How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended

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Many were disappointed with the ending of Game of Thrones so I took the time to rewrite an alternate, new ending the way I would have liked to see. New plots for the Night King and several other characters.
Jump to my alternate ending: 4:43
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22 May 2019

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Think Story
Think Story 3 aylar önce
Well, at least we still have fan fic!
Libel TouRe
Libel TouRe 13 gün önce
Bang Arang
Bang Arang Aylar önce
I wish the writers would of not thought they were better or smarter than the audience after the 3rd season...facts
Tea time
Tea time Aylar önce
well done sir
will chap
will chap Aylar önce
Think Story you should do a rewrite this shit was epic
MuSIc HeART 2 aylar önce
Hey man please please please make your own season Your just awesome ..
Larimar Sky
Larimar Sky 3 saatler önce
This version is soooo much better. Can we have a remake??
Carl Bistline
Carl Bistline 7 saatler önce
I hate your idea here - so many things wrong with it. First off - you kept mentioning Lord of the Rings and you even said something about making it more traditional. GOT is only good because it is unique and not typical or traditional. Also - your version of the battle at Winterfell doesn’t really pan out either. You forget that the army of the dead won’t be tiring at all - while the humans will run out of strength and endurance - so they would never be able to make it to Kings Landing. And your idea of having Jon and the Night King fight it out is a little too typical and a little more what was expected from a fantasy series. The way they did it - a little more unexpected and seems a little more realistic. Another thing - you say Jamie should eventually complete his character arc and even kill Cersei - that sounds like an idea for a show designed to show that people can change for the better or something. The way they did it shows that even though he felt like he had to help fight off the dead - he is still Jaimie and he was capable of pushing a child out the window and attacking Ned Stark in the streets of King’s Landing. It is more accurate with his character and the atypical reality of human nature that is so well shown in this show to end his character the way they did. He would do anything for Cersei even though he knows what she is capable of. I was also really shocked at the last episode but you have to look at it like it is. Dany felt very alone in the world with Jorma gone and even Jon is unable to return her affection. She was on the brink of giving in when she got to Kings Landing - and when Cersei killed Missandei (I don’t know how to spell that name) that was the tipping point. In the end your basest instincts come out under that kind of situation and she couldn’t really control herself at that point. The biggest thing that didn’t make sense there is - why didn’t she take her dragon straight to the red keep and burn Cersei before the rest of the city? That is the only bell that didn’t ring - why take it out on a people that would have mostly just bent the knee at that point? But it’s like she says - Cersei was using the people’s innocence to protect herself and Dany was out of control and wanted to show Cersei what could happen. Finally - the part where Jon kills Dany. The most heartbreaking moment in the whole series. It was very sad - but he had to do the right thing. That’s who he is. Remember at the first when he is explaining to his little brother why they had to execute the deserted soldier? And though Jon gets sentenced back to the Nights Watch - he never wanted to be a king anyway. It’s kind of a relief for him. That’s my take.
Mike T
Mike T 8 saatler önce
Dude somehow you managed to write a worse ending than the DD did
Lizzie BENNET 10 saatler önce
I like this rewriting verty much. It makes me feel good. But... 1) what about Azor Ahai ? (more exactly his reincarnation) 2) Arya cannot take Jaime's face 'til he dies. And obviously Jaime is alive. 3) If magic disappear from earth, Jon dies, Drogon dies (how do Dany come back to KL ?), no more children of the forest or fantastic animals in the unknown north, no more magic in Essos 4) How can Ellaria Sand be unchained by destruction ? No more wall, ok. But the chains ? Nevertheless, I take your story as it is. Thanks again.
Surgery on a grape
Surgery on a grape 10 saatler önce
Its impossible to make everyone happy
Some Guy
Some Guy 11 saatler önce
You’re ending would’ve been way more entertaining to watch. The original fucking sucked
Lizzie BENNET 11 saatler önce
French subtitles : done (well, I'm not sure of everything, but it's not bad) What a pleasure it is to read a final season who respects the arcs of the characters ! I feel breathing again, with this new ending in my mind. I miss the "prince who was promised", but never mind. Thank you ! (Forgive my english, please)
Sovereign 13 saatler önce
someone needs to animate this ending and claim the glory!! imagine how much views it would get if HBO and GRRM didnt take it down..
