How Master Chief Was Created Scene 4K ULTRA HD - Halo Cinematic

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How Master Chief Was Created Scene 4K ULTRA HD - Halo Cinematic

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27 Haz 2021




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Dindu Nugfin
Dindu Nugfin 6 aylar önce
Props to the cameraman/woman who were able to record the invasion for the future generations to see
TheDancingThing 11 gün önce
I'm sorry, but irl if aliens were invading everyone and they're mother have the phones to record it and would.
Jason Bright
Jason Bright 19 gün önce
@Ramadasu teja camera**man**/**woman** its supposed to be the syllable
Ramadasu teja
Ramadasu teja 19 gün önce
@Jason Bright also iam not being rude for you :)
Ramadasu teja
Ramadasu teja 19 gün önce
@Jason Brighttriggered? Cmon i never saw/or someone saying camerawoman well if its your opinion...........chill
Chi Chi
Chi Chi 24 gün önce
Props for your original joke
Jay Earley
Jay Earley Aylar önce
This was the first cutscene that made me say "wow, games are becoming indistinguishable from reality". Amazing graphics on Doctor Halsey!
Huu Amai
Huu Amai 23 gün önce
@Butt Kicker the part with the soldier boy in the beach and later the surgeries were live-action, not game.
Huu Amai
Huu Amai 23 gün önce
@Joe Clave pretty sure they use motion capture on the mouth, so the way she's moving her mouth is exactly how a human does it.
Bujhir Aylar önce
@David Cabrera HAHAHAHA
David Cabrera
David Cabrera Aylar önce
Then you play the game and it looks like GTA 4
Martin McCoy
Martin McCoy Aylar önce
agree but the mouth movements were a tad off. But still amazing work
airplanenut89 6 aylar önce
I actually felt some sympathy towards Halsey in that opening cinematic. Yes, she created the Spartan Program, yes she kidnapped children for it, and yes she is bending history by omitting the original purpose of their creation. However, it was the UNSC that green lit the project knowing full well what it was for, and what it would require. Now that the war is over and she's served her purpose, the UNSC is basically throwing Halsey under the bus here even though they are just as guilty for the creation of this program.
Jon B. Kinnemore
Jon B. Kinnemore 27 gün önce
@airplanenut89 that's like blaming the Army for something the CIA did. They are part of the same government but not the same thing. The UNSC didn't know of the Spartan program until it was declassified by ONI
Morgan Griffin
Morgan Griffin Aylar önce
Parangosky is a hypocritical authoritarian. She straight up has people assassinated and she's the reason oni turned on Halsey. At least Osmund had good reason to hate her.
AJJ29 Aylar önce
Well yeah they’re both guilty but they don’t All have to take the fall they can just blame Halsey
manictiger Aylar önce
I started to sympathize more as she revealed she's a transhumanist. Hell yeah I want to be smarter, stronger and faster! Although, let's be honest, at that point, you just go the space marine route and start sticking hydraulics, super alloy bones and redundant organs in the body.
GUASJUA Aylar önce
You forget that the ONI has to do a lot at all of this, not only the UNSC, but yes
TheMCSavage 6 aylar önce
"Do you believe that Master Chief succeeded, because he was, at his core, broken?" Fella, Master Chief was slaughtering Flood and Covenant when you were still drinking milk out of a bottle.
Jerry Zhang
Jerry Zhang 17 gün önce
@Ajit Adonis Manilal sir, calm down. its been 4 goddamn months and u still typing. SHUT the FUCK up because everyone thinks your wrong, because you are wrong.
Stephen Byrne
Stephen Byrne 29 gün önce
What will UNSC history remember the Spartan II's as I wonder?
Johnny Nemo
Johnny Nemo Aylar önce
@L.E. Miller bred and raised for war. The spartan name is apt.
GT40 Aylar önce
@Aelius I think for him he'll find one....assuming they write it that way. Yes I know, rose colored glasses.
Aelius Aylar önce
@GT40 The problem is that he can't stop, he won't be like Marcus Fenix on a farm with his wife and child. He is just a tool. Spartans have a very bleak life. It's like Snake from MGS, there is no happy ending.
NobleORCA 3 aylar önce
"but most of all..do not...underestimate.....him" Chills, literal chills.
brutaladd Aylar önce
Even now he’s off somewhere eliminating an unknown threat independent of his orders
Jagar Tharn
Jagar Tharn Aylar önce
Huh. I just thought her animation looked weird.
Neo Anderson
Neo Anderson Aylar önce
Turn your heat up
Nirmal Singh
Nirmal Singh Aylar önce
@jordi romero triguero he and offensive bias are the only sentient beings to ever defeat flood..
PJRama18 Aylar önce
I was going to like this, but it’s the perfect number of likes for a comment on a Halo video.
L.E. Miller
L.E. Miller 6 aylar önce
Director: "We're making a very serious cut scene here, ideas?" Modeler: "What if we make their bed/prison cells look like a sick ass Spartan helmet" Director: "............I love it"
Malte V.
Malte V. Aylar önce
@Kirk it's right at the beginning
Darkest Argentum
Darkest Argentum Aylar önce
oh man i missed that detail
h8uall66 Aylar önce
@Diego Peña It's not the same model, the dimensions are totally different. It's Oblong and the glass is flat not domed.
Diego Peña
Diego Peña Aylar önce
More like just reuse the helmet 3D model and don't build something from scratch.
Lild 2 aylar önce
@Azuris Gaming lmao I was watching Forward Unto Dawn yesterday and noticed that the very first death in the movie (when the space elevator is attacked) uses the Whilhelm Scream
SLAPNTZ MCCOY 6 aylar önce
“Do you think the Spartan’s lack of basic humanity helped?” You know they’re super soldiers engineered to be wind up death machines right?
MrAcrobot 19 gün önce
@San Lorenzo Good point but it is difficult that such things don't happen again. If humanity were to face a greater threat, who is to say that such secret experiments won't be approved again. It is in the interest of political and military leaders to secretly approve horrendous things without the public knowing about it. Of course this is a game, but it is well documented the horrors of real life war and even commerce where animals and humans are experimented on, and other disgusting political and military decisions. We just don't hear about them because, well we're not supposed to and some of them come out years later. The perpetrators are punished but the people who knew and let it continue, i.e. the leaders are not punished for it.
