How garbage pistols were in the 18th century.

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Honestly just duel with swords, no point.

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Sir Henry
Sir Henry 4 saatler önce
"You both lose!! You lose...!" Lul 😂
Guttysaw 3 gün önce
Fun fact: these flintlock pistols actually took 15 minutes to reload so pirates used the handle as a club while waiting
Kamilla Parker
Kamilla Parker 4 gün önce
"I'm swell!" will be my response to how are you, from now on
II Freeze II
II Freeze II 5 gün önce
II Freeze II
II Freeze II 5 gün önce
"I gotta be somewhere in hour cmon man"
II Freeze II
II Freeze II 5 gün önce
II Freeze II
II Freeze II 5 gün önce
"and you HIT YOUR SHOTS" "bro the bloom on this thing is crazy"
II Freeze II
II Freeze II 5 gün önce
"The rules are simple because I left out like 15 of them "
Tien Shinhan
Tien Shinhan 5 gün önce
Hamilton: *MOST DISPUTES DIE AND NO ONE SHOOTS!* Calebcity: haha no
sogy pants
sogy pants 6 gün önce
"Tis just a scratch"
Thatkidlondyn 7 gün önce
I feel fantastic
The Northie
The Northie 9 gün önce
One thing that happened in duels were when the parties arrived that would be enough to settle the dispute. You showed up and didn’t chicken out, I respect that let’s not kill each other. They’d fire their pistols in the air or in the ground.
Į 9 gün önce
Im a bush
Yellow Crow
Yellow Crow 9 gün önce
While musket pistols and rifled muskets were incredibly inaccurate compared to modern day weapons, their shots were a hell of a lot more deadly. Musket balls would often explode organs and shatter bones upon impact with the body, making a wound from a musket ball incredibly deadly. That, coupled with the lack of medicinal advancement and proper battlefield hospitals to treat the wounded in a clean area meant that being hit in a limb with a musket shot between the 15th-19th centuries was almost a guaranteed amputation. Very few survived torso shots, and even fewer lived to tell the tale of being hit in the head with a musketball. To put it into perspective, being shot with a modern day firearm is clean and precise, the bullet punches straight through the body and just wedges into you (unless it's specialized, such as a hollowtip point). Being hit with a musketball is an entirely different experience though, it's honestly more akin to being shot with a shotgun slug (a shotgun type of ammunition that is just a massive hunk of lead rather than a bunch of pellets meant to scatter upon firing) than it is with a bullet from a modern day rifle. What I said earlier about shattering bones and exploding organs on impact wasn't hyperbole. Where as a modern rifle bullet usually cleanly pierces through the body, a musketball is more like having a bullet explosively catapulted into your body, punching a hole through. There do exist old pictures of musket wounds on the internet if you're curious enough to look.
TonkarzOfSolSystem 10 gün önce
So in actual duels they'd start reloading immediately and whoever reloaded first would take a second shot, usually after running to point blank range.
The Dispenser
The Dispenser 11 gün önce
What are you talking about? I mean the inaccuracy part is somewhat correct sure, but the damage of a huge chunk of lead can breaks bones. Maybe a smaller caliber sure. The reloading part was funny haha
Power Full
Power Full 11 gün önce
Would be good yo see bro use some other people in his skits to play the parts
Sophrosynicle 13 gün önce
damn, I was rooting for blue shirt guy
Akachi Burns
Akachi Burns 13 gün önce
I need a show longer skits or something 😩
he sneak
he sneak 14 gün önce
bro this dude got 3 uzis in the background and they still usin flintlocks
Chillantro 15 gün önce
“How guns in battlefield 2042 shoot”
Dr. AntiBitching
Dr. AntiBitching 17 gün önce
Why did Pushkin die then? Все он врёт, народ. Пушкин же умер от выстрела!
Arch angle
Arch angle 17 gün önce
Dude actually did his research for this video. More than three duel attempts was considered uncivilized.
