How Many Giant Balloons Stops An Arrow?

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18 Kas 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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G.V Animations
G.V Animations Yıl önce
Ok, I’ll be honest, that pen was surprisingly strong
Petra Waith
Petra Waith 28 gün önce
I agree
LAMA Mohamed
LAMA Mohamed Aylar önce
@Achet Lkrr على عدد
Michelle Schouten
Michelle Schouten 2 aylar önce
The magic is strong so are the drinks
Frinz 2 aylar önce
I still don’t understand how the banana got one 🍌
Almog Assia
Almog Assia 3 aylar önce
JunJieRBX_2 Gaming
Not gonna lie, watching balloons fading away into pieces of rubber and big air balls in slowmo is satisfying
H HH 2 aylar önce
H HH 2 aylar önce
Fahad Tariq
Fahad Tariq 11 aylar önce
I didn't expect that the pen could blow 6 balloons. That was impressive.
Peter Bear
Peter Bear 4 aylar önce
Anyone else notice that, as the arrow slows down, the balloons start to pop differently? The first couple split in four-way, then three-way, and then only a single two-ended rip on the last couple.
Dom Fikowski
Dom Fikowski Yıl önce
I love how some objects were gracefully vaulted while Rexy was just yeeted with pure force.
Raza ali
Raza ali 4 aylar önce
Muskan Ji
Muskan Ji 5 aylar önce
​@Jaba Roy
Md Mohin
Md Mohin 10 aylar önce
Camila Cuevas
Camila Cuevas 10 aylar önce
Camila Cuevas
Camila Cuevas 10 aylar önce
Crystal 8 aylar önce
It's not the stuff being sharp, it's the sheer *power* they put into those throws.
NightMare2.0 14 gün önce
@Srijan Bhowmickthe science guy?
Chub Boner
Chub Boner 3 aylar önce
@Srijan Bhowmick Bill Nye?
Srijan Bhowmick
Srijan Bhowmick 4 aylar önce
P = F/A = F/pi*r*r Decreasing the radius is much easier than increasing the force and radius has a bigger impact for increasingly the pressure (since radius is squared) That's why almost all objects showed in this video which went through a lot of balloons have a sharp top
Matty Bear
Matty Bear Yıl önce
My opinion on the rounds 0:40 pen I wasnt expecting a pen to do that much 1:34 football Wasnt very good 2:29 rexy Same with football 3:31 whipper that was a smooth throw 4:11 hammer Most satisfying one 4:49 pitchfork It went boing at the end 5:15 banana peel How did it pop one 5:56 scissors i was expecting alot more from that 6:18 kick I mean what else would i have expected 7:00 knife Excellent throw,somehow just as good as the pen 8:02 lure Holy jezuz how did that one balloon do that 8:29 screws That was so satisfying 9:37 golf bonus That slo mo was amazing 10:20 tinfoil Barely did anything 10:56 spitball It said no 11:46 punch Again what else is there to expect 12:30 needle Didnt make it to 2 13:11 socks Bruh 14:25 bow BEST ONE EVER 15:27 bow 2 EVEN BETTER OH MAH GAAAAHHHHH
Brandon Smyth
Brandon Smyth Aylar önce
same 😊
Lorna Brown
Lorna Brown Aylar önce
@kajacamorra same
Lorna Brown
Lorna Brown Aylar önce
@kpop wdm by that
Lorna Brown
Lorna Brown Aylar önce
How much time do you spend writing comments every day????¿????????????????????????
PhoenixStar 07
PhoenixStar 07 Yıl önce
Brett’s performance in this video was fantastic up until the golf and needles. The fact that he got one with the peel and two with the Al foil was fantastic, but he hit the ball far too late on the golf shot and really choked up with the needles. But it’s safe to say he had the best performance out of the three by a large margin, despite not winning.
Olivier Etchoho
Olivier Etchoho 6 gün önce
Alec Edwards
Alec Edwards 9 aylar önce
I agree
Crypt 9 aylar önce
Levent Avci LOLLLLL
نفسيتي متعبة😔💔
جميله جميلات🌹
نتج هم هم هم هم
AP Yıl önce
This is really amusing and fun. Thanks for taking my boredom away😄!
