How Joel Embiid Became the Unluckiest Player in the NBA

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Joel Embiid’s NBA career has been one of the most polarizing, impressive, but unlucky stories in NBA history. Will he break the curse of unluckiness, or will this pattern continue?

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00:00 - Introduction
02:19 - College Days
03:22 - Disaster Before the Draft
03:44 - 2014 Draft
04:36 - The Long Road Ahead
05:20 - The Return of The Process
05:57 - Rookie Season Over
06:18 - Two number one picks
07:32 - 2017-18 Season
08:02 - Mask Problems
09:33 - Burner Account Madness
10:31 - 2018-19 Season
12:10 - 2019 Playoffs - So Close Yet So Far
13:11 - The Fun is Over
13:59 - 2019-20 Disaster
16:22 - The Revival, 2020-21 Season
17:30 - Kiss That MVP Goodbye
18:23 - Miserable 2021 Playoffs
19:55 - 2021-22 Season
21:14 - Why did he lose the 2022 MVP?
22:49 - 2022 Playoffs
24:56 - Conclusion



24 Mar 2023




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Lost nemesis
Lost nemesis 6 aylar önce
He is an incredibly talented player who especially in this last three season stretch has just been a monster and I still can't believe they chose Tobias Harris over Jimmy Butler that was stupid when it happened.
Justin Woody
Justin Woody 2 aylar önce
Tobias is like Ben Simmons just want that money
Calvin de Leon
Calvin de Leon 6 aylar önce
@Sound Lounge well yeah since maxey showed he can
Sound Lounge
Sound Lounge 6 aylar önce
@Calvin de Leon maxey is 3rd option Tobias is 4th
Calvin de Leon
Calvin de Leon 6 aylar önce
@Rage Wayz yeah if they are able to flip tobias for more depth or a more reliable 3rd option, that would be more great
momkey 6 aylar önce
Can we all appreciate the effort dylan puts in these videos?
Aige 6 aylar önce
nate4021 6 aylar önce
Dylan is the shit. Thank you Dylan.
jeremy 6 aylar önce
R M 6 aylar önce
Meh. Mike korz better
Anthony Maida
Anthony Maida 6 aylar önce
Definitely one of my favorite basketball TRvidrs for sure!
Timothy 6 aylar önce
This man deserves a million subs for the quality content that he puts out fr
HeatNationWPB 6 aylar önce
Easy JoJo
Buttorr 6 aylar önce
Aige 6 aylar önce
SC2 WARRIORS 6 aylar önce
For real!
Anthony Maida
Anthony Maida 6 aylar önce
Fr. Him, Johnny Arnett, and Jxmyhighroller give me everything I need to entertain and expand my knowledge of basketball
SackVegas Anime
SackVegas Anime 6 aylar önce
He was drafted by the 76s. This honestly feels like 1 of their better attempts to build around a star. Great fan base, but a mid to bad front office.
Brandan 6 gün önce
Terrible front office. They fucked up so bad multiple times, Embiid should have a title by now maybe 2.
J R 15 gün önce
@judoka. 1. You’re Proving the point of my second reply. It’s not that it doesn’t happen, you just never hear about it in national media as often. 2. NY and Boston fans get off easy compared to us. If Philly fans behaved the way some of the things these NY fans did, we’d get called classless, but NY gets glorified for it.
judoka. 15 gün önce
@J R yeah no. the things that philly fans have done don’t happen everywhere & often, or at least as often. the only fanbases that might be somewhat worse is boston & new york fans. the northeastern part of the country has the most ruthless fanbases in the country & there’s endless proof to back it up. so you can be mad all you want about the reputation philly fans have, but the reputation is warranted.
J R 15 gün önce
@judoka. These issues go unnoticed and people single out Philly because it’s easy to, and everyone has already made these preconceived notions about us without even stepping into the city.
J R 15 gün önce
@judoka. When did I say he was the only Philly fan to do something bad. Listen, I’m not saying that all Philly sports fans are perfect, and that we haven’t had our share of bad apples, But it’s extremely annoying to see how oblivious people are to the fact that these incidents that people single us out for occur EVERYWHERE and often.