Shane Dahle
Shane Dahle 17 gün önce
"A stick and a napkin! *I should be good* " is now a useful line.
totallyrevv 18 gün önce
"Never bring knives to a gun fight" Bro throwing the knife has more accuracy than that mini cannon
T.O .C
T.O .C 19 gün önce
1:51 so it’s a hit I win😂
Nobles Sadiq
Nobles Sadiq 21 gün önce
Celeb shoots worst than Celeb 😂😂😂
Kyle 21 gün önce
Yoo where he got them vintage tees from
Nictofobia 21 gün önce
The cat and guns from that fitmen 0:00 are from a game or something?
Dis Look
Dis Look 22 gün önce
Didn’t they have knives or rocks back then? Why not just murder each other? With no one around to witness?
Dis Look
Dis Look 22 gün önce
Didn’t they have knives or rocks back then? Why not just murder each other? With no one around to witness?
TokyoDisplay 24 gün önce
1:44 Nah bro thats a BB
TokyoDisplay 24 gün önce
TokyoDisplay 24 gün önce
Thanks, smart a**
TokyoDisplay 24 gün önce
Actually, that is the wrap from a stick of gum rolled and smashed into a ball. Also, the other guy's gun is actually a BB gun or whatever it's called.
TheAntiTrope 25 gün önce
Pistols then swords 😂, each duelist generally brings a set of pistols, pre-loaded. If no one hits the other, swords are drawn to first blood
DOOMGuy 26 gün önce
“Tis but a scratch”
deeznutz 26 gün önce
Activate Enchantment: BULLETPROOF
“MMNOOA I just dropped my gun onto a wet surface I gotta go get a new one now” 😭😭 IMAGINE IF IT WAS STILL LIKE THIS 💀
Ekko 3 MILLION 26 gün önce
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy 26 gün önce
2:24 almost got me killed
Isaiah May
Isaiah May 28 gün önce
“I found a stick and a napkin”
barcalegend 29 gün önce
The bloom 😂
anopirsten 29 gün önce
"This post was made by the sword duel gang"
Monke 29 gün önce
At least they look better
Monke 29 gün önce
That muzzle velocity is horrible y’all might as well be using nerf guns
PendejoDeMexico Aylar önce
I was expecting the judge to die tbh.
Aksel Lien
Aksel Lien Aylar önce
“Real men fights duels with longswords! To the death!
tungztwisted Aylar önce
Who just has a dual blunderbuss laying around the house ? lol
EstParum Aylar önce
CoD tip: Switching to your secondary weapon is faster than reloading
ThotSlayer Goku
ThotSlayer Goku Aylar önce
Who’s getting recommended this after Alec Baldwin shot somebody?
Xawt4life Aylar önce
Say that to hamilton
tfw Aylar önce
irl the guy who got shot would have a gold ball sized hole in their chest
Shoulda used a cannon
StandbyFor SystemsNominal
“Nuh- uh- hAWH?”
Ezekiel Stansberry
Ezekiel Stansberry Aylar önce
actually swords do have a point (read description for context)
AudieHolland Aylar önce
In reality, pistols were quite deadly when of decent quality and being properly maintained. A trained duellist could very well hit and seriously wound or kill his opponent if he wanted to. The thing is, they kept changing the rules. At first, (I believe), both shooters would fire at the same time. But in the end it was judged that it was only fair that the one who took exception in the first place and demanded a duel, would be the last one to fire. That really took a damper on the would be gun killing 'spree.' Often, both duellists just went through the paces so they could end the argument, and neither would aim for their opponent when firing. This did cause a number of seconds (attendants) to get hit though.
Blackblob0 Aylar önce
I really thought that one of them would win by drawing blood on themselves.
Zack Aylar önce
This is my FAVORITE skit that you've done. People are shocked that Pistol duels were commonplace and the norm nowadays. Well this is why. The end of duels actually was directly caused by the improvement of pistols, around 1880. This was also around the end of the Wild West, and where all the western movies take place. I wonder why...
