How Caesar Won the Great Roman Civil War - Animated DOCUMENTARY

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6 Şub 2023




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Nathan Center
Nathan Center Aylar önce
Christian 4 aylar önce
Which mod did you use for rome 2?
Daniel Habte
Daniel Habte 4 aylar önce
Daniel Habte
Daniel Habte 4 aylar önce
😮😢😮😮 I just woke up and woke up at 😢 and woke 😮 feeling better today 😢 lol lol I hope you’re weyou’re be we ww
Daniel Habte
Daniel Habte 4 aylar önce
Everything r😮😢😢😮😮😢😮😢😮 😢 😮 lol I just got home from from home and I got home from and heading work lol lol I hope you you slept well
osirusgtr Yıl önce
I cannot understand people who find history boring, this was fascinating! thank you for your hard work posting it all..👍
Testicular Cretin
Testicular Cretin 7 saatler önce
The people who find history boring are those who watch scientific documentaries.
Keenyn Lofton
Keenyn Lofton 3 gün önce
The Roman empire was real life Star Wars but the force was the Roman flag
Leuchebreu Azevedo
Leuchebreu Azevedo 21 gün önce
Cesar’s life really makes us think, if there is really a best way to go about life. Bath Jesus and Cesar were betrayed by those they forgave but, living a life of cruelty also leads to horrible ending
Jason Ruzicka
Jason Ruzicka Aylar önce
For someone like me, school killed history for me reading it out of a book. These kinds of video are a gift from god!
Monk Starr
Monk Starr Aylar önce
I totally agree
John O'Rourke
John O'Rourke Yıl önce
It's unbelievable how Caesar handled the rebellious legions in Italy. They started out trying to blackmail him, 1:05:00, but in the end he had them begging to be executed at random (decimation) just for the privilege of fighting alongside him yet again. Which is what Caesar wanted and needed all along. This encapsulates exactly why Caesar was such a great leader.
I F 11 gün önce
Caesar was a talented pathological narcissist. Manipulating his troops was just one example. Cleopatra was the same, they both used Marc Anthony bevause he was the opposite and Human Magnet Syndrome is powerful.
Infinite Content
Infinite Content 13 gün önce
Only Caesar could have singlehandedly rolled up on 4 rebellious legions, put them in check dismiss them, maje them feel worthless and make them come BACK to his side.
elDani Cata
elDani Cata Aylar önce
1:06:52 name song scene? pleace
Licinius Scapula
Licinius Scapula 2 aylar önce
@Bonk no :(, at this point I'm willing to pay money to acquire it
Bonk 3 aylar önce
@Licinius Scapula You get the soundtrack name yet?
Ut1F70F Sin
Ut1F70F Sin Yıl önce
Caesar, is often thought of, as a mere tyrant. There are so many different factors involved, with his character. He had: Charisma, cunning, good at deception, led from the front, never gave orders that he wouldn't do himself, was a priest, reorganized the Julian calendar; Or mathematically inclined, athletic, intuitive, a strong fighter, a carpenter, recognized his soldiers loyalty, kept many men alive, was popular with commoners, strategist, and a tactician; The list trails on. Love him or hate him: He was all around intelligent, despite the lack of telephones and internet.
Ut1F70F Sin
Ut1F70F Sin 16 gün önce
@georgekapitanoff5977 From the perspective of communication, wars were fought years after they were over. Getting communication out instantly during battle wasn't something they had or research. Lol I didn't mean they weren't at all, just from the strategic aspect of modern convenience, and lack thereof. Despite all of that Julius Caesar did a pretty good job.
George Kapitanoff
George Kapitanoff 16 gün önce
''' He was all around intelligent, despite the lack of telephones and internet".....😂 wtf?!
Folk down in Paris
Folk down in Paris 7 aylar önce
777peacelove 11 aylar önce
I love your comment, and I agree with you. You said; Love him or hate him. But for me personally it is 100% clear that I love him.
Davy Roger
Davy Roger Yıl önce
Intelligence didnt appear at the advent of telephones or the internet
Sovi the Disastrous
Caesar, possibly the only Ruler to successfully use the "I'm not mad, just disappointed" argument to win back a legion
Peter De Ridder
Peter De Ridder 20 gün önce
Hi, alexander the great did this to, when his men wannated to go home sommewhre on the indus river. they where tired of conquering and didnt wanneted to go on. And alexander closed himseld up in his tent because he was verry disapointed. And the same happend like youre telling here about ceasar ;-).
graham 2 aylar önce
Not even just a legion, 4 Veteran Legions
Napoleon did it as well
King Daniel
King Daniel Yıl önce
@Undead Alex what? Ceaser had his dudes asking to be beheaded, that doesn't scream guilt?
Undead Alex
Undead Alex Yıl önce
@King Daniel guilt tripping is way different WDYM SIMILAR
Peter Voller
Peter Voller Yıl önce
Hey all, I was the scriptwriter and historian for this series, if you have any questions, please do leave them below and I'll do my best to get around to them!
David Galbraith
David Galbraith 15 gün önce
well done, a lot of work
rhysyb 18 gün önce
@Peter Voller thankyou
Peter Voller
Peter Voller 18 gün önce
@rhysyb I'm afraid not, beyond my area of history that. If you join the kng discord though, there are loads of people who know more about that period in history who might be able to help you out
rhysyb 20 gün önce
Not relevant to this but I have a painting it says royal hussar on it have you any light on that
Peter De Ridder
Peter De Ridder 24 gün önce
Hi, In fact Ceasar was just a smart bad person ! He was a specialist to turn arround everything in his favor, also his mistakes... I also studied antique history and for me Ceasar was no more then a mass murderer, to get famous and build his own empire. All the rest you can read in my reaction. thanks for this vid it is welmade, and sorry for my bad englisch writing
R L Skinner
R L Skinner Yıl önce
This is one of the best documentary series online anywhere. The graphical representations, imagery and strategic maps are aids and tools for the narrator. Sadly many documentaries try to overblow the fluff (too much eye candy, real-life enactments, etc.), and miss the mark. It's the narration, script and sequential telling of the history that matters...and you do an excellent job! I wish more documentaries were done this way.
