How Did HP Fail This Hard? - HP Spectre x360 2019 Review

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On paper the new HP Spectre x360 2019 should be the ultrabook to rule them all, but in practice... things aren't quite so simple.
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19 Mar 2019





Yük bağlantısı.....


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Mohammad Kaafi
Mohammad Kaafi Saatler önce
I wonder how many laptops does Linus have?!
Just Me
Just Me 4 saatler önce
HP ENVY X360... compare it.. which it worse..
Alek Belinario
Alek Belinario 5 saatler önce
Bad review,,so exaggerated,,,, go back to your mother's vagina
p10 TwiT
p10 TwiT 5 saatler önce
Check out matebook x pro
Ali Alsharqi
Ali Alsharqi 20 saatler önce
i bought this laptop from my brother university for 1300$ for the 15.6 inch instead of 2000. so i am realy good with having such a good deal!
James Twining
James Twining Gün önce
You are so wrong about this
Tony Carbonero
Tony Carbonero 3 gün önce
Terrible review
Deepak Mohapatra
Deepak Mohapatra 3 gün önce
One thing i like to,say for hp mouse is that the best mouse in my opinion was the trackpad offered in HpG4-1303 AU. Whi h has very little to no deadzone. Then it has that disable feature in the top left corner of mouse where double tapping it turns off the trackpad so any palm movment on trackpad wont let the mouse move. Then there was separate buttons and that thing is so lovely that you use right hand for trqck pad and use left hand to click button. That was the excelent choice hands down. No other laptop trackpad is as good as that one. These days we get that smooth finished trackpad where buttons are integrated yet markings were made to distinguish trackpad and buttons which is not at all feel like mouse. Hell i cant even place two finger on the trackpad else it will go into berserk mode making pointer act weird or wont let the pointer move.
Brian Morrissey
Brian Morrissey 4 gün önce
wtf you talking about a bonus check and thats why im here
Terry S
Terry S 7 gün önce
Now I know that Linus was paid off. Good to know.
Pranav Shivram
Pranav Shivram 8 gün önce
Your reviews are terrible dude. Pack your bags, please.
Abdirahiim Yassin
Abdirahiim Yassin 9 gün önce
I do not recommend HP, their battery sucks, it normally fails in less than 2 yrs. Talking from experience
7Write4This9Heart7 8 gün önce
Yeah, the HP I bought 'made it' to two years (maybe 1.5?), but it was HOBBLING. Keys falling off keyboard, software buggy and slowing down/stalling like crazy (and the only things I ever used it for was internet, watching movies, and word processing). Yikes!
Hardcore Video Gamer
Hardcore Video Gamer 10 gün önce
Too bad you can not upgrade the Ram because it is soldered on to the motherboard.
HobbyAlchemist 10 gün önce
there's also a big heating issue with the x360 when you put the graphics card under load which is likely due to their horrible graphics drivers that don't do clean switches between the dedicated and integrated cards.
Kevin Ma
Kevin Ma 10 gün önce
Linus please do a review on the hp envy 13 2019
Rishabh k
Rishabh k 11 gün önce
11:11 😂😂😂😂😂
Jerel Yates
Jerel Yates 11 gün önce
Please Please Please - before you waste your money on an HP Spectre - google "HP Specter x360 screen flickering" not only does this laptop battery life suck - there are days when it takes hours to get the screen to stop flicking so that you can even see the screen. Forget about the fix of starting in safe mode because once your screen start flicking, bleeding and tearing - you can not see or read anything when you restart. Then once the screen is clear - your too scared to restart because you don't know if it will start flicking again. Now I did love my Spectre 360 4k 15inch when I first brought it but now after one year I regret every buying the HP Spectre and this will be my last HP purchase...
Prythm BUNDHE 11 gün önce
He is a fucker the guy on the video roasting
Karandi 14 gün önce
The worst laptop to buy...Purchased this HP 13 360...diamond cut in March 2019....and it generated heating issue within one month usage....(means laptop emits high level of heat 45 Celsius /113 Fahrenheit and shutdown automatically)...and tested by HP engineer...it is as per design ....heat is normal....m stuck with this piece of junk....No support from HP at all
Corvus Corax
Corvus Corax 12 gün önce
Just contact hp again. Maybe even call their PR i had to send my laptop back to them twice as they failed to detect the first issues. Also you have a lot of rights when buying stuff online. Do a little bit of research
Dr.hani Atwa
Dr.hani Atwa 14 gün önce
Is it good at video and images editing ?
Harut Arzumanyan
Harut Arzumanyan 14 gün önce
If you are reding this please don’t buy this stupid computer .
Lisa Martin
Lisa Martin 15 gün önce
Well it is a good info #zakootas
spydude38 15 gün önce
Purchased on after watching your video on a hunch that your video rant didn't match much of everything else out there review wise. I then spoke to a few people who owned one and they had positive results and were pretty happy as well. Now, I'm a happy user after a week of using it. I do appreciate the review though as it gave me pause to make sure about what I was getting into based upon your review. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who hate this HP. Great thing is we have reviews to help us out and many choices available.
