"How hungry are you?" with Jrue Holiday | Part 1: The interview 

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My teammate Jrue Holiday is my guest on Episode 4 of "How hungry are you?" Season 5. Jrue is an All-Star and probably the best defender in the NBA... I think so, and he does too! Art Kitchen appliances provided by Samsung Bespoke Kitchen.
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11 Ara 2022




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@Ivander85 11 aylar önce
love Jrue Holiday, he's always been a pro in every situation of his career. Very glad he found himself on that championship squad in MIL. Serge continues to deliver.
@ryanflynn6819 11 aylar önce
Swear I liked him in NO happy for him that it worked out so good for him career wise
@jej495 11 aylar önce
Jrue has been one of the most consistent pure point gaurds.
@CLBean420 11 aylar önce
Man i am so happy to have him here ✊️ just a class act
@CLBean420 11 aylar önce
​@@jej495hells yea on both ends of the court but he can also play up like last night he had zion ready to throw the ball out the arena lmao
@shanehuang16 11 aylar önce
Serge is such an instigator I love it 🤣
@jarsa 11 aylar önce
Jrue stay ballin, always humble and confident Loved this interview, might be the best this season!
@tawhalerobertson1015 11 aylar önce
Jrue is a very pleasant young man - calm, balanced, as it seemed to me honest, without antics and antics, talented like most NBA players and so damn handsome! .... thank you Serge for such a guest......
@annabenson6913 11 aylar önce
So damn handsome. Talented! And so remarkably grounded. Love this guy.
@jaslenelove7008 10 aylar önce
@@annabenson6913 My MKE Bucks crush.
@miguelsampaio5073 11 aylar önce
Love Jrue Holiday game and is even better knowing that he is humble and so down to earth
@Littleweenaman 11 aylar önce
these make these days a little bit brighter thank u to serge and the crew
@jaredknapp8886 11 aylar önce
Cool interview! Jrue is visibly cool and demonstrably down to earth and grounded. Good head on his shoulders. I wish this champion nothing but the best.
@da11king 11 aylar önce
Lmao, Serge has a future in comedy 😂 great episode part1. Now on to part2
@MK-vy9fu 11 aylar önce
Jrue seems very kind. I think he is very underrated
@francisayala9310 11 aylar önce
Been following Jrue ever since he was traded to the Pels way back in 2013. He's become my favorite NBA player ever since.
@simon2722 11 aylar önce
jrue is my favorite player of all time, i’m a new nba fan, the bucks got me into the game, and jrue plays the way i love to see. defensive guards are my favorite, and he’s such a humble, hard working, great guy
@Population11 11 aylar önce
Love Jrue awesome player awesome person. I love Serge’s cooking show lol its so epic.
@ganyrehs 11 aylar önce
Serge needs to interview every player! He really asks some tough questions haha
@Diamante777 11 aylar önce
damn this was a great episode, this talk with drew felt so nice and genuine and fun af. i love hearing these honest opinions about players.
@danieleyimin8559 11 aylar önce
The guest we didn't know we needed
@JrueMango 6 aylar önce
I've been meaning to watch this! Jrue has been my favorite Bball player for a while
@gn-dp9yp 11 aylar önce
Jrue is better than smart on both sides. He my favorite 2 way guard.
@mafriqaful 11 aylar önce
The most underrated player in the nba for sure.
@nolegoat4603 11 aylar önce
If everyone calls you underrated then you aren’t underrated lmao maybe under appreciated
@lukepittle8961 11 aylar önce
I agree bro. Love watching him play
@jadams1033 11 aylar önce
Shout out to his wife Lauren for being a real one and making a move first. She bossed up
@Cersiba21 11 aylar önce
Love jrues confidence he’s amazing but brah giannis could 1v3 the holidays and win all by himself 😂😂
@dragoonfang747 11 aylar önce
If he starts yes
@Whydoweneedhandles427 11 aylar önce
U gotta watch their off season workout videos. You’ll see
@EricTitansSmith 11 aylar önce
Not the holidays 😂 nigha said I'll take on Christmas and Thanksgiving
@cajokolo 11 aylar önce
I was not aware that you had an album out. That's a great Christmas gift. Big up from Angola 🇦🇴
@martinstilltz638 11 aylar önce
U in chain gang
@bersah4517 11 aylar önce
Thanks Serge for this gem.