Christian 3 aylar önce
@satiricalzero yeah. I know it’s the game total war rome 2 but i meant the mod bc the game doesn’t look this way normally
satiricalzero 3 aylar önce
@Christian I'm pretty sure it's total war 2
Christian 4 aylar önce
Does anyone know the name of the mod used in the video?
Baby Boo
Baby Boo Yıl önce
Well said and so true.
Tony Duncan
Tony Duncan Yıl önce
I second that. Thanks.
RawrItsMatty Yıl önce
Say what you will about his motivations, he was an incredibly talented general and he knew his people. How he dealt with the mutiny where the 10th were begging for decimation is a prime example of how good he was. I'd love to see an alternate world where he wasn't assassinated just to see more of his wars. Thanks K & G for the documentary!
Hassan GAMER
Hassan GAMER 20 gün önce
@iBot After all that Caesar has achieved you say that is overrated
John M
John M 29 gün önce
@Happy Kriegeryes , and ?
fjk 17
fjk 17 3 aylar önce
cesar conquer all wolrd
iBot 3 aylar önce
@yes man Exactly. I said he lost. I didn't say he was a failure.
yes man
yes man 3 aylar önce
@iBot You did say he lost
Dolphine Achonga
Dolphine Achonga Yıl önce
Amazed by Caesar's ability to turn incredible odds in his favor. Even more amazed by his legions' bravery and discipline in these situations. Most of all, I am extremely impressed by your presentation of these events.
Kharn The Betrayer
I always imagine the new recruits in his army panicking, and a veteran just claps them on the shoulder 'dont worry, Ceaser will come up with some plan and get us out. We've been a lot worse than this.... it usually involves building some stuff, so get your shovel ready'
RazorSharpRust Yıl önce
This is easily the best documentary I've seen on the Caesarian civil wars. You guys freaking NAILED this one. I've watched just about every video there is to watch on this subject, some of them DOZENS of times and I was thrilled with this one! There is a LOT of depth on this time period and even though you guys didn't throw in a few details I would have like to have seen, you managed to do an amazing job with the overarching narrative. I can't wait for your next series on Octavian and the new Empire. THANK YOU!
Advocatus Diaboli
Wow, never knew that the resistance against Caesar was this protracted. In books, it’s usually summarized down to chasing Pompey to Egypt, the affair with Cleopatra and the defeat of her brother, the triumphant return to Rome and then the conspiracy and assassination. I mean I get it, books have to be concise and school semesters are only so long. But man, this is pure gold!
Licinius Scapula
Licinius Scapula Yıl önce
Does anybody know the name of the soundtrack that begins at 57:00? Sorry if this is off topic but I am desperate to get that song.
Andrew Henshaw
Andrew Henshaw Yıl önce
@Matthew Barber I have indeed read them, really good I agree!
Matthew Barber
Matthew Barber Yıl önce
@Andrew Henshaw have you read his series on Genghis Khan?
Matthew Barber
Matthew Barber Yıl önce
@Andrew Henshaw theyre so good
Andrew Henshaw
Andrew Henshaw Yıl önce
The author Conn Iggulden wrote a 5 book series about Julius Caesar if you wanna add another 50 hours of audio books on top of this. Novel style as well.
Clarence Corbeil
Clarence Corbeil Yıl önce
Finally had the time to do those timestamps. Hope they will be helpful. Thank you for the videos on this interesting part of history, K&G! 00:00:00 Intro 00:01:49 Situation after Pharsalus - Death of Pompey 00:06:19 Caesar’s intervention in Egypt’s crisis 00:10:57 Siege of Alexandria - First Engagements 00:16:45 Siege of Alexandria - Naval engagements 00:27:39 Siege of Alexandria - Ending 00:30:02 Battle of the Nile 00:34:23 End of the Egyptian conflict - Dissent in the Republic 00:37:42 Pontic War - Pharnaces’ invasions 00:42:47 Battle of Nicopolis 00:48:32 Pontic War - After Nicopolis, Caesar’s arrival 00:51:59 Battle of Zela 00:58:17 2nd African campaign - Preparations 01:06:20 2nd African campaign - Caesar’s landing - Battle of Hadrumetum 01:12:40 Battle of Ruspina 01:19:25 Campaign continuing - 2nd battle of Ruspina 01:28:02 Battles of Uzitta and Zeta - Further preparations 01:36:34 Battle of Thapsus 01:43:07 Optimates’ escape and recovery in Hispania 01:49:33 Final campaign - Beginning 01:59:28 Final campaign - Battle of Munda 02:05:50 Gnaeus’ escape - Battle of Lauro 02:08:58 The caesarian politics - Military Tyrant or Savior of Rome? 02:28:25 The assassination of Caesar - The motivations 02:33:22 The conspirators 02:40:51 The assassination 02:47:08 Conclusion
- Apex -
- Apex - 8 aylar önce
These are very helpful! Cannot thank you enough. Work of the Gods. 😁👍
ViKingzBeard Gaming
ViKingzBeard Gaming 10 aylar önce
Thanks but I was interested in the entire thing. Was amazing
Morbius enjoyer
Morbius enjoyer 10 aylar önce
Tom Riley
Tom Riley Yıl önce
It's really impressive how disciplined the veteran Roman legions were - incredible good troops which saved them repeatedly even when in hopeless situations. Given the orders were by voice/sound signal I'm amazed that alot of them could be coordinated. All in all it's surprising Ceasar lived so long, intersting to think what would have happened if he'd lived longer...
