How Chip Giant AMD Finally Caught Intel

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21 Kas 2022




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Juan Nunez
Juan Nunez 2 aylar önce
What we need is more engineers as CEOs.
Drill_Fiend 2 gün önce
@Patrick O touch grass
Patrick O
Patrick O 2 gün önce
@Drill_Fiend You are sexually obsessed with the man and you just proved it. I find it odd that there is a cult of people like you obsessed with elon musk.
Drill_Fiend 2 gün önce
@Patrick O "patting someone on the back" is now "sexual"?? Lmfao 😂 Teslasimps continue to prove themselves to be the most fragile people online.
Patrick O
Patrick O 2 gün önce
@Drill_Fiend You wouldn't act sexual about musk if you weren't a sicko pervert to begin with. You realize how sick you look when you are so threatened by his engineering focused company structure that you are sexualizing him, right? Grow up and stop being a sicko.
Drill_Fiend 2 gün önce
@Patrick O Musk ain't patting your back for fully trusting his interviews pal.
B W 2 aylar önce
Her leadership is nothing short of remarkable. It really helps when a CEO actually understands the product the company makes and sells.
Billie Lachatte
Billie Lachatte Gün önce
All hail, Dr. Lisa Hsu!!!
Billy Corners
Billy Corners 3 gün önce
@davy Smith "Its wild that China is taking our video game chips and converting them into government/military." They have always done that. Back when the ps2 was out we had the same issues .
Alexander Schwoch
Alexander Schwoch 4 gün önce
yes she is easy likeable. looks like a great leader
Jason Tu
Jason Tu 7 gün önce
@NATES INTERACTIVE AUTO This happens all the time especially within the tech industry. Microsoft stole 189 different elements of MacOS to create Windows. Samsung copied iPhone's design with its own Galaxy line of smartphones. The list goes on and on... All of them led to IP infringement lawsuits and ended up with financial settlement. This means if you have a lot of cash and a strong legal defense team, you can copy and steal from anybody.
davy Smith
davy Smith 7 gün önce
@Jason Tu Truth !
Tom Manseau
Tom Manseau Aylar önce
Correction: Moore's Law stated that the number of transistors on a chipwould double roughly every 2 years. The narator states it was resistors, which aren't the same.
chriss4365 3 gün önce
@Silano lol my favorite emoji.
Oceanic 84
Oceanic 84 3 gün önce
IIRC, Moore's law states that the transistor count (no. of transistors) on a chip will double every 18 months. Of course, one day a limit to that growth will be reached. Also, Moore's law didn't take into account that mfrs are placing multiple IC's inside a single chip package.
ETEcco 3 gün önce
I heard this and was like, "i MUST have heard that wrong." and then said "Nope, just out and out wrong". Glad someone else caught it.
Walkerpaulp 4 gün önce
Got it nerd
Tom Manseau
Tom Manseau 7 gün önce
@u r noob So your choosing to state that Moore's "law" was talking about resistors then? Okay then...
Kunaii 2 aylar önce
I have a full AMD pc. Their processors and graphics cards are reasonably priced, power efficient and reliable. I'm proud of Team Red for accomplishing so much.
Bintzak 8 gün önce
@squidwardo I use cards from both manufacturers. Yes G-Sync works better, but the user interface from AMD is more user friendly.
Somez Saltz
Somez Saltz 12 gün önce
@e e uuuuhhhhh that shouldn’t happen….
squidwardo 16 gün önce
AMD cpus are great but I prefer nvidia for gpus, software is 10x better
mintymus Aylar önce
@Jeremy Phillips They care about his money only. LOL
Jeremy Phillips
Jeremy Phillips Aylar önce
Why would you be proud of a multinational corporation that doesn't care about you at all? Fanboys are so weird.
T Oadaly
T Oadaly 2 aylar önce
For AMD, getting out of the foundry business was a good move, but I have to say, I find it frightening that the entire world is so dependent on a single foundry company, with all but 1 fab facility in Taiwan and China.
Андрей Фесов
@Taveren Tech Corner против России и так ввели много ограничений, США сами ограничивают Россию во всём, и от этого страдает простой российский народ
Mike 7 gün önce
Tsmc is building 2 factories state side will benefit from chips act and one factory in Japan and looking at Europe I believe the new US ones come online in 2024
Андрей Фесов
Хочешь, чтоб эти заводы появились и в России? :)
Jason Tu
Jason Tu 7 gün önce
@Greig That will be the biggest challenge of having semiconductor fab in US: worker shortage. In Taiwan, TSMC pays a grad student only $14-15/hr to work long rotational shifts inside the chip foundry. The working condition is actually more difficult than Amazon warehouse. Workers must wear head-to-toe bunny suits, protective glasses, two pairs of gloves, booties, hoods, and face masks. Every time you need a break or go to restroom, you need to remove these when exiting "clean room" and wear them again to go through dust removal process during re-entry. It will be sweaty and difficult to breath working in that getup. Nobody in US is willing to do that for minimum wage pay. There is a reason why these chip fab are mostly in Taiwan and China.
Saricubra 7 gün önce
@Jason Tu Sony and Motorola still are adding the headphone jack to their phones.
2 Many Remote Controllers
This is what happens when you have a CEO who is an engineer. If a CEO speaks its business language they will perform well.
Freestyle Aylar önce
@Paulo James Minimo Isaac amd isnt doing this out of the goodness of their hearts you absolute idiot stop worshipping corporate companies and acting so proud about it
Tech Freak
Tech Freak Aylar önce
@Chad Bednarczyk then he fires an employee who corrects him. Seriously, musk hires smart people, but he's not smart himself.
2 Many Remote Controllers
@Chad Bednarczyk we all know that Elon is a reptilian who's ship crashed here and trying to get back to Mars ;)
Chad Bednarczyk
Chad Bednarczyk Aylar önce
Elon Musk is a great example of this, man can give a tour of space x or tesla and tell you everything going on every part, and every problem. I assume amd CEO is very familiar and does nearly the same for 1 company, not 3 lmao.