@theconfessions 11 aylar önce
6:06 "Let's say me and Giannis even each other out". I mean come on Jrue
@michaelesser9643 11 aylar önce
Thats the confidence it takes to be the best even if its not true 😂😂
@jhonniotkrs 11 aylar önce
he knew he was lying to himself 💀 he might be the best perimeter defender in the league but he aint doing shi straight up against giannis
@donandres10 11 aylar önce
😂😂 I love Jrue 😍
@LeTickleMeBronBron 11 aylar önce
Thought he said eating 💀
@Ziegut 11 aylar önce
Please do Grayson Allen and Brook Lopez next! 🎉😂
@juventus6245 11 aylar önce
You gonna love a humble DPOY level player! Let’s go Jure Holiday!
@quiet451 11 aylar önce
Nice to hear him give honest props to Marcus Smart.
@hotsaucejunior4 11 aylar önce
we need to get Serge on Hot Ones
@childofGod477 11 aylar önce
With pigeon wings 😂
@isidrodelacruz6624 11 aylar önce
Holiday one of the best two way players in the game
@jimmyjohns2201 11 aylar önce
Nah brother Lonzo ball when's he's healthy lol jk
@dangskippy 11 aylar önce
Giannis is beating the holidays by himself
@CLBean420 11 aylar önce
The 3v3 game would go crazy for a charity game 💯
@GloriaAddison-ru4uz 11 aylar önce
Am 70 yr old female U.S.Navy Vet after 30 years started watching Basketball again & fell in love with Jrue Holiday, live in Phx,AZ am Bucks Fan What a wonderful young man an excellent player & what a wonderful wife. Bless you & your family.
@keenanlabarge 11 aylar önce
Bless you, thank you for your service. But he is an amazing person an player. So lucky he’s a Buck lol
@jackobai6007 11 aylar önce
This so good 😂😂😂
@lebrunjaym676 11 aylar önce
Great episode Serge
@locoelgato 11 aylar önce
i would love to see the two families play 3vs3
@naranja1972 11 aylar önce
serge not lying when he says "i don't cook". all the "gross" ingredients he uses could taste awesome but he never cooks them right lol
@erickthefantabulous1 11 aylar önce
On the real, I want serge to give me a carry out man. I want to see how good his cooking.is I wanna try some African style cuisine, not nothing crazy though like goat's tongue or something
@drewrogers147 11 aylar önce
Jrue: Do you feel like you're the best defensive big man in the NBA? Serge: yah Brook: 👁️👄👁️
@martinstilltz638 11 aylar önce
I wouldn’t eat nothing he cooked not even ramen I saw him open 😂😂😂
@ambajanth1695 7 aylar önce
Please have Rui Hachimura next❤
@no-xs7bz 11 aylar önce
I love this show but I would recommend not dividing it up into 3 different videos. You can put time stamps in the video description to divide it into sections. Doing it separately makes it harder to navigate for someone coming to the channel wanting to watch all the episodes
@gameofgainz9685 11 aylar önce
Favorite player currently! UNCLE JRUE
@donandres10 11 aylar önce
Oh Jrue! I love you man! 😍
@omarnaqvi6826 11 aylar önce
He’s my idol fr
@Dwad39 11 aylar önce
Love jrue hahahah Gianni call was great
@chrisnmarquez3006 11 aylar önce
We need Lebron and Embiid on this show!!
@CBarber22 11 aylar önce
Jrue really sat there and said he and Giannis is a even matchup lmao. Then he didn't list Giannis as a top 6 defender, talking about Brook Lopez and OG Anunoby
@SideslipT 11 aylar önce
Serge with all the hard hitting questions…
@xelaander8429 10 aylar önce
Basically Serge ibaka brings these guys on to torture them with food 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@Phatttkitty 11 aylar önce
So humble,
@tripogata5846 11 aylar önce
Love jrue bro I miss him on the pelicans
Jrue is so calm and low profile
@vplgery 11 aylar önce
That cop is a jerk. That really is really frustrating
@shaqebk2222 8 aylar önce
Lmaoo nah serge really an instigator🤣🤣 but in a a nice way… N lml yeah that cop was bugging, I like how drew handled the situation.
@nicholasaguilar7910 11 aylar önce
Brooke lopez needs to be on this show
@mauricewarren3586 11 aylar önce
He basically called Giannis brother’s bench riders 🪑
@solliskuxxswag 11 aylar önce
I'd love to see 3v3 Holiday's vs Antetokounmpo's
@likepac2 11 aylar önce
Mans said he gon lock Giannis without thinking twice 😭😭
@SMRCLX 11 aylar önce
"I'm also beating his family" is craazy lmao
@dominicheroux 9 aylar önce
i may be a Boston fan but i still love the bucks
@hihowareyouhi 10 aylar önce
The holidays beat the antetokounmpos 3on 3. Giannis is great, but his brothers are sub par. All 3 of the holidays are solid and have contributed to a team on a regular basis before, with Jrue being the most talented of the 3. Just my opinion 😎.