Estefania Garrido
This ending has some things I like, but I find it too focused on Daenerys, it makes her the sole protagonist and ignores the fact that to some extent, she was a little mad... I don't agree 100% with how the writers made her mad, but a thing that seems even less likely is her bending the knee to Cersei, she would never, not even Jon did it in season 7... Most likely she would still take King's Landing by force with Drogon, but only killing Cersei and some guards... That also would explain Cleganebowl, as The Hound would face The Mountain to distract him while Dany, Jon and the rest quickly face against Cersei and her army... She still has a dragon... She would NEVER bend the knee while still having a dragon by her side
holamoco17 20 saatler önce
It's not very surprising it is focused on Dany as most of G.R.R.Martin's books are about Targaryens.
Stephanie M
Stephanie M Gün önce
I wanted Danerys and Cersei to both go down in the most epic girl fight. They come face to face in Kings Landing where D gets off Drogon and has words with C. Things are thrown and D remembers her best friend who died at C request. All the while C is leading D deeper into the castle while Drogon is screeching. C gas lead D downward and attacks her physically. Girl Fight! C gets her hands around D throat and Chokes her to death. Drogon feeling the passing of his mother has already been trying to dig into the castle to defend her. Drogon finally breaks through seeing his mother Danerys' lifeless with Cersei smiling at her killing the last Targaryen queen, and he bites her head off as she realizes she's about to die, and he burns everything and then flies off with Danerys' body. Okay, I really just wanted to watch Drogon eat someone.
William Lee Brown
wouldn't Jon be caught in the crossfire when Viserion breaths on NK and Dany knocking Nk
Digvijay Singh
Digvijay Singh Gün önce
This should be the ending. The authors or writers just choose a pretty shitty and out of character ending
Rod Kerkhoven
Rod Kerkhoven Gün önce
No.Too far fetched. There never will be another ending. The pathos achieved with the death of Jorah Mormont showed Emilia Clarke at her best and the destruction of Kings Landing was followed by a HItler,\Danearys in a cold and desolate setting all leading to the end of the iron throne. The death of the Queen and her brother, who should have had a dagger clip- on for his metal hand, was a suitable ending. This film series is a tragedy and there is no point trying to give it a happy ending,. Sure some of it was clumsy but all was viable. It did not stop me from watching it three times.:)
princess adna of maronia.
this is even better than those shit lords that destroyed GoT for all of us! i like your idea abute the ending, and i am a Daenerys fan and it really traumatized me what those shits did with her Character and i am verry pissed, to me Daenerys will always be Mhysa, braker of chains, and Dragon Queen. and the ending you came up with is verry nice, it made me smile.
tushar tembhurnikar
Bloody hell!! Are you some kind of proo . Your story is amazing.now that's how game of thrones is ended for me!!
Jman27 Gün önce
What happens with Ellaria in this? And Arya?
Jefferson machado de amarante
Beautiful Version! Congratulations!
I can't say I particularly like your ending as much as others that I've watched. From this, I expect that you just like the traditional and expected ends, which I suppose is fine. But the 'Come along, John' was just... far too cliche for my tastes considering what Game of Thrones is.
Fadhillah Rizky
Fadhillah Rizky Gün önce
Actually what happen in season 8 is good, remember dany always talk about the wheels she want to break, and that is bran, king or queen who choose not by heirs but because she/he deserve it.
Ryan Abernathy
Ryan Abernathy 2 gün önce
THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would have been such a wonderful thing!!!
kaveren2 Lel Xd
kaveren2 Lel Xd 2 gün önce
If i didnt type from a phone i would have told you why you are an idiot although you are not even worth my time + you don't even read this comment
Shelisa Daniel
Shelisa Daniel 2 gün önce
It's not 100% what I had in mind, but overall your version follows my own idea. It though Jaime should have killed Cersei under similar circumstance because she could just let go and let things be like your version. I thought Jon should have died just like your version because from the start , he has struggled with finding his place and where he belonged. Giving him a hero's death taking out the Knight King would have done just that. He would have done out something like Iron Man in my version so he could have been remember as a hero. But he still would have died, and yes, Dany would have been the one to walk away with kingdom and the baby she wanted since the beginning of the show, just without Jon. That's how you create a bittersweet ending.
supermichellehayden 2 gün önce
I love this version. Well done.
velvet vanderslice
velvet vanderslice 2 gün önce
I absolutely wish that you had directed that final season! Hearts and kisses!! Thank you
Don Enrico Saliganan
Season 6 was the best season. Season 7 and 8 should've just been adapted into a movie.
