How It's Actually Made - Foosball Tables

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Foosball tables are named after the German word for soccer. Which, funnily enough, is named football in the rest of the world. Here's how these rec room staples are made

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25 Eki 2021




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Huggbees Aylar önce
Hey folks. The first upload of this video had a rendering issue that ended up duplicating some audio in the final version. Sorry about that, video should be fine now. If you happen to spot any other errors, they are absolutely intentional.
Aurealis Aylar önce
tdpro360 Aylar önce
yes new video yumyumyum
Alphax0r Aylar önce
So is this a rinsing or filling machine episode?!?!
🅱️iggie ©️heese
Its called Fußball
Dawn Aylar önce
@Pexi123 2 ...
CS_FL 5 gün önce
I agree about cartoons made after 2010... crap
Frank Phillips
Frank Phillips 5 gün önce
I once knew a John Foosball. He was a bit stiff but he always seemed to score.
Max Bracegirdle
Max Bracegirdle 7 gün önce
Straight up, the amount of people I see on these who done wear gloves while making food, or don't wear masks while spray painting in an enclosed area is baffling. Like, even just chuck some on for the 30 seconds the cameras on them or something
TheAdvertisement 8 gün önce
3:10 Oh no, he's gotten to the existential crisis point.
Salman Nakhwa
Salman Nakhwa 9 gün önce
2:40 it have to be really boring to compete them
Czerny 10 gün önce
Fun fact we dont even call this anything close to football here in Germany, the whole game is just referred to as table kicker
Josh Peacock
Josh Peacock 10 gün önce
Jesus man! "For more information on how tiny men use their balls to score, consult your mother." I died.
Someone 12 gün önce
I feel so bad for John fußball
Matthew Downs
Matthew Downs 13 gün önce
Oh boy I love spel van kleine jongens die niet kunnen ontsnappen, hoe hard ze ook proberen. I can't wait to watch this
Mr Pesticcio
Mr Pesticcio 14 gün önce
This guy is a legend🤣🤣🤣
Joe Medlen
Joe Medlen 14 gün önce
I'm wheezing dude
Drifter Pineforest
Drifter Pineforest 15 gün önce
So much Crystal Math. 👀
blue 15 gün önce
i thought i was watching a real how its made episode for a moment until that took a dark turn wtf
kimpie olinkie
kimpie olinkie 15 gün önce
00:24 omg the accuracy on this made me cry happy tears
J. Ayoobee
J. Ayoobee 15 gün önce
“In a process that’s more boring than the art styles of any comedy cartoon made after 2010” Damn
Snails are Dumb
Snails are Dumb 16 gün önce
I always thought the men were plastic...
Jager Powell
Jager Powell 16 gün önce
All the heroin needles and douchebags filtered out 😂😂😂
Endgame Biochronicle
Endgame Biochronicle 16 gün önce
the creepy part.. was their faces where all sad
Logan Sitler
Logan Sitler 16 gün önce
I wanna give it up to John Foosball.
Abby-does_gacha 16 gün önce
“These crystalline men, if left overnight, may create and entire crystal man ecosystem” my favorite line ever.
Hailey Wilson
Hailey Wilson 17 gün önce
Wanted to watch this vid to help me sleep, did not expect this lol
RandomReevuze 17 gün önce
ngl i got near the end b4 i new it was a joke lol
Smurlix 19 gün önce
The Tiny men are tucked into bed three times. This is two times more then necessary, so they expire and become one with the pile.
Kagen White
Kagen White 19 gün önce
I work at the Foosball factory, and this is absolutely how it's actually made.
Karbenn 19 gün önce
*femur breaker scream*
a lonely Hyena
a lonely Hyena 19 gün önce
I got wooshed in the first half not gonna lie
D.W 20 gün önce
0:07 why tf have they put Simon Cowell on the foosball table
NamePending 20 gün önce
Foos Roh dah
Shadow Echo
Shadow Echo 20 gün önce
"Hey John!" -Me at a foosball table :)
Anthony Lezama
Anthony Lezama 20 gün önce
This channel is like The Onion in terms of satire
Xev 20 gün önce
2:42 actually way to true
Zacharias Vidhush
Zacharias Vidhush 20 gün önce
This is what men under 5'8 do for a living
William Nye
William Nye 20 gün önce
i thought this was real until they blossomed into an ecosystem. i thought the dutch word for it actually did mean “game of tiny men who can’t escape no matter how hard they try”.
East Dakota
East Dakota 20 gün önce
Let John foosball and John foosball kiss
Bob Wobowa
Bob Wobowa 21 gün önce
i never considered that doll making is a weird form of body horror
Holly Lednum
Holly Lednum 21 gün önce
Foosball is the devil
Diamond Red Fox
Diamond Red Fox 21 gün önce
Ah yes, an ecosystem of crystal men. Not to be confused with an ecosystem of crystal meth
Momfat 21 gün önce
pube lard
Voeten Likkerij NL
Voeten Likkerij NL 21 gün önce
0:25 as a Dutch, I can confirm this translation
Ay-C 21 gün önce
"For more information about how tiny men use their balls to score, consult your mother". Best line in the video
WLFShadow 21 gün önce
You’d be great at cards against humanity
Axuwu Jump
Axuwu Jump 21 gün önce
Honestly it seems fun to work as a tiny man tortu- *cough* I mean painter
Alex Simon
Alex Simon 21 gün önce
I zoned out and wasn't paying attention when and tuned into the tiny men sarcophagi
Combustible Lemon
Combustible Lemon 22 gün önce
