How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended

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Many were disappointed with the ending of Game of Thrones so I took the time to rewrite an alternate, new ending the way I would have liked to see. New plots for the Night King and several other characters.
Jump to my alternate ending: 4:43
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22 May 2019




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Think Story
Think Story Yıl önce
Well, at least we still have fan fic!
Randzy Barlas
Randzy Barlas Aylar önce
RazAlguise 2 aylar önce
Think Story your version is so much better than what the show did
Comrade Svanticki
Comrade Svanticki 8 aylar önce
Think Story yes
WYX 10 aylar önce
Michael Price Well actually, she’s not the villain. As for all the kinda bad things she did, any king or queen would’ve done. Execute traitors? Of course. Be pissed that her Friend and dragon died? Anyone would’ve been. The part where she burns the city down is just a lame excuse where she turns mad.
Libel TouRe
Libel TouRe 11 aylar önce
Eduardo Martinez
Eduardo Martinez Saatler önce
I prefer your ending rather than hbo ending
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Saatler önce
Poor baby didn't get the ending he wanted and still has the courage to go on living? What a brave soul.
Maximilian Eller
Maximilian Eller 3 saatler önce
How does arya get jaimes face without killing him?
Professor Snippety-snaps
Professor Snippety-snaps 5 saatler önce
“If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention.” - Ramsay Bolton.
SideSwipe 904
SideSwipe 904 6 saatler önce
I like it, just end it with Daario coming to westeros and marying Dany to be at her side during her rule. Jora mormont can survive and be her envoy on the other side of the sea
WIDave0311 7 saatler önce
GoT, Season 8, the way it ought have been.
Just Some Monster
Just Some Monster 8 saatler önce
This is a good ending in my opinion
chareyangel 8 saatler önce
I consider this as the ending, screw anyone who say so otherwise.
Liam Mcphail
Liam Mcphail 10 saatler önce
I wouldn’t actually mind that ending because it’s way better then what we have
Prasad Andre
Prasad Andre 10 saatler önce
Really if that petition gets accepted then your story must be considered. Yeah they can do some add or less but your ending is called as satisfied happy ending.
Synthetic D
Synthetic D 10 saatler önce
The 5 year later scene would be a great mid-credit scene.
Conor Gavin
Conor Gavin 11 saatler önce
Would be interesting to see this ending makes dany a mad character
مصطفى شامل رمضان جبير
Thats a writer manid your ends is epic put it doesn't include the good people killed not sure but that'll be more exciting though its epic ending ⏫😬⏫
Maria Savelyeva
Maria Savelyeva 13 saatler önce
Why couldn't this be the ending. The ending the stupid writers gave us makes me mad af, like what the fuck a 16 minute minute TRvid video created a better ending for GOT. A bunch of 40 year olds have been working on this show for nearly a decade, a show that arguably may be the infamous tv show ever written, a show that has millions of dollars, and yet they couldn't even create a decent ending. *face palm*
WujekFu 19 saatler önce
It would be great to see how she`s conquering the entire world and building her own empire. This is the ending I would love to see.
Celia Diao
Celia Diao 20 saatler önce
this really makes a lot of sense. by ending all the magic the whole world enters into a new era.
Enrique Medina
Enrique Medina 21 saatler önce
When i get to heaven I'ma ask god to turn this into the final season.
לוטם בן דוד
לוטם בן דוד 21 saatler önce
Yams Coco
Yams Coco 22 saatler önce
Your suggestions are therapeutic but I’m still salty 😤
A. C.
A. C. Gün önce
You only need one more episode to fix it. The last episode would be Brann waking up from his vision of the future and tells the others so they dont make the same mistakes.
Renee Rosè
Renee Rosè Gün önce
Much better ending. I would’ve rather watched this ending than the ending that was given to us.
J. Rayna216
J. Rayna216 Gün önce
I'll bet the two idiots never work again. They aren't creative, they took someone else's masterpiece and decided to make a statement. I just don't get why HBO ok'd it.
Dusk Apollo
Dusk Apollo Gün önce
I think this is a rlly great ending, I would love to have had this instead
Kay Henry
Kay Henry Gün önce
Night king was getting too powerful so he died at the right time or else the movie would be a lye about the death..
Bryan McCleery
Bryan McCleery Gün önce
At 10:20 I swear that dothraki looked like ubbe from Vikings!! Lolol
Kelvin Wachira
Kelvin Wachira Gün önce
I liked it this ending!
Loco Maximus
Loco Maximus Gün önce
I would have had her burn the tree, and it makes him mortal. But he can only be killed now with the dagger that the children used to make him, the same one Aria has now. They use dagger driving it into him, sticking him to the tree. See can also have him turn back to human after the tree he and the tree burns, like burning the night king layer off of him. Then when hit with dagger he ages rapidly.
