How to Be the Worst Neighbor In Existence 

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How to Be the Worst Neighbor In Existence - Junkyard Truck
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More about Junkyard Truck (from Steam):
Junkyard Truck is an open-world off road driving, mechanic simulator, and job simulator. Start by buying an old truck from the junkyard. You'll need to replace some worn out or missing parts, and then put it back together and hope you did a thorough job. Once you get it running, you can use your truck to complete off road missions and jobs to earn some money. When the missions get too tough, visit the auto parts store to buy better engine parts, wheels, drivetrain parts, or accessories- or you might have to scavenge the junkyard if you're low on funds. Jobs and missions pay well, but you'll need to use that money to maintain your truck. When you think your truck is powerful enough, and you have enough bankroll for major repairs, use your truck to complete some of the map's challenges, such as races, rock crawls, hill climbs, and very destructive long jumps.
If you're not good with mechanics, don't worry. Your truck comes with a fully illustrated service manual. The town also has a mechanic who can give inspections, or even make repairs if you have the cash.
- Fully integrated stock engine and drivetrain with over 60 stock parts, a swappable V8 engine with even more parts, and lots of aftermarket parts.
- Upgradeable parts such as EFI conversion, headers, drive gears, turbochargers, several off road tire options, and accessories.
- Fully responsive engine and drivetrain which exhibits true-to-life performance and auditory feedback on part failure, temperature, or fluid issues.
- Miles of off road trails and roadways.
- Open world game with freedom to play how you want to play.
- Off road challenges; some which are difficult, others which are nearly impossible.
- Make money with heavy delivery missions, rescue missions, collecting junk around the map and recycling it at the junkyard. Or work for yourself by brewing moonshine, logging, mining, or pressing your luck at the pub playing Texas Hold'em.
- Day and night cycle, requiring you maintain your food, hydration, and sleep.
- Softbody physics.




23 Eyl 2023




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"Long before time had a name, Ninjago was created by the First Spinjitzu Master, using the Four Weapons of Spinjitzu. The Scythe of Quakes, the Nunchucks of Lightning, the Shurikens of Ice and the Sword of Fire. Weapons so powerful, no one can handle all of their power at once! When he passed away, his two sons swore to protect them, but the oldest was consumed by darkness and wanted to possess them. A battle between brothers broke out, and the oldest was struck down and banished to the Underworld. Peace returned, and the younger brother hid the weapons, but knowing his older brother's relentless ambition for power, he placed a guardian to protect them. And for fear of his own demise, a map for an honest man to hide. That honest man was your father. The older brother is Lord Garmadon, and I... need to find those weapons before he does." -Sensei Wu, Way of the Ninja
Abscence 11 aylar önce
when do you think you'll hit 5 mil
aaronjazz 11 aylar önce
ball 11 aylar önce
2 videos in a week? You're treating us good Josh.
NobPyxl 11 aylar önce
I didn’t know that’s even possible!
IrontraxMTU 11 aylar önce
Corpah 11 aylar önce
Well, if he keeps uploading videos twice a week it‘ll get a lot less exciting… I‘m not saying any of the videos are bad tho.
ً 11 aylar önce
It’s a first I think I’ve been watching him for almost 4 years now
Missilemadness 11 aylar önce
So great I thought it was only once a month but I’d gladly accept this
I lost it after that truck absolutely dunked on Josh and sped off, what a raw flex lmao
spi wolf
spi wolf 11 aylar önce
Josh found Free Guy
Nightykk 10 aylar önce
I couldn't see anything for a good minute or two after that, tears in my eyes.
IkaWika 10 aylar önce
I also lost it for a few minuts
Kira Seymour
Kira Seymour 10 aylar önce
I starting crying at that point from laughing so hard
TSwitz 11 aylar önce
It always amazes me how quickly Josh can manage to completely break a game
AceStar 11 aylar önce
lior yunfh -🤖
Andrew van Leeuwen
Andrew van Leeuwen 9 aylar önce
Zichi the Fox
Zichi the Fox 7 aylar önce
I wouldn't be surprised if he has a job or hobby in game testing.
