how my claire’s piercing got infected…😐

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23 Kas 2021




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inez 2 aylar önce
Moral of the story, never give Claire’s your organs for a free piercing edit: tysm for the likes lol
Timothy Arruda
Timothy Arruda 3 saatler önce
I agree
¥dark_error_lilac¥ 17 saatler önce
So true
i am watching in this in 2022 :D
@BENOFTHEWEEK oooooOOoH my good sssssoo sthupid
preppyshadowssシ 8 gün önce
@Mariya Rahman .l.
OMG 13 saatler önce
At this point I don’t even care how weird his titles are anymore I just watch.
EmojiFace😜 11 gün önce
The confidence he has to lay down on the ground in front of all those people is amazing
𝘽𝙧𝙤𝙨𝙠𝙞 𝙪 𝙜𝙤𝙤𝙙.??
This is why I want to get my ears done at my local tattoo parlor.
I went to a doctor
Colleen Walsh
Colleen Walsh 17 gün önce
When I got my ears pierced at Claire's when I was like 6, they pierced the lady's glove to my ear, then tried to TAKE MY EARRING OFF. Needless to say 6 year old me was scarred and I will never get my ears pierced at Claire's again. (did not mean to make that so long lol)
Mx. Loverman
Mx. Loverman 20 gün önce
as someone who got their ears pierced as claire’s. Never. do. it.
JoBe Animations
JoBe Animations Gün önce
Oh?? I got both of my piercings done at Claire's when I was like 7 and they've never got infected (except for when I wore earrings i was allergic to💀)
Giulia Bonafin
Giulia Bonafin 22 gün önce
Ahahaha this happened to me too last year. You can’t imagine the pain taking of the earring just after you got the hole.
꧁ ● Predestiny ● ꧂
I got my first ear piercing at Claire's when i 5 and mine turned out perfectly fine 😂
Tia Wheeler
Tia Wheeler 23 gün önce
This actually happened to me when I went to Claire when the face mask thing was lifted but I still wore it and it was horrible do not recommend wearing a face mask during a piercing 😅
My-life-is A-moood
My-life-is A-moood Aylar önce
I feel really lucky that the piercing I had done at Claire’s when I was 3 never got infected but I really recommend going to a tattoo/piercing parlour because it much cleaner
sofiashawaii 4 gün önce
@Jelly same 😩
Jelly 5 gün önce
I got infected :(
sofiashawaii 16 gün önce
Yea I did that after 5 years of suffering
Maryam Kasim
Maryam Kasim 18 gün önce
Yes and they used the piercing gun on him it is said there is a less chance at it getting infected using the needle
Blossom :3
Blossom :3 22 gün önce
@Strawberry_Playz Its because the gun method they use isn't the safest- its harder to clean than needles and can cause blunt force trauma to your ears. Its why a lot of people seem to report getting an infection. Its good that you didn't though! :3 Also, I've heard getting your ears pierced with a needle hurts less? But I wouldn't know from experience as I had my ears pierced at Claires when I was little and they haven't closed up since.
Nerd squad
Nerd squad 23 gün önce
Is anyone going to tell him he could have taken the back of the earring off and it would have come out
Yᴏᴜʀ ʟᴏᴄᴀʟ ᴋɪᴅɴᴀᴘᴘᴇʀ
@Nerd squad Sorry, maybe it doesn’t apply to everyone? I got this from what the people who pierce ears said to me.
I did too
Nerd squad
Nerd squad 2 gün önce
@Yᴏᴜʀ ʟᴏᴄᴀʟ ᴋɪᴅɴᴀᴘᴘᴇʀ really? Because my ears have been pierced for 2 years and I took them out the same day (the same hour actually) to clean them really quick. If you don’t leave them out to long. And it’s the BACK don’t even have to take the full earring out
Yᴏᴜʀ ʟᴏᴄᴀʟ ᴋɪᴅɴᴀᴘᴘᴇʀ
If you do take it off before 4-6 weeks, the piercing could still get infected and/or close.
Avi Medina
Avi Medina 21 gün önce
Well he just got it peirced ,you can't take it out for 4-6 weeks.
