How Draymond Green Was after hitting Jordan Poole in practice

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6 Eki 2022




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Braxton Robertson
Braxton Robertson 3 aylar önce
Green: “Steph I’ll hit you next” Kerr: “ I wish you would this whole franchise beat yo ass” I’m still recovering from that part 😂😂😂😂
Extraordinary 2 aylar önce
The whole franchise cheerleaders GM and coaching staff 😅🏀
Simple View
Simple View 2 aylar önce
Dray vs the dub nation😂😂
Oppai 2 aylar önce
draymond would not be playing anymore if he hit steph
g wyatt
g wyatt 3 aylar önce
Hunter Senpai
Hunter Senpai 3 aylar önce
Draymon would turn into 69 and not be able to walk without hired security in GS because thats the player that brought em 4 banners and changed the game. Best believe he would have to live in alaska or hawaii
Magneto Rex
Magneto Rex Aylar önce
this was so perfect and so hilarious, well done guys 👏🏼
KB MadeIt
KB MadeIt 3 aylar önce
NY/SD-Master Slaygunz
NY/SD-Master Slaygunz 3 aylar önce
It's not gonna leave the gym.....that part had me lmao rofl
EATMAN888 3 aylar önce
Honestly i can see him saying that in real life.
Ace Beats
Ace Beats 3 aylar önce
Ben's knocked out pose is underrated 😂😂
UnexpectedWonder 3 aylar önce
Toxic Runner
Toxic Runner 3 aylar önce
"That's michael jordan" "Im draymond green" 😂😂😂😂
Los Aylar önce
I think I’m an Aries
If Draymond did Steph like that he wouldn’t have made it out of the practice facility 😂
Damir McLean
Damir McLean 2 aylar önce
He couldn't stay nowhere near the Bay Area
Jon White
Jon White 2 aylar önce
The corporate staff and under armour would've came and beat his ass
Wolves Revenge
Wolves Revenge 2 aylar önce
@No Thanks Bro bro it be crazy how people be taking jokes like this so seriously, people just got a lotta hate to let out of their system. 💀
some dude in the interweb
@Marlon I believe he's speaking martian
KC 2660
KC 2660 3 aylar önce
@Vitor Costa That's what I'm saying, Steph probably would have thrown hands
9383troy 3 aylar önce
the fact that he ignored him saying he would drop wiggins but immediately cut him off when he said he would punch steph had me rolling
adjoolie Aylar önce
Poor Poole man
bplayerr1 Aylar önce
This made me realize no one bad Poole's back... smh
santoxsniper 3 aylar önce
“You the team leader so I guess I’m go home” 😂 “Stepphhhhh” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Deven Kellster
Deven Kellster 3 aylar önce
“I ain’t even hit him that hard- Damn my hand hurts” gotta be a top ten line
Ryan Clayton
Ryan Clayton 3 aylar önce
That shit hurt 🤣🤣🤣
bootleg papi
bootleg papi 3 aylar önce
@Jack Wrath it’s okay bro we know you want attention
Brookelynne Newcomer
Brookelynne Newcomer 3 aylar önce
@sjq Usgs delete yours first
Lil Eazy
Lil Eazy 3 aylar önce
@Jack Wrath delete that comment
Luke12 3 aylar önce
@Timmy Ggz TV grove street home…at least it was before I fucked everything up
oOYourdadOo 3 aylar önce
Nobody peeped Poole was still talking shit after getting hit 😂😂 Ben/Poole: “I didnt feel that that…” Mark/Green: “You felt something cause my shit hurt” 😂😂😂 Yall be on point with these skits 1000% 😂😂😂
The Rose Project
The Rose Project 3 aylar önce
Yes.. we all watched the same video.. we all heard and saw it ..
