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A digital community where Multi-Millionaire Andrew Tate and a select handful of industry professionals guide you to Financial Freedom.

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24 Eki 2021




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TateSpeech Aylar önce
If you’re ready to stop wasting your time JOIN TODAY: www.cobratate.com/hustlers-university-2-0
Dave Andrews
Dave Andrews Aylar önce
@Steve Smith Very good advice.. HU2 will 100% be a springboard into the WR for many though.
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Aylar önce
@Dave Andrews Yes I would tell people if you join the WR don’t expect you are going to get rich or whatever just by joining. You have to reach out to the people doing the things you want to do. I learned my lesson on that. I had a few emails about all this with Andrew. He asked me some questions that made me expose me to what I didnt do.
Dave Andrews
Dave Andrews Aylar önce
@Steve Smith I did wonder. I cant help thinking your reply is an even better endorsement than mine. It has been life changing but yes, the gym analogy is a good one.
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Aylar önce
@Dave Andrews The way I meant was that I, meaning “me” did not take advantage of the knowledge and opportunities of the WR. It was like joining the gym and not going. I joined and didnt do the work. Meaning I screwed up…I hope that helps. I joined HU and will do the work, possibly get back to the WR
Dave Andrews
Dave Andrews Aylar önce
@Steve Smith I have been thinking about your answer since I saw it... I can take it two ways and I cannot decide between the two. What way was the answer supposed to be taken? You joined and now after their help/advice/networking you are getting your shit together? That is the way I believe it was supposed to be taken? I have a tendency to read into things FAR too much sometimes...
Carlene Bantick
Carlene Bantick 4 saatler önce
Lol you scream ADHD or ASD 😅
Ethan Neal
Ethan Neal 6 saatler önce
I found this channel. After I already perfected my discipline and my fucking mind. I'm 18 hey tate there was one god dam mistake I still made until I found this channel. And that mistake was trying to get my freinds to lvl up. Trying to teach physics to my freinds, helping them start buisness. But I am the most ambitious person on the planet so I cant help these guys lvl up. I just cant help them. They are dumb, lazy and ignorant. I am going to stop pulling up these losers and change my circle. If your reading this do what I do. 1)perfect your mind 2)soo your flaws 3)make your circle out of the .0001% of MEN 4) Command yourself! 5) be angry at your own mistakes 6) study philosophy, math physics, biology electronics. 7)be the god dam best! Dont listen to everyone. My mother and friends and father would try to correct me. They say "ethan stop trying to make people work our, stop pressuring people to start buisness, stop this stop that" "not everyone is like you". The truth is I now realize they are god dam right. And if your reading this you are probably on a whole different level too. So dont listen to others. My biggest mistake was listening to my parents when I had already proven my abilities exceeded theirs. Only listen to those who are at your level or fucking above.
george dan
george dan Gün önce
Yes, you are right as always. I wasted almost all my life. But somehow i've learned to read people, on one hand. On the other hand, i've learned to "print money" just playing.
Atomic Batteries To Power
"Time stays long enough for those who will use it" - Leonardo Da Vinci
llenrocwerdna 6 gün önce
why is your casino always empty?
G 12 gün önce
Blink and cure your brain
Coach Yaccu
Coach Yaccu 13 gün önce
I love this guy, almost there to be ready to join the waroom
ty2005_92 17 gün önce
God I felt like he was talking directly to me at the end with the piano example
Silver Obscene
Silver Obscene 24 gün önce
Who let Vin Diesels younger brother make a TRvid video again.
ANGELO REYES 24 gün önce
Mr. Mr.
Mr. Mr. 25 gün önce
I've wasted my life
John Kumar
John Kumar 25 gün önce
Time works fine! Thank you!
Gabriel Soto
Gabriel Soto 27 gün önce
Have you seen Star Wars
Gray Randølph
Gray Randølph 27 gün önce
this video is golden
Gerardo Portillo
Gerardo Portillo 27 gün önce
I thought I was actually going to learn a philosophical aspect of how time actually works but instead I saw another TRvidr who chases wealth and will die broke
Boomstick 29 gün önce
Times an illusion
Junior 29 gün önce
You need to go back on FRESH and FIT bro... That episode will break the internet
NUNU 4EVAA 29 gün önce
perfect timing ⏱
ty ty
ty ty Aylar önce
You were blessed with good health and high energy, everybody has ambition, but not everyone has the same level of energy to follow through. Teach us how to be high energy and I promise you you'll start changing lives.