JayAshBran AudioScripts
Okay. The dust that lingers in shape when the balloons pop is just satisfying
Rick Pontificates
It also depends on the transfer of energy from the arrow to the balloons. If the balloons give (move) when they're hit, they will absorb more of the arrows inertia. This is much the way a swaying rollercoaster track will slow a coaster down faster, for example.
SparkOfDemons 4 aylar önce
Eternal Know Tarot
Eternal Know Tarot 5 aylar önce
the answer is one. the last one
Andrew plays ukulele
Andrew plays ukulele 7 aylar önce
Tate Boley
Tate Boley 8 aylar önce
Kenneth Raymond Moore
Kenneth Raymond Moore 9 aylar önce
It's insane. The balloons popping in slow motion don't look real. It looks like a special FX.
Neon, An Normal Person!
"A pen is a stronger that a sword." We all laughed at this prase. Untill today.
Darth Bane
Darth Bane 4 aylar önce
@C.A. old What did I just read
Anime Girl
Anime Girl 8 aylar önce
Good video 😘❤greetings
Алексей Трошин
In the hands of a master
Sky Luke
Sky Luke Yıl önce
Nice stolen comment
Fran Ro
Fran Ro Yıl önce
If we can ever learn something out of all of this, it's to never underestimate the power of a banana.
Seelenschmiede 9 aylar önce
Banana peels: Next banned at your down under continent
Belliard Yıl önce
the reason why the balloon pops so easily is because the items they used had a small surface area, which force then is used more efficiently
Md Mohin
Md Mohin 10 aylar önce
Brian Sullivan
Brian Sullivan 11 aylar önce
@Ori rrf
Ori 11 aylar önce
@Nguyen Quoc Khanh no. thin.
Nguyen Quoc Khanh
Nguyen Quoc Khanh 11 aylar önce
No. Balloon.
skankhunt42 Yıl önce
Wrong, it's because they're insanely thin, that's why the remnants of the balloons float so lightly
Duckonthecall65 2 aylar önce
I love these guys’ energy.
Deanna Valadez
Deanna Valadez Yıl önce
i would honestly love to see the try guys collaborate with these guys!!! would be such a great video!!!
gitsurfer27 3 aylar önce
Bunch of wet paper towels.
Lady Anonymous
Lady Anonymous Yıl önce
Dude right
Esmerada San Eredia
imre hebert engblom
imre hebert engblom 9 aylar önce
i like the fact that the screws punctured more than the bow
Commenter339 Yıl önce
I love how in slow-mo, it actually looks like they de-materialize, as if melting or something
tara tara
tara tara Aylar önce
Jeremy Getz
Jeremy Getz 3 aylar önce
So true
Lluvia Villalobos
Lluvia Villalobos 4 aylar önce
@Pancetod kx😈😈😈😈😈🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢
Tyler Kent
Tyler Kent Yıl önce
I have always wondered what would happen if I were attacked by a gang of balloons and found myself armed with only a bow and arrow. Now I know.
You Me
You Me Yıl önce
@Alexandre Mota ok
Alexandre Mota
Alexandre Mota Yıl önce
Play Genshin Impact then
You Me
You Me Yıl önce
Banzai Rammer
Lola-Rose Roth
Lola-Rose Roth Yıl önce
It's all because a pen, an arrow and a screw are all light weighted things helping them to have a longer reach. Also the higher you throw them, later they land.
ian morrison
ian morrison 9 aylar önce
Just found you guys yesterday - subscribed IMMEDIATELY and now binge-watching!
Mahalalel 29 gün önce
Jesus Christ is the love of your life. Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: Matthew 7:7 ✝🌅 Verily, verily, I say unto thee, We speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen; and ye receive not our witness. John 3:11 🌅 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 ✝🌅
Aaron Stewart
Aaron Stewart Yıl önce
That pen throw actually blew my mind
lil dumplins jr
lil dumplins jr Yıl önce
Evrett 9 aylar önce
That was the coolest sound with the big balloons popping. So freakin awesome!