Diarmid Hawkins
Diarmid Hawkins 3 aylar önce
Never seen these guys before. But that was funny as hell. You channelled Draymond perfectly 😂 I'd imagine it wasn't far off what actually happened. You just gained a fan/ sub from the Scottish Highlands. Bravo sirs 👏
babysho 2 aylar önce
They been around for years watch their old videos you'll love it
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DaMet Walker
DaMet Walker 3 aylar önce
“What Wiggins?!” at the end had me dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
subaru zigzag
subaru zigzag Aylar önce
Wiggins will drop draymond's ass for sure
michaelmaccrazy 2 aylar önce
He pressed Wiggins twice during that bit and Coach Kerr didnt say a word....the moment he went after Steph the coach damn near snapped 😂
Malik Wright
Malik Wright 3 aylar önce
I love how he was concerned about his hand more then anything 😂
DeAndre Dukes
DeAndre Dukes 3 aylar önce
Always count on RDC to turn every trending topic into comedy gold
ko 3
ko 3 3 aylar önce
Leavyon Blake
Leavyon Blake 3 aylar önce
@BrothersofOG You odd
Courtney Gunter
Courtney Gunter 3 aylar önce
@BrothersofOG Bruh, what? No needed to. Could say the same thing about your corny ass comment.
Roberto Clemente
Roberto Clemente 3 aylar önce
Fastest in the business! Love it!
The Raw Family
The Raw Family 3 aylar önce
They be hella quick on them video to
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich 3 aylar önce
"Them 3s don't mean nothing to me". Pure gold
Chef809jman #
Chef809jman # 3 aylar önce
I love how he subtly says “Send that to me!” Lol 😂
Joanna 3 aylar önce
"I barely hit him...damn that shit hurt" man I haven't laughed that good in a while.
Dan Aylar önce
“What Wiggins? What?”
Sayyedain Haider
Sayyedain Haider 3 aylar önce
I miss Mark’s Draymond impression, literally the funniest one.
Al-Vi-No! Duel World
Al-Vi-No! Duel World 2 aylar önce
Klay: I was on defense. Draymond: defense? Tuh Klaaaay, they scored 50 points in the first quarter, how’s that defense? It’s Draymond vs the Cavs out here. *KD walking away* Draymond: hold on KD, where you going? Back to OKC? To the Cavs? Don’t jump ship yet, it’s just one loss. Tuh course we’ll never know with you…snake ass.
David Pizarro
David Pizarro 3 aylar önce
Subway got a new Draymond green sandwich call the clubbers knock you out with one bite
Marcel Amazan
Marcel Amazan 3 aylar önce
No cap 😂
King Kong46
King Kong46 3 aylar önce
@Jeff bruh that shit took me df out
Florian Gerber
Florian Gerber 3 aylar önce
Hell nahh Doc rivera
John Bankhead
John Bankhead 3 aylar önce
“Special Guest, Jordan Poole”. I’ve been laughing for the past 10 minutes straight. Face Hurt Comedy 🎭
Sweep the leg
Sweep the leg 3 aylar önce
"I'll hit you next Wiggins" 🤣🤣🤣 I lost my shit at that. That was funny
Lilliana 💖 32 y.0 -check My V!deo
Green: “Steph I’ll hit you next” Kerr: “ I wish you would this whole franchise beat yo ass” I’m still recovering from that part
jerzon 3 aylar önce
The way Draymond bullies Wiggins 🤣
whatsmypassword ?
whatsmypassword ? 3 aylar önce
Draymond’s punch was more accurate than his shots
Ryan Molstad
Ryan Molstad 2 aylar önce
@WeDemBoyz u got em mixed buddy
Fabian Mascorro
Fabian Mascorro 2 aylar önce
Aj Sardin
Aj Sardin 2 aylar önce
On bro
Chessbox09 3 aylar önce
Dana White should sign him
StelioKontos 3 aylar önce
So y’all don’t think it’s possible to make the same joke someone else has already I guess everyone is all knowing and all seeing 😂
Dakota Anderson
Dakota Anderson 3 aylar önce
The part that disgusts me the most is that when you are a professional athlete getting paid millions of dollars to be in a workplace you should all garner equal human rights and respect. If Draymond hit klay or curry like this, he would be tried for assault and in jail that day. It shouldn’t be different and any human being that gets assaulted that is a multi million dollar athlete in that facility has the right to not have the fear of walking into practice and getting your lights knocked out
Mr HEEM 2 aylar önce
Draymond “ Steph I’ll knock your ass out too , then threes don’t mean nothing to me” I swear that shit had me crying 😂😂😂😂😂
skippey_not_glizzy 3 aylar önce
Now imagine if he hit Curry💀
ed3432 3 aylar önce
😂Absolutely hilarious. ❤Luv the skit. Hell, might be how it went down. Great video👍
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Dudeman Productions
Dudeman Productions 3 aylar önce
Draymonds hit on Poole was the only half way decent shot he’s made in his entire career.
