How Deep Neural Networks Work - Full Course for Beginners

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5 Ara 2022




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nneisler 2 gün önce
I think there is a way to define what a horizontal line. Maybe even an algebraic formula
AliReza Marahemi
AliReza Marahemi 8 aylar önce
Excellent explanation, excellent figures, and animations, awesome speaking! Looks like a dream course!
peter saunders
peter saunders 11 aylar önce
This is a lot of videos smashed into one. Honestly, excellent work.
dishmaco 6 aylar önce
7:40. The bottom right neuron is supposed to be inverted. 2 black on top and 2 white on the bottom. The negative weights should actually be positive weights.
60PlusCrazy 11 aylar önce
Fantastic explanation 👌
shake 2 yıl önce
Brandon; great video! where can we find more visual representations of adding curves? @40:00 you begin to combine curves. how and where does one learn more?
w花b 2 aylar önce
@닐리아담 Fourier ne fout rien à la fourrière.
닐리아담 7 aylar önce
Fourier series comes to mind. Basically, add a bunch of simple but different curves together to get one complicated but continuous curves.
Mark Bunds
Mark Bunds 11 aylar önce
Wonderful, elegant explanations! This is the way to present the basics of a hugely scalable system!
nishan mainali
nishan mainali 9 aylar önce
@Hassan Ahmedk,
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed 10 aylar önce
@Danny Frost an me
Danny Frost
Danny Frost 10 aylar önce
Right lol you and at and I yyyg
mazito1000 3 yıl önce
This already looks like an interesting course , thanks FCC !!
1:20:40 Since this course is about learning algorithms this is important to classification. Vector: noun Mathematics. 1: a quantity possessing both magnitude and direction, represented by an arrow the direction of which indicates the direction of the quantity and the length of which is proportional to the magnitude. 2: such a quantity with the additional requirement that such quantities obey the parallelogram law of addition. 3: such a quantity with the additional requirement that such quantities are to transform in a particular way under changes of the coordinate system. Biology. 1: an insect or other organism that transmits a pathogenic fungus, virus, bacterium, etc. 2: any agent that acts as a carrier or transporter, as a virus or plasmid that conveys a genetically engineered DNA segment into a host cell. Computers. 1: an array of data ordered such that individual items can be located with a single index or subscript. verb (used with object) Aeronautics. 1: to guide (an aircraft) in flight by issuing appropriate headings. Aerospace. 1: to change the direction of (the thrust of a jet or rocket engine) in order to steer the craft. ... I am tempted to say Physics would include a unit Physics 1: a quantity possessing magnitude, direction and unit.
Gpeto91 Yıl önce
77 por
Josh Samuel
Josh Samuel Yıl önce
Alessandro Orlandi
Alessandro Orlandi 2 yıl önce
Amazing video, thanks!
Computing For All
Computing For All 3 yıl önce
This is such a great tutorial! Thank you for making it. I will share the video with students interested in neural net and deep neural networks.
serious  coder
serious coder Yıl önce
41:48 imagine it in n-dimension It can do amazing stuff in a matter of second. Can you explain neural net in time series please These lessons touch my heart and for the first time i can imagine abit what is going on in that black box
UBER 3 aka Uber3
UBER 3 aka Uber3 3 gün önce
2:30:00 I want to develop a Self- Driving bicycle 🚲 L😆L
qiexia Yıl önce
Seems like neural net teaching comes in two forms - math or python libraries. It'd be cool to see an intermediate form - some code that implements the math but isn't a library.
Trevor Trevose
Trevor Trevose 4 aylar önce
Ong so true not everyone likes python
Kristoffer Svartbækken Grindalen
@serious coder Super good video. 3blue1brown is really good at everything mathematics. And a good teacher.
serious  coder
serious coder Yıl önce
trvid.com/video/video-aircAruvnKk.html And one more from dayako
karol guzikowski
karol guzikowski Yıl önce
Fantastic, thank you.
Machine Learning with Phil
Simple and intuitive explanations. Thanks!
