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3 Şub 2023




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pix Yıl önce
He's a perfect example of brilliance and talent when used wrong and when used right.
Cheyenne Branscom
Cheyenne Branscom 10 gün önce
@jjthe you don’t really think of 0 being a number and in this case you gotta add that😂😂
eyeseer1 Aylar önce
Crime pays and crime fighting pays better.
Greg Krynick
Greg Krynick 5 aylar önce
@YuNiMoS there is always a choice
Bryan Dimery
Bryan Dimery 5 aylar önce
He....probably took the fall for Hunter Biden.
RealLifeHumanMale 5 aylar önce
@YuNiMoS It's a mixture of both, usually. Poverty is definitely a key factor, but social status is too.
FallenNarcotic 5 aylar önce
You can see that this man is so intelligent and not just a mere brute. And still he ended up commiting crimes in several cases. It is really nice that he changed his life for the better.
CHARVESTER 5 gün önce
@Stephen Munro "black days" (rainy days)
DeusVult 20 gün önce
@T Walk and he went to prison for it and paid the debt. Don't be a shitbag
I am me • 25y ago
I am me • 25y ago 5 aylar önce
@roosar2001, I'm sure he kept money stashed for after his prison time.
roosar2001 5 aylar önce
Definitely has turned it around, but according to the LA Times article, he was much more violent in the robberies than he lets on in the video. Just some food for thought. Good for him for getting back on the straight and narrow though.
The Joker
The Joker 5 aylar önce
FallenNarcotic it just shows how your lack of intelligence to assume that somebody committing crime is obviously only doing so because they're unintelligent. Was D. B. Cooper lacking brain cells? They never caught him and he made off with 1 million in today's currency. Your straight to the point brain dead assumptions about people are one of the reasons they continue to do these things. You don't understand people. You're quick to judge and don't understand the world.
John Brown
John Brown Aylar önce
His read of a bank was particularly adept, as retired medical professional I generally agree.
J Henry
J Henry 6 gün önce
“Medical professional”. You’re a quack
Ashley Parker
Ashley Parker 13 gün önce
I’m 96 smoke ganja and still listen to songs like this
AlaskaEngineer 5 aylar önce
Oh my!! It goes to confirm that any kind of action is within anyone's range, especially to help family. Super awesome that Cain again (in the end) did what was difficult and right to help his family and is now helping others to reform. Also things for the rest of us to learn to be safer.
Chris Kelso
Chris Kelso 6 aylar önce
I know someone who had two warrants that stood in plain view of the police daily for hours. One even bought them a sandwich one day. He was 100% sure the police knew ho they were. But never got arrested. Crazy story. They hadn't turned themselves in because...prison sucks worse than death.
Davidian 77
Davidian 77 Yıl önce
I had a warrant out for me and turned up at a police station to turn myself in at about 6.30 am before the front desk opened at 8.00 thinking getting arrested would be easy. I hung around for a bit and flagged down a police van that was leaving but they were too busy to arrest me and told me to go and get some breakfast and come back later. I was laughing at the irony of standing outside a police station with a warrant out for me and finding it difficult to get arrested. This brought it back to me.
Derek Chatcavage
Derek Chatcavage Gün önce
@janbo “You not only are hunted by others, you unknowingly hunt yourself.”
RusShiro 10 gün önce
lol i also had a hard time turning myself in the lady cop told me to just hang around while she went to get gas
Kiflin Aylar önce
bullshit, you enter the bank shot everyone you dont need go to the teller take money, take money from the vault if you can and just run, before the robbery set couple of houses on fire on the other side of the city, call couple of fake calls from burner and thats it
mikeraphone95820 1
mikeraphone95820 1 2 aylar önce
I find that rather funny haha
KØNAMI#4450 3 aylar önce
Yeah I arrived at the wrong station. Got to the right one and they were like oh it's fine they said you had turned up there. Go home we'll call you. They never did.
Mister Pringles
Mister Pringles 5 aylar önce
My brotha Vince! I had wondered what happened to you over the years. Good to see you're on the right track now. Prayers always! 🙏
delliott7 5 aylar önce
Kudos to you sir, most bank robbers wouldn't even give their victims a second thought.
delliott7 5 aylar önce
@Momo One word sums it up: recidivism. Generally it's the same population of people committing the same crimes over and over again.
Momo 5 aylar önce
And what do you base this statement on? Have you surveyed a great enough number of active bank robbers to statistically support it? Or do you just want to believe this because it fits your hollywood narrative of how people and issues work? Better not to say anything if you don't know, or at least phrase it in an open way.