Joya Lewis
Joya Lewis 2 aylar önce
I have no idea who that is but that impersonation sounds 1000% accurate 😂😂😂
LucidStudious 3 aylar önce
Now he has a whole ass DOCUMENTARY on it without Poole They absolutely nailed this skit lol. Dray socked Poole and felt good about it 😂🤣
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Walt Hendr
Walt Hendr 3 aylar önce
Y’all ain’t have to have him KO’d to begin with 😭😭😭
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Jeffery Thomas
Jeffery Thomas 3 aylar önce
“Jordan, wake uuup.” The sincerity 😂😂😂😂
Lesson Learned
Lesson Learned 3 aylar önce
Its nearly automatic. If someone pushes, then the next move will be a punch. Poole waited until others gathered closer before initiating the push in hopes of a quick stop.
1 Havn
1 Havn 3 aylar önce
The laugh at the end was sinister 😂😂😂😂
Music Video
Music Video 3 aylar önce
The way he said Steve had me dying 😂😂
ChrisDaGhxst 3 aylar önce
I know Draymond is regretting his choices right now😂
MCBD*LLC 3 aylar önce
@Duffi Banks so he was wrong for pushing a man who was in his face ni99a should have smoked him
T. Sangrini
T. Sangrini 3 aylar önce
Of course he does, he's like the most hated basketball player in NBA history🤦🏾‍♀He better be glad and appreciate the fact that Poole didn't think it was necessary for him to be suspended because he wants to move on and focus on the season, that young man is on a different level of maturity and forgiveness than I can ever be but that's always been a struggle for me but it says a lot about the type of man Poole is. Draymond better not even look at him wrong or he's going to hell to pay all season because everyone will be watching him like a hawk and he said he's going to prove people wrong this season....he better do just that because even my step dad who is old asf wanted to beat his ass, he was pissed off and I haven't seen him like that in a minute😭😭
NokinaGaming 3 aylar önce
Ok this getting stupid stop defending him when ya know he the one that got in his face. Ya mean tell me ya won't push someone off if another guy got in your face? Ya must be die hard fan which it a shame how stupid most are to see the wrong and right 🙄
CalGolden13 3 aylar önce
He aint the only nigga that can play defense on the team. Yall really buy into that "heartbeat of the team bs" LMAOO
HE’S coming soon
HE’S coming soon 3 aylar önce
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MGA 3 aylar önce
I know Ben tried his hardest not to laugh😂😂. When mark said “it won’t leave the gym” was toooo funny 😂😂
RxcchHomie Tre
RxcchHomie Tre Aylar önce
“I’ll hit u next wiggins” 😂😂😂
dolfo Aylar önce
I ain't even feel it
D Reed
D Reed 3 aylar önce
That part where he said I’m just like mike got me😂😂😂😂😂
Sean Phelps
Sean Phelps 3 aylar önce
"Jordan hit you and look what happened next." That was gold
A T 3 aylar önce
@Andrew Bradley right
Destini Watson
Destini Watson 3 aylar önce
That line took me outtttt 🤣🤣
NaClO 3 aylar önce
@Andrew Bradley bro wtf u on about
Gmoney520 3 aylar önce
You know that exact exchange happened too
T. Thompson
T. Thompson 3 aylar önce
mllop aeet
mllop aeet 3 aylar önce
the fact that he ignored him saying he would drop wiggins but immediately cut him off when he said he would punch steph had me rolling
Isiah Cole
Isiah Cole 3 aylar önce
Y’all never disappoint 😂😂😂
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Static Shook
Static Shook Aylar önce
The wife is a total L the big RIP
Cory Lyons Music
Cory Lyons Music 2 aylar önce
The crazy part is that is probably how it ACTUALLY went😂
RT TV 3 aylar önce
Special guest Jordan Poole 😂😂
Ricky Gilbert
Ricky Gilbert 23 gün önce
Dooot Nuon
Dooot Nuon 2 aylar önce
edward timothy
edward timothy 3 aylar önce
@ForgiveZharion who is yb?