LukePlaze 4 aylar önce
This was one of the best breaks I have ever seen
Abigail Boggs
Abigail Boggs 8 aylar önce
The muffled “What the Hell?!” From Josh’s marshmallow filled mouth nearly killed me from laughter.
Lylah's world
Lylah's world 3 aylar önce
Yeah, me too
mastergamerjmo 3 aylar önce
It’s the funniest part of the video
KTZ 3 aylar önce
5:43 love it
DumbassDemonFox1 3 aylar önce
lmaoo hes like me
SMToon Malay
SMToon Malay 11 aylar önce
Oh man, the racing truck flying in from downtown, smashing into the road in front of Josh and speeding off with the horn blaring... just beautiful.
tape guy
tape guy 10 aylar önce
Josh- finds a bug Devs- patches it Josh- finds another bug Devs- 😶
Fishii 8 aylar önce
[laughing awkwardly]
BurntBread38 6 aylar önce
It's an endless loop
789costela 6 aylar önce
Also *Josh breaks game hard* Devs:😡
bred sheeran
bred sheeran 5 aylar önce
And repeat endlessly
Orion Hunter
Orion Hunter Aylar önce
@BurntBread38 the end of the loop is the finished game
Servant of the King
Servant of the King 11 aylar önce
Oh man, the racing truck flying in from downtown, smashing into the road in front of Josh and speeding off with the horn blaring... just beautiful. Edit: 17:00 :)
Zeon Nexio
Zeon Nexio 11 aylar önce
When Need For Speed, Asphalt, Hot Wheels all combine their powers into one.
MrXguy1 11 aylar önce
i literally lost it the moment that car flew into sight
ARUCARDFTEPES 11 aylar önce
It's like that racing guy was some demi-god watching a disciple slowly discover his own powers, then when challenged, had to prove he really knew nothing yet.
RapidePlays 11 aylar önce
actually the funniest thing lmaoo
brodriguez11000 11 aylar önce
@RapidePlays I hope the dev DOESN'T fix the vehicles.
Petrol Head Motorsport
17:04 Josh: "What with that loser stuck in the bushes over there" Truck Driver: "Dist thou say something, mortal?"
Asher_Hamburber69 11 aylar önce
Josh: *sounds of shoveling marshmellows Random appliance: *h o l a* Josh: *Y O U D A R E D I S R U P T M Y M A R S E M E L L O W S*
DumbassDemonFox 5 aylar önce
Tom Ardie
Tom Ardie 5 aylar önce
Mixed Emotions
Mixed Emotions 9 aylar önce
I want "I hope you had fun, I know I did" written on my tombstone
Ruhani R
Ruhani R 9 aylar önce
The rise and fall of the truck + landing is definetely giving Mary Poppins in an alternate universe...
Elan Cat
Elan Cat 11 aylar önce
"Task failed successfully" is pretty accurate for how Josh can play games so wrongly and yet do so well lol
Levi Ackerman 🇺🇦
Levi Ackerman 🇺🇦 11 aylar önce
The silence before the truck violently smashes into the ground is comedy gold
DennisFromRLM 11 aylar önce
Sent me so hard.. lmao
Patimation studios
Patimation studios 11 aylar önce
Good as new
dumb penguin
dumb penguin 11 aylar önce
He made 690 videos!
dumb penguin
dumb penguin 11 aylar önce
@YAHUsha Your not supposed to be here
Terry Eubanks
Terry Eubanks 11 aylar önce
That truck plummeting out of low orbit and glitching into oblivion absolutely killed me.
WhyYouDoThisToMe 3 aylar önce
i laughed so hard i nearly choked. several times. this guy... he has a rare talent. Josh, thank you for making me laugh hysterically with nearly every video you do.