Iris Foteinos
Iris Foteinos Yıl önce
i love that when the balloons pop you can see the sphere-shaped air
nethmina sanhith
nethmina sanhith Aylar önce
Me too
الصقر الابيض
Ahmad Ahmad
Ahmad Ahmad 10 aylar önce
@Katarzyna Kluba ٣ث٢
Bruce Johnston
Bruce Johnston 10 aylar önce
What impressed me most was the shot into the paper cup. True Aussie spirit (says a kiwi 😁)
Eway Vision
Eway Vision 11 aylar önce
Roxy diving through that balloon was truly majestic
YeetDude150 4 aylar önce
I actually never expected a banana peel to actually pop a balloon
Beth Redmond Walsh
Beth Redmond Walsh 10 aylar önce
Watched it all the way through a few times. Have to see more of their shananigans, so funny!
Ryan Matthews
Ryan Matthews 5 aylar önce
Used to watch you guys all the time back in the early 2010s do basketball and footy trickshots, you’s we’re pretty big back then but Jesus when did you’s gain 100s of million views and nearly 15 million subscribers?! Glad to see you guys haven’t changed your fun bubbly personalities, keep making Australia and particularly West Australia and Perth proud!
Mahalalel Aylar önce
Jesus Christ is the love of your life. And Thomas answered and said unto him, My Lord and my God. John 20:28 ✝🌅 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth. John 1:14 ✝🌅 “He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.” 1 Peter 2:24 ✝🌅 Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high. Hebrews 1:3 ✝🌅
DogewithGun Yıl önce
Is it just me or does everything looks so satisfying in slow motion?
MiximumDennis 11 aylar önce
that's literally the point of doing this effect
Donovan Pitts
Donovan Pitts Yıl önce
Not water balloons. When water balloons pop in slow motion it makes my skin crawl for some reason
some guy
some guy Yıl önce
Depends on the thing (those balloons breaking in slow mo was nice)
Cleber Rogério
Cleber Rogério Yıl önce
Cleber Rogério
Cleber Rogério Yıl önce
ʀᴏᴀᴅ ᴛᴏ 1ᴋ - zagecreates ♡︎ シ
It really depends on how you throw the item. If you throw it down wards it won’t pop much, but if you throw it up wards it still won’t do that much, but if you throw it right in the middle you’ll pop a lot.
القباطي براء
القباطي ة
Anita Walther
Anita Walther 9 aylar önce
KP STATUS Yıl önce
I respect everyone who were involved in this, Seriously the best piece that I've ever seen on TRvid,HATS OFF TO WELL ALL ! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!
Chimyon Chimyon
Chimyon Chimyon 5 aylar önce
☆♡ SRI♡HARI ♡☆
John Christensen
John Christensen 2 aylar önce
I don't know how Jack thinks that slowie pan was only a 7/10. That was a straight 9/10, my dude!
Charlie_brainless 10 aylar önce
Could we all acknowledge how cool popping balloons in slow motion is
uluthplays 2 aylar önce
These guys showing a great example of what happens if you snooze on the sharpies too much
Entei D. Ashura
Entei D. Ashura Yıl önce
One Punch Series: Serious Punch 11:58 Perfect Susano: Indra’s Arrow 15:34 Vinsmoke Sanji: Amour Shot 6:30 Killer Bee: Lightning Pen 0:40
Keith Gain
Keith Gain Yıl önce
@John Hein 9
Simon Ding
Simon Ding Yıl önce
hes talking fax tho
Srishty Rautela
Srishty Rautela Yıl önce
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin Yıl önce
Gifford Sanchez
Gifford Sanchez Yıl önce
@Eduardo Dias ne 63 ne 78 turu he vruei4h
believer Yıl önce
Those balloons Pop is very impressive ,hat's off to you guys for this video
Alexandra Femi-Ademola
I am not sure why this video makes me incredibly happy. 😊
Christopher Hansford
Christopher Hansford 9 aylar önce
What a noble exponent of AFL this video is to the world. Very nice form on the snap. Proud Aussie.
Usman Chaudhry
Usman Chaudhry Aylar önce
I know right🇦🇺🦘
JellyDem Yıl önce
The pen was tiny sharp and light so it went far and popped a lot I was just surprised it was sharp enough to pop balloons that easy
DANCER MIM LILY 7 aylar önce
I really thought the banana peel wasn't gonna pop any balloon but I was really surprised.