oDoT J
oDoT J 3 aylar önce
jumping through hoops
jumping through hoops 3 aylar önce
@Mario Martinez watch the video they made about the Nets coming together with LeBron
Abdel Balla
Abdel Balla 3 aylar önce
"Send that to me " had me dying 😂😂😂
Reqaus Xobi
Reqaus Xobi 3 aylar önce
This was his best Draymond impersonation. He reached a new level of petty.
JD 2 aylar önce
Lol that draymond impersonation is spot on 😂
Brooke 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞
The intro with Ben on the floor had me dying already
lilwitherspoon 3 aylar önce
“That’s Micheal Jordan” “And I’m Draymond Green” 😭😂😂😂
King Trawal
King Trawal 3 aylar önce
niqqa what? LOLLLL
AlexDowell. TV
AlexDowell. TV 3 aylar önce
@Lazy Mofos ayo that shit had me crying 😭
Lazy Mofos
Lazy Mofos 3 aylar önce
@AlexDowell. TV I hadnt thought about in a while, they cooked for a hot minute. Now I gotta go watch that 😂.
AlexDowell. TV
AlexDowell. TV 3 aylar önce
* Macklle Jordan 😭🔥
GloomyKasumi 3 aylar önce
Best line bro 🤣
M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!
The intro with Ben on the floor had me dying already
Trey Mccorkle
Trey Mccorkle Aylar önce
“You felt something, cus my sh*t hurting” “y’all tune in to the podcast” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭
Steve 3 aylar önce
I hope you have some fun with the Lakers this year. You guys are great. The Lakers should give you plenty of material.
・your non favorite person 👍・
Green: “Steph I’ll hit you next” Kerr: “ I wish you would this whole franchise beat yo ass” I’m still recovering from that part
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l6th 3 aylar önce
I died at “Come on. Steve…..Steeeeeeveeeee” 😭💀
DaRk_NiGhTwInG_XL 29 gün önce
Trey Mccorkle
Trey Mccorkle Aylar önce
I fucking hollered too G
RealLyfe804 2 aylar önce
That’s the part that got me rolling 😂
megawatts 5000
megawatts 5000 2 aylar önce
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Jabbo 19
Jabbo 19 3 aylar önce
Grit to be fit
Grit to be fit 3 aylar önce
HAHAHAH!! They got my boy laid out 😂
Indigo Child
Indigo Child 3 aylar önce
Who was smiling before they even watched the video 😢🤣🤣
💖Sailor Moon💖
💖Sailor Moon💖 3 aylar önce
The intro with Ben on the floor had me dying already
Drake Patterson
Drake Patterson 3 aylar önce
Unless more video surfaces showing the aftermath I’m going to believe this is how it really went down.
Carl Vance
Carl Vance 3 aylar önce
“I wish you would hit Steph, this whole franchise would be after you”🤣🤣
LolSmileyFace 3 aylar önce
@PlanetHouston oh yeah the janitorial staff would wipe the floor with this dude 😂😂
Phalyn Walton
Phalyn Walton 3 aylar önce
Jimmy Gan
Jimmy Gan 3 aylar önce
Nah China got a huge fan base behind steph too, Draymond gonna have to go off the grid, cuz he be getting jumped every other day
michaelmaccrazy 3 aylar önce
Part of me wishes Draymond would try it. That’s basically his obit 😂
War Room
War Room 3 aylar önce
Oh trust me Oakland would have murdered Draymond for that. 🤣🤣
Junior Ss
Junior Ss 3 aylar önce
Yoo the official apology from draymond is like a rdc video in itself, even indirectly talking shit to his family. This guy a menace
Calogera Cariati
Calogera Cariati 3 aylar önce
I need these every day y’all to funny man 😂😂😂
NovusIgnis 3 aylar önce
I don't even follow basketball or know what this was about and it's still funny. Just goes to show how talented ya'll are.