Don't Matter
Don't Matter 2 aylar önce
​@Tech Freak I don't think Apple is a luxury brand considering their products sell by the millions for each iteration each year. Steve jobs still was a great ceo for the company and he wasn't an engineer. You don't need to be an engineer ceo to run a tech company well and operations for large companies aren't singlehandedly managed by the ceo.
gertwallen gertwallen
gertwallen gertwallen 2 aylar önce
Intel had an accountant as CEO for over a decade , offering only marginal tech improvements in their cpus, and relying on monopolic business practices with abusive pricing. It took an MIT EE Ph.D named Lisa Su to knock the giant. It was David vs Goliath, and we consumers are the winners. Thanks Lisa, keep up the good work!
Anal Commando
Anal Commando Gün önce
It was Dirk Meyer, an engineer, that as CEO was responsible for the disastrous Bulldozer than almost sunk AMD.
Mend Amar
Mend Amar 3 gün önce
@RA Avila Paul Otellini did better than Bob Swan as an accountant CEO. Bob Swan probably helped AMD to dominate in 2019-early 2021
Jim Attrill
Jim Attrill 19 gün önce
Yes, sounds like the Boeing debacle.
Fun fact: Lisa Su was born a man.
onewizzard Aylar önce
@J Bali talking about lies, didn't Krzanich stuff his little sausage into his subordinate while both of them were married to other people? Can you imagine your partner was being pounded at work by the boss? They have rules about this for obvious reasons but so glad you're sticking up to a liar and cheater. Krzanich was too busy getting his nuts cracked instead of running an industry leader in engineering thus we are all glad Intel dying.
Le Kang
Le Kang 2 aylar önce
Lisa Su is an exceptional scientist and CEO.
Placate Aylar önce
@Ado Atero 😂😂
Ado Atero
Ado Atero 2 aylar önce
@Le Kang OK. I took a look at her resume, and at it's impressive.
Le Kang
Le Kang 2 aylar önce
@Ado Atero i mean she is excellent
Ado Atero
Ado Atero 2 aylar önce
- "Lisa Su is an exceptional scientist" Is she really "exceptional" as scientist (instead of from example good or very good)?
No Name
No Name Aylar önce
hope for more wins for AMD in the future, since the field needs competition.
Paulie 20 gün önce
That's it sorry.
luke stevens
luke stevens 2 aylar önce
This has been going on for years. AMD were the favorite before when their chips were better value than intel but then intel got their head down and came back into the fore. It will keep flip-flopping but i guess thats what good competition is for the market
KingKaitain Aylar önce
AMD also made major architectural errors with Bulldozer, which wasn’t even a true multiprocessor CPU (but claimed to be). For six years they fell significantly behind Intel, but they made a great acquisition in Jim Keller who designed the core of the Ryzen architecture.
Chad Bednarczyk
Chad Bednarczyk Aylar önce
Competition is what the world has to have in order to keep advancing and its why capitalism and the US is driving everything. We know what Intel does if there is no competition and even if there is if they play dirty. They they at the top despite it by paying people of because they have the money to do so. Intel right now is hurting lets hope Intel gets their act together so Asia doesn't continue to rule the market with advanced chip tech.
Michael Aylar önce
AMD has been wonderfully successful at targeting the gaming market. They are in every single Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One and Xbox X and S... that's a lot of high end chips sold. Not to mention they / the video chip company they bought, were in most preceding Nintendo consoles before the Switch. Again. That's a lot of chips sold.
Michael Keudel
Michael Keudel Aylar önce
TSMC updated that to $40 Billion now. Like I don' already have enough work to do with Intel, it's never been busier than right now in the semiconductor tool design and manufacturing business. Production is expected to ramp up by 6X's what we're capable now to meet the demand.
earlysda 20 gün önce
TSMC also announced a new 7billion usd plant in Japan.
Michael Aylar önce
AMD is amazing. I've been a supporter of them since their 586 upgrade chip for 486 systems back in 1996 or 97. I've used AMD in almost every system that I've ever owned since, including my video graphics cards since they bought ATI. Good quality, integration and performance per cost.
mintymus 12 gün önce
@Somez Saltz Prove it.
Somez Saltz
Somez Saltz 12 gün önce
@mintymus that’s not true
spacetoast7 15 gün önce
@KingKaitain AMD was a good value proposition at that time, at least. They just didn't have anything to compete at the high end.
mintymus 24 gün önce
@Marc A. Brown 40-50% = far less.
Marc A. Brown
Marc A. Brown 24 gün önce
@mintymus How much is far less in your eyes? Because as far as I'm concerned AMD has never fallen below 40-50% of the performance in any given generation of their competitors even in their worst times even with the FX series blunder or even better Vega...To be completely honest the fact that AMD created the 64 bit instruction set back in 2003, along with true independent multicore CPU's can't be ignored. AMD definitely wasn't good in the CPU department from 2009-2016, and GPU hardware from 2016-2020.
Michael Truong
Michael Truong Aylar önce
It was Lisa Su and Ryzen that helped elevate AMD to new heights. I'm still using an original Ryzen CPU and it's still rocking.
1337 Aylar önce
I upgraded my 1600x after 5 years to a 5600 for only 150€. Great improvement.
Doggosplosion Aylar önce
It helps greatly when you don't have to compete with a competitor cheating inspecting commands within the processor like Intel did with Specter.
DrabberFrog 2 aylar önce
When you were talking about AMD's achievements why didn't you mention creating the first X86 64 CPU? That was HUGE. Even today, computers call X86 64 chips AMD64 family even if it's an Intel CPU.
Riven Aylar önce
@bhfootballer26 And that was the result of a giant legal battle between both AMD and Intel. It ended with Intel and AMD cross licencing x86 and x86-64 respectively to the other company.
Carl Aylar önce
@bhfootballer26 And thank the heavens it happened that way. Imagine a world where Intel was successful with Itanium. It would've been really bad for consumers.
revengefrommars 2 aylar önce
AMD also made the first dual-core desktop CPU (Athlon64 x2). Intel managed to beat them to quad-core only by combining two dual-core CPUs into a single chip package.
bhfootballer26 2 aylar önce
I would’ve liked to see them discuss that too. Even though AMD started off licensing the x86 instruction set that Intel created, it was actually AMD that developed the 64 bit extensions that became AMD64, and they actually license that back to intel! Intel might have been the original creator, but both companies have done a lot to advance the state of the art.
Ricky Schultz
Ricky Schultz 2 aylar önce
I worked for AMD in Austin, Texas fab 14/15. I was there when they came out with the first 1gig chip. They already had Intel!
arkama67 Aylar önce
I like how they squeezed out intel's gpu. Wow I didn't realize AMD was stil so far behind on the server cpu marketshare.