Rastaman 14 gün önce
@whatsthatmagic what discipline?
ty ty
ty ty 15 gün önce
@C I already know what to do mate, just need the energy to follow through and 10x on taking action.
ty ty
ty ty 15 gün önce
@C Not crying you idiot, just asking Andrew to teach us how to have his energy levels.
whatsthatmagic 26 gün önce
It’s discipline and high/normal testosterone levels. I don’t have the energy or feel like doing most things but do because that’s how you achieve success. Get your testosterone levels checked but most importantly start following through!! Don’t waste time
Chance Peach
Chance Peach Aylar önce
The action from this video, made me subscribe. After I've watched 30 episodes
Tumama Aylar önce
Omfg he has no more hairline 😨
Daniel Squires
Daniel Squires Aylar önce
*Success loves speed, money lives momentum*
PaprikaNipples Aylar önce
Instructions unclear. Should i achieve hanging out with bitches at the pool or never hang around at the pool?
Dre man
Dre man Aylar önce
Philip Bunney
Philip Bunney Aylar önce
Anyone else wanna know who Simon is?
FreshandFit Aylar önce
Coach Yaccu
Coach Yaccu 28 gün önce
Junior 29 gün önce
Eastlakes Kid
Eastlakes Kid Aylar önce
66AGW Aylar önce
You will die like everyone else and in life you don t need all this stupid luxury things...when you will grow up you will figure it out ;)
Jack Jax
Jack Jax Aylar önce
It would be an honor to be Aikido by Tate.😂
;Paul Picassio
;Paul Picassio Aylar önce
Jeremey Manuelpillai
Tate please break down an interview like you did with jada and will smith, understanding human interactions through your lens is extremely insightful.
Scott Craven
Scott Craven Aylar önce
Best thing I've heard all year
Jacob Greek
Jacob Greek Aylar önce
Quality editing, sound is clear
Jus Rarsh
Jus Rarsh Aylar önce
* Tate is a warrior.
David Rogozny
David Rogozny Aylar önce
Everytime that Netflix logo and sound comes up, I chuckle.
Kurt Cobain 🎸 Fan Girl 💋
Listen to the man he just knows his shit.
Larry Globe
Larry Globe Aylar önce
Real g
lucifer light
lucifer light Aylar önce
In tate we trust.
tinoo93 Aylar önce
Andrew Wilkes
Andrew Wilkes Aylar önce
It's good to have children and family to take care of you when you get old. But also enjoy an exciting life along the way. You don't want to become a lonesome urine seated TV watcher in a care home later in life.
Mos Craciun
Mos Craciun Aylar önce
He makes me think that wanting to play Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous multiple times a waste of time.
უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ
nah grappling is life this man is smocking fat ones
Kennedy Aylar önce
3 slot machines is a casino?
Zelfontwikkeling Aylar önce
You need better audio in your TateSpeeches bro, get a wireless clip-on mic or something.
Chiefsosa69 Soda
Chiefsosa69 Soda Aylar önce
BANGER 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Victor Aylar önce
He is the G
Justin Cheng
Justin Cheng Aylar önce
Tate inspires the hell out of me. People only hate because he is pointing out the cold hard truth.
AandD QualityG
AandD QualityG Aylar önce
Terrence Crowe
Terrence Crowe Aylar önce
Damn! This made me get up and go for a 2 hr gym workout!
Terrence Crowe
Terrence Crowe Aylar önce
@Blake Altonen Yeah I know I'm a little older than you young whipper snappers. I gotta warm up and warm down a lot more these days.
Blake Altonen
Blake Altonen Aylar önce
speaking of wasting time, if you cant get done in an hour working out then your wasting time.
St. Louie N
St. Louie N Aylar önce
"Oh i dont have time to do that" translation "PC way to say I dont want to do that"
ANGEL DON Aylar önce
The 🐐
Hansha Raj
Hansha Raj Aylar önce
Tate: the absolute truth.
M-M Aylar önce
Man gets no girls
Bobo Aylar önce
Very based
S Aylar önce
Save time and watch these TRvid videos on 2x that way you can get more shit done 😁
hybrid Aylar önce
This is a certified hood classic
Crazy Protractor Beard
Pink Floyd tried to warn me in the 80s. I didn’t listen. Now I’m old and screwed.