@ambajanth1695 7 aylar önce
He eats that he is going to have lots of kids❤
@memoryYL0 11 aylar önce
We need Russell Westbrook or James Harden next!!!
@calebogbera8445 11 aylar önce
Let’s go!🔥🔥🔥🔥
@saraschrank4010 11 aylar önce
Now gotta get Brook!
@beardfacee 11 aylar önce
Giannis is my favourite player, but I agree with Jrue - I think the Holidays win that 3-on-3!
@maxgician7737 11 aylar önce
WHO is guarding Gianni’s?
@beardfacee 11 aylar önce
@@maxgician7737 I think Jrue can bother him enough 1-on-1. He's as strong as some of the power forwards that normally defend Giannis, and quick. Not going to stop him all the time of course, but enough times to let his two brothers dominate the lesser Antetokounbros. All hypothetical obviously!
@maxgician7737 11 aylar önce
@@beardfacee Bro just no 😂😂
@michaelwilliam130 11 aylar önce
@@maxgician7737 any superstars could get slowed when they go against elite defenses so yes
@holycrusaders1964 11 aylar önce
@@michaelwilliam130 but that's when it's 5v5. How is jrue gonna stop giannis drive by himself?
@reycito1927 11 aylar önce
Jrue is cool asf
@BusayomiOla 11 aylar önce
This was interesting 😊
@Joe-oj4rh 11 aylar önce
Serge is the king of TRvid
@youngdai9094 11 aylar önce
Giannis family would probably win but off the pure strength of giannis tho🤣🤣🤣🤣
@TOWMacademy 11 aylar önce
Serge become so biased, only inviting his bucks teammates grinding that vet minimum contract🤣🤣
@ninjachannel007 9 aylar önce
Poor Darren Collison has been getting trashed by Jrue Holiday's wife in their origin story for years lmao
@Sakolas81 11 aylar önce
Love Jrue.
@gojosenpai6453 11 aylar önce
hope serge win champ 2gether with Jrue
@che3se12 11 aylar önce
GOAT interviewer
@mk_thebaron 11 aylar önce
@rtw_tsunami 11 aylar önce
I respect Jrue Holiday, but let's be honest Giannis would dominate the Holiday's with no help at all.
@jamesgj5939 11 aylar önce
Team Holiday
I don’t know why but I feel like one day serge and Giannis gonna fight each other
@annielove8603 9 aylar önce
Jrue ❤
@geekimusprime 11 aylar önce
“Let’s say me and Giannis even each other out.” Uh.. no lol.
@s-eeym5848 11 aylar önce
It’s his eyes. The one slightly bigger must humble him or add to his court vision
@saraschrank4010 11 aylar önce
Loveee it
@NShomebase 11 aylar önce
Man the hypothetical US vs International matchup made me realize how many great bigs right now who aren't American. Giannis, Jokic, Embiid, Gobert... Who would you matchup with them? KD's a forward, but he's not really a true big man. Same with LeBron.
@TheAnonymousBudha 11 aylar önce
Marcus smart generational flopping 😂☠️
@boobie1967 11 aylar önce
Your not the best defensive players in the NBA. But you are still two fine successful young men.
@lundoren5240 11 aylar önce
Do an episode with Andrew tate and have him eat some weird cobra shit 😭. That be funny asf
@heroliau3866 11 aylar önce
Invite Joel embiid as ur guest serge!!!
@RYAN-xf2mk 11 aylar önce
The holidays... nice!
@kingpablo812 11 aylar önce
i love you serge
@elonmusk7694 11 aylar önce
This is the last holiday that j holiday gonna have
@shuvojitdutta9481 Aylar önce
welcome to boston, Jrue!
@myholidaypicks297 11 aylar önce
Super 👌👏👍
@dwightg.halpert7219 11 aylar önce
When are you having Tristan Thompson as your guest?😂
@gdejesus6341 11 aylar önce
It’s true holidays proven they can score in games n playoff games
@ellisjackson17 11 aylar önce
Miss you In New Orleans Drew ‼️
@herveesambo5446 11 aylar önce
Fufu and chicken... Trop tokos #idoart#misteravecclass #sergeibaka #jrueholiday #positivemind #Arts
@johnayodele 11 aylar önce
@555125kevin 11 aylar önce
@giomarjuarez2431 11 aylar önce
When is the aaron rodger episode coming out!!!!!
@markdotinc8371 11 aylar önce
Spicy questions starting very early this episode...
@bryanhesh413 11 aylar önce
who tf was the cop he need to be held responsible
Jrue Holiday 1-On-1 Moments 🤯