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Five Nights at Freddy's and its consequences on indie horror. Anyway, anyone wanna join my Jumbo Josh club?

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#GartenOfBanban #OpilaBird #BirdUp #JumboJosh #FNAF




23 Oca 2023




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David Braccini
David Braccini Aylar önce
Meatly, the creator of Bendy, has literally made a parody game of Garten of Banban to show how bad the situation of indie horror games is.
Asto 69
Asto 69 2 gün önce
@Cosmic Klampzy Very true. I only ever played the first one but it was a very good experience,actually got startled a few times lol
Cosmic Klampzy
Cosmic Klampzy 2 gün önce
@Asto 69 outlast is probably one of the best horror games of all time
H2cool 3 gün önce
Xman 723 said it was the best game in 2023 and the video was made in January
Lee 5 gün önce
Whats it called?
Lotie The Bunny
Lotie The Bunny 6 gün önce
I agree so much!!!!
Slenderminion Aylar önce
Fun fact: "Garten" is indeed a real word, not just part of the word "Kindergarten". It is literally just the German term for "garden".
JT The Octoling
JT The Octoling 2 gün önce
My brain is weird and immediately assumed it said “Garden” until now 🤣
Chazzywaz 5 gün önce
*C H I L D R E N E G G*
Unknowable 5 gün önce
​@Marina Gellert ...which....if you translate it in a literal sense means 'childrens garden' Ja Deutsch is halt so bissi komisch mit seinen Wörtern
Adam Dinoner
Adam Dinoner 9 gün önce
maybe the uephoric brothers are german
KIXWASHERE 15 gün önce
Er hat recht weißt du
Doctor Sam
Doctor Sam Aylar önce
Thank God, someone who also knows this was a real attempt at horror. It felt like I was being gaslit into thinking it was a satire game from the start
geet 6 gün önce
anyone who thought this game was too bad to not be satire must not have lived through the era of slenderman clone games
Haahtag 15 gün önce
@lautaro gomez Why did you think about rule 34 for this shitty indie game? 🤨📸
緑S Aylar önce
@lautaro gomez i think i found the devs alt account
MissBeloved Aylar önce
@lautaro gomez Ahh irony
Moss Hive Network
Moss Hive Network Aylar önce
@pato o cadeirante saaaaauuuuce
sebas Aylar önce
i feel like matpat could make an episode theorizing what characteristics are needed for a game like this to blow up
Cosmo the Clown
Cosmo the Clown Aylar önce
Yk I'm kinda hoping he does this for science theory
Luis-Raul Diaz-Rios
I like that idea
s.leeves_scu [KH:WK]
Honestly Opila Bird is the best thing to come out of all this, the design looks so ridiculously funny it's charming
Funni 15 gün önce
@Ivan Alves I would like to add in “Sharing is caring, your Pancreas is mine.”
twotrickpony 15 gün önce
reminds me of kyoro chan lol
smallfry productions
smallfry productions 26 gün önce
I love the bird so much I have it as my profile pic #opilabird
Joel 26 gün önce
They are mildly attractive... there I said it
🎉mar🎉 27 gün önce
@maninanikittycat fr
LPFan Aylar önce
1:59 No idea if someone already said as much, but note from germany: Garten is the german word for garden. When I just got deeper into english scripts of horror games in my late childhood/early teens, it actually slightly spooked me to see "Kindergarten" in the language at all, because neither of those are english words.(Kind is german for Child.) I guess it could theoretically be translated as Garden of Children if we squint our eyes, making the name of this game a weird pun.(Though that may actually be unintentional and pure luck with how bootleg the product actually is)
Fresco Aylar önce
@LPFan Yeah, that is understandable
LPFan Aylar önce
@Fresco I know and I still don't quite understand why that is a thing. That some words are shared is logical, but shared words that build ontop of non-shared words always sound wrong.
Fresco Aylar önce
Far as I know, kindergarten is one of those german words that is also being used in english, like poltergeist.
Dogesman Aylar önce
Imagine getting a game over, and the G.O. screen being just a letter L
That Leo
That Leo 2 gün önce
In the second chapter were "n" and "i" 💀
TBC1 13 gün önce
Fun fact: if you put the letters i think its supposed to spell “garten of banban”
Alexei .S
Alexei .S 15 gün önce
It’d be funny if all the random single letter G.O screens spelled out “skill issue” but I saw an “r” so idk
That’s amazing
Pastra Aylar önce
The plague left by that bird on my Twitter timeline will be how I remember the new year. Whether that's a good or bad thing is up to interpretation
BendyBro Animations
BendyBro Animations 15 gün önce
not 28 gün önce
oh hi pasta sauce
foxy king
foxy king Aylar önce
@FredTheProtogen true
foxy king
foxy king Aylar önce
I like your content
Jack Poncho
Jack Poncho Aylar önce
honkis bonkis
honkis bonkis Aylar önce
The things I instantly noticed are are that: -It has a funny visual/line (the thing with the pancreas or whatever) for TRvidr reactions -The bird for TRvidr reactions and thumbnails -The end of the first (chapter? level?) is roughly the perfect length for a gameplay video It's literally tailor made for TRvidr reaction videos, and it worked
Kyle Scorzo
Kyle Scorzo 20 gün önce
@Teme the bird is chills.