Nathalia Vargas
Nathalia Vargas 20 gün önce
2 things that all of us can learn from this short, and quick video: 1. Do not donate an organ just to get a piercing. Donate it because you would like to save somebody else's life, and 2. Do not get a piercing. This can cause you a real, and serious infection, and it is a complete unnecessary pain. 😑
•faiirycore• 3 gün önce
I love how he just casually pulls his headphone and a ear falls out
I myself don't know how many fandoms I have joined
I literally got my ears piercing at 8 and nose piercing at 14 and I advise you to make a paste of coconut oil and turmeric powder and apply it on the back of your ear and also don't eat peas chickpeas etc. They can increase the piercing pain
steampunkhyena 2 aylar önce
At this point I don’t even care how weird his titles are anymore I just watch.
Blood_Shot_Games Aylar önce
Same tho
steampunkhyena Aylar önce
@Yuushime 😑💀
Brenda Anderson
Brenda Anderson Aylar önce
Yuushime Aylar önce
@steampunkhyena go comment on that video then💀💀
Amber Lewis
Amber Lewis Aylar önce
Cloudii 13 gün önce
Note to future self: never get your ears pierced at Clair’s, especially if it’s free.
Jazzy_Todoroki❤️ 13 gün önce
Your videos always make my day so thank you😂
Addison Piros
Addison Piros 16 gün önce
My ear got infected too! I went to clairs, got it done, then my aunt learned how to switch earrings, she switched them, then I got an ear infection :(
Agent 4
Agent 4 10 gün önce
One time the bottom part of my ear piercing got stuck inside my ear so I had to go to get surgery to remove it. I haven’t wore earrings ever since
Violet Aylar önce
ADVICE: Only ever get your ears pierced at a tattoo parlor(they are actually very clean). NEVER get them pierced with a piercing gun(what Claire’s uses), they damage your ears and it is impossible for them to ever be fully cleaned.
LuxxFN 15 gün önce
@Scarlett 3 OMG urs got infected I got my cartallige at a percing place
LuxxFN 16 gün önce
@Lorelai is Inconsistent I never said it couldn't go wrong for others jeez chill out
Lorelai is Inconsistent
@LuxxFN just because it didn’t go wrong for you the needles are no where near sharp enough and can even cause blunt force trama. They often malfunction too. The employees have minimal to no training
Fatima B.
Fatima B. 17 gün önce
When I was a kid, I got my ears pierced at Claire’s with the piercing gun. (The poked a little hole with a toothpick and then stabbed it into my ear with the gun) and ever since then I’ve never worn earrings because my ears a closed up and I’m scared to get them pierced ever again incase they get infected, also, when I feel in that area (the lobe - where my piercing once was - my left ear is half-closed) I feel something in there - a sort of little tube. Not entirely sure what it is.
Scarlett 3
Scarlett 3 17 gün önce
@LuxxFN I got 4 cartilage piercings and it was Supa painful after 2 days...I got infected T^T
★SOPHSCHARMXO★ 23 gün önce
The first time I went to get my ears peircrd at CLAIRE’S I GOT AN INFECTION. I now get them peirced at Pagoda! No infection at all so far! I recommend going there!
Sara Williams
Sara Williams 21 gün önce
I got my ears pierced three times at Claire's and I've had my ears pierced for over 3 years and they haven't got infected you just got to take care of them and clean them really good and they won't get infected
Charlotte Losavio
Charlotte Losavio 21 gün önce
tbh i would never get my ears pierced at claire’s, i got my ears pierced at a tattoo shop when i was 6 and it didn’t hurt at all or get infected, it closed up a few years later though :(
Beth's beauty vlog
Beth's beauty vlog 15 gün önce
You see him take the mask off that ear but this is still AMAZING!!
KOZEKYTO Aylar önce
I used to work at Claire’s (don’t recommend it) and was a “certified” piercer. This happened at the store I worked at too, haha. We usually ask people to remove their masks for the piercing cause it’s a risk. It’s really not that serious though; All you gotta do is remove the back of the earring, remove the mask strap, and put the back on again. As long as you don’t remove the earring, you should be fine :)) (the back of the earring might take some xtra effort to remove, but it can be. Just be gentle, haha)
nekuishi Aylar önce
@ᴅᴀɪʟʏ. ʟᴏᴠ E sup
ᴅᴀɪʟʏ. ʟᴏᴠ E
@nekuishi hi
Niftykitty2790 Aylar önce
@angel cake ! you lucky
angel cake !
angel cake ! Aylar önce
I got mine pierced like 2 years ago from Clarie's and it's never been infected.
