How Every Single Pixar Movie Advanced 3D Animation (Part Two: 'Brave' To 'Luca') | Movies Insider

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Leonardo Gonzalez
I really like how almost all of their obstacles and solutions were essentially: "We need to simulate X, but our X-simulating program isn't powerful enough... well, time to make a new one!"
Jarman 5 aylar önce
Program isn’t working Pixar: fine, I’ll do it myself
AEtherOcelot 7 aylar önce
Not only that but making it 20x more powerful aswell, leaps beyond their needs and movies as a whole benefitted.
Javier Acevedo
Javier Acevedo 8 aylar önce
Well, when you go and see their career listing you undestand this, they ALWAYS are hiring new systems and software engineers.
Armando Piscoya
Armando Piscoya 11 aylar önce
Pixar every 3 min Hold up, i gotta invent something
Couch Potat
Couch Potat Yıl önce
they never stopped because it was hard
Spotty Yıl önce
People really don’t understand just how hard animation is do they?
Tren Haios
Tren Haios 4 gün önce
No. Not they don't :',)
Jekins 2 aylar önce
it's not about animating, it's about creating the tools and math for it, computer graphics is on another level.
Luke Attard
Luke Attard 6 aylar önce
Even the simulations themselves, most people think its just one button, I use Houdini and its anything but. You often have to write your own code to customize the the simulation or even the nodes themselves by diving inside of them(ex. solvers)and must have an understanding of the relationships between hundreds of nodes(data stored in kind of squares which allow for proceduralism) and their various parameters while having an understanding of physics. It's not easy as one button.
LazuliArtz 6 aylar önce
Every time someone is like "BUT IT'S JUST A COMPUTER DOING IT" it ticks me off. 1. Someone had to put a lot of work into making that computer do something like this. It's a lot of mathematics, physics, and coding knowledge 2. Simulations can only get you so far. It can't generate a movie without the work of talented animators creating all the keyframes, and animating the things that can't be simulated.
SSj Enforcer
SSj Enforcer 7 aylar önce
Just mocap it and hit save. What's so hard? 😅
Sam The Animator & Comedian
They spend years animating even though they know dang well that the majority of viewers won't appreciate the animators. I feel like i should read credits now
Koppii! Aylar önce
Viewers won't but the art community will
SlyCooperRN 2 aylar önce
Nah. Not gonna waste my time doing that 🤣
Leah Lattanzi
Leah Lattanzi 2 aylar önce
i appreciate them :)
TotallyHumanGamer 2 aylar önce
IKR we need to give them more credit
Jumbomuffin 13
Jumbomuffin 13 2 aylar önce
They get paid 🤷‍♂️
The Flat Ass Society
Every time when I watch this type of videos my respect for animators just 📈
Fast Forward
Fast Forward 4 aylar önce
Software engineers are good but the Animators are unmatched.
Crying_chihuahua 487
Crying_chihuahua 487 10 aylar önce
i think its just better if you just respect everyone
Stealth Productionz
Stealth Productionz 11 aylar önce
@Rigby Productions it's impossible to put it together. Making a person moving their arms to open a laptop and pressing buttons smoothly and very well done took me about 3 hours even with cutting corners. It takes YEARS of practice to even be considered good at what you do. It's never easy. I've been doing it for about 5 and more than a half years now and I've gotten studios complimenting my stuff and being hired by others very quickly. My channel doesn't show it at all since its dated af but yeah
Cyber Toad
Cyber Toad Yıl önce
As amazing as the animators are these are more software engineering breakthroughs
wolfrainexxx Yıl önce
@Rigby Productions By that logic, then laziness doesn't exist, because we all struggle everyday to live.
Pat B.
Pat B. Yıl önce
I actually got to meet one of the artist/programmers who worked on making those clouds on the good dinosaur. I never saw someone so excited and gitty to talk about clouds in my whole life. I'll never forget his energy and hope one day I'll have the same passion and energy with whatever I do.