Morgan Talifre
Morgan Talifre Yıl önce
Everything the history Channel should have been. What an amazing documentary. I never knew about all the reforms Ceaser made after the civil, especially the redistribution of wealth and land. It most definitely casts him in a different light, or at least offers a different perspective.
Licinius Scapula
Licinius Scapula Yıl önce
Does anybody know the name of the soundtrack that begins at 57:00? Sorry if this is off topic but I am desperate to get that song.
Merryl Derrickson
@Mike Hawk people watch, listen to, and react to, and yes, even enjoy things they are TOLD to watch, listen to, react to and to enjoy. When your social status becomes jeopardized by not doing so, you can guarantee with maximum surety they will consume whatever the lowest common denominator is consuming
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk Yıl önce
@Merryl Derrickson it’s less about that and more about where the money is at. And that’s aliens and mediocre shows. Because that’s what most people watch.
Merryl Derrickson
We know why the Hersch Corporation-owned History Channel does not go into the fine details of conflict, for they'd run the risk of exposing their own financial interests/donations in modern history's violent conflicts. And we know that most Americans have little time or inclination to know about Ancient history, therefor the History Channel is just a constant stream of "hitler is bad" and "guns are scary" that all said, your point is still important and i agree with your sentiment.
RubberDucky Yıl önce
I've never grown actively angry while hearing about the account of Caesar's assassination. Well done K&G, well done.
Robert Giles
Robert Giles 5 aylar önce
@Dustin Sanders Oh don't cry....you are just a cheap scold who pretends to know me. I lived in Rome. I know more about Julius than you ever will. Look at what a hypocrite you are; you write nasty crap to me while talking about respect. What a jerk.
Dustin Sanders
Dustin Sanders 5 aylar önce
@Robert Giles to act the way you are shows, that you are ignorant to the reality of The influence of Caesar. As well as your inability to be respectful to anyone who doesn't share your own opinions showing lack of maturity.
Andrew Henshaw
Andrew Henshaw 8 aylar önce
@- Apex - 👍
- Apex -
- Apex - 8 aylar önce
@Andrew Henshaw I also salute thee. 😎 I most definitely had an emotional response. You know exactly what's coming. Still I hoped for some different outcome as everything falls into place. It makes you play so many games of "what-if" in your mind. This channel is amazing at connecting us to and teaching us about these historical events! 😁👍 Like nothing ever has before. ❤️
Quinton Harris
Quinton Harris 9 aylar önce
He demonstrated his will + ability, he had insane political savvy with the pardons... To think after all he achieved that he was betrayed by his countrymen, of course it's upsetting. Anyway this is why you need high intrigue
The Gauntlet
The Gauntlet Yıl önce
Caesar getting back his four veteran legions for the invasion of Africa with just words is incredible. I cannot imagine anything like that happening today.
The Gauntlet
The Gauntlet Yıl önce
@Canadian Ninja True, the self-interest of the soldiers is usually aligned with the state.
Canadian Ninja
Canadian Ninja Yıl önce
Because the reason of the mutiny would not happen today. The state pays for our armies, not the generals.
Licinius Scapula
Licinius Scapula Yıl önce
Does anybody know the name of the soundtrack that begins at 57:00? Sorry if this is off topic but I am desperate to get that song.
John kovac
John kovac Yıl önce
Wow, what a great job! I never realized all the issues Caesar had to deal with. His life was no cake walk by any measure. His ability to understand human behavior and serve as an outstanding leader can not be overstated. It made me realize how impressive he was and how political Rome was. Thanks again for all the research and level of detail needed to understand the man.
Lord Biscuit the Tossable
Even the likes of Pompi and Cito were very deep characters with their own goals and objectives, which I don't think is stated enough. The fact that the former had the foresight to abandon Rome (something I imagine most Romans would consider inconceivable) managed to raise a relatively inexperienced army and fully understood his own strengths and weaknesses (which was probably why he legitimately didn't want a pitched battle with Caesar, given the relative inexperience and lack of cohesiveness within his own troops, which ultimately is precisely was his undoing.) made the war in Greece compelling stuff. Plus even after his latest defeat he was fully committed to trying again until his assassination in Egypt. As much as war is a terrible thing and these were incredibly ambitious people; they also were incredibly well learned folks who knew how to wage war. Sure Caesar won and wrote history, but wow it certainly was never easy for him either.
Anglomachian Yıl önce
I remember Historia Civilis explaining that the "Not King, but Caesar!" might have been a kind of joke, since King (Rex) was a used gens name at he time, and so Caesar was basically trying to say "No, no, you have the wrong person."
Logical Nomad
Logical Nomad 3 aylar önce
@Yiğit Ali Tepe Yeah and thousands of years later you'll have the Patrick of Russia or the Patrick of Germany.
Folk down in Paris
Folk down in Paris 7 aylar önce
I'm the real Caesar
Sapare 8 aylar önce
@Anglomachian Interesting though how different his perspective on the same events are. I have watched his stuff for years and after watching this and the previous part here it gives some food for thought. Cesear comes over as an almost completely different man depending on which interpretation of his actions you take. Doesn't make Civils bad but its fascinating that even in something as static as history human bias still means you need multiple perspectives.