Deez nuts
Deez nuts Aylar önce
It’s a joke he posted in October on TikTok
Mangledbon 18 gün önce
This happened too with me! Then we took my sister to another place and she never got infected
Julianna Barbaro
Julianna Barbaro 24 gün önce
Never get your ears peirced at clairs , I did when I was little and they peirced them uneven, so my ear piercings are forever uneven !!! Always go to a tattoo parlor.
Hoque Kids
Hoque Kids 23 gün önce
I was going to get my 2nd ear piercing ( got a bottom pair before ) at Claire's and now it has like dry skin and it stinks rlly bad when u touch it. Everytime I clean my top earrings,it keeps on filling with dry skin. I'm not even sure if its dry skin but I just put vaseline on it to contain it a bit..
Atlas Topçu
Atlas Topçu 22 gün önce
Everyone: Yay! I got a Ear piercing! Ben:And Boom they legally stabbed me!
Bribe Aylar önce
Rest in peace my favourite show
evagil 2 gün önce
21st reply wowowoowowowowowowowowow
loveii 4 gün önce
da good place🥲🤌
Galaxy Wolf Gaming
Galaxy Wolf Gaming Aylar önce
18nth reply
Dozee Aylar önce
PyroToasttMc Aylar önce
@✨AwakeCreations✨ I care 🤷🥳🥳🥳🥳
Izzy Pysor
Izzy Pysor 22 gün önce
That happened to me. When I took my earring studs out for the first time and my ears would not stop bleeding for hours
SimplyLexieee 11 gün önce
I got my ears pierced in April and they’ve got infected about 4 times since then 😀👌
Backupaccount Jezler
Backupaccount Jezler 21 gün önce
My first piercing when I was a baby I got at Claire’s I never had any problem with it except in August I got my seconds done and they were too close to my first and my one ear has been infected so many times
Alexis_jellybean 24 gün önce
I really like the part when he was holding his mask while he was getting the piercing Edit:thanks for the likesss☺️☺️
Lmao I pierced my second hole in Claire’s and it never got infected and they gave me some liquid to not get infected and it never got infected 😂
Sharleen Sewpersad
Sharleen Sewpersad 16 gün önce
All we need to do to get that out is take off your earrings and pull it out from your ear hopefully that will help I got my ears pierced at Claire's as well and she did the same thing to me so that's how you do listen to my advice at work
WhistlinBrakes 24 gün önce
Did you know, you dont need the outer ear to hear you just need the ”hole” the outer part is something that makes you hear a tad better
I like how you can see him holding the string of his mask away from the ear xD
Berry_ Aylar önce
Yeah this is why I got my ears pierced at a tattoo parlor, they usually have a licensed piercer there and it's much less painful, also the workers are honestly the nicest people ever, and it's much more sanitary as well since you can't clean a piercing gun and they use a new needle straight out of the package for you if you get it done professionally at a tattoo/piercing shop.
Sxftapricot_ Aylar önce
Yep same, I had mine don’t with e gun twice both times it got infected and I finally decided to go to a piercing/tattoo parlor and they did it with a licensed professional and everything was sanitary! This is why we don’t go to Claire’s.
Wilba Soil
Wilba Soil Aylar önce
got mine done at a tattoo place too, barely hurt, straight needle, didn’t get infected
Jelly *Melonade*
Jelly *Melonade* Aylar önce
I peirced my ear 2 times at claires, both ended up not working. I got them peirced at a tattoo parlor and they worked.
Ana Nas
Ana Nas Aylar önce
Especially if you doing cartilage it's better to do hollow needle than a gun.
Carol Lewis
Carol Lewis 21 gün önce
Never get your ears pierced at Claire’s lmao
Adéla Medková
Adéla Medková 13 gün önce
I really love how when they are doing the piercing he didn't had the mask on 🤣😂🤣 and then boom the mask is stuck🤣
Adefunke Adegbite
Adefunke Adegbite 22 gün önce
At first I thought he just hooked the mask to the hook at the back of the earring, but you just couldn't see it on camera but I was prrly wrong guess we will never know lmao
_Waffle Skyee
_Waffle Skyee 21 gün önce
everyone saying that claire’s is bad for earrings but i’ve had them pierced for 3 years until i stopped wearing them-
Addie Cat
Addie Cat 25 gün önce
Nobody gonna talk about how this guy is literally the funniest person like... ever
SxeepyBunny 13 gün önce
Bro stop bulling him
b4ushout _15
b4ushout _15 21 gün önce
He's not funny
Savanna Plays
Savanna Plays 22 gün önce
@Akbarjon Abdurakhmomov well then thats their opinion, good for u that u have yours.