Akilan Narayanaswamy
Akilan Narayanaswamy 6 aylar önce
Jimmy Butler knocking Embiid out of the playoffs in the end was sadly poetic
nobody 2 aylar önce
@Dominique Brown lmao he might be coming but he wont get it
Erebor 4 Nierdzewny
Erebor 4 Nierdzewny 4 aylar önce
"Jimmy Butler knocking Embiid out of the playoffs in the end was sadly poetic" - Akilan Narayanaswamy... Embid want play with Butler. U shot mean Butler sweet revange on phi gm that not give him a contract...
John Russel Santos
John Russel Santos 5 aylar önce
@Laura Lerro probably... But Jimmy is beefing with the office so we don't really know
Laura Lerro
Laura Lerro 5 aylar önce
@John Russel Santos I thought Butler was pushed out to appease Simmons?
Thomas James
Thomas James Aylar önce
As a Sixers fan, I’ve seen all of this happen first-hand. I just want Joel to win a ring and be appreciated/respected league-wide once and for all. He deserves it.
Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors 6 aylar önce
The only 2 years they really had a chance to compete were 2019 and 2021. In 2018 they weren’t there yet. In 2020, that roster was underwhelming. And this year as soon as Siakams elbow hit him it was over.
Diego Beerserker
Diego Beerserker Aylar önce
@THROWBACK Sportsman and even with a healthy Embiitch. the sixers didn't stand a chance against the Heat. They ain't going nowhere with a certified playoff choke (Har_en)
THROWBACK Sportsman 5 aylar önce
boston would have knocked them out if they got past the heat. Horford has always played really good D against Embiid
Jacob McElwain
Jacob McElwain 6 aylar önce
put so much effort in dylan, its awesome to see the content improve every video, keep it up, your videos are always engaging to watch!
Dylan13 6 aylar önce
Bar Baryn
Bar Baryn 6 aylar önce
I remember seeing pictures of him when he was out injured and totally awed by the amount of muscle he added since drafted
Rum Ham
Rum Ham 4 aylar önce
He looks like a different person
That loss to The Raptors will haunt both him and Ben Simmons forever. Insane trajectory of careers for both.
LionMagnus 6 aylar önce
I really hope Embiid goes to another team tbh but at this point it's impossible. Sixers front office constantly makes questionable decisions, and when I saw they gave Tobias Harris a 5 years max contract only put this team to doom for the next 5 years...
Thomas James
Thomas James Aylar önce
Tobias has been great this season and last. I was never a huge fan of him, but he’s been putting in the work and is extremely valuable on both ends of the floor for us.
Buttorr 6 aylar önce
No no no no no no no please we cant PLEASE we are doing better
Patrick Thomas Brady
Patrick Thomas Brady 6 aylar önce
Yea like the rest of the league is winning championships, Lebron, golden state, kawhi’s raptors, and the bucks won a championship since he’s been playing, sixers have been right there, he’s on his way to a Philly legend, it’s clear the team and Embiid don’t want to separate, I don’t think people realize how difficult it is to win and how many players they love today that won’t end up with a championship
Black Kev
Black Kev 6 aylar önce
@M Scott Lawrence yes get rid of that BAD contract…
M Scott Lawrence
M Scott Lawrence 6 aylar önce
@Black Kev he isn't bad definitely overpaid tho
Joe Leow Music
Joe Leow Music 6 aylar önce
Always love these videos, an immeasurable amount of effort is put into them, whilst maintaining the highest quality, being educational, informative and entertaining. Big up Dylan💪
shinglesshingles 6 aylar önce
I had completely forgot about the Colangelo burner account. Smh that was unnecessary and dumb. But I maintain that Philly won't win shit with Doc Rivers as their coach. The man is terrible at making adjustments and u know...being a coach. And please don't argue Boston with me because it took 4 Hall of Fame players, the best assistant coach in the league in Tom Thibodeau, as well as the best GM in the league in Danny Ainge just to outweigh his weak ass coaching. Look at any other stop he's been at (before and after Boston) and it always ends in disappointment and unfulfilled potential. I know Philly is passionate and love their sports but all signs point to Embiid leaving next chance he gets at free agency.