Sunari 11 aylar önce
That near genuine "Uh...uh oh!" at 16:27 really got me followed by the color screen. Really tied with the final "race" for almost taking me out with laughter XD
Slushii 3 aylar önce
Honestly that’s one of the best parts of this video 😂 it caught me off guard seeing his truck fly back at him
Shawnikus 11 aylar önce
Josh I just wanna say I’ve been watching your videos for over a year now and I legit was having a long difficult day and I ended up crying laughing at 17:03. Thank you for what you do 🙇🏻‍♂️😂
b47ance vic
b47ance vic 8 aylar önce
That was a good laugh to have indeed…
michael Gideon
michael Gideon 7 aylar önce
SnekyLover 4 aylar önce
It was so unexpected that I started laughing so hard!
LedgerLegend 9 aylar önce
🤣😂bro im dying again that guy really wanted to win and called god to boost him 17:02
Littlestump2 9 aylar önce
I can't breathe anymore
DeathnoteBB 8 aylar önce
@Littlestump2 You good?
Gabriel V.
Gabriel V. 6 aylar önce
Fabs 11 aylar önce
I feel blessed hearing josh shoving some marshmellows in his mouth - he is indeed human
Desireable 11 aylar önce
Then the box
The Masked Musician
The Masked Musician 11 aylar önce
Fr lol 😂
You Got Soul
You Got Soul 11 aylar önce
... with a brain from the 4th dimension
The Natron
The Natron 11 aylar önce
Gods like marshmellows too
Fabs 11 aylar önce
@YAHUsha i can hear josh
weston lewis
weston lewis 10 aylar önce
the way he controls the car without even being in it is hilarias
dharmallars 7 aylar önce
It’s what?
Sleepless Whip'd Creme
@dharmallars Hilarious
I am genuinely terrified that Josh is eventually going to become so good at finding bugs and glitches that one day he will break reality itself and we'll all be kicked out of the Matrix.
Nuke1ncoming 10 aylar önce
Weird profile pic
ベラルーシ 9 aylar önce
@Nuke1ncoming That's because it's a bot
Aerin Frame
Aerin Frame 10 aylar önce
8:51 the speed and force at which the truck lands will never get old and the fact that 17:00 is a thing to even begin with
ConfusedKev 11 aylar önce
Josh looks at reality like it's a glowstick
Parker Olson
Parker Olson 6 aylar önce
he cracks me up 😂😂
𝔻 𝕠 𝕠 𝕜 𝕪 🧋
Imagine giving that car to a car dealer and saying: “My car flew for the first time in history, but it had some few… mishaps.”
electricbayonet2 11 aylar önce
I knew Josh would break the game, but I wasn’t expecting him to be surfing a flying pickup truck around the map like it’s a low-orbit flying carpet and he’s Appalachian Aladdin. Never change, Josh.
Patrick 11 aylar önce
Appalachian Adam…… comedy gold
Thunfischpudding 11 aylar önce
But that's what we here for aren't we?
Dr Banana
Dr Banana 11 aylar önce
Grace Iouyce
Grace Iouyce 11 aylar önce
The fact this is coming from a skull playing trumpet got me 💀
DJ Doppler
DJ Doppler 11 aylar önce
"I can show you the bugs." "Soaring up to the sky box." "Tell me devs, now when will you go patch these glitches up?"
Riving Mizzen Mast
Riving Mizzen Mast 11 aylar önce
If I ever create a game, I will have Josh do the bug testing
The Florida Man Transportation Guy
16:27 got me laughing so hard I nearly wet myself.
Patricia Bowman
Patricia Bowman 8 aylar önce
@The Florida Man Transportation Guy it's a scam
VincentsStuff 8 aylar önce
@The Florida Man Transportation Guy IT'S SCAM!
Deleted Devil Deleted Angel
​@The Florida Man Transportation Guy *ITS A SCAM!!!!*
The Florida Man Transportation Guy
Ik, I literally said I’m not gullible enough to fall for that.
Maggie 10 aylar önce
Janky physics and animation glitches bring a pure, wholesome joy to me in a way Christmas never could.
dharmallars 11 aylar önce
Three days old and already a certified classic. I don’t know where you find these ridiculous games but I hope they never stop making them so you never stop playing them.