Akbarjon Abdurakhmomov
Nobody is talking about it because he isnt funny
Julia Collins
Julia Collins 19 gün önce
I went to Claire’s for some jewellery like rings and I saw something and it was a Pearce your own ears starter kit I was like ummmm 😳 I would never ever do that always get professionals to Pearce your ears
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean 23 gün önce
I love how he has a bed but he decided to sleep on the sidewalk
Dark_Wolf 12 gün önce
It’s not a mistake ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨
Alosted 21 gün önce
LOL the way you use sound effects and talk when you were saying they pierced the mask into you was so good
Mello _
Mello _ Aylar önce
I love how everyone is taken this seriously, I got my second loves at Claire’s and it was fine. Even for me to be rarely cleaning (bad I know) but they never got infected and yes they had you remove the sides of the mask just like they did to him lol. It’s a skit.
Maggie Aylar önce
I only know one person who got an infection and it's not Claire's fault it's a natural thing. Yeah your right he literally shows him not wearing the mask but some people are taking this way to seriously. Like hating Claire's because they got an infection.
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima Aylar önce
@JELLY Todoroki ✨no problem ✨
JELLY Todoroki
JELLY Todoroki Aylar önce
@Eijiro Kirishima thanks :]
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima Aylar önce
@JELLY Todoroki that’s good
JELLY Todoroki
JELLY Todoroki Aylar önce
@Eijiro Kirishima I'm good thanks
it's not jelly
it's not jelly 6 gün önce
✨it's not a mistake✨ it's a masterpiece ✨
Abigail Grady
Abigail Grady 14 gün önce
I got my ears pierced at Claire's and it didn't get infected. Also, when I replace my earrings, the area of the earring itches. Is that an Infection?
ᴹᵃᶜʸ 23 gün önce
Bruh . . I had problems in one of my ears when I got it Pericles for my b-day , my second piercing and it got puffy and my earring went inside my ear , I literally had to go to the ER . I went to Claire’s and got it pierced . . Wow .
elizagaming 10 saatler önce
That’s what happened to my sister when she got her ears pierced at Claire’s
Shweta Moghe
Shweta Moghe Aylar önce
I love how no one pointed out that his mask is off in the footage when he got his ear pierced
kaleele 77
kaleele 77 Aylar önce
I saw that
Mixortiq Aylar önce
It's a joke all his vids are
Consuelo Contreras Gómez
It’s a joke….
Makayla Grilo
Makayla Grilo Aylar önce
@DOG he only got one ear pierced in the video
Pabla2329 Aylar önce
Zorro-Tube 21 gün önce
I got my ears pierced at Claire's a few days ago... *I'm scared.*
D✩lly ! !
D✩lly ! ! 21 gün önce
I got my ears Pierced at a VERY young age, Still it has never got infected or closed
Anya Lein Urrea
Anya Lein Urrea 20 gün önce
recently got a piercing ,,, 2nd lobe (they used the gun) and i dont know if it's normal but its taking a long time to heal ,,,, its been like 3 months and for some reason my left ear is healing fine but my right lobe is still kinda bleeding lol
CR7 Fan Channel
CR7 Fan Channel Gün önce
No ones gonna talk about how he took the mask of when they pierced him
Vix -
Vix - 2 aylar önce
doesn’t claires like, never clean the piercing machines? They have pierced hundreds of ears and never clean them lol
mook_butt Aylar önce
They just use an alcohol wipe on the outside of it. There’s no way to actually sterilize the piercing gun.