Joey Skywalker
Joey Skywalker 6 aylar önce
@itsAlex Victor Rudy and Donovan had already fallen out long before Danny Angie got to Utah so can’t really blame him and not to mention he kinda built Boston championship caliber team we see rn
Tnk4me 6 aylar önce
Lol and the man had the gall to then try pin the account on his wife to save his ass. SMH.
JustChrisGaming 6 aylar önce
Doc rivers really is overrated and hopefully they move on from him soon
shinglesshingles 6 aylar önce
@itsAlex Victor the moves he made to get KG and Ray Allen as well as how he filled out the rest of the roster. Drafting Rondo. Then flipping KG, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry to fleece Brooklyn for like 4 years worth of draft picks. Making the trades to get the picks that became Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. I would say he was the number 1 GM for a minute. Look at how even in "rebuild mode" he kept them competitive. With I.T. and that overpreforming job they did. He flipped I.T. for Kyrie and got Gordon Hayward. He can't do anything about Gordon's injury and had Scary Terry not been such a bitch in the locker room then Kyrie probably stays because he was nice that year. I'm not even a Celtics fan but Danny did his thing. If u don't want to say number 1 then he was definitely top 3 during his tenure.
Saint fourty seven
Saint fourty seven 6 aylar önce
I agree with you. Doc rivers is overrated af
khari amir
khari amir 6 aylar önce
Similar to how Embiid inherited the “best center” label from Demarcus, he got the “most unlucky” tag as well..
Wolfy Kuñ
Wolfy Kuñ 5 aylar önce
@Deez Nutz Embiid is better and if Giannis plays more center he would be the best center as he is the best player in the league
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 5 aylar önce
@Arl Yeah since he has been ignored by the media since his draft
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 5 aylar önce
@Wolfy Kuñ No he aint, Jokic is much better
Arl 6 aylar önce
@khari amir Jokic and Embid was draft on the same class, Embid make the All-stars team one year before Jokic(2017-18) but i would argue Jokic was the better player that year as well.
Tik Tok Exposed
Tik Tok Exposed 6 aylar önce
Jokic is better
krenkoV2 6 aylar önce
This man is putting hours and hours of effort into his videos he should be getting at least 1M views per video
Fate Steyneit
Fate Steyneit 6 aylar önce
I feel for this dude.. I hope he won't end up like CP3.. they both have the same aura
Nnamdi Ede
Nnamdi Ede 6 aylar önce
19:40 Funny thing is, if you actually watched the whole video of what Embid said about Ben he didn’t just mention his mistakes. He listed out several things they did wrong including the Simmons comment. But the media just likes to create drama.
Michael Krasting
Michael Krasting 6 aylar önce
As a sixers fan this breaks all of my heart
Draven Muskego
Draven Muskego 6 aylar önce
To think Giannis and Embiid could have played together, damn that needs to be talked about more, and even worse they chose jabari parker 🤣
Buttorr 6 aylar önce
yeah the sixers or bucks would be unstoppable which ever team picked both
ESJaJa 6 aylar önce
@itsAlex Victor I think that was his rookie or sophomore season too that injury really messed him up
Carnage21- Go Sixers! IofiSZN
@itsAlex Victor The dude averaged 20ppg after a serious injury, freaking impressive. Sadly he gets injured again after that. Could've been a star fr
itsAlex Victor
itsAlex Victor 6 aylar önce
jabari parker was also injury prone wasn't he? He scored around 20 points a game in his best season before tearing his ACL, then was never the same. Joel Embiid was injury prone, but turned into a superstar. Who knows Milwaukee might have gave up on Embiid, but what you said might have been a real possibility.
A-Person 6 aylar önce
Frankly, I’m more of a soccer fan (football for any non Americans), but the effort you put into your videos and all the stuff I learn from it is just insane. Keep it up!
A-Person 6 aylar önce
Idk I was a fan from 2015 because of Nowitzski and it just never went away lol
jahbril plays games and stuff
what do you like most about the Mavs?