OutDoorFun3 2 aylar önce
In 1965, Gordon Moore posited that roughly every two years, the number of transistors on microchips will double. At the 11:01 mark the CC says "Resistors" not transistors.
Bryan Jensen
Bryan Jensen Aylar önce
@BIG_23 - Then we give Moore too much credit.
BIG_23 Aylar önce
No Moore said resistors. You should research it
Smaug Aylar önce
With the rise in mobile market came the rise of chip manufacturers like TSMC. AMD used TSMC fabrication to beat Intel's fabrication for power and efficiency.
bubblegum 2 aylar önce
She is an absolute beast of an CEO. We need more capable people in the industry like her for significant technological advancements.
S Gomez
S Gomez Aylar önce
LISA rocks!!! She's an amazing CEO. Oh..and a beast! 😁
Ovrlord Etna
Ovrlord Etna Aylar önce
Next time I upgrade my computer I will probably go team red, red and black looks so good and their gpus look better and nvidia is going way overboard on pricing.
Crispy Pancetta
Crispy Pancetta 13 gün önce
My Ryzen 3600 has been stellar. Paired it with an AMD GPU. Go for it!
Chad Bednarczyk
Chad Bednarczyk Aylar önce
All AMD is the weay to go, I have it now and Ryzen just keeps getting better along with their gpu's. Imagine competing with two different giants and keeping pace pretty amazing.
The Oasis
The Oasis 2 aylar önce
Lisa Su deserves all the recognition she receives.
Raving Fan7642
Raving Fan7642 2 aylar önce
intc now has eng ceo - loosing marketshare in chips / gpus to intc in recent qtr
vtwin0001 Aylar önce
Lisa is an AMAZING CEO!
Robert Dunn
Robert Dunn 2 aylar önce
When AMD released their Zen-based Ryzen processors, it was a literal game changer. I am typing this on my HP Envy x360 with a Ryzen 4700U chip and the performance and battery life you get on it compared to previous AMD devices is mind-blowing.
ronch550 2 aylar önce
For decades AMD has been living under Intel's shadow. Now the tables have turned. Go, AMD!! Been rooting for you since the early 90's!!
ronch550 8 gün önce
@bighand69 in terms of market cap AMD has outperformed Intel already. That's quite a change from the days of old.
ronch550 8 gün önce
@Kevin Smith yes but that was from 2003-06 only. When Core 2 came out they've been trailing Intel for the next eleven years, up to when Ryzen came out.
Richard Davies
Richard Davies Aylar önce
AMD will more than likely always have a smaller market share but definitely not always living under Intels shadow. They overtook them in performance in the P4 days with the Athlon 64/X2 due to that horrific P4 architecture, pretty much Intels bulldozer, stupidly hot and slow, took Intel a bit of time to come back from that one as well but they did, took until Ryzen to finally fight back. For a start AMD were the first to 1Ghz on the consumer desktop, first to x86-64 on the consumer side, and first with a whole new design using chiplets, hell they even destroyed Intel's entire HEDT platform with Ryzen as well as Intel's server side chips with huge multicore CPUs. Both companies have some amazing engineers but it seems AMD is the first to do things while Intel usually plays catch-up. Intel are always dragging their feet and won't do sod all until they lose the performance crown then they always come back with a vengeance. From the Q6600 to the 7700k, that's 10yrs of quad cores!, while Intel knew how to make more multithreaded chips on their HEDT platform. Ryzen took them completely off guard and then all of a sudden 10yrs of Intel quad core came to an end and now look at where we are, if not for Ryzen we'd probably still be on quad cores or if we are really lucky maybe 6 cores.
Lands 2 aylar önce
@bighand69 the benchmarks and prices speak for themselves
Official_pol 2 aylar önce
@bighand69 Yes, intel will come back. That was only due to bad leadership.
M W 2 aylar önce
What Lis Su has done for AMD is nothing short of amazing
Bully Tech
Bully Tech Aylar önce
I don't know if American government recognize her contributions in tech field. Indian government started recognizing adi wasis , I wish they had ruled America too
Sagitarrius Aylar önce
@doublestrokeroll They just call themselves as taiwanese because political issue , They just want to get out from China so Bad, so they dont want to identify themselves anything related to "Chinese" Or "China". And thats why they created Taiwan as alternate name. When actually you can search google Taiwan official country name is Republic Of China. They are no doubt still Chinese. They still run a same blood and genetic as the chinese. But because of political issue they want to be called as Taiwanese. So i think its okay, they can be called Taiwanese, but thats by nationalities view. But by ethnically they are still Chinese. In Mandarin we still call ourselves 华人 Hua Ren mean Chinese People, no matter youre from America, China, Indonesia, Taiwan. And when i say Chinese it doesnt mean im from mainland China, it just because our ancestors are from China, and that China was before mainland China 🇨🇳. When Mainland China and Taiwan were still united. For American case is not the same, because most american already mixed with many different races, they already created their own identity. And american dont go in very specific with their races, they just categorize themselves Hispanic, Asian, Black, White. Whereas Asian could be Korean, Chinese, Japanese. White could be german, british, french. Its hard to categorize in very specific way because they have been mixed too many. But you still can see there are some russian or armenian that migrated to america and still get called as Russian or Armenian right? So the conclusion is you can call Lisa su American because she is now american citizen, you can call Lisa Su Taiwanese because in her ex country their people want to get called as Taiwanese, you can call her Chinese because ethnically she is Chinese.
doublestrokeroll Aylar önce
@Sagitarrius I know. Nationalities are what we are talking about. To a white American with British roots, ethnic background makes absolutely ZERO difference. They are American. They are not British. The vast majority have no ties to Britain and don't have any feelings of "being" British. Go to Taiwan. Only a handful of the older generation feel a connection to the mainland and consider themselves "Chinese" in that way. That they are a part of "china". And even THEY don't consider themselves PROC. They consider themselves ROC. The majority of younger Taiwanese are now just like white Americans. They have ZERO connection to the mainland and don't care about it at all. It's NOT their country. Taiwan is their country. Culturally they are NOT Chinese. And nothing China can do will change that. China cannot win even if they "win". They'll simply be occupiers in a place nobody wants them. Just like Ukraine. Nobody is arguing the point you're making. Everyone knows where everyone "comes from" in their family's history. Louis' comment is stupid because he has no clue about cultural differences.