I crave the sweet release of death From this earth
I think they do, at least my local, but piercing guns cause so much damage it ain't worth it man. Got my ears done professionally and yes it cost more but the difference between the two is... jarring. Got lumps of scar tissue vs nice n smooth. Plus I got offered coke n sweets getting it don't professionally, Claire never did that and I was 10 years younger 😤
Buronica Hudson
Buronica Hudson Aylar önce
They are cleaned but sometimes the machine isn’t cleaned properly
Ria Cortez
Ria Cortez 2 aylar önce
Im not sure about every Claires but I used to work there and we cleaned ours before and after every ear piercing
Bisexual•_•idiot 21 gün önce
I've had my ears pierced since I was six and did it at Claire's cause it was free for my birthday cause my aunt worked there sometimes I have to move the earring around in my ear to find the back hole and people in here are saying my ears will never be clean if I pierced them at Claire's welp yayyyy
Morgan Ainsley
Morgan Ainsley 19 gün önce
Jelly Logston
Jelly Logston 23 gün önce
That’s was happened to me but the back of my earring got stuck inside my ear and I had to have surgery so that’s how mine got infected for Claire’s.
xboxerloverx 22 gün önce
a decade of silence for those who think this is real 🤣
that barb
that barb 11 gün önce
It is real
•Gavha Lily•
•Gavha Lily• Aylar önce
The fact that his mask wasent even on his ear when he got it pierced is the reason why he’s so funny. EVERYONE RAID ALL THE CLAIRS TO DONATE YOUR ORGANS!! #Organdonatortoclairs #benoftheweek
Yessenia Pozuelos
Yessenia Pozuelos Aylar önce
@The Rose Prince i replied to you cause u posted q comment on a public form and anyone can reply to anyone its like a conversation. You also said simple solution take the back off and I was saying how sometimes with the gun the pressure is so much that its to tight to take it off maybe thats why he didn't just take it off. Best way isn't even with a gun and thats one if many reason
Macie Lail
Macie Lail Aylar önce
The Rose Prince
The Rose Prince Aylar önce
@Yessenia Pozuelos Not sure why you replied to me specifically, but every time I've gotten my ears pierced there, that never once happened. Maybe you just found a shitty worker or something, cause that doesn't usually happen if it's done right
Yessenia Pozuelos
Yessenia Pozuelos Aylar önce
@The Rose Prince when they used q gun on me the airings were so tight it took me over a month to be able to take of the earring. Best to get it done old school way guns suck and clairs suck
Ana Nas
Ana Nas Aylar önce
@•Gavha Lily• confirmation bias. Many people who got it done at claire's have horror stories. And conversely majority of piercing horror stories are from claire's and other dumb ideas. Claire's are not professionals. It's like aliexpress of ear piercing.
I_Am_A_CatHead 23 gün önce
I went to Claire's for that. Big mistake. Got an infection. Never doing it again.
JELLY IZ 19 gün önce
Never get ur ears pierced at Claire’s my friend did it there like 5 times all the times there ear got infected only get your ears pierced at a tattoo place that’s just the best option.
Melissa Main
Melissa Main 20 gün önce
I got my ears pierced at claires and i got one infected and one that the skin on my ear grew over it and i had to go to the doctor to get it removed
Rae 6 gün önce
I Have only made the mistake to Peirce my ears at Claire's once. Now I have to many earrings but no way to wear them 👍 :D
Anon Shrimp
Anon Shrimp 25 gün önce
First mistake, going to Claire's for a PIERCING. The way their piercing guns work is basically brite forces through the flesh or worse, cartilage. Imagine how much trauma that can cause? The place itself and tools arent very clean or sterile sooooo you could be getting someone else germs. To top it all off, the employees are severely under trained to be doing piercings. BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! The butterfly backings they use can in a lot of cases start being pushed into the flesh of your ear and ot can get VERY swelled. And can we PLEASE stop giving babies piercings? (Another topic for another day) If you wanna get a child a piercing or get one yourself, got to a tattoo shop. Its cleaner, safer and much nicer of an environment. Instead of having people staring at you, its just you and the piercer in a nice, quiet environment. Ik the needle they use to pierce looks scarier BUT it glides through the flesh instead of brute force through. It also hurts 10 times less then the stupid guns they use at Claire's.
Ash Uh
Ash Uh 2 gün önce
Omg yes I got s free piercing from Claire's when I was like 8 for my birthday and it got super infected and hurt and swelled so now I'm gonna save up to get a piercing at a tatoo shop
Abigail Grady
Abigail Grady 14 gün önce
Yeah, I hate everyone staring at me
*-Hadley-* 14 gün önce
I got mine done at a mall I think. A tatto and piercing shop! My parents stoped piercing there babies ears on baby number 3 so me and my big sister have ear piercings. My parents did that bc they want them to choose if they want there ears pierced.