Mr.Fusion 11 aylar önce
Racer: I have a truck from madmax. josh: I have a car that flies 5000m above the town. Also the racer: the truck flies above josh and hits the ground and honked is pure legendary
Toby Easterbrook
Toby Easterbrook 11 aylar önce
If AI could dream, Josh would star in their nightmares
Don't read my profile picture
DON'T read my name! 😎
Boromir himself
Boromir himself 11 aylar önce
@Don't read my profile picture ok
Wolfgang 11 aylar önce
@Don't read my profile picture gotchu
Bjorick 11 aylar önce
ahhh, that's why whenever an android is asked that, they ignore the question - it's too terrifying to even think about
Toby Easterbrook
Toby Easterbrook 11 aylar önce
@Bjorick We know for a fact that computers have emotions because the existence of Josh proves that they're capable of fear
dananab 1
dananab 1 11 aylar önce
I genuinely wish I could be in the room when the devs of these games see your videos
PuffAnimates 10 aylar önce
I legit almost passed out from laughing I'm not even joking, the part where the guy magically flies over joshes truck and blares the horn as the sound and truck quickly disappeared into the distance and joshes casual, I guess he wanted that more than we do almost caused me to almost crack my skull open, NEVER change Josh I haven't laughed that hard I think in 2 years.
Xophe A'dethri
Xophe A'dethri 10 aylar önce
I miss Anthony, I'd love a one-off reunion game with him in the future.
Supersonic family
Supersonic family 11 aylar önce
“I bet it feels like walking on human skin”- something only Let’s Game It Out would say
Dimitri Edwards
Dimitri Edwards 10 aylar önce
One his greatest, pure gold! The silence as his truck comes down like a meteor!
Arno Memes
Arno Memes 11 aylar önce
*_Imagine the conversation between josh's wife and her friends:_* Friend 1: *My husband is an Engineer* Friend 2: *My husband is a Doctor* Josh's wife: *My husband destroys games for a living*
John Gillis
John Gillis 11 aylar önce
Josh's wife carries a metal rod for when other women are around. They cannot help their arousal at his abilities
Don't read my profile picture
DON'T read my name! 😎
Labiche 11 aylar önce
Who is Josh's wife? Grace? Ain't love grand.
viskius 11 aylar önce
Read my name.....
CT-4682 11 aylar önce
I think Josh’s nightmares is there being a actual limit
Mr.kasper BJ
Mr.kasper BJ 11 aylar önce
14:07 can't stop giggling , sounded like a perfect rap song about to start
None of Your Business
None of Your Business 10 aylar önce
He plays that song a bunch, I wish I knew it’s name
X 10 aylar önce
@None of Your Business down queen boulevard
SnowCrasher 11 aylar önce
Your ability to break games in all possible ways is just godly impressive. It's a gift to us all.
Polina Vader
Polina Vader 11 aylar önce
Josh, your voice is curing. I'm recovering from food poisoning, feeling dizzy, but your videos make me smile and feel a little bit better. Thank you!
xmantnt555 10 aylar önce
Get well soon
Brienne Rose
Brienne Rose 10 aylar önce
Oh my god this is absolutely one of your funniest episodes to date. I laugh so much it hurts every time I watch it.
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh 11 aylar önce
I'm dead from laughter at that race trucks comeback 10/10.
Don't read my profile picture
DON'T read my name! 😎
Aster Atlas
Aster Atlas 11 aylar önce
I just pre die when Josh uploads
josh lloyd
josh lloyd 11 aylar önce
@Don't read my profile picture Ok
Hidden Wings
Hidden Wings 11 aylar önce
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo 11 aylar önce
@Don't read my profile picture 🤖🤖🤖
Noah Martin
Noah Martin 9 aylar önce
I love how he makes it so that even the sponsors are good and even I watch them
Firma ment
Firma ment 11 aylar önce
I had to repeat 16:26 like 3 times to get all of the laughs out of my system. The truck really came for revenge🤣
blabla 10 aylar önce
STEP 1 Heat oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4 and line two baking sheets with parchment. Cream the butter and sugars together until very light and fluffy, then beat in the egg and vanilla. Once combined, stir in the flour, bicarb, chocolate and ¼ tsp salt. STEP 2 Scoop 10 large tbsps of the mixture onto the trays, leaving enough space between each to allow for spreading. Bake for 10-12 mins or until firm at the edges but still soft in the middle - they will harden a little as they cool. Leave to cool on the tray for a few mins before eating warm, or transfer to a wire rack to cool completely. Will keep for three days in an airtight container.