Anglomachian Yıl önce
@IMPERATOR True, but I've never found a single video of his to be under par. If he needs six months to make a good video, I'm content to wait. He doesn't seem to have a team to make videos as Kings and Generals does.
Licinius Scapula
Licinius Scapula Yıl önce
Does anybody know the name of the soundtrack that begins at 57:00? Sorry if this is off topic but I am desperate to get that song.
Luvs Logistics
Luvs Logistics Yıl önce
There’s so many instances where Caesar demonstrated his genius, reading the situation, understanding human nature.
Deadeye313 Yıl önce
Ceasar really is incredible. His entire life can be summed up in his own words: "Veni. Vidi. Vici".
Zero 4 aylar önce
​@rabbitss11 Or the things we know about him make us belive that. Because the history is written by the victorious.
Zero 4 aylar önce
@Arianna Maxwell There were no self defence in Poland. So there is space for a discussion. (Don't forget the Baltic states)
Zero 4 aylar önce
@Arianna Maxwell Exactly, but on a lower scale.
Vitor Pereira 🇺🇦
@Erik Dayne And even then, the name Caesar will continue to inspire human beings long after your bones turn to dust. You are soft!
Anderson II
Anderson II 7 aylar önce
@Erik Dayne no one besides you said anything of that lol
Brad Chadley
Brad Chadley Yıl önce
From what I've learned from this video, I can't help but take the side of Caesar. I understand he was flawed, but I think he would have brought a long era of peace to Rome had he had lived
Brad Chadley
Brad Chadley 6 aylar önce
@Lennart he killed millions and it rules*
Lennart 6 aylar önce
he killed millions he was a psychopath
Brad Chadley
Brad Chadley Yıl önce
@Fyanle the change definitely needed to have a populist character at minimum. Caesar was well ahead of his time when he observed that real power lies in the support of the people. Not even a strong military can survive for long without that.
kwall55 5 aylar önce
Based on his plans for expansion, I think Caesar was one of the few men in his position of influence that looked at Rome for what it was at that moment in time, an empire. However because of cultural hatred of the idea of a king, he couldn't be the role per say, but knew power-wise what he had become after the war. I feel like in that meeting with Octavian he probably shared how he saw Rome for what it was and mini groomed Octavian to change his perspective of the what Rome currently was or becoming. It's crazy, almost like a stroke of luck or divine ordination that Caesar who as a conquerer, expanded the territory, control, influence of Rome in the Mediterranean gets killed and then almost immediately, gets succeeded by one of the best Empire managers in history via Octavian aka Augustus first emperor of Rome. Almost unheard luck for a baby empire to get such a succession to fully establish itself to what we know it as today. Like think of what Rome would have become if Octavian had died for some reason and Marc Anthony was left to rule Rome after Caesar's death.
Declan Jones
Declan Jones 12 gün önce
When you put it like that, it does make sense, after all we don't know how what they did in their free time, it's entirely possible Caesar slightly "groomed" Octavian to take the reigns.
Luiz Alex Phoenix
Michael Parenti has a good speech about Caesar's assassination and it's available on TRvid. It helps to put in perspective how much Caesar shook the status quo and how much the aristocracy hated him for it.
Todd Gibson
Todd Gibson 5 aylar önce
Of all the fascinating stories of Caesar, I think this is one of my favorites. Putting down a mutiny with one word, “citizens”. Just goes to show the respect he commanded.
RedShiftJ29 Yıl önce
Caesar and his officers fighting on foot alongside their men is so badass, but so frightening. It showed how truly desperate things had become
Mitzterbg Yıl önce
A great leader, visionary, and master of tactics. An absolute unit of a man. A life filled with glory and with the iron will to fix a corrupt broken system with the best future in mind for his people. A true genius which saw flaws in everything, exploited them, and outside of battle, such as in the case of the republican politics, passed laws to fix those issues. He achieved a true healthy balance between altruism and egotism. Incredibly tragic to face a death such as his, betrayed by the people he pardoned and by his close friends, lusting for their own undeserved fame and wealth. Had Caesar never been assassinated, its possible all of history and the world as we know it today would be entirely different if he was able to achieve his grand campaign to conquer all of Europe. The sad truth is, had Caesar become a tyrant similar to Sulla and the despot the senators feared, he would have probably lived a far longer life.
Gallen Dugall
Gallen Dugall Yıl önce
I am extremely dubious about this claim of Caesar's "Throne" as the senate was not meeting in the senate building but in temples and homes where seating would [edit: "not"] already exist. Did this throne get toted from building to building? Were the benches of the senate likewise toted from building to building. More likely Caesar did have a servant bring chair with a cushion to be certain that he would have a comfortable place to sit and this has been exaggerated.
Vengeance will be mine
Love how Ceasar makes bridges everywhere anywhere, the father of army engineers corps. Lol 😂. Fascinated by how well Ceasar used his general's to create distinctive distractions for inducing proper flanking maneuvering potential . The best general's manipulate there enemy into doing a calculated move , by a calculated risk or sacrifice provoking the enemies into walking into the strong suite of said general.
Africanknight88 Yıl önce
Thanks for all the tireless and steadfast work on this project. As always, I come here first to get my history lessons. K&G, you guys are legendary. Respect 💯
Sea Urchin
Sea Urchin Yıl önce
The more I learn about Caesar, the more I understand why people at the time thought he was blessed by the gods. Like a third of his successes were due to sheer luck (and Caesar's understanding of how to exploit such luck).
ViKing 10 aylar önce
this series is amazing. Id love to see more on different historical figures. Caesars death was tragic, being killed by friends and those he sparred. Maybe this is why tyrants chose to be ruthless. I am so intrigued at the military tactics of the time. It seems as though construction was as much if not more than actual fighting. It takes a well rounded, intelligent, creative problem solver to be successful in those times.
