How To Beat EVERY TRAP In "Escape Room 2"

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If you were trapped in a deadly escape room, what do you do?

Thank you for watching Escape Room: Tournament of Champions explained and review of how to beat.

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19 Eyl 2021




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Cinema Summary
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Install Mech Arena for Free 🤖 IOS/ANDROID: clcr.me/CinemaSummary_MA and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days
Milanhvn Gün önce
This game is a big copy of war robots tho
Jay Street
Jay Street 2 gün önce
@Cinema Summary I used your link but didn’t get the advertised rewards
illqsion 5 gün önce
I watch all your videos!!!! Love itttt!!
illqsion 5 gün önce
SupermarketSweep777 9 gün önce
You actually made an error during the Acid Rain room. At 29:09 where you state the idea of crawling under the taxi, you can actually see sections that dropped down when the taxi door closed. (For best view, look at underside of the trunk of the taxi and by the rear wheel. If you follow down you can see the whole section.) One of the two might be able to curve their body semi-parallel under the back of the trunk, but there's not room for both.
Floppy Fish101
Floppy Fish101 2 saatler önce
Huh ? I feel like there are two different versions of the second movie I definitely watch a different version because in the version that I watched zoe fell through the taxi thing and then woke up in a crib and her friend from the other movie was there and told Zoe that she made this game
Nicholas Ordish
Nicholas Ordish 3 saatler önce
when you put so much weight on the tile... why would you go fully onto the tile knowing lazers come out the middle of them. just stand on the edge?
Zchjnjn Hmmbv
Zchjnjn Hmmbv 5 saatler önce
RandomKatey 5 saatler önce
Um... call me crazy but I saw this movie in the theatres with my little cousin, and the beginning, as well as the end, were completely different. It was that lady from the first movie that had a daughter and was forced to make these trails, you know the one that fell in that upside down room. Then also at the end we find out these trails were just to get the main character on a plane. Just I dunno, I liked the movie I saw better...
Bio Zombie
Bio Zombie 11 saatler önce
32:11 That guy has better trigger disciplined than Alec Baldwin.
theking 325
theking 325 11 saatler önce
Solution: Just don’t be in an escape room duh
DBKWK 9 12 saatler önce
Didn't know this was planned to come out, didn't even know it did
ItsYourBoyRed 13 saatler önce
But there is acid under the car its rain it will get under the taxi and burn them
thenew_zack2009 Gün önce
Solution be Zoey
🖤 Gün önce
Is no one gonna talk how different the actors look from the first movie…like look at Ben, Zoey and Amanda-
Parsa Alaghemand
Parsa Alaghemand Gün önce
4:04 i dont even have friends :(
Katie F
Katie F Gün önce
Let's go Brandon
Alan Tan
Alan Tan Gün önce
terrifying 😥😥
Bonnie Howell
Bonnie Howell Gün önce
I didn't even know they made a sequel to this movie..
{*Its_cookie*} Gün önce
Just be the main character!
Stop it, get some help
Wait a minute ! that’s not how it begun and ended when I saw it in the cinema ??? There was no Suna scenes at all and there was no psycho father and daughter!
FreshBunny😍 Gün önce
Slice of Life
Slice of Life Gün önce
I'm so confused... I saw this in the theater when it came out. But it had a totally different beginning and ending.
Isabella Abelardo
Isabella Abelardo 2 gün önce
I'm I the only one who thinks if this guy was in an actual dangerous situation he would be the first one to die 💀
L B 2 gün önce
FWIW, “PIN number” is a tautology. PIN stands for “personal identification NUMBER”
Stanford Hapi
Stanford Hapi 2 gün önce
Best way to beat an escape room is to have the power of hindsight
mariná electra
mariná electra 2 gün önce
The worst part of this is how the main character was the only person who survived out of the 6. I haven’t watched the film yet, and I jokingly said that the main character will probably win again.
RaKooN T
RaKooN T 2 gün önce
Okay… am I crazy. Why is this ending completely different than what I remember…
Peepeepoopoo !!!
Peepeepoopoo !!! 2 gün önce
Yeah same I remember the military girl from the first one still being alive and she was the one who made all of these
Gmoney_ NAU
Gmoney_ NAU 2 gün önce
Rule #17: dont be a hero - Columbus , Zombieland. people really need to listen to him in any deadly situation
ByIcy 2 gün önce
I actually wanted Brianna to survive tbh
Soviet Union
Soviet Union 2 gün önce
heyyyyy makarena
NukemProductions 3 gün önce
The ending...is different than the one I saw in theaters????
sutton strandberg
sutton strandberg 3 gün önce
It's a rip-off of War Robots.
Michael K
Michael K 3 gün önce
I have never seen the movie but what the hell is up with blurring the puzzle makers daughters shirt? I don't think she was showing her tits. Nor do I think that there was blood on her shirt or product placement? So what's up with that? This channel sure does censor a lot of things that really don't need to be censored.