London olson 331
London olson 331 23 gün önce
Master chief once said we are soldiers but in reality we’re just people. Somethin like that I don’t quite remember
Angus Angelos
Angus Angelos Aylar önce
@Meat Daddy stories often run parallel with real life, nothing is new under the sun
AnimeFreakish78 Aylar önce
@aquapb89 1:02 Interrogator: you developed the spartans to crush human rebellion, not to fight the covenent. Sorry never played halo so no idea what the insurrection is
AnimeFreakish78 Aylar önce
@UCa3YPcjMI3SYo3OyCzjFmkQ yea super soldiers save some pussy ass civilians just so the civilian can complain about the existence of the super soldier in the first place or if violence is necessary and all that bullshit.
imglidinhere 5 aylar önce
I love her passion and dedication she exudes, but most of all, in whatever twisted form it takes, her love for her spartans. Was the process a warcrime? Yes. Undeniably. But was it the wrong thing to do at the right time? Yes. Absolutely.
Lild Aylar önce
@William Lockwood ehh if they’re kidnapping children from various colonies on different planets to use as child soldiers to fight an insurrection I’d imagine that would fall under war crimes
William Lockwood
William Lockwood Aylar önce
It's a crime, but not a war crime. War crimes are against other nations, I think, rather than crimes committed while a war is on.
Lild 2 aylar önce
Yeah, I mean to me she’s almost like a Nazi scientist in a way. Her cruel experiments and research were only vindicated through the Spartans being responsible for the survival of humanity. Had the Covenant not attacked, it’s possible she’d one day be prosecuted for war crimes. I love the complexity of her character and how she justifies her actions in the cinematic
OnAChairSitting 4 aylar önce
"Yeah bitch I did warcrimes, what you gonna do about it?"
The Artist
The Artist 6 aylar önce
I would love to see this as a series like it’s long overdue
Dvrbrts X
Dvrbrts X Aylar önce
Welp, it's coming!
Travis Thomas
Travis Thomas Aylar önce
Lmao well well
khalid ismail
khalid ismail Aylar önce
@Iron hide netflix can make it the most popular series in one day XD
Ahov Aylar önce
Her argument isn't exactly compelling. Suggesting the future of humanity should involve sociopathic behavior, lol. No thanks
Chrome Dog
Chrome Dog Aylar önce
@TheGAMEGENIE101 They released a teaser trailer a few weeks back.
Chrinik 6 aylar önce
My biggest pet peeve with Halo cutscenes now is how he always magically wears the newest armors, even in flashbacks. They keep redesigning his Armor in almost every game, yet I feel the only time we had an in-canon armor upgrade was in Halo 2. So he's technically still supposed to wear the same armor from Halo 2, but it's a significantly different set of Armor now than it used to be.
SergeantJM 23 gün önce
g4meboy13 fr bruh
Gotrek12345 27 gün önce
I agree but take my grappling hook away from me and I’ll cry. Spider chief is best chief.
John Doe
John Doe Aylar önce
343 don't care for continuity errors or the story or the character, they just want to give the shock factor and twists
Ben Solo
Ben Solo Aylar önce
@g4meboy13 one word makes them go wild "sprint"
g4meboy13 Aylar önce
Halo fans bitch the most and play the least
Tyrone Fecho
Tyrone Fecho 6 aylar önce
“You want to replace him…” See…. That would’ve been the perfect segway to Halo 5 and how they could’ve went with Locke and his backstory. A soldier raised and bred for combat, similar to John, but with the missing parts. But I doubt 343i even remembered this particular titbit; which is an entire 5 mins CGI opening to a new trilogy, on explaining ONI trying to replace John… A literal Chekhov’s Gun.
thaneros Aylar önce
343 actually pays attention to the lore...in games and books. Most of you people thought Cortana turning was an ass pull yet it was hinted in Legends and Halo 4.... I even bet that most didn't even see the copy of Halsey's brain in the intro of Halo 5, which was a forshadowing of the Weapon in Infinite....
armoredp Aylar önce
They were trying too hard to have locke replace John 117, they never should have had them actually fight, keep it a mystery, don't directly compare them. Most people disliked Locke because of that. Nobody disliked Noble Six because he became a legend on his own without having to use the Master Chief as a stepping stone.
Matthew Siegel
Matthew Siegel 2 aylar önce
Should have been eep
Lild 2 aylar önce
@Andrew Wise more reason why I hated Halo 4 and Halo 5
Chris Peters
Chris Peters 2 aylar önce
343 threw the entire Halo history out the window when they made Halo 5! IMO its literally the worst Halo game... actually the only one i stopped playing after an hour of gameplay! Absolute horrible plot! You have no idea how worried I'm about Halo Infinite!
N2Deep 6 aylar önce
Her: I supplied the tools to maintain that efficiency. *The tools* Her: Here's a virtual waifu
Em the Lad
Em the Lad 3 aylar önce
Here is your 1k likes :D
OnAChairSitting 4 aylar önce
​@Battlesheep Chief loves his hot purple mommy
Drewitall54 4 aylar önce
I mean technically Cortana chose master chief, Halsey didn’t give cortana to him off the jump
Battlesheep 5 aylar önce
@Jonathan Rhodes and she's like the closest thing the Spartans have to a mother, so sweet home Alabama!
Lady Saiyan
Lady Saiyan 5 aylar önce
Sounds about right.
Sang Lê
Sang Lê 6 aylar önce
How Master Chief was created ❌ How Legend was created ✅
Sang Lê
Sang Lê 6 aylar önce
@B. lol
B. 6 aylar önce
Wrong. How stories are written.
Justin Pettit
Justin Pettit 6 aylar önce
Legend27's final return
matt cheng
matt cheng 6 aylar önce
I thought it said how a master chef was made lol
Gabriel Espadas
Gabriel Espadas 6 aylar önce
This is the moment John became Heisenberg
Paul J
Paul J 5 aylar önce
My parents bought me the Halo books and this was in the first one. It was really detailed about how these kids got weeded out and a majority of them passed during the process.
Trap Goku
Trap Goku 26 gün önce
@John Showe definitely thanks . I’ll read them and get back to you 💯 👍🏽
John Showe
John Showe 26 gün önce
@Trap Goku the flood is based off the first game so if you have played combat evolved then you know the gist of the book. However as usual the books have way more detail so still worth the read if you ask me.
John Showe
John Showe 26 gün önce
@Trap Goku yes the flood then first strike.