Lucas Smith
Lucas Smith 8 aylar önce
To me, I think that Julius Caesar felt that the Roman Army was the best fighting force on the face of the planet. He was proud of the Roman Army as he was proud of the Roman empire and it's works. Everything that he did back in Rome, be it for good or ill, I believe that he did with an eye toward sustaining the civilization that raised and supported the Roman Armies that he had done so much with in the past. When he was murdered, the conspirators were in a hurry to get the deed done because Caesar was about to embark on a campaign that would see the borders of the Roman empire expanded, and Roman honor, as he saw it, assuaged for the death of his fellow triumvar, crassas at the hands of the Parthians. The upcoming Parthian campaign was why he did everything he did, good and bad, I feel.
Marek Dohojda
Marek Dohojda 5 aylar önce
Alexander the Great or Caesar, the argument will rage forever; but personally I believe it was in fact Caesar. His ability to adopt to multi situation, on Sea, Land, and Horses, against opponents that were not just incredibly diverse, but also equal to him ( on paper ). Yet he prevailed in almost every single battle.
Navdeep Gusain
Navdeep Gusain 2 gün önce
This is hands down the best historical documentary I've seen on any platform. The level of detail, the narration, the animation, all has been fantastic.
Didier Vangestel
Didier Vangestel 4 aylar önce
Thank you towards the creators. I had a relaxing sunday watching both Episodes on the Great Roman Civil War and can call it a memorable sunday because of it. I had watched several other episodes in the past, but this is for sure one my favourites. Thank you again for the hard work and keep doing what you do!
Manuel Orbezo Beltrán
I find fascinating the way in which Caesar says to his officers “This will be the end of my life, and your military service” and then charged into battle, he knew what that battle meant… not victory, but life itself.
PLR 11 aylar önce
It simply amazes me that you can recreate historical events with such accuracy, down to the layout of the cities, and so forth. This all happened 2,000 years ago, yet you make it seem so recent
Luxe Mag
Luxe Mag Yıl önce
So, I've recently watched Season 1 of HBO's Rome, and this documentary fully informs my understanding of the events. Thank you Kings and Generals.
Licinius Scapula
Licinius Scapula Yıl önce
Does anybody know the name of the soundtrack that begins at 57:00? Sorry if this is off topic but I am desperate to get that song.
M M Yıl önce
HBO's Rome is by far my favorite tv show.
The Awesome Man
The Awesome Man Yıl önce
@Luxe Mag thanks
Luxe Mag
Luxe Mag Yıl önce
@The Awesome Man They are both excellent. HBO's rendition is of course a dramatization of events, with multiple fictional (as in not historically documented) characters, all of them very plausible though. While it's a period piece set against Caesar's life and death, and Octavian's rise to prominence, Antony and Octavian's mother, Atia of the Julii, are the mainstays of the series. Totally worth binging on; it's the kind of dramatic content that couldn't have been produced in today's PC climate. K&G's documentary is fully complementary, as it's historical research on Caesar's life and accomplishments, very tightly written and produced, for history buffs like us. This is the new History channel.
The Awesome Man
The Awesome Man Yıl önce
I'm guessing its good right?
Mfundo Nkosi
Mfundo Nkosi Yıl önce
Deep dive videos we still need on Roman history: 😭🙏🏾♥️ 1. The bothers Gracchi 2. The Social War 3. Gaius Marius 4. Lucius Sulla 5. How the Kings of Rome Fell and the Republic was Born.
Geordie Jones
Geordie Jones Yıl önce
Last one is really hard just based on reliability of sources but there's still a fun little drama with the last King who tried to use Etruria to retake Rome. From 509-493 the right to rule was essentially contested until the Republic won a decisive battle and then started to exercise hegemony over the Latins and try and thwart their rival Veii.
Licinius Scapula
Licinius Scapula Yıl önce
Does anybody know the name of the soundtrack that begins at 57:00? Sorry if this is off topic but I am desperate to get that song.
Fox D
Fox D Yıl önce
If you're interested in that portion of Roman history, there are two great books on the subject, namely "Rubicon" by Tom Holland (no, not THAT Tom Holland) and "The Storm Before the Storm" by Mike Duncan (the History of Rome podcast guy, who narrates the audiobook as well.)
Andrew Henshaw
Andrew Henshaw Yıl önce
@Luvs Logistics And Gladiator!
Luvs Logistics
Luvs Logistics Yıl önce
And Marcus Aurelius
slehar Yıl önce
Wow! I had no idea that so much detail was recorded in ancient history! What a great presentation!
Dinkas Yıl önce
The story of Julius Caesar bursting out laughing when Pharnaces ordered his men to push Caesar's hill is such a viscerally interesting image
haufe012 Yıl önce
We had the thematic of the Triumvirate and the roman civil in the 11th class during school. But it was like a pile of dust that you have to eat. These 2 videos are perfect to teach this part of roman history in school. You did really a very good job, guys :) .
Mfundo Nkosi
Mfundo Nkosi Yıl önce
Hey Kings and Generals! Can you do a video on Labienus, please? As a military commander he was equal to Pompeii and Caesar. I'm interested in knowing if he believes he saw tyranny in Caesar's character and that his actions were to save the Republic? His perspective I find interesting.
Davidsmith smith
Davidsmith smith 6 aylar önce
I find it incredible that these tactics could be performed without radio, or any modern communication
TheDr IsZen
TheDr IsZen 5 aylar önce
Very difficult figuring out exactly what kind of man Caesar was, perhaps evolving different ways over time... or with different motivations to different problems. He certainly showed different faults and strengths over time to differing problems. Finally how much is factual and how much legend? A great man for his time, but ultimately still just a man.
