How Chip Giant AMD Finally Caught Intel 

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Chip giant Advanced Micro Devices made history this year when it surpassed Intel by market cap for the first time ever. Intel has long held the lead in the market for computer processors, but AMD’s been on the rise since it acquired adaptive chip company Xilinx in February for $49 billion. Now, AMD chips are in two Tesla models, NASA’s Mars Perseverance land rover, 5G cell towers and the world’s fastest supercomputer. CNBC sat down with CEO Lisa Su to hear about AMD’s remarkable comeback, huge bets on new types of chips in the face of a PC slump, new restrictions on exports to China, and shifting industry trends.
1:51 Making chips
4:01 Going fabless
5:37 Catching Intel
8:17 Geopolitics and PC slump
10:51 Diversification
Produced by: Katie Tarasov
Edited by: Dain Evans
Additional Camera: Andrew Evers, Lucas Mulliki, Jeniece Pettitt, Maarten van Rouveroy
Supervising Producer: Jeniece Pettitt
Graphics by: Mallory Brangan, Christina Locopo
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How Chip Giant AMD Finally Caught Intel



21 Kas 2022




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@juannunez8080 Yıl önce
What we need is more engineers as CEOs.
@reptarien Yıl önce
Absolutely, someone being qualified to be in a high position should not be the outlier that it is, lol
@juannunez8080 Yıl önce
@@reptarien Actually, is more common than what u think. From top of my head. Jeff Bezos(EE) - Amazon Elon Musk(Physics) - Tesla Tim cook(IE) - Apple Satya (EE) - Microsoft Sundar(ChE) - Google Lisa (EE) - AMD I think intel is falling behind because they have too many business people on the top making stupid decisions.
@@juannunez8080 My professor said that Elon is not an engineer. He’s a businessman who works with engineers
@drill_fiend1097 Yıl önce
@@turkishdelight6032 he didn't even get the physics degree lol. He was largely in business degree, and later found out most of his "I have engineering background" was exaggerated. There's this whole thread by capitolhunters that analyzes his claims based on recently disclosed lawsuit info. He was so lucky because immigration system was lax enough to let him stay without valid OPT (he dropped out). If he was born as a GenZ or late millennial, he would've been deported.
That can be said for so many fields. Weapon manufacturing is one. Suits shouldn't make the choices. AMD needs better marketing. Koensiegg is a real recent one.
@gertwallen Yıl önce
Intel had an accountant as CEO for over a decade , offering only marginal tech improvements in their cpus, and relying on monopolic business practices with abusive pricing. It took an MIT EE Ph.D named Lisa Su to knock the giant. It was David vs Goliath, and we consumers are the winners. Thanks Lisa, keep up the good work!
@Arhange1790 Yıl önce
Fun fact. Lisa Su and Nvidia CEO are relatives.
@shuang402 Yıl önce
@@Arhange1790 that’s actually not true. This rumor may came from both of their parents are immigrants from Tainan Taiwan.
@chucktesta2564 Yıl önce
@@shuang402 You beat me to it
@samymasta Yıl önce
And hired Jim Keller to create the Ryzen architecture*
@kingofcrunk4237 Yıl önce
Ah, the repeating downfall of companies controlled by bean-counters.
@bw4593 Yıl önce
Her leadership is nothing short of remarkable. It really helps when a CEO actually understands the product the company makes and sells.
@justice929 Yıl önce
Well yes, she's a MIT superstar PhD.
@SupraSav Yıl önce
"Doctor" Lisa.
@davysmith8569 Yıl önce
politics aside, its great that she convinced the currrent administation of the importance of chip making. Its wild that China is taking our video game chips and converting them into government/military.
@ausgamer529 Yıl önce
I love Lisa Su!
@bubblegum7489 Yıl önce
She is an absolute beast of an CEO. We need more capable people in the industry like her for significant technological advancements.
@AdamSmith-gs2dv 3 aylar önce
She's truly one of the best CEOs of all time. Absolutely amazing how she managed to turn everything around so quickly
@chltmdwp Yıl önce
This is what happens when you have a CEO who is an engineer. If a CEO speaks its business language they will perform well.
Intel is like a plane. When you start to sink down, it takes time to see the stock fall. But when you're going down, it takes a while to curve the stall and go back up. Intel has had a financial officer as CEO for the past 20 years, and it has allowed AMD to secretly steal more and more market share. Pat Gelsinger is a brand new CEO and now is trying to pull Intel back. He is much better than any other CEO, as he is not scared to make Intel non-profitable for a couple years, if its a long term investment in Intel. He will build its foundry business up and in 5 years they will be much bigger than AMD.
Mama Lisa Sue for the W
@vigilant_1934 Yıl önce
@@DrakeFromStateFarm Intel is still a much bigger company than AMD and it's not even close.
@dontmatter4423 Yıl önce
Steve Jobs laughing at you from his grave
@@vigilant_1934 lol shutup dude if it weren't for AMD being the middle man between Intel and Nvidia you'd be seeing monopolized prices right now
Lisa Su deserves all the recognition she receives.
@RavingFan Yıl önce
intc now has eng ceo - loosing marketshare in chips / gpus to intc in recent qtr
@lil----lil Yıl önce
Dr. Su did for AMD what Steve Jobs did for Apple. No exaggeration. BOTH companies were just months away from dissolving. That's how scary it was for both companies.
@unclerubo Yıl önce
No. Su is an engineer. Jobs was a marketer. Did they save the company in their own way? You could say so. But their approach was not comparable.
@KevDawg1992 Yıl önce
It was actually Sam Naffziger who helped AMD. He was the one who had to spend so much time trying to convince AMD that chiplets were the way to go in the future.
@sumitshresth Yıl önce
@@KevDawg1992 yes he did. but it takes a engineer to understand another engineer. had it been any regular management ceo he would have never found his voice
@churblefurbles Yıl önce
@@sumitshresth No, it always depends, engineers are prone to going down the wrong path as anyone else.