Trap Goku
Trap Goku 26 gün önce
@John Showe currently working on a book of my own . That first is a classic I am debating ordering the 2nd which is The Flood right ?
John Showe
John Showe 26 gün önce
@Trap Goku the first 3 were really good if you ask me. Last one I read was onyxs and that was good as well but started to get a bit convoluted near the end. I will also say that they don't focus on cheif as much and develop other Spartans more in onyx Kelly being one of the most memorable to me. Also shows how strong the v2 Spartans really are as one of them gets into a fight with some Newby spartan 4s I believe and just eats them alive.
jmj jim
jmj jim 6 aylar önce
As long as 117 is alive, Cortana will always have biased attitude towards humans. If anyone hurt 117, Cortana will go berserker.
jmj jim
jmj jim 2 aylar önce
@Zak Man Sorry and apologies. no rebuts intended. just emphasis implied
Zak Man
Zak Man 2 aylar önce
@jmj jim Ik I literally said she isn’t a robot
jmj jim
jmj jim 2 aylar önce
@Zak Man Sentient A.I., not robot Cortana is a silico-electrical A.I.. Humans are organic electro-chemical sentients.
Zak Man
Zak Man 2 aylar önce
@UltimateMcNasty not disagreeing but how do you know?
Butterfly of dreams
Butterfly of dreams 2 aylar önce
@Zak Man Exactly
Chris Zilli
Chris Zilli 4 aylar önce
Halo had some of the best mini stories/advertisement ever for a game, gave you goosebumps.
Slay Child
Slay Child 6 aylar önce
I still cant believe after all this time, they still haven't made a movie!!
Jazneo Gaming
Jazneo Gaming 14 gün önce
there tv show coming out soon
Divinorum Aylar önce
They basically already did a bit of that with Forward Unto Dawn
Aphy. Aylar önce
@AL2117 unto dawn was weird.
Aphy. Aylar önce
@Damodar626 that's funny because bungie literally said fuck you to the first written halo lore that was made to help make the first halo.
Berkay Koç
Berkay Koç 3 aylar önce
There may be no movie yet but there is a mini-series called Halo Legends. May not be as awesome as we have hoped but it still does the job.
Hector R. Cobian
Hector R. Cobian 6 aylar önce
Why is nobody talking about how they just casually slapped in a wilhelm scream at 3:20 ???? LMAOOOOOO
friendlyfrenzy 34
friendlyfrenzy 34 24 gün önce
@Sonny Ankau okay then soy boi
Johnny Nemo
Johnny Nemo Aylar önce
That’s not it
issiedube Aylar önce
was waiting for this
FoggyFogzmeister Aylar önce
Damn! How did you even catch that! Impressive 😎
Ocnarf Aylar önce
as soon as I heard it I went straight to the comments
Jorge Angulo
Jorge Angulo Aylar önce
She says “what does John have to do with this” she’s so attached to him I love it
simon boucher
simon boucher 6 aylar önce
"Records show spartans routinely exhibited mildly sociopathic tendencies" Me: I don't know what your talking about -Trow grenades at all allies soldiers lololol xD
Frost Gamer
Frost Gamer Aylar önce
Me: "Y'all hear something?" - Slams into 3 teammates with a Warthog
Recipe For Disaster
Basically means they are social individuals. Have no remorse, detached from feelings. They don't care if they hurt others.
William Batley
William Batley 2 aylar önce
sociopathic, not retarded. there's a difference.
spicy Ryan 2.0
spicy Ryan 2.0 2 aylar önce
KOU IZZLE 6 aylar önce
ME: Have you seen the Call of Duty Lobbys?
Sam Sabin
Sam Sabin 6 aylar önce
this give me chills all the freaking time ... halo needs to be a full movie for all i care
Alexander French
Alexander French 6 aylar önce
Anyone who has read the books would know that, while the Spartans may show mildly sociopathic traits at higher rates than is normal in the population. They are in fact in no way sociopaths or "broken". They regularly go out of their way to rescue innocent civilians in their missions and are willing to die in the name of duty, service and protection (these among other of their prominent traits categorically remove them from "sociopathic" definitions). I, personally, find the implication (by the modern storytellers appending to the original storyline) that the Spartans are somehow "less human", "broken", emotionally deficient, barbaric, stupid, automatons, etc. to be slightly more than mildly offensive. They do not seem to have properly internalised what the Spartans are, how they became what they are, why they were selected from amongst other children, their training and the purpose of their training, their mandate or how their missions and experiences would have shaped them as they engaged in years of war of all kinds. The Spartans would not be deficient in normal human emotions, they would in fact be super human in their command and understanding of human emotions. They would not have been heartless because they were shaped to be deeply committed to each other, their trainers and the lives they are fighting to protect. Over the many years of their training, before they hit active duty, they were shunned, rejected and borderline despised and hated by all people they met other than their own trainers and team members. All other units shunned them and they could not connect with other humans. It was only after reports of their successes and utility in the fight against the Cov. that they began having honours and respect heaped upon them. Do you really think that their tendency to interact would have been as typically developed as ours, we who have not known such estrangement? Apparently being highly trained and disciplined gives modern writers "creative licence" to frame these protagonists as "inhuman", is this because modern humans are weak, untrained and undisciplined and so "to improve relatability" we have to be patronised and have our hands held because we can't imagine actually being in command of our emotions and striving to be better than our animal heritages? Sorry to get so passionate but I have played the games and read the books since they came out and they formed a significant part of my childhood. I read the first four books perhaps ten times and developed a very strong relationship to my understanding of the Chief, his Spartans and their purpose and experiences. Normally I am not so quick to vitriol and anger but in this case I see one of my heroes misunderstood, denigrated and stepped on for reasons I cannot understand and I find it disgraceful.
sergio solorio
sergio solorio 29 gün önce
Beautifully said you should be a writer. i love how deep you got and get into it. I’m with you on all of it 👏👏 amazing.!! good to hear perspectives
Samphadha Vihara
Samphadha Vihara Aylar önce
@Thomas You overlooked something in your example. Jorge was an S2, Emilio was an S3 from what I recall. Different projects run by different people. As such you can't blame Emilio's attitude upon Halsey when she had nothing to do with the project that made him. Now Jorge's behaviour... That can be attributed to her. Also something that's seemingly overlooked. There would be no S4s without Halsey's research. She took what was learned in Project Orion (essentially S1s) and took it to the next two levels. Kurt "Ambrose" one of her S2s helped with the S3 project and reworked some of the enhancements because they hadn't been upgraded like the S2s had been. Thus creating soldiers on par/better than ODST but still below S2s. S3s were meant to be expendable, whereas S2s were meant to last. This further cements how special Noble Six was by reaching the same level as the Chief. Now all the data that lead to the S2 and S3 lead to the creation of the S4s. Without Halsey and Ackerman's jealousy and attempt to upstage her there would've been no 4s. So all the interrogator's blather to her is just that blather. He wouldn't have his 4s made in a humane way without Halsey and her "inhumane" ones or Ackerman's temper tantrum.