CannonRushed 6 aylar önce
What an amazing story and person. How wonderful I felt for him when I said, “now I can begin my life.” There is so much more weight than you realize once you unburden yourself. Really honestly inspiring and shows that even people with good intentions can find themselves astern.
Wildest Cowboy
Wildest Cowboy 5 aylar önce
@V A he a good punk...
V A 5 aylar önce
Amazing person? Really???
Paul 5 aylar önce
What an amazing person? Just because he’s well spoken and comes off well does not change the fact he’s a horrible person you donut
strike kilo
strike kilo 4 aylar önce
i feel like this guy is genuinely a really good person and he def deserves a great life
Matthew Park
Matthew Park Yıl önce
Yo thank you! I robbed my first bank today successfully. I’ve always had trouble with the getaway part causes I would always make it sloppy. But you giving the advice to pick a car that would blend was perfect. Thank you so much!
elle 9 gün önce
Don’t forget to check the weather!
SuperTweezy5 Aylar önce
@boss How easy would it be for law enforcement to find him by his TRvid profile.
Candy44 5 aylar önce
@HaRdLuCk77 yes yolo lol..omg 😂😂🤣🤣
RUSKOV 5 aylar önce
@Hyra Elle lmfao
RUSKOV 5 aylar önce
@Akeem Jackman 99% most likely
Roger Geyer
Roger Geyer 6 aylar önce
The thing I could never grasp is how criminals could trust the other members of any criminal group they were working with. It's hard enough in an office setting when people are trying to fob their work off on others, play political games, get credit for the work of others, lie, etc. But at least those things are generally the exception in many cases if you're working with technicians who actually want to accomplish things. And anyone who assumes criminals are just automatically dumb is crazy. There can be experts on MANY types of things at MANY levels, and the top ones are amazing -- all of them. Though a bad guy, McCauly, the guy DeNiro represented in "Heat" is the kind of criminal that, IMO, one has to respect. Both for their social intelligence, and their criminal and technical intelligence. I was pulling for DeNiro's character to win in Heat. Not that I don't like Pacino, but more that I tend to think the most professional and prepared people in all walks of life should tend to win a good percentage of the time.
Jayden Shepard
Jayden Shepard 5 aylar önce
@Homedeezy fa sheezy Thats not exactly accurate. There are a lot of thieves, criminals, even murderers and hitmen who still have a personal code and lines they wont cross. In fact I would say for most this is the case, the code and lines just vary. This includes values like honor. It may be less likely to exist in such groups, but it very much still can and does.
Homedeezy fa sheezy
Homedeezy fa sheezy 5 aylar önce
Exactly… there’s no honor amongst thieves
Jayden Shepard
Jayden Shepard 5 aylar önce
In a normal workplace when you are working for some company, you dont get to choose your coworkers. Someone engaging in this work can, and absolutely will. Loyalty and reliability is equal to or greater than skill in value here. People have reputations, and news spread fast if you aren’t reliable or will backstab. If you don’t want to work with some shithead, guess what? You don’t have to. Its like being a private contractor, or self employed as your own boss. Its not comparable to your civilian office space lol
Ponternal Beats
Ponternal Beats 5 aylar önce
People assume criminals are dumb because we only hear about the stupid ones who have been caught.
3Xcollasso 5 aylar önce
can you walk away when the heats around the corner, thats the question, greed
Jive Patrol
Jive Patrol 5 aylar önce
Appreciate the insight on this topic and that Mr. Dyer is reformed, repentant and is helping others. It's good to see that! Thank You! 🙂🙂
I’m booked and very busy honey! 🩺
I remember I had a former inmate that was a serial bank robber and he shared his many stories. What I found interesting was his 1st robbery he said the teller that called “next” was a younger lady and he didn’t want her to call him, he preferred someone older 🙄 he also said his 1st time he was actually shaking and more nervous than the teller and almost pooped his pants 😂 he also said the teller was so frightened that she froze so it took time for him to calm her down and slowly talk her into giving him money by reassuring her she won’t get hurt but she needs to hurry!! He eventually got busted but he remembered her the most because she ended up with so many mental health conditions and PTSD, she ended up on disability because of his robbery! His only regret out of all the robberies were that lady 🥲 I couldn’t imagine having to live through a robbery, it looks fast and easy but it leaves behind devastation to those involved!
black watch
black watch 16 gün önce
people love calling bs for no reason
I’m booked and very busy honey! 🩺
@The G.C. why u call bs 🤔 I thought it was a truthful story 🤨
The G.C.