Hi there
Hi there 25 gün önce
I dont think youtubers care though because they got views anyway
Igor Animations
Igor Animations Aylar önce
@TheDayOfTheDucks So? the effect was still there, get off the hate bandwagon dude, you guys are so boring.
JosepiThe13th Aylar önce
Just like the first chapter of Poppy.
Esprero: On-Brand Soap
Tim Slee
Tim Slee Aylar önce
Imagine if they just never released a second chapter.
Tim Slee
Tim Slee 2 gün önce
This comment aged poorly. They're gonna release a 3rd chapter with even more polygons.
That Leo
That Leo 2 gün önce
Peace i guess
someone 16 gün önce
​@Itz Skully MORE OPILA
Itz Skully
Itz Skully 16 gün önce
Itz Skully
Itz Skully 16 gün önce
@inescapableboiTHEY RETRUNED
Malfunction Aylar önce
I genuinely believe that GOB was made unironically at first, then after it started trending cause of the Bird Up memes and other such ironic shit, the Euphoric Brothers decided to act like it was an ironic game afterwards. The way they were hiding replies making fun of their game until it got ironic popularity, then suddenly going through and reverting all of that only solidifies this idea to me.
Raimizan razak
Raimizan razak Aylar önce
I thought it was real but thought it was a roblox game like rainbow friends. Could ya blame ne?
#mylilbeauty Aylar önce
Thats cool, but bird up.
VINNY-! Aylar önce
this is literally what he said in the fucking video
Flare (PK Fire)
Flare (PK Fire) Aylar önce
it would be a lot better if they made it satire tbh
ghhn Aylar önce
Kinda reminds me of how Tommy Wiseau handled The Room becoming so popular due to how bad it was. Honestly, he made it work, and if the Euphoric Brothers own it, then maybe Garten Of BanBan 2 can be genuinely enjoyed as horror comedy/satire, assuming they pull it off in a way that doesn't come off as trying too hard.
JubJubbly Aylar önce
I've never made a game before, but Garten of BanBan honestly gave me motivation to make my own game. I mean hey, if this shit can trend then I can too! 🤷
Modd_ Aylar önce
If you do then don’t end up as cash-grabby and begging for attention as garten of banban
Icebreaker Aylar önce
As silly as the whole thing is, credit where credit is due; the bird not running straight for the player at first was pretty good, and if it didnt have the funniest character design in any horror game ever made, it would have been genuinely creepy.
Catflower_Queen 12 gün önce
I definitely thought it was creepy.
Hitsugi Hime 柩 姫
Hitsugi Hime 柩 姫 12 gün önce
The most unsettling part is how it stared at you the whole time… otherwise… comedy gold
Delaney Elekes
Delaney Elekes 13 gün önce
Yeah, I don't think the game itself is anything special- it's a furthens the problems of Poppy's Playtime, but like Poppy's Playtime, it has one or two good enough elements that it was able to kick off as a "good" horror game to people willing to overlook the lack of polish and care put into other important areas.
Icebreaker 14 gün önce
@deg vegas Im not talking about the bird. The bird goofy AF. I'm talking about the way the bird moves towards you before the chase scene. If applied to an actually scary monster in an actually scary game, I think it would've been cool. Just pointing out massive missed potential. Besides, we can't rob the Euphoric brothers of ALL credit.
HorrorScoped Aylar önce
On the TRvid side - I think the most surprising thing to me is the number of creators who leveraged the name "Poppy Playtime" in Banban video titles to drive clicks, meanwhile a few years back MatPat got dragged for doing it with Undertale's name. A complete 180, regardless of how one feels about Banban's quality.
Wilford Draper
Wilford Draper 7 gün önce
@Flamedramon68 It's not a double standard anymore tho because that event happened years ago. It's no longer a modern standard. All It means peoples values changed during that time. And yes, THAT quickly.
NotRod 13 gün önce
I think this a bit of an unfair reading of the situation. The problem with Matt's stream is that he didn't link the game at all, and when called out on it tried to double down and didn't apologise. Irrc he didn't even name the game in the title. Most of the videos I've seen at least mention the game so you can go find it. Matt gets dogpiled for some dumb shit but the backlash from the heartbound stream was completely deserved. He didn't credit the artist, we all know that's bad.
sugarsweetsunshine Aylar önce
I feel like that's a different situation because with the Undertale/MatPat thing, MatPat was comparing every other game to Undertale (including using the algorithm to make the video more recommended with Undertale tags) as like a 'showcase' type of style but taking away the game's identity by just saying it was another Undertale. The games were unique but they were just being labelled as "like Undertale" instead of being a game that might _remind you_ of Undertale. The whole Banban comparison I feel is to highlight how little originality indie games like these have now. They follow the same linear plotline, same monster mechanics, etc. To the point where it's becoming bland and overdone and you can put games like Poppy Playtime and Banban side by side and see very few major differences. There's nothing unique about it anymore.