Julian G
Julian G Yıl önce
This channel is absolutely incredible from the info to the editing. Very entertaining and informative. I appreciate all the hard work you put it into!
Huseyin Cobanoglu
Do we have an episode before the civil war broke out? I think a full episode of Caesar rising to power from just a foot soldier in the Roman army is necessary to complete this. Once again a great documentary. Thank you Kings and Generals Team.
Liberty Prime
Liberty Prime Yıl önce
@isphus He did win the Civic Crown in his younger years but we don't have exact details of this battle, he also would have been some kind of officer being from a wealthy family.
isphus Yıl önce
He was never a foot soldier. IIRC he started his career when he was kidnapped by pirates, promised to kill them all, and used his family money to hire mercenaries and personally hunt down those pirates.
Shlumtum65 10 aylar önce
Words cannot describe the quality of your work. I knew next to nothing about Caesar, and your documentaries have made them accessible and interesting in a way books never could. Thank you.
Michael Diebold
Michael Diebold Yıl önce
Are we not going to talk about the absolute badassery that was Jubba and Petreius suicide pact? They didn't want to go down like cowards so they duel each other to the death?!?! That deserves a book by itself. That METAL AF, brothers! Man, history is so much better than fiction. This whole series needs to be a movie. I knew Caesar was amazing but he has to be in the top 5 generals in all human history.
Bob Smith
Bob Smith Yıl önce
This was very, very, very well done. I've read Caesar's _The Civil War_ (unlike David Drake - NOT - in the original Latin ...) so I'm familiar with the basic outline of the War but - the attention to detail for the individual battles here is phenomenal. The maps and their animated unit movements are superb. *_Bravo Zulu_* .
Mitch Neal
Mitch Neal Yıl önce
You guys seriously make some of the best content on the internet. Thank you so much for the great work!
JBK Yıl önce
A few men are lucky and even fewer make their own luck. The amount of times Julius Caesar does things at the last moment or does the unthinkable and it works out fine blows my mind. Reinforcements just at the right time etc... It would ve so interesting to talk with the man. Even his view on how to get the job you want. I think any person would love to fight under him and for him. There is no Rome without Julius Caesar
Richey Baumann
Richey Baumann 4 aylar önce
The more I learn about Caesar, the more I come to realize that there is no better example of a man who was both a ruthless tyrant and a legendary commander. He was a great man in every sense of the word. The Pontic king knew he couldn't beat Caesar in any drawn out fight; the legions never thought Caesar would call their bluff.
Alan H
Alan H 8 aylar önce
Why hasn't there been an epic Hollywood movie on Ceasar ? This man's whole life can been turned into a 6 part series!
rabbitss11 Yıl önce
Really good piece of research and well presented, it would be interesting to know how Caesar collected and held money or tributes, was it all in hard currency, was it carried with him in bags/boxes and was any of it ever deposited at the treasury in Rome?
Cristobal Valladares
Great job guys. How did Caesar win at ruspina. Surrounded and still winning. Any other commander would have despaired and fallen on his sword. Forget alesia. Ruspina in my humble opinion was Caesars greatest victory. To keep his cool. Wow, just my opinion. Twice with overwhelming cavalry advantage labienus could not seal the deal. Maybe labienus was overrated?
The production quality on this is insane. Absolutely amazing work!
Orion Rigel
Orion Rigel Yıl önce
Again, an awesome overview of one of the most exciting periods in history. Can't wait for the next part!
Hazbin Hotel
Hazbin Hotel 4 aylar önce
What is so scary about this the end of this video is how modern everything sounds. The Roman Senate had devolved into an oligarchy and the common people were being shut out of the political sphere paving the way for someone like Caesar who was naturally despised after trying to enact land reform laws that were more favorable to the working class as well as for those who served in the wars (2000 year old versions of meritocracy and socialism ). Caesar was a very divisive figure during his time. The political stunt of crowing Caesar King is way to reminiscent of the running gag of naming Donald Trump King of America. I am no Trump fan by any means but the parallels going on in the USA and in other countries to this period in Roman history are quite hard to overlook.
aGr3atD4y 6 aylar önce
AMAZING video as always! I became really sad when you started talking about Ceasars murder even tho i knew of his end beforehand. One cant help but wonder how Rome, and the world, would have changed if he had not been murdered. Such an amazing historical figure
Tom Servo
Tom Servo 6 aylar önce
13:30 I've heard a few different accounts of this now. K&G says the Library was only mildly damaged, but I've heard other lectures claiming that it was almost completely destroyed by the fire. Marc Antony supposedly emptied out other Greek libraries to rebuild the collection as a sort of engagement present for Cleopatra.
Liam Halliday
Liam Halliday Yıl önce
Honestly, one of the easiest subs I have ever done. What a brilliantly written, told and researched video, insightful without picking sides and obviously well sourced. Congrats, I can't wait for more videos :)
Lone Wolf G C
Lone Wolf G C Yıl önce
I feel like I’m robbing your channel by watching this for free. Everyone that is responsible for this content is an absolute legend. Glory to Kings and Generals! Glory to Rome!
Adam Sugawara
Adam Sugawara Yıl önce
I love your videos, but this series in particular really stands out in my opinion. Thank you for your hard work!
Salim Nasr
Salim Nasr Yıl önce
You can’t make this up. What a life Caesar led. Amazing video, much appreciated!
riffmeister101 Yıl önce
So glad this channel exists. Even for topics/events I previously had no knowledge of I will watch from start to finish. Keep up the fantastic work good sirs!