David Swanson
David Swanson 2 aylar önce
@C Schulze yeah it would have looked just fine if they scaled back the realism, in order to match the characters. I guess I just enjoy the odd mixing for whatever reason. I do believe that the hyperrealism was mainly a business choice (flexing their muscles for the industry to notice their prowess) rather than an artistic choice.
C Schulze
C Schulze 2 aylar önce
@David Swanson But Arlo, who looks like Gumby, doesn't mesh with the hyper realistic and natural world either. And Spot as well with his wonky inhuman anatomy. If you don't want Walking With Dinosaurs documentary snorefest, I get that. But then at that point just make a cartoon living in a cartoon world and embrace it. The hyper realism could have easily been scaled back to fit the character designs. I would point out, if a hyper realistic, fully anatomically correct, and extremely detailed T-Rex model got put into a panel of, say, the Peanuts comic with a simplified background theeeere's a tonal dissonance in the visual composition.
David Swanson
David Swanson 5 aylar önce
@J H I like the contrast between the hyper realistic world that the cartoonish designed dinosaurs live in. Just imagine how dumb a real looking dinosaur would look in that movie as the story is being told. It’d just look like some overly mature science channel piece.
Fastben Supremoo
Fastben Supremoo Yıl önce
@J H ?
blujay Yıl önce
That’s really awesome
BasicallyI'mCrap Yıl önce
pixar: faces a problem also pixar: aight bois, hold tight, 3+ years is how long this is going to take
Wei 2 aylar önce
Also pixar: is one decade late on a technology. Refuses to use existing tech and instead spends 3 years making their own version
Attila Kiraly Art
Attila Kiraly Art 2 aylar önce
Something artists at VFX-only studios could dream of....
The competitor
The competitor Yıl önce
@Vojacked cyberpunk wasn't rushed it was the fan Base who rushed them
Rahul Khanduri
Rahul Khanduri Yıl önce
@Nicole Jasien Because Pixar learned this lesson a really hard way. Just watch behind the scenes of Toy Story 2
Vojacked Yıl önce
Also the bastards who rushed Cyberpunk:
Catherine Gomez
Catherine Gomez Yıl önce
People, before, would tell artists that they're useless in society, but they forget all the entertainment, inspiration and joy they bring us while growing up.
TotoIsAyal 9 gün önce
@Shane Tuma Dude took art lessons from the wrong guy. Tsun Zu isnt really good at drawing.
Shane Tuma
Shane Tuma Aylar önce
Yeah, just ask the aspiring artist Adolf Hitler :).
babann Yıl önce
@Halfastar Ironnuggets art itself and successful well-known artists are respected, but you'll hear countless stories from aspiring artists or ppl who do it as a hobby being told they should do something else since art isn't viable, the "starving artists" trope, or straight up that's its a useless profession compared to higher paying jobs. Maybe some of it is misguided parents wanting the best for their kid, and the rest is ppl that really dislike art being too loud about it
Halfastar Ironnuggets
Who exactly said that? Because it seems to me that art has always had a respected reverence throughout human history
Coral Yıl önce
My principal suggested that I do engineering with robots instead when I told him I wanted to be an animator. It was because artists don't get famous until they die. I wasn't really offended but I wonder what would've happened if I followed his advice and gave up on art.
Jay-T Yıl önce
Seem like Pixar/Disney invites a new 3D engine with every movie.
TotoIsAyal 9 gün önce
Say hello to toaster, it's like blender but better, all because one characters eyeball didnt work.
SpaceboyCT Studios
SpaceboyCT Studios Aylar önce
Is that the reason why Pixar never did an adaptation?
MistyWhis[ 2 aylar önce
@Makoto Ichinose didnt they release their program for animating? i think its more expensive than maya tho.
woke up a clown today /name req by h jackson 🤪/
@Pumpkin Clouds FREEDOM? Ha! Disney hardly lets some things slide out of homophobia and stuff. light year, I think it’s a sign that they are finally lightening up
stinkyyy 7 aylar önce
more like they make a movie just to showcase their new fancy tool
nicole on feels
nicole on feels Yıl önce
One of the many reasons why I enjoy animated films over regular ones TBH.
