How Do We Fix This? Worst Week Ever.

Matt's Off Road Recovery
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So I got a build to fix the Jeep Banana, but this week was probably the worst we ever had.

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19 Eyl 2021




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Jeff S.
Jeff S. 28 gün önce
So much for the new engine break-in period. 😀
Rich Wood
Rich Wood Gün önce
@Ayla Hughes Could be as simple as a broken gasket around an individual port. Deeper problems such as cracked intake runners have been found. How many can you think of?
G5 3 gün önce
@ronald simmons Yes, but the "gentle" camp is wrong. Engineering engines is my livelihood. Easy break ins are the best way to assure poor ring seating, oil consumption, and high blowby. Most OEMs will run new builds on a test dyno (*at full load*) before shipping them with a manual (written by lawyers) saying to go easy on the engine. DO what they do, not what they say.
Bub Dawg's What do you think?
Break it in hard and it will work hard for you🤣
Ayla Hughes
Ayla Hughes 25 gün önce
@Mister Goat ur really some sort of stupid. ur horse is high but i can tell its retarded.
Ayla Hughes
Ayla Hughes 25 gün önce
@Mister Goat cool glad i got ur goat dumbass.
Levy Dan
Levy Dan 23 saatler önce
It’s great to see Ed back on the saddle.
Levy Dan
Levy Dan 23 saatler önce
Hey guys. I want to buy stock on your business. Go public !!
tony gonzalez
tony gonzalez 2 gün önce
You did great all of you what a great group of people 👏 👍 😀
Manuel Serrano
Manuel Serrano 2 gün önce
Love you 😍 lizzy
Chris Cantella
Chris Cantella 2 gün önce
check out 12:02 that folks is what a sh@3 eating grin looks like...
Pig Stain
Pig Stain 4 gün önce
Amazing people and amazing fun team , love you all from Bali island ❤
bcslack09 4 gün önce
I wish I could afford to burn tires.
Jeff Pope
Jeff Pope 6 gün önce
This is my new favorite MORR video.👍 Loved the “interview collage”.
Hawk Eye
Hawk Eye 6 gün önce
George Newport
George Newport 9 gün önce
who is Lizzy or Lindsey?
sidj76 11 gün önce
James Cozzitorto
James Cozzitorto 11 gün önce
Tip for anyone stuck in mud or water up to their exhaust never and I repeat never shut your car off water can get sucked back up into your engine... If your gon be stupid and having fun somewhere out in the middle of no where always go prepared full tank extra gas car battery charger tire pump I got myself a little 300 psi motorized pump that plugs into my cigarette lighter. You'll be thankful later cause you never know
Civilization Biggest lie
01:20 He's trans ?
James Lanier
James Lanier 11 gün önce
WOW! what an edit!
craigshred13 11 gün önce
For a second I thought it was Boyd Coddington lol
Fred Alves
Fred Alves 12 gün önce
Matt looks like Boyd Coddington in that Hawaiian shirt..
Jason Hauer
Jason Hauer 12 gün önce
Man I miss my XJ
Rags722 13 gün önce
Why do I love this channel so much? You guys are the greatest. Any chance of getting a 20 second clip of Lizzy doing some rodeo?
Sameer Narkar
Sameer Narkar 14 gün önce
GT is best
Nic Strep
Nic Strep 15 gün önce
I love how confortable with TRvid and cameras and putting on a show hes gotten. I hadn’t visited the channel in a while. Aaaand we’ve learned the art of clickbait titling!! Pretty cool.
ABob 16 gün önce
Great video style
rex springer
rex springer 16 gün önce
You guys are awesome!
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 16 gün önce
Need to see the mud bog recovery in full!
SK KASARGOD 16 gün önce
I started to like this family, I think there is more employee employer attittude still remains between people. Matt u hav to erase it to alittle to none. They their expressions ll be more natural..
Vortec Garage
Vortec Garage 16 gün önce
I love how the jeep parks itself through the door it is magically in the shop nice edit
chanceapants 16 gün önce
Cool video. I've been away a week too. About to go through withdrawals
Lee Byrd
Lee Byrd 16 gün önce
Fam I love Trevor's shirt. If he doesn't want it plz mail it to me. Thx.
PDaddy Warbux
PDaddy Warbux 17 gün önce
Awesome burnout !!!!!!
OpenEye Automobile
OpenEye Automobile 18 gün önce
This is the rare time we don't start with "We got a call ..."
James D. Buzzard
James D. Buzzard 18 gün önce
Love the shirts guys especially Trevors 😂
P MAE 18 gün önce
I love this channel, but why would you waste tires you paid good money for just to make smoke?
Jeremy Freestone
Jeremy Freestone 18 gün önce
Throw a turbo on it.