A-Person 6 aylar önce
Basketball wise I’m a Mavs fan and football wise I’m a Chelsea fan
Chicken Merchant
Chicken Merchant 6 aylar önce
What teams do u like?
Jermaine Asibey
Jermaine Asibey 6 aylar önce
His videos are actually so amazing and so entertaining to watch. He deserves so many more subs I love his content.
itsAlex Victor
itsAlex Victor 6 aylar önce
In regards to the Bucks picking Jabari Parker over Joel Embiid, It's hard to tell what a player's career in the NBA would look like straight out of the draft. Like now everyone says the 76ers should have picked Tatum over Fultz, but back then they would have clowned on the 76ers if they did take Tatum because Fultz was regarded as one of the best prospects in the class. This is why I am not a fan of redrafts because everyone says people passed up on Curry, all these stars, when they may have called them busts when they struggled early on, but now that they are superstars people are making fun of the franchises that passed on them when before they were clowning on the franchises that did pick them. If the 76ers did let go of Embiid and he never got a chance to prove himself, everyone would say Parker was a bust but Embiid was a bigger bust
Just_Tom Aylar önce
@PewPew how would they have drafted luka? he went like 10 picks before them
PewPew 6 aylar önce
Not drafting Luka was especially stupid because he was the best prospect since LeBron & most GMs somehow didn't even notice.
Bryce August
Bryce August 6 aylar önce
@Black Kev bc fultz had a harden like skill set, he’s a good passer to this day and he could shoot before his shoulder got fucked so it made some decent sense. If he could shoot like he could before the draft that 76ers team may have worked out
Black Kev
Black Kev 6 aylar önce
Bro I honestly believe Tatum was the pick that year and it was obvious almost too obvious…he was one of the few NBA ready prospects. Fultz was always a question mark to me… And why would they draft Fultz when Brett Brown already said Ben would be the PG?
Jahaziel Ruiz
Jahaziel Ruiz 6 aylar önce
I personally disagree. I’d say it’s Demarcus cousins. Man never got the bag, never touched the playoffs until the Warriors (lost in the finals), played with the Kings, the worst franchise in NBA history, and tore his Achilles.
BOWEASE1 6 aylar önce
yooo a cousins vid would be dope
Cheez Doodle
Cheez Doodle 6 aylar önce
Yo Dylan, just wanted to say bro, your videos are awesome dude, you put in so much effort and research into these topics, I find them really interesting just to get my own take and hear someone talk about a certain focus on a random topic in the NBA👍
Charles 6 aylar önce
Different point but a lot of what you highlighted came down to injuries. They suck and luck for sure is involved, however, just as any very large tall player, you will get a much higher frequency of injuries based on sizes. He was always going to be injury prone at that size, just a question of how much. Zion was even more likely to and will be more likely to longer term for another example. It is why long run you need two good bigs to share those minutes to sustainable keep those stars no matter how well they play in those season games so come playoffs they have better load management.
Goldista 6 aylar önce
Love how Jimmy always motivate and hype Joel Embiid.
Trump, up for the layup! OH BLOCKED BY BIDEN!
Video idea: “How the Boston Celtics rose towards the Finals” Pretty much explain everything that happened that played a factor in them reaching the Finals this past season. They have one of the most complicated and strangest stories even tho it is well known (the basics of it are well known, most people don’t know the true story of it).
Corey Thompson
Corey Thompson 6 aylar önce
"I don't give a damn about the process" truly awe inspiring work, keep it up Dylan does basketball and the beginning intro with the hip hop beat is simply gorgeous. You are becoming a sage, a guru at the work you
Musiic 6 aylar önce
Your content is absolutely unmatched in quality. Keep it up man, I love your videos!!
