How Japanese Knives Are Made With Japan's RAREST Steel

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How are Japanese knives made? With the same techniques used to craft katana (samurai swords), modern Japanese knives are some of the highest quality in the world. They don't break or bend, they can slice through anything like butter and they're a beauty to behold.

This video was filmed at Hirata Blacksmiths (平田鍛刀場) on the outskirts of Tokyo. Sukehira Hirata and Nodoka Hirata are a married couple who craft not only Japanese blades, but blades made of the rarest steel in Japan. In fact, this is one of 3 workshops in the whole country, still producing the legendary Tamahagane steel (玉鋼).

Their website:
ENGLISH - mokomimi1027.wixsite.com/my-s...
JAPANESE - www.hiratatantoujou.com/
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30 Tem 2021




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Dan Desjardins
Dan Desjardins Saatler önce
That is a family that will grow to be respected and respectful of others ! As he said the qualities imparted into the making of the blade are the ingredient s necessary for clean and successful living
-ロジ乃助 5 saatler önce
日本から失礼します。 人が何かを作る動画を見るのは、やはり素晴らしいですね! 物作りの動画が好きでいろいろ見ていたら、この動画に行き着きました! 同じ日本人として、日本の工芸文化が世界の人々に知られていって語り継がれていき、永遠に残ったら嬉しいです!
Bill Allan
Bill Allan 7 saatler önce
Relics...that's what I see.. priceless relics 👍
Jhon Flower
Jhon Flower 11 saatler önce
Beautiful worksmanship
Akram Nababteh
Akram Nababteh 17 saatler önce
A lot of wisdom in this art
Noneya Bidness
Noneya Bidness 17 saatler önce
Very nice craftsmanship.
4R NORTHWEST 21 saatler önce
“As sharp as a samurais katana...”? Please shut up you sound like an idiot. Cut little analogies like that are for fools that are unable to convey a message to someone who is not an expert in a particular. Like the stupid stories of Christ😂. “Yes lord, NOOOOOW I understand why shooting someone in the face is not very nice, I would have never guessed had I not been told your dumb little story!”😉👍🏽..... wow, where’d that come from. You alright?.....ya I guess😒
elSOSA Gün önce
How can I get one of these?! EU
Carl Weeks
Carl Weeks Gün önce
For the love of Inari. Someone, please get this guy a bench vise so he is not using the angle grinder and holding the material in his hand.
Joel Ramos Gecalao
It took so much works for just one knife. I wonder how much is the price of that masterpiece.
What a pretty baby! 🤗
hazam bingcola
hazam bingcola Gün önce
aside from the rarest materials needed for such blades, the hardwork,passion, dedication is also at top to make the top quality of blades around the world. You got my respect Japan. Salute!!
Manny & Leah launiuvao
I know this is gonna sound odd because he doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone. It’s more so so I can see him teach these other dudes a lesson….. I’d like to see this man on a forged in fire episode 😬
Eddie Ellison
Eddie Ellison Gün önce
Where can I buy one?
Rovato Tovaro
Rovato Tovaro Gün önce
Everything made by the hands of people is so much better . Why are we buying bs from factories Why are we empowering those people who Care not about our lives? Their only goal is profit
Dodgy Goose
Dodgy Goose Gün önce
Does this guy have a etsy shop ?? With this type of detail into his work I would like to see his family's metal craft, very much!
Theodore Kim
Theodore Kim Gün önce
For my Rurouni Kenshin fans out there..yes this is the real life version of Arai Seikū's family.
M T Gün önce
The proverbial 'do not play with fire' means nothing to this legend 💐🏆👏
71guerrini Gün önce
I think i ve seen this in Walmart 2 for 1 for 25 bucks
Wilson Wieggel
Wilson Wieggel Gün önce
Americans are obsessed with Japanese culture. And with good reason. 👍
Radoslav T
Radoslav T Gün önce
Very impressive...
Kevin Ye
Kevin Ye Gün önce
The greatest nation in the world!
Adrian Solomon
Adrian Solomon Gün önce
How much would one of these knives be sold for?
Henry franconieri yamamoto
Do they have a website to buy one knife from them??
TheCyberMantis 2 gün önce
Japan is awesome. And this is just one reason why. Respect to the old ways.
Xiong Her
Xiong Her 2 gün önce
Traditional blacksmith like this is still so amazing
Kenneth D.
Kenneth D. 2 gün önce
I now feel the need to sharpen my knives this weekend. Respect for your outstanding craftsmanship.
Patricio Torres
Patricio Torres 2 gün önce
Great video thank you
Tami Ibrock
Tami Ibrock 2 gün önce
How much does it cost 💲?
Ray Navarre
Ray Navarre 2 gün önce
So... its not about making money... it is love and dedication to their chosen craft.
Darren O
Darren O 2 gün önce
Incredable craftsmanship. Its great to see old methods being kept alive. God bless
LEO420 2 gün önce
You know why they are so well made?! Passion and soul!!