@syncmonism Yıl önce
They definitely have some very different personalities and strengths, but I do think that Su has done a lot for AMD.
@johnw4067 Yıl önce
Just upgraded my 2018 PC with a Ryzen R5 5600. Unbelievable performance and value. Really am glad AMD is around to keep Intel on their toes!
It's healthy to have serious competition, to keep one on his/her toes, something apparently the Chinese --- or at least those they promote to rule over & to make life and death decisions for them --- don't believe in. Anyway, I remember, as noted here, that a few years ago, AMD was known mostly as a player in the gaming industry, whereas Intel ruled everywhere else in high-end computation. And, yes, I still remember a time (working with students) that Apple was so insignificant, so small, it literally begged students, teachers, and schools to take its products. But it caught on soon afterward, both as a luxurious and as a high-end technology everyone who's eccentric, creative, or fashionable wanted... all over the world!
@aztekempire Yıl önce
really back in the 2000 nobody would buy a PC with AMD processor.
Both great companies, I wish Cyrix was still around. We need the competition to keep advancing technology and making it cheap.
@navyseal1689 Yıl önce
I wish there are more than 2 companies that produce advance chip
@TechieXP Yıl önce
@@navyseal1689 why. Why do you need more than 2companies? Ir serves no real purpose because the best ones arw still gonna be on top. When you consider the cost, not everyone can make chips, even if you own a machine.
@OnurTheXbot Yıl önce
Finally, AMD is getting the attention it deserves.
I'm surprised as I always hear gamers go on for AMD for some time. Asked me back years ago I would say INTEL plus NVIDIAAs AMD was the cheap option. Obviously building a super gaming computer is a lot more nuanced with drivers and software bit I always hear how AMD is either competitive or better.
@singular9 Yıl önce
@@dianapennepacker6854 Its because the enthusiast market is A) A very small portion of sales and B) Most enthusiasts will say AMD and still buy Intel/Nvidia.
@TheSlickmicks Yıl önce
Was Intel for a long time. Now I am pure AMD for my CPUs. Even big tech-tubers like Jay from Jayztwocents are becoming AMD fanboys.
@Mauser1965 Yıl önce
@@TheSlickmicks No, Jay uses what has been best for his use. i.e. "Epic Gaming and Rendering PC Upgrade Video - Jayztwocents went Intel" 😜✌
@JeffreyGoddin Yıl önce
Still using the MSi laptop I bought 5 years ago, back then by all the metrics AMD was still lagging in performance, so I specced Intel/NVIDIA, and it still performs well with the SSD package, but are you saying, perhaps in another few years when this rig finally can't play some games I might be better off with AMD?
The video failed to report that it's AMD who design the AMD64 (X86-64) architecture that we still use today. Intel had to drop their own 64 bits implementation and started to make AMD64 compatible CPU instead.
@toxikwastedump Yıl önce
yep, good ol' Itanium IA-64. AMD was also first to true multi-core
@magnem1043 Yıl önce
@Knowbody42 Yıl önce
aka the Itanic
@voltydequa845 Yıl önce
1) The video is for generic public - so no techno-lawing appassionados. 2) If I remember well it was about 64 design (not "implementation"), and Intel had to pay, to AMD, something like patent royalties.
@lummoxicide1502 Yıl önce
AMD's V-cache technology is crazy good, waiting for the next gen already
bets part is they could use it on the cache dies of the new gpus, and then with that extra cache not be bandwidth limited so they can then double the core count since they are no where near the reticle limit (like nvidia) since they got that big cache off of there
@tommanseau6277 Yıl önce
Correction: Moore's Law stated that the number of transistors on a chipwould double roughly every 2 years. The narator states it was resistors, which aren't the same.
@silano360 Yıl önce
Typical CNBC 😒
@tommanseau6277 Yıl önce
@@silano360 Not really as rest was accurate. It's something that jumped out to me because of a modest background in electronics. The presenter doesn't have that. Honest mistake
@koji.o Yıl önce
Oh, I didn't hear the narrator saying resistor. It must be my brain using auto-correct and assumed she said transistor. 🤣
@ezekielchariot Yıl önce
@@tommanseau6277 How would the presenter who you suggest has no "modest background in electronics" even know to even utter the word resistor?
@tommanseau6277 Yıl önce
@@ezekielchariot Okay, start with the simplest part. Computers make decisions using on and off signals, i.e. 1 & 0 respectively. Resistors are analog. Transistors in computers are desinged to act digitally turning on and off making all of those compute cycles possible. If you know what both are then there's no confusion as to what is the most important to computing power.
@yengsabio5315 Yıl önce
My very first desktop PC in 2002 had Athlon AMD. Lots'a love, cheers, & Mabuhay, from tropical Philippines!
@drabberfrog Yıl önce
When you were talking about AMD's achievements why didn't you mention creating the first X86 64 CPU? That was HUGE. Even today, computers call X86 64 chips AMD64 family even if it's an Intel CPU.
@bhfootballer26 Yıl önce
I would’ve liked to see them discuss that too. Even though AMD started off licensing the x86 instruction set that Intel created, it was actually AMD that developed the 64 bit extensions that became AMD64, and they actually license that back to intel! Intel might have been the original creator, but both companies have done a lot to advance the state of the art.
@revengefrommars Yıl önce
AMD also made the first dual-core desktop CPU (Athlon64 x2). Intel managed to beat them to quad-core only by combining two dual-core CPUs into a single chip package.
@carl8790 Yıl önce
@@bhfootballer26 And thank the heavens it happened that way. Imagine a world where Intel was successful with Itanium. It would've been really bad for consumers.
@riven4121 Yıl önce
@@bhfootballer26 And that was the result of a giant legal battle between both AMD and Intel. It ended with Intel and AMD cross licencing x86 and x86-64 respectively to the other company.
@n3Cr0ManCeD 11 aylar önce
@@bhfootballer26 Indeed. AMD has been the little company that could and giving Intel a run for their $$ going all the way back to the 386 DX40.