Maddie Verhage
Maddie Verhage 9 aylar önce
Conspiracy theory: the man in the yellow shirt died, and was really bored. Then Josh came along and the man has something to do now. Observe his every move
Gabe Rizzo
Gabe Rizzo 11 aylar önce
Imagine the pain Josh could inflict on colonists in Rimworld
Josh is the only person who makes sponsorships even remotely exciting.
lucy starlight
lucy starlight 11 aylar önce
I love how at 5:47 Josh was caught so off guard he didn't have time to finish his food
Nie Wiem
Nie Wiem 11 aylar önce
So he is a human?!
Alexander Wu
Alexander Wu 11 aylar önce
Oh I was confused what the text meant because I forgot he was a real person
E 11 aylar önce
Sebastian Clausen
Sebastian Clausen 11 aylar önce
@E e
Zachimations 11 aylar önce
Imagine ur on nom nomming on sum mellows and magical washing-machine-like substance rolls down a hill like it’s 5 years old
Reagan Yonathan Aprillio Oeij
Josh is just an insane glitch hunter in games
podo 11 aylar önce
Josh: Look, I don't care... I just wanna steal stuff... Hopefully from you... 4:50 Me: Look outside the window in fear. "Why do I hear boss music?"
Zergrush 9 aylar önce
I'm so incredibly surprised that everything loads in before you hit the ground and the truck actually doesn't clip through the ground all the way to the bottom. that is unbelievable to me.
AA01blue 9 aylar önce
Props to the game devs lol, somehow broken in a functional way
dharmallars 7 aylar önce
Probably why the player falls 10x faster than everything else
Human 4 aylar önce
[sounds of shoveling marshmallows] [mystery appliance] [muffled] "What the hell?!" might be one of my favorite parts of this lmao
3840name 11 aylar önce
I can't pick a fav clip. This entire playthrough was wild. Absolute madchad 😂
QARX1337! 8 aylar önce
This is so funny I laughed out loud like 50 times. More of this pls :)
Jessica MacKillop
Jessica MacKillop 11 aylar önce
I’m crying!! That was so freaking hilarious! Thanks Josh for the laughs!
Proxoa 8 aylar önce
This had me in tears from laughing so much, damn this is top notch comedy
Teofilus Adinurgaha
Teofilus Adinurgaha 11 aylar önce
Gambling mechanic in games for Josh is just literally an infinite money source
Y͢e͢a͢h͢ !!
AroseGaming 11 aylar önce
the exact opposite of real life XD
E 11 aylar önce
Carewolf 11 aylar önce
Wonder if they are sponsored by big gambling..
Don't read my profile picture
DON'T read my name! 😎
DK☻ 11 aylar önce
I like how his sanity had gone up after drinking the entire 12 pack
Alpha Books
Alpha Books 11 aylar önce
I am genuinely shocked that Josh can break a game this bad & it still works
zack stoner
zack stoner 10 aylar önce
This guy is great. The hard part is how few videos we get because how long and amazing each one takes to make.
Berhmnz 9 aylar önce
5:02, the man achieved his dream of becoming an owl and 6:49 the car achieved its dream of being a bouncyball then at 7:22 a rocket. That game is just full of achieving dreams
iPyromantic 8 aylar önce
The racer rising to the call was just everything. My mouth literally fell open for a second.
VeryKevin 11 aylar önce
I like how somehow sanity is Josh’s highest stat throughout the game
HalfInt 11 aylar önce
I think it's actually at 0 except for at the beginning.
Ze Jacko Matter
Ze Jacko Matter 11 aylar önce
But not in reality
No One
No One 11 aylar önce
@HalfInt It's usually above 0 until past 12:00 I think. Not always the highest earlier, but often.
njnj 11 aylar önce
Josh is totally sane. It's just the world around him and everyone in it that's the crazy ones.