Strawberry Seal
Strawberry Seal Yıl önce
Yeah, while I respect the acting and camera control in live action films, animation is able to bring in a lot more magic and emotion to me (especially being an animator myself)
Mitchell Sturtevant
Me too! The way I see it (nothing against filmmakers) but really any monkey can just film something
Also I think that's the point of drawing in the first place ...is to create something that doesn't have any limitations ...
@Rodney Cooper Jr I agree 👌
My Syntax
My Syntax Yıl önce
That Halo Guy
That Halo Guy Yıl önce
We should really appreciate the animators hard work
efwfew 5 aylar önce
more like software engineer, since every time they have to "find/create a new way" it's not animator doing it, but tech people. let's thank everyone :)
Suraj Gupta
Suraj Gupta 7 aylar önce
3D artists not just Animators, animation is just a part of entire 3D process
Ciclon5 Yıl önce
@macross_56 we should appreciate everyone in the creative process. programmers, animators, artists, storyboard artists, conceptual artists, everyone involved, marketing, etc
Frankerzed Yıl önce
*The programmers and tech artists hard work
That Halo Guy
That Halo Guy Yıl önce
@Fortimus Prime I know how that feels. I just tried 3D animation for fun and I literally became so thankful for the 3D movies they make I mean it was so complex I didn't even last a week. So I started watch every single detail and the credits.
Omaris Powell
Omaris Powell Yıl önce
I feel like movies like Soul is really bringing attention to animators now and how truly astounding their work is with the incredible visuals they make. They’re finally getting some recognition for all the work they do with the help of videos like this, that bring their existence to light as well as their talent. I really hope that they get more credit for what they do and hope the small recognition they get will grow as animation gets better until they finally get the plaudits they deserve.
John Wick
John Wick 7 aylar önce
@Disunity Holy chaos Netflix? Lmao are you a kid? It’s on Disney plus my guy
KariKuriFox KKF
KariKuriFox KKF 10 aylar önce
just a note that this video shows more of the software engineer side, and not the actual animator side.
Disunity Holy chaos
oof! wish i could watch the movies like soul, or luca when it hits in netflix.. being F2P watcher cant subscribe cause i got no digital money/card but love to see good 3d animation work
Ehhh Yıl önce
I don't care if people don't like Good Dinosaur (though granted the story isn't good and that is valid), the effort they put into the animation and realism should be acknowledged as a work of art!
MaksBall 2 aylar önce
The Good Dinosaur is my favourite animated movie.
Dark Chip Charlie
Dark Chip Charlie 5 aylar önce
I actually don't think the story is bad. I think it's just as good as things like Inside Out because it's still a complex story about feelings, about overcoming grief, not projecting what you feel into other people, and overcoming your fears. The Good Dinosaur is one of my favorite films and ranks up high on my list.
Al and Tal
Al and Tal 7 aylar önce
@Asdvvvvf man, Bob would really be disappointed in your thinking, very shameful.
woke up a clown today /name req by h jackson 🤪/
@Asdvvvvf also things for kids shouldn’t be bad just because they are for kids man 🙄
woke up a clown today /name req by h jackson 🤪/
@Asdvvvvf so is soul which does not hide that it’s about existentialism and that you die, and you go somewhere when you die. Based on your logic that’s something kids can’t grasp and shouldn’t be a movie for them
Hisyam Yıl önce
Pixar : *realises that a background character is slightly glitching* Also pixar : *makes a new animation system to remove the glitch*
Ian Ilari
Ian Ilari 8 aylar önce
Because Pixar learns from their mistakes
Hisyam Yıl önce
@TurtleKwitty huh
TurtleKwitty Yıl önce
@Hisyam You're also entirely right, theres other explainers that show the tech used for the octopus was actually first made forthe purple octopus toy, they could easily have replaced the character with any other toy and made ti work but nope
Hisyam Yıl önce
@Aooga its a joke
Aooga Yıl önce
everything that was made of bones was glitching not just a background characthter jeez
TKG Yıl önce
The attention to detail is amazing
It is ...the guys in the background put the extra effort in to create the experience ... Especially the audio engineers ...Sound FX and film score is life
ashwini bailur
ashwini bailur Yıl önce
Incredible tech innovations there! You people are beyond the word "genius". Kudos and heartfelt gratitude to the entire Pixar team for entertaining the audiences with such super high quality stuff.There is no better storylines produced than you guys do. Love you lots Pixar! Keep rocking!