@RobertDunn310 Yıl önce
When AMD released their Zen-based Ryzen processors, it was a literal game changer. I am typing this on my HP Envy x360 with a Ryzen 4700U chip and the performance and battery life you get on it compared to previous AMD devices is mind-blowing.
@IsaacTorres Yıl önce
I’ve been a fan of AMD since I built my first PC in high school way back in 2001. It’s been amazing to watch them grow, and now in my late 30s I have built multiple all AMD PCs and they are in daily use in my home. Now my kids are team red! Keep it up AMD!!!
Excessive heat, bad mathematics, poor working under pressure, glad I leaved amd cpu - unprecedented performance on Intel chips even with 4 cores in most low i3 series says alot.
@reitairue2073 Yıl önce
@@makerofstartup7902 Exactly lol.
@mintymus Yıl önce
I built an AMD machine about 20 years ago also. The most unstable wreck I've ever had. All my friends at the time had Intel, no problems for them. I now have an AMD laptop which is fine, but then 3 other Intel PCs. The latest Intel is better than the latest AMD in almost every aspect, in terms of price for performance and pure performance.
@zenlei8258 Yıl önce
@@mintymus Yes you are almost right. AMD chips for PC is not as stable and reliable compare to Intel chips if run for 24/7 365 non stop.
@mintymus Yıl önce
@@zenlei8258 Except for I didn't run mine 24 hours nonstop. Whatever the use case, AMD chips were just not stable. Even today, I don't have an AMD CPU but I do have a 6560XT GPU...guess what? A new bug makes it so supporting just dual monitors is glitchy. AMD needs to get their drivers right.
@rubenssz Yıl önce
This was surprisingly informative. Great job.
They left out where AMD got the money to turn the ship around. Dr. Lisa Su doesn't care about national security. She just wanted that sweet sweet government money. First, sell trade secrets to China then convince the US government to give you money due to national security threats... from China.
The focus of the piece is on AMD and Lisa Su, as it should. But the reporter / producer Katie Tarasov deserves a lot of credit for the production value. I watch CNBC a lot, but don't recall seeing Tarasov or her name before. I hope to see more of her pieces in the future.
@Gatecrasher1 Yıl önce
What Lis Su has done for AMD is nothing short of amazing
@icecube3645 Yıl önce
AMD CEO Lisa Su is a Chinese woman.
@@icecube3645 *Taiwanese
@louisd6410 Yıl önce
@@wirayapradnyadaka3227 literally no difference. Kashimir is not India tho
@Czyb20 Yıl önce
@Ice Cube stereotypical don't you think. She didn't get forced by her parents or anything this is someone who wants to achieve a dream just like most students in the world people like you wouldn't relate just behind keyboard being a preditor to society just get rid of yourself please we don't need incompetent beings like you
@@louisd6410 You've obviously never met a Taiwanese person.
@max3334441 Yıl önce
Taiwan not only supply most advanced microchips, it also supplies Top Tech CEOs and entretrepeurs
@louisd6410 Yıl önce
@htko89 Yıl önce
@@louisd6410 LOL silly bot
@tblk3747 Yıl önce
China is a cheap labour factory, nothing to be so proud of
@@louisd6410 that one 🇨🇳 is apparently behind 🇹🇼 when it comes to chip technology
@olearysbf6580 Yıl önce
Taiwan is the original china. Look up in history
@lekang8179 Yıl önce
Lisa Su is an exceptional scientist and CEO.
@adoatero5129 Yıl önce
- "Lisa Su is an exceptional scientist" Is she really "exceptional" as scientist (instead of from example good or very good)?
@lekang8179 Yıl önce
@@adoatero5129 i mean she is excellent
@adoatero5129 Yıl önce
@@lekang8179 OK. I took a look at her resume, and at it's impressive.
@placate9051 Yıl önce
@@adoatero5129 😂😂
@godslayer1415 Yıl önce
Lisa Su is a token for the industry - only know who she is because IBM granted her status to stave off the calls for IBM to be less male. less white and less old.
@SIW808 Yıl önce
Not only caught, but surpassed Intel. On server and HEDT side, they are so far ahead of Intel. Their desktop CPUs are much more efficient than their Intel counterparts. Dr. Su and her team have done a tremendous job over theast 5 years.
@rajuaditya1914 Yıl önce
Nope, 13th gen is a different story.
@@rajuaditya1914 he might mean power efficient. i9-13900k runs close to 300w to match the 7950x which runs at around 180w when stress testing for about the same performance.
@Nobody-yo4qm Yıl önce
@@acasualmusiclistener7919 7950x runs up to 230w ppt, which is around 310w in practical loads. 13900k is slightly less efficient yes, but not by a lot while being a whole node behind.
@zed0k Yıl önce
@@Nobody-yo4qm it runs hot and uses a lot of power. Intel is still using 10nm, for some reason. They will fall behind next gen. Once 3d vcache AMD cpus come out in January, Intel will sink.
@FatetalityXI Yıl önce
@@rajuaditya1914 read buddy read! OP said hedt/server space.
@jamesdond1 Yıl önce
My company did work for AMD in the mid-1990s. They were tech leaders at the time, and a great company to work with.
@BullyTecg Yıl önce
I have more leaders outside compared to otherwise , I send people like sheep and goat targeting every other person everyday , so much of abuse , harassment, trouble their lives, families etc etc for any petty issue I hear or see. That's how I and my company works. Amd works in a different fashion , it can't be that fraud and abusive , otherwise Lisa su wouldn't be the ceo of such company
Lisa Su is exceptional engineer, amazing leader and an extremely accomplished CEO. Everyone's opinion is different. But I think repeated mention of female CEO seems a bit derogatory. It's almost as if, she is a good CEO, because she is a female or she was chosen as CEO, because she was female. I would rather have them mention CEO only and let us see for ourselves that she is a woman and women can be good CEOs (Not everyone is a fraud like Elizabeth Holmes).
she is probably why the single thread speed is lower and why they took so long
@williamlouie569 Yıl önce
Being a female is a liability. Because companies will normally pick a man for CEO rather than a woman being all thing equal.