Publius  Scipio Africanus
*This is the thing many legendary conquerors have in common: Being in the fight with thier men, eating the same food, riding under the rain with them and generally sharing thier hardship. This is why thier men loved them so much and would push themselves so hard to make thier leaders proud.*
Verdant Thoughts
Verdant Thoughts Yıl önce
the legions were not just scary for their military prowess but the guys were very effective builders. This I will always consider very impressive.
Adam Shepherd
Adam Shepherd Yıl önce
2:20:00 It is hard for me to see Ceasar as a villain. I see him as the son of Rome, in its truest form. He is a product of his country & era.
abenezer meheret
abenezer meheret Yıl önce
Incredibly amazing documentary. The story was epic. The narrations and illustrations was super cool
Luvs Logistics
Luvs Logistics Yıl önce
Utterly phenomenal! Wish I could watch the entire Caesar series uninterrupted, maybe you’ll have a consolidated link or have them start directly after each other ends, like a playlist.
Rich Yıl önce
30 min and he’s had more adventures and crazy dangerous experiences than most people will their whole lives 1000 times over.
Trevor J O'Neill
Trevor J O'Neill Yıl önce
it's as brilliant as the first one on this matter.Totally a historic art piece of art. Made by true historians. Congratulations all involved and it has been my honor and privilege to have seen these last 4 hours of this great story
ReducedCapacity1 Yıl önce
Just wow. What a brilliant account of these events. All involved in this documentary, one of the best I have ever watched, ought to be very proud of this achievement.
Odeus Yıl önce
Thank you KG for all your hard work and dedication. This better than school and University combined. Well thought out lecture with precision.
Licinius Scapula
Licinius Scapula Yıl önce
@Odeus Just tried it mate, even shazam couldn't find it :(
Odeus Yıl önce
@Licinius Scapula try Shazam
Licinius Scapula
Licinius Scapula Yıl önce
Does anybody know the name of the soundtrack that begins at 57:00? Sorry if this is off topic but I am desperate to get that song.
Fausto Giorno
Fausto Giorno Yıl önce
@Darth Nihilus funny
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus Yıl önce
@Fausto Giorno but your life is.
Stag Beetle
Stag Beetle 5 aylar önce
How did you make this???? Absolutely remarkable, and highly entertaining. I wish that Ceasar would have had a longer reign, I think his mercy, even to enemies, spoke something about his character.
Alex W.
Alex W. 4 aylar önce
Doctrinally accurate, a wonderful depiction of Caesar and Rome at war.
Jonny- B
Jonny- B Yıl önce
Could you imagine being a legionary in a foreign land like Egypt, with such history, such an old people. Find yourself caught up in a damn Civil War. And you're holding the line right next to the brilliant Lighthouse of Alexandria? Would be memorable, that's for sure. A story for the ages in the local Popina. What's a trip is I probably would have fought for the Republic. The 500 year old government. Not the egotistical imposter haha.
Nick 6 aylar önce
man I always loved history. I bet you guys make it so fun for students to digest and soak it all in. Wish I knew these things when I was younger :)
Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal Yıl önce
'Veni, Vidi, Veci', only Caeser is worthy enough to deserve these prestigeous words. An honorable man, dying at the hands of cowards, who were too chicken to face him in a pitched battle.
Ankur D
Ankur D 3 aylar önce
Yeah man.. ceaser was awesome
David Killin
David Killin Yıl önce
Impeccable work, as always. Love your work K&G!
john linley
john linley Yıl önce
I had no idea that the Roman Civil War was as long and hard as it was. Most texts just pass over it and those that delve into it just carry the description to the end of Scipio in Africa. I am in your debt for this extraordinary effort. Thank you.
Manlio Lo Presti
Manlio Lo Presti Yıl önce
Very well done to the team who put this together. Thank you!
Nick Turner
Nick Turner Yıl önce
By “forgiving” his enemies Caesar killed himself. Killing Cato, Cisero and a few others would have made a much better world.
Geordie Jones
Geordie Jones 7 aylar önce
How can you hate Cicero? Dude was maybe the only guy trying to actually play by the rules at this point. He was Rome's greatest statesman and along with Livius Drusus the most tragic victims of the late republic civil wars.
Mike Hardgraves
Mike Hardgraves Yıl önce
He is simply one of the greatest historical figures. He made mistakes but was always fortuitous in battle. Unfortunately he decided to dismiss his lictors on the political battlefield.
Anakin the War Criminal
History isn't what happened - it's what people say happened. The fact there's still ongoing discussions and disagreements about Caesar's character proves this. I'm glad your series on Caesar offers multiple perspectives, making it as close to an unbiased account as humanly possible. Ironically, it was Caesar's assassins, not Caesar himself, who ended up putting the final nail in the republic's coffin and opening the way for the first true emperor.
Sqe Sqe
Sqe Sqe Yıl önce
Wonderful job K&G. It is almost impossible not to make comparisons to today's situation globally or remotely to the U.S empire and its own contemporary class anatogonisms. In any case, I wonder if Caesar's re-institution of the optimates was his worst mistake. How would his ardent supporters felt seeing the people they fought and sacrificed to overthrow return back to their elite status - untouched? Can one say that forgiving them encouraged them to conspire to reverse his reforms and ultimately killed him in cold blood? It eventually caused their ultimate demise under Augustus. Which then caused the descendants of the Caesarian faction to become the new aristocracy in their own right, then eventually causing the same antagonisms that ended the Roman world a few centuries later? Would these reforms have been more extensive or permanent if Caesar himself wasn't part of the optimate class? Who knows. Thank you for all of this content.