Louie2543 3 gün önce
are we just gonna ignore how they didn't include the Airplane escape room from the end of the last movie?
IOO Rackz
IOO Rackz 3 gün önce
The cheerful ex-wife ultimately offend because afternoon prominently suck from a bumpy washer. sour, calm target
Longenecker Bardsley
As for the Diamonds cutting Zoey being a Mistake of "Coincidence" Actually, I immediately thought of "Blood Diamonds" as soon as the diamonds fell from the vault. So add that to money... Well, who knows, maybe it's just me. Technically it was still a "Wild Card" as one would need to have been alive and old enough to remember the BLood Diamonds wars or at the very least, seen the movie. Either way, I didn't even put Zoey bleeding as a part of it right off the bat. Diamonds, Vault, loads of money... "Blood Money" but again, maybe that's just my ding song mind set.
juicyroach 3 gün önce
How do you get these clips from the movie?
David Johmson jnr
David Johmson jnr 3 gün önce
29:09 so flooding isn’t a thing? It could flood under the car, and splash under their eyes
Master_DaSLeR 3 gün önce
Finnish people on the first clip be like 👁👄👁
Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy 3 gün önce
This ending is completely different than what I watched
Joshua Kuhlers
Joshua Kuhlers 3 gün önce
Cinema Summary talking about he loves playing with his friends. But the moment a death game starts he is sacrificing their butts.
Karlo Pogman
Karlo Pogman 3 gün önce
Hm this is interesting since it's waaay different than the cinema edition
Dope Wolf
Dope Wolf 4 gün önce
Cinema, thank you for being my favorite TRvidr. I remember back when you had 300k subs, I would watch you every single day. thank you for being amazing and keep up the good work :)
Robobugg 4 gün önce
Hey dude, credit the people you use clips of, the man who made the gun is Styropyro
Brad Broadfoot
Brad Broadfoot 4 gün önce
Him: So obviously, you should look in the man’s pocket Me: Look at this giraffe. Every time I do it makes me laugh
Bethany Duffy
Bethany Duffy 4 gün önce
My husband solved the subway sign way quicker. As soon as the W was up there he said Welcome back and was surprised no one even looked up at it. He also holds the record times at 2 escape rooms in RI and has a recorded IQ of 151. Needless to say if I'm ever in this situation I hope he's with me 😆🤣
FifiFox 123
FifiFox 123 4 gün önce
Hold on I watched excape room 2 in the cinema and the ending was completely different for me anyone els confused
Hajime.draws69 4 gün önce
Priests: "we got caught in the devil's maze"
Vanessa Latimer
Vanessa Latimer 4 gün önce
29:07 there is a solid block under the car preventing them from hiding under it
squid game roblox
squid game roblox 4 gün önce
Sussy guys
squid game roblox
squid game roblox 4 gün önce
Mech arena????? Okay
oli wong
oli wong 4 gün önce
wait! The master mind seen is not included in the movie, right?
Laura Klarič
Laura Klarič 4 gün önce
i think you shouldn't be pushing every button sice they're oftenly made to punish mistakes...
Juliet 4 gün önce
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Jwen TUP
Jwen TUP 5 gün önce
It's easy to beat something u already saw
Douma 5 gün önce
just watch mark rober :)
Subgo 5 gün önce
I watch this movie in theaters and some of the scenes did not happen in the movie
Destin Bevers
Destin Bevers 5 gün önce
What escape room is this I've watched the second one and this is not how the end works. It's not clair it's the blonde chick from the first one that's the forced builder
Fraskier 5 gün önce
oblivexx 5 gün önce
I miss MechWarrior.
oblivexx 5 gün önce
Solution: stick to "Jigsaw" puzzles.
• OwO •
• OwO • 5 gün önce
This man is going to survive the hardesr and the deadliest death game.
mike mosc
mike mosc 5 gün önce
hindsight is fucking 20/20 your chanel is a gimmick and a joke
Koala-T Films
Koala-T Films 5 gün önce
Wait. I saw this movie in theaters. Why is it such a different movie now? I thought the red head girl was the one who designed the game and they were trying to recruit the main character or something.
Crown Israel
Crown Israel 5 gün önce
Respect Benson
ftyfdyc ecferef
ftyfdyc ecferef 6 gün önce
I would use acid mist instead more painful slower death
Jack Roam
Jack Roam 6 gün önce
Personally I think the first movie is better than the second
Cameron Gellineau
Cameron Gellineau 6 gün önce
Is this like a directord cut because I don't remember watching this in theaters
jarinemarrane 6 gün önce
Isn't the girl in the end, Claire, the same girl in The Orphan? Daddy Issues 2: A Whole New Level
Richard Mahn
Richard Mahn 6 gün önce
First plot hole: Game designer guy tells his wife to go swim and clear her head for an hour. Uh, even when I want to go swim I never get around to it, but tell a woman to do that and expect her to have the time, especially when she's pissed at you? LOL. And then the chance of her using the sauna after the swim? Very very little. Even if it is something she often uses, again, I bet she isn't "in the mood".
