How to 3 Star the 2020 Challenge (Clash of Clans)

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How to Complete the 2020 Challenge in Clash of Clans 10th Anniversary. Kenny Jo provides a 2020 Challenge Strategy for the new 2020 Challenge and exactly how to Best 3 Star the 2020 Challenge. Each day a new challenge will unlock so make sure you are subscribed for the Best Clash of Clans content! Happy 10th Birthday Clash of Clans!

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Who else is here cause judo sloths didn’t work
This challenge has been the most infuriating one by far.
I tried judo’s for like 5 tries and it didnt work but this one worked first try Thanks alot 😁❤️👍
Thank you so much for this tutorial. I tried Judo's tutorial for a solid 30 minutes and couldn't get higher than 90%. With your tutorial I got it after a few tries even after screwing a few things up and getting the timing in some places wrong. Again, thank you very much
Wow, this works 10 times better than the judo sloth tactic. Thank you very much
I suffered for ages trying Judos method, but I got yours in the first few attempts. Thank you
Muz Sheedy
It’s insane how fast you work this stuff out. My favourite Clash TRvidr. 🤘
Thanks Jo for the entire tutorials this week. Without your help it would be impossible for me to complete the event.
Ibrahim Aaly
jo and judo are the 2 people i rely on to help beat bases,if one is too hard i go to the other,i appreciate your help!
Waheda Khatun
Thanks Kenny, you saved my day.
Despair Dragon
This took me like 20 tries but I finally got it, thank you. Your strat seems much less complicated compared to other videos, so thanks for the video
I spent hours trying to do this and completed it thanks to you, definitely subscribing
I was doing judo sloths, and could never quite get the 3 star but got 70-90% each time, so I came here and 3 star first try. THANK YOU!!!
KentaJestro Vtuber
out of all the tutorial here on youtube. this is by far the easiest one to follow. and not too complicated. thanks you Kenny!!
Thanks for all of these. I have tried other TRvidrs attacks, but yours have been the easiest and best to recreate and get the 3 star
Thanks man😘
R.i.p to all the people who tried for 2 hours using Judo's technique.
Jeremiah Robertson
I normally don't comment on tutorials but after a good 30 minutes or 10-15 tries on Judos and only getting 90% or so I figured I'd look elsewhere. Literally on the first try while watching this video...Very satisfied
I had nothing to say Joe, but Thanks for this everyday challenge tutorial .Have a good day man!!!
Mike Jeger
Kenny Jo always find the easiest tips for 3 star those challenges than any CoC TRvidr
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