Cybermesh Yıl önce
The one thing that stood out to me about Luca's monster-transition animations is that they never show the tails appearing at the base- only as a side effect either off screen or obscured by other parts of the body or other people. Must be that they couldn't find a realistic way to show it. And how about the *water*! The entire Portorosso Cup sequence is just amazing.
lexi 11 aylar önce
I noticed that too, how they never showed their tails actually dis/appearing, but honestly I get it haha I feel like that would be difficult
Cybermesh Yıl önce
@Brianna Walker Moana was made by Disney Animation Studios as opposed to Pixar, which is a Disney owned subsidiary. I do not know how much, if at all, they share animation technology/ techniques.
Brianna Walker
Brianna Walker Yıl önce
Weren't the water programming breakthroughs created with Moana?
Max Leroux
Max Leroux Yıl önce
What I'd like to know is "how" Elastigirl can stretch her body to wild proportions. Seriously, how does her character rig work? 🤔
Fully Suave
Fully Suave Yıl önce
the video said she has a normal rig and a stretchy rig, probably uses blend shapes or no bones whatsoever inside the stretchy parts, and uses triplanar texture projection basically to keep the texture clear and not stretched. they either had to animate the stretchy by hand as it inflated or flattened or they calculated using physics WITH animating slight behaviours. maybe there were more than one stretch rigs fit for the scene even
CarboHydrated Yıl önce
The strechy model its made with physics and not with a rig, I think
icecream hero
icecream hero Yıl önce
They explain it in the Incredibles dvd commentary. They have a Normal rig for Hellen that can't stretch and when it is time for her to stretch they swap the normal model for the stretchy one.
Louise J
Louise J Yıl önce
Boy, Pixar is just such a great studio
Gummy Aylar önce
Wow, it's rare a part 2 has more views than a part 1.
car rot
car rot Yıl önce
Truly a team full of talented artists, still I wish Pixar did more interesting movies and not just remakes or toy story 6
Veidt Gothzalez
Veidt Gothzalez 2 aylar önce
Benjamin Loyd
Benjamin Loyd 2 aylar önce
Corporate hates risks, as Pixar becomes more corporate, they will take less risks on unproven IP
Ada Muffoletto
Ada Muffoletto Yıl önce
...most of the movies on this list were original IP.
Danielle King
Danielle King Yıl önce
And that's why every single Pixar movie is just fking AMAZING. The animation alone, and then the story, dialogue and scenes. Nothing tops Pixar. They have never had a bad movie. 👏👏👏
Vojacked Yıl önce
Sorry but the first fight scene in Cars 2 totally hooked me in.
Scilla Burton
Scilla Burton Yıl önce
I really didn't like Soul or the Cars sequels but everything else they did is amazing 😁😁
Roblox Lover
Roblox Lover Yıl önce
Danielle King
Danielle King Yıl önce
@SonicFan #91 Of course!! I was just saying that they shouldn't have made the sequels. Toy Story is the only one that I loved all the sequels though. They weren't dumb or embarrassing. Oh, and I guess the Incredibles sequel wasn't bad either, but not great. My statement was any ORIGINAL Pixar movies are all fantastic. 😄
SonicFan #91
SonicFan #91 Yıl önce
@Danielle King Do you like the original Cars, because I love it.
Hope Fox
Hope Fox Yıl önce
I've always wondered how the transformations in Luca were done. Now I know how Pixar did them. Great movie!