Don't read my profile picture
DON'T read my name! 😎
Anonymous  Friend
Anonymous Friend 2 aylar önce
Lmao the muffled “what the hell” as josh stuffed his face with marshmallows and the appliance came tumbling down the hill out of nowhere I’ve been sick for a while and josh made me laugh so hard it cleared my sinuses 💀
OGN HANCOCK 11 aylar önce
His videos are so good that I watched it without skipping the sponsorship.
TheAmericanGuy265 8 aylar önce
5:45 one of the few times we hear him out of his element, confused, not being in complete control of chaos
The Peanut gamer
The Peanut gamer 11 aylar önce
Thank you for spending so much time and money for our entertainment Josh. I’ve been watching since 2020 now and the videos are making less sense but its getting funnier thank you.❤
SketchingCrap 10 aylar önce
Sometimes I just play your video in the background at home. Your voice, your humour and the funny ennergy you have are the perfect things to feel good and have a really good laugh every 2min ahha ! You can easily imagine what's going on screen just listening haha ! thank you man !
Coach 11 aylar önce
Josh’s vehicles always seem to become sentient and attack him.
Electrico Gamez
Electrico Gamez 11 aylar önce
Like that jeep from tank excavator
IcyTV 11 aylar önce
The truck at the end did the same thing the jeep did
Inkling239 11 aylar önce
I wonder why
Captie 11 aylar önce
They sense evil
Dumbledof 11 aylar önce
I believe that's called the fight or flight instinct
The Great Gamers
The Great Gamers 10 aylar önce
God, If there's one thing that Josh breaks to the point of fighting back, it's trucks. I mean, first, we had the possessed truck from the tank game, and now we have the mystical flying trucks from this one. It's truly a sight to behold.
TheNewStyle 11 aylar önce
The truck falling from the sky and landing upright was such a LGIO moment I laughed out loud
Jerepasaurus 3 aylar önce
I've watched nearly everything on this channel, and THIS video is still some of the best chaos there is. Gets me laughing every time. :D
Alexia Shaawat
Alexia Shaawat 11 aylar önce
I enjoy watching Let’s Game It Out’s videos. His voice always soothes me
Помидорчик Лукас
I love that after a super big fall he says to a character "you're fine"
Luca __
Luca __ 11 aylar önce
That racing guy's comeback was so unexpected 😂
That Guy
That Guy 11 aylar önce
Was seeing if anyone mentioned that, it had me rolling
ReshzY 11 aylar önce
@That Guy did they hatin' too?
Marc H
Marc H 11 aylar önce
He just wanted it more. 😅
lime soda god
lime soda god 11 aylar önce
Don't read profile photo fine,i won't
Don't read my profile picture
DON'T read my name! 😎
ⱧɆⱠⱠØ 11 aylar önce
Ya know i'm pretty sure that josh has lost all sanity ever since Anthony left.
Ilario Michelini
Ilario Michelini 11 aylar önce
ehi Josh, just wanted to say, more and more reaction videos to your content is popping out, and I am really glad your channel is finally getting the spotlight you deserve! peace!
Wheatley Crab
Wheatley Crab 9 aylar önce
Josh I laughed so hard at this I had 9 coughing fits in 18 minutes why are so funny
ඞ ඞ
ඞ ඞ 10 aylar önce
I love how the first thing josh does when he gets the truck is make it go to the atmosphere and hit the ground as if it was on the sun…
Mark Lester B. Batalan
The game dev should really hire Josh for checking bugs 17:02 caught me off guard with the awesome ramp
Jay Maverick
Jay Maverick 11 aylar önce
Josh: surfing on flying truck 5000ft above the town Also Josh: sanity meter at half
Don't read my profile picture
DON'T read my name! 😎
viskius 11 aylar önce
Read my name......
