How I stay "skinny"

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22 Eki 2021




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Doobydobap Aylar önce
Life is too short to not enjoy good food and love yourself. Corny, I know, but I mourn for my younger self for all the wasted years of being so insecure about my weight. Seriously though, you're beautiful.
Alex Hatchel
Alex Hatchel 2 gün önce
You are not free if you just think about what people think about you, being healthy is important yes but not caring about if people think you're skinny enough
ChillCannon Games
ChillCannon Games 2 gün önce
Its not cultural Appropriation. Its appreciation. Dam people be so insinsitive when 200 years ago they could be killed by an animal walking between towns, nature didnt care. Nature gona eat you and keep walking.
Mark Patton
Mark Patton 2 gün önce
There’s nothing wrong with that hairstyle
AboundC 3 gün önce
Lifes too short to be lonely, fuck
John Doe
John Doe 4 gün önce
Your weight? When I click on your profile you’re not overweight nor too skinny. Some people have actual problems tho and I don’t want to be rude but I can’t help but think about how overly dramatic people water-down shit and then no one wants to help each other.
QWERTY JC 5 dakika önce
Don’t forget she went to school in New York. Colleges there are liberal training grounds. Probably why so many people are leaving there and cali. People they put in office turn the states into shit. Guessing she learned about cultural appropriation cringe there.
deep deep
deep deep 34 dakika önce
This video is stupid
BiggusDikus Saatler önce
Don't call braids cultural appropriation until black women call straight blonde hair cultural appropriation. I personally don't care, however I despise double standards.
JTAPtv Saatler önce
If a person wants braids they should be able to have braids without worrying about it. Let people do their own thing and stop accusing them (or in this case yourself) of evil when there isn't any evil intention
yesena Saatler önce
You don't have to be sorry about how your hair is that every hairstyle you have
Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer 2 saatler önce
Did you just apologize for braids 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ the world has gotten soft
Zara 2 saatler önce
Since when did a hairstyle become a topic of culture appropriation. I have these 2 words “culture appropriate”. People should be allowed to freely express themselves. Before we know it we will start cancelling black girls for donning a straight hair. Enough of this cancellation for a hairstyle.
Kari Hotakainen
Kari Hotakainen 4 saatler önce
Having braids is not cultural appropriation ffs.
crusader. 5 saatler önce
I would marry this girl
pauljb07 8 saatler önce
Cultural appropriation....what happened to cultural appreciation? Cultural adoption?
Crack monki
Crack monki 9 saatler önce
Bruh braids are cultural apporiation? Lol my Asian mother had her hair braided before she even knew what a black person was
Fernando Saravia
Fernando Saravia 9 saatler önce
What's the name of those leaves? They are sooo good
Leonardo Serpa Cordeiro
Leonardo Serpa Cordeiro 11 saatler önce
NOT cultural apropriation
penburger 12 saatler önce
"I suffer crippling self awareness" whilst stuffing food in her mouth on camera
2HAND 2BANANA 15 saatler önce
Stop apologizing for nothing. Hair braids predate those who claim it as theirs.
Captain Nemo
Captain Nemo 16 saatler önce
NOT cultural appropriation. 99.9% of all these accusations of "CP" are cancerous and need to be cut out and forgotten forever. And for the remaining 0.1% we do not need special terminology for it, let's just call these cases "don't be an a**hole". My family is from the north of Finland and should I ever encounter someone wearing anything traditional from the region, be it for a costume party or just for fun, I will be touched to tears, not throwing a tantrum. Seriously, what's wrong with the world...
GurrKing 16 saatler önce
Why is it when some things are "Cultural Appropiation" its always people from the US who is not even apart of that specific culture who takes "offense"? 😂
yeah NO
yeah NO 16 saatler önce
Culture appropriation lmfao . Well ya know I'm kicking the black girl out of my class who takes Irish dance lessons
holtimt 16 saatler önce
Oh come on, cultural appropriation really? There is no such thing !
Dj Poehner
Dj Poehner 17 saatler önce
You are super attractive. Don't think different
coco Boo
coco Boo 19 saatler önce
Wtf I like the braids
J B 21 saatler önce
LOL, cultural appropriation. Dude you are way too self concious about all these left wing nonsense. You can have braids out of APPRECIATION of another culture or that you simply liked the style at the time. You also made a video about being worried about cooking other cuisines and putting your own take on it. Can't you see that this self censorship stunts your own creativity. You're allowed to do things that you want to try
sled necks
sled necks Gün önce
Imagine having to apologize for having braids
Chris Watches
Chris Watches Gün önce
It’s crazy that everyone is so hyper focused on the braids and not the actually video topic
User 2500
User 2500 7 saatler önce
Cos it’s sad people think like that
Tyko813 Gün önce
That “Cultural appropriation” is bullshit. You don’t have to be sorry about it
Kalen Cleghorn
Kalen Cleghorn Gün önce
Who cares about cultural appropriation, people should embrace other cultures.