Zayn Umar
Zayn Umar 21 gün önce
What did pink Floyd warn you about?
Branko Ninkovic
Branko Ninkovic Aylar önce
This video disturbed me. I have achieved pretty good success compared to my peer, but I am no where near where I know I can be
Daniel De La Noche
Daniel De La Noche Aylar önce
I'd be more worried that you'd Muay Thai me than Aikido me lol
Arafat Hossain
Arafat Hossain Aylar önce
He is the living PHILOSOPHER KING!!!
Josh Ivanovic
Josh Ivanovic Aylar önce
This man insulting me indirectly has had more influence than my own parents👍 thank you for this brother
J.F.C Aylar önce
100% FACTS needed this
HefePepe Aylar önce
Say why you want about this guy but if he don’t make you get up and go get it then you’re the problem and the problem is based around the fact that you’re a loser!!
Joel Hall
Joel Hall Aylar önce
Anyone else confused by his accent?
Georgie Negron
Georgie Negron Aylar önce
You ever wanna fight someone telling you the truth cause same lol
ric liu
ric liu Aylar önce
Always good to see these...give Luc a drink
Uplight Recordings
Uplight Recordings Aylar önce
Illuminati 🔥🔥
Rohan Rane
Rohan Rane Aylar önce
The G!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aaron Lumayah
Aaron Lumayah Aylar önce
Really loving these recent tate speeches
Armando Lara
Armando Lara Aylar önce
Vinchenzo C
Vinchenzo C Aylar önce
I thought this would be a discussion of time dilation and quantum physics but it was much better!
Stoyan Ivanov
Stoyan Ivanov Aylar önce
now that you know that have to put in the work, you also have to realize most guys wont make it. you cant ignore luck. you have to put in the work anyway...
ManettiAngelo Aylar önce
Challenges & Achievements makes the Man.
OnlineRichness Aylar önce
proud to watch this at 16
KyxLimitless 29 gün önce
I watched this at 4 years old checkmate
Luigino Charles
Luigino Charles Aylar önce
Proud to watch this at 8, I win bitch
Itz_Bツ Aylar önce
It's a blessing bro. Take it. Use it. Greatness lives within you.. show it.💯
Mownetharan Aylar önce
@איתי כהן1 you too funny
Michael Aylar önce
Don't just watch it for entertainment, apply it.
Jack Avice
Jack Avice Aylar önce
I spend too much time chuckling to Tatespeach
thedudemsk Aylar önce
You tied your jacket using the bottom button? The opposite as should be done? ....
HESSQ Aylar önce
i wasted some money on these casinos programmed machines ,snever again hahhaha i only play poker
Think Critically
Think Critically Aylar önce
Yup, pretty much. Wi-five.
reggie bowles
reggie bowles Aylar önce
i love tate , now anybody that's in hustlers u tell me how and how much money you made . show me the money i'll wait .
reggie bowles
reggie bowles Aylar önce
​@AG2918 i did join ,but the place is very hard to navigate . 6 figures huh would that be 100,000 or 900,000 ? there is a dif of about 800,000 . but let me now how it goes . i would bet the w -room is cool .
mohFCB10 Aylar önce
@AG2918 ok bro let's be real I wanna join and don't reallt give a fuck about 50 USD, but do people really make money in this HU ?
AG2918 Aylar önce
I’m in HU and his WarRoom. Recently joined his waroom. This is from someone who already makes 6 figures, HU is probably the best discord in the world- the NFT and crypto channels in there has made me wiser and richer. If don’t want to risk 50usd then you are NGMI.
maso Aylar önce
You don't mess with Casio bruv 😂
Ray Aylar önce
This guy is SMART. Law 2 ~ Get a Name in a Game IF YKYK!
Robert Romero
Robert Romero Aylar önce
Why is the casino always empty? It's just you at the slots everytime
Robert Romero
Robert Romero Aylar önce
@srhenderson oh my bad I questioned your daddy. He's just a guy no need to praise him he has a girlfriend.. besides he didn't respond so your his handler now?
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Aylar önce
if you watched one of his other vids he explained because of covid they are closed
srhenderson Aylar önce
and instead of actually learning something, your brain thinks to ask a chick question. how the hell could he make an instructional video in a loud, packed casino during peak hours?
Project Masculinity
He probably shoots during the hours when it's closed.