@TheHighborn Yıl önce
not to mention she has a phd. she's extremely acomplished, and it's obvious,
Highest paid CEO on earth full stop.. left that one out.. now thats impressive.. she wins.. vs everyone.. male and female. In the $$$ department.. shes also related to the Nvidia CEO
@TheHighborn Yıl önce
@@defectiveclone8450 thwyre related but it's very far. Irrelevant far
For AMD, getting out of the foundry business was a good move, but I have to say, I find it frightening that the entire world is so dependent on a single foundry company, with all but 1 fab facility in Taiwan and China.
@nlx78 Yıl önce
And don't forget, only one real factory for making machines that can make chips. Lookup --> ASML the Netherlands.
@nlx78 Yıl önce
ASML is the only firm in the world capable of making the highly-complex machines that are needed to manufacture the most advanced chips. These EUV machines, which cost approximately $140 million each, are sold to a handful chipmakers giants including TSMC, Samsung and Intel. With a market value of around $350 billion, Dutch-headquartered ASML is a little-known tech juggernaut that’s set to keep on growing in line with the insatiable demand for semiconductors.The 37-year-old company, which has over 31,000 staff, is the only firm in the world capable of making the highly-complex machines that are needed to manufacture the most advanced chips. These machines, which cost approximately $140 million each, shine exceptionally narrow beams of light onto silicon wafers that have been treated with “photoresist” chemicals. Intricate patterns are created on the wafer where the light comes into contact with the chemicals, which are carefully laid out beforehand. ASML sells the relatively rare EUV machines to a handful chipmaking giants including TSMC, Samsung and Intel. Each machine reportedly has over 100,000 components and it takes 40 freight containers or four jumbo jets to ship. Last year, ASML sold just 31 of these enormous pieces of equipment, according to its financials. It has sold over 100 in total.
@carl8790 Yıl önce
Well the pandemic was a wake up call. This is why the Chip Act was created.
@carl8790 Yıl önce
@@nlx78 Technically, ASML don't really 'make' those EUV machines. They have partners (like Zeiss who makes the mirrors for the EUV machine), that supply them the parts or software for the EUV machine and assembled them in the Netherlands. Majority of it shares are owned by US financial firms, which probably explains why the US government was able to get ASML to ban the sale of their EUV machines to China.
@saricubra2867 Yıl önce
That's why i built an Intel Alder Lake Core i7-12700K ( made in the USA) system and cheap MSI Z690 motherboard without the nonsense from Taiwan and China specially with overpriced graphics cards (also made on Taiwan), Intel UHD graphics is so insanely underrated saving me from these difficult times.
@adul00 Yıl önce
As someone passionate about such technologies, and someone working in the EDA industry (helping such companies to develop their chips), I commend, how accurate and thorough the content of this video is. At no point was I thinking, that something was oversimplified or wrong, despite being directed at more of a general audience.
Switched to Ryzen on the 2nd gen and havent regretted it. Have a third gen in my rig now and the 2nd gen is still perfectly fine. Well done AMD, keep it up
Best way to summarize all the products that AMD offers and they are world class... Congratulations Lisa Su 👏
@blackasthesky Yıl önce
The Zen architecture was a small miracle for AMD. It's genuinly awesome that Intel is not the only survivor in the field. The concurrency has driven innovation forward in recent years (for example Infinity Fabric for AMD, Hybrid Architecture for Intel).
@LucidThought Yıl önce
AMD surviving isn't 'genuinely awesome' as Intel needed a competitor else it would have been broken up due to competition rules.. What is awesome is Nvidia are worth more than AMD & Intel combined without having 'any skin' in the 'duo-monopoly' x86 market..
@blackasthesky Yıl önce
@@LucidThought I wish this was true. From what we've seen the last fifty or so years, America's anti trust agencies like to look the other way when it's about the hardware or software industry. And I honestly don't get how you can find a monopoly like Nvidia awesome.
Jesus Ioves youz[xc]\xz[c]\z[x
@Aloysyus 10 aylar önce
Great journalistic work here. You captured a complex topic with easy words in a 15 Min video. I am genuinely impressed.
@andrewszombie Yıl önce
Love AMD and their revival under Dr Su has been so amazing. She is truly a visionary and a revolutionary in the PC space. I have tons of RYZEN chips.
@moa3008 Yıl önce
I remember when AMD’s stock price was around $5 a share; I can’t remember the year but; I think it was in the early 2000s.
@WiiNV Yıl önce
From The Motley Fool 🤔 "AMD stock fell to a low of $1.61 per share in July 2015. At this level, $5,000 would have bought an investor around 3,105 shares. At the current price of roughly $91 per share, this investment would hold a value of about $282,640 -- a return of approximately 5,550%. This far exceeds the roughly 110% return for the S&P 500 over the same period. Also, the stock may have more room to grow as many analysts still consider AMD a hot growth stock."
@kensmith5694 Yıl önce
If I invent a time machine, I could go back and buy some.
@@kensmith5694 I bought 1,000 shares when it was $5 sold it since I was a naive investor out of high school :(
@@SAMMICCHES I bought a 400 hundred shares when it was at $10 in 2017, still holding some of those. Honestly the stock is cheap right now on a p/e basis and growth will probably reaccelerate by 2024. I wouldnt be surprised if at some point it crosses the $300 level if you have a few years to wait.
@CN_SFY_General Yıl önce
it is 2$ in2014.
@Lionel212001 Yıl önce
AMD's valuation was down to 4 to 5 billion in circa 2014-2015. It has been such a remarkable turn around for a company that was incurring increasing debt and on the verge of bankruptcy.
@kunaii_cs Yıl önce
I have a full AMD pc. Their processors and graphics cards are reasonably priced, power efficient and reliable. I'm proud of Team Red for accomplishing so much.