Mockermay Yıl önce
They put too much details in animation and there’s me who just watch the movie not even noticing those….
Makoto Ichinose
Makoto Ichinose Yıl önce
2:33 - I think Global Illumination per mentioned here is more in line with full path tracers as opposed to just the GI as a whole. We already have stuff radiosity to get GI working for years before Monsters University came out, prominently being used in games. However, this poses limitations, being less dynamic compared to hacky solutions in game engine's raster renderers like screen space GI or voxel GI, or full blown path tracers in offline movies. Though I might be confusing the different variations of GI, since I only work with game engines as opposed to offline renderers.
Diego Vicencio
Diego Vicencio 5 aylar önce
You are correct, also bump mapping existes long time ago, however they are mentioning it very superficial, the innovation was on "ray tracing like" global dynamic illumination as Unreal Engine 5 does now in real time. It just saved on rendering instead of just RT the whole thing.
Eduardo Souza
Eduardo Souza Yıl önce
Great series! Being a fan of Pixar, really enjoyed the breakdown of new techs.
Snowy Yıl önce
It blows my mind that every time they encounter a problem they always tackle it and that it usually takes years to find a solution to also help others in the future
Sathri Vlogs
Sathri Vlogs Yıl önce
That's years of hard work and struggle for art and entertainment.. Those who studied animation appreciate even more.
Pinguin Vovka
Pinguin Vovka Yıl önce
As 3d artist I should say. Every innovation in this list - was innovative for pixar themselves. Literaly. For example GI (Global illumination) have been used by different studios for years before "monsters univercity" even Shrek 2 used it. Same with clouds, same with shaders, or advanced rig systems. They are catching up with technology, not inventing.
pulse27 4 aylar önce
they simply evolved their versions of those things, they invented different systems for previously existing things, different systems that end up with very different results.
T 5 aylar önce
Thanks for this comment, I've been doing 3d animation off and on for 15+ years and I was like... Absolutely none of this is new to Pixar for these movies. The tips and tricks and even tools they "created" have been around years before those movies were in production, saying Pixar created global illumination was like a punch to the face lmao. Pixar was catching up, not innovating! Preach
Zipzapimoncrack 5 aylar önce
As a 3d artist as well, this video really annoyed me. Surprised nobody is really talking about this same point
Ty 6 aylar önce
I was gonna say that, a lot of the stuff mentioned on here has been used for more than a decade than the movie itself.
needamuffin Yıl önce
I'd love to work on the tech for a Pixar movie. I'd also be interested in seeing some of the old movies remade with modern tech. The Incredibles with the tech of the Incredibles 2 would be amazing.
lord lem
lord lem 7 aylar önce
I feel like movies like Soul is really bringing attention to animators now and how truly astounding their work is with the incredible visuals they make. They’re finally getting some recognition for all the work they do with the help of videos like this, that bring their existence to light as well as their talent. I really hope that they get more credit for what they do and hope the small recognition they get will grow as animation gets better until they finally get the plaudits they deserve.
T 5 aylar önce
It just sucks this video actually puts Pixar in a bit of a hole. Majority of the video is praising Pixar for creating things they DIDN'T make. All the tips, tricks, tools they "created" already existed years before they made it for one of their movies. Global illumination is the easiest one to point out, it definitely wasn't made for monsters university (2013), it was used in Shrek 2, (2004). Pixar has always been relatively behind in animation, they just don't let it look that way. I think THAT should get praised for sure.. but this video makes Pixar look like they want to take credit for things that already existed. All this video did was remind me how far behind Pixar always has been. Source: been animating for 15+ years and already was using most of the tools they "created" many years before the films for them came out- tho some had different names
Mitchell Sturtevant
GOSH!!! Not only are they creative in their stories and concepts, but in their technical work too🤩
Jean-Marc Ducommun
Jean-Marc Ducommun 5 aylar önce
Well done! Highly interesting and raises my awareness for the relentless technical development in the field of animated movies where Pixar obviously commands a leading position. I will definitely look with different eyes the next movie with my little daughter. By the way I think Pixar's know-how will play a big role in the upcoming Metavers if that materialises really.