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed 10 aylar önce
@Sam i will learn now aha
Sam Yıl önce
I'm glad you had the chance to learn how Deep Neural Networks work
Nemanja Ivanovic
Nemanja Ivanovic Yıl önce
r@Machine Learning with Phil ssss
Nemanja Ivanovic
Nemanja Ivanovic Yıl önce
r@Machine Learning with Phil ssss
Nemanja Ivanovic
Nemanja Ivanovic Yıl önce
D@Machine Learning with Phil
Dale Griffiths
Dale Griffiths 2 yıl önce
Nicely explained. One thing near the start is that sigmoid only goes from 0 to 1 (It's tanh (x) that goes -1 to +1)
serious  coder
serious coder Yıl önce
They r related ,, nice point to mention
Kenn Tollens
Kenn Tollens 3 aylar önce
This video makes more sense when you already have a good idea of neural networks. I would hate to have to follow this tutorial with no background at all.
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TESTING 6 aylar önce
What should be confusing is your vision or at least your conclusion! but the global context is great
Dwij Gurram
Dwij Gurram 7 aylar önce
Without the tools and the technical context on the virtual environments where such nuerons are created and assembled we cannot garner the interest of the beginners.
Alex Rod
Alex Rod 10 aylar önce
does anybody know where I can find the result mentioned at 40:10 ?
Young Grizzly
Young Grizzly 3 yıl önce
This is great.learning neural networks while I drive to work. The internet is beautiful 😍.
Jump with the Devil
Jump with the Devil 4 aylar önce
Wow first time I’m actually glad I learned calculus in school. Nice to see it useful outside of the classroom.
Navin Sonkar
Navin Sonkar 2 aylar önce
Maximilian Sgodzay
Maximilian Sgodzay 2 aylar önce
jeromeeusebius Yıl önce
@3.56, the activation function shown is tanh (-1 to 1) not a sigmoid/logistic (0 to 1).
abcd efgh
abcd efgh Yıl önce
Essentially, the sigmoid function is equivalent to a tanh function just multiplied by some factor (as well as the argument)
Vishnuvasan Srinivasan
but the activation function can be anything right!!! It can be anything related to what the input is all about like: ReLU, Sigmoid, tanh, etc...
Rail Yulgutlin
Rail Yulgutlin 11 aylar önce
Can anyone explain please - why in @7:40, the last(3rd) layer and the last neuron(4th) is horizontal in the bottom, shouldn’t it be horizontal on the top because of black synapses? Thank you!
Vincent Meessen
Vincent Meessen 9 aylar önce
You are right it should be horizontal on the top of the square for the 4th layer. He just made a error when creating the PowerPoint ;)
Virtuoso Sino
Virtuoso Sino Yıl önce
Poetic language. you are not only a CS enlightener
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Hawkeye Plank
Hawkeye Plank Yıl önce
1 am and he finally hits me with the human level intelligence section
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Raihan MDS Iqbal
Raihan MDS Iqbal 3 yıl önce
Please make a video on computer networking and competitive programming
David Delgado
David Delgado Yıl önce
I fell asleep with my PC on When I woke up I saw this. Interesting. I did take differential calculus in college and programming for other reasons. Now I have an understanding of neural networks.
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed 10 aylar önce
@Tokyo Sounds yes not similar but i was charging my portable charger a left the vids on so it could charge. Came back later an saw this thought it was interesting an now im here hehe.
Tokyo Sounds
Tokyo Sounds Yıl önce
Yo!Same thing happened to me,awesome
Virtuoso Sino
Virtuoso Sino Yıl önce
Thank you!!!
Julian Yang
Julian Yang Yıl önce
For not busy students, watch at 0.75 or 0.5x
歐拉歐拉 9 aylar önce
Could you provide the slide?
TechTycho Yıl önce
I thought AI is too complex, but it isn't
serious  coder
serious coder Yıl önce
Seems to be easy , god knows what bring tomorrow
Willsonnax Yıl önce
For busy students: play at 1.25 or 1.5 speed
Anuj kumar
Anuj kumar 2 yıl önce
I want to ask that the weights in neural network so the linear relationship between input and output but then we apply non linear function to get a non linear output but if that then we didn't use non linear function directly on the sum of inputs why apply weights and here ,are weights showing the relation between input and non linear output or what.what is the effect of weights on the non linear output and why use weights and non linear function together.