@saricubra2867 Yıl önce
Ironically, i plan to buy an AMD Radeon card for my Intel system because Alder Lake is revolutionary for my music production stuff (Apple is so overpriced but absolutely ridiculous efficency) and NVIDIA costs like a kidney for some reason even for old still descent cards and i will loose so much going chiplets instead of monolithic SoCs. Obviously i always recommended AMD to friends but the Intel Core i7-12700K is an anomaly right now, same for the Ryzen 9 5950X and i5-12600K and 13600K.
@@saricubra2867 I do music production too among other things. My next build I plan do a 5950x or MAYBE consider going to AM5 I currently have an i7-9700k. I'd need a whole new board and everything. And while AMD is my favorite for what they've been able to accomplish, I'm really grateful for my i7 still works like a champion and that I don't NEED to upgrade if I'm not ready (and tbh I'm not) it also has onboard graphics.
@saricubra2867 Yıl önce
@@ASPEDBUSDRIVER1 12th gen i7 is already a massive upgrade over your 9th one and is 330 on amazon right now.
I'm going team red for the first time, when the new AMD GPUs drop. Happy for AMD, finally an end to Nvidia's monopoly. Cause Nvidia made one bad move after another recently..
@cranbers Yıl önce
I do as well, granted I bought the 6800 xt while it was insanely over priced haha but at least I could get it. For the last few years buying graphics cards were insanely expensive if you could even find one just crazy. I hope AMD keeps it going I've been a fan since late 90's. I was sad when they were near death for so long. And yeah their new CEO brought them back to life thank goodness, keeping intel honest and actually progressing because without competition we would still be on pentium 4 and 64mb of ram.
@michaelSlick50 Yıl önce
AMD has been wonderfully successful at targeting the gaming market. They are in every single Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One and Xbox X and S... that's a lot of high end chips sold. Not to mention they / the video chip company they bought, were in most preceding Nintendo consoles before the Switch. Again. That's a lot of chips sold.
@AdamSmith-gs2dv 3 aylar önce
I'm surprised they didn't mention that, the PS4 and Xbox One really helped AMD get through the hard times so they could get Zen 1 out the door
@sgomez3047 Yıl önce
LISA rocks!!! She's an amazing CEO. Oh..and a beast! 😁
@JxcksonSF Yıl önce
Dr Su is a Business genius and a true engineer, all tech companies should have engineers on the top.
It was Lisa Su and Ryzen that helped elevate AMD to new heights. I'm still using an original Ryzen CPU and it's still rocking.
I upgraded my 1600x after 5 years to a 5600 for only 150€. Great improvement.
@PhillioDoede Yıl önce
Great piece! Hit all the points concisely and accurately, good job.
@joshmobijohn Yıl önce
The first computer I ever built as a teenager had an AMD Athlon 3200+ and and ATI Radeon 9800 Pro. I was so proud of that computer lol. The original Far Cry, Doom 3 and Half Life 2 were mind blowing to me at the time as a kid coming from console gaming. So cool to see this company grow after all these years. Being rewarded for putting consumers first by being an incredible budget option.
@SamEbby Yıl önce
AMD is one of my biggest positions - one of the few companies I have an exceptionally strong conviction on. Huge prospects for the future growth. It's one of the few companies *next to Tesla * that I am genuinely excited about in terms of future returns. Lisa Sue is an impressive, CEO humble, good at communicating, and executes !
@mintymus Yıl önce
How'd last month treat you with your Tesla stock? Ouch.
@SamEbby Yıl önce
@@mintymus badly to be completely honest
@turbofanlover Yıl önce
I'm an Intel man, but I'm glad that AMD was ultimately able to get their act together and start to truly push Intel. Here's hoping that they continue to do that.
@alexbakuta7375 11 aylar önce
Agree. Intel got became too bloated and comfortable
@maxpham Yıl önce
11:00 The number of transistors not resistors. Putting my pocket protector away now…😅
@maximme Yıl önce
hahahahaaa dumb Karen working in CNBC
@ee4life623 Yıl önce
You beat me to it.
@jasonrubik Yıl önce
@@ee4life623 Thanks for letting maxpham know that. Now I don't have to. ;)
@shaunlunney7551 Yıl önce
Great balanced piece! Bravo to the whole team, they really did bring it back from the edge and into a leadership position. They should have mentioned that they surpassed Intel in performance somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.5X faster in server parts! Amazing stuff
@mockier Yıl önce
It's a good time to look at upgrading if you were put off by the high prices and shortages during 2020 and 2021. Prices are coming back down and the performance of some of the new tech is insanely good. I just switched from an old Intel i7 system to the new AMD Ryzen 9 cpu and I'm seeing big performance improvements in games that I thought were GPU bound. The other big revalation for me was PCI-E 4 class M.2 NVME SSDs (The "hard drive"). I installed one with 7000MB (Yes Bytes, not bits!) read, 6000MB write. Software install speeds etc are so much faster than they were, and this is PCI-E 4 storage, the motherboard also has the PCI-5 storage support which will be even faster when I upgrade in a few years (Drives are just entering the market so I'd expect high prices for a while on PCI-E 4 M.2 drives).
Of Course, replacing an old i7 Intel system with a newer system will also improve performance. That's not so amazing. This is just an AMD promotion video. Want to see more an independent view. Intel and NVDIA are improving as well. iX, 12th and 13 gen, RTX technology. Maybe AMD is a better choice with price and system performance for the big companies where prices does matter. AMD is absolute at the top if prices doesn't matter. Have a complete Intel based 12th gen system and a RTX videocard. It came not at top, but 3th place is not so bad. AMD was at the top. But if you look at the prices? It was much cheaper to choose for Intel and NVIDIA system than for an all AMD system with top products. Note: PCI-E 4 class M.2 NVME? Just choose Samsung NVME M.2's much higher performance than the reads/writes you have stated .