Saurav Chowdhury
Saurav Chowdhury Gün önce
I wanted John and Jamie be killed and then secretly reveal that Cersei and Danny love each other and a live commentary by the Hound and Tormund as they make love.
Liliam Heredero O.
Liliam Heredero O. 2 gün önce
This video was therapeutic. Thanks so much!
Shreyas Pasalkar
Shreyas Pasalkar 2 gün önce
Please someone show this to dumb and dumb.
Jasmine Bloor
Jasmine Bloor 2 gün önce
You do remember that arya can only steal dead people's faces right? Also if the got did have more time they could have pulled of a Dany corruption arc. The ending does aline with the GoT theme, absolute power corrupts. Just wasn't done very well. Bran should have a role in government maybe as a royal advisor or something. Also I'm pretty sure that it was mentioned in earlier seasons that Dany CAN'T have childrem so if we go with your storyline, who will be heir to the throne? Still a good storyline though
Chloe Winsdale
Chloe Winsdale 2 gün önce
This is definitely an interesting take. That said, I feel like I'm the only person in the world who genuinely liked the season. The reason Dany snapped is simple: the loss of Jorah and Missandei. Those two people were the only things Dany had that were even close to a moral compass, and their deaths (paired with Missandei's last word of 'Dracarys') is why she steered down the wrong path. I could go into it further, but I already know the comments I'm gonna get on this by the salty fans. Flame away!
Sword Ablaze
Sword Ablaze 20 saatler önce
There are a lot of people who liked the ending. You're not alone. I actually agree that D&D butchered it but I'm not gonna flame on you XD My stance on Dany's ending is that it happened too fast. Yes, she was going to go mad. Most of us know that. But she flipped from "I don't want to be Queen of the Ashes" to "Burn them all!" in an episode... She'd always been working for the throne but had always had an appreciation for the general populace (evidenced by freeing slaves). Her anger was with Cercei, not KL as she wanted to rule from KL. I feel it should have been a far more gradual fall into madness than "kill the whole city because Cercei killed my best friend" - everyone lost loved ones and it didn't make sense for where Dany's character was.
Murph 2 gün önce
I think they could've gotten away with the season that was if they just made a few small changes. - First, flip the season around so the battle of King's Landing happens first, the battle against the White Walkers happens last. - Have Jon kill Dany, have Drogon fly away with her, and have Rhaegal decide to stay with Jon. - Make it clear that Jon HAS to lead the armies north against the Night King, but that Gray Worm, the Ironborn, and the Dothraki still want to see him stand trial after the war, or there will be no peace. - Leave everything leading up to the Long Night as is because the first half of the season was brilliant. - During the Long Night, Winterfell fights a losing battle on the ground as Jon battles the Night King in the sky. - Just as all seems lost, Drogon re-appears - being warged by Bran - to battle Viserion. Jon and the Night King get thrown as the dragons fight. - Jon and the NK have an epic duel but Jon is just too injured to carry on. All seems lost for Jon when the Night King is about to strike, but suddenly Arya kills him. - At the end of the battle, Drogon and Rhaegal burn the remains of their brother as a symbolic gesture that their time is done, and both leave Westeros for good. - Jon faces his trial, and everything happens as it did, only from Winterfell, not King's Landing. In the end, my biggest disappointment was how many theories and questions they left unanswered. I still believe a future Bran was controlling much o what was happening. I still believe Tyrion was/is a Targaryen. I still believe, and I still believe, and I still believe...Hopefully GRRM will live long enough to finish this thing.
Alice Myers
Alice Myers 2 gün önce
I am a fan of this ending, mainly because it doesn’t leave out key points of the story line unlike the original. The only thing that I didn’t get was how Arya has Jaimie’s face if he is still alive. The faces are of deceased people and they involve a lot of preparation; I would also think that Jaimie’s death by Arya would have been a scene in itself being that he is an important main character.