Sagitarrius Aylar önce
@doublestrokeroll as indonesian chinese, i can tell u we all are just same han ethnicities, i mean taiwanese nationalities is taiwan, but their ethnicity is just the same as han chinese. because their grandpa grandma also migrated from Fujian China after World war 2. they speak the same mandarin, just slightly different accent and some words, like british english to american english. they can understand each other perfectly. And yes china is big, even there are abit different between northern chinese and southern chinese people. and taiwanese is more identical to southern chinese. Mostly southeast asian chinese also more identical to southern part because our ancestors came from province like Fujian , Guangzhou, Guangxi.
Chinaheartforever 2 aylar önce
@Wiraya Pradnyadaka 就没有台湾这个国家,哪来的台湾国人!她是美国华人,不属于中国台湾地区!
Stephane Gilbert
Stephane Gilbert 2 aylar önce
The video failed to report that it's AMD who design the AMD64 (X86-64) architecture that we still use today. Intel had to drop their own 64 bits implementation and started to make AMD64 compatible CPU instead.
Volty De Qua
Volty De Qua Aylar önce
1) The video is for generic public - so no techno-lawing appassionados. 2) If I remember well it was about 64 design (not "implementation"), and Intel had to pay, to AMD, something like patent royalties.
Knowbody 2 aylar önce
aka the Itanic
Magne M
Magne M 2 aylar önce
Toxik Waste
Toxik Waste 2 aylar önce
yep, good ol' Itanium IA-64. AMD was also first to true multi-core
Lionel Alva
Lionel Alva 2 aylar önce
AMD's valuation was down to 4 to 5 billion in circa 2014-2015. It has been such a remarkable turn around for a company that was incurring increasing debt and on the verge of bankruptcy.
Isaac Torres
Isaac Torres Aylar önce
I’ve been a fan of AMD since I built my first PC in high school way back in 2001. It’s been amazing to watch them grow, and now in my late 30s I have built multiple all AMD PCs and they are in daily use in my home. Now my kids are team red! Keep it up AMD!!!
mintymus 18 gün önce
@Zen Lei Except for I didn't run mine 24 hours nonstop. Whatever the use case, AMD chips were just not stable. Even today, I don't have an AMD CPU but I do have a 6560XT GPU...guess what? A new bug makes it so supporting just dual monitors is glitchy. AMD needs to get their drivers right.
Zen Lei
Zen Lei 18 gün önce
@mintymus Yes you are almost right. AMD chips for PC is not as stable and reliable compare to Intel chips if run for 24/7 365 non stop.
mintymus Aylar önce
I built an AMD machine about 20 years ago also. The most unstable wreck I've ever had. All my friends at the time had Intel, no problems for them. I now have an AMD laptop which is fine, but then 3 other Intel PCs. The latest Intel is better than the latest AMD in almost every aspect, in terms of price for performance and pure performance.
Reitairue Aylar önce
@Maker ofStartup Exactly lol.
Maker ofStartup
Maker ofStartup Aylar önce
Excessive heat, bad mathematics, poor working under pressure, glad I leaved amd cpu - unprecedented performance on Intel chips even with 4 cores in most low i3 series says alot.
Ibrahim Anser
Ibrahim Anser 2 aylar önce
Everyone is talking about how what Lisa Su did for AMD. She didn't just help AMD, she helped push the entire INDUSTRY forward
Steve Weidig
Steve Weidig 2 aylar önce
Not having Fabs was pretty logical 15 years ago, but now, this could start to hurt them. Badly! TSMC has, starting with the 5nm process, starkly increased their prices. Their 5/4nm processes have been reported to be twice those of the 7/6nm processes, which were already a 50% increase over 12/10nm. Up until that point, the price increases per node were more like 10-20%. So, what changed? Well, 2 things: 1. The global chip crunch from 2020 onwards, which made those fabs so valuable that they could basically ask any price and get payed. but more important is: 2. The market consolidation into just 3 potential microchip producing companies that can still produce high-end leading-edge computer chips. Those are TSMC, and to a lesser degree, Samsung and Intel. This means that TSMC is pretty much without competition, as neither Samsung nor Intel are up to the task yet for 5nm and smaller high-performance chips, forcing AMD, NVidia, Apple and the like to go with TSMC, and they know it, so they crank their prices sky high to get as much profit as possible. The result: AMD, traditionally the cheaper option, can't compete with Intel on price anymore with desktop CPUs, while NVidia is increasing the prices of their GPUs beyond what most gamers can actually afford. So unless someone can break TSMC's de facto monopoly, chip prices, especially all those different high-powered ones in computers, will rise very sharply over the course of this decade. I expect a mid-range PC or laptop to be closer to two grand by the end of the decade if this trend continues even outside of scalper prices. And Intel will be the cheaper option due to in-house production and packaging making it much cheaper for them than having to accept the overly inflated TSMC pricings.
Zen Lei
Zen Lei 18 gün önce
Why do you think TSMC will have monopoly for high end chips 5nm/3nm/1nm fab ? Samsung and Intel will be catching up and they are very slowly improving on yield. TSMC has the best yield so far. What is wrong if TSMC have monopoly for high end chips? Why MS Windows have monoploy on PC operating system is acceptable ?
mintymus Aylar önce
@Tech world Having a foundry is a good idea long term--as the originally comment mentioned.
Tech world
Tech world Aylar önce
@mintymus me or other guy ?? 😂
mintymus Aylar önce
@Tech world ***FANBOY ALERT***
Steve Weidig
Steve Weidig Aylar önce
@Tech world I do know that it costs billions by now and take several years to do so. I also know that those costs are also increasing - but nowhere near as fast as TSMC is increasing their prices.
Am az on
Am az on Aylar önce
More tech... Better chips... Win win for everyone
Glenn Shoemake
Glenn Shoemake 2 aylar önce
I've always been an Intel fanboy but ever since the Steam Deck and Onexplayer 5800u, I'm overly impressed with AMD and bought AMD stock which I plan to hold for a long time for retirement.
