How FNAF Killed Its Horror 

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I've been a fan of FNAF since the first game came out and over years, I've noticed an unfortunate trend within the series that overtime resulted in the complete death of its horror. I don't plan on posting ONLY Five Nights at Freddy's related content on my channel, but I will stick to similar topics. I already have another FNAF video in the works that I plan on releasing within the coming weeks.
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0:00 - Intro
0:33 - Help Wanted
3:28 - Fazbear Frights
6:06 - Security Breach
6:39 - Design
10:31 - Execution
15:33 - Story
16:25 - Conclusion
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24 Eyl 2023




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THWAMPURT 4 aylar önce
Wow, I never expected this video this get this many views. I was at 5 subscribers when I posted this and as of writing I just hit 30! Thanks to everyone that supported the video and shared kind words in the comments!!! It definitely gives me the motivation to keep posting, I don't really want to lock my content to purely FNAF stuff but I will have some more of that out in the future. I also really like Pokemon so to all my new subscribers expect some of that as well. Again thank you for the support!!!
Relcilisity 3 aylar önce
Good Job!
*Ťä¢ōЀMøñ* 3 aylar önce
Awesome video 👍😎
Any Old Biscuit
Any Old Biscuit 3 aylar önce
FNAF 1 and 2 were the peak of the series for story and gameplay. I'm not as much of a fan of the gameplay in 3 and 4 but the story is still really well done in those games. FNAF 5 and 6 is where the series starts to jump the gun a bit and I start to lose my suspension of disbelief, but 6 is still a good end to the series (minus Scraptrap's poor design). Beyond FNAF 6 and Ultimate Custom Night, the series goes completely off the rails and I care little for it.
Torni 4 aylar önce
I really liked your analysis on this! One of my biggest problems with modern fnaf has definitely been the loss of its horror. Horror is one of the most powerful (if not, the most) genres out there. To see it seemingly left behind in favor of shock and/or marketing to kids is unfortunate, and I hope that future games in the series can improve on it.
WOllOW 3 aylar önce
It seems like it may be going back more into the horror direction looking at the trailer for the Ruin DLC and Help Wanted 2, I wouldn’t really count the Movie, but it does seem quite dark too, so maybe it’s going back into a more horror based direction, we’ll have to wait and see. I do personally like how Gliitchtrap was in Help Wanted, but that seems to be a very mixed thing within the community, Fazbear Frights I do see a problem with, but I don’t think it’s always bad, just really weird and confusing at times. Security Breach, now I actually like the game, I did enjoy it and still do, but there definitely is a lack of horror and it is more child-friendly, I wouldn’t really count merch as some people do as being related to the child-friendly connections, because it happens with basically everything. Overall, I think FNaF is on a good trajectory again for the next year or two, as long as the DLC is executed well, and the movie/HW2 are at least decent, after that though, it could either keep going in a more adult-based direction, or go back to being mainly child-orientated.
syweb2 3 aylar önce
2:08 I think that might just be due to the original voice actor leaving, but I'm not certain. 2:26 It _could_ stop working. The original blueprint stated that as an unsure speculation, and doesn't even mention souls. 3:40 When it comes to these books, I feel like they were mostly written by rushed ghost-writers who were given basic outlines of story concepts/ideas, which doesn't help things. 4:50 I think Scott might just be tired of FNaF and wants to make something else. He seems to really like Sci-fi stuff, as evidenced by the recent FNaF games and some of the games he made before FNaF, like The Desolate Hope. 10:06 Unfortunately, most of that characterization comes from the trailers. She has a grand total of, like, four spoken lines in the whole game, not including the endless repeats.
PH0EN9X 3 aylar önce
honestly deserves more subs the video is high quality and edited perfectly
SnakepitMedia 3 aylar önce
Something I wanted to point out as well The books has moments of having Fetishes within certain stories and as a book series (3 now) from SCHOOLASTIC it concerns me a lot when you think about the certain events in stories/canon fanfiction
Megan Addie
Megan Addie 4 aylar önce
If you're looking for another videogame to critique, I strongly recommend Bendy and the Dark Revival. SO. MANY. PLOTHOLES. I have beef with whoever approved that damn script. They destroyed the original game of BATIM. Amazing video, can't believe you don't have more than 67 subs (I added one for me). Fabulous analysis. 💕
Hawk Talon
Hawk Talon 4 aylar önce
Good explanation video. Deserves more views.
