How THIS wallpaper kills your phone.

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The cursed wallpaper that crashes Android phones, finally explained. This video gets pretty complex, so get comfortable!

Original image by Gaurav Agrawal: www.flickr.com/photos/1176053...
Huge thanks to Mishaal: twitter.com/MishaalRahman
BadDaemon: forum.xda-developers.com/memb...
and Davide: twitter.com/HrX2003
and Ice Universe: twitter.com/UniverseIce

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4 Haz 2020




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HolidayZetro 50 dakika önce
Bruh my internet is so slow that my ads take 69,420 quintillion years to load p
Flynn 13 saatler önce
Samsung: NOOOOOO! YOU CAN’T KILL ME! Pixel: hehe luminance go brrr
Seawolf 15 saatler önce
No seriously. This is such a great example of why the human race is going to kill itself off. These people have essentially shot themselves in the face after being told not to shoot themselves in the face. Humanity does not deserve to continue existing.
Sarah Pressley
Sarah Pressley 23 saatler önce
the teacher we all wanted lol
Vuyiiiswa. 23 saatler önce
Where can I find the picture
labuherooo Gün önce
Personally I downloaded the original file and set it as a wallpaper on Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro and it works just fine (I don't recommend trying it tho)
Ytask FF
Ytask FF Gün önce
._. My mom has that! OoO
Nyanna Ross
Nyanna Ross Gün önce
Why doesn't it crash the phone (or at least close the application) when you open up the image before setting it as the wallpaper?
Jaskew20Gaming Gün önce
Thank god I didn’t set mine like that
Julske Baby yoda
Julske Baby yoda Gün önce
Idk why but this was interesting
Satyanand Seereeram
I have an Android tablet and it runs Android 11 would this wallpaper crash my tablet.
MC 2 gün önce
I didn’t have that and on my iPad it kept crashing and when it crashed it kept doing it when stopped I did my password and it started again
Rplaze09 2 gün önce
will this kill a iphone 12
Amber Ortega
Amber Ortega 2 gün önce
WEIRD KID 2 gün önce
Does this work on a tablet cause it looks beautiful
Galactic Studio’s
Galactic Studio’s 2 gün önce
I’m so glad I didn’t download it, so a couple days ago I was looking at cool wallpapers, and I was between that exact photo or a very colorful one and I almost picked it but instead I took the colorful one. Thank god lol
I killed your mother
Tried one of your safe versions and it somehow didn’t make some stuff not load lol
Gabriel Castillo
Gabriel Castillo 2 gün önce
Imagine getting your phone bricked because of a photo
Crash_0537 2 gün önce
Maybe it is a Meme effect Call the SCP foundation
MR_LUKA 3 gün önce
so it can brake HUAWEI to?
Emie Octavio
Emie Octavio 3 gün önce
Like the wallpaper i never put it ok! 🆗🆗🆗
I subbed cus u worked so hard
Lypsidy 3 gün önce
i have a sudden urge to save this as my wallpaper but im not sure if iphone 8 is safe or not
Vincemokezoro 3 gün önce
lol im gonna use this image to destroy my friends phone for no reason hahaha thanks
Tyla Perryer
Tyla Perryer 3 gün önce
5:22 hey that's my cat Or weirdly similar
Tyla Perryer
Tyla Perryer 3 gün önce
Cat people never lie
Uroš Đorđević
Uroš Đorđević 3 gün önce
i have honor 9x lite and everytime i start it it shows that picture and it didnt do anything
AJ_UNBOUND 3 gün önce
i got the original image and changed the colour of the 1 pixel and it now works fine as my wallpaper
Melissa Lopez
Melissa Lopez 3 gün önce
Ohh, so this picture wasn’t meant to harm peoples phones, ty for explaining!
Melissa Lopez
Melissa Lopez 3 gün önce
I had no idea what the numbers meant, or what the words meant, BUT.. he explained EVERYTHING so SIMPLE. He deserves a subscribe.
Melissa Lopez
Melissa Lopez 3 gün önce
I love it how he explains it with soo much detail, thank you so much!
Myo Zaw Hein
Myo Zaw Hein 4 gün önce
Complexity in simple terms.
Mr unknown
Mr unknown 4 gün önce
Quarzzy10yt 4 gün önce
Dose it work on apple
Random Dude
Random Dude 5 gün önce
Weird, My Phone automatically change the color lmao edit: oh and if I force it to use the original version it doesn't apply the wallpaper also my phone is on Android 10
shadow 44
shadow 44 5 gün önce
Hard wipe it
xi zi [play game]
xi zi [play game] 5 gün önce
What about tablets
Kouki 5 gün önce
I did it it worked on my Samsung taba
Kitara Blevins
Kitara Blevins 5 gün önce
I bet at least 100 people did this and unfollowed
OSM 5 gün önce
4:15 "humans can only see this triangle of color. Me who saw the top and bottom part of the triangle : 👁️👄👁️
•𝚊 𝚕 𝚢 𝚊•
What if I just screenshot the pic?-
NepatonBall 6 gün önce
5:05 pro photo can support infrared and ultra violet?
Tanay Agrawal
Tanay Agrawal 6 gün önce
The only thing I love about this channel is that he never scammed me by clickbaiting or something..Keep It Up. ❤️❤️
Sophia Mendiola
Sophia Mendiola 6 gün önce
And I’m just joking sorry 😐
Sophia Mendiola
Sophia Mendiola 6 gün önce
I just put it on my mom phone and its doesn’t work omg!
Gabriel M
Gabriel M 6 gün önce