Rue Les Batards
Rue Les Batards 2 aylar önce
AS long as Lisa Su is the CEO
mario jäkel
mario jäkel 2 aylar önce
no AMD without Intel. Robert Noyce "the Mayor of Silicon Valley" was the first investor by AMD. He co-founded Fairchild Semiconductor in 1957 and Intel Corporation in 1968. He is also credited with the realization of the first monolithic integrated circuit or microchip, which fueled the personal computer revolution and gave Silicon Valley its name.
Gooburt 2 aylar önce
@Chris Barker we are explaining the past chris, IM SURE youve always been a huge amd fan but its easy to say that now. 10 years ago it was a joke to say you liked amd
Chris Barker
Chris Barker 2 aylar önce
@Robin Sayce wtf does that have to do with the current landscape?
wyglif 2 aylar önce
@Gooburt they were pretty good from thunderbird up until phenom. They were the only option for many during the Pent 4 days.
Charles Hines
Charles Hines Aylar önce
Intel makes discrete graphics cards also. I am not going to buy one for quite a while since I have a working card and Intel's are really not a whole lot better than nVidia or AMD (ATi)
AngelofDeath999 2 aylar önce
Taiwan not only supply most advanced microchips, it also supplies Top Tech CEOs and entretrepeurs
Tony Ko
Tony Ko Aylar önce
@Volty De Qua spoken like a true Chinese brainwashed zombie. There is a difference between Chinese heritage and governance by the PRC. You can’t tell the difference. They can. Likewise with Hong Kongers. All this talk about bias, MSM, the real you is now on display. Ignorance + team China cheerleader!
Volty De Qua
Volty De Qua Aylar önce
@Tony Ko Every single Taiwanese I met used to put accent on the fact that they are not Chinese, that they are different from Chinese. This one just to tell you that I know the story. But what you don't know is that after a few innocuous questions of mine all were less secure about not being Chinese. :) So me succeeded, for joke, in making them doubt about their anti-Chinese identity. Let's immagine how it is going to be when those in power (in Taiwan, as well as in China) give the signal that the salvation is in Chinese brotherhood. Hong Kong went along it, in spite of some idiots playing democratic clowns on the streets. For the vast majority of the Hong Kong people nothing changed - Chinese, yes, but different as before.
Tony Ko
Tony Ko Aylar önce
@Volty De Qua “Taiwan is not a country” let me know when you’ve discovered Taiwan’s governance structure. How the elect their own leaders. “Loved leader of the CPC” lol that is a good one. Are you done eating out of Winnie the Pooh’s hand yet? Wake up
Volty De Qua
Volty De Qua Aylar önce
@Tony Ko + an example. Attributed to Henry Kissinger: (more or less) "To be an enemy of US is dangerous, to be a friend is fatal.".
Volty De Qua
Volty De Qua Aylar önce
@Tony Ko No. It's you that are not aware that people think what they are instructed to think. It's you that you think allies love each other more than those not allied. It's you that don't know that it is enough of three days narrative (behind "happenings") to make (for example) Taiwanese hope to bow in front of the loved leader of the CPC. Taiwan is not a country. Taiwan will never be a country. Taiwan was never, and never will be, sovereign. I do not have reasons to have bias for China. These are simple facts out of common sense and experience (memory).
Kane Matsuda
Kane Matsuda 2 aylar önce
Mistake at 11:00 , it's number of transistors not resistors
Ota 2 aylar önce
This is what happens when companies refrain from putting business majors and accountants in charge of companies, all they do is look short term. Put an engineer in charge of your semiconductor company and look what happens
Nova H
Nova H Aylar önce
Every CEO of AMD has been an Engineer, yes even during their bulldozer years, so you could equally say having an engineer as CEO is a bad idea.
The Other Channel
The Other Channel Aylar önce
Looks like you don't know AMD's history... AMD were in front of Intel when they had the Pentium 4 out!
The White Rabbit
The White Rabbit 2 aylar önce
Switched to Ryzen on the 2nd gen and havent regretted it. Have a third gen in my rig now and the 2nd gen is still perfectly fine. Well done AMD, keep it up
jamesdond1 2 aylar önce
My company did work for AMD in the mid-1990s. They were tech leaders at the time, and a great company to work with.
adul00 2 aylar önce
As someone passionate about such technologies, and someone working in the EDA industry (helping such companies to develop their chips), I commend, how accurate and thorough the content of this video is. At no point was I thinking, that something was oversimplified or wrong, despite being directed at more of a general audience.
Santhan Kumar
Santhan Kumar 2 aylar önce
Best way to summarize all the products that AMD offers and they are world class... Congratulations Lisa Su 👏
Blackasthesky 2 aylar önce
The Zen architecture was a small miracle for AMD. It's genuinly awesome that Intel is not the only survivor in the field. The concurrency has driven innovation forward in recent years (for example Infinity Fabric for AMD, Hybrid Architecture for Intel).
enrique amaya
enrique amaya 14 gün önce
Jesus Ioves youz[xc]\xz[c]\z[x
Blackasthesky 20 gün önce
@nleiilly I wish this was true. From what we've seen the last fifty or so years, America's anti trust agencies like to look the other way when it's about the hardware or software industry. And I honestly don't get how you can find a monopoly like Nvidia awesome.
nleiilly 20 gün önce
AMD surviving isn't 'genuinely awesome' as Intel needed a competitor else it would have been broken up due to competition rules.. What is awesome is Nvidia are worth more than AMD & Intel combined without having 'any skin' in the 'duo-monopoly' x86 market..
DD 2 aylar önce
Dr. Su did for AMD what Steve Jobs did for Apple. No exaggeration. BOTH companies were just months away from dissolving. That's how scary it was for both companies.
Anal Commando
Anal Commando Gün önce
except Su turned around AMD by making decent products while Jobs was just a hype man and PR guru.
Volty De Qua
Volty De Qua Aylar önce
@Googlar «They definitely have some very different personalities and strengths, but I do think that Su has done a lot for AMD.» ---- And I am more than sure AMD has done a lot for Su.
Chad Bednarczyk
Chad Bednarczyk Aylar önce
Lets hope amd keeps intel honest and in competition because its the only thing that keeps tech advancing.