Wuxian 3 aylar önce
I think one of the reasons this game was so sloppy, and that there were so many cuts had to do with Game Theory a little. He guessed the plot of the game so often, that Steel Wool had to keep changing it, so at least some of the game would be a surprise. And by then, the deadline had come, so they had to get something out. So, if Game Theory actually kept quiet, maybe the game would've been a little better.
River River
River River 3 aylar önce
But to theorize is to guess based on clues and details, isn't it? You can't blame Game Theory for getting the whole plot right on the money because they correctly pieced all the evidences they could use to deduce. In fact, you should probably blame Steel Wool for caring so much about unpredictability and grandiosity at the expense of a more digestible and a cohesive story. Theorizing is partly what brings a community together, not apart.
GeneralLoser 4 aylar önce
ill say this, your deff going places, this is good content, even that thumbnail work was great
THWAMPURT 4 aylar önce
Thank you that means a lot! More like GeneralWinner!!!
ShadowBowser567 3 aylar önce
The game is flawed yes, but It does have a lot of things I really like about it, The Pizzaplex is easily my favorite map in the franchise because of how detailed and colorful it is, While the Glamrock animatronics aren't that scary, I still really like all of them a lot, I think they're some of the best characters in the franchise and I love all of their designs, Monty is my favorite animatronic in the franchise along with Foxy, The 4 Glamrocks, The Daycare Attendant and DJ Music Man really carried this game for me. Don't hate me it's just my opinion.
Pygargue00fr 3 aylar önce
You can argue that everything post fnaf 4 was slowly the begining of the end, from a believable horror story toa comedic scy-fy convoluted mess, and let's not forget the many redcons and rewrites of the story post fnaf 3 and 4. Here's a few: The purple guy's identity: from phone guy/realistic depiction of a serial killer, to Afton, who was a failure from the start by being a goofy not scary mad scientist super technicien with a british accent. To a somewhat scary virus to peepaw afton. Gets burned 3 times, always comes back pls stop. The bite of 83 originaly being planned to be the bite of 87, according to lore points in the first three games and promotional art for fnaf 4. Redconned. The nightmares, real or nah? Redconned. The Aftons? Good characters or inconsistant messes? Redconned again and again and again. The end? Depends on wich timeline you like, fnaf 3? Fnaf 4? Pizza sim? The toy animatronics, possesed or nah? No clear awnsers, suggested they are possesed. Redconned out of existence so much it's like fnaf 2 isn't even real. The shadows, what are they? Believe it or not, but they had major plot implications at some point. Especially when linked to the killer. There's so many more thinks I could say, but I won't out of respect for bohmth Scott and his Franchise, but damn as fnaf falled appart!
syweb2 3 aylar önce
Cool comment, great points all around, but I would like to mention that it's spelled "retcon", as in "retroactive continuity".
Pygargue00fr 3 aylar önce
@syweb2 Thanks mate;)
Pygargue00fr 3 aylar önce
As a Thank you: Here's a potential retcon: The Killer's suit: Back in fnaf 1, the news articles states that the presumed culprist had used a Freddy Fasbear suit, and in Fnaf 2, The Phone guy said that someone used a "Yellow one". Since we know that Scott dosn't really plan anything ahead, it couldn't be the Spring Bonnie suit. So, it's heavily implied that the suit used was acutally the Golden Freddy suit. It can explains why the animatronics stuff you into a freddy suit especially. to confirm what they saw I could also explain the existance of Shadow Freddy: The suit of the killer, with the color associated with the killer, now in fnaf 2 it's pretty much an illusion. However in Fnaf 3, since he happears mostly in the minigames, that means that color has meanings, and here's the thing, if he is an illusion, how can he move, talk, and why does he bring us to Purple guy? because it's him, the color purple means that the character is hiding in the shadows, and that his indentity is hidden. Knowing this, here's what probably happen: Purple guy wears the golden freddy suit, uses it to lure the animatronics to the safe room, and since they aren't programmed to see or enter it, they bug out, making them and the ghosts vulnerable. that also explains why there are five kids at the end, yet only four suits.
syweb2 3 aylar önce
@Pygargue00fr No problem. That's an interesting point you made about potential retcons, but didn't the original article just say that the killer used a mascot suit without specifying which one?