Oka Oka
Oka Oka Aylar önce
@CATibal he did tho, iirc the video was titled somewhere along the lines of UNDERTALE 2 | Heartbound
Dragoonsoul7878 Aylar önce
This comment is a prime example of causing discourse, unintentionally or intentionally. Matpat refusing to give proper credit and links if I remember right, when confronted by the devs he still refused and played it off as a good thing only giving up when Toby Fox said something. So did this happen with Banban? It isn't one 180 and part of the reason things get so hostile when you mention Undertale. Edit: To clarify, the hostility is due to false blame which Undertale had to deal a lot with, a big thing was Megalovania where Homestuck community tried to take credit for that theme when it was in a romhack Toby made before that. Undertale got kicked a lot by ignorance... which led to people being a lot more annoyed with Matpat since it came across less as funny and more as kick the beaten dog. Which ultimately ended with him doing as I mentioned and made his character questionable as it looks like he was trying to stir up discourse.
Commander Phoenix
Commander Phoenix Aylar önce
I feel like Mat's video about it is gonna be figuring out if it's a meta joke or not.
theMyofMy Aylar önce
@Splatoon Aleks cant wait for jermas playthrough of garten of banban where he screams like a little girl over opila bird
lunactia le lunar moth
matter platter
Splatoon Aleks
Splatoon Aleks Aylar önce
@Saval jerma
Saval Aylar önce
@Poisonheart96 doing something because people told you not to seems like a response everyone can relate to
The_Red_Scare Undertale Uchiha
@Poisonheart96 Anything to not play Hello Neighbor 2
KhaoticKiri Aylar önce
On a completely unrelated note, I am in LOVE with your new sprites! They look so clean and adorable but also so detailed and classy! Kinda wished you credited the artist in the description so I could follow them somewhere (unless you did it yourself, to which, wow you lot MAJOR talent!)
Oh No
Oh No Aylar önce
@KhaoticKiri well shoot, they mightve deleted the community post because I know for certain I saw one.
KhaoticKiri Aylar önce
@Oh No Yeah I didn't realize I missed an upload, and it was credited in his previous video. I think I checked his community posts but found nothing though, just a stream announcement from three months ago
Oh No
Oh No Aylar önce
They're credited in the previous video I believe. Should be in the description, and I know for certain that there's a community post about it
The_Godbodor Aylar önce
The one credit I will give this game is Opila’s kinda stalking/staring right before the “big chase” is quite funny and has a good amount of charm put into it with the way she doesn’t walk right over to you and kinda stumbles around, testing the waters and seeing what you’ll do.
Jorge 14 gün önce
@The_Godbodor I feel like most people have dealt with others like that sadly.
The_Godbodor 15 gün önce
@Jorge Don’t worry about that, as a Gen 5 Pokémon fan I’ve been dealing with people like him for years.
The_Godbodor 15 gün önce
@Uncle Karl So? Even a small animation/interaction like that can add a lot of charm to a character.
Uncle Karl
Uncle Karl 15 gün önce
It’s literally just a short sprite animation
Jorge Aylar önce
@Kitty Peanut Because God forbid anyone enjoys something you dislike.
Katte Aylar önce
i'm not gonna lie, i actually really love the weird, probably broken way opila walks it reminds me of how a wild animal might slowly approach, only to try for a threatening sprint, and it adds to the spook factor for me definitely needs to be used in a good game imo
Hope Bagels
Hope Bagels Aylar önce
the funny thing about Markiplier's video is that, if you watch it, it's only so long because he spends most of the game just...lost and confused. like, he spends so long looking for the batteries and the eggs, uncut. it's still entertaining cause it's Markiplier, but maybe 70% of the video is just general confusion.
ughust 22 gün önce
​@Bloody Hell ??? Mark almost exclusively plays indie horror games. he's not incentivized by money to make that choice lol
Mono Tone
Mono Tone 26 gün önce
@Moss Hive Network because he is a youtuber that plays horror games, and this is considered one, therefore he played it
Moss Hive Network
Moss Hive Network Aylar önce
@Bloody Hell I guess.
Bloody Hell
Bloody Hell Aylar önce
@Moss Hive Network 💰💰💰💰
Moss Hive Network
Moss Hive Network Aylar önce
Why did he even play that game.
Jason King
Jason King Aylar önce
I literally thought this was just a parody and when I saw someone playing it I was genuinely shocked that it was an actual attempt at horror.
eyesore Aylar önce
personally i think it is satire because the euphoric brothers have basically made many more current horror parodies
Kyle Aylar önce
@Kat I don't think that's the case, I'm pretty sure it's an intentional cash grab. These brothers have literally put out eleven games in the last year, and the other ten all look worse than Banban
Kat Aylar önce
@Kyle I feel like he may be a good game designer in reality but was pressured by the current media. He might of thought his game wouldn’t of gotten any traction if he didn’t try and feast off the success of others.