ChiefBlue4298 6 aylar önce
In hindsight, the Milwaukee Bucks made a big mistake by drafting Jabari Parker over Joel Embiid If the Bucks had drafted Embiid, they would’ve had two MVP candidates in Embiid and Giannis on one team
Uncle Jrue, but with Fresh Timbs
@carrastealth In the 2016 Draft where they drafted Ben Simmons 1st overall, both Ingram and Jaylen Brown were available at 2 and 3. Instead of Porzingis at 3 the Sixers could get Booker who was at 13 in that draft. PG: Booker SG:Jaylen SF:Tatum PF:Giannis C:Embiid
carrastealth 6 aylar önce
@Za Let's look at that lineup then PG: Ben Simmons SG: Jayson Tatum SF: Giannis Antetokounmpo PF: Kristaps Porzingis C: Joel Embiid Yep... they'd be doing damage, probably working on their 2nd or 3rd ring about now. If everyone remained healthy.
Za 6 aylar önce
That’s interesting. The sixers also missed out on Giannis in 2013. With the first overall pick the sixers selected Micheal Carter Williams instead of Giannis. 😂
carrastealth 6 aylar önce
The 76ers could have also drafted Tatum over Fultz, and Porzingis over Okafor. Imagine that team.
Calvin de Leon
Calvin de Leon 6 aylar önce
Well Jabari could had been nice too... But injury really fckd him up till this day lmao... Glad though that Embiid still break through those injuries
Robet 6 aylar önce
Thank you for making some of the highest quality basketball videos on the platform
Dirt 4 aylar önce
76ers as a franchise has been frustrating since ai was there. Lots of talent has suited up for Philly, but mismanagement and poor choices have led to this. I hope Harden and Embiid and win it this year. Even as a Celtics fan, those 2 guys deserve a chance at a ring
BlueThunder2000 5 aylar önce
Can you do some old school timelines Like how magic rose to become the best point guard of all time. How tmac and yao failed to win a title together. How Boston fell apart after 2008. Timmy's career with San Antonio. How the sun's failed to win a title. ( 2 part 90s and 2000s) Kobe's career after Shaq got traded to Miami and how he got 2 more rings. Dirks Career from failure to fortune. There's so many options.
Iconic Destroyer
Iconic Destroyer 6 aylar önce
Your videos are amazing! But I’ve got an idea for future videos. Like how the bulls created a dynasty or how they fell from greatness after Michael Jordan retired Or the wasted career of bill wallten
PewPew 6 aylar önce
@Iconic Destroyer Yea, that's not a bad comparison at all.
Iconic Destroyer
Iconic Destroyer 6 aylar önce
@PewPew yeh true, his career in effect is similar to Derrick rose but Walton just accomplished a little more
PewPew 6 aylar önce
Bill Walton didn't waste his career. He was the best player in the NBA, MVP & Champion for Portland, then won multiple more Rings & 6th MOTY for the Celtics. He had a fantastic career, the injuries just knocked him down from "GOAT" to "HOF" because if he could have stayed healthy, he would probably be considered the best Center of All-Time. He was kind of like the original "Jokic style" Center that could do everything on Offense, but he was also Elite on defense.
WuShocks 6 aylar önce
Another awesome video Dylan!! Always look forward to your content,keep it up!
Amr Elbahtiti
Amr Elbahtiti 6 aylar önce
You're my favourite bball content creator on the platform. Keep going man, you're too good 🤍
Its Beaker
Its Beaker 6 aylar önce
Incredible video bro. You basically did the groundwork for his 30 for 30.
Thizlam 6 aylar önce
I’m not even a fan of basketball because my Sonics aren’t a team anymore, but I still watch every video Dylan puts out because it’s top tier content.
Dylan13 6 aylar önce
Keep up the great work man love your content
Jaire Smiley
Jaire Smiley 5 aylar önce
Can you please do a video on Kemba and the hornets? And loved the video keep up the great work🖤
Pronob B
Pronob B 5 aylar önce
Still feel for him that he did not win MVP last year. If he did not get hurt, there was a solid chance he got it. Jokic deserved it but man, I really thought it was Embiid's to lose mid season.
Paris. 6 aylar önce
Joel might be unlucky, but he really might be my all time favorite player. As a Philly native, I don’t think I’ve ever been more invested in a team as I was/am the Sixers because of the process.
