How to Be the Worst Neighbor In Existence

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How to Be the Worst Neighbor In Existence - Junkyard Truck


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More about Junkyard Truck (from Steam):

Junkyard Truck is an open-world off road driving, mechanic simulator, and job simulator. Start by buying an old truck from the junkyard. You'll need to replace some worn out or missing parts, and then put it back together and hope you did a thorough job. Once you get it running, you can use your truck to complete off road missions and jobs to earn some money. When the missions get too tough, visit the auto parts store to buy better engine parts, wheels, drivetrain parts, or accessories- or you might have to scavenge the junkyard if you're low on funds. Jobs and missions pay well, but you'll need to use that money to maintain your truck. When you think your truck is powerful enough, and you have enough bankroll for major repairs, use your truck to complete some of the map's challenges, such as races, rock crawls, hill climbs, and very destructive long jumps.

If you're not good with mechanics, don't worry. Your truck comes with a fully illustrated service manual. The town also has a mechanic who can give inspections, or even make repairs if you have the cash.

- Fully integrated stock engine and drivetrain with over 60 stock parts, a swappable V8 engine with even more parts, and lots of aftermarket parts.
- Upgradeable parts such as EFI conversion, headers, drive gears, turbochargers, several off road tire options, and accessories.
- Fully responsive engine and drivetrain which exhibits true-to-life performance and auditory feedback on part failure, temperature, or fluid issues.
- Miles of off road trails and roadways.
- Open world game with freedom to play how you want to play.
- Off road challenges; some which are difficult, others which are nearly impossible.
- Make money with heavy delivery missions, rescue missions, collecting junk around the map and recycling it at the junkyard. Or work for yourself by brewing moonshine, logging, mining, or pressing your luck at the pub playing Texas Hold'em.
- Day and night cycle, requiring you maintain your food, hydration, and sleep.
- Softbody physics.



29 Eyl 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Let's Game It Out
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2 videos in a week? You're treating us good Josh.
I lost it after that truck absolutely dunked on Josh and sped off, what a raw flex lmao
Emily An
I feel blessed hearing josh shoving some marshmellows in his mouth - he is indeed human
Todd Schweitzer
It always amazes me how quickly Josh can manage to completely break a game
Petrol Head Motorsport
Petrol Head Motorsport 2 saatler önce
Servant of the King
Oh man, the racing truck flying in from downtown, smashing into the road in front of Josh and speeding off with the horn blaring... just beautiful.
Mikkel Georgsen
Mikkel Georgsen 16 saatler önce
If I was making games I would have Josh and Spiffing Brit barred from playing it via the TOS or something :D
JacksonsChannel Johannsen
"Hold on, I can't take anymore of this"
I am genuinely terrified that Josh is eventually going to become so good at finding bugs and glitches that one day he will break reality itself and we'll all be kicked out of the Matrix.
Corey Henderson
Man you had me trying so hard not to wake up my wife laughing at this in bed. Your game-breaking, commentary and sarcastic humor cracks me the f up
MIS$LE 21 gün önce
Josh- finds a bug
luke 1465
luke 1465 2 saatler önce
Elan Cat
"Task failed successfully" is pretty accurate for how Josh can play games so wrongly and yet do so well lol
Fawkes Pryde
Fawkes Pryde 4 saatler önce
Levi Ackerman 🇺🇦
The silence before the truck violently smashes into the ground is comedy gold
Josh I just wanna say I’ve been watching your videos for over a year now and I legit was having a long difficult day and I ended up crying laughing at
Josh looks at reality like it's a glowstick
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