Umair ashraf
Umair ashraf Aylar önce
I feel as though these are the brothers from digital homicide studios
Kyle Aylar önce
What sucks is that they actually did a good job with the hidden content, the easter eggs are neat, just the main part is bad
Zima2k Aylar önce
My biggest concern is that this "Game" will takeover youtube because of clear Poppy inspiration and a lot of actually geniuenly good indie horror games will be overshadowed by it not because they are bad, but because they were released at similar time as Garten of Ban Ban
Lukáš Císar
Lukáš Císar 14 gün önce
Honestly, it looks more like Rainbow friends inspiration (and Poppy playtime as well).
John Doe
John Doe 29 gün önce
@Alfinator exact same thing happened with fnaf
Alfinator Aylar önce
Children will swarm over this copy-paste, low effort game like wildfire, and children's content creators are inevitably going to take advantage of that. It's sad, really.
Shadowcat 27
Shadowcat 27 Aylar önce
I feel like it already has in a weird way.
AppleGod Aylar önce
The bird is genuinely unsettling when it inches towards you before giving chase, but everything else about the game is just laughable
opila Aylar önce
That bird is just peak character design
smallfry productions
smallfry productions 26 gün önce
Another Bird Enjoyer. I welcome you.
moderndemon84 Aylar önce
Smash it.
anthony target jr
anthony target jr Aylar önce
@Fallout Boy as much as I hate amogus, I agree
Fallout Boy
Fallout Boy Aylar önce
Among Us is better
anthony target jr
anthony target jr Aylar önce
@ENTITY 404 #birdup
Shiverse Aylar önce
The bird's walk cycle looks like how they made walk cycles in old happy wheels levels by attaching the character's legs to invisible wheels.
EmmetsPage Aylar önce
FusionZGamer is a guilty pleasure of mine, I started watching him ironically but over time I watched him regularly because he's funny and somewhat relatable. Clips like the one you put in the video are peak Fusion and the reason I started watching him, glad to see a shoutout for the goat.
Valkor Aylar önce
@KILL ME_YT yeah, I personally think sometimes his voice is a little annoying, but I enjoyed a few of his videos. Also he sometimes milks games a little too much, he made a billion videos on porkchop's adventure while the game is really short and doesn't really have that much extra content.
BlaiddTheDaft Aylar önce
I don't really see why there's any guilt in that pleasure
Pepper Aylar önce
What video is that clip from?
Opila Bird
Opila Bird Aylar önce
@Iclynnx "kids shouldn't be babysat by content creators" is the best way i've seen this said
KILL ME_YT Aylar önce
@Iclynnx I agree !
Kat Kaiju
Kat Kaiju Aylar önce
The whole meta surrounding Ban Ban is incredible. I’m excited to see how this plays out.
Time_To_ Exist
Time_To_ Exist Aylar önce
Someone should make a game similar in style to this and make it seem like some cash grab and promote a second game and everything and have merch, but have the merch site and wishlist page for the second game have an ARG and when the second game releases it's a genuinely good horror game. Or something idk it sounds like a good idea
tamsuemomwife Aylar önce
Maybe have it be a “EXE” thing?
Sun Child
Sun Child Aylar önce
That could honestly work, because something this bad grabs a lot of peoples attention and makes people pay attention. So suddenly dropping a good horror game you already have people waiting to play.
DynoSkirmisher420 Aylar önce
Ophila Bird must have several back problems. Because she is CARRYING the game.
Roger Cheeto
Roger Cheeto Aylar önce
I personally like the theory that it's an elaborate parody of the genre, it's almost too perfectly goofy to not be one at this point.
moderndemon84 Aylar önce
@charmless man Next game theory: "Why is Opila pink?"
xnɹɔ Aylar önce
Even if it was a parody, it would be a terrible one. And the fact that there's legit merch of it is proof enough that it was nothing more than a quick cash grab.
Azura Aylar önce
@Frenchfrise exactly Fly Mother fr
Frenchfrise Aylar önce
@Azura Exactly. A parody that is not clearly a parody is not a parody, but rather it is exactly the same as what it’s trying to parody. Also. Mommy fly.
Arturo Hernandez
Arturo Hernandez Aylar önce
@Andrew Bowlerso just saying it’s false doesn’t make it so lmao
Drizzle551 Aylar önce
GT is very skilled at making videos that say one sentence worth of actual substance that last 20 minutes so I’m sure he can bs something
John Doe
John Doe 29 gün önce
GT? You mean every big TRvidr they're literally all the same
Zachary DeZeeuw
Zachary DeZeeuw Aylar önce
Hey uhyea, would you ever consider looking at Oxynfree? It’s a horror game that doesn’t get much attention. It’s not a traditional mascot horror game, it’s more story based. It is terrifying to me without any real jumpscares.