Its not a mistake, its a 💫MASTERPIECE💫
I had a baby peircing both ears
urani !
urani ! 15 gün önce
yep needles are wayy better, less chance of them being infected and the guns are so blunt and disgusting
Pipsa Dipsa
Pipsa Dipsa 16 gün önce
I once got a infected ear from then they had to do surgery because the earing sunk inside my ear it was very traumatic there's still a small bump 🤣
JellyBean Soldier
JellyBean Soldier 17 gün önce
Never give your organs to clairs.
Edric Blight
Edric Blight 21 gün önce
i got mine pierced at claires and they never got infected 💔
Jelly Wanderer
Jelly Wanderer 19 gün önce
I got my ears pierced at Claire's and they told me to take off my mask and just hold it on- Fun fact: you went to a bad claires.
Jelly Wanderer
Jelly Wanderer 19 gün önce
Fun fact x2: the time I have watched this there was 666k likes.
LoadStar Aylar önce
That’s why you have to go to a professional to get it done, like at a tattoo or a body piercing shop where they actually know what there doing. You should always do your research first before getting a pricing so you know how to take care of it, especially do research on the shop you getting it done at. I’ve personally have had better experience at a piercing shop because they know what they’re doing, and know what to do if it gets infected.
a person
a person Aylar önce
@Trash yes but they also use duller needles which is painful. In tattoo shops and professional places, they use incredibly sharp needles and it’s easier to put the earring in because of how they put it on. There’s a lot more precision instead of just a dull needle gun. Hope this makes sense? Also, they use a weird gun thing at my local Claire’s, idk about other places.
Learn more
Learn more Aylar önce
@Barbara Pettry she didn’t numb anything at all 😭
Barbara Pettry
Barbara Pettry Aylar önce
@Learn more I did that myself. Did she numb the back of Your ear with an ice cube, too? Worked great!!🙂
JankyStraw Aylar önce
bro. its not real-
hello Aylar önce
My best friend got her ears pierced at a place with professionals and hers got infected, it was also like $140, I got mine pretty cheap at clairs and I'm fine.
Claire Villarreal
Claire Villarreal Saatler önce
Bro the fact that my name is Claire is just embarrassing " yh claire gave me and ear infection " everyone looks at me BRO
MsKell1986 17 gün önce
•MochaUvU• 20 gün önce
I got my ears pierced at Claire's and their perfectly fine didn't get infected
Jose Quintanilla
Jose Quintanilla 23 gün önce
0:10 the mask moved fast and moved on its own to Ben's left ear so it would be stuck there, while they pierced his ear, wow!
Jose Quintanilla
Jose Quintanilla 21 gün önce
@Kya Alt I know it's just a joke, I'm being sarcastic bro, u can hear the sarcasm on my comment.....
Kya Alt
Kya Alt 21 gün önce
Also it's just a joke dude dont take it seriously
Kya Alt
Kya Alt 21 gün önce
He used highlighter to fake the infection 🙂👍
[Frankie]-C0me 0ver L!ve
Yeah this is why I got my ears pierced at a tattoo parlor, they usually have a licensed piercer there and it's much less painful, also the workers are honestly the nicest people ever, and it's much more sanitary as well since you can't clean a piercing gun and they use a new needle straight out of the package for you if you get it done professionally at a tattoo/piercing shop.
PurpleBamboo - #ITS2022!
@romualdas barkauskas Its not alisha they're talking abt hte profile pic of its frankie guys pls dont get confused
romualdas barkauskas
Pls just change this profile pic you dont know how old the people are on this app
Kim Seokjin
Kim Seokjin Aylar önce
Bruh CHANGE ur prof pic and these freaking bots r so annoying
doggo Aylar önce
@Swazzvy its a bot copy and pasting.
romualdas barkauskas
Someone call khaby lame cuz why cant u take da earing off (not hate😉
Subbed🍦 11 saatler önce
Sometimes I can’t tell if bens joking lol 😂
jellypup_101 6 gün önce
It's not a mistake ✨IT'S A MASTERPIECE✨
Xx_No_need_to_cry_xX 24 gün önce
I got mine pierced at Claire's 4 years ago lucky my didn't get infected but I hope your okay
SaejaGetsSilly 24 gün önce
Oh my friends got their ears pierced at Claire’s they all got ear infections, and I got my ears pierced somewhere else and I was the only one that didn’t get your infections.