Christine Laframboises
Thank you so much for this amazing video. It shows the incredible complexity of Caesar’s thinking and abilities. I watched the entire video in one sitting, I just couldn’t leave it. 🥰😎
revelationmd 5 aylar önce
It boggles the mind just how much work went into this. Amazing. Thank you.
Ronak Choudhary
Ronak Choudhary 8 aylar önce
The man definitely knew how to lead men and snatch victory out of defeat. No wonder his name lives through the ages.
dieyoung Yıl önce
I would like more information about the grunts (infantry). Because I am an infantry veteran I know how the best laid plain can go awry. Why do leaders get all the credit. Men who were in battle, who walked through unfavorable terrain, built the bridges, went with out food. There is no Rome without the soldier. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your service.
Mohammed Neisi
Mohammed Neisi Yıl önce
so I've learned one thing about caeser from this: caeser is incredibly lucky, literally the whole world works in his favor
Prince Marwin
Prince Marwin Yıl önce
The best documentary I have ever seen, massive up to the team that has worked on this masterpiece. If possible I’d love to see such a documentary on Alexander the Great as well. Thank you for this great series !
xergiok Yıl önce
The optimates really had no business losing to Caesar. It's so frustrating watching them squander opportunity after opportunity. It seems Caesar won solely because he had the advantage absolute control over strategy, whereas the optimates were too fragmented.
xergiok 11 aylar önce
​@Liberty Prime For sure, but significantly, there were several situations during the war, leading up to Munda, were it was basically game over for Caesar, had the enemy commander only had the prerogative to act decisively.
Liberty Prime
Liberty Prime Yıl önce
That is certainly a major factor, but so is the major gap in experience between the two sides. You have battles like Munda where Caesars men are both outnumbered and fighting uphill but still win due to sheer discipline.
Drumkommandr Yıl önce
Seeing the difference in perspective between you and Historia Civilis concerning Caesar's Year is great. That whole Lucias thing just kinda got blown over but the military view is highly expanded.
The Germanic Coenus
32:53 My thoughts on the Ptolemaic army in 47 B.C. That fact that the Egyptians were able to push back the Pontic legionaries makes think that they were in fact armed like a phalanx in Macedonian fashion. The Macedonians of Philip V at Cynoscephalae did the same thing to the Romans. Like the Macedonians of Cynoscephalae, the downhill charge and steady impetus from the pikes of the Egyptian phalanx drove the legionaries back. Also, weren't the Ptolemies lacking in funds? Pike armies were far easier to raise and train therefore cheaper. Philip II of Macedon was able to do this within two years, despite the huge setbacks of his predecessor, raising an army of 10,000 Macedonian sarissa-armed hoplites to combat the Illyrian invaders. The fact that Ptolemy and his advisors/strategos were able to raise an army of 20,000 to 27,000 does say that these Egyptian natives (which were the bulk of his infantry while the Macedonian Kleruchoi or military settlers were cavalrymen) were in fact sarissa-armed hoplites.
Vasileios Papazoglou
Vasileios Papazoglou 22 gün önce
@Lachlan Neal in comparisson to the the normal phalanx normal phalanx needed a lot of training the spartans were the best because they trained their whole life.The macedonian phalanx was easier to make needed less training and was an improvement but you still needed time if we gather today and make a macedonian phlanx we will be a joke without training.
Aristocles 6 aylar önce
IF Egyptians made up any significant part of the Ptolmaic army, they must have been REALLY desperate. Native Egyptians resented Greek rule and would overthrow the Greeks if they could. Odds are, there were some Egyptians there, but most of the army would have been Greek.
Andrew Henshaw
Andrew Henshaw Yıl önce
@Alexander Rahl In a way it's kinda funny how comment sections so quickly derail into insults thrown back and forth as soon as there is a slight disagreement😅
Alexander Rahl
Alexander Rahl Yıl önce
Ah yes, jabs, jeers, and petty insults The mark of real historians. Smh.
AMP Yıl önce
@Lachlan Neal Great that you know you've lost, cause you've dug yourself into that grave. As for that promotion, I'd definitely have better chances than a pleb like you, good day.
The zod
The zod 8 aylar önce
Caesar was a badass, everyone that took him down, barely remembered. Even in death he is eternal.
Bryan Guzik
Bryan Guzik Yıl önce
I could listen to the stories of Caesar again and again (and have). Still, his treatment of the tenth Legion is one of my favorites. First man goes to negotiate, and probably a bit surprised by his murder. The next negotiator, without prompting, is offered upwards of 500 heads as an apology. *I think of this event after listening to the new (mainstream) "theory" that there's no such thing as human nature. Really, then please explain this story. Only try not pretending 2k years is an argument.
Fox D
Fox D Yıl önce
History will not be kind to the behavioral theorists of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. They will shoulder quite a bit of blame in the history books for the Information Age Collapse.
ChocoMilk 7 aylar önce
just watched two of the episodes and damn, what my teachers taught in 4 years has been simplified into 4 hours. great stuff!
Julius Caesar Amora
My mom idolize Caesar Giving me the name Julius Caesar (partly to honor my grandma Caesaria) Coincidentally my cousin, and the closest to me was names Marc Anthony. Anyways, i was curious why History remembered Caesar. I see now how great he truly is. I wish i could be like him..
Moe Bazzi
Moe Bazzi 5 aylar önce
You weird.
El Manco
El Manco Yıl önce
All my brothers and I have our first or middle names as Cesar, Augusto or Julio (the spanish translation for Caesar, Augustus and Julius), even my dad and grandfather. Idk why but I guess some ancestor of us were big fans of the romans
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