Mateusz Abramek
Mateusz Abramek 11 aylar önce
First 30s wrong example but good video in general. Yes, you can simply detect what pixels are dark, what are lighter, there is function for that. Also 4 pixels is bad example because you could create like 8 if statements define tolerance (same tolerance as in Photoshop which is distance between colors) and it would outperform every model.
Simran Singh
Simran Singh 3 yıl önce
Nitish Panda
Nitish Panda 3 yıl önce
What are the pre-requisites for watching videos on Machine learning?
Yt and internet 3g
serious  coder
serious coder Yıl önce
Abit linear algebra(matrix) abit statistic high schol in enough
Shivam Soliya
Shivam Soliya Yıl önce
@Yumbe melvin 🤣🤣🤣
Yumbe melvin
Yumbe melvin Yıl önce
a brain
joey alfaro
joey alfaro Yıl önce
Human expert adapts and finds tricks and tips he's learned alone way. Trade secrets we pass on to others with same interests. Mechanic can hear motor listen for abnormally. We just filter everything down to yes I like no I don't like.
@Strome 2 yıl önce
please, provide full course in hindi
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson 2 yıl önce
A simple rule definitely could solve the first problem. I'm not sure that's a very compelling argument to use a neural network in that case.
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson Yıl önce
@Iliya Meyer Hey, in retrospect I see that he's just using a super simple example as a point to teach. Which is totally fair.
Fudge Racoon
Fudge Racoon Yıl önce
shut up man
Michael Kilgore
Michael Kilgore Yıl önce
I'm only a minute or two in but this is amazing... I'm understanding it so well that I'm considering learning to code
vin Obrien
vin Obrien Yıl önce
alakshendraveer Yıl önce
Thanks for sharing
Rob Yıl önce
Tường Nguyễn Nhựt
May be my english not good and i did not understand correctly. So can anyone help me explain why at 1:09:51 error of O is not -0.51, i mean 0 - 0.51 = -0,51. Thank advance
serious  coder
serious coder Yıl önce
Maybe the multiplied isnt it?
Damien Robinson
Damien Robinson 11 aylar önce
1:27:43 you were literally just telling the AI off for that. Why is Doug not allowed to see Doug but Brandon saw Brandon?
stand up comedy
stand up comedy Yıl önce
wouldnt it make more sense to have the -50 as the neutral to the radial force?
Venkat Babu
Venkat Babu Yıl önce
Just a wave if it is minus one to plus one. Just wave computing.
vbshane 3 yıl önce
Guys how about a Tensorflow tutorial in depth! Please?!!
asep nurochman
asep nurochman Yıl önce
@Koga Master 9
asep nurochman
asep nurochman Yıl önce
@Koga Master ini 0 88
Let's Play
Let's Play 3 yıl önce
@Shweta Goyal I think that Koga Master is talking about the fact that you are able to learn TensorFlow on Coursera for free rather than getting a certificate for it.
Ben 3 yıl önce
Check recent uploads
Shweta Goyal
Shweta Goyal 3 yıl önce
@Koga Master I think you misunderstood something. You have to pay for a certificate. You can do courses separately but these courses come under specialization only. You get certificate after every course but you have to pay for that. If you don't want certificate then only these courses are free.
much respect
Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmed 3 yıl önce
please make complete course on jQuery 3.4
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joey alfaro
joey alfaro Yıl önce
I watch guy on here he test engines on Dyno machine. His expertise is he tweaks the air, fuel, parts, until all gains and engine peers like kitten. He try this and that Dyno prints out rating chart. Some tweeks hurt preformsnce
Franz Mirija
Franz Mirija Yıl önce
Tường Nguyễn Nhựt
May be my english not good and i did not understand correctly. So can anyone help me explain why at 1:09:51 error of O is not -0.51, i mean 0 - 0.51 = 0,51. Thank advance
Savage Stephen
Savage Stephen Aylar önce
this is very interesting stuff, I just wish I could learn some python so I can understand how to build algorithms and better neural networks
serious  coder
serious coder Yıl önce
46:28 in b those have a corelation too
dasin dev
dasin dev 9 aylar önce
Remember doing my project using Genetic Algorithm
MrsC_Y 10 aylar önce
I feel like this just explained to me Beyonce's "Bee-Hive" and the concept of swarm technologies
Greg Moress
Greg Moress Aylar önce
I 'get' what NNs can do, but how do we make the leap for it to draw an Astronaut on a horse in space from a text request?