Thomas James
Thomas James Aylar önce
We need to win one with him, just one…The Eagles winning the SB was fantastic, but the Sixers winning a title with Embiid at the helm would mean significantly more to me. We’ve been through the mud with this team.
dustyri 6 aylar önce
"I don't give a damn about the process" 😔
M Scott Lawrence
M Scott Lawrence 6 aylar önce
Where's his Knicks at
Nathaniel Nemirovsky
Nathaniel Nemirovsky 6 aylar önce
dylan, i cannot put into words how good you are...
sduba rada
sduba rada 4 aylar önce
Can you just imagine an Embiid Antetokounmpo combo???
Nica 6 aylar önce
Forgot to mention how many times embiid flopped all over the place this last season. Dude is a hazard to the health of everyone around him. Not only himself
Diego Beerserker
Diego Beerserker Aylar önce
Just ask Danny Green about that crybaby being a hazard
Rip City Games
Rip City Games 6 aylar önce
Unluckiest player has to be Dame.. Could’ve played with Brandon Roy, Greg Oden.. His entire starting lineup left him in 2015 including the only all star he’s ever played with in Lamarcus Aldridge.. Terrible GM for his entire career until this year.. The year they went to the WCF Jusuf Nurkic broke his leg..
Weeb Trash
Weeb Trash 6 aylar önce
@loxt2 I give cp3 the same amount of shit for not being in the playoffs as I do for Embiid. If you’re always injured during the playoffs then at that point, it’s on you. Last year wasn’t his only real shot of winning, he still had 2 chances with the rockets, he still had his final year with the clippers. Saying Booker never stepped up when CP3 was non existent aside from the first 2 games against the Mavericks is disingenuous, they both played like shit in game 7 but CP3 was shit from games 3 and onwards. If he even played remotely decent they would’ve been in the conference finals again. You can’t be impressed at how CP3 is playing well at his age but also give him a pass due to his age, it’s a cop out instead of actually admitting he was some shit.
Rip City Games
Rip City Games 6 aylar önce
@CJ Cole I think we’re just talking about luck.. He didn’t choose for all those injuries to happen.. Not really talking about contract decisions
CJ Cole
CJ Cole 6 aylar önce
Dame isn't unlucky. He chose to stay with Portland, even after he knew they were going nowhere
loxt2 6 aylar önce
@Stephen Curry nah man's legit choked no matter who was the team. Only good playoff series ik he had was against the Lakers
Johnnie Clemons
Johnnie Clemons Aylar önce
He's a great player
lilhenny91 6 aylar önce
You are such a slept on youtuber its insane. Cant wait to see my boy Dylan crack 1,000,000 subs. thanks for some of the best content on NBA TRvid!
Sam Williams
Sam Williams 6 aylar önce
this dude deserves way more subs. i love mini docs like this
Ethan Whitman
Ethan Whitman 6 aylar önce
Yo Imagine if the Bucks took Embiid instead of Jabari Parker… Giannis and Joel on the same team would be insane😂
Alex Escutia
Alex Escutia 2 aylar önce
@RangerHeir my boy he’s got brook Lopez with him. Embiids just a way way better brook lopez
RangerHeir 4 aylar önce
That's just it though, giannis doesn't need a turtle along side him
That’s A Awful Lot of Ism
Imagine the amount of appreciation he probably has for Philly picking him up, sticking with him, and building him back up through that first 2 years. Ultimately, to become the face of the franchise. It’d probably be hard to leave after being shown that type of treatment. Feel like he might owe them something for that, maybe? I feel like if they don’t at least have an impressive run in the post season. Philly is really gonna be testing his loyalty. Think if he went to Boston😳 Joel & Jason the next Shaq & Kobe
Less Go
Less Go 6 aylar önce
So hard to believe that Kawhi shot was over 3 years ago wth 😕
AskMeWhy 2 aylar önce
bro I am really sad for Joel, he already got a team mate that he wanted but his organization is all about politics they don't want someone like Jimmy, they don't like someone who wanted to win
Not A God
Not A God 4 aylar önce
The fact that he has to compete with a guy who is beating wilts records is one of the most unlucky things that could happen to a player
Tater Puddin
Tater Puddin 29 gün önce
Im a Thunder fan and I root for Embiid. Its good to see a talented big thats so good in the post. Kareem like player.