katsunova Aylar önce
Poor the happy game at the back : (
MessMeister Aylar önce
That game is truly amazing
Noah Gutierrez
Noah Gutierrez Aylar önce
I freaking loved that game. Amazing suggestion
KirbySonic Aylar önce
Yeah that game is awsome
Fedu Aylar önce
i really hate Banban but oh lord the bird is incredible, he's looks so funny, like he seen things he shouldnt and now his life is not the same anymore and he lives with free of the past, the present and the future
Cosmo the Clown
Cosmo the Clown Aylar önce
@Nebulous Neuhaus opila bird has no time for gender or your professional nouns
xenolizardz Aylar önce
@Higuera ft oh yeah, definitely on crack
Higuera ft
Higuera ft Aylar önce
@xenolizardz Opila Bird, however, is NOT above drugs...
xenolizardz Aylar önce
@Nebulous Neuhaus Opila Bird is above gender, Opila Bird is above all of us
Nebulous Neuhaus
Nebulous Neuhaus Aylar önce
ummmmm you misgendered Opila Bird, its a SHE/HER/HERS flightless avian -_-
Xion Brown
Xion Brown Aylar önce
You being the very reason this game started trending is the funniest thing to me.
Korby Aylar önce
6:26 you can just tell Dawko is just trying to make the creators happy with a reaction
Interrupted elizabeth
The bird gave me chills. The way it didn't immediately charge but seemed to observe the player with a sort of predatory curiosity was genuinely scary.
2 idiots, one account.
That's actually a good idea for a game, but it's wasted on THE BIRDB MY BELOVED
Higuera ft
Higuera ft Aylar önce
@Skylar Chungus To quote another reply that summed it up better... "Bird nerd here: I also was kind of taken aback by how accurate Opila’s movements, “thoughts” and such were. It genuinely looks like the birds I’ve worked with, they do almost exactly what she did before they decide to strike and attack you. (Usually playfully with the ones I deal with tho.) She honestly scares me because she feels like I’m up against an actual giant bird that could hurt me lmfao." Definitely can see it yeah...
Chez Borgar
Chez Borgar Aylar önce
The bird gave me chills. The way it didn't immediately charge but seemed to observe the player with a sort of predatory curiosity was genuinely scary.
Sucon Aylar önce
rain world is a horror game apparently
Teme Aylar önce
The bird gave me chills. The way it didn't immediately charge but seemed to observe the player with a sort of predatory curiosity was genuinely scary.
Daniela Laked
Daniela Laked Aylar önce
Opila Bird is the absolute derpiest, dead-eyed, wonkiest thing I’ve ever seen. And I love it.
I Shiro I
I Shiro I Aylar önce
Is it just me, or does Jumbo Josh look like a green M&M left out in the Sun for too long ?
andrew Afton the android hedgehog
@Ivan Alves the father of phantom chica
Ivan Alves
Ivan Alves Aylar önce
Watermelon with veins
Thoko Aylar önce
thats the original green m&m
Lendon Aylar önce
The bird gave me chills.The way it didn't immediatly charge but seemed to observe the player with a sort of predatory curiousity was genuinenly scary.
xnɹɔ Aylar önce
The bird gave me chills. The way it didn't immediately charge but seemed to observe the player with a sort of predatory curiosity was genuinely scary.
Nyx // Yozora Hikari
@UnOfficial Door See, now THAT'S a much better copypasta lol
UnOfficial Door
UnOfficial Door Aylar önce
The bird 🕊️ gave me chills 🥶. The way it didn't immediately charge 🔌 but seems to observe 👀 the player 🎮 with a sort of predatory 🦁 curiosity ❓was genuinely 💯 scary 😱.
what da dog doin
what da dog doin Aylar önce
@A simple complication The bird gave me chills. The way it didn't immediately charge but seemed to observe the player with a sort of predatory curiosity was genuinely scary.
Lendon Aylar önce
@A simple complication The point is to roast a guy that unironically believes the bird was scary so for me it's fucking great
Swaggy-G 2102
Swaggy-G 2102 Aylar önce
The fact that a 5-10 minute game (that is nothing more than a shameless cash-in on the success of Poppy Playtime) is getting so much attention online, astounds me. There are some pretty good Indie Horror Games out there that are rarely getting the attention they deserve.
Higuera ft
Higuera ft Aylar önce
To be fair, that bird is fucking hilarious looking...
The Wizard Slime
The Wizard Slime Aylar önce
someone PLEASE make a game that is actually based on fighting your fears and not corrupting childhood
The Wizard Slime
The Wizard Slime 15 gün önce
@ReptileRandy Krusha id like one that is in a laboratory where they where designing a kid's product that then failed but instead of being a rotten image of that is practically undistinguishable, like from an artificial dog to a octopus like beast
ReptileRandy Krusha
ReptileRandy Krusha 15 gün önce
Correction: Make an actual horror game rather than goofy ahh abandoned kids facility with goofy ahh secrets.
The Wizard Slime
The Wizard Slime Aylar önce
@tamsuemomwife fact
tamsuemomwife Aylar önce
@The Wizard Slime but in a way that good.