Pygargue00fr 3 aylar önce
@syweb2 I think so? I might be wrong on that specific line there, however I must redirect you toward the first Silver eyes book, wich directy tells us that he used BOTH suits. Wich was kinda implied in fnaf 3 as well.
Runny Tinkles
Runny Tinkles 3 aylar önce
The animatronics were just turned into humans re-skinned as animatronics. How are they mysterious when they can jump and move around just like a person? Why does every animatronic talk in threatening sentences? Why would they be programmed to be able to do that in a kids restaurant? The series really jumped the shark.
Smugster 3 aylar önce
This is a great video from a small content creator (no offense) You should keep doing this sorta content.
Logan Entertainment
Logan Entertainment 3 aylar önce
While we've had other indie games after it, like Bendy, DDLC, Poppy, etc. (not counting Yandere Sim or Garden of BanBan, because those games, and their devs suck) Even though the indie games after Fnaf became a hit, their success couldn't be compared. Fnaf is one of those franchises that we still love, but still question to if we should have just have it end with the 7th game/UCN. I overall love Fnaf as a franchise, and yes its had its bad eggs and rough moments, but that's not stopping me from loving it. Is Fnaf scary now? Kind of Did it used to be scary? YES Is it still a good franchise? Sure You aren't wrong THWAMPURT, Fnaf these days isn't as scary as the franchise used to be, but its still a pretty good franchise. I have high hopes that the Fnaf DLC, Fnaf Help Wanted 2, and even the movie will either give it the boost it needs, or keeps the franchise stable enough to continue. Personally if I owned Fnaf, when the franchise officially ends, I would remake the whole series. Make new characters, a more solid story, and give more lore that is a little complicated, but can be put together into a solid story.
Mo0nLIgHt 4 aylar önce
I love this..But i disagree with some things, now i think some people forgot that the game got rushed by the people, other than that it would of lived to its name and it was a free Rome game so we knew it was going to take a while, And the agony part is introduced in UCN because we saw how mad she/he was but was not confirmed until the books, And the tales of the pizzaplex are events BEFORE Gregory as the FASBEAR FRIGHTS books are based by people experiencing the crimes of fasbear entertainment. (Note that this are my thoughts, pls do not take this serious these are my opinions) :)
Games With Jaymes
Games With Jaymes 4 aylar önce
the team was at home half of SBs development too cuz of COVID
syweb2 3 aylar önce
Security Breach suffered from scope creep. The developers kept adding on to the original idea, making it at least three times as big as they originally planned, and then couldn't keep up with the new, larger project.
PandaSloth Productions
I nearly screamed when I finished the video and saw you only had 42 SUBS??? You are extremely underrated! You’ve earned a sub. Good luck on your yt journey
THWAMPURT 4 aylar önce
MSMPerson (KaijuPerson)
THWAMPURT 3 aylar önce
@MSMPerson (KaijuPerson) I caught up to you
MSMPerson (KaijuPerson)
THWAMPURT 4 aylar önce
The RUIN DLC looks SUPER good, expect a "How FNAF revived its horror" video if it lives up to the hype.
Martin Mateja-Tjessem
Martin Mateja-Tjessem 4 aylar önce
I think the scariest thing in the trailer (in my opinion) is Monty. The Jumpscare looks good not scary But good. His design is creepy But i think the dlc might have potensial.
syweb2 3 aylar önce
IF it lives up to the hype. We were super hyped about Security Breach with the first few trailers, and look where we are now.
Sonic. mid
Sonic. mid 4 aylar önce
1:36 I really hate to be that guy but glitchtrap isn't William Afton. According to the books..yes those glitchtrap was an endoskeleton who mimics people. Its creators son died and he mimicked the son and he mimic the son which enraged his creator which enraged his creator. The Creator beating the crap out of him and he mimics that behavior
THWAMPURT 4 aylar önce
I'd hate to be that guy too
nay 3 aylar önce
youre so real for this 😭
Artic 3 aylar önce
Did you know the actor of sl afton and hw afton either retired or quit the fnaf voice acting ?