@farkingdom Yıl önce
Dude been enjoying PCIE4 performance since intel 11th gen on my laptop, which AMD does not have during that generation
@balesjo 29 gün önce
Yes, the PCIe 4 M.2 NVME SSDs are amazing beasts. I still look at them in awe, a product about the size and thickness of a stick of chewing gum capable of holding TBs of data available at blazing speeds. I have two slots on my motherboard populated with M.2 drives (one the boot drive and software drive, the second drive is where I store all my data files). I retired my last HDD nearly two years ago now.
@andytorres7392 Yıl önce
When I first wanted to build myself a new gaming pc back in 2014-2015 as a teen, I remember looking at options and seeing that Intel + Nvidia were the only ones that made sense. I just recently finished building my pc and i have AMD CPU and GPU, not only do they perform extremely well, but in latin american markets, the Nvidia/Intel tax is just too high. Im just really impressed of how much value I could get with AMD and how far they have come. Kudos to Dr Su and all the AMD team!
I've always been an Intel fanboy but ever since the Steam Deck and Onexplayer 5800u, I'm overly impressed with AMD and bought AMD stock which I plan to hold for a long time for retirement.
@robertagren9360 Yıl önce
The fact that AMD created the x86/x64 while Intel haven't released a single copy on their CPU they were planning to release.
@redfuryin Yıl önce
Why are you a intel fanboy? Is that what came in your pre-built and you want it to be good to justify you purchase or something?
My first self-built computer was an AMD Athlon X4, then I built a new PC with an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, then upgraded to a Xeon platform, then I went back to AMD FX-8350 Bulldozers, after going through three fried Bulldozer CPUs I switched over to Intel Core i9-9900K. To date, my home PC has a Core i9-9900K, 64GB RAM, and an RTX 3090 24GB GPU. On the other hand, my Work PC has a first gen AMD Threadripper 1920X (12-core/24-thread), 128GB of RAM, and a dual GPU config RTX 2070 8GB and GTX 1660 Ti 6GB. All 7 of my laptops have Intel CPUs, I've never owned an AMD CPU laptop. I have a QNAP TVS-672XT NAS that's powered by Intel. It's currently running a Core i3 processor, with 32GB of SoDIMM RAM but I'm going to upgrade both the CPU and RAM to a Core i9-9900T (35Watt) CPU and 64GB of SoDIMM RAM, respectively. The NAS currently has 6 x 8TB Western Digital Reds NAS drives and contains 2 x 1TB NVMe M.2 drives in RAID-0 for caching. I'm going to upgrade the 2 x 1TB NVMe caching drives to Inland Performance 4TB M.2 NVMe drives for a total of 8TB caching. Each Inland Performance 4TB drive has a TBW rating of 6,000TB or 6 Petabytes. The NAS has a dual port Thunderbolt 3 card installed and an open PCIe slot. I may throw a dual 10GbE network card in there some day, but I won't need it now since it already has a 10GbE port built into the chasis. I work in IT as an NSA (Network Systems Administrator) and I have a 10GbE network at home, I have a 24-port 10GbE IBM switch that serves as the backbone to the 10GbE network. MSRP of that switch brand new was around $1700, but I got it used for under $200. My home router is a heavily modified Intel Nuc 9 Extreme, Core i9-9980HK CPU with 64GB of DDR4 SoDIMM RAM, 1 x 500GB M.2 NVMe boot drive, 2 x 2TB M.2 NVMe storage drives in RAID-0, the GPU PCIe slot contains a dual 10GbE SFP+ Intel Network Card, the secondary PCIe slot contains a 4-Port Intel 1GbE Network Card. The compute unit itself comes with 2 x Thunderbolt 3.0 ports that I can use for extra networking expansion of 10GbE or storage expansion connected at the speed of up to 40Gbps.
@meowie64 Yıl önce
@@networkengineer4405hat does any of that have to do with amd/intel competition..
@gooburt Yıl önce
@@meowie64 AMD chips used to be ass, people forget ryzen is new. My first cpu was also an AMD athlon, thing was terrible. that will turn you into an intel fanboy
@lukestevens4374 Yıl önce
This has been going on for years. AMD were the favorite before when their chips were better value than intel but then intel got their head down and came back into the fore. It will keep flip-flopping but i guess thats what good competition is for the market
@cranbers Yıl önce
Competition is what the world has to have in order to keep advancing and its why capitalism and the US is driving everything. We know what Intel does if there is no competition and even if there is if they play dirty. They they at the top despite it by paying people of because they have the money to do so. Intel right now is hurting lets hope Intel gets their act together so Asia doesn't continue to rule the market with advanced chip tech.
@KaitainCPS Yıl önce
AMD also made major architectural errors with Bulldozer, which wasn’t even a true multiprocessor CPU (but claimed to be). For six years they fell significantly behind Intel, but they made a great acquisition in Jim Keller who designed the core of the Ryzen architecture.
@Jim-be8sj Yıl önce
I do almost all of my work in HPC environments and I just recently lucked into a job where I have a decent cluster almost all to myself. It's all AMD CPUs and is the best machine I've worked with. I used to be skeptical of AMD but not anymore.
@Black_Reflection 8 aylar önce
Love Dr. Lisa. Shes a great CEO. She sold me 3 different CPUs in 2 years lol.
@eucri Yıl önce
Pretty good video, it's what I expect from a major news site!
@NoName-jz8fe Yıl önce
hope for more wins for AMD in the future, since the field needs competition.
@Paj081 Yıl önce
That's it sorry.
@Maelthras Yıl önce
The lawsuit between AMD and Intel was a bigger deal, they mutually agreed to license each others tech. AMD got 32 bit architecture, and Intel got AMD-64 and together it was x86. And combined they sued anyone that tried to intrude into the market through patents.
TSMC updated that to $40 Billion now. Like I don' already have enough work to do with Intel, it's never been busier than right now in the semiconductor tool design and manufacturing business. Production is expected to ramp up by 6X's what we're capable now to meet the demand.
@earlysda Yıl önce
TSMC also announced a new 7billion usd plant in Japan.
@Optimusprime809 Yıl önce
I like the CEO, so cool! Done a lot for the company, and she even did this interview in person, that's crazy! She must be busy!