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 6 gün önce
Saw this in theaters and some of these scene were not in it wtf is going on!!!!!!!
James Jenks
James Jenks 6 gün önce
When I watched it this last scene wasn’t innit
Commando303X 6 gün önce
What sort of Infographics bull-shit is this?
Spy Crew
Spy Crew 7 gün önce
If this dude was trapped in all of the the things he told us how to beat I think he would win no matter what
Light Yagmi
Light Yagmi 7 gün önce
What’s the movie called
Calvin Corcoran
Calvin Corcoran 7 gün önce
These are more like I can’t be bothered to watch the movie so you can explain it to me in a fraction of the time and I love it
J Menz
J Menz 7 gün önce
Is it on netflix
hungryjo47 7 gün önce
The soccer ball in the boat was from Mark Rober don’t take that or I will report for copyright
Daniel Hahn Conradsen
Bens brainpower is actually impressive. Normally people in movies are straight up idiots
William Summerson
William Summerson 7 gün önce
I watched a couple videos. Amazing job. New sub. 🤘
Bonnyismydoggy 7 gün önce
Pia dp
Pia dp 7 gün önce
Also the rain counter was giving them less time each round, so the rain wasnt going to stop after Zoey got into the cab.
Pia dp
Pia dp 7 gün önce
It would of been better if Brianna or Rachel made it aswell, so we could have more characters to root for in a third part instead of again Zoey and Ben. The only way to get out of their room would be 1 staying on the phone while other enters the cab? and then somehow block the door to avoid closing. they couldnt get under, the acid was going under
Drip Check
Drip Check 7 gün önce
30:45 you can see that she fell down that means that you can't go under the car because the tunnel blocks it
pizza 7 gün önce
Aaaahm.... thats not the escape room 2 thatI've seen... At the one I saw the woman that fell on the upside down roop was still alive and the protagonists went on a plane... are there two endings?
Danica Yin
Danica Yin 7 gün önce
note to future self: when in a life or death game always be subscribed to cinema summary and watch all his videos
wackywankavator 7 gün önce
This is a very stupid video.
sonnyboy robinson
sonnyboy robinson 8 gün önce
If that was a teenage girl and a glass room then I'm 15
Lego Stopmotion Boi
Lego Stopmotion Boi 8 gün önce
Hold up, I just watched this movie and that beginning part wasn't shown. Can anyone else relate!?
Pia dp
Pia dp 7 gün önce
Theres 2 versions, the canon one though is the cinema one not this one
Faith  フェイス
Faith フェイス 8 gün önce
i like how he makes all these things sound easy yet he wouldn't be able to think of this on the spot bc of the pressure of a life or death situation therefore he would waste more time trying to think about this than they did in the movie...
Pinta Sans
Pinta Sans 8 gün önce
Uhhhh... I never seen this ending bc at the end it showed amber and she was alive and Ben was trapped and her and amber saved Ben, and at the end Ben and her were on a plane
Menofrenchh 8 gün önce
In last part they deleted this scene where the boy is trapped in the water tank and suddenly the girl from Escape room 1 for the ball room comes out out of no where then the boy and girl are safe then went on the plane and I thought there would be escape room 3 but there won't be :(
Robert Fernandes
Robert Fernandes 8 gün önce
Wait, this isn't the ending from the theaters. The girl from the first one, who was the soldier, was still alive and designed the escape rooms since she was forced
Mac's Gameplay
Mac's Gameplay 8 gün önce
Mech Arena is copy off of War Robots.
Sade’s World
Sade’s World 8 gün önce
Is there two versions of escape room 2? The movie/version i saw on Amazon prime never showed the game maker and the wife in the beginning and the woman that made the games was the red haired vet who died in the ball room in the first movie. Please respond
Anas 8 gün önce
Secret facts in squid game trvid.com/video/video-dJqA4uXIDVE.html
Pixel Pudding 39
Pixel Pudding 39 8 gün önce
“No self respecting middle aged man would make their periods into circles like Japanese school girls” Lmao that took me OUT
NiyahMarie 8 gün önce
Can you also talk about the other version as well?
RanMouri82 8 gün önce
Not sure if hiding under the taxi cab would've worked, though, if the acid pooled underneath it. I agree that it's the best option to attempt surviving, but might lead to a slower, more horrific death. Also, the woman who couldn't feel pain might've been too reckless if she searched for clues with her body unable to warn her of its damage.
Area 8 gün önce
RanMouri82 8 gün önce
Did this guy's wife know he designs killing games? If so, why the hell would she announce that she's divorcing him? "Hey, pro murderer, I'm leaving you."
Dailen Burns
Dailen Burns 8 gün önce
You said it was a waste of time to talk about the other escape rooms but in other vids such as cube you said it was a good idea
SwiftBlade4 8 gün önce
I haven't seen this movie, but I feel like it was worse than the first.
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