Ivan Čerina
Ivan Čerina Aylar önce
" Jack is not his real name, i don't wanna use his real name cause if i use his real name simon is gonna be pissed so we'll call him jack'' hahahahahahahah this man sometimes..
Censored Censored
Censored Censored 17 gün önce
@A M 🤟🏻
A M 17 gün önce
@Censored Censored 🤣😉🤣 keyboard warrior you have too much time
Censored Censored
Censored Censored Aylar önce
@Mownetharan Low iq comment
Mownetharan Aylar önce
@Censored Censored calling humor low iq is in itself low iq. High iq people know humor is subjective. low iq people call out others for laughing and say 'not funny'.
Censored Censored
Censored Censored Aylar önce
@smitty02345 whot? the kid is a livin' legend. I don't like his fanboy white knights tho, and I usually hunt and f their gurlsbehind their back as payback. Cheers,
Amari_X18 Aylar önce
Good thing I discovered Tate at 20, would be lying if I said he hasn’t influenced my mindset. Ideal masculine role model-despite the narcissism.
Tshiamo Gadinabokao
Tshiamo Gadinabokao 6 gün önce
Being a narcissist is a good thing
Ryder 7 gün önce
People confuse narcissism with self confidence its just a shaming tactic this days there's nothing wrong with appreciating yourself
Rastaman 14 gün önce
is he for real a web cam pimp?
Rastaman 14 gün önce
@GermanGardine what exactly changed?
Stephen Wangondu
Stephen Wangondu 16 gün önce
If he was truly Narcissistic, he wouldn't give a fuck about motivating other people to do better. He's earned his Huge ego because he did the work.
Boomerang-Digital Aylar önce
would love to know tates testosterone levels. to see how high it is, would guess it’s way above average
Agis 28 gün önce
It's on his Twitter
ZG Aylar önce
I can’t remember the video but he showed a result on screen and said it was double the average level.
Boomerang-Digital Aylar önce
@Mick got a link?
kyn Aylar önce
@Mick how high did he say it was?
kyn Aylar önce
@Sam Sam what was his total test levels. It cant be more than 1000 ng/dl, surely?
dagva ochir
dagva ochir Aylar önce
Wish I’d learnt what he says in the video 10 years ago.
Chad Radwell
Chad Radwell 22 gün önce
its never to late for good decisions
KyxLimitless 29 gün önce
n0clip Aylar önce
You've always known this
dagva ochir
dagva ochir Aylar önce
@E Kc Turned 33 last summer. Not sitting back and complaining. I know it’s not too late. Just saying it’d been way better if I knew it in my 20’s. Kinda regret I’ve wasted whole decade
SSYMENN Aylar önce
@E Kc exactly
Indi Anon
Indi Anon Aylar önce
HAhahah that intro in the Casino
António Sampayo
António Sampayo Aylar önce
Good shot there from tate!
Swag Money
Swag Money Aylar önce
3 minutes 🤣
Jorge Leonel
Jorge Leonel Aylar önce
Siphosakhe Ngcongo
Siphosakhe Ngcongo Aylar önce
I am transferring from being a pancake and a weed lover to being the best of me I am in a quest to squeeze earth to give me the juices I want ever since I watched you in fresh and fit
Mownetharan Aylar önce
@Literally Noone just removing it is better imo. Even if you dont get addicted, it still costs time and money.
We are all One
We are all One Aylar önce
Become a steak and eggs lover
Arafat Hossain
Arafat Hossain Aylar önce
You just said what I was about to say... Same here man... shout out to Fresh & Fit...
Literally Noone
Literally Noone Aylar önce
Consume your weed. Just don't get consumed by it.
OffDuty Aylar önce
Wishing you fortune. Just stay focus and get rid of excess bullshit.
Tywian Green
Tywian Green Aylar önce
I didnt even read the title of the video just clicked because i saw tate in the notification and was ready to learn
Master Of Dizaster
Master Of Dizaster 27 gün önce
@hardgainer says who with what proof?
hardgainer Aylar önce
Ready to be scammed you mean🤣🤣🤣
St. Louie N
St. Louie N Aylar önce
No time to reply fren....too busy doing things
Ejjsdhg Xjdhhdhsh
Ejjsdhg Xjdhhdhsh Aylar önce
And what did you learn?
St. Louie N
St. Louie N Aylar önce
🤣 true.
Jack Leftridge
Jack Leftridge Aylar önce
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