UpbeatTerraria 4 aylar önce
scott confirmed that he’s not canon in the universe
THWAMPURT 4 aylar önce
Badbadman38 3 aylar önce
Im pretty sure that security breach was also rushed because it came out way before it was supposed because people are impatient
THWAMPURT 3 aylar önce
The fans had nothing to do with it, PlayStation rushed the game out.
Badbadman38 3 aylar önce
@THWAMPURT oh I just heard that it was the fans
ghostpad gunship
ghostpad gunship 3 aylar önce
"How did this happen?" Me: *Slowly turns to matpat*
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira 3 aylar önce
When they announced Security Breach I was hoping it would have been another point-and-click nightguard game with new animatronics and some original mechanics but I actually got a game made for fucking TRvid Kids. I'm saying this because my main problem with this game is that it isn't SCARY, like, AT ALL. Can this really be worthy of being a game of the series that terrified me and my friends for all of our childhood? Can this really be worthy of even being called a horror game? I don't think so.
Letsplayreacktsmann 4 aylar önce
Great Video!
Bradlee 3 aylar önce
i’m only disagree with the designs, though not scary, these are some of the best animatronics designs this entire series has ever made.
HardDestroyer 4 aylar önce
You are gonna become a big youtuber
THWAMPURT 4 aylar önce
that's the dream!
LoneWolf 3 aylar önce
i was not scared of fnaf when i was a child because i knew the animatronics could not leave the pizzaria
Ax31Tomb 4 aylar önce
This aged well
THWAMPURT 4 aylar önce
I'm glad I got the video out before the recent updates
Ax31Tomb 4 aylar önce
Yea 😭 but I definitely can agree that Fnaf has been deviating from the horror aspect, it seems like it became more about "story" instead
fat cat
fat cat 3 aylar önce
if you think why security breach characters arent scary so i think the reason is that because if the glamrocks were scary. children would shit their pants if they saw them scary while watching do the thingy i dunno like rock or wat
Yve Sherwood
Yve Sherwood 3 aylar önce
I understand your opinión but i love Security breach
THWAMPURT 3 aylar önce
I love it too! I just dislike a lot of elements of the game.
Liv the PERSON
Liv the PERSON 3 aylar önce
BTW Scott didn't make Help Wanted (what i said might not be true because I found the fact on TRvid)
THWAMPURT 3 aylar önce
Steel Wool made help wanted and Security Breach under Scott's direction
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor 4 aylar önce
Here’s your 29 sub!
Zhier Rackley
Zhier Rackley 3 aylar önce
I hear PING STEP!!!!
Alexander Dahms
Alexander Dahms 3 aylar önce
Communty doesnt help
the army man
the army man 4 aylar önce
i sub
Chost-05 3 aylar önce
I dont consider security breach as a part of the series because its so very disconnected, at best it seems like an april fools parody of the series, or some cheap illegal knock off. Visually its not even remotely similiar to the rest, the charachter designs as easily the worst theyve ever been. The game itself was barely playable on release, the gameplay isnt particularly good either so theres nothing redeeming about it.
snip snip
snip snip 3 aylar önce
take my sub and grow as a channel, but please invest in a microphone
THWAMPURT 3 aylar önce
It's the first thing I plan on buying to improve my content!
duck 3 aylar önce
I miss the genuine fear this game gave me and security breach was not scary at all it was such a shit joke of a fnaf game and a stain on the series in my opinion
Alex and Aubree show
Alex and Aubree show 3 aylar önce
Glitch trap Is a good villain and you know it
Spinokid8124 4 aylar önce
Bri'ish william afton is better
Wraiththecat 3 aylar önce
This is a bad review. The pizza plex is A MALL not a horror attraction that’s why it’s so bright and plus glitch trap is a vary cool villain
Metrical 3 aylar önce
Only 100 subscribers?? Deserves way more, just subbed 🫶