Adetola 6 aylar önce
You didn't mention Tyrese Maxey's impact this last season, the dude made me happy.
Emmanuel Ani
Emmanuel Ani 2 aylar önce
The 2022 MVP loss for Joel has more to do with the fact that the other guy did more with less. It didn't help that when they played against one another Jokic won
Sucker Punch Your Local Police Officer
I’ve always had love for Embiid even as a Celtics fan. Ainge loved him more than any rookie that’s come out except for maybe KD, but Philly got him first. It’s fuck Philly all day, but I wouldn’t be mad if he brought them success.
J And1
J And1 6 aylar önce
One day I think joel will win a ring ,he's probably thinking it'll be that much sweeter when he does reach the top someday 💯
Tyrunner0097 4 aylar önce
The problem also with Embiid is that he just never applied himself like Giannis has. Embiid is more naturally skilled as a basketball player than Giannis is, but Giannis gives full effort every single day, and his drive has elevated him to where he is now. Embiid, so many times he doesn't seem to give a full effort. If Embiid applied himself to give a full effort every game, he and Giannis could have a rivalry equal to Wilt-Russell or Magic-Bird.
Wevo 6 aylar önce
I’m torn between feeling like he can get it done & my boy has to go. 21 is different
KalmoK 6 aylar önce
Well said bro, I think Philly is one of the worst franchise in NBA, but it's only because their front office sucks *ss.. I mean if I were the commissioner of the league I would force the sell of couple teams.... You know what I'm talking about right
Before Flight
Before Flight 6 aylar önce
literally no matter what there will be trash teams. Forcing teams to sell wont fix that. It'll just cause problems and probably lawsuits
Trump is putins btch
Trump is putins btch 6 aylar önce
You cant just force people to sell the team because you want to. They’re incompetent, you know the solution to that? Change of management if the owner/president doesnt change the management thats on them
Faanc 6 aylar önce
Unbelievable quality, you deserve a lot more of subs and views.
Roman Rezontov
Roman Rezontov 2 aylar önce
Kawni Leonard used to travel with 3 steps without dribbling before this "legendary" shot
HEE HEE HEE HAW 6 aylar önce
imagine giannis with embiid. that would be insane. especially with the slow start that embiid had, giannis would still gain his development from more playing time.
Alex Escutia
Alex Escutia 2 aylar önce
@RangerHeir sound like a hater
RangerHeir 4 aylar önce
Giannis doesnt need a turtle on his team. There's a reason why giannis schools embiid and why embiid gets beaten by other bigs too
Aesir 5 aylar önce
I have a lot of hope for this season tbh. Embiid, Harden, Maxey. Plus Embiid has a huge chip on his shoulder
Boss2119 •
Boss2119 • 6 aylar önce
6:05 I think you mean “this wouldn’t be the “ONLY time he would miss out on wing an award due to injury” Cause clearly you were referring to now and him not winning MVP due to the same thing
Sayed 6 aylar önce
Dylan always makes sure to point out the Jimmy Butler issue 😂
underscore_ 4 aylar önce
joel was too humble on the front office decisions man
zach wyatt
zach wyatt 6 aylar önce
Such quality content. Can't wait for this man's KD vid
Amm611 6 aylar önce
You deserve all the credit for these amazing vids
Evan 2 aylar önce
Feel bad for him he needs to join a real organization
Lautaro Quiroga
Lautaro Quiroga 4 aylar önce
Ever since the first video you've made amazing content Dylan! It would be cool if you upgraded those opening titles haha. The font, colors... them spinning. They don't match to the insane work that comes after.
Feedsomefood 6 aylar önce
Not getting the mvp takes nothing away from what he accomplished this season and so far.
Big Noob
Big Noob 6 aylar önce
This man is gonna be the next MVP.