Andre Ashley
Andre Ashley 3 aylar önce
I just know Lebron dropped a real tear laughing at this 😭
dthree21 3 aylar önce
The intro with Ben on the floor had me dying already 😂😂😂
LamarLovesJesus John 3:16 Roman’s 10:9
Jesus Christ loves us so much he died on the Cross for our sins and rose from the Grave, put your trust in Jesus Christ ..
Kennedy Lemon
Kennedy Lemon 3 aylar önce
Not even a sec and Ben already slumped 😂😂😂
T Lo One Hunnit
T Lo One Hunnit 3 aylar önce
"Knocked his mf ass out dam near broke my hand .. Ah ha ha ha.. " 💀 💀 💀
raheim cumberbatch
raheim cumberbatch 3 aylar önce
The always hoeing ben
Spiral Abyss
Spiral Abyss 3 aylar önce
fr 💀
Jalen 3 aylar önce
He got knocked out so quick that he couldn’t even feel it
KlutchKobe24 2 aylar önce
“And I’m Draymond green” he really would say that 😂😂😂
Mr206 Go hawks
Mr206 Go hawks 3 aylar önce
“What, Wiggins, what?” Did it for me 😂
Joshua DeSousa
Joshua DeSousa 3 aylar önce
Desmond as Steph perfect casting 🤣
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 3 aylar önce
Caleb 3 aylar önce
"Send that to me" had me rolling 😂
Astro Velence
Astro Velence 3 aylar önce
If Steph was the one he punched, the whole bay area would punch him back 🤣
T. Sangrini
T. Sangrini 3 aylar önce
Tell the truth, he would be knocked off before he made it home💅🏾
FOX BTC 3 aylar önce
"I'll hit yo ass next Wiggins" hahahahah 🤣 😂 that shit was funny as hell
minkystunky14 3 aylar önce
“He’s Michael Jordan” “And I’m Draymond green” acting like they on the same level 😭😭😭
Moe 3 aylar önce
@Jack Wrath you crazy asf
T. Sangrini
T. Sangrini 3 aylar önce
Someone on a Podcast said that Draymond hitting teammates like he putting up Steph Curry numbers😭😭💀
Waterbean 3 aylar önce
Lmao Fr
Lil Nutz
Lil Nutz 3 aylar önce
@Max Draymond isn't even in the top 20 defensively
Timmy Ggz TV
Timmy Ggz TV 3 aylar önce
great entertain
Simply Wess
Simply Wess 3 aylar önce
Like Dreymond said..... Just trying to Poole it together! 🤣😂🤣😂
UNCLE ILL 3 aylar önce
Love this crew. Hilarious 😂
J22 3 aylar önce
“Send that to me” 😂😂😭😭😭 Straight disrespecting everybody whole skit
DashikiZoe Aylar önce
Congrats on y’all award… well deserved
CJRozay 3 aylar önce
“I’m just like Mike, ain’t I?” 6 seconds into the video and tears are falling down my eyes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Silent Paper Vision
Silent Paper Vision 2 aylar önce
@CJRozay exactly that's why Mike Tyson never came to mind, I automatically thought of the MJ and Steve Kerr story
CJRozay 3 aylar önce
@B.C. THE FOOD SCIENTICIAN well, if you know the Michael Jordan-Steve Kerr story, then you understand. That one line is a whole reference
@CJRozay no man I'm not.but I understand NOW how it could have been interpreted
CJRozay 3 aylar önce
@B.C. THE FOOD SCIENTICIAN you’re playing with me
Lowkey Reacts
Lowkey Reacts 3 aylar önce
"Im draymond green" is the most draymond green thing draymond green would ever say
Manhattan 3 aylar önce
“I’ll hit you next Wiggins” 😂😂
DracoFire 3 aylar önce
"That's Jordan" "And I'm Draymond Green" 🤣
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Eren Birdy Yeager • 69 years ago
*"But how does this affect LeGoat's legacy?"*
Darryl Mayes
Darryl Mayes 3 aylar önce
Coolboy3212 3 aylar önce
Omg Darryl 😊
S.A.I. 3 aylar önce
"Step away from the vehicle before, I catch a case" Pops
W.E.C 3 aylar önce
Sup Darryl ur shit funny 2 lol
Alex R.