Allipops Princess
Allipops Princess 2 gün önce
Love this version BUT it still has a couple plot holes: 1. if Danny can wistand dragon fire then she's "magic" too so by destroying the tree and all other magic she would also burn to a crisp. Perhaps we get Grey Worm to save Dany somehow...? Should Bran die too because he's very old and a warg? 2. Arya can't morph into Jamie unless she killed him and taken his face, right? I would get Jamie to kill Cersei in the throne room so he can collapse into the iron throne (sobbing) I would then get Arya appear out of nowhere to slit Jamie's throat (whispering either names of killed Starks or her kill list... I can't decide). And when later Dany walks in to claim the throne we see Jamie walking away from the throne saying "i was only keeping it warm. Its all yours, Your Grace" which is all an homage to Eddard and Jamie scene after he killed Aerys. Only obvs it's not Jamie. Dany steps over Cersei' s body and slowly sits on the throne as ash falls through the open roof (Cut to black) I wouldn't reveal that Dany is pregnant before she flies to kill the Night King. I would incorporate Dany and Sansa stand off, with Sansa wanting independence for North and Tyrion as a reasonable mediator trying to keep things civil. Things get heated and Dany looks like she's about to lose her cool, she stands up and pukes. And this is how we find out she's pregnant. Because Maegi's blood magic to curse Dany' womb has also been destroyed when she burned the tree. What do you think? P.s. Overall I fully agree with everything in this video. These plot holes are nothing in comparison to the actual last season. This is just me adding a bit of my own spice 😉
Yams Coco
Yams Coco 22 saatler önce
I like it
Ashley Campbell
Ashley Campbell 2 gün önce
i liked your ending but i would not want jon to die i think going along with your story the woman in red Melisandre should not have dead as yet while dany in defeating the night king as u said in your idea of the movie Melisandre should say to Jon that "you wont die because...." and right before she she could finish that statement then her necklace would fade of her neck or something like that. Jon will try to talk to her and ask her because of what but melisandre would not get to answer the question because she would have died. i don't have an idea of what would have happen after that as yet because even the three eye raven bran stark would not have known. But i wish that they would redo the ending of the story but if u see this comment "Think Story" can u pls reply to this comment on your thinking of my idea mixed in with yours. i hope u like it tho.
Kathryn Weaver
Kathryn Weaver 2 gün önce
I love your ending !!
ACardenas1 2 gün önce
Well done!
Steve Knight
Steve Knight 2 gün önce
That's pretty good actually!
Eleanor Turner
Eleanor Turner 2 gün önce
I love the ‘5 years later’ idea!!! Brilliant!
Oscar Goodwin23
Oscar Goodwin23 2 gün önce
I have decide this is canon
Zanzo 87
Zanzo 87 3 gün önce
Imma just believe this is the actual ending cause the other one is poo
David Tran
David Tran 3 gün önce
D&D ruined the GOT ending because they don't know the nuts and bolts of GOT created in the original story lore by George RR Martin himself. Without the books to guide them, they were free to create their own lore past season 4-5 which overall works fine with me (give or take some shortcomings which include how they handled Stannis's fate), but they slowly but surely skidded off the rails until into season 8 when they went all in on the crapfest. Season 8 had some good but the overall collection of the bad was overwhelming - from how the White Walkers arc ended rather anticlimactically in terms of the final season, how one-sided the Kings Landing battle was, the unfinished arcs of the entire lore that were abandoned in the final season....while this alternative ending in this video isn't my most favorite way to end, it is leaps and bounds better than how D&D ended.
Emily Sanderfer
Emily Sanderfer 3 gün önce
Wait wait wait wait. 11:43. You say dany is pregnant. But dany can’t get pregnant right? Because the witch in season 1 (when she tried to say Khal Drogo) put a curse on her.
Mat Guerra
Mat Guerra 3 gün önce
So, How are you with book writing? Lol This Grrm Guy just basically let us know via blog that he has about 17 chapters written for winds of winter nearly 9 years (to the day) of Dance of dragons release. And I get the feeling he couldn’t possibly care less and makes it quite clear he doesn’t care about finishing and won’t let someone else do it so we might as well get this going now
Mat Guerra
Mat Guerra 3 gün önce
“If the ending was so bad-why don’t you trrr-Holy Shit, This is amazing!”
Drunk Love
Drunk Love 3 gün önce
I agree your ending would have been much better
Sheildon Narag
Sheildon Narag 3 gün önce
You deserved a like dude
Peter Peter
Peter Peter 3 gün önce
Who the fuck wrote the finale, I physically feel pain after wards.
Big Bardot Gaming
Big Bardot Gaming 3 gün önce
That doesn’t make sense Arya would’ve had to kill Jaime to get his face so like...
Mel Magallon
Mel Magallon 3 gün önce
I had my doubts, but this was VERY impressive!
Sneja Sneja
Sneja Sneja 3 gün önce
You are a fuckin' genious. This was beautiful. Just perfect. Helllllll YES🙃
Eliezer Vilella
Eliezer Vilella 3 gün önce
I know i just saw this late, but my friend you portraid the perfect ending for this series, this is what they should’ve done before killing a whole series with an awful ending
rangawhitearm 3 gün önce
Not bad except for the prophecy of Daenerys betrayal made in the first season, which needs to be fulfilled.
sagar saini
sagar saini 3 gün önce
I really feel good now, the way u narrate the story its amazing ❤️ and its the way its should be I wish it had ended this way..