@JayDokken Yıl önce
Love how their logo has not changed.
@prowlermadmax2 Yıl önce
i'm glad to hear that AMD has improved their chips. I always had a hard time upgrading windows OS in some AMD computers. That's why I always bought a desktop with an intel chip set.
@alexbroere2669 Yıl önce
Oh man loved my AMD 64 in my desktop. Really like how AMD is able to fight back. It's good for the consumer and the market. Keep up the good work!
@braindrainize Yıl önce
I remember growing up with Intellivision, Atari 2600, Colecovision, DOS 3.0,ect. The first time I heard of AMD was via some old NAND/NOR gates. Intel had the Goverment contracts back then, Despite AMD being out so long. One day In 2013 during an Easter sale, I purchased the A85600K Limited Black Edition Series From AMD. I used that processor till January of last yr. I had to use a competitors GPU due to driver issues, but going from a 5600k to the 3900x was amazing!. "Bills Permitting" ,I'd like to build a total 7950x/XTX build if there are no driver issues. Go Team AMD! \m/(>_
@mcsegeek1 Yıl önce
I've been an AMD guy since the day I built my first PC with a K6. Great performance for the price point. And nowadays, nobody can say they're cheaper because they're slower. Nope. They scream. And their new top end GPUs are a wakeup call to Nvidia as well, who like intel have been gouging and taking the public for granted for too long.
@cranbers Yıl önce
Lets hope amd keeps it up, I also now have an all amd PC and was proud to do so. Loved them in the early 2000's but they were always behind and with some weird problem. I do hope though they can get more chips from the US and not hurt the US by outsourcing because China is a real threat.
@mintymus Yıl önce
And now AMD is both slower and more expensive...lol
@Umski Yıl önce
Fond memories of my first DIY PC with K6-233 over the P233 back in 1998 - price for performance being the determining factor - I kept that one!
@user99tube Yıl önce
Yes.. loved this news... Always an AMD fan!
@rthwbyw Yıl önce
I still have my very first pc with X4 760K and R8 280X (released in 2013) and I really am excited for AMD Ryzen and RX 7000 Series. my current AMD rig is R5 1500X and RX 570, will look forward to upgrading 7000 series soon.
Storing every information in a chip and processing it and giving the best result. Increasing the life of chips.
@vashSJ Yıl önce
great video Sent from my full AMD PC
@vtwin0001 Yıl önce
Lisa is an AMAZING CEO!
@harshbarj Yıl önce
I'm happy to see AMD winning. I was a massive fan of them back in the K6-2 days when I built my first system as a teen. Then they did great with the Athlon 64 only to fall behind with the introduction of the Core-2 line. It took 10 years, but I'm proud to again have a AMD CPU in my main gaming rig with a Ryzen.
@ricopags Yıl önce
Surprisingly well done and comprehensive. Kudos to the production team! (and AMD PR :p)
@ricopags Yıl önce
Like, I will actually share this on social media it is so well done. Nothing I didn't know already but a shocking quantity of stuff I do for a single short video lol. Lisa Su is under appreciated as a genius leader so it's nice to see her getting some recognition.
They left out where AMD got the money to turn the ship around. Dr. Lisa Su doesn't care about national security. She just wanted that sweet sweet government money. First, sell trade secrets to China then convince the US government to give you money due to national security threats... from China.
@jimethota Yıl önce
This is what happens when companies refrain from putting business majors and accountants in charge of companies, all they do is look short term. Put an engineer in charge of your semiconductor company and look what happens
@novah589 Yıl önce
Every CEO of AMD has been an Engineer, yes even during their bulldozer years, so you could equally say having an engineer as CEO is a bad idea.
@HiddenAgendas Yıl önce
@@novah589 u need to hire Asians. Periodt
@jaxwylde2139 Yıl önce
Good report, but surprised no one caught the verbal error regarding Moore's Law. @ 11:00 I think you meant to say, '..transistors' instead of resistors. Resistors are a key component in IC's, but that law was referring to the number of transistors doubling every 18 months.
@michaelSlick50 Yıl önce
AMD is amazing. I've been a supporter of them since their 586 upgrade chip for 486 systems back in 1996 or 97. I've used AMD in almost every system that I've ever owned since, including my video graphics cards since they bought ATI. Good quality, integration and performance per cost.
@mintymus Yıl önce
As a result, your builds were far less technically advanced over the years...including now.
@KaitainCPS Yıl önce
They kinda sucked between 2010 and 2017. The Bulldozer architecture was flawed and was simply not competitive with Intel’s lines during that period.
@@mintymus How much is far less in your eyes? Because as far as I'm concerned AMD has never fallen below 40-50% of the performance in any given generation of their competitors even in their worst times even with the FX series blunder or even better Vega...To be completely honest the fact that AMD created the 64 bit instruction set back in 2003, along with true independent multicore CPU's can't be ignored. AMD definitely wasn't good in the CPU department from 2009-2016, and GPU hardware from 2016-2020.
@mintymus Yıl önce
@@MarcABrown-tt1fp 40-50% = far less.
@spacetoast7783 Yıl önce
@@KaitainCPS AMD was a good value proposition at that time, at least. They just didn't have anything to compete at the high end.
@TacticalTrucker Yıl önce
AMD are the ones responsible for the APU processor, combining the Northbridge processor with the CPU helped my business out a lot, now, instead of the CPU, having to go through the Northbridge processes separately to communicate with every other chip on the board the Northbridge process it was combined with the CPU, allowing for faster communication between the RAM and the CPU Thank you AMD
@danieldewilson Yıl önce
This was an excellent video. I really want to hear Dr. Su talk about the future of Semi conductors.
@KizmoBG Yıl önce
god bless Dr. Lisa Su! thanks for her effort and all AMD!
@scpatl4now Yıl önce
I remember when ryzen hit the market in 2017, I told everyone who would listen to buy stock in AMD. Everyone who listened has made at least 5x on their money and if they got out a year ago it would have been 16x.