Selçuk Akyüz
Selçuk Akyüz 2 gün önce
Such a cute baby.
Laszlo de Simon
Laszlo de Simon 3 gün önce
Amazing documentary of a beautiful tradition and craft! Thank you for sharing!
Erick Elizondo
Erick Elizondo 3 gün önce
Amazing job. That is a lot of work. How much is a knife like that one?
Max de Loughrey
Max de Loughrey 3 gün önce
ASMR 20:00 , thanks me later.
Imran Khan
Imran Khan 3 gün önce
This is the actual process where's KATANA born The most brutal Blade.
Jean Hawken
Jean Hawken 3 gün önce
This is such hard work. They are artists
DarkbyDesign 3 gün önce
Amazing! That baby is going to be an epic black smith / blade smith! A parents nightmare though. Intense heat, buckets and pools of water and a ton of sharp blades lying round !!! ;o)
DarkbyDesign 3 gün önce
Amazing! That baby is going to be an epic black smith / blade smith! A parents nightmare though. Intense heat, buckets and pools of water and a ton of sharp blades lying round !!! ;o)
DarkbyDesign 3 gün önce
Amazing! That baby is going to be an epic black smith / blade smith! A parents nightmare though. Intense heat, buckets and pools of water and a ton of sharp blades lying round !!! ;o)
DarkbyDesign 3 gün önce
Amazing! That baby is going to be an epic black smith / blade smith! A parents nightmare though. Intense heat, buckets and pools of water and a ton of sharp blades lying round !!! ;o)
DarkbyDesign 3 gün önce
Amazing! That baby is going to be an epic black smith / blade smith! A parents nightmare though. Intense heat, buckets and pools of water and a $h!t ton of sharp blades lying round !!! ;o)
Pale Zombie
Pale Zombie 3 gün önce
Nothing beats a Hatori Hanzo knife.
mightisright 4 gün önce
So much time, effort, sweat and tears... Imagine what this was like before power hammers.
mahesh wijesooriya
mahesh wijesooriya 4 gün önce
u know wat,they must be worth it to hold dat hammer
Ben Dover Trumpy
Ben Dover Trumpy 4 gün önce
True craftsmen and masters of their trade. Such meticulous, painstaking perfection of workmanship.
Tom Huffinton
Tom Huffinton 4 gün önce
*ozzie accent* you call that a knife? but where can I buy one ?
JOHN BYRNE 4 gün önce
How may one acquire one of these fine works of art?
Frank Maringola
Frank Maringola 4 gün önce
Very cool. Nice family.
Adrian Rosario
Adrian Rosario 4 gün önce
That was incredible to watch. Thank you for sharing this wonderful video.
talons claw
talons claw 4 gün önce
If only blacksmithing could be introduced into schools...
Vipul Jain
Vipul Jain 4 gün önce
He is ninja 🥷 🌹
New Tasty
New Tasty 5 gün önce
Amazing Japanese knives.
Gareth Hutchinson
Gareth Hutchinson 5 gün önce
I for one is massively impressed
Ali Kaabi
Ali Kaabi 5 gün önce
اليابان شعب عريق وله تاريخ وتقاليد وثقافه مختلفه واهتمامه بالحرف اليدويه رغم التكنولوجيا التي لا تضاهيها أحد من الصناعه في كل المجالات التقنيه والعمليه والطبيه مايزال محافظ على التراثه العريق
Jk Ingram
Jk Ingram 5 gün önce
Kick out the ccp
C T 5 gün önce
JMbytes 07
JMbytes 07 5 gün önce
Ayan may pang hiwa na tayo ng pulotan, tapos tinangay yung kutsilyo ng barkada mo lng
Joe T
Joe T 5 gün önce
Not gonna lie the swordsmith and his wife, even for that brief moment of introduction seemd so professionally poised I thought the baby was about to introduce itself 🤣. But me a 36 year old is very interested in the technique and I can definitely see the importance of the process and why it's held in such a high regard to those that respect the craft over the money
irishemperor 6 gün önce
I was in university in Tokyo 20 years ago, the number of registered Japanese swordsmiths had already fallen from 300 to 188 since 1989; it would've been amazing to do an apprenticeship, but they used to last 5 years and were completely unpaid. These days a lot of those skilled old guys will have retired or passed on but he says the number is back up to 300.
Nguyen Duy
Nguyen Duy 6 gün önce
I have always loved Japanese traditional techniques, the blacksmith, ceramic, food... etc
Darrell Schulte
Darrell Schulte 6 gün önce
Women in the workplace make the gods angry. But I am Japanese, not ignorant american christian. There are no gods
D 2G
D 2G 6 gün önce
Hes a bloody good Blacksmith. the attention to detail. my man got skillz..
Jim Clark
Jim Clark 6 gün önce
High quality,
Anmol anmol
Anmol anmol 6 gün önce
amazing to see the rarest steel you prouce from your p-lanets #japan
Jaune M
Jaune M 6 gün önce
Here I am wondering how they get used to that heat!
sergio pena
sergio pena 7 gün önce
It’s funny how the narrator states tamahagane is one of the finest forms of steel a blade can be made from. Tamahagane is crudely cast iron. Kawagane and shingane are the materials you make using tamahagane. These are the materials you want to make a blade from.