Jack McLane
Jack McLane Yıl önce
The pen and the screws totally surprised me. I'd love to see some high speed footage of that. As a guy that is completely inept of throwing anything - seriously I suck in this - I am really amazed. If I'd throw a knife, chances are I'll hurt myself. I'm a decent archer and shooter, though. ;)
l.vignesh lv
l.vignesh lv 11 aylar önce
Balthazar pragalatha
Akhil Fashion
Akhil Fashion 11 aylar önce
Akhil Fashion
Akhil Fashion 11 aylar önce
@Marwa Elsabaa ddddd
Ankur Srivastava
Ankur Srivastava 11 aylar önce
@Yuki R. Kk
aletheia.c73 Yıl önce
You guys are too cool! You make great ideas for science experiments that are fairly educational! Awesome dude!
Fatih Eren Şaşmaz
Fatih Eren Şaşmaz 8 aylar önce
While people are starving in many parts of the world, what these spoiled young people do is just a waste.
تمام حسام حمدي
Señor 11 aylar önce
@Antonín Suk it's neither but still pretty interesting.
Prakruti Yıl önce
Is it only me or Anyone noticed what shapes or signs those balloons popped in slow-motion?😮 Beautifully amazing😍
Micbox 468
Micbox 468 9 aylar önce
Rexy destroying that first balloon in slow motion was satisfying to see
Alex Rock
Alex Rock Yıl önce
A big shoutout to whoever had to inflate all these balloons, because that's a hell lot of balloons to pop
HarpoWin 9 aylar önce
We can all agree Rexy is a legend because he defiantly popped 10 balloons 😉😉
Brett Yıl önce
The aluminum foil was a great idea, you guys should do a whole competition of who can design the best foil weapon and pop the most balloons
Erik Velasco Núñez
Y qué pasó ?
Anna Kiełbasa
Anna Kiełbasa Yıl önce
@Megan S i
Caleb Humphries
Caleb Humphries Yıl önce
Megan S
Megan S Yıl önce
Ian Baker
Ian Baker Yıl önce
I never realized how satisfying balloons popping in slow motion was till I watched this
Camara Lamine
Camara Lamine 2 aylar önce
merci pour le guide
geo i guess
geo i guess 11 aylar önce
Yeah, it’s cool as hell, just looks like dissipating forcefields In some games, but for these they leave enough of their remains so they still exist
My Ha
My Ha Yıl önce
You guys gotta get these balloon makers to make these things have some actual colour! I know comments on the colour of the balloons are exactly what you want to hear hahaha
TheGamingPro 8 aylar önce
Ok, I'll be honest, that pen was surprisingly strong
Teresa garfias
Teresa garfias 10 aylar önce
You guys are amazing love the energy!! Loved this video!!!!
تمام حسام حمدي
BlueCosmos 6 aylar önce
Most impressive part was how the arrow missed the 11th balloon
John Sandeep
John Sandeep Yıl önce
For those wondering how the one with fishing rod missed a balloon in between : the hook started slipping through the floor at one point and got through the side of the 'missed' balloon but poked through the rest.
sArawn._ #100YASSSTYSM
@Rukia Zekerya pro
Leyla Celikten
Leyla Celikten Yıl önce
Sen benim arkadaşım değilsin böylesi sen çok süpersin atamam 🔐🔐🔐
Emmie Yıl önce
How about the screw?
sam _infinity6
sam _infinity6 Yıl önce
Sandeep 🤭
Shan CuBING Yıl önce
0:57 I guessed air was invisible, but I can even see it taking the shape of the balloon. Great 👍
Cheesy Borgor
Cheesy Borgor Yıl önce
I think it's powder
絶望yami Yıl önce
That's powder, m8
Lexus Fox
Lexus Fox Yıl önce
@백은하 This.
백은하 Yıl önce
@Obinna Ohakawa nope. That's the powder inside the balloons
The Stickman Animations
This video shows that the pen, while not mightier than the sword is surprisingly mighty
Mark Oliver
Mark Oliver 5 aylar önce
Dude perfect just hit 12 giant balloons to claim a world record. Surely you guys can crush that!
Xavier Yıl önce
Can’t believe I have just spent 15mins of my lifetime to watch this stupid stuff 😂😂 these 3 guys are good
Detective Pikachu
Detective Pikachu 2 aylar önce
@Rover Waters so
Лепка просто - m029
Tell the US administration not to provoke Russia. We live on the same planet and must unite in space exploration!