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 22 gün önce
it should have been "in america, its melted down from socc-ranium. Unfortunately made out of soccer metal and not twelve year old bois 'mom dont touch that' sock."
Jessy Labrie
Jessy Labrie 22 gün önce
I just discovered this channel and I swear to god thought this was an actual episode of how its made.....
Killer Bean
Killer Bean 22 gün önce
Soccer-aranium in America
Normie Patrol
Normie Patrol 22 gün önce
Yes G
Yes G 22 gün önce
Damn your videos really catch me off guard they start of normal then, boom! Weirdness! Got me thinking im watching a normal how its made video for the first 30 seconds 😂😂😂😂
Melody 22 gün önce
This is stupid but why are they all white
Kevin Avelino
Kevin Avelino 22 gün önce
Having a foosball table is still on my checklist on my dream dungeon project.
deez nutz
deez nutz 22 gün önce
I remember my mom's workplace lounge had this And boi did I spin the shit out of the tiny mans
Saiyan Spirit
Saiyan Spirit 22 gün önce
PhantomAmber 22 gün önce
I put this on to just listen to while working and thought it was legit for a moment, amazing work and god this made me laugh way too hard when I realized it was a dub
Da Kat
Da Kat 22 gün önce
It's Jooohn Foosball!
Da Kat
Da Kat 22 gün önce
0:53 Han Solo frozen in carbonite
Oliver Bisig
Oliver Bisig 23 gün önce
In Argentina we call it metegol lmao
AngryDemonBowser 23 gün önce
I am Dutch. We do im fact say "spel met kleine mannen die niet kunnen ontsnappen, al zouden zij het proberen" It is a fact.
Emily 23 gün önce
The tiny men balls joke and the "every cartoon after 2010" joke were both fuckin chef's kiss
Akari Hashimoto
Akari Hashimoto 24 gün önce
"For more information on how tiny men use their balls to score, consult your mother" BRUTAL
Marco Heerdink
Marco Heerdink 24 gün önce
Dutch translation? How about.... hmmmm NO!
The Doc
The Doc 24 gün önce
The Doc
The Doc 24 gün önce
Water board ing
The Doc
The Doc 24 gün önce
Mark Green
Mark Green 25 gün önce
Lol I haven't thought about Foosball in a long time, I had a full size table when I was a kid that I played with my brother all the time, we both got pretty good. I stopped playing it when I got older so I donated it to my local high school, last I heard there were after-school tournaments being held by a bunch of students on it lol, they loved it.
Tom Yout
Tom Yout 25 gün önce
I wish this was the reality I live in.
Dietz Nuts
Dietz Nuts 25 gün önce
......... *Tiny* .........
slowmotion Milk
slowmotion Milk 25 gün önce
Phovix 25 gün önce
Next can we get how glasses are actually made?
Charles Buchhorn
Charles Buchhorn 26 gün önce
You should do one for guitars
Lord Kiza
Lord Kiza 26 gün önce
This actually looks like a really fun job
Poketales 26 gün önce
SanFranOM 27 gün önce
How are kids made?
Big K
Big K 25 gün önce
Pipo Techyon
Pipo Techyon 27 gün önce
Big K
Big K 25 gün önce
He's not wrong though.
Florian 27 gün önce
It's getting wild fast this time 🤣
Birch Tree
Birch Tree 27 gün önce
I just realized I watched the entire video upside down and didn’t even notice…
Toronto Transit Channel
2:43: clearly this man has never heard of anime.
Big K
Big K 25 gün önce
I don't know if anime are classified as cartoons
Super Emerald
Super Emerald 28 gün önce
Do how its actually made pretzels
Gru 28 gün önce
Lazlo 28 gün önce
consult your mother
Charles James Miral
Charles James Miral 28 gün önce
Can u do how its actually made - baby
Pheo 28 gün önce
as a dutch person, i LOVE playing spel-van-kleine-mannen-die-nimmer-nooit-kunnen-ontsnapen!
Cal Games
Cal Games 28 gün önce
rip tiny men
Stonymovie13 28 gün önce
3:32 i couldn’t stop laughing for about 30 minutes
Noah Lurvink
Noah Lurvink 29 gün önce
0:23 I'm Dutch and this is absolutely correct!
little girl who doesn't know shit
I feel like this guy is trolling me
Big K
Big K 25 gün önce
Nah he's legit.
Rayaan 29 gün önce
Why does this dude look like ant antixx?
Nathan 29 gün önce
I could not figure out what the hell a “football table” was for some reason i could not read the words correctly.
Heavy Pootis Guy
Heavy Pootis Guy 29 gün önce
It got me when he said, "To learn more information on how tiny men use their balls to score, consult your mother."
The Tater Man
The Tater Man Aylar önce
Where's the filling machine? Or is it the rincing machine?
Dominick P
Dominick P Aylar önce
As a formal foosball player this is 💯 true but my legs came off for making all those shots
Doomguy Aylar önce
This is like reverse Analog Horror, it's Analog Comedy And to be honest, I frigging love it
Project Majestix
Project Majestix Aylar önce
Pretty Sure it's called 'Fußball'
emotionless null
emotionless null Aylar önce
Huggbees and zefrank need to do a collab
Why Aylar önce
How is broccoli made.
Jhuna Reddy
Jhuna Reddy Aylar önce
Wait they use a highly radioactive ☢️ material THATS DANGEROUS
Edcola Aylar önce
Babe wake up new how it’s actually made video
creative kristan
creative kristan Aylar önce
I actually showed this at school Because I thought this was the correct vedio
Felix W.
Felix W. Aylar önce
The lines on the field are missing by the end...
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