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 5 aylar önce
@Stuffed Bear Based on what? Being behind Jokic? Dont worry American taxpayer money gave the guy a consolation MVP price from the Philly government lol
Amaimon 6 aylar önce
@Big Noob Well nothing really changed for the league in general so he will still get his princess calls while being a beast at the same time and leave on second round ig
Big Noob
Big Noob 6 aylar önce
@Amaimon He better not or Philly is gonna get hostile.
Amaimon 6 aylar önce
Watch he play like trash this season
Exitium Kc
Exitium Kc 6 aylar önce
Man you should be on Netflix or something, your content is another level
Артем сергеев
It's scary to know that Embiid and KAT or Giannis and Embiid could on the same team
King Feliciano II
King Feliciano II 28 gün önce
Loyalty to a team can only go so far, I'd wish Embiid would go to a different team.
Jyudat 4 aylar önce
as a sixers fan whos been around since the process' inception (mcw, evan turner, jason richardson days), its crazy how much all of it has been just a blur, with so many highs and devastating lows. this video has brought back a lot of those emotions that i experienced over the years. sam hinkie truly did die for our sins
Raiden's polearm🍉
Raiden's polearm🍉 6 aylar önce
dylan is 100% logicial with his analysis unlike DREAMERSPRO who lets his emotions exposed his bias and hatred towards certain NBA players
DeShawn McDonald
DeShawn McDonald 6 aylar önce
I know you'd never do it but I'd love to see a deep dive like this on how rap influenced the nba
Christopher Jakimovski
It’s simple, Dylan makes a video…I click and watch 😎
Gabriel Aylar önce
Could you imagine if the bucks would’ve got Embiid and Giannis?
Dragon Fire
Dragon Fire 6 aylar önce
Definitely one of the best basketball channels on TRvid
Sacramento Food Forest
Most underrated basketball channel on TRvid
Richxwolf 6 aylar önce
Top tier videos everytime🙏🏽
Not MKY 6 aylar önce
Great content really good editing👍
Matt 5 aylar önce
The sad reality is that this year is their last, best chance to make a finals appearance, and they won’t make it
Chuks Azu
Chuks Azu 4 aylar önce
Dude is just so injury prone
Cameron Palmer
Cameron Palmer 6 aylar önce
Well when you put it like that… Embiid be hurt a lot, like damn I hadn’t really realized how much he’s injured.
Socialist Batman
Socialist Batman 6 aylar önce
Another reason the Sixers became better in 2021 was because Simmons took a huge step defensively. He was literally 1 or 2 in DPOY rankings all year long
Socialist Batman
Socialist Batman 2 aylar önce
@Ftbs_jay which was a positive for Embiid to do more offensively.
Ftbs_jay 6 aylar önce
And took a step back offensively 😭
Vortex Luigi Rosalina 55
Imagine if he was in Cleveland instead of Philadelphia
Joshua Bell
Joshua Bell 6 aylar önce
As a 76ers fan, I’m liking this, and moving on with my day 😵‍💫
M M 6 aylar önce
One of the most purely talented and power big men EVER. Easily more skilled and as dominating as Shaw. Extremely immature and injury prone though. So he isn’t Shaq and I believe will likely never reach such status because of the above 2 things
Oh Shiitake Mushrooms
Oh Shiitake Mushrooms 6 aylar önce
No, John Stockton and Karl Malone were the two unluckiest players in the NBA.
Oh Shiitake Mushrooms
Oh Shiitake Mushrooms 4 aylar önce
@Eric How is that a bad take? They literally were the unluckiest players because by the time they finally peaked they had to go against the greatest basketball player of all time in Michael Jordan. Bad timing = bad luck.
Camden 6 aylar önce
Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott 6 aylar önce
They choked they had their chances and screwed them up
kanashi 6 aylar önce
They're not in the NBA
Kingster 14
Kingster 14 4 aylar önce
Joel deserved another team
Martin Santiago
Martin Santiago 3 aylar önce
Huge 76ers fan, loved the video!
Dario Toska
Dario Toska 3 aylar önce
If Embiid was #1 for the Cavs we would've been so much more well off :(
metalhead253 2 aylar önce
By the end of this season he'll probably be #2 for MVP again... because of injuries...Crazy
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