David Baughn
David Baughn 11 aylar önce
I enjoy when people talk about the graphics turning into jelly. that's a thing that happens when you go really far up or down in games, as far as I know.
ruxxy_j 11 aylar önce
Thank you for constant uploads, josh! These videos are the most fun to watch content on YT for me
Mayhem2.0 7 aylar önce
Josh thank you for always making me laugh and making my day better
FTL Studios
FTL Studios 11 aylar önce
Its almost as if the universe exists purely so Josh can exploit a game like this. How we end up where we do at the end of each of his videos amazes me.
macaronibob 11 aylar önce
At first I thought this was going to be like a scary horror game but I honestly cried with laughter
Steven A
Steven A 11 aylar önce
If you haven't gone back and watched some of the horror games Josh and Anthony used to play, you're really missing out.
RamesGamesLC 11 aylar önce
The flying truck made this one of your best episodes.
Don't read my profile picture
DON'T read my name! 😎
Farres Alt
Farres Alt 11 aylar önce
Which one? XD
Kintama 11 aylar önce
@Farres Alt probably the last racing truck
duper 11 aylar önce
I don’t give a flying fu- I mean truck
stainedglassfrog 10 aylar önce
what about that one hydroneer episode
eleithias 11 aylar önce
Damn, every video you exceed expectations You would think at this point I would deny my jaded past experiences the pleasure of persuading me your content will get repetitive, and yet every video I am amazed with all the hilarious ways you consistently break games. Hats off, in all seriousness.
winlars 11 aylar önce
It gets better and better every video! Great content!!
Paradox Gotham
Paradox Gotham 11 aylar önce
Its always a great day when Josh comes out of his weekly coma.
Bryforth 11 aylar önce
Quality content like always 😂 Best episode in a lil while 😂
Squidy 11 aylar önce
I'd like to say it's a what to ✨fix✨ in one video. Josh is making comedic gold, and everyone is living for it.
Clouded_Sycamore 11 aylar önce
I almost died when the *shoveling marshmallows* came up, followed by a rolling fridge, followed by a muffled "What the hell?" from Josh.
brodriguez11000 11 aylar önce
The guy with the owl neck was something.
VinylDash 23
VinylDash 23 11 aylar önce
Best moment in LGIO history.
Core 1948
Core 1948 11 aylar önce
That was the best thing I’ve seen all year
Springfield 197
Springfield 197 11 aylar önce
The ending I nearly died laughing. I’ve learned to never eat when watching your videos.
Rex 9 aylar önce
Josh eats marshmallows while playing You're gonna be fine
dragon of gold
dragon of gold 6 aylar önce
Ikr once while watching a animal zoo I spilt water on on table and Almost ruin all other food items
DanTheRobinson 10 aylar önce
Now I finally know what Josh looks like and, boy o boy ,someone is a handsome fellow 😁
The Weird World of Video Games
I think we all need to take the time to appreciate that Josh will spend dozens, if not hundreds of hours playing these complete garbage "games" just for our entertainment. Probably also helps that he makes absolute bank off them, but still... the patience and perseverance of this guy are insane.
Only Josh knows how to get a truck to fly through the air.
Mostly memes
Mostly memes 11 aylar önce
Josh is so entertaining sometimes I don't skip the part where he talks about the sponsor
Jared 11 aylar önce
There was a sponsor? ~SponsorBlock~
Chad Broski
Chad Broski 11 aylar önce
@YAHUsha I'm not Cristian but fully support you being one. I'd like to suggest for you to talk about this topic elsewhere, where the context actually makes sense. Like in a gaming video? Makes it sound like spam. Not against your religion in any way but please talk about it elsewhere, where it makes sense. Hope my words help you
Nghia Hoang
Nghia Hoang 11 aylar önce
@Jared I purposely turn off the Sponsorblock section of mid video sponsor just to watch his endorsement twice a month 🤣
Bean Season
Bean Season 11 aylar önce
@YAHUsha This is the equivalent of screaming at people with a bullhorn on the sidewalk. It isn't helping whatever it is you're trying to do.
Raptor Jesus
Raptor Jesus 11 aylar önce
@YAHUsha My son this is not the right space for this
Astovoc Azrro
Astovoc Azrro 4 aylar önce
The truck falling a few seconds after you will never stop being funny!
Dyson vs PS5..😭
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