Philip Seven
Philip Seven Yıl önce
Thank you so much for this! Now I kind of expect a Part 3 within the next decade, along with upcoming Pixar films and exciting new animation possibilities!
Queen tamer
Queen tamer 11 aylar önce
Pixar is so dedicated, they build a new system in like every movie to make it closer to perfection
Pfincess Aylar önce
To any and all gamers watching: This is the future of your games. Look at it and take it in... Then when the years pass, and we reach this point. Take a moment to step back and see where we came from.
jalabi99 Yıl önce
This is why I always stay through the credits, to see who made the movie. Kudos to everyone at Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic, Perception, Digital Domain, Imaginary Forces, etc.
Michael Werkov
Michael Werkov Yıl önce
Let us never forget that Ed Catmull, who won that Oscar these videos talk about, colluded with other graphics companies to suppress the wages of the artists and programmers who make this happen. Ed Catmull deserves something alot worse than that Oscar.
Coldermusic27 Yıl önce
The realistic camera work in toy story 4 were what made it stand out for me. Yeah… the lighting was also amazing… obviously, but those camera work was like the digital camera was an actual camera 😁 (similar to the walle one)
Dead Dog
Dead Dog Yıl önce
Really wish they could show us the transformation rig for like. Like they did for the others
Roblox Lover
Roblox Lover Yıl önce
@virgodmonkey GOD LOVES YOU
virgodmonkey Yıl önce
Yeah! I've been wondering what it looks like/how it works ever since the first trailer came out
Steve O’Brine Animations
Thanks for this video series, it was really informative and behind the scenes looks at animation like this is always really entertaining and enjoyable for me. Glad that more animators have been getting the attention they deserve in recent years.
Fred Dino
Fred Dino Aylar önce
Amazing ❤
An Absolute Nightmare
I never noticed how much effort goes into these films… I really need to start paying attention to these things now given the effort each team puts into them.
Ivy Moonsong
Ivy Moonsong 2 aylar önce
I never realized how beautiful the lighting in monsters university was until now
Miseralis yeeeh
Miseralis yeeeh Yıl önce
I always watch these movies with full attention because everything just looks so beautifuly animated that I cannot take my eyes away.
Shreyash More
Shreyash More Yıl önce
I love such videos thank u so much for bringing the lights to unseen pain and efforts of animators programmers and all the artists😍🔥❤️
Bloop 8 aylar önce
These animators are amazing! Their work goes underappreaciated
Michael Erekson
Michael Erekson Yıl önce
I loved this series! Thank you for making it
Inkia io
Inkia io 2 aylar önce
I've always been fascinated on how the animators created these details and now I'm even more impressed
shizahn Yıl önce
Forgot how beautiful these movies actually are.
Mikeohc Yıl önce
Pixar's tech and art department is just too good!
Takahiko Sugimura
the people who worked behind the scenes making animation in films possible should be paid and recognized more :)
Daniel Rébora
Daniel Rébora Yıl önce
I didn't even notice that Joy produced light particles! The amount of work put into such details is incredible
Abelhawk Yıl önce
Awesome! I hope Disney starts treating Pixar more like an equal than they have so far. They deserve it.
Bob Destri Hilgenberg
Disney has always been at the forefront of all things animation. Even before they bought Pixar they knew enough to fund their work. What a great marriage.
LF COOKER 10 aylar önce
The moment they said that braves hair was developed for 3 years...and after that they would use it for so many other movies, that gave me big confidence to spend lots of time focusing at 1 thing in music, so i can later use all i learned and make smt perfect xD
LF COOKER Aylar önce
@Adinda Citra well, by "1 thing at a time" i meant, focusing on writting good melodies first, and hang the mixing/drums part
Adinda Citra
Adinda Citra Aylar önce
Eh... if you just one man team or it is a personal goal like making a music you don't want to fixated on small detail because if you do you won't deliver anything as a result and you're more likely to feel frustrated and stop. Pixar do it because they can, for the rest of us individual or small team just continue make garbage project into less garbage project. It's not much but it is honest work, we will get better overtime so stop thinking about small details because remember perfection is an enemy of progress.