The G.C. 5 aylar önce
I call bs
GaryGoat350 6 aylar önce
I couldn’t imagine the anxiety and adrenaline of pulling this off. I have anxiety about just acting normal inside a bank let alone rob them.
resto4life 4 aylar önce
Let's try it
GaryGoat350 5 aylar önce
@RosieWilliamOlivia haha right? I was riding my motorcycle one day and went to the bank with my backpack on and it felt soooo sus that I had it on inside
RosieWilliamOlivia 5 aylar önce
Haha!! Me too and I've never done anything slightly wrong in a bank 😂
Jay Constell
Jay Constell Yıl önce
So those movies serve their purpose by teaching terrible ways to rob a bank, thus decreasing the number of successful bank robberies...
Yonas Veronik
Yonas Veronik 2 aylar önce
Thought the same
Abel Bou Mayorgas
Abel Bou Mayorgas 5 aylar önce
Hana-bi might be the only movie I've seen with a bank robbery that made sense.
Rick Mann
Rick Mann 5 aylar önce
@Orion33 There are an average of 11 bank robberies per day in the U.S., nearly 4000 per year. Of those, nearly 50% get away with it.
The Mr. Man
The Mr. Man 5 aylar önce
Imagine a movie releases and everything on how to rob a bank is correct and bank robberies go up
eric sanchez
eric sanchez 5 aylar önce
God loves you like i do
Donald Cassidy
Donald Cassidy 2 aylar önce
My safety deposit box at PNC in Hollywood Florida was robbed. I made police report January 3rd 2022...no results. Gut punched loss. Inside job??? I am still devastated. DC 73+CANCER fighter
polton00 6 aylar önce
Thank you Cain Dyer for helping to bridge the gap between desperate criminals, victims, and law enforcement. Great video
Víctor 5 aylar önce
I knew a guy who stole banks in the end 80s-90s in Spain. I knew him around 2010, he was living on same place as me. He was around 20sth older than me, i knew him as he was out of prison. So one night he told me about that life , even he didnt talk much about that ever, but this night he did , we were alone. Being addicted to the adrenaline tod me , also about blowing the money too fast. I could understand that. Also some stories about other guys that i prefer not sharing, too dark. He was an ex boxer and was strong, was nice with us, but i bet he was violent when robbing banks. He and his friends used heroin on that times, that dark story about other guys is related to robbing bans and this addiction. They ended dead to skip a WD, short story. He had a rough life at the end, payed lots of jail years and having nothing when being out except some months a subsidy. Well as he was nice so he had the people from that area that we would meet at a couple of bars, we liked him. He didnt use when i get to know him btw, dont know if he was doing methadone or not. I think that not. He would dress as Santa Claus in Christmas for the daughters of a friend who were young. It's weird, that contrasts of bad and good things. Congratulations for leaving this life sucesfully
Maxwell Smart
Maxwell Smart 5 aylar önce
That's a pretty decent dude, you have to respect his morals to turn himself in because of the guilt and he knew he was wrong.
Ibuddy66 6 aylar önce
As a former bank employee, this man is quite an amazing person. He really lays it all out about the crime aspect and about the psychological toll this has on people and it not being a victimless crime.
Baba Yaga Slobbed a Knobba
I wouldn't feel guilty robbing you. Just sayin'.
edyr 13 gün önce
how is Vincent Dyer on camera talking about this and not in jail
Gareth Latcham
Gareth Latcham 14 gün önce
@Average joe With stuff to know looooool...... 100 % facts
MrTruthAddict 4 aylar önce
@Daylen did you watch the video? He didn't just casually ask for the money. He stuck the gun in people's faces and acted like a lunatic who would kill everyone in there for no reason at all. And he had the power and ability to do it too.
canh nguyen
canh nguyen 4 aylar önce
@Average joe With stuff to know Do you learn about car accidents when you start driving? yes. Will a bad enough car accident leave psychological scar on you when it happen even if you're otherwise unscath? also yes.
Dee Anna
Dee Anna 6 aylar önce
I recently saw a bank that had a fence around the parking lot. If I were a bank robber, I'd definitely have chosen a different bank with better escape options!
Delta-P Aylar önce
we live in a country where we are all 3 missed meals away from breaking the law. The saying goes something like that. its amazing to watch what people are capable of when they are pushed up against the wall.
Stéphanie B.
Stéphanie B. 5 aylar önce
This man honed his skill over years. It takes doing something many times over to improve and think of the wnds and out....this is no different.
Kael Kay
Kael Kay 6 aylar önce
what upset me when I got robbed is that someone pointing a gun at me meant it COULD go off & k*ll me. So it wasn't just that I felt scared, it was that I literally could have gotten hurt. So could they have. Or if I had called cops, some other innocent person. but I knew that the robbers had a bad life and were doing something really foolish and potentially self destructive & I just hope they stop hurting people and get better morally & in terms of whatever was going wrong.