Alex R. 3 aylar önce
I knew he was going to do one. Especially after the Oscar’s slap
Chris Cox
Chris Cox 3 aylar önce
“What Wiggins” has me in tears 😅
Bayawatta 2 aylar önce
“I wish you would touch steph” LMAOOO we all know Draymond wont make it out the bay 😂
Staxk Ru
Staxk Ru 3 aylar önce
That’s Michael Jordan‼️.. “And I’m Draymond Green”😂😂
Giovanni Chavez
Giovanni Chavez 3 aylar önce
"I'll hit you next Wiggins" Had me laughing 😂
Giovanni Chavez
Giovanni Chavez 3 aylar önce
@T. Sangrini it'd be funny if he went on a rampage, swatting at every breathing thing in sight 🤣
T. Sangrini
T. Sangrini 3 aylar önce
Exactly because no he won't hit no damn Wiggins💀
Blake Ward
Blake Ward 3 aylar önce
Giovanni Chavez
Giovanni Chavez 3 aylar önce
@Kiki Fortunat Nkulu yo Draymond Ego trippin 😆
Kiki Fortunat Nkulu
Kiki Fortunat Nkulu 3 aylar önce
you know with Green, that may be true. We, GSW , have to nail that behavior down and cut it off. We need a repeat and three-peat and can't afford that around.
Guy with a brain cell
Guy with a brain cell 3 aylar önce
Bro Draymond caring about his hand more than Jordan 😂
Titan Ian
Titan Ian 3 aylar önce
After talking about MJ, "I'm Draymond Green" 💀
Bo S
Bo S 3 aylar önce
Damn! 🤣 As an old school brotha from Chicago I remember Jordan giving Kerr a black eye like it was yesterday.
Wesley Hayden
Wesley Hayden 3 aylar önce
“I’ll hit you next Wiggins”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Say 3 aylar önce
Gotta respect Jordan Poole for still finishing practice
Brandon 3 aylar önce
@Allen Barry LeBron put his nuts on Draymond, and knew Draymond would implode and turned the series in 2016. LeBron got open hand slapped by Tristan in front of LeBron and Drake and did NOTHING. Draymond kicked Adams in the nuts twice because Adams was man handling him in the paint. Draymond Falcon punching Jordan Poole is weak asl. He should’ve Falcon Punched Tristan if he was THAT DUDE.
Derrick Johnson
Derrick Johnson 3 aylar önce
I couldn't i literally would had blacked his eye when he least aspect it.
kris 3 aylar önce
This is not good, cus poole folded, so he deffo got a bad concussion, the team shouldn't allow the guy to try. Is rest, and more rest
Timeless 3 aylar önce
Concussion and all. 😵‍💫
S Dott
S Dott 3 aylar önce
Finish strong 💪
Lonnell Richardson
Lonnell Richardson 3 aylar önce
He ain’t sleep Jordan wake up😂😂😂 every time without missing a beat they never fail.Special guest Jordan Poole
Beto 3 aylar önce
“Steph…I’ll knock yo ass out too them 3s don’t mean nothing to me, then 3s don’t mean nothing to me”😂😂😂
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Funniest RDCworld1 Rappers/Artist
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Burhan Çaçan'ın kostüm anısı...
20 January 2023
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