Aphy. Aylar önce
117 is supposedly supposed to be close to what ancient humans were in halo lore during the human forerunner war. John is near the peak of human evolution. Back then he'd be just like every human. Ancient humans were something else.
Reden Carabeo
Reden Carabeo Aylar önce
A lot of passion there.
Chris Rasmussen
Chris Rasmussen Aylar önce
Interestingly you see spartans as "inhuman" as well, just instead of broken sociopaths you see them as heroic supermen. You too have stripped them of their humanity. This is all fictional allegory for how societies treat real soldiers, whom we have gifted with great technology and power, then sent forth with license to kill. To kill other humans. This makes people uncomfortable, and the respond by either demonizing soldiers as sub human, or fetishising as super human. No one accepts them as just - human. And that's the point here - to examine this in a sufficiently distanced way so that people can actually think about it. Writers, at least the better ones, are not 'patronizing" you by "improving relatability". They are challenging you to examine you beliefs and the basis for them.
Christian Kopet
Christian Kopet Aylar önce
These cutscenes are so damn beautiful.
harambo 5 aylar önce
currently 3/4ths done with the book series and can confirm even though doctor halsey was evil to her core she was the only person willing to do what needed to be done and even then everyone piggy backed off of her with the spartan 3, and even spartan 4 program all the while pointing the finger at her whats even more impressive is she accepts all of it at the end so humanity can go on and be more prosperous. not to mention john isnt even the most B/A spartan just the luckiest, if any of you have time look up gray team they were the true spartans, 3 man team wiping out planets and other crazy stuff.
I'mmReid 6 aylar önce
Don't kidnap Master Chief and if u did kidnap him Let him go before the music kicks in
FarawayThrower 4 aylar önce
Doom Slayer moment?
B. 6 aylar önce
@foolboi Only if I had the script honestly.
foolboi 6 aylar önce
@B. you can try to kill him
B. 6 aylar önce
Scripts are too stupid to do the common sense thing in the villains role. I would've killed him long time ago.
suki-arts animations
suki-arts animations 6 aylar önce
Richard Smith
Richard Smith 4 aylar önce
the music, wording, everything, always consistently giving me the feelz!
PHP Picks
PHP Picks 6 aylar önce
Saudade Dessa época
Fluff Dragon
Fluff Dragon 6 aylar önce
And remember, they are able to oneshot Elites with punch only. In games, sometime, punches are more effective than firearms
thentantt Aylar önce
Me getting pissed cause i keep getting melee killed on ranked
B. 6 aylar önce
True. That's typically why they keep the cinematics for before and after.
WulfCry 6 aylar önce
D.r Halsey is a fascinating character in the Halo universe.
mr Nohax
mr Nohax 2 aylar önce
@Toothless hense her reaction to chief being keep a secret while halsey was on board and cpt lassky copped a smack for that
Toothless 5 aylar önce
Everyone treats her like a criminal but she really did love her spartans.
su1ac0 6 aylar önce
if you haven't read the books (Fall of Reach and First Strike) I so very highly recommend them. Halsey is critical.
0H3353 6 aylar önce
3:24, should we take him out of his unstopable killing machine suit? You know in case he gets out and murders us all? Nah there is this whole face reveal lore thing, leave him in.
David Wilson
David Wilson 6 aylar önce
The helmet stays on
José Esquivel
José Esquivel 6 aylar önce
That was the Didact though, Chief's armor is like paper to him
Matt 6 aylar önce
"My work saved the human race." I don't think any lawyer/judge in the Halo universe can argue with that.
Myles Aylar önce
@The Video Game Cinema so America started world war 2?
Myles Aylar önce
@Samuele P. only if your only doing it to save just yours and not the entire species
Wesley Wallace
Wesley Wallace Aylar önce
Is she guilty or is she innocent, but did she do it alone? How did she get government approval for mass production? How did she did get the resources to fulfill that order? If people want justice so badly the entire UNSC voluntary retire in shame. But is that possible? Not to mention after they clean Halsey, they are coming for Master Chief next.
Samuele P.
Samuele P. 3 aylar önce
@Path of Harmony Isn't it selfish to destroy innocent lives just to save yours?
Anthony Cekic
Anthony Cekic 3 aylar önce
@Natural Digital you're comparing apples to oranges though. For example master chief was just going to be a weapon to maintain order and had the covenant not appeared he wouldn't be the hero we consider him. Instead he'd just be basically be an instrument to maintain order. With your bioweapon analogy, if it did both, then the government would most likely keep the second part a secret until one of their people in power gets cancer. Then all of a sudden they have a miracle drug that they also secretly use to kill people who they don't like.
Marty McCormick
Marty McCormick 2 aylar önce
Dr Halsey was without compassion when she made the Spartans, (her compassion came later and only after they lived up to her expectations), but she isn't solely to blame. Someone approved this operation and it was repeated with the Spartan 3's, which were given a raw deal, and treated as utterly expendable, were not even made by Halsey. It seems as if Halsey is being the sole Fall-Guy because she didn't 'play ball' with ONI. The writers are pretty spot on with people in power work, especially when you have a large elite group who think they're better than the rest of the UNSC and the rest of Humanity for that matter.
D1r7y S4nch3z
D1r7y S4nch3z 6 aylar önce
I get goosebumps from this! Can't wait for the new Halo release!