700gsteak 2 aylar önce
​@Ajharul apple had a very strong case to sue microsoft for stealing quicktime code and other stuff involving the lisa and macintosh gui. They settled out of court which involved microsoft putting office on mac for 5 years and buying $150M of apple stock. This deal was brokered by Steve Jobs. apple could have gotten a lot more out of microsoft but steve jobs didnt want to drag apple through years in the courtroom when that time and resources were better spent fixing apple. Steve jobs saved the convicted monopolist microsoft from yet another court case.
700gsteak 2 aylar önce
chiplets just saved costs and increased yeilds. It was the performance and upscalability of the Ryzen architecture designed by Jim Keller that beat the c out of Intel.
Shaun L
Shaun L 2 aylar önce
Great balanced piece! Bravo to the whole team, they really did bring it back from the edge and into a leadership position. They should have mentioned that they surpassed Intel in performance somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.5X faster in server parts! Amazing stuff
Jim 2 aylar önce
I do almost all of my work in HPC environments and I just recently lucked into a job where I have a decent cluster almost all to myself. It's all AMD CPUs and is the best machine I've worked with. I used to be skeptical of AMD but not anymore.
Neeno 2 aylar önce
AMD has come a long way in making some of the best CPUs out there. Unfortunately they have decided to forgo one of the major reasons for getting where they are today and that is abandoning the budget or lower end market and charging a lot more for their current lineup of CPUs. AMD CPUs were known for offering the same or even greater performance then INTEL at a much lower cost....but those days are gone. Their GPUs on the other hand are probably the best bang for the buck when it comes to performance vs NVIDIA.
andrewszombie 2 aylar önce
Love AMD and their revival under Dr Su has been so amazing. She is truly a visionary and a revolutionary in the PC space. I have tons of RYZEN chips.
Abel Billy Alvarez
Abel Billy Alvarez 2 aylar önce
i'm glad to hear that AMD has improved their chips. I always had a hard time upgrading windows OS in some AMD computers. That's why I always bought a desktop with an intel chip set.
Now's Chillin
Now's Chillin Aylar önce
Intel's Market Cap: Collapses CNBC: *AMD CAUGHT INTEL!*
Scott P
Scott P 2 aylar önce
I remember when ryzen hit the market in 2017, I told everyone who would listen to buy stock in AMD. Everyone who listened has made at least 5x on their money and if they got out a year ago it would have been 16x.
Robert Bryan
Robert Bryan Aylar önce
I've been an AMD guy since the day I built my first PC with a K6. Great performance for the price point. And nowadays, nobody can say they're cheaper because they're slower. Nope. They scream. And their new top end GPUs are a wakeup call to Nvidia as well, who like intel have been gouging and taking the public for granted for too long.
Umski 26 gün önce
Fond memories of my first DIY PC with K6-233 over the P233 back in 1998 - price for performance being the determining factor - I kept that one!
mintymus Aylar önce
And now AMD is both slower and more expensive...lol
Chad Bednarczyk
Chad Bednarczyk Aylar önce
Lets hope amd keeps it up, I also now have an all amd PC and was proud to do so. Loved them in the early 2000's but they were always behind and with some weird problem. I do hope though they can get more chips from the US and not hurt the US by outsourcing because China is a real threat.
david haros
david haros 2 aylar önce
I've always favored and used AMD CPUs when I've built my PCs in the past. I'm so glad that they've persevered and blossomed the way they have!
D Mc
D Mc 2 aylar önce
Same here. Always had friends say I'm crazy for getting a AMD cpu in my computer builds, that I should have bought Intel. Not hearing any complaints lately! Glad I helped them out over the years by buying their CPU's and will continue to do so!
David Renwick
David Renwick 4 gün önce
The quality of this CEO is my main reason for investing in AMD ownership (stock.)
Josh Mobijohn
Josh Mobijohn 2 aylar önce
The first computer I ever built as a teenager had an AMD Athlon 3200+ and and ATI Radeon 9800 Pro. I was so proud of that computer lol. The original Far Cry, Doom 3 and Half Life 2 were mind blowing to me at the time as a kid coming from console gaming. So cool to see this company grow after all these years. Being rewarded for putting consumers first by being an incredible budget option.
RDubs 2 aylar önce
I have a ryzen CPU and an AMD gpu in my pc today =)
R D 2 aylar önce
Intel gave up it's lead years ago. It decided that "diversity" was the most important thing for the company while at the same time it got rid of many of it's most senior technicians (firing and buyouts) and lots of things stopped running properly in it's factories (shocking) and now it has reaped what it sowed. However on the plus side, they reached their diversity goals and management got their bonuses, so there is that. Fast forward a few years and here we are with this video...is it really a surprise when you decide to focus on being woke and get rid of top talent to "save money" and "diversity", no it's not surprising at all. Congratulations Intel, goals achieved. By the way Moore's law died in 2012, just an fyi. That's why you don't see new generations of chips for many years at a time, just small incremental improvements that are strung out over the course of new node sizes that used to be done faster but since nodes last several more years now, there is nothing they can do about it.
Bully Tech
Bully Tech Aylar önce
College girl : if I join intel, does it affect my friends family relatives community neighbors etc etc etc? Intel: yes intel touches the lives of every living creature in this world, you will know after you join, you won't forget intel in your lifetime. Such is the effect of working at intel College girl: then I must join intel. To me, I consider intel as bhagwan. Thank you bhagwan.
Cleo14 2 aylar önce
I want to see a strong AMD, Intel and Nvidia for competition
Wayne 2 aylar önce
The lawsuit between AMD and Intel was a bigger deal, they mutually agreed to license each others tech. AMD got 32 bit architecture, and Intel got AMD-64 and together it was x86. And combined they sued anyone that tried to intrude into the market through patents.
OnurTheGamer 2 aylar önce
Finally, AMD is getting the attention it deserves.
Reitairue Aylar önce
@Diana Pennepacker AMD is not as good as Intel/Nvidia. It's literally a meme at this point that people even try to argue it. It's so hilarious.
