo Bear
Moo Bear 15 gün önce
If I was in that world I would not have a phone in the first place.🙂
MeRLiNsBarT 15 gün önce
There is actually a very good way to win. Just don't go out. Invest money and only order food.
the GOAT
the GOAT 16 gün önce
I have an idea to win this win tha game and.... DONT GO TO FUCKING SCHOOL
Frajarf47 16 gün önce
Kings game virus is the most mess up virus ive ever seen
Allstargaming 16 gün önce
How to beat the Kings Game: Just become a serial killer
bread guy
bread guy 16 gün önce
“Till humanity ends” But humanity won’t because some people completed college
Mitchell Bunny
Mitchell Bunny 17 gün önce
That poor blue gift giving kid
Layla Dabboussy
Layla Dabboussy 17 gün önce
The thing about death games is that it’s there one survivor so I would trie making friends with everyone like REAL GOOD FRIENDS and then They would sacrifice they’re lives for me but if they don’t wen I get the king I’ll make an order that for the next 2 days or more everyone needs to protect me including sacrificing they’re lives for me .thank you .
bisheklol 18 gün önce
Hmm.. Next video: How to beat Euphoria Maybe not Actually dont
apex2000 18 gün önce
Oh the live action film was based on this. OK why havent i had a Battle Royale Anime yet? Already had, Novel, Manga, & 2 films.
VYLIN 18 gün önce
It was fun watching this anime
Banana_Pancake 18 gün önce
I'd tell them to block the number, that it's a prank.
Banana_Pancake 18 gün önce
Quick work, easy finish.
Scarlett RXD
Scarlett RXD 18 gün önce
Oh shit I just watched this as I’m gonna sleep now I’m gonna dream about this
jozef angelo omococ
jozef angelo omococ 18 gün önce
just take a fricking vaccine
Gandolf Merlin
Gandolf Merlin 18 gün önce
This anime was soo legendary bad i loved every minute I mean COMPUTER VIRUS VIRUS!?!? You can’t make this shizz up
ShinRB♤ 19 gün önce
If there's no internet no kings game If there's no phones no kings game If there's no school no kings game If there's no kings game there's no kings game
Severia 19 gün önce
was king's game part 1 an anime too? made into an adaptation?
supersayian621 19 gün önce
Wait i just noticed a plot hole i thought one of the rules was no attacking other players? so then how did those people not die when they attacked Nobu when that girl shouted to make it seem like he assaulted her? lol
Chukwuma Okoroji
Chukwuma Okoroji 19 gün önce
You should do how to beat the future diary
wwbody work
wwbody work 19 gün önce
Literally obsessed with these how to beat channels. Best binge watching experience. Coming next: how to beat my obsession with these videos (spoiler it involves more binge watching) Love you guys! Thanks for the content
Dftcyhhmtcugciyfi Gvjhjhfiycjhg8y
How to survive sword art online please
W1ld 19 gün önce
SSM Salty
SSM Salty 19 gün önce
I think you forgot that when they die they are erased from existence and there photos are gone. The live action was the same because even there parents and teachers forgot about them. Their desks and belongings were gone to. So showing the pictures to people would not work.
SSM Salty
SSM Salty 19 gün önce
Oh nvm, the live action was different
Ana Vaca
Ana Vaca 19 gün önce
Is ending the game while being a king forbidden because they keep wasting their chances of finally ending it all and I’m pretty sure if the student is the king they can’t get punished since they are the king for that round
Star Studio
Star Studio 19 gün önce
Natsuko needs to take that L
Star Studio
Star Studio 19 gün önce
War Axe BS
War Axe BS 19 gün önce
Amir Ismail
Amir Ismail 19 gün önce
Squid Game in anime version
coolman 19 gün önce
Thanks I have a new anime to watch
Sadkid 19 gün önce
Superby 20 gün önce
How to beat kings game: finish highschool
NormalTophat 20 gün önce
Lowest homocide, Highest suicide :D
EdEddNEddy4Ever 20 gün önce
I never understood why when somebody gets to be the king for the next order they don’t just say everyone in the class will be king for the next week and then each of them individually order that they are permanently exempt from the game and it’s punishments.
Gospodin kokos
Gospodin kokos 20 gün önce
So we know king is a virus but if u translate king in Spanish it will be corona
Vincent Clint&Clark
Vincent Clint&Clark 20 gün önce
How to beat this game? Well.... 1. No phone 2. Just absent in the first day in your class 3. Just throw your phone if u see an text of *"this is the kings game"* game before it said "in 24hrs" Edit: dont go on japan school
Larry Chen
Larry Chen 20 gün önce
when the classmates attacked nobu shouldnt they just all died because it is deemed forbidden to hurt another classmate by the king
Shamraaz Johnson
Shamraaz Johnson 20 gün önce
This is why the anime is so stupid, the fact that the chick is so obviously evil yet everybody just lets her do whatever the fk she wants, like why did nobody try to stop her in the breaking fingers game, why did nobody then try to break her fingers in the game, no convincing necessary as she just revealed how crazy she is, so stupid
Arcuri Family
Arcuri Family 20 gün önce
I would have said something like everyone but whatever my name is must die in a peaceful way or everyone must be saved that is currently alive in this class and will live for a hundred years
• a1k0ch4n •
• a1k0ch4n • 20 gün önce
I regret watching the anime lol, the live action is better-🗿
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