How Expensive is Istanbul? The Ultimate Travel Guide to Istanbul

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Istanbul travel guide for Turkey is your perfect tour guide to Istanbul in Turkey. I will explain and show how expensive is Istanbul for tourists? I will show you the cost of Hotels, hostels, food, transport, and places to visit in Istanbul. Let's get started.
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16 Jul 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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There are many non-Urdu viewers who follow my channel, and they requested me to make video in English about expenses in Istanbul and so I made it. it's good experience to make videos in English for broader and worldwide audience. but I'll keep posting in Urdu because that's easy to make. stay tuned for upcoming video from Istanbul about living costs in Istanbul, work/job and business in Istanbul. good topic, isn't it?
Zahid Khan
Zahid Khan Aylar önce
Bhai mujy ap sy kuch information chye plz Can U reply me plz brother
jahanzaib malik
jahanzaib malik 5 aylar önce
salam bhai i am gng istabul in march 2020 plzz send me ur number i really need u
ハハハハ 7 aylar önce
Which months of the year is a good time for travel?
Zaki Razali
Zaki Razali 7 aylar önce
Greetings from Singapore! As a non Urdu speaking person, I find your very informative and helpful. Thank you for showing the cost of living as myself and my wife will be travelling there for our holidays in April.
Abdul Razzaq
Abdul Razzaq Yıl önce
O bhie tujhy sahi urdo bolna ati nhi aur English ki tangin tor rahe ho.
Fahad Mehmood
Fahad Mehmood 4 gün önce
Abdul bhai why you didn't go to rural Turkey?
Usama Gul
Usama Gul 8 gün önce
Sir can you tell me the name of your hostel?
Mubeen Khan
Mubeen Khan 14 gün önce
O bhai urdu bol
Ihsan Zafar
Ihsan Zafar 15 gün önce
Asalam o Alikum bahi Turkey refuse visa k bad kab tk dobra aply kr skty ho or after refuse kya chanses hoty han or passport ke kitni value rah jati ha
BoZ TürK 88
BoZ TürK 88 19 gün önce
Saima Ishaque
Saima Ishaque 22 gün önce
Plz wataap number I tell to you regarding trivling
malik Basit
malik Basit 26 gün önce
he is too funny with his expression, No offense!
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali 27 gün önce
AoA your vlogs are so good we are planning for turkey we are 4 friends and making plan for 15 days can y help me what was cost fir 15 days pr person
Alam Wazir
Alam Wazir 27 gün önce
Der khkulay. Well done
أكل بيتي وأنا ,Beyti Cooking
Yes ,thank you for doing this video in English. It’s very well organized from beginning to end . LOVE IT . 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
I'm glad you like it
Husnain Sunny
Husnain Sunny Aylar önce
turkey may pharmacies or medical stores hy ya medicines sirf govt ky hospitals sy milti hy please tell me
Syed Saqib Ali
Syed Saqib Ali Aylar önce
Abdul Waleed bhai i want a goto China so please Contact me Ss8063244@gmail .com
ALTUN Altun Aylar önce
Kanki bu nasil English taciz ettiniz pleas yaaa
Zaman Khan
Zaman Khan Aylar önce
Best video
Fahad khan
Fahad khan Aylar önce
Wali Bhai plz make video in pushto
Mirza Wasim Baig
Mirza Wasim Baig Aylar önce
Good video V informative Uk 🇬🇧
munir ali saiyed
munir ali saiyed 2 aylar önce
Urdu kutte
Elabicu 2 aylar önce
Nice video thanks. I have alsoe been in Istanbul and i have recorded it ULTRA natural scenes (like you are there) and published it on my channel. Have a look at it.
Fayaz Ahmad
Fayaz Ahmad 2 aylar önce
Young man I'm enjoying your videos fantastic well done beautiful editing black music.
Prashant J
Prashant J 2 aylar önce
Ultimate guide to Istanbul. Your regular viewer from India.
Hasanএই হারামী মুরখ Zahid
very good video Mar.Abdul
Lone Warrior
Lone Warrior 2 aylar önce
Bhai Urdu mai video karlo. Majority viewers will be Urdu speakers.
İlhan ÖNDER 2 aylar önce
Awais Ali
Awais Ali 2 aylar önce
Bhai jaan meharbani . agar English he bolni h to hum koi or Chanel dekhty . meharbani Karen . apni zuban pay ayen jinno language kendy nay . shukria
Muhammad Imran Khan
Muhammad Imran Khan 2 aylar önce
Also the museum pass can also be used for multiple persons
Muhammad Imran Khan
Muhammad Imran Khan 2 aylar önce
One card can be used for multiple persons?