Faladrin 2 aylar önce
@Diana Pennepacker The strengths of these two companies keeps sliding around each other. When Intel released the i series (i3, i5, i7, i9) they obliterated AMD for a while. Intel had performance, lower heat issue, and at the high end they won on performance. AMD was still making good product, but the competition and price points where they could win were narrow. AMD has done amazing turning things around. For a while AMD has been winning in situations where high core count was more valuable than individual clock speeds, which is not usually gaming. Intel still generally wins at single core performance at the top end. Price wise AMD is often the winner when you look at performance per dollar. The gap though is narrow and Intel is going to have to innovate as their current line of products and what we see from them coming soon in the near term doesn't look like it will be able to sustain any real edge against AMD's current trajectory. Maybe Intel will keep the top spot for single core performance but I'm not betting they will (or that single core performance will be substantial enough to matter). On the other end having lots and lots of cores doesn't matter much for home users. This all puts AMD in a really interesting spot. For many business applications more cores is better, and they are winning there and they can win there at a lower price point. More cores also is good for streamers which is interesting for gamers as gamer streamers often are looked at by "normal" gamers when they decide what computer equipment to buy. If your favorite stream uses AMD you might just go that way too, even though your streamer is likely using AMD because it's better for streaming, and not necessarily better for gaming. Again, toss in better price per performance though and lots of "normal" gamers would likely be wise to go that way even if technically the faster single core performance of Intel chips often can produce higher FPS (depending on the game and settings and of course the GPU used as well). So AMD looks to be winning in most business scenarios, streaming, and while they win in price for gaming and ever so slightly lose for raw power in gaming... well the marketing is likely theirs. Intel really needs to put out something amazing and they need to get their prices down to compete. It's been obvious Intel's pricing points for a while have been intentionally premium (slightly) so they likely can choose to just lower prices if they want, but I'm not sure they will.
OnurTheGamer 2 aylar önce
@Nuggets Pretty sure AMD doesn’t have all the attention.
Nuggets 2 aylar önce
@OnurTheGamer lmao, "cheaper?" Amd can't even compete against the i3's
Nuggets 2 aylar önce
wdym..? Amd has all the attention since the release of Ryzen. They deserve it, but this isn't "finally".
Squeezem 2 aylar önce
I feel that we're at a really exiting point in computing architecture. We now have many really good chip designers.
Sagnik Barai
Sagnik Barai 4 gün önce
Segment W
Segment W Aylar önce
Lisa Su is such an inspiration.
Golex Games
Golex Games 2 aylar önce
They forgot to mention Intel makes GPU's even if they arent to much competition today, though in the future it could be
LUMMOXICIDE 2 aylar önce
AMD's V-cache technology is crazy good, waiting for the next gen already
CadetSparklez 2 aylar önce
bets part is they could use it on the cache dies of the new gpus, and then with that extra cache not be bandwidth limited so they can then double the core count since they are no where near the reticle limit (like nvidia) since they got that big cache off of there
rwhunt99 2 aylar önce
I just hope the focus on improving their power to computing ration in their newest graphics cards. The cost is astrornomical and the power demands are also far exceeding the consumer market. I hope the work to bring the power demands while they increase frame rates.
PlayMoreGuitar Aylar önce
Caught? They have surpassed them. The Chip of the people 🙌
mintymus Aylar önce
Surpassed in what way?
marhawk 2 aylar önce
I’ve been building my pc with amd for years. Radeon and Ryzen are excellent choices for gpu and cpu. Powerful and efficient! Their epyc processors are surely going to take market share from intel
Amy Bella
Amy Bella 2 aylar önce
I remember back in the day when I bought the first AMD, people used to tell me, how AMD was trash back in the day, and how it will be nothing how Intel is far superior, I told people, that AMD will overtake Intel. Now the tables have changed, people do not know about chips. People though AMD would be like Cyrix back in the day. This is what happens when you have a CEO who is an engineer who shares visions and experience. She took a big gamble and went all in. She brought AMD back to life.
Mark Landrebe
Mark Landrebe 2 aylar önce
"back in the day" (twice) ??; "the tables have "CHANGED" ??;-TURNED- " went all IN"??-OUT-
Vivian Valdi
Vivian Valdi 2 aylar önce
I'm going to buy AMD soon, bc I think it's a good company. Man, I'm so bad in the investment department. But let's give these folks a chance.
Ad BaRo
Ad BaRo 17 gün önce
AMD was great long time ago, then Intel got better, now it is AMD again and I am sure Intel will do better in the not so far future. It is just a cycle but probably new generations doesn't know about this
Intel will just have to come down on their price. They are too proud of the product and folks just can't afford it.
Parsec Aylar önce
AMD Forever!
TheSlickmicks 2 aylar önce
I have to say seeing AMD get mainstream attention is interesting in itself.
resistors 11:02?? shouldn't be transistors?
hongln Gün önce
without AMD we would still be using Intel i7 clocked at around 3Ghz and have 12 cores for the most expensive model. Thank you.
m8x425 11 gün önce
I've been watching the AMD vs Nvidia and Intel race for a number of years. Intel f'ed up by cutting the R&D budget to their fabrication process which caused their 10nm and 7nm processes to become delayed for +4 years. In that time AMD caught up to Intel with their Zen architecture. AMD has done a wonderful job of improving Zen with each new product line Generation..... while Intel is still kicking the Pentium III can down the road.... which has slowly evolved to become the modern day Core i9 and i7 processor. When AMD released Zen 3, Intel's processors were flat out beaten in every metric imaginable. The real problem is Intel had been run by bean counters and people that were more interested in paying out dividends to shareholders, rather than come out with anything good. Hopefully Pat will have enough sense to have Intel create a brand new CPU architecture from the ground up. AMD had their back to the wall and took the ultimate risk with Zen, a risk which paid off. AMD had nothing to lose when it did. AMD has taken all kinds of risks over these last 6 years, whereas Intel is sticking to the safe and reliable Core architecture. The only risk Intel has taken is with dedicated GPU's which isn't paying off so far.
John W
John W 2 aylar önce
Just upgraded my 2018 PC with a Ryzen R5 5600. Unbelievable performance and value. Really am glad AMD is around to keep Intel on their toes!
KingKaitain Aylar önce
@AlaricoNah, the Athlon line was popular. It was around 2010 that AMD fell behind. Bulldozer was a flawed architecture, and they lost a lot of market share. Zen turned things around.
mintymus Aylar önce
@Superpulaski97 Shouldn't have to buy a new cooler for a new PC, regardless of where you buy it from.
NLX78 2 aylar önce
I can't get mine to work (5600x). Bios flash, going to try one more version and then leave it, will try to tomorrow. Been puttin ram in and out. Back to the 3200g, dediated GPU in and out as well. I dont knwo.