Heidi Grandberry
Heidi Grandberry 2 aylar önce
One time my cousin got her ears pierced at Claire’s and it swelled up to the size of a tennis ball and she had to have surgery
Sammy -!!
Sammy -!! 2 aylar önce
@Wistymations I think you actually need to go to a professional and know how to do ear piercings but this is just what I’m recommending if one of you guys think about getting your ear pierced. Or just buy real earrings with real gold (in an other country like Colombia they have gold earrings there and that’s how I got my black ones at.) but yeah I don’t think Claire’s is a really good place to do ear piercings. I never did my ears there but I won’t.
Wistymations 2 aylar önce
Yep Claires is awful for piercings, I got one done and it got infected so badly I had to go to hospital. I didn't need surgery but still. Turns out they don't disinfect the gun between uses.
Im Jamies
Im Jamies 2 aylar önce
SHOCKING! trvid.com/video/video-78xRjnLxZhI.html
Miyah Motley
Miyah Motley 18 gün önce
Some peace of advice don't get your ears Pearce at Clare's because I had my ear get infected and had to get it Pearced again and it hurt like hell
Savy~ 24 gün önce
I got my ear pierced when I was 7months old and nose piercing when I was 10+ ears old 🥲😩🤚 cuz i am south Indian and it's my family tradition... That's not fashion for us! 😙
felicia bridewell
felicia bridewell 24 gün önce
I went here to get my ears pierced and I was lucky I didn’t have a mask on my mom took my mask off so it doesn’t bother me.
pinkdrawer07 20 gün önce
You know Claire's dont clean the thing to pierce the ears ?
It's Me Chickadee
It's Me Chickadee Aylar önce
I got my ears pierced for my 10th birthday at Claire’s. It never healed right and hurt a lot when I wore earrings so I eventually let the holes grow over. I got them pierced again when I was 14 at a tattoo parkour by a nurse and they are wonderful!! I would definitely going to a more professional place to pierce ears Edit: parlor not parkour
Ellie Jackson
Ellie Jackson Aylar önce
Omg same! I had mine pierced at 8 and they got infected then I got them pierced at ten again at Claire’s and when we changed the earrings after the right amount of time they got infected and healed closed. :(
Jaeger Bomb
Jaeger Bomb 22 gün önce
Easy, take the earring off and then cut the mask and pull it through also never get your ears pierced at claires
Feisty Sisters TV
Feisty Sisters TV 18 gün önce
This is why you make sure your mask is away from earring before you pierce it or just don’t wear paper masks
🤺Jasper 18 gün önce
the fact I got my ears Pierced at Clare's aswell 😭😭😭😭
Liara Swing
Liara Swing 13 gün önce
If this was true I would recommend going to a doctor
✨JELLY✨unlucky_charm252 YT
It’s so entertaining watching someone’s ear getting infected
Jelly Iskuiku kureigu🏳️‍⚧️
@Im Jamies so glad u didn’t Rick roll me
Im Jamies
Im Jamies 2 aylar önce
SHOCKING! trvid.com/video/video-78xRjnLxZhI.html
ELM_trees 24 gün önce
WAIT I got my ears pierced at Clair’s when I was little and double pierced a few years after! THEY MAKE U TAKE UR MASK OFF UR EARS AND HOLD IT ON UR FACE! They also give u some stuff to clean ur ears with so they don’t get infected! So Clair’s is safe but the vid was funny!
XxJelly_Atlas_AlphaxX 18 gün önce
Wait can't you just take off the backs and remove the mask while leaving the earring in?
Anna Spence's Channel
Anna Spence's Channel 20 gün önce
Is this real? When they were piercing his ear, he took of the mask string.
SiennaTube Gün önce
Never go to Claire’s for piercings.
Doja's Corner
Doja's Corner 2 aylar önce
How can people even get their ears pierced at Claire's? The people who pierce them are teens with no experience 💀
luvly Aylar önce
i literally got my ears pierced over there when i was younger, probably when i was 3-5. from where i lived they were really experienced. it just depends on the staff really :")
estie JELLY bestie •¥•
Yeah and getting it pieced free doesn’t sound safe?? Like, having someone mutilate your ear for free!?!?!
♡simplygalaxy♡︎ 14 gün önce
Its not a mistake its a ✨masterpiece✨
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