Ibrahim Khan Lodhi
Ibrahim Khan Lodhi 2 aylar önce
Very nice and very informative also .... I will only say Zabardast ✌
S. Yusof
S. Yusof 3 aylar önce
13 ads are you fucked? What a joke
arYaN ALi
arYaN ALi 3 aylar önce
love u muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
KJ 3 aylar önce
ISLAMIC ACADEMY 3 aylar önce
Kore angrez ban rahe he🥴😄
Mudasser Ahmed
Mudasser Ahmed 3 aylar önce
Ap ki achi aur khubsurt video k sath .humay English b sekhnay ko mill rahi hai🌹🥀🌺love from uae
Julio Gonzalez
Julio Gonzalez 3 aylar önce
Fantastic video thanks so much. What’s the name of the store where you can dress up like a sultan?
Aftab Ahmad
Aftab Ahmad 4 aylar önce
Hello Angreez da putar na ban... bande da putar ban k Urdu bol ok...
waseem butt
waseem butt 4 aylar önce
Good bro
Lovely Khan
Lovely Khan 4 aylar önce
Where we can get Istanbul card?
Ali Bilal Baloch
Ali Bilal Baloch 5 aylar önce
Abdul Wali bhai, i am sorry, but i want to correct you. The bus you came from; probably havabus or havaist, those buses go to sultanahmet directly from both the airports, which are Istanbul main airport in European side and Sabiha airport from Asian side.
Huri Besler
Huri Besler 5 aylar önce
İf come in İstanbul ,firstly buy İstanbul card.Havabus inculed all public transportion (local minibus without)for used this card. Bitaksi app search and booking taxi app..Traffi app or İETT app public transport info.Any problem dont wait call 155 police line and say 'Yardim edin ' and say location.Every street corner put label street name,example '........... Sokak or Sokagi' Sokak =Street.Dont remember touristic places food and other things always expensive,ask a local young people 'where is local food place.
Saqlan Ashraf
Saqlan Ashraf 5 aylar önce
Urdu nai ande tano
Muhammad Rashid
Muhammad Rashid 5 aylar önce
Bhai urdu main bola kro plzzzz😇
Abldeghafour Bouchoucha
How much the bus from airport to city ??
Nazgul Nazgul
Nazgul Nazgul 5 aylar önce
Probably one of the best Istanbul guide video out there.....
Nasir Mahmood Qureshi
Nasir Mahmood Qureshi 5 aylar önce
Yusuf Shafeea
Yusuf Shafeea 5 aylar önce
Very useful ♥️👍🏾
Sign_Of_London 5 aylar önce
بھائی صاحب !ً انگلش میں تو ھزاروں ولوگز ہیں آپ اردو پہ ہی سیٹ رہیں اور اپنے آپ کو ایزی رکھیں- ویسے بھی انگلش آپ پہ اچھا اثر نہیں چھوڑرہی۔ آپ بہت کرب میں نظر آرھے ہیں۔
kibria world traveller
my derem turkey travel
Nabeel Ali
Nabeel Ali 6 aylar önce
asalam alikum Wali bahi total cost kitana hy visa any aor jany ka bary may zara thora bata dy aor dosra ye k agar koi banda ider hi rehna chata ho tu os k bary may detail dy plz agr koi banda ek week k liy jay tu kitna cost aye ga shopping waghira k bary may be batha dy tu bohot mehrbani ho gi bahiya
MOHAMMAD Yameen 6 aylar önce
love to turkish people out there
Ami Patriot
Ami Patriot 6 aylar önce
Love your gulabi English bro
Muhammad Ibrahim
Muhammad Ibrahim 6 aylar önce
how much you spend total in pakistani rupee in three days including ticket and visa expense
azam khan
azam khan 6 aylar önce
Good work
Sara Jan
Sara Jan 7 aylar önce
i wanted to ask what kind of transport should u take if you have a lot of baggage and big family?
DarkCity94 7 aylar önce
Very insightful video, thank you!
The Mighty Sparrow
The Mighty Sparrow 7 aylar önce
It’s Expensive
Afnan Aftab
Afnan Aftab 7 aylar önce
best country in terms of beauty history culture food and most important thing value for money . . .
ML&MD ART 7 aylar önce
You made great video my friend, I can compliment you for that ! But your information for the prices in Istanbul is totally wrong ! The prices you are showing are in Sultan Ahmet area which are twice or maybe more than normal prices in Istanbul ! As a tourist you can visit Sultan Ahmet or Taksim but you don't have to spend your money there . And in the end you mentioned 30 euro in hostel per day which in reality was the price for 3 days you spend in this hostel ! I want the people watching this otherwise great video to know that prices shown in the video are much higher than the real average prices in Istanbul !
cephas fiadzo
cephas fiadzo 7 aylar önce
really good information
Sb Mallik, James
Sb Mallik, James 7 aylar önce
Nice video ! Keep it up !
Arun Barve
Arun Barve 7 aylar önce
I intend to visit this all round country in Sep 2020 . Your video shall be helpful to me being the latest .
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