POP SHEPSKI 4 aylar önce
same. The direction 343 went with the series turned me away for a long time, but the essence of Halo at its core still gives me shivers and adrenaline
R. T.
R. T. 6 aylar önce
Does it matter really what emotions Master Chief does or doesn't have? He's efficient and he gets the job done. The moment he becomes a liability there's another one ready to step in and...TRY to be what John is. For efficiency purposes I think it would be best to clone Master Chief and do a download on his memories so they can be transferable between the different bodies. Chances are whatever's making him tick in his head, will be neccessary to implement in the clones for better results and consistency. Still, the original will always be the perfectly engineered weapon.
dbzispimpin 2 aylar önce
This is why I love the movie Soldier with Kurt Russell, because it's basically a movie about a futuristic super soldier program like the Spartan Program, only they didn't wear armor and weren't nearly as ridiculously super human, but the movie still had a similar flavor to Halo in that sense, and if you can forgive some good ol' 90s cheese, it's a great fucking action flick!
Tony Perenchio (BrickSlayer)
i agree.. i love that movie. its fantastic :)
AgentFlea Aylar önce
I'll check it out
Martin S.
Martin S. Aylar önce
There are sooo many golden eggs in this dialogue! Many of which speak truth even about the way we human conduct ourselves in the real world. For it is true, as along as we gain something, nobody asks any questions. And the consequences, the price that invariably must be paid eventually, we pass that on to the future to deal with. Classical humanity.
Dylan 6 aylar önce
Why can't they make a full movie with this type of animation
TheLegendA Aylar önce
tbh it’s possible but the thing is it’ll require a VERY long time to probably produce this type of cgi for a whole length movie. animators would be either stinking rich or overworked or both if something like so would be in production
Mr. Prongles
Mr. Prongles Aylar önce
It's not quite realism since it's in an anime art style but Gantz:0 has incredible CGI
_ Aylar önce
@Kyle Brey I can somewhat agree, but mostly people seem to be fed up with overpaying for shit products. There are so many unfinished games being released (Cyberpunk, No Man's Sky, etc.), so many franchises that are just copy pastes of the last one (CoD, all the sports games, etc.), and practically every game is focused on money over everything else. EA games come out unfinished all the time, but you know the one thing that's always completed? The microtransaction system.
Princewill Mbemena
Princewill Mbemena Aylar önce
Too costly, let alone for 70+ minutes.
Kyle Brey
Kyle Brey Aylar önce
@_ that severe misunderstanding and ignorance is why people are crying about $70 dollar next gen games 🤷‍♂️ They want 2021 graphics with 1981 prices.
Jessica Rookes
Jessica Rookes 21 gün önce
Love this scene...especially love the quote "Don't underestimate him" Too right!
Jake Foxx
Jake Foxx 6 aylar önce
I can't tell how much of this is animated (some shots look purely live action) but it's all amazing
Nick Medley
Nick Medley Aylar önce
Master Chief may be a broken man, but he had an almost terrifying sense of mission and purpose.
Shawn Mori
Shawn Mori 6 aylar önce
Never underestimate Spartan 117!
Myst 4 aylar önce
@DeAd3yE still
DeAd3yE 4 aylar önce
@Myst he is dead
Alex Kohlman
Alex Kohlman 6 aylar önce
*laughs in Halo 2 Legendary jackal sniper
Myst 6 aylar önce
@Phahad wire dont forget noble six
Phahad wire
Phahad wire 6 aylar önce
Best ultimate soldier
romefox 29 gün önce
My mind was blown today, been playing Halo since the OG xbox and never really questioned the size of the Spartans. Now Ive learned that those "little" Grunts are actually as tall as humans and WAY stronger. Playing from a Spartans prospective, the covenant warriors didint look all that big but compared to humans they are HUGE.
Galahad 6 aylar önce
The Man, The Hero, The Legend.
Barbatos 6 aylar önce
@Galahad it's alright, it's just, you know, perception is weird...
Galahad 6 aylar önce
@Barbatos got it, i typed "heroe" cause it is in spanish my native lenguage and well only one letter changes, my mistake XD
Barbatos 6 aylar önce
HERO not HEROE... I'm sorry, I'm not a grammar nazzi, but for some reason HEROE looked like HOE, so I couldn't help myself...
Dalovesac King
Dalovesac King 4 aylar önce
But most of all......do not underestimate him....GOOSEBUMPS!
Horror by 4'11
Horror by 4'11 6 aylar önce
This is awesome! Looks amazing!
J H 3 aylar önce
Makes me happy knowing in the cinematics it takes 1 shot to kill the enemy but in gameplay it takes 20.
SND 18 gün önce
Probably the best cutscene in the entire halo series 👌
Pablo Villasenor
Pablo Villasenor 6 aylar önce
Damn this makes me really want to play Halo
Enterprise206 5 aylar önce
"And because of our success, when the Covenant invaded, we were ready." Ready? The Covenant nearly wiped out humanity, even with the help of Halsey's Spartans. Pushing us all the way back to Earth. But on the brink of defeat, one Spartan (John-117) saved humanity with the help of a friendly Elite
superdbz 6 aylar önce
Now this can be an movie or Netflix show and what a photorealistic quality
CDL Gaming
CDL Gaming 4 aylar önce
Some of the scenes after the original Halo 4 intro were shot in live action. Pretty obvious, TBH.
Joshua Cho
Joshua Cho 6 aylar önce
if anyone has time to read "the fall of reach" should do so... all the halo books were good, but that one was just... wow.
Joshua Cho
Joshua Cho 6 aylar önce
@Itsyaboy Danny did it make you cry too?
Itsyaboy Danny
Itsyaboy Danny 6 aylar önce
Update: read The Fall of Reach. Hell of a book. Beginning to understand the “Master Chief in the books be like” memes
Half Sweat games
Half Sweat games 6 aylar önce
the movie about the fall of reach was really great too
Butch Johnson
Butch Johnson 6 aylar önce
Loved it. Onyx was a great one also. I am sorry the games didn't always follow the novel Canon. I think it would have been better. John was a bad a$$ before he was 7.
Itsyaboy Danny
Itsyaboy Danny 6 aylar önce
@Joshua Cho what’s the best order to read the books in? I’m down to get started.