Pogirain BG
Pogirain BG 9 aylar önce
old man lol
Shinxy 9 aylar önce
@L lawliet he has verified badge he's not bot :/ :(
Bogmac_yumyum10 8 aylar önce
To be honest the pen was surprisingly strong that the other weapons that they used were only getting 6 an under
Ari-Nic Yıl önce
Me: * has a fear of balloons popping * Also me: * finds this somewhat satisfying *
Whats-My-Fandom Yıl önce
0:04 That darkness is eerie lol 2:01 Nice air, Derek. 7:35 WOWIE! 8:00-8:01 Was that a pun!? 8:05 HOW!?!? 9:28 I love how it just hovers there
Christopher Wentz
These guys know how to have fun
Mikaela Jones
Mikaela Jones 28 gün önce
0:40 this takes "the pen is mighter than the sword" to a next level
First time watching ya'll and i gotta say... pretty entertaining💯 this channel should have a billion subs🔥
Eavy Eavy
Eavy Eavy Yıl önce
Hahaha likebait for sheeps!
Dream Surfer
Dream Surfer 9 aylar önce
I pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. May the dark thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt exit your mind may clarity replace confusion. And may peace and calmness fill your life. 🤟
Andrew Hahn
Andrew Hahn Yıl önce
I'm not even gonna lie. These three guys are some of the most genuine dudes on the planet. Super humble and funny. Would be awesome to be friends with them or just meet them for a day. Good job gents! You guys are great people.
notBrayden Yıl önce
True true true
notBrayden Yıl önce
Your Love
Your Love Yıl önce
Andrew Hahn
Andrew Hahn Yıl önce
@Beoあなたの好き oh I for sure understand that. It was just an observation, they seem like genuinely good people. I'm not completely oblivious to the fact there are people that play to the camera, but I have also met people that are genuine good people on and off the camera. I kinda just get the vibe that these guys would be a lot of fun just to hang out with.
Mervine Jasmine
Mervine Jasmine Yıl önce
I loved it absolutely amazing 🔥💣 so much fun to watch can't wait to watch more of your videos 🙂 keep them coming 🥳
Mervine Jasmine
Mervine Jasmine 9 aylar önce
@muthu subbiah why not ?
muthu subbiah
muthu subbiah 9 aylar önce
........I am not ...
muthu subbiah
muthu subbiah 9 aylar önce
........I am not ...
Denis Chen
Denis Chen Yıl önce
Where do you get so many giant balloons? The Slow Mo Guys should do some more experiments with these large balloons like filling one with hydrogen gas and lighting it.
Sherodee Bucknell
Sherodee Bucknell 7 aylar önce
New subscriber as of today. Love the channel guys! Watching from Ontario Canada
P'Lay C. Holder
P'Lay C. Holder 11 aylar önce
The pen and screws totally surprised me. I'd love to see another video with more high speed footage of that. Speaking as someone that's totally inept at throwing anything -seriously I suck at throwing- I'm impressed. If I throw a knife, chances are I'll cut my fingers releasing it. 😅 I'mma solid archer and shooter, though...
Darth Bane
Darth Bane 4 aylar önce
Screws are pretty sharp
Olivia C.
Olivia C. 11 aylar önce
I agree
Olivia C.
Olivia C. 11 aylar önce
ZAVIA 8 aylar önce
The balloons popping in slow motion is really satisfying
Clarkey 11 aylar önce
Wow congrats on that 10MIL I can’t believe you guys have gotten this far, I have been watching you guys for a long time!
Clarkey 10 aylar önce
Mujra4QPK 🅥 woah your welcome but last time i checked stalking people was kinda creepy
Clarkey 10 aylar önce
Mujra4QPK 🅥 I always used to watch them I just didnt have an account so if you could please dont stalk my account :)
Joseph D'Bennidetto
Joseph D'Bennidetto 10 aylar önce
Watching the balloons pop in slow motion is satisfying 😌
Laykan Dowdy
Laykan Dowdy 8 aylar önce
I just looked at the view count and OH MY GOSH. I am so proud of you boys!!