@shifterdude Yıl önce
Great video! Love the variety on different subjects and companies with very detailed reporting!
@thestreamer1481 Yıl önce
00:49 what about arm (Broadcom) ?
@adamplona9438 Yıl önce
This was a good thing. Better national security and helps the economy. Dr. Su hits a homerun on this one! If the economy was better or is some of us had more money we would upgrade for sure. Always going to need chips. This was investing in the future.
8:45 the RGB in the background: I am the MVP
@Erosis Yıl önce
I pray for AMD to give us a CUDA alternative for machine learning. Please give NVidia some competition in this space!
@averymeijer Yıl önce
This this this! The only reason I won't buy an AMD GPU's because all the programs I use for work require CUDA to work. I would love nothing more than for AMD to provide a competent alternative to CUDA!
@fhs7838 Yıl önce
NV's RTX40 series (4080 16/4070TI) is just a cash grab. Extreme greedy this time. NV is now even trying to milk average consumers besides workstations.
@PineyJustice Yıl önce
We already have ROCm, it works well, we just need software support which is well outside the control of AMD.
We need an affordable alternative for cuda core, only AMD can deliver that.
@yobb1n544 Yıl önce
Exactly!! Nvidia's 40 series is prirced like an insult to us consumers. Go AMD! (and intel)
@herok4306 Yıl önce
I am an electronics engineer and for me microcontrollers and microprocessors are just like a sheet of canvas for an artist where I can create my masterpiece.. :)
It’s amazing Lis Su for this step
@mooripo 5 aylar önce
Great one thanks, music loud though.
@callmethreeone Yıl önce
How do you think the new intel fab and its new processes will effect this ?
Ryzen was an Evolutionary Microprocessor in 2017 and Intel was left Chasing it's tail. They are catching up and I think part of that is because they have also hired TSMC to fab their chips for them. As for the GPU side of things, NVIDIA has seen the light and is also doing Chiplets. I hear rumors that the 5000 series cards will have this feature although that is not confirmed yet. And since chip manufacturing is massively expensive they have also shifted manufacturing to TSMC as well. I absolutely love the RYZEN processor. I built 2 computers with 1700X CPUs, A 2700X for a buddy of mine, A5600G for my stepmother and the machine I am on now has a 5800X, plus I bought a laptop with a 4600H. I am also using the Radeon 6700X video card on this machine. I couldn't get a 3rd party card due to inventory shortages so I got a reference card direct from AMD. Still a great product and I cant wait to buy the new card as soon as the market stabilizes a bit.
I worked for AMD in Austin, Texas fab 14/15. I was there when they came out with the first 1gig chip. They already had Intel!
@hihellokitty85 Yıl önce
I am finally getting my 1st AMD laptop (GPD Max 2). It's integrated GPU (6800U), but I already have gaming laptop, & it performs really well vs Intel counterpart (i7-1260P).
@TropicalCoder Yıl önce
Very interesting and informative report. Only one little issue... At 11:00 she says "An industry rule called Moores Law used to dictate that the number of _resistors_ on a chip would double about every two years." That should be _transistors_ of course.
@Syverstrate Yıl önce
Bought an Acer Swift X months ago, absolutely remarkable, the Ryzen 7! Keep it up AMD!
@jmtradacc Yıl önce
My main computer is still using the first generation ryzen. Truly a beast.
11:02 should be transistors rather than resistors. But still great video, thanks for uploading.
@AniHajderaj Yıl önce
Lisa is simply brilliant.
@kindnuguz Yıl önce
The world needs both Intel and AMD. Intel and AMD have been both taking the crown off and on for decades and I love it. 3:29 good old days and the pencil trick, those dots from L1 to L3 with a pencil unlocked the multi. Although that really only gave 200-300Mhz it was still fun times. I still have a bunch of old K6 and K7 CPU's, but the last time AMD was the top dog was a64 \ Opteron days when Intel has a toaster Pentium D, then Intel did Core2Duo then Sandy Bridge and sat on their hands for a long time. Even though I have my Intel system with 13900k and 3090Ti , I'm still going to build an AMD system after December when AMD releases their new GPU's. As long as they have fixed their driver \ software. ATI Catalyst was the worst and really held back their GPU's.
Great retrospective - thanks for it.
@clusterguard Yıl önce
Lisa is The Champion! greetings from Greenland!
@Phenom98 Yıl önce
Watching this on my 5700x pc. What AMD did for CPU advancement and affordability is nothing short of amazing
@balesjo 29 gün önce
Watching this on my Ryzen 7 5800X sy6stem I built a couple of years back. Currently considering upgrading to a Ryzen 9 CPU. And I haven't considered an Intel product in years!
@AthenaSaints Yıl önce
11:01, correction, number of transistors. Not number of resistors.
@oshinoyoshida Yıl önce
@11:00 the number of resistors ? lol
@OutDoorFun3 Yıl önce
In 1965, Gordon Moore posited that roughly every two years, the number of transistors on microchips will double. At the 11:01 mark the CC says "Resistors" not transistors.
@big_2361 Yıl önce
No Moore said resistors. You should research it
@jrstf Yıl önce
@@big_2361 - Then we give Moore too much credit.
@hyena8385 4 gün önce
​@@jrstf@big not sitting on the fence deliberately but both correct because the transistor gets its name from its full name which no-one ever uses nowadays: the Transfer Resistor
@jrstf 4 gün önce
@@hyena8385 - Neat. But all the world is made up of R L and C unless you want to consider sources, nonlinears, and controlled elements.
@Longtack55 Yıl önce
The quality of this CEO is my main reason for investing in AMD ownership (stock.)
@plkh9602 Yıl önce
6:18 explain me what is this chip right now -brand -codename -usage -targeting market -GPU/CPU/NPU? FPGA ??
@bentosekai 11 aylar önce
it feels good to see AMD succeed as an early adopter of Ryzen (R7 1700 still going strong in the PC i built back in high school)