4doorsEvenMoreWhores 6 aylar önce
Of course he wasn't broken. Master Chief's entire motivation was to save the human race and destroy the covenant. He worked alongside several other soldiers (human and Spartan) With fascinatingly advanced levels of team orientated combat tacits and far FAR advanced team oriented small arms/large arms combat, accelerated at convoy ops, and generally all gurilla team tactics of all known battle drills. He has even been known to be *gasp* Diplomatic at times! If you are suggesting the ability to efficiently take life in large numbers equates to sociopathy than you don't fully understand the mind of a soldier
@Sean Mahoney you are the nonsense. You've been getting hard trolled for like 3 months. I just started a new job and I'm 3 months in STILL slaying you
TheLegendA Aylar önce
go outside, all of you
Sean Mahoney
Sean Mahoney 5 aylar önce
@4doorsEvenMoreWhores I'm trying to... You just keep replying with nonsense. 😂
4doorsEvenMoreWhores 5 aylar önce
@Sean Mahoney skedaddle you
Sean Mahoney
Sean Mahoney 5 aylar önce
@4doorsEvenMoreWhores Ah... I see. I hope you do eventually go outside, fella. You definitely deserve it.
Cortanarama Aylar önce
Man I love halo 4 story. That at his core broken line always gets me and then the thing from the books where they never say a Spartan dies they’re just forever MIA. Some good stuff, as fun as Halo is, it’s fairly dark. Glad one of the games explored that side a bit.
ARTtitude 2 gün önce
The best game I've ever lived to play and someday when I get married and have a son i will make him play it lol
Right thru Uranus
Right thru Uranus 6 aylar önce
I like how those pods look like the Spartan helmets in a way
charon7111 6 aylar önce
Justin Porter
Justin Porter 6 aylar önce
They are
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 6 aylar önce
Get them used to the perspective.
Everyman Jack-Cedarwood
Halo 2 will always be my favorite of all time. Such great memories of whoop’n ass!
Joe Dirte
Joe Dirte 6 aylar önce
I was waiting for: “You wanna replace the chief?! Well, you *can’t* replace the chief”
Bioshockaholic 4 aylar önce
One thing that bugged me about this awesome cinematic, was how there are somehow a bunch of spartans with chief's new armor from halo 4
Viny Ziks
Viny Ziks Aylar önce
2:35 most badass scene to have ever been made
Matthew [REDACTED]
Matthew [REDACTED] 6 aylar önce
There is a part of me that fully agrees with Halsey. She did what was necessary in order to save humanity. After all look at the two Hyper Lethal spartans: John-117 and B-312. Or for those less knowing: Master Chief and the players Noble 6. Chief was kidnaped and indoctrinated as a child and i believe Noble 6 was a Spartan 3 so whatever they had to go through.
TheCrimsonfluf 6 aylar önce
The 3's were also kidnapped and indoctrinated as children - however their augmentation process was much more rushed and they chose less suitable candidates as they were designed for suicide missions to hit high-priority targets as the spartan 3's were created after the covenant war had already begun. So really, the spartan 3's were both more immoral as a project and yet more immediately necessary, for they were designed to save humanity from a seemingly indomitable threat - whereas the 2's were designed to crush rebellion without an overarching existential threat.
Spartan 2
Spartan 2 6 aylar önce
She simply meant, "Never underestimate Yourself!!"
Thalassity 26 gün önce
Man, this cutscene brings nostalgia
Gomez_ TooRaw
Gomez_ TooRaw 6 aylar önce
Ive never been a Halo fan but this is pretty dope
Greg A
Greg A 6 aylar önce
How a Legend was born. It's that simple.
Gabriel Dann
Gabriel Dann 5 aylar önce
"Catherine, Spartans never die" Goosebumps
CharedAssassin 5 aylar önce
they're just missing in action
Rainfrog 3 aylar önce
I'd like to think the man talking isn't any real person. It's her conscience. His voice sounds eerily like the Master Chief's, like John's. It's her conscience finally telling her, after all these years, that what she did was wrong. It's Halsey starting to wrestle with the repercussions of her actions after seeing so many of her 'children' die in combat. Children robbed of their human lives and crafted into the perfect killing machines, into the perfect sacrifice.
Dar H
Dar H Aylar önce
2:03 Halsey: "I supplied the tools to maintain that efficiency" Also Halsey: "Here is Waifu"
WebHead2099 Aylar önce
Wow never knew Halo had such deep lore
Deven B
Deven B 6 aylar önce
Hate how 343 seems to have forgotten this cutscene. Spartan 2 are the best of the best, unbeatable. Particularly spartan 117. He earned the nickname, "The Demon," for a reason. He took down the covenant with little help from humanity and fought a damn forerunner and won, but these new spartan 3s or 4s or whatever, Locke's team are supposedly good enough to come after him, and people have an issue with him having been created?
rio mio
rio mio 6 aylar önce
I say we make our own cannon
doctoryoinky 6 aylar önce
This story here is so obviously inspired by Ender's Game and I love it
Cautionary Tale Harris
If you think becoming a Spartan is rough, wait until you see what it takes to join the Adeptus Astartes...
kovacs 6 aylar önce
@Mechanomics lore != derivatives
Cautionary Tale Harris
@Mechanomics You shut your filthy mouth...
Mechanomics 6 aylar önce
muh overpriced plastic
Tharog 6 aylar önce
Nothing like 20 extra organs and years of operations to get a human mountain that wears an Abrams tank for his armor.
CS_Calzone 6 aylar önce
they are great cinematics but its always bugged me how all the spartans are wearing the Halo 4 suit instead of the one that they would actually be wearing. same with the notably more brutish elites
Goratrix 6 aylar önce
I legit read this as master chef and literally thought I was gonna see come epic culinary cinematic of how master chef was created
Night 6 aylar önce
This gave me chills.
ArgonathPL 3 aylar önce
A Wilhelm scream. A freaking Wilhelm scream. Kudos to whoever hid that there.
Dr. Trousers
Dr. Trousers 6 aylar önce
That suit up scene gives me Darth Vader vibes. Imagine being stuck in that suit for life
Toxxik 6 aylar önce
wasn't technically created just selected. yes he was enhanced but was already significantly more physically gifted than most people
Sunset Games
Sunset Games 5 aylar önce
The interrogation scene is both sides almost refusing to answer each other’s questions lol so many roundabouts and deterring from the main topic. Tell me about the children-you already know everything You created the Spartans to crush the human rebellions- My Spartans were all that stood between humanity and extinction Do you think the Spartans basic lack of humanity helped-who are you Records showed Spartans routinely exhibited mildly sociopathic tendencies- records showed efficient behavior in hazardous situations Like, you guys, give a straight answer lol
SilentStreamer 6 aylar önce
Props for the camera man going back in time to video Jason statham as a child
charon7111 6 aylar önce
This series needs a dedicated cenimatic universe. Either movies or 1hr episodes. Just one movie wouldnt do it justice and would never live up to the franchise becuase of how much lore and backstory is involved.