Dylan BB
Dylan BB Yıl önce
its literally so much more efficient to do taz than literally animate each strand and curl of hair. props to the team who developed it
Henry AB
Henry AB Yıl önce
Pixar is such an amazing Animation studio.
RZ GAMEZ • Inscreva-se!
♥️ Disney could be the heart thing but Pixar got the brain. Love it!
Mar Yıl önce
I watch animation movies mainly to get impressed by the animation itself
Bonzo 4 aylar önce
It's also worth noting that 'Finding Dory' (2016) was the first Pixar film to use a re-engineered version of RenderMan, their biggest change in 25 years. That's why Pixar movies after 'Finding Dory' had a much more realistic look to the textures and environment, as well as lighting.
sylkates 5 aylar önce
They're so innovative. It makes me wonder if they sell their animation software. Usually it's software companies that put this much effort into making new systems!
geniusonyeo Yıl önce
They're the true witches and wizards!
geniusonyeo Yıl önce
@Ryan Roshan 😂😂😂😂😂
geniusonyeo Yıl önce
@Seraphim's FORGE-MASTER exactly! Film magic ✨😭
Everyone putting in is excellent at the their craft ... because even the voice actors [ who usually get most of the recognition ] they're skills still makes the film the magic it is ...
Bryan Turnbow
Bryan Turnbow Yıl önce
It’s amazing how many details they’re able to pay attention to now days.
Deivid Granblue
Deivid Granblue Yıl önce
That's why I love Disney in all ways. They combine the art of modeling (and animation) with the story itself. The result is what we love for the rest of our lives. To hear they evolve in surprising ways... That makes me believe in this magic forever.
midnight at 3
midnight at 3 Yıl önce
This kind of dedication and resilience is sooooo underrated. They never settle for less, even for the minute details, and never choose the easy way out.
Alexa’s Fun World
I like the way they animate Hank from Finding Dory because the way he moves is so nice and he’s my favorite character in Finding Dory.
Miseralis yeeeh
Miseralis yeeeh Yıl önce
I always watch these movies with full attention because everything just looks so beautifuly animated that I cannot take my eyes away.
chimp 7 aylar önce
The sound design is incredible too!
stevie vaughan
stevie vaughan 2 aylar önce
and we’re literally watching the evolution happen in real time. someday “the next pixar film” will be essentially live action because of how incredibly realistic everything is becoming. didn’t the original animator for the water in the good dinosaur get laid off because his water was “too realistic”?
Chukkrit Visitsaktavorn
Piano and guitar playing scenes was outstanding animation. This video is missing the town in CoCo part it’s also was generated the entire background scene with AI.
janajayjana Yıl önce
people who have this as their job really deserve more recognition and honor their work is so underrated and they put effort in every single detail like damn my respect for them📈📈📈📈📈
Afraid Monsters
Afraid Monsters Yıl önce
Brave es such a beautiful and amazing movie. Watched it a few nights ago. I kinda want to again. Hoping for brave 2
Charlotte B
Charlotte B Yıl önce
Very informative video ! I feel like watching hours of documentary on the topic
It's amazing how they make everything Soo detailed💕💕💗
jearl blah
jearl blah 5 aylar önce
It’s interesting to see lots of this tech make it’s way into video games like volumetric clouds
The first A
The first A Yıl önce
When I first saw the trailer for Brave, I couldn't even grasp the main premise because I was so blown away by Merida's hair. I'm a redhead too, but it's mostly straight.
aiyopasta Yıl önce
If I ever, for some strange reason, become a director of films, I'd friggin make the names of all the animators, engineers, etc like bold italicized and underlined with 40 size font and include pictures of them or something
BitterJoy Yıl önce
That would take alot of effort, plus no one stays for the credits, plus no one wants to see pictures of people after watching a movie :/
C Schulze
C Schulze 2 aylar önce
My art college had a guest speaker from the Good Dinosaur once. It was a few months before the movie's release. She didn't mention the technology for the clouds, but gushed about the river in the movie and how so much effort was put in the physics and realism for the water. It was strange to hear that was her biggest praise when there's usually talks of story boards, characters, modeling with rigging, and stuff in general more active in the movie.