Aron Sutherland
Aron Sutherland 2 gün önce
No lie I didn’t start watching the show when most did. When the show ended I started watching season one and just did a total binge in a week. I think people forgot a few things and that is why so many people really hated the last season. For me season 8 was predictable. Nothing shocked me because I caught all of the clues early and knew the show would end the way it did. However, I did enjoy this rewrite! I think if people would watch just the first episode and they last season again they would get why it ended the way it did.
D Harlo
D Harlo 2 gün önce
Much better!
Wael Nawwal
Wael Nawwal 3 gün önce
I can’t get enough of this!!! THAT is good storytelling!!!!!
Sourav Verma
Sourav Verma 3 gün önce
If burning the tree undo all the magic..then Dany and her dragon must be dead too...Arya can use only the faces of dead people and you did not even consider jon being a targarean topic and what will varys do about it..but still its better than the real ending
Amanda 'Double Champy' Nunes
How did Arya get Jamie's face when he's still alive? You have to kill a person to wear his/her face.
Marios .l
Marios .l Gün önce
If you remember,back when Arya was training she did sth that the many face god told her not to do,so he had to kill himself because a life that should have been dead died.Then another many faced god showed up telling her to unmask the dead body and in the end,before she got blind,she saw the dead boby having a mask of her face.So I guess it makes sense !Hope you understood,cause I messed up a little ;p
agam singh
agam singh 3 gün önce
i have a question: when bran had fallen from the tower, didn't he get his powers by magic? so, wont he also die?
Yiannos Arsalides
Yiannos Arsalides 3 gün önce
I love your ending. Good job...
AP Trading
AP Trading 3 gün önce
Idk I liked the season 8, I low key even forgot about white walkers for a moment
Dmitri Goncharov
Dmitri Goncharov 3 gün önce
Dude! You should have written it and not those two. Sheesh.
Raphael Mury
Raphael Mury 4 gün önce
Too much talking on this video!!! OMG, the GOT final was a disaster, just say that.
D Harlo
D Harlo 2 gün önce
Dumbest reply ever
Happy Smith
Happy Smith 4 gün önce
I like your ending much, much better than D and D’s!
Aidan Todd
Aidan Todd 4 gün önce
With all the technology around these days, I’m surprised people don’t get together to re-edit season 8 to what they want. Using old footage with different backgrounds, some voice actors to replace dialogue, lip animation to change dialogue. It would be hard... but possible.
BiasedGrunt1998 4 gün önce
Thiiiiiiiis was pretty bad. Ngl man you kinda made this even worse. You had several plot holes, incorrect lore mechanics, and, in my OPINION, just terrible decisions, like killing jon, making Dany pregnant, etc.
IcarusBoy 4 gün önce
Your story would have been better, I agree. EXCEPT for the Jon vs Nightking fight, cuz that's too clichee for Game Of Thrones.
Elena A
Elena A 4 gün önce
Love it!
Nijah Victoria
Nijah Victoria 4 gün önce
I liked this until the Jon dying part I would be even more mad if Jon was brought back just to die cuz some tree was destroyed
Jeff Pryce
Jeff Pryce Gün önce
Nah, that canon ending sucked. This ending is more poetic. Jon gets a hero’s death, and in the end, his dream comes true: the woman he loves survives and lives on as Queen of Westeros, and with their son named after him. Not a bastard like he was raised as, but a legitimate child and the next heir to the Seven Kingdoms. A child that will get all the love Dany can give and have the life Jon always wanted. Which is ultimately what all parents want: for their children to have a better future than they had. He’d be getting the Iron Man send-off, which, while sad, is extremely satisfying.
Nijah Victoria
Nijah Victoria 2 gün önce
Cassie H I liked it for some reason, he went back to where his story actually began
Cassie H
Cassie H 3 gün önce
More satisfying than Jon being sent back to the Wall, a useless fortress that doesn't even need to guard against White Walkers anymore.