Names_Stryker 18 gün önce
How do you guys like the Hercules line of power tools? Are they worth the savings compared to Milwaukee?
TheLoner801 18 gün önce
Where in Florida did you guys go?
xJG91x 18 gün önce
Yeah the sand castle looked like a geoduck alright. 😆
Tony-The-Tiger Johns
Tony-The-Tiger Johns 18 gün önce
I know that you have probably already said it somewhere but, what engine is in that Jeep?
Tony-The-Tiger Johns
Tony-The-Tiger Johns 18 gün önce
Well, as soon as I posted that I found my answer.
Scott Symonds
Scott Symonds 19 gün önce
JAYMIE! There are no MAVERICKS in Florida! The boys must’ve STARVED!!
Donald Heigh
Donald Heigh 19 gün önce
Lizzy is stunning
snowboundtours 19 gün önce
looks like a map guy would go a long way for you guys. sheesh!
DeathFromBlaow 20 gün önce
Gooey duck 😂
mervjb 20 gün önce
We need more pics of Lizzy in full cowboy mode. Before I get some guff, Lizzy herself, called it a cowboy hat. 😇
Burton Matchett
Burton Matchett 20 gün önce
Were on a boat! Lol i love it
woody4u247 21 gün önce
That was a fun episode to watch! Great editing. See how well the entire team does even when Matt is gone? They get it done. Also like watching the behind the scenes screwing around & bloopers. What a fun group. Looks like the banana still needs a fan shroud?
Dustin Tunis
Dustin Tunis 21 gün önce
I'm watching this a week later and not reading 2K comments to see if anybody else asked, but is there going to be another Banana vs Morrvair episode?
Matt's Off Road Recovery
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 21 gün önce
Lizzie should go sleeveless moreoften! Ed, looks like he’s been in florida for years. He’s the only one without a farmers tan!
Matt McWhirk
Matt McWhirk 21 gün önce
Hybrid solutions or Adams spray ceramics. Mud will not stick as easily
obsolete professor
obsolete professor 21 gün önce
I hear iguana chips are quite a delicacy.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 21 gün önce
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan 21 gün önce
Man I'd have driven to FL to meet you
Albert Stadt
Albert Stadt 21 gün önce
I thought the Morvair was yellow
Seth Gabel
Seth Gabel 21 gün önce
What was it????
Nomadic Maverick
Nomadic Maverick 21 gün önce
He kicked the truck when he jumped in 😂🤦🏼
Drunk Chicken
Drunk Chicken 21 gün önce
The exhaust note sounds so good pulling out that truck stuck in the mud. By the way what brand name of truck, was stuck? Just incase there were any haters out there.
jack Rose
jack Rose 21 gün önce
Did all the residence of Florida Look like ED. Just poking fun you old Eagle Pointer.
totilsom 22 gün önce
Andrew Buckwell
Andrew Buckwell 22 gün önce
Hey Matt just some question is Rudy your son?
Bass Drum Flextime
Bass Drum Flextime 20 gün önce
yes he is
Rusty Speidel
Rusty Speidel 22 gün önce
The unsung hero of this channel is whoever is doing the editing. Masterfully done!
Grey Jay
Grey Jay 22 gün önce
Lizzie is a peach. I didn't know they made gals like that any more.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 22 gün önce
Just found this channel. Haven’t seen a bad video yet. Still getting caught up and looking forward to the new ones. Just down to earth good people. Keep em’ coming!
Bruce Fleming
Bruce Fleming 22 gün önce
Loved Ed in his T shirt 😁
spdergod 22 gün önce
not sure if it has happened yet, but would love to watch a story about Ed. Him telling the story of his life. A bio if you will.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 22 gün önce
my Dad and Mom got divorced, I chose to live with my Dad and my sister chose to live with our Mom. Now my Mom has remarried again to her third husband which she's still
Gulam Mohiddin
Gulam Mohiddin 22 gün önce
Lizzie looks tough and cute in that t-shirt.
Videogamewars 22 gün önce
annette nez
annette nez 23 gün önce
I can see that the Banana is faster 👍🏼
Colin Jones
Colin Jones 23 gün önce
I have a little advice for you. pre run your the trail next time. Fun to watch though
Gary Montero Pasten
Gary Montero Pasten 23 gün önce
Buen trabajo chicos!
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 23 gün önce
Funniest episode ever, specially the part where Lizzy and Trevor are narrating all the recoveries and Matt is just having fun at the beach was epic!
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 23 gün önce
Matt, those are damn good tow/pull ropes. That "elastic" action is truly a game changer. I just might buy one...
Francisco Torres
Francisco Torres 23 gün önce
Hey what motor are you running on that jeep?