The Wizard Slime
The Wizard Slime Aylar önce
@katsunova that's just childhood corrupting at its max point
The_Godbodor Aylar önce
What sets Poppy apart from the cash grabs like Banban is that, after their pretty demo-like chapter 1, they seem to be putting effort into making something worthwhile as we can see with their attempt to make a L4D/DBD style multiplayer game and be relatively successful at it (being that it’s their first multiplayer game). And even though both Banban and Poppy have basic Chapter 1s, Poppy still had quite high quality visuals compared to Banban and still had more than 3 minutes of gameplay. I’ve seen people call Poppy “The problem with indie horror” when they should be saying that about Banban
The_Godbodor Aylar önce
@Stargatory Don’t know why it runs bad for you, I use a gaming laptop and it runs fine for me. Even still, Poppy playtime started with old and stale concepts and the whole “childhood thing become scary” is oversaturated at this point, but I’m still keeping an eye on it for the later chapters since the monsters themselves are relatively unique in this sector of games. Most of these mascot horrors are more stiff movements like robots, meanwhile Poppy has things like Mommly Longlegs which is a pretty refreshing monster idea. And even if you have gripes with Poppy, Project Playtime is quite fun and, sure it’s still glitchy, at least it’s getting worked on and updated while being a fun time still (unlike some other massive triple A release where the devs are “content with the current state of the game”). Out of the Mascot Horrors, I have more hope in Poppy than I do with Hello Neighbor and this Banban crap.
Stargatory Aylar önce
@The_Godbodor Massive cope, Poppy is dogshit through and through. Game barely runs a consistent frame rate on my high spec PC, crashed fifteen times while I was playing chapter two, the concept is tired and played out, and the game doesn't have an original bone in it's body.
Wolfsong Rising
Wolfsong Rising Aylar önce
@The_Godbodor ngl I'm still sorta interested in seeing where Banban goes from here, if but to see whether they double down on their nonsense or actually try to improve like Poppy did. Got my thoughts on which lol
The_Godbodor Aylar önce
@Mystery acount It was, but they actually managed to turn it around due to already having some level of quality and care put in (mainly the visuals) and they worked from that. Banban on the other hand has all the negatives of Poppy at its launch with no redeeming qualities that they could salvage it from, unlike Poppy.
Mystery acount
Mystery acount Aylar önce
You seem to be forgetting that originally poppy WAS a cash grab with the whole NFT's having the lore situation they tried to do and the controversy with the possible plagiarism They apologized for both things and are now trying to do better work with their game...but originally it was about money
Justin Aylar önce
I never thought this game would blow up, either. I first heard of it on ManlyBadassHero’s channel and he plays horror games of all sorts. Then I saw another, and then another, until I finally saw Mark’s playthrough and was like, “What’s going on!?”
CyberDoga Aylar önce
The fact that this took off scares me into thinking that the indie horror genre has become stagnated and cookie cutter especially from a youtube side. Imagine making a game that tackles deeper types of fear instead of avoid big man and find the secrets for lore.
ARF 👑🎗️
ARF 👑🎗️ Aylar önce
@Phantasm Blast yeah like , a lot of youtubers were having trouble with that one game about a mortuary asistant because the videos kept getting age restricted, super cool game but a pain in the butt to upload the video
Phantasm Blast
Phantasm Blast Aylar önce
It HAS though. Actually good indie horror games will never get popular due to how basic and "kid-oriented" they have to be now. Anything that showcases gore or really anything too creepy will not get far on youtube anymore.
Donald With A Gat
Donald With A Gat Aylar önce
i swear 80% of the times i see a bird as an enemy in any game i say "bird up"
Delphox latias
Delphox latias Aylar önce
Gotta respect those brothers for actually doing what I’ve been thinking about doing forever and just making a cash grab game
Hello Aylar önce
I don't know if uhyeah has covered this yet but the fnaw series is definitely something I would love to see a full reviewing of and a small summary of the story and the unique game mechanics that it brought to the fnaf fan game community.
William Sterling
William Sterling Aylar önce
Fun fact: Garten is a word and it's the German word for "Garden" and yes this does mean the word Kindergarten translates to "Child Garden". The term dates back to the 19th century. tbh don't know why I decided to comment this, but here we are. The more you know #birdup
noneofyourbusiness Polymenakos
Uhyeah, I watched the suprhorrorbro video and the funny part is that the effort that was put in the game is significantly less than Mikes' theory, bro is the apprentice of Matpat, and the creepy, hollow and Monologue tone that he uses just makes the awesome video much better!
SmolCrabbo Aylar önce
I'd like to point out that garten is a word, it's German for garden. Also, the bird was the highlight of the game. Some people have pointed out that the bird's behavior is the same as a bird predator. First being curious and sizing up their prey before attacking.
C_Noob_Dude Aylar önce
Oh. Well, I mean, not like it mattered. I see no garden.
Panmaster at Arms
Panmaster at Arms Aylar önce
Yeah. The word Kindergarten means Child Garden.