Karol Wajchert
Karol Wajchert Aylar önce
Its amazing that If you pause at 0:20 you can actually see the begginning of Chief creation
EИDERS 6 aylar önce
I read about how Master Chief was created in the book The Fall of Reach, it was released before the first Halo game. I imagined it in my head looking a bit like this. John 117. He was called.
throwabrick 6 aylar önce
Holy crap. the subtlety of her micro-expressions around 1:02 is incredible. They really have got past the Uncanny Valley into proper life-like these days!
Chris Delagarza
Chris Delagarza 5 aylar önce
Heroes come and go LEGENDS NEVER DIE….. Spartan, John 117
Ken Yuuki
Ken Yuuki 6 aylar önce
Can't we have a halo movie with cgi like this? That would be great owo
Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart Aylar önce
@Valek Z there's loads of movies like that
Valek Z
Valek Z 5 aylar önce
you cant make a 1h 30 movie with that level of cgi, the costs would be ridiculous
Juanpa Valladares
Juanpa Valladares 6 aylar önce
Duncan Morin
Duncan Morin 6 aylar önce
@Ken Yuuki nothing, it’s the perfect way to spot a smooth brain mouth breather
dazhibernian 6 aylar önce
An average baseball fan
“The only thing they fear is him”-Random Grunt
Irene Parkin
Irene Parkin 4 aylar önce
0:09:- this is probably the most accurate depiction of John-117 as a youth as we're going to get.
Cody_NE 6 aylar önce
Man I miss just fighting the covenant & the flood haha. These new aliens are weird 😂
John Snow
John Snow 4 aylar önce
@DeAd3yE most other people do lol
John Snow
John Snow 4 aylar önce
@DeAd3yE Well apparently the community does lol do you realize how sensationally popular Halo WAS...? He topped population charts. Now it reaches peak population during initial launch and honey moon phase just to drop faster than a rollercoaster.
DeAd3yE 4 aylar önce
@John Snow disagree bro
John Snow
John Snow 6 aylar önce
343i just doesn't have the same magic. Bungie struck gold, and had very innovative and fun ideas. 343i is kind of the opposite. They haven't done anything to make Halo better...
__ 5 aylar önce
Imagine a movie using such good Exposition Scene.
Cameron Lind
Cameron Lind Aylar önce
I remember reading a book where Master Chief was chosen and I'm pretty sure he voluntarily joined the Spartan program
Brandon Craft
Brandon Craft 6 aylar önce
@2:37 "Your mistake is seeing Spartans as military hardware..." After she deflected for 2 minutes explaining how militarily efficient they were and ignoring the fact that she stole their humanity.
Aenearion 3 aylar önce
@Revolver Ocelot The Augmentations being chemically based does make it lesser because it takes more time to develop, time that the Spartan IIIs weren't granted, because most of them were thrown onto the frontline almost immediately. Could Spartan IIIs get to the level of Spartan IIs? Yes, but the only real known example of this is B312 (Noble 6, with the designation of Hyper Lethal). As for your statement that I don't know anything about military operations, I still know more than you about Operation Prometheus. Alpha Company had an exfiltration, they weren't all expected to die. Operation Promtheus took place over the course of 7 days, during which Alpha Company lost the tactical advantage, allowing Covenant reinforcements to gain positional superiority, leading to them being cut off and a 100% casualty rate. It should also be noted that most IIIs weren't fighting at the very beginning of the Covenant War, recruited after the War started, and thus were given far more information as to the nature of their enemies in training. The IIs were amongst the first to fight this heretofore unknown opponent at the time, and still maintained a far lower casualty rate. So your point about it being the "first time" for the Spartan IIIs in Operations Prometheus and Torpedo doesn't really work. (Especially since it had been 9 months which included missions since they'd joined the war effort when Operation: Prometheus happened. Might want to check your "facts" there.) In Operation Torpedo, Beta Company lost 100 Spartan IIIs before they even got inside the refinery they were meant to destroy. As for not being given MJOLNIR Armour and being sent off to die? Well, it seems like ONI and their commanders weren't willing to put as much effort in to keep them alive as they did the IIs. Which was the point in my original post, Halsey was ethically wrong, but she did care more for her IIs than ONI and Ackerson did for the IIIs. Doesn't change the result that IIs were far better and more effective than the IIIs. Is that the IIIs fault? No, but it is the reality. Kurt-051 did train the Spartan III groups, that is true, but given that there seems to be a very clear divide between who and who wasn't worth MJOLNIR armour, it's obvious that success at their training differentiated. Kurt would also train both Beta and Gamma companies, attempting to improve the training and failing both times, going to the point where he personally added illegal augmentations to Gamma Company. Hell, Colonel Holland (NOBLE's superior) attempted to have Emile-A239 replaced on the team due to a lack of discipline and extreme aggressiveness regarding Insurrectionists. (It should also be noted that Halsey and Mendez trained the IIs from when they were about 6-7 to 14-15. The IIIs were trained from 5-6 to 10-11. But no please tell me more about how the IIIs had better training.) And the Halo:Reach example was better than you think. Carter couldn't have known about the Zealot's objective? They were literally hunting for the data that NOBLE was sent to get, how the fuck couldn't he have realised that. And given that Zealot Class Elites were directly involved with the deaths of Kat, Emile and 6, NOBLE definitely ended up suffering for his decision. Just because one objective takes precedence doesn't mean Carter shouldn't have ignored following up on the Zealots, which is essentially what he did, given there were six Spartans available for action. Your information is selectively used and pulled out of context. Around 30 Spartans IIs were in service when the Human-Covenant War began, over half survived by wars end. Over 1000 Spartan IIIs were deployed during the war, and most of them died. Trying to insist that the IIIs had equal or better augmentations only works in a vacuum, rather than the actual context of Halo. And trying to insist that the IIIs had better training is hilarious.