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 23 gün önce
Ya'lls comming to visit us on the dusy ershim?!?!?
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 23 gün önce
add like a tesla motor
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 23 gün önce
Matt reminds me of Boyd Coddington with his vacation shirt on 😆
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 23 gün önce
hey look up purple line trailer movers. it's a device you add to your trailer by the wheels that has a piece that. helps the tires roll. uses a remote control. i bet that would help when you need that xtra push. or I bet you could make it yourself and make it bigger and stronger. this could make some of your movers slot easier
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 23 gün önce
hey have you ever thought about adding electric motors to your trailer so it could help push you up these steep hills and in the sand? like Tessa motors from a wrecked tesla. i also believe there is trailers with motors to assist in the pulling
WhatTheFuck 24 gün önce
The corvair is a damn monsterrrr
Skyler Harrison
Skyler Harrison 24 gün önce
High five to the editor. That was an awesome video edit. Probably a lot of work. Well done 🙌🏻
Zach Southwick
Zach Southwick 24 gün önce
That shirts fits Lizzy perfectly. She's always subtly flexing the guns on camera. Thinking no one would notice.
DavePinnelljr 24 gün önce
Hey Matt...you have the " Boyd Coddington" look going on !
Wayne Brock
Wayne Brock 24 gün önce
Hey Matt, I got to tell you that you remind me of my Mom's second husband who's name was Ed Aldean. Fortunately, he past away back in 1999. I wasn't very close to him, when my Dad and Mom got divorced, I chose to live with my Dad and my sister chose to live with our Mom. Now my Mom has remarried again to her third husband which she's still married to and I am very close to him as well as my sister and her family, my step Dad seems more like a real Dad to me than my own Dad himself. Anyways, I have been enjoying watching your videos helping people pulling them out of danger or out of places they can't get themselves out of. God Bless you Matt and your crew.
Drskopf 24 gün önce
Does anyone know why "JEFE" (Boss in Spanish) is called like that ??, Since Matt is the Boss shouldn't he be called "Jefe"??🤔🤔🤔 I'm just curious that's it
Bass Drum Flextime
Bass Drum Flextime 20 gün önce
I think his name is actually jefe
D Robs
D Robs 24 gün önce
I see that swamp buggy at the end, did y'all go Hog Hunting?
Mike W
Mike W 24 gün önce
Trunks open
M Berry
M Berry 24 gün önce
I mean, that's a great color on Ed!
Bub Dawg's What do you think?
I'm a Troll what state do I live in?
miko foin
miko foin 24 gün önce
The editing on these videos is underrated, great job Tucker.
BCXiong 24 gün önce
Ya'lls comming to visit us on the dusy ershim?!?!?
Joseph petree
Joseph petree 24 gün önce
Matt reminds me of Boyd Coddington with his vacation shirt on 😆
miko foin
miko foin 24 gün önce
Toyota, we'll fuck up your life
Jeffrey Brown
Jeffrey Brown 24 gün önce
That was fun .
Happy Car Reviews
Happy Car Reviews 24 gün önce
Funniest episode ever, specially the part where Lizzy and Trevor are narrating all the recoveries and Matt is just having fun at the beach was epic! 😂
Happy Car Reviews
Happy Car Reviews 24 gün önce
That roar of the V8 on the banana is music to my ears!
Wilber Peebody
Wilber Peebody 24 gün önce
You were right Matt, as soon as Lizzy showed up all I could see was her beaming.
John Smith
John Smith 24 gün önce
Funny video. Did you go to River Ranch?
YouTube Junky
YouTube Junky 24 gün önce
OMG, they are never going to let Matt leave agin. Love the weather report at the end. Ed is a fixture there that will always be loved.
Tom Oakhill
Tom Oakhill 24 gün önce
What is that thing at 6:18 hauling the pickup truck? Where did the Morrvair go?
Komer West
Komer West 24 gün önce
Why in the world did you take off and tell the crew they had labor day off.
P an
P an 24 gün önce
This was a brilliant episode, executed tremendously creative. Thanks to the team!
Major Tom
Major Tom 24 gün önce
Now imagine the banana....... with a turbo 🤤
Lukus Jones
Lukus Jones 24 gün önce
What a waste of tires.
Username1 25 gün önce
The footage of the moorvair working in the mud looks pretty badass
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 25 gün önce
Kinda disappointed that Ed's weather report wasn't, "sun's out, guns out!"
Rightlanecowboy 25 gün önce
“We’re on a boat” had me crying.
Big Daddy
Big Daddy 25 gün önce
Toyota, we'll fuck up your life
Big Daddy
Big Daddy 24 gün önce
@hoiy vinosa no accounting for taste
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 25 gün önce
That's the meanest xj that isn't LS swapped that I've ever seen🥺 I love it!
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