Harley Mumbulo
Harley Mumbulo 10 aylar önce
Damn it TRvid. You woke me up with this video lol
Venjun Gaming
Venjun Gaming 2 yıl önce
Any one have report of deep neural network? please explain deep neural network and deep learning is same? 😞
serious  coder
serious coder Yıl önce
Ni used to think theire same but slightly difere
bot5am 2 yıl önce
Yes they are used interchangeably
calcio Yıl önce
Pramish Pushpam Mehta
Hello here, I've a request with you, please make small video of about 6mins by breaking into several parts--creating a playlist, so that viewer can pay their interest.
serious  coder
serious coder Yıl önce
Watch krish clips or sentex
hello hi
hello hi Aylar önce
i fell asleep watching youtube and this is the video i woke up to
Pablo Alejandro Pérez Acosta
thank you
Aiden Still
Aiden Still 3 yıl önce
How to implement face and speech recognition from scratch without libraries? And is it possible to do this at all?
TheZyreick Yıl önce
If you are needing data because you lack data, but you have very good base data for what you do have. You can always simulate data to use for training as long as you do research on what the realistic standard deviations are for that data type. Language is difficult to simulate this way though because variations can come out as complete jibberish very quickly
TheZyreick Yıl önce
@Aiden Still or you can do the smart thing and use the free libraries available which a large company and hundreds of people spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours to create, so you don't need to spend millions of dollars and thousands upon thousands of hours yourself doing it
TheZyreick Yıl önce
@Aiden Still what they actually mean is no, since the other replies aren't being helpful You will need to record every single word spoken for the language you're training it for, these will need to be perfectly grammatically accurate spoken recordings if they're your base case. Next you'll need a way to simulate these in subtle variations to compensate for different accents and pronunciation of those words unless you want to go record all that yourself as well in order to create the data to train your algorithm on All machine learning is using algorithms to analyze data and produce a desired result from that data If you do not have any data, you cannot train a machine learning algorithm
serious  coder
serious coder Yıl önce
Will take long, alot of resource just use the pretraibed libraries
Aiden Still
Aiden Still 3 yıl önce
@Koga Master where to get this information? Please advise courses and books. that i was able to create something like keras. exclusively for educational purposes.
Chris was there
Chris was there Yıl önce
Made it till 14:00 already, good night.
Elias KOUAKOU 4 aylar önce
Why not save the best pattern, instead of doing the same simulation countless time?
Samsworld 10 aylar önce
I fell asleep and woke up an hour into this video.
🌌King James Bond 🌌
each number represents a matrix:sub matrix something but i forgot
Colin Maharaj
Colin Maharaj Yıl önce
2:04:12 A huge grain of salt is a salt crystal?
Sergei Garbar
Sergei Garbar 10 aylar önce
Many aha moments for, all load and clear. Guys, I ove algoryths, but I hate coding and VSC - is there a program for me?
Hadi Santamaria
Hadi Santamaria Aylar önce
Half of the people watched this at 3:00 am with no understanding and the other is trying ta make a neutral network
MOE 4 aylar önce
Damn they got me again 🤦🏾‍♂️ When I went to sleep I was watching Sanford and Son 😂
Francisco Tuga
Francisco Tuga Yıl önce
the graphs from 40:00 foward makes no sense to me, how can you have 2 values and not make a straight line? you have y output and x input and you get waves? that graphic makes no sense on what you are talking about... unless if you have a diferent value called repetition or time, but still the first ones without the multiple nodes will also make waves since you are adjusting the values right? I dont understand it...
serious  coder
serious coder Yıl önce
Logestic is kind of liner classification
Francisco Tuga
Francisco Tuga Yıl önce
are you combining the results from the 3 layers in the same graph? isn't that the same as making 3 iterations on the 1 layer mode?