Alap Naik Desai
Alap Naik Desai Yıl önce
These videos help understand and explain the 'Why' behind... Why do you love animation despite being an adult.
Michael Werkov
Michael Werkov Yıl önce
pixar actually seems to be behind the curve with some of this given these descriptions... i wish these exposes showed a little more technical depth, even though i know thats not quite the audience this is aiming for
simple things
simple things Yıl önce
Derpy Possum
Derpy Possum Yıl önce
Pixar is the definition of Talent, change my mind.
Angie Yıl önce
I love how (atleast to my knowledge) they don’t get lazy and just find a way around their obstacle and cut things out because it’s too advanced. They actually find a solution and use techniques they’re constantly learning, to use in other films. Videos like this really power my hopes in becoming an animator one day :)
Sam Welker
Sam Welker 8 aylar önce
For those watching this is fun to watch but it’s not completely accurate. Global illumination for example has been around for decades now and I am not certain Pixar even invented this (or the tessendorf ocean simulation method in the last video). That all being said these videos do a great job talking about how Pixar solves issues with technology and they are very well researched for the most part.
JeskidoYT Yıl önce
Pixar in 2030: "CGI+: It's like real life, but it is"
Crysley Xavier
Crysley Xavier 2 aylar önce
I didn't realize how amazing is Merida's hair. Light, textures and physics are beyond any AAA game from 2022.
Me Doing Stuff
Me Doing Stuff Yıl önce
I play piano and was thoroughly impressed with the movement of Joe’s hands when he was playing piano in Soul. I had no clue they were able to do that.
PieVio Yıl önce
Ikr! I heard they were actually hitting the correct note...did they?
Kufunninapuh Yıl önce
Seeing Hank for the first time is one the most beautiful things I've ever seen on screen.
Kyra B
Kyra B 8 aylar önce
Genuine question: with the tailor rig, it seems like they kind of innovated the clothing tailors out of a job? Would that not just keep happening?
avergyu. 2 aylar önce
watch this make me want to watch all of the animation movies and say thank you everytime it gets so realistic
Luna Le Tuna
Luna Le Tuna Yıl önce
Pixar still feels like Apple They may not have invented anything but they sure do have the best implementations of things
꧁Galaxywolf꧂ Yıl önce
I love how they take their time to make movie
Venmon G
Venmon G Yıl önce
no wonder Pixar movie always great. the effort they put in it really great. they always create new tools(program) when needed or when have problem , thats crazy. they dedication is no joke
Molly Hunter
Molly Hunter 2 aylar önce
It’s crazy because seeing these details pointed out like this finally puts a name to what I found beautiful in each movie - the quality of the food in Ratatouille, the reflections on the cars in Cars, and the depth of view on the jellyfish in Finding Nemo all mesmerized me as a kid, and now I know why!
Choppi Samer
Choppi Samer Yıl önce
Dear Insider. It would be so cool if you could do a dreamworks animation vid. They were revolutionary
Alice Machado
Alice Machado Yıl önce
Eu não sei nada sobre animação 3D, mas se eu tivesse que adivinhar eu acho que o mais difícil deve ser fazer o cabelo/pelo dos personagens
The Animator's Headspace
Another great video, loved it!
ygslsty Yıl önce
VR technology with this high-end quality of animation would be awesome.
Undertale Taze
Undertale Taze Yıl önce
I have always wondered how they did this
Ace Singer
Ace Singer Yıl önce
You know I’ve always wondered…what program does Disney and Pixar use to animate their movies?