Now I freaking want this wallpaper on my phone!!!
Z3PH7R 6 gün önce
That... was dark. ...and also fascinating
Thomas Hassall
Thomas Hassall 6 gün önce
I nearly had a heart attack when he showed it on the video
Ordinary Devo
Ordinary Devo 7 gün önce
Aron: this is MrWhostheboss Subtitles: This is mr.E’s boss
Jacob Waterhouse
Jacob Waterhouse 7 gün önce
Just dont own a trash android phone 😂
Allan Wills
Allan Wills 7 gün önce
What are you using to edit the cat photo?
Allan Wills
Allan Wills 5 gün önce
dzny 6 gün önce
Nikhil P World
Nikhil P World 7 gün önce
This man gets ad even if the video is offline 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Scintillating Singer
Genuinely subscribed for the sake of his phone
Gojo Satoru 五条悟
yikes 😭
Jenny M
Jenny M 7 gün önce
It's not the picture. It's the format of the picture
cat0 7 gün önce
geomedge 7 gün önce
I wanted to test it out on my old Sony Experia XA1 he deleted it I think?
MINI CRAFTIES -with Sindhuja
No one gonna talk about how he just showed us his phone's unlock pattern?
BANDANA NANDI 8 gün önce
Hey I have one question ... Which software are you using to see the details of the photo ...?? ...means you saw the pixels through the software and you converted the image also ... What is the name of the software ?
mabye the wallpaper carries to much data
Ringtatauros 8 gün önce
7:44 : *destroys all Samsung phone*
Big Guy
Big Guy 8 gün önce
I really like this video it’s kinda spooky
pog official
pog official 8 gün önce
summary= if you want the picture, take a screenshot
Axolotl 8 gün önce
Photographer: I am 5 parallel universes away from you.
Axolotl 8 gün önce
"Don't apply it" Also me: I will apply it.
Riyan Pratama
Riyan Pratama 8 gün önce
You need a bigger size cloth
I'm about to sleep rn and I'm sure I won't because I will be thinking about this all night. However, it was a good information to end the day, useless, but interesting
Martha Speaks
Martha Speaks 8 gün önce
I’m not trying to get this on my 13 pro max
Mae The cherry
Mae The cherry 8 gün önce
Most videos i watch about computer stuff i find boring but the way he explains it is interesting and it makes it interesting which i love
GamerBoy 8 gün önce
0:43 please censor the swear words in this pic. yes. i am that crazy
Dubberband 9 gün önce
Anyone tried this?😂
Reisen Udongein Inaba
A _single pixel._ That is freakin wild
zz ee
zz ee 9 gün önce
*Google literally having a heart attack and violent seizures over one pixel*
Redeye legendary tube
Just screen shot it then edit and there you go
Lukboo 9 gün önce
I wonder how my Samsung didn't die when I saw the image on the video
Johannes Lang
Johannes Lang 9 gün önce
Maybe there could be a pixel detector
Johannes Lang
Johannes Lang 9 gün önce
Fantastic explanation. Only worry now is how many more image's have this problem. Love the idea of your fix. If (pixel>255) pixel=255. Sounds simple, but will google fix it. And do other manufacturers have this problem
Epicbot095 9 gün önce
This is a great argument for people trying to prove apple is better
haxos. 9 gün önce
I love how i kinda understood this
Jocelyn Alexies
Jocelyn Alexies 9 gün önce
Noor kaur
Noor kaur 10 gün önce
F those guys who put it they wanted a cool picture
screaM 'ed'
screaM 'ed' 10 gün önce
where do i get this wallpaper
JaydenplayzGamez 10 gün önce
My phone EXPLODED and blew up it was only a little bit
Ah cruel world
Ah cruel world 10 gün önce
In my tradition we say its a reminder of death
TRGN 10 gün önce
I did it and nothing happened
itsZ 4747
itsZ 4747 10 gün önce
@TRGN he said that on the video
TRGN 10 gün önce
How do you do that?
itsZ 4747
itsZ 4747 10 gün önce
U have to use the original pic not a screenshot
Kami Clan
Kami Clan 10 gün önce
if you were a teacher i'd use all of my savings for this one class
Marina Middendorf
Marina Middendorf 11 gün önce
not me feeling tempted to try this wallpaper now lol
Galaxy Gaming
Galaxy Gaming 11 gün önce
Sir you can fix your phone by using factory reset :)
itsZ 4747
itsZ 4747 10 gün önce
He tried
BeanosE666 11 gün önce
Ok but what abut apple phones?🤔
KunanaCS 11 gün önce
This is why we don't post warnings on twitter *Idiots are gonna break they're phones*
Macabro 11 gün önce
TRAVA WALLPAPER BY MAKER〽️〽️〽️〽️〽️〽️〽️〽️〽️〽️〽️〽️〽️
Hazard tool
Hazard tool 11 gün önce
i started thinking about how this can be destroying phones,, while ago i learned theres a way to hide files within photo files so why not some sort virus or destructive code ?
Blanca Jauregui
Blanca Jauregui 11 gün önce
StupidYT 11 gün önce
When you look closely it looks like there's z face on the wallpaper
Astro 11 gün önce
I did it and nothing happend
FluffyCute 11 gün önce
What about i screen shot it?
itsZ 4747
itsZ 4747 10 gün önce
Then nothing will happend
PayThePrice0928 12 gün önce
Imagine losing ur 1k phone over a single pixel 😭
amazedguineapigs 12 gün önce
wait what if you are watching this on android?....
maddenmeowYT 12 gün önce
good job on 900k likes on this video
Marie 12 gün önce
I really wanna do it now but I don’t wanna risk it
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