Tron Destiny
Tron Destiny 16 gün önce
Well, they cut some corners alright
Haverdy 4L
Haverdy 4L 18 gün önce
has anyone who owns this, used it for music production?
DiRT3Xbox360 18 gün önce
I think Linus is getting this thing wrong. I mean yes, the bezels are a bit big (the top one is big because of network hardware being hidden up there to ensure good connectivity) and yes the screen has a little bit of a slow reaction time, but srsly, I want to use that thing and not complain that a pixel turns off just not fast enough. And yes, synaptics is not great but you can switch to precision if you just can't stand it at all. But the rest is ridiculous. The power button is just fine, I have never ever heard someone complain about a power button... I mean... Just no... Complaining about the pen holder. For real. First you say you don't want a holder at all, now you say you want one. Get your s**t together and decide. Also, every single other 2in1 does not have a holder and there it is just fine. The same thing with the hinge. Every other 2in1 has the same one and it is just fine...
patrick baz
patrick baz 18 gün önce
just bought a new 2019 "hp envy x360" laptop... I had to return the first [hp envy x360] laptop that I purchased due to screen flickering. The replacement laptop, (which ive had for less than a week), had its right hinged come off. the hp laptop that I purchased in 2016 was pretty good, but this new model sucks. (this new laptop also had screen flickering since the moment I purchased it, but I decided that I would just deal with it)
Turtle Fast
Turtle Fast 18 gün önce
I disagree with the pointer, it is completely fine and cleaner than other computers. Maybe this guy needs new fast camera.
thisal abeysekere
thisal abeysekere 19 gün önce
2:18 Left hand dude, Left hand
Alejandro Penton
Alejandro Penton 19 gün önce
Hi Linus what is the best low cost laptop to buy for student
Makara Hansda
Makara Hansda 17 gün önce
Børth 20 gün önce
Why do you have to shit on everything that you review
Serghei Starus
Serghei Starus 21 gün önce
Why there is nothing about how the pen works? Does palm rejection work good on the screen? I think it is very important things, more than trackpad issues.
Keno 21 gün önce
How bright is the Display?
NileshR12 21 gün önce
I've never had any issues that you've talked about on my HP Spectre x360 that I have that came out in 2016. I got it on Black Friday & i love that it's an all aluminum build. It's a solid laptop besides the degraded battery life. It's touchscreen but doesn't have pen support which I wish it did. I think I would get another Spectre next year depending on what HP does for the next generation model
Stelissa 21 gün önce
Yeah the 'pointer trails' are down to the limitation of your eyes. It's called 'persistence of vision'.
Aditya Mahat
Aditya Mahat 23 gün önce
MyUTF4 23 gün önce
Why don't you tell us how you really feel!
Hollow114 25 gün önce
What about the Ryzen envy x360?
Siam Islam
Siam Islam 25 gün önce
Thanks for the review. Incredible specs which makes us oversee the flaws of the basic functionality. Shitty pixel response seriously? Almost bought the laptop.. please do review of future hp spectre laptops. Thank You :)
Kevin Pan
Kevin Pan 22 gün önce
Siam Islam have you watched any other reviewers? They all have really positive reviews about this pc, Linus just went a little too much on the negative side.
Ducanh Pham
Ducanh Pham 26 gün önce
Thanks. This was decisive in my decision to avoid this laptop.
HotBadBoyMagnifico 27 gün önce
This reviewer is so annoying, I feel like buying one of these now
Kevin Pan
Kevin Pan 22 gün önce
You should watch other reviewers that reviewed this laptop, they all have really good responses, I don’t know why Linus went so negative on their pc.
Siam Islam
Siam Islam 25 gün önce
HotBadBoyMagnifico Maybe he is to you. but he has clearly pointed out the basic functionality flaws which is overseen. Kudos for that.
Ramen Boi
Ramen Boi 28 gün önce
Only hipsters will spend 1000+ dollars on a laptop with an mx150 inside of it.
James Mazza
James Mazza 28 gün önce
Will linus ever really like a laptop? Tune in next time on linustechtips
goldfish576 28 gün önce
bought this one and returned the next day! When I brought this home and started it, it was on the hp logo screen for 2 hours and didn't even start and also the back got very hot that's why returned it.
Ahmad Sheikh
Ahmad Sheikh 28 gün önce
I disagree with you as its the best laptop of the year
jose f avellaneda-barbarito
you went short on volumes specks. B&O sucks big time..
Junaid Hasan
Junaid Hasan 29 gün önce
Linus is nitpicking
Laura Dee
Laura Dee Aylar önce
Use your other hand. It's on the left side, why use your right hand to reach at it? Do you try to brush your teeth with your feet? C'mon.
Matthew Silveira
Matthew Silveira Aylar önce
Lenovo yoga
7Write4This9Heart7 8 gün önce
Con Artist
Con Artist Aylar önce
Can you donate a laptop for those in need like me, who is studying for college...?
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