Matthew Siegel
Matthew Siegel Gün önce
Never feel ashamed to wear braids, they are not cultural appropriation, you can appreciate other cultures while not disrespecting them
OhMyGodMuffins Gün önce
Cultural appropriation is such a regressive philosophy who's logical conclusion is that we should never step outside our ethnic label.
inyuaes Gün önce
can yall non blk ppl pls shut abt how its not ca??? it literally is. shes wearing cornrows.
Vi _XXiV
Vi _XXiV Gün önce
So basically She goes the the gym
S B Gün önce
Stop apologising for having a haircut and trying to label it “appropriation” it’s cringey as fuck.
Shin Megami Sensei
The braids were fire ngl
Missed The Joke
Missed The Joke Gün önce
Cultural appropriation? Just by having hair braids?
Legend Master
Legend Master Gün önce
Dont apologize for having braids, theres nothing wrong with having a hair style you like
Starz Hisoka
Starz Hisoka Gün önce
U can wear braids girl, fuck that soft us bs
Sam Hell
Sam Hell Gün önce
Braids or not cultural appropriation that’s so fucking stupid
Hokuloa Beebe
Hokuloa Beebe Gün önce
"...so.. you think I'm SKINAAAAY" 🤣🤣🤣
CageRuntTrollingTheInternet !
Did you seriously apologize for a fucking hair style??? Jesus fucking Christ this world is done for. I’m killing myself.
LALEJOS Gün önce
They’re just braids
J dubs
J dubs Gün önce
White Liberals are moving farther and farther to the left. Getting pretty sick of this Politically correctness/woke culture. Braids are just another hair style and there’s no need to apologize for something you are embracing. Everyone is so scared to offend the Left in fear of getting cancelled. It’s a type of self censorship and an attack on Free Speech.
MrDVM55 Gün önce
Why apologize for the braids????
Mahmoud Hassan
Mahmoud Hassan Gün önce
Enjoy the braids wth u looking good
Viral _
Viral _ Gün önce
Disliked as soon as she started talking about cultural appropriation
Nerd Gün önce
Braids aren’t cultural appropriation lol, the internet is dumb
NovaShen4 Gün önce
Imagine apologizing for having braids lmao wtf
CC Kelly
CC Kelly Gün önce
Umm... Braiding your hair isn't cultural appropriation. It's braiding your hair.
TAF TNUC Gün önce
What is cultural appropriation? Hair do's? Really in what way and what people from what culture in what era? Fuck people are trying to be such fucking do gooders that yous are fucking just making life harder.
Bubblyxbored Gün önce
I eat unhealthy food and stay skinny and I don’t eat healthy
Roman Tama
Roman Tama Gün önce
Just dont be fat
Ty Gün önce
You don’t have to apologize for cultural appropriation. That’s not a real thing. Also you can go to a gym the guys aren’t thinking about you, people think about themselves.
Ice Trae Young
Ice Trae Young Gün önce
The world would be better without the "cultural appropriation" BS
toasted chilly
toasted chilly Gün önce
It's honestly more about what your drinking than eating when it comes to food..well..kinds..if you look at what she just cooked there's barely any sugar..if any at all. especially in everything has sugar..I guarantee you will lose weight if you cut your sugar intake in half.. Also believes it or not..most US food has sugar if it's processed. Even if you think it doesn't, companies can hide upwards to 20g of sugar from there product..which is why I mentioned drinks...just drink water..
Rhea Gün önce
Please don’t feel sorry you were a kid and didn’t have any bad intentions
Aint Ready
Aint Ready Gün önce
Who thinks her house smells wierd?
Asif Hossain
Asif Hossain Gün önce
Anyone who thinks dressing up pr having braids = cultural appropriation needs to be locked up away from civilization
littleking Bain
littleking Bain Gün önce
Cp3low Gün önce
Eat and do whatever you want, we’re all gonna die anyway. Just don’t be fat..
Rational mallu The gamer
Braids or any other style isn't reserved for a culture. You can take any of it without permission from any single cell in this whole universe. Waves ain't a black reserved just like sushi ain't a East Asian reserved BUT if you are visiting some place who values their culture and traditions, listen and follow their actions rather than bending it to your will or you can choose not to follow it at all.
oxGlamStarxo Gün önce
What is the red sauce ?! It’s not gochugang right it’s a tangy fermented sauce??
Crysis - AKA (Gator)
I'm going to braid my ass hair apparently that makes me racist
Crysis - AKA (Gator)
I was enjoying this short until she said cultural appropriation and now I hope she gets canceled
tomtom21194 Gün önce
It used to be that imitation was the sincerest form of flattery, now it's cultural appropriation. Sigh.
Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson Gün önce
Apologies for having braids lmfao this world bro.
They think that im Tom Cruise
its not cultural appropriation for a non-black person to get braids, you should be able to get them, just know, if youre not black and you get braids there is a 99.99% chance youre gonna look terrible with them lmao, but by all means get them if you want.
DynamitezVerde Gün önce
I don’t think braids is in the category as “cultural appropriation”. I feel like a type of braid that would be like that would be someone randomly doing the clay braids from the Himba tribe as a joke, now if it was someone visiting that tribe and trying to be immersed with their culture then it’s completely different.
kaijobomb Gün önce
Cultural appropriation is bullshit the idea was made up by a communist.
Angel Snaya
Angel Snaya Gün önce
Well I eat to much food and I’m still slimy I need more wheight
Golden Boy Entertainment
Saying its cultural appropriation just makes you look racist
golden Gün önce
Plus Vikings and Greeks wore braids and they didn't have contact with others to copy of them. All people wore braids.
BlayzeShot Gaming
I hope she’s not too body conscious Bc she is so beautiful
Meast Gün önce
Was enjoying the video until you said “cultural appropriation.”
Lifesajoke Gün önce
Yeah, not cultural appropriation. It’s a hair style not an ethnic or racial slur, you’re fine.
Dre Demure
Dre Demure Gün önce
The culture appropriation shit is annoying asf
MKultraInstinct Gün önce
My god the internet has everyone sacred sh*tless to do anything 🤣
ahhh mad
ahhh mad Gün önce
These comments are why YT is better than tik tok
No Mans Lad
No Mans Lad Gün önce
What is that leaf?
Balderino Kripperino
Apologising for having braids... Jesus Christ
stlbullet Gün önce
So twisting your hair in a certain way is cultural appropriation now? It's things like this that make actual racial issues less impactful.
rz angyz
rz angyz 2 gün önce
I'm Hispanic and I've always wanted to try doing braids but I fear it's ca or wrong or black people will talk shit about me
Reeko 2 gün önce
Whats wrong with braids?
Simon Klein
Simon Klein 2 gün önce
Which culture owns braids??
Violet 2 gün önce
Calm down baby. The braids are fine. 💙
Syndix 2 gün önce
im never gon be able to control my diet. im soo fucking lazy that if i dont have anything readymade in my house for breakfast, i dont eat breakfast
Ethan 2 gün önce
We're you trying to imply you were fat as a child? Because you don't know what fat is if that's the case, I might be interpreting it wrong though
Krypto Kuban
Krypto Kuban 2 gün önce
Cpt Grey
Cpt Grey 2 gün önce
Braids are not cultural appropriation
Wake Up
Wake Up 2 gün önce
Apologizing for the braids… fucking yikes
Vgamer311 2 gün önce
There’s nothing wrong with wearing a hairstyle.
m0sspunk 2 gün önce
what are those giant leaves called and where could i find them?? so much cuter than just a really big lettuce leaf
Nice Try Guy
Nice Try Guy 2 gün önce
I think braids are cultural Appreciation not appropriation.
Doji Satchivi
Doji Satchivi 2 gün önce
maaad people said it already so i’m glad but braids are not a form cultural appropriation. I personally don’t think cultural appropriation exists really at all, but I think someone else in the comments put it really well in saying that as long as you aren’t trying to pretend that you invented something that came from another culture, you’re not appropriating anything, just sharing in something
Rushil Thimmaiah
Rushil Thimmaiah 2 gün önce
Cultural appropriation is the stupidest shit I've ever heard bruh
Matt C
Matt C 2 gün önce
STFU about cultural appropriation LOL
Alex Hatchel
Alex Hatchel 2 gün önce
It doesn't matter if you're fat or skinny, only if you're free and when you just think about other peoples opinion then you're not free, you're not yourself
Kainvainslay 2 gün önce
Wow seriously? Talk about derailing the whole damn video. "Sorry about the dredds cultural appropriation"? Really? Man this political correctness really has gone off the fucking deep end. Dress and style your hair however the Fuck you want, and Fuck ANYONE that has a problem with it. Dear lord
Papplehat 2 gün önce
Does baby need a blanket?
SamuraiAtlas TSM
SamuraiAtlas TSM 2 gün önce
Braids and dreadlocks are Egyptian and as one I hate when people think they have to apologize for doing something “cultural” if you wanna do it go for it who gives a damn about that your a human and even if you ain’t it’s your decision stay safe and do what you would be proud of 👍
Maja Hellborg
Maja Hellborg 2 gün önce
Dude stop, the braids aren't cultural appropriation. You're literally just honoring a hairstyle and appreciating it.
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