SarCaster 3 gün önce
I was listening so carefully like i was watching a speech or something and he randomly said "like banging brienne" I AM DED
Randy Rost
Randy Rost 3 gün önce
it ended perfectly
Angel Co
Angel Co 4 gün önce
i like your ending so much better than the actual one, so i am going to etch this in my brain now. things i dont like in the final season: - the Night king dying just like that - Cersei and Jamie dying just like that - Dany dying just like that (or dying at all, why?!?!) - poorly thought of plot - 6 episodes are not enough, where is the justice things i like in the final season: - - - - sorry, i cant think of any, really. i will just think of this show having only 7 seasons.
sydney boudreaux
sydney boudreaux 4 gün önce
This ending is so much more better omg
Osmin 3. O
Osmin 3. O 4 gün önce
Solid plot! Kudos to you. I agree, the knight king was way more important than Cersei. I would’ve killed her at the end of season 7
Akshit Gupta
Akshit Gupta 4 gün önce
This ending was way better
flotador7 4 gün önce
Just like everyone else said, nice job. didn't like a couple of details but overall, much better than what the show did.
Jeff The turtle
Jeff The turtle 4 gün önce
Season 8 is summarized with "Now that's what I call A FUCKING DISAPPOINTMENT"
I agree with everything you say
13:01 stupid, sexy Flanders!
DeathAngelKari 4 gün önce
Maybe I would not be all satisfied as well with that ending. Because everyone has some dream ending. But I declare that canon now as my head canon ending. I like that idea.
Xenomorph 2150
Xenomorph 2150 4 gün önce
Xenomorph 2150
Xenomorph 2150 4 gün önce
Candy Neko
Candy Neko 4 gün önce
I hope they redo the last season and make it like this!
Kerbal Bob
Kerbal Bob 4 gün önce
If Arya has Jamie's face, he should've been dead
Ryan Graff
Ryan Graff 5 gün önce
That would've been wonderful to see. Cheers!
lacta_me_oreo 5 gün önce
Maybe Jaimie could kill Cersei before the battle cause she denied opening the gates to Daenerys's army and Jaime realized that if they don't combine their forces they dont stand a chance against the white walkers and for once again he decided to protect the people of the city. The problem though in your version is that there is no point for john to live just to die because Daenerys burnt the tree he has to play a role in the hole story BUT STILL it's so much better than the original ending
Aaron Rieg
Aaron Rieg 5 gün önce
Usually i disagree with script rewrites, but this is a season I would have enjoyed watching.
yes okay
yes okay 5 gün önce
Dude Jaime has to be dead for Arya to use his face.
Andrew Dougherty
Andrew Dougherty 5 gün önce
I really just wanted a trippy mind battle between bran and the NK with bran warging into the NKs body
Matt Vivian
Matt Vivian 5 gün önce
Dany can't be Queen at the end because it goes against A Song of Ice and Fire's main theme that familial succession is a terrible system. If she ended up on the throne, the story would be that of a dictatorship dynasty being overthrown for 20 years, before being rightfully restored. It's a horrible message. The monarch at the end MUST NOT obtain it through being the "rightful heir". That being said, Bran being King was shit.
Bradley Wedge
Bradley Wedge 5 gün önce
I'd like to point out a glarrrrrrrrrrrrring problem with your preface to your critique. You said you wished to give yourself the same constraints the show runners had. They didn't have a constraint of six episodes. They CHOSE to gradually shorten the seasons and blow six terrible episodes out like an all night coke binge. HBO told them they could have had as many seasons as a global phenomenon like that needed to do it right. Martin himself said it could easily have been 11, 12, or 13 seasons but apparently Dave and Dan wanted lives... but the sad truth is what they really wanted was to move on from train wrecking game of thrones (once they ran out of pre written material that's what it became) to write a star wars series with Revan and Malek being the focus. The only reason that hasn't happened and never will is the fact that Disney watched this train derail and decided not to employ more mediocre show runners to their already severely damaged star wars product.
ste wy
ste wy 6 gün önce
this is pretty good
Ismaiel Tape
Ismaiel Tape 6 gün önce
JHaz 6 gün önce
- Have Jon kill the night king in a dope sword battle - Have Jamie and Arya team up to kill Cersei. (Have Arya use her faceless bullshit power to accomplish that as to make actual use of that whole story arc). -Have Jon be the king as to make actual use of his targaryen name. -Make some actual use of Bran. -Make the long night battle visible Then do whatever the fuck else. Just don't fuck up almost every characters story arc for shock/surprise value. But for Christ's sake, if nothing else, just have Jon kill the god damn night king.
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