Blu Aylar önce
The idea of a horror game with with this sort of liminal space/abandoned building setting HAS a lot of potential. But like... if someone behind it actually CARED.
ForgBoba Aylar önce
In my opinion a horror game related to liminal spaces would work much better as a more psychological horror game, probably about losing your innocence.
Sophie! Aylar önce
I really thought there was no way this game could be an actual attempt at a horror game. The literal only thing it registers in my mind as is parody.
Your situation with Garten of BanBan and the viral tweet reminds me of Jim Stephanie Sterling (The Jimquisition) being somewhat responsible for the entire existence of FNAF by making fun of the Dev's bad first (non-horror) game and its unintentionaly creepy character models - resulting in using those models for FNAF.
Doughy Aylar önce
I feel like every few months uhyeah becomes more and more detailed
Phoxphorus Aylar önce
YOU STARTED THIS God what a magical time it is to be alive. I'm gonna drum up a team of 3D coders and a composer to create a game that's just PNGs of blobs made in paint that floating towards the player if this is what folks will eat up nowadays.
scoopishere Aylar önce
I actually really like the design of the bird. It makes me feel an indescribable emotion. It's not scary in the way it's trying to be.
galacticGenesis Aylar önce
I thought garten of bambam was an ironic thing made to poke fun of the current state of indie horror
ᴛᴇx'ᴛ ᴍᴇ+1②②⑨②③④⑦⑤⑨③
Thanks for watching and commenting text me I have something special fo..r you 🎁🎉🎁
Father Mortuary
Father Mortuary Aylar önce
the fact that Markiplier said it was a genuinely good game and that he liked it for that reason is mind boggling to me
Fritzy Aylar önce
I highly doubt he was being serious.
Алесь Aylar önce
The bird scared me personally, especially the way it looked at me and walked beside me (But I think it's more because of my phobias) I'm even more convinced that Twitter is garbage
Joshua Bautch
Joshua Bautch Aylar önce
Are you comfortable sharing what phobias they are?
The Worst
The Worst Aylar önce
Whether you think that Banban is satire or not; I think we can all agree that when discussion of a game is obfuscated by Poe's Law kicking in, that's a sign of just how dire the genre has gotten.
LucasTF Aylar önce
You are telling me you are the one who brought Garten of Banban to us?
Armarda Aylar önce
Garten of Ban Ban is the horror game of all time.
Grabbo 28 gün önce
The funny thing about this game is that it absolutely worked. Everyone is talking about and will probably also buy the next game just for the memes, absolute W.
BunnyTheHutt Aylar önce
Garten of BanBan is literally the ultimate gaslighting campaign ever, even better then the Cyberpunk 2077 anime.
Charmy The Charizard
Is this the proof he's grown enough to have actual influence?
SeniorSpace Aylar önce
Jesus christ, uhyeah's funny little dog sprite has gotten so much betterly drawn.
DrDapper Aylar önce
remember when people complained about FNaF 3 not being scary and in turn being a bad game? i hope they're all happy
Ucan Mc igor
Ucan Mc igor Aylar önce
12:34 markiplier is the type of person to see a pit and jump in without thinking.
Ucan Mc igor
Ucan Mc igor Aylar önce
This is why I don’t comment anything.
Sprottel {sfm}
Sprottel {sfm} Aylar önce
(1:58) Garten is simply the German translation for garden so kindergarten is...well a kindergarden. Leaving us with the assumption that the game takes place in germany
Devil Spiδεr
Devil Spiδεr Aylar önce
Or it's a contraction of the word kindergarten, but who knows.
Diamond Gaming
Diamond Gaming Aylar önce
This could actually be pretty opportunity to use the game as a poke on mascot horror and how it's so bad these days as a way to make it funny than terrifying
SadDeskLunch Aylar önce
1:58 Correction: “Garten” IS actually a word, just not in English. It’s the German word for “garden.” The term “kindergarten” is also taken from German and, translated directly, means “children garden”
TheMilitantHorse Aylar önce
If Ban Ban 2 is gonna cost money, I feel the creators are gonna make it confusing as hell and impossible to beat in under 2 hours so you can't get a refund. That is, if it's on Steam.
dkskcjfjswwwwwws Aylar önce
hunt down the freeman strat
Panshifu Aylar önce
I know this isn't the first video with them but god, I love the new art for your character, he looks so cute and expressive!
Cereza Arosa
Cereza Arosa Aylar önce
Honestly, I'm glad to hear this game is just kinda a meme than anything serious. I didn't give it any thought because the devs of this game also made some weird school shooter life sim game with a werewolf b plot, where the developer(?) texts you in game and tells you to DM him on twitter if you want to talk.