Jet_stream Aylar önce
There’s Uzis in the background
DO2S Aylar önce
John Wrocenski
John Wrocenski Aylar önce
Not accurate
Lionell Jack
Lionell Jack Aylar önce
This is such a fact also love those shoes btw
Zaetacion Aylar önce
The bloom on this gun is crazy🤣🤣🤣🤣
spankytag Aylar önce
Lol. A gentleman's beef
L Aylar önce
Second comment on this vod
If guns where that bad in 18th century then what about 15th during colonization lol. It was the disease
james jean
james jean Aylar önce
Spenceabeen Aylar önce
Madison Warner
Madison Warner Aylar önce
Partly accurate, they took forever to reload sure, but I promise anyone who took a direct shot from one would not be "swell" by any means
Cosmic_Coconut Aylar önce
Sla2herSn1per !
Sla2herSn1per ! Aylar önce
Thomas Jefferson: 👻
Jose da big brain
Jose da big brain Aylar önce
he does know that the 18th century is the 19 hundreds
Raged Aylar önce
fr doe
SnowyDust Aylar önce
If only that happened in Hamilton
Colton Bird
Colton Bird Aylar önce
“Like you would do a chimney.” 🤣
Habibi Bapo
Habibi Bapo Aylar önce
i literally spit my food out laughing when he said “and youu! hit urr shhhooottttsss”
Big bird
Big bird Aylar önce
Fun fact I'm *bullet proof* ... ... Stephen
Kalenz Aylar önce
More like 17th century though.
The Scarlet Slayer
The Scarlet Slayer Aylar önce
This just makes me thing what if there was one guy back in the civil war with modern military grade weapons that can be carried so no tanks or airplanes or stuff like that
The Scarlet Slayer
The Scarlet Slayer Aylar önce
At this point why not just throw knives
Lamarr Johnson
Lamarr Johnson Aylar önce
That hit marker took me out😂😂😂
Smashacus Styles
Smashacus Styles Aylar önce
"I got a stick and a napkin this should do" Me using that in the army to clean my weapon: D :
The one who cared and asked
Green shirt guy: forget this, *melee* Purple shirt dude: wait why are you behind me-
Punny Guy
Punny Guy Aylar önce
don't you hate it when you just cleaned the barrel of your gun, inserted the ammo into the barrel as you would a cannon, pour at least 90% of all the powder from a small bag into it, only to have to buy a new bag if you spill any more, until you drop your gun onto a wet surface and have to get a new one only to realize that you have to buy a new gun cleaning stick as well as new ammo considering sizes and types vary from almost every brand? and after you find the right ammo and pull the trigger, the bullet drops to the ground because THE GUNPOWDER DIDNT STICK TO THE EDGES OF THE BARREL BECAUSE YOU FORGOT TO WAX IT PROPERLY? yeah i hate that too.
The Timbs
The Timbs Aylar önce
How tf did the Native Americans lose to this crap gun.
Daman Donegan
Daman Donegan Aylar önce
Never mind I got a stick and a napkin. 🤣😂😆
Team of One!
Team of One! Aylar önce
Gun Manufactures: Lol, I can't believe people are actually buying these guns. Thank god for the poorly educated.
Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu Aylar önce
Black powder guns were actually really powerful up close. And with exposed lead shot and the medicine of the time, a gunshot would still likely be lethal even if it didn't kill instantly.
Elias Aylar önce
1776 colorized
soldsoul Aylar önce
Best time to be alive then
Doom Vfx
Doom Vfx Aylar önce
2:24 that look with that music crazy villian vibes
Euro Joel
Euro Joel Aylar önce
The gun can still kill cuz its a real gun
BluePadGamesYT Aylar önce
This channel makes my day Keep up the good work 👍🏻
Iamdying Aylar önce
I started watching cause other TRvid’s brung me here
Da One TL
Da One TL Aylar önce
Lin Manuel Miranda looking at this video furiously
Frappa Aylar önce
LeviTheEntity Aylar önce
2:30 my reaction:
Tuvok Aylar önce
2:07 N A H H
Happy Happy NL
Happy Happy NL Aylar önce
Bro the bloom on this gun is crazy man you don't understand.. ROFL😂.. Nice fps reference 😂
Noemi Olmo
Noemi Olmo Aylar önce
Hamilton fans: number 1! The challenge demands satisfaction!
Riley Mitchell
Riley Mitchell Aylar önce
Part of why people solved duels with pistols was because there was far less fear of death then using swords and no matter how good you were both of you had the same chance of winning lol.
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