Yaboy 4 gün önce
Still in your version john being a targ is pointless lol
Hannah LaMarca
Hannah LaMarca 5 gün önce
What happens to Varys in your story line?
Emi Miller
Emi Miller 5 gün önce
It was sooo painful to listen to your stupid theory, but I made it through, yeeeaaaahhh......
TimeLapses 4k Life
TimeLapses 4k Life 5 gün önce
Wait a sec! How could Aria wear Jamie's fast if he isn't dead?!?
ludendorff 15 saatler önce
while we kinda forgot about arya face-swapping powers
kaveren2 Lel Xd
kaveren2 Lel Xd 2 gün önce
agam singh
agam singh 3 gün önce
@I live for suga's chop chop chop in Cyper 3 oh sorry my bad
I live for suga's chop chop chop in Cyper 3
@TimeLapses 4k Life god fucking jebishesh I get that considering that I literally agreed to your comment. Clearly, I was suggesting Jamie to be killed beforehand thats why Arya has his face. Did I even imply a halloween mask to be used??? Effin hell. It's a long running theory in this cult that I've been voting for for years.
TimeLapses 4k Life
TimeLapses 4k Life 3 gün önce
@I live for suga's chop chop chop in Cyper 3 by being align with the plot I meant that this guy said he wasn't changing all of the seasons, and since Arya's character was built really in the previous seasons (and also the logic behind the face thing), you can't decide all of a sudden that Arya can wear any face she wants, but only faces of dead people (preferably the ones she killed). Now, since she never killed Jamie (not even in this re-write), she can't be killing cersi with Jamie's face like it's a god damn Halloween. P.s although I would really be happy if she was the one to kill her.
Richard 5 gün önce
I still like the scene where ayra kills the night king, because that is very bad ass and surprising, but in my version the night king does not die. Instead he just throws ayra 20 ft away. Jon sees ayra in danger so he charges to help her but the whitewalkers surrounds him and he has to fight them off. Bran dies in episode 3 in my version. Ayra can not wear the mask of jamie cuz jamie is not dead. I maybe wrong but i think she can only wear the mask of her victims.
Marwa Issam
Marwa Issam 5 gün önce
Arya can’t put jamy’s face !! Cause she could only use the faces of dead person that been killed not a-life persons
Lolo Sadad
Lolo Sadad 5 gün önce
So much better
Zamo Zynn
Zamo Zynn 5 gün önce
This is canon now
BlackFLASH Pubg Gaming
So much True... Season 8 sucks..
Scorched Earth
Scorched Earth 5 gün önce
Awesome. I'd gladly pay to see your version.
Steve Lev
Steve Lev 5 gün önce
I like your ending better.
Alain F. Semedo
Alain F. Semedo 6 gün önce
very well sir
payson terhune
payson terhune 6 gün önce
MUCH better season 8
Alberto Polanco
Alberto Polanco 6 gün önce
A bunch of cry babies over someone else's art piece... They told the story of fire and ice the way they had intended and not some fairytale ending that everyone would be happy with. Why don't we get HBO to finish The Sopranos ending too...(Sarcasm)
Neal McKenna
Neal McKenna 6 gün önce
Your version is 1000% better than what actually appeared on the screen. Far more memorable and satisfying.
Brieen 6 gün önce
The fact that nobody on the “good side” sat on the iron throne with the music dramatically playing i the background was a massive let down for me
Mark Mark
Mark Mark 6 gün önce
Dumb and Dumber basically gave Cinematic Herpes to every GOT fan. What was once one of the most pleasurable experiences in life now is a lifelong burden of pain and anguish when we think of GOT. Remember you heard it hear first.
Eran Kats Music
Eran Kats Music 6 gün önce
Great job! One plot hole - When the tree burns the magic is finished and so Danny should burn in the fire with the night king. Peace
Andrew Vanacore
Andrew Vanacore 6 gün önce
If she was destroying magic, by burning the tree she would lose her powers and kill herself
SoulPatroller 6 gün önce
Love this because Dany gets justice
sumomo223 6 gün önce
This would've been so much better. I'm gonna remember this instead of the f*kery that was the actual show. ^_^
marc smouha
marc smouha 6 gün önce
To sum it up: toiletreads.com/2019/08/12/why-it-sucked-got-season-8/
Gaming XLXUXKXA 6 gün önce
Actually the real ending is good because it is realistic it shows that people can be hatefull(Deanerys) and that battles are not justly and are not always left for the end.