HAMMOD JAPAN 7 gün önce
Made in japan 🇯🇵
Zsolt Vari
Zsolt Vari 7 gün önce
Hungarian - A kitartás végeredménye: Egy késpenge. De az, hogy mibe kerűlt? Senki sem tudja felértékelni. Egy maréknyi fémporból egy fényes acélpenge. Ha az útszélén találnád, lehet hogy odébb rúgnád. De csak nézd végig, hogyan lett a szürke porból nemes acélpenge. Szenvedély, önfeláldozás, önmegtagadás nélkül nem születhetett volna meg ez a parányi remekmű.
Knife Factory
Knife Factory 7 gün önce
trvid.com/show-UC5J5V3gCIJpXdnU8hQX-9gQ Awesome video.. We are also working in this type of works but it's different like decorative and professional knifes for some related work that you can check in the link
Mohsen Soleymanee
Mohsen Soleymanee 7 gün önce
BAKALito 7 gün önce
His wife name should also be etched in the knife. Just saying.
Oliver Gröger
Oliver Gröger 7 gün önce
What an exceptional artist. I never saw that kind of manufacturing before and it is truly amazing. What an honor it must be to be able to get hold on to one of those masterpieces. I especially like the constant and complete awareness of the moment of all the people involved in the creation of this knife. Truly inspiring.
TheGrimReader 7 gün önce
I love it how the wife just wears socks and sandals when working with fire… very wise…
岩間昭子 7 gün önce
Lucky Shot
Lucky Shot 7 gün önce
How can I purchase?
Eric Hasu
Eric Hasu 8 gün önce
Ah, the good old traditional power hammer, sander and angle grinder. No, just joking, it'd be painfully slow to do all that manually. Still, it's not the tools, it's the one with the skill who can do things.
Cock Andrews
Cock Andrews 8 gün önce
This is a fine luxury buddy, always and forever treasure such an item.
Woman of Steel
Woman of Steel 8 gün önce
He should be teaching people that trade and not let it die because all the manufacturing and assembly line knife suck they’re just ordinary good for them people I hope they keep it alive and teacher trade to somebody else
Emanuel Marcus
Emanuel Marcus 8 gün önce
The guy looks like Asian Turtle from the show Entourage
christopher st.marin
What an amazing couple. Well done sir!
sunny gogoi
sunny gogoi 8 gün önce
Things made out of Japanese tradition always teach a life lesson. 🤘🇯🇵
RJ Santos
RJ Santos 8 gün önce
The baby though 🥺
Quinton 8 gün önce
i would love to buy one, but i know these arent going to be cheap by anymeans
Simão Novakoski
Simão Novakoski 8 gün önce
Admiração pela competência e disciplina do povo japonês. 🇧🇷
skodbolle 8 gün önce
That is the most silent power hammer in the world!
Just some Komi-san stan
Is no one gonna talk about how good he signed the knife?? Like that was beautiful
PingDK1 9 gün önce
WOW what craftmann they are I love it
Tony Lam
Tony Lam 9 gün önce
What ever you call that steel, 1000 years ago, some Vikings were using Efburge swords, made of what we now call crucible steel. A very high purity steel no one expected the ancient sword smiths were capable of creating, and the technique were lost for 800+ years and rediscovered around the 1800s. I am surprised of all people, the Japanese are still manually pounding the steel, I thought they would have a mechanical hammer by now. I am sure they can automate much of that process without losing any quality.
Vlad Hunter
Vlad Hunter 9 gün önce
Кропотливая и достойная работа! Лайк! 🇯🇵 ✌ 🇺🇦
doit toit
doit toit 9 gün önce
An ad interrupted the video only one minute in to this short video. For that I won’t watch the entirety!
Roman Sarioglo
Roman Sarioglo 9 gün önce
...and give you strength.
Roman Sarioglo
Roman Sarioglo 9 gün önce
May God bless this Family and their business 🙏 Jesus Christ bless you three.
GeorgeInShanghai 9 gün önce
How long does it take for entire process? How much a knife does he sell for?
GeorgeInShanghai 9 gün önce
His wife name should be engraved also
Bernard Sirait
Bernard Sirait 9 gün önce
Jonathan Adami
Jonathan Adami 9 gün önce
"Traditionally women are not accepted, but we don't care about old fashion beliefs" proceeds by pounding metal in fire for days to make a knife after 15 years of hard work, every day... the irony is burning hot there! lol Also I have japenese knives, I also have german knives... and, yeah they're both pretty good! lol not saying they're wasting their time or anything but you know... maybe? :D
Foxy-CAM TV 9 gün önce
I want to pick that fuckin baby up....look oh 😍 cute it is.
sergeorge75 9 gün önce
I want one if i can afford. Where in Japan? Any store link?
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