Larry Vaughn
Larry Vaughn 2 aylar önce
@Operator Psyduck E--Machines.
redmanticore 2 aylar önce
my 2000 euro laptop´s processor choice was amd razer 9. intel´s processor of same caliber would've not only been more expensive, but more power hungry. but the main thing was that it would've been around 500 euro more expensive. though for graphic cards I still chose nvidias 3070ti because it has dlss AI technology. better graphs for less power, important in laptops. i expect amd will eventually have that type of thing, too.
Caleb Kimm
Caleb Kimm 2 aylar önce
I remember how AMD used to struggle to compete with Intel. And their implementation into cheaper computers initially. Now they are a gaming mammoth...and involved in major cloud tech applications, and so much more. Great to see them going head to head with Intel. One day they will surpass apple in chip design and manufacturing
kindnuguz 2 aylar önce
The world needs both Intel and AMD. Intel and AMD have been both taking the crown off and on for decades and I love it. 3:29 good old days and the pencil trick, those dots from L1 to L3 with a pencil unlocked the multi. Although that really only gave 200-300Mhz it was still fun times. I still have a bunch of old K6 and K7 CPU's, but the last time AMD was the top dog was a64 \ Opteron days when Intel has a toaster Pentium D, then Intel did Core2Duo then Sandy Bridge and sat on their hands for a long time. Even though I have my Intel system with 13900k and 3090Ti , I'm still going to build an AMD system after December when AMD releases their new GPU's. As long as they have fixed their driver \ software. ATI Catalyst was the worst and really held back their GPU's.
John Paul Bacon
John Paul Bacon 2 aylar önce
All of my personal pc's have been AMD systems and most likely stay AMD based unless Intel does something just totally game changing.
David Dlamini
David Dlamini 2 aylar önce
She has done an absolutely amazing job bringing AMD out of the gutters. The board better do all they can to ensure she remains happy there $$$
AL Rizo
AL Rizo 2 aylar önce
AMD needs to partner with 3D and editing softwares in regards to their gpu products. Their gpu markets vastly for gamers. If they can hit nvidia in the productivity department...
John Doh
John Doh 2 aylar önce
Yeah that's the problem of both Intel and Nvidia being so dominant for so long. Intel and Nvidia have had the budgets for high quality software engineers to assist software companies to add in support for their specific hardware. So yes, AMD needs to get to the point to where they have the same thing, a highly skilled software engineering dept. that can assist companies with software that will take the best advantage of AMD GPUs when installed.
NeroFirst 2 aylar önce
They are doing exactly that as of this 7000 generation, they are including encode and decode for all main codecs as well
PNorthWest 2 aylar önce
This was an excellent video. I really want to hear Dr. Su talk about the future of Semi conductors.
Syverstrate 2 aylar önce
Bought an Acer Swift X months ago, absolutely remarkable, the Ryzen 7! Keep it up AMD!
Alex Augustine
Alex Augustine 2 aylar önce
I still use the First gen Zen CPU the Ryzen 7 1700 brought back in 2017 when it first came out. I knew the market was gonna shift from there onwards. The chip and it's later versions are extremely successful. Intel was extremely lazy and was asking too much from the customers cause they knew there were no other good options. A market shift was really needed.
Hi Kefka
Hi Kefka 2 aylar önce
Ryzen series was like AMD's come back.
garry tuohy
garry tuohy 2 aylar önce
AMD's Athlon CPU's were wiping the floor with Intel's offerings back in the early 2000's. So it is no a recent phenomenon, But Intel's monoply prevented AMD gaining more than ¬30% of the market. Although, Intel's decision to develop the Itamium processor rather than extend their x86 architecture to 64 bit, left the door open for AMD. AMD also managed to release the first multicore and copper processors without needing to be fabless. When you are first to the market, you might be late as you are breaking new ground (sometimes dismissively referred to as "executing"), but you are still first. And Globalfoundries has not just resigned itself to making chips for car breaking systems. Not every chip needs or could afford the leading technology processes and no device would work if all we had were chips from these leading processes. While they attract most attention they are only the tip of the iceberg.
Brad Yakeley
Brad Yakeley 2 aylar önce
athlon xp 1800+ was my first chip, I'm pretty sure I had it running at 2100+ speeds and it was the first time I'd ever overclocked anything.
Abram Carroll
Abram Carroll 2 aylar önce
First was 80286 here. Had Athlon XP's too.
paky66 10 gün önce
"we are the only provider for this technology" - not for long, according to the latest patents :)
JmTrad 2 aylar önce
My main computer is still using the first generation ryzen. Truly a beast.
Max Jacoby
Max Jacoby 2 aylar önce
I remember good old days when Intel and AMD stepped on the heels of each other. Glad those times are back.
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 2 aylar önce
On the FPGA side, AMD could make a major move just by making it easy for someone starting a company in a garage somewhere to program an FPGA and making a promise of future compatibility. People on the level of doing stuff in their garage tend to use microcontrollers from microchip because the development tools for FPGAs are a budget buster. This means that as it stands, that small company with the sudden break through won't be using Intel or AMD chips. This will likely be the surprise market segment of the future.
Isak Wilkinson
Isak Wilkinson 2 aylar önce
Me personally I've always been a staunch AMD supporter but I also come from the Bay area California. My father is a semiconductor designer He's worked for some of the biggest companies in the area . My father started designing semiconductors way back in I believe 1972 around the year I was born. And hadn't stopped. Is one of the founding fathers of sending a doctor designs. He holds many many many patents with the companies that he's worked for. Me myself I have no idea the scale in which my father has left his mark on the same conductor world. When I drop his name to people in my area Boise Idaho like at Micron a few people know who he is and their eyes light up it's kind of cool actually.
David Johansson
David Johansson 2 aylar önce
Honestly not a huge AMD fan and I couldn't care less whether their CEO happens to be a woman or a man. But what Lisa Su has managed to accomplish with AMD is nothing short of amazing and I'm sure she'll go down as one of the greatest CEOs of all time, she deserves it.
Vance G
Vance G 2 aylar önce
Really interested in the upcoming RDNA 3, RDNA 4 mobile GPU/Ryzen based laptops.
Isaac Ziegler
Isaac Ziegler Aylar önce
NBC is a few years behind on this story
-Demi- 2 aylar önce
I have a 5300U, a budget laptop, it's a little beast on its own. I am impressed.
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