Revolver Ocelot
Revolver Ocelot 3 aylar önce
@Aenearion The augmentations being chemically based doesnt make it "lesser". Seriously this misconception needs to go. For example, Both IIs and IIIs recieved the carbide ossification to their skeletal frame but the process for the IIs was much cruder. The only augmentation the IIIs lack was for height which is irrelevant as most IIIs were 6' 10" or taller. And holy fuck you understand nothing about military operations. Not only was that the IIIs first mission in the field, but there's no way most spartans, 2 or 3, would survive those circumstances. Being in deep space, completely behind enemy lines. Theres also the fact IIIs had no MJOLNIR or backup. IIs are deployed more surgically and are given the tools needed to succeed not thrown at a problem and left. Their missions being suicidal were more so due to the fact that they were deployed differently to IIs. As for training, you are so wrong on that it hurts. The IIIs were all trained by a II himself and were given training that surpassed the spartan IIs. Stated and explained many times in GoO. And using halo reach as an example is idiotic. Noble couldn't have known about the zealots objective and in Carter's mind one took far more precedence than the other. Which is true. Your information is very limited and telling of someone who didnt fully read the relevant material and just skimmed the wiki.
Aenearion 3 aylar önce
@Revolver Ocelot The Spartan IIIs had lesser augmentations due to the fact that their augmentations were primarily chemical and drug based, while as the Spartan IIs literally had ceramics welded to their bones. While it is true that in time many of the Spartan IIIs could have had equal augmentation results, due to the chemical results enhancing with age, most of them never came close to living that long. Most of them were sent out to die (and fight, but mostly die) long before they got to fully develop their true strength. Look up the differences between Operations Aster and Chrysanthemum. And they did mostly lack anywhere near the training of Spartan IIs. You have to realise that the HeadHunters and elite teams like NOBLE team were the absolute minority in the Spartan III program. Also, I'm not sure why you're referring to the HeadHunters when they were sent of suicide missions (NOBLE team and B312 probably would have made for a better point). Being completely fine with being sent off to die with essentially zero chance of survival is the meaning of "not thinking for one's self". What I'm referring to when I said "ability to think on their own" was the capability for the Spartan to achieve the absolute best course of action, ie one that doesn't require suicide to achieve victory. In both Operation: Prometheus and Operation: Torpedo, around 300 Spartan IIIs were lost in each operation. For the Spartan III program, these were considered acceptable losses. If 300 Spartan IIs had been placed in those Operations, there would've been a fair chance of at least a good portion, if not a majority, surviving. Seriously. The wiki explains this. Halo:Reach explains this. When NOBLE meet Halsey after retrieving the data, Carter says they were following orders from superiors. To which Halsey responds whether Carter is "a puppet or a Spartan". Spartan IIs were trained to decide upon courses of action that could fulfil extra objectives in the field and were trusted to do this. Spartan IIIs were not.
Revolver Ocelot
Revolver Ocelot 3 aylar önce
@Aenearion You had some good points until you said spartan 3s had lesser augmentations and lacked the training to make their own decisions which is wrong. Seriously the wiki explains this. The augmentations the 3s got were the same enhancements just better induced into the body. And they could absolutely think on their own. That's what headhunters did all the time.
Aenearion 5 aylar önce
@Warrior I mean, just under half of them died during the augmentation process, with more being critically crippled, so while the idea is bandied about, (and has merit) it's not one I really buy into. The reason why I would put their "genetic markers that allow for higher levels of performance" over a "genetic marker that allows for them to survive augmentation" is because most of the Spartan II candidates displayed traits of the former even before augmentation. John was noted to be lucky, Kelly was noted to be ridiculously fast, Carris-137 accidentally killed a trainer when she was 9 because she was too strong. Personally the games seem to be moving in the direction that the "select gene pool" that Halsey was looking for had something to do with humanity's link back to the Forerunners. I'm not really sure how to feel about that; it depends on how well they do weaving it into the story.
Ghos Temptation
Ghos Temptation 3 aylar önce
you know how much master chief carries the spartan name when you do not need to ask who "HIM" is
companymen42 6 aylar önce
This should’ve been in halo infinite instead. When he was floating in space for months after the first battle of zeta halo, everyone would think chief is dead until brohammer finds him.
The Nomad
The Nomad 6 aylar önce
Even if you don't care for the artstyle change in Halo 4, if you try to say the graphics weren't AMAZING, you're tripping.
Jaime Valencia
Jaime Valencia 6 aylar önce
They gave up their humanity to save all of us
Angel Reyes
Angel Reyes 6 aylar önce
@jmj jim the choice they were given after deployment was an empty hollow one. They forced these people to only think and see one thing: war. They all grew up with nothing else on their minds. Now after a powerful enemy appears and you send them off in a few missions you think it's finally time that they choose to stay or leave? Obviously almost all of them would choose to stay. Because you removed all other choices from them. It's an illusion of a choice.
jmj jim
jmj jim 6 aylar önce
They still have their humanity and they still had a choice of walking away from it after deployment. When you are a combatant, you tend to attach greater importance to a shared common traits of survival and mutual protection. 117 was the common denominator for the Spartans sticking together and their belief in Halsey.
Gabriel Barajas
Gabriel Barajas 6 aylar önce
Technicaly they didn't have a choice they were kidnapped.
Matthew P
Matthew P 6 aylar önce
They still have their humanity, they're just different from being trained since children.
ORANGEDRONE 6 aylar önce
"I don't give a shit where the stuff I love comes from. I just love the stuff I love." - P. Oswalt
Anthony Johns
Anthony Johns 6 aylar önce
I always wanted to be a Spartan they’re badass
Peacetolotu Tolotu
Peacetolotu Tolotu 6 aylar önce
I played this on my xbox 360 and I gotta say even the gameplay graphics looks too amazing for an xbox 360 game
TheJECNova 6 aylar önce
0:45 we see a demonstration of just why Master Chief, A.K.A. "John" is such a monster and beast in battle and able do stuff most others couldn't, even WITH a powered-armor suit. If I recall the bios info, after the treatments, John ends up being something like... 7+ feet tall?
Aphy. Aylar önce
@Giovanni LoFranco I always thought he was way bigger. my bad. too bad sam died early. he would've been bad ass.
Giovanni LoFranco
Giovanni LoFranco Aylar önce
@Aphy. yes and it’s Jorge
Aphy. Aylar önce
@Giovanni LoFranco we are talking about the same gorge right? the one from reach ?
Giovanni LoFranco
Giovanni LoFranco Aylar önce
@Aphy. you could have very easily saved yourself the stupidity by just going on halopedia and looking up their dossier. Jorge is 7’4, Kurt is 8’2
Aphy. Aylar önce
@Giovanni LoFranco Yes he is lmao.
gnómi 6 aylar önce
I like who the narrative changes from her being the villain to him being the bad guy... As long as I get what I want!!
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