Connor Bruh
Connor Bruh Aylar önce
you can’t just say that then not say anything else man, i’m concerned about that lol
Lost Place Time
Lost Place Time Aylar önce
Wait a minute, what? You cannot just say they also made a school shooter life sim and not tell us the name of the game, I need to see it since I haven't heard about this at all in discourse surrounding the game
dnightmare 12 gün önce
the story is actually pretty good from what i saw. to be honest it seems like it looks the way it does on purpose, although the mechanic did suck in part one and still kind of does. I think it was made to be more of a story-kind than a horror, similar to FranBow.
landon ruiz
landon ruiz Aylar önce
I love your videos thank you you are better than most and actually put effort into your videos
Noodle Aylar önce
Consider the possibility that the game was made as a test to see if making a full fledged game would be worth it. Like a pilot episode of a tv show.
skuuuuu Aylar önce
To be honest i liked the older simpler design more than the new one
Geno-metrix Aylar önce
Love the new model and the new poses! So happy to see that there are now more than 2 poses!
TOLL Matter
TOLL Matter Aylar önce
I really do think this game is going to have a "chapter 2" and the game is going to be completely different. I think it's a bait game.
Christene King
Christene King 15 gün önce
@ReptileRandy Krusha Yes, we can dream through.
ReptileRandy Krusha
ReptileRandy Krusha 15 gün önce
It would've been hilarious if we had this game that looked like it was made by a student doing a college assignment for coding last 10 minutes the due time, turn out to be a well written, beautifully executed, BATDR level graphics masterpiece... But, a man can only dream, though.
Christene King
Christene King Aylar önce
Opla Bird beautiful.
DrFouFou Aylar önce
There was some cool things to come out of this. I like how the chicken inches closer to you as if it’s hunting you or something.
CloClo Aylar önce
This game is definitely gonna end up on the Elsagate hype train for sure.
Get You Hit Up With Lead 2x
The Bird🕊 gave me chills😢 The way it inches towards the player before giving chase🏃‍♀️ is geniunely upsetting😱😱
SwagStorm Aylar önce
I love how he named it “THE NEXT POPPY PLAYTIME IS HERE?!” Can be interpreted as good or bad lmao.
Desperado 25 gün önce
5:59 this honestly scared me more than anything from the game
JosepiThe13th Aylar önce
The way I see it, as long as they aren’t as bad as the Poppy devs, I’ll support the game. I actually thought the bird design was really creepy. The blank expression and the simple textures really emphasize that it’s a kid’s toy. And seeing it starting at you so creepily is just… yeah it was pretty creepy. Definitely terrified me more than Poppy, FNAF, or Bendy ever could. Of course, FNAF and Bendy are still better franchises, but there’s potential. It definitely needs a lot of work though. After seeing the second "game," I've changed my opinion. These games are so bad. There's just nothing in them lol. Thought there'd be a quality improvement (or hoped there would be), but nope. Just as bare bones as the first. Still not as bad as Poppy's devs, but these guys are super lazy.
Min Min for the win win
The sequel is actually good! Definitely recommend
NYA NYA 14 gün önce
I kinda think it's more story wise then game play as the first part was kinda just a demo... but it's fun to look into the story. And clay figure looks cool. But the surprises aren't really surprising as if you read around you can predict what's going to happen before it does happen. They put effort in it but not as much as could be in it and it would be nice if they had more minigames instead of look for the EGG scenes. Like sometime you have to do to open certain doors or to operate the drone making it harder because you have to do the minigame while being chased :D I think the poppy playtime crase already went down before garten of ban ban came out tho.
Leonagraphy Aylar önce
I want to know what serious speedruns would look like
Swaggy-G 2102
Swaggy-G 2102 Aylar önce
11:00 THANK YOU! I stated this before on Daggz' video, but I highly doubt that this game was made to be a "satirical take" on the state that is indie horror. I mean, if this game really was supposed to be made in satire, then why do they have a merch button to a game that wasn't even a week old when it first came out?
Ivan Alves
Ivan Alves Aylar önce
They added the merch 3 hours after the game released
Green Amber
Green Amber Aylar önce
I've haven't watched many videos about Garten of Banban, but this one made realize that the game looks like it takes place at an Ikea.
Dumb Comments
Dumb Comments Aylar önce
a game that is only a few minutes has merch bring back good indie horror games
Oakly Aylar önce
The madness of seeing this bird for days in nearly every tweet on twitter oh Lord
FedoraWolf Aylar önce
Love your videos man, keep up the good work👍
Itz_lol9618 16 gün önce
6:00 you literally cannot image on how much i laughed here.
Emil Macko
Emil Macko Aylar önce
I liked when banban said it's banban time and banbaned all over the place
Pixelated Screaming
I will support his game even if it was not made unironically.
captainkawaii666 Aylar önce
I had a horror game idea a while ago that has just enough elements that are similar to this that every time I consider making it I see another of these things and decide not to which sucks because it’s a cool idea
The man
The man Aylar önce
“Hey guys, welcome to game theory! Today, we are going to figure out how fat and voluptuous Opila Bird’s ‘crown jewels’ are!”
molly Aylar önce
I rate this video a uni/10. Amazing coverage on the hit game BirdUp!!! 🔥🔥
Feyy Time
Feyy Time Aylar önce
"GARTEN ISN'T EVEN A WORD" *sad German noises*
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