Laure Serger
Laure Serger 6 gün önce
There is just one problem with your story. Arya could not take Jaime's face because Jaime is alive. In order to have the faces, she has to take them off of the body.
Upasana Roy chowdhury
Woww.... This is the real story Remake ♥️
James Shepherd
James Shepherd 6 gün önce
Okay this is brilliant and my cannon ending for the show. You also gave me the confidence I need to become a screen writer because I also had the idea of having the Night King being victorious at Winterfell and if a genius such as yourself came up with that too the someone as dumb as me is good to go!
The slavaTLOM
The slavaTLOM 6 gün önce
but does'nt dany's fire resistance counts as magic too?
BK Short
BK Short 6 gün önce
Nice version, Pretty sure Jaime has to be dead for Arya to use his face though
Brett Bar
Brett Bar 7 gün önce
Sooo . . . Dany is surrounded by fire in her battle with the Night King . . . in every instance where Dany has been engulfed by fire she has not only survived . . . but comes out naked! OK. Im all for that version! lol
Davis Tsai
Davis Tsai 7 gün önce
I liked this version so much more. There was logic and continuity.
Davis Tsai
Davis Tsai 3 gün önce
My son wrote a short story and it had continuity. Then another time he rushed thru in order to play X Box and it was like Season 8. Only I could demand a rewrite in that scenario. GOT S8 had the largest budget. It did not go into the story. I think it went into the salary.
Yuval peer
Yuval peer 7 gün önce
Great work i wish it was true But i would suggest adding this part about arya, sansa, tyrion and jon who still didnt get their credict: in episode 2 when dany and sansa have their private chat, they actually finish it. daenerya tells her she is pregnant and sansa is really excited but asks afterwards what will be with the north, daenerys tells her that she can't seperate the kindom. Sansa knows that dany wont be able to win cersei's games after a hard battle with the walkers and offers her a deal that when the time comes and she needs her help against cersei she will only help her if she lets the north be individual. Dany is being proud and agrees thinking she wont need her. (To me, sansa's porpuse all along was to be the best player). During the battle arya rides rhaegal as well when jon comes down with it. After the battle you described they go to kings landing and dany bends as you said. To the tree jon and dany go together with the two dragons and then as dany burns the tree the night kings runs to kill her and jon is the one stabbing him and then dying as you said but his body isnt burning as she sees rhaegar's reflection in the fire. Meanwhile in kings landing at the peak of the battle sansa and tyrion find themeselves surrounded and then jaime comes and dies saving tyrion. After the night king dies and the army of the dead disappear cersei then plans to kill all the northmen and dany's people. sansa suspects cersei and tells arya to take jaime's mask (i believe that if arya wants to take a face of someone he needs to be dead first). Sansa goes to cersei and confronts her about her plans and their past and then cersei tells her men to kill sansa and to kill them all (dany's and jon's men) and then arya with jaime's mask enters and kill the men and then kills cersei. (To me elaria's part was odd). Then tyrion decides to talk to the people of kings landing who saw what dany did for her people to convince them they are better off with her. Dany returns and get crowned and after hearing what sansa and arya did from tyrion she decides to make sansa queen in the north and the two are friends. Arya plans to leave west and as she prepares the ship she sees rhaegal coming and she understand he wants to come with her and the two leave. (Dany approves).
Brett Dupuis
Brett Dupuis 7 gün önce
Awesome ending man. Just one question tho, in order for Arya to have Jamie’s face, wouldn’t she have had to kill him first?
Ramzi Salazar
Ramzi Salazar 7 gün önce
that was wild
Kayen 7 gün önce
Thank you i can finnaly rest
Pamela Seaton
Pamela Seaton 7 gün önce
That was amazing!
Matthew 7 gün önce
What if Arya killed Daenerys ?
Vicente Nocete
Vicente Nocete 7 gün önce
How would Arya have work Jamie’s face if he was still alive
Vicente Nocete
Vicente Nocete 7 gün önce
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