Existing Yıl önce
It’s really because these guys are very strong so they are able to pop so many balloons with small objects
Almost Pool Player
Almost Pool Player 5 aylar önce
I believe if he shot the arrow higher it would have popped all 12. The arrow didn't seem to deflect but dropped as its momentum decreased.
Gurgle Queen
Gurgle Queen Yıl önce
The balloon popping is definitely my favorite series on this channel.
Basit Khurshid
Basit Khurshid Yıl önce
It's gotta be the tower drops for me
Seoyoon choi
Seoyoon choi Yıl önce
The arrow actually bounced back from the floor to hit the 12th balloon leaving the 11th one and still it had force left enough to pierce into the board
Nan R
Nan R Aylar önce
You used a recurve bow, why not a compound bow? Also the weight of the bow would make a huge difference.
Jubraj Toolsie
Jubraj Toolsie 10 aylar önce
I though this ws just any other video but this video was really entertaining! This made my day! Who knew a pen was like a Ninja Star.
Stupids! Aylar önce
This is truly amazing well done!! I love your videos :)
Saumya kansara
Saumya kansara Yıl önce
The part you actually want to see starts at 14:25
Shaheed Harun
Shaheed Harun Yıl önce
It will save you a bunch of annoying laughs and corny aussie jokes until then
Cuwum Satyr
Cuwum Satyr Yıl önce
thanks bruv
Jimmy boy
Jimmy boy Yıl önce
Pendu the Benchwarmer
@Frederik Schilling Same...
Saumya kansara
Saumya kansara Yıl önce
@Frederik Schilling merry Christmas! 😊
mahmed ravat
mahmed ravat 11 aylar önce
My first time watching this, not a bow expert, i think due to the distance it would have been better to aim the bow slightly at an angle to allow the arrow to travel at a greater distance. still surprised that screws getting most balloons popped.
P Gordhan
P Gordhan 9 aylar önce
I was going to say this, they should've taken the trajectory of the arrow into account.
Florence Loera
Florence Loera 10 aylar önce
I respect everyone who were involved in this
Abhinav Saripalli
Abhinav Saripalli 8 aylar önce
Pen gave unbelievable results,didn't imagine
Chrisendezz M
Chrisendezz M Yıl önce
His slow mo finger banana throw was epic. Made the only faces 😂💜👍
I think it’s mostly the velocity but the sharpness helps a lot
Tiger Boi
Tiger Boi Yıl önce
The balloon popping series is by far my favorite recent addition to the channel
Kent Hanna
Kent Hanna Yıl önce
Seems to be some luck involved. If the object catches part of the popped balloon it creates a lot of drag.
S.O.C. C.
S.O.C. C. Yıl önce
That was amazing. My first time seeing anything from this channel. Super impressive.
Schmidty’s Kettle Corn Life
Thanks. I'm a new subscriber and I love the Go Pro I just bought my first TRebel Cannon Camera to do videos but I hope to buy a GoPro camera for next year. Great videos guys. Schmidty's Kettle Corn is a fan.
fatboy19831 Yıl önce
Very Entertaining video. Had the whole family Watching it. Good job guys.
Muhammed Ensar Evci
Muhammed Ensar Evci 9 aylar önce
15:31 this movement killed me and also imagine filming yourself how you are filming something
Maven Yeshua
Maven Yeshua Yıl önce
That giant balloon floating in the air is one of the oddest thing's I've ever seen, its rare to see something like that ever XD just saying
Anavi Thota
Anavi Thota Yıl önce
The slow mo clips are absolutely amazing
Bronx & Branx
Bronx & Branx Yıl önce
That last balloon pop was epic.
Destroyer 8 aylar önce
the idea with the arrow is unique!
Axel Linares
Axel Linares Yıl önce
I dunno how I ended up here if I was watching EDM videos but that was crazy and I loved it 🤩 wish I had a friendship like them
Zerzil 7 aylar önce
We call it a whippser-snipper here in Canada too (as well as the others, but this is what I call it)
Giant Axe Vs. 10 Fire Extinguishers!
First to Smash All Glass Windows WINS!!
EXTREME Balloon Pop Racing!!
görünümler 4 500 000
Longest Dunk Wins
görünümler 72 000 000
How Many GIANT Balloons Stops A Dart?
Ultimate Mini Games Battle 3
görünümler 10 000 000
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