MichaelDude12345 10 aylar önce
And here I thought doing back-propagation with CNNs was doing something more related to statistics than calculus, boy was I mistaken... It's just multivariate calc applied in an incredibly intelligent way! That's so neat. Your explanation was so good too, it made the elegance of the mathematical solution shine through. Thanks for the great video.
MooseShower Aylar önce
Huh. Where am I? What did I wake up to? Why do I feel calculus running through my bloodstream?
School Science Projects
I like looking down my You-Tube while listening to this.
Graham Conquer
Graham Conquer Yıl önce
Can utilize this in so many ways from h bombs to curing cancers
Cut2March in D 90s
Cut2March in D 90s 8 aylar önce
Smit Barve
Smit Barve 2 yıl önce
Watching this before the TensorFlow tutorial.....
Champloo 7 aylar önce
i woke up in 3am from this youtube works in weird ways
Vyrsace 3 yıl önce
Does anyone else notice when he says “white” he pronounces it “hwa-aight”
Richard Evans-Lacey
Maybe he's a secret lemonade drinker?
Brandon Rohrer
Brandon Rohrer 3 yıl önce
I have great role models: trvid.com/video/video-2Nae9L4EdRs.html
blu3 6 aylar önce
How does it feel to betray your own race?
Richard Evans-Lacey
3:33 How come the narrater's cough makes the result go from negative 0.075 to positive 0.075?
K Untitled
K Untitled Yıl önce
@ansow arrower Lol cough joke just wasn't funny to me idk...
ansow arrower
ansow arrower Yıl önce
@K Untitled Are you saying that because your mother has three? Get an education
K Untitled
K Untitled Yıl önce
ansow arrower
ansow arrower Yıl önce
Vertical Horizon
Vertical Horizon Yıl önce
I woke up and this was playing on the background
Mossawir Ahmed
Mossawir Ahmed Yıl önce
Seriously. Same here
VincenzOK Yıl önce
This is gold.
Radovan Križalkovič
0:40 if you tried making a rule you wouldn't be able to do it. Why? Isn't the rule pretty clear? If only the 2 top or 2 bot are black, it's horizontal. If only the 2 left or 2 right are black, it's vertical. Every other composition where 2 are black is diagonal. If 3 are black, it's L. This just seems programmable. What am I missing?
Joao Pedro
Joao Pedro 10 aylar önce
@Radovan Križalkovič Yes. Specially if you dont know all the possible states. These algorithms are applied to filter/classify tons of data, and it will handle tons of different states that we cannot predict.
Radovan Križalkovič
Radovan Križalkovič 10 aylar önce
@Joao Pedro I see, so of course if it was a more complicated object in an environment, it would be really difficult to describe all rules for it. Is that what he meant?
Joao Pedro
Joao Pedro 10 aylar önce
@serious coder Exactly. He used this example because it was more simple to explain :)
serious  coder
serious coder Yıl önce
It may be programable but what if you rotate it Or you want to find cat , not cat program
Walt Whit
Walt Whit Yıl önce
i like algorithms.
Arber Thaqi
Arber Thaqi 5 aylar önce
I woke up and TRvid decided to show me this...
Michael Cooley
Michael Cooley 7 aylar önce
If I get less than 55.5 m&m's I'm filing a complaint.
Wahèb benzaid
Wahèb benzaid 3 yıl önce
Hello , why there is no subtitle ?
Wahèb benzaid
Wahèb benzaid Yıl önce
@freeCodeCamp yes thank you 😁
serious  coder
serious coder Yıl önce
You better work on your listening too
freeCodeCamp.org 3 yıl önce
TRvid does not auto subtitle videos this long.
Devan Johnson
Devan Johnson 9 aylar önce
I woke up at 2:30:00
Joe Weis
Joe Weis 8 aylar önce
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