InternetUser357 Yıl önce
This man really deserves a movie. He's no Arsene Lupin, but 100 banks in 2 years is kind of crazy.
InternetUser357 4 aylar önce
JokerfleckCast 5 aylar önce
He needs to be in Michael Mann's Heat 2.
Zombiereaper 5 aylar önce
@Angelous 777 ya but its an intresting story it catches peoples attention i mean i have all proof right here to show you it catched peoples attentchion i mean you clicked on this video didnt you? Thats why it would make a great movie it would make an exellent crime/drama/ action movie it intrest people
LuLu 5 aylar önce
24. But still impressive. One bank a month. Considering every case needs to be well prepared, he's truly a full time robber 😂
Andrei M
Andrei M 5 aylar önce
From 1999 to 2000 is one year From 2000 to 2001 also one year... 1+1=2 How did you get 3? 🤔
A C 5 aylar önce
You are dam right about that glue and about eye contact with the cops. It’s all about psychology.
Stone Temple
Stone Temple 5 aylar önce
Such a well founded, humble and interesting case of "After the fact" self examination... Those of us, who don't make our way by committing crimes, would be well served, by making similar "How and why" assessments of our own many various life choices. A friend from the deep south once said "When it comes to making your life. Always gotta decide. Is the water really too deep, or are your legs, just really too short?"
Rachel Garcia
Rachel Garcia 5 aylar önce
When it comes to investing, we want our money to grow with the highest rates of return, and the lowest risk possible. While there are no shortcuts to getting rich, but there are smart ways to go about it
Jeniffer Alechenu
Jeniffer Alechenu 5 aylar önce
When the person I introduced to Tiffany Morris showed me what he made for his profit I was really surprised
Eugene Keller
Eugene Keller 5 aylar önce
She never gives you excuses why your Investment did not work out well not like other do after collecting your money
Edward 5 aylar önce
How sure are you guys about this Tiffany..fx..Morris. everyone is talking aboutqy
Summer Campbell
Summer Campbell 5 aylar önce
I've never heard or seen any of her clients complain of lost....I think she's just too good. I doubted it too not before I gave my first trial...and it was of no regret
Mohammed Griffiths
Mohammed Griffiths 5 aylar önce
Most people remain poor only because friends and relatives discouraged and advise them against investing and cyptocurrency trading, while the wise ones kept investing and growing higher financially
Joel Cowan
Joel Cowan 5 aylar önce
It's nice being able to learn how crime works through a video
Mike Sheehan
Mike Sheehan Yıl önce
It take a a big man to do what you did and come clean. I wish you all the best.
nik bones
nik bones Yıl önce
@Dirt Road you praise the government don’t you ? They are the biggest thieves in history. What’s that make you?
Yakob Yıl önce
He does not deserve freedom one bit, he truly is a narcissist and I feel sorry for the people who are too blind to see it.
kappakumplete Yıl önce
Amazing which criminals some people can see as “big men” and wish them the best while others are low life thugs or animals that deserve prison or death.
Robert Vigh
Robert Vigh Yıl önce
@Dirt Road how do you pronounce your name again?
Marquis Yıl önce
@Matt Bobsong Keyword is: he has
Miro Zilaji
Miro Zilaji 6 aylar önce
He was one hard working man. 100 banks in 2 years is an impressive workload.
Queen of the Butterflies
I had a friend who was an ex stick up robber. He was the nicest guy. He used to take care of his Granny. I adored him but lost track of him. Cain is wonderful for trying to rectify his mistakes working with victims and offenders. Best of luck to him.
Rhys Lovett
Rhys Lovett 5 aylar önce
Great work I love your movies I'm loving this side of you even more I tried to put a video like what you did up in Australia I would be arrested there is no freedom speech in this country I've got to be careful in what I say I agree 100%
casgasa Kurty
casgasa Kurty 5 aylar önce
as someone who worked in a bank and witness 2 sloppy robbery. this is amazing.. I'm shocked at your level intelligence
Shawn Jacks
Shawn Jacks Yıl önce
Ironically he looks like a freaking bank manager lol
Amy Pieterse
Amy Pieterse 8 gün önce
He is the most methodical man ever! Just imagine planning a holiday with a guy like that 😂
Amy Pieterse
Amy Pieterse 8 gün önce
😂yes! You’re right!!!😂
Chris Coffel
Chris Coffel 15 gün önce
Dress for the job you want...
Bernard Cole
Bernard Cole 3 aylar önce
I was gonna say that but you beat me to it lol.
Stone Cold
Stone Cold 5 aylar önce
No he doesn't, he looks like a inmate in a suit
Chase on The case
Chase on The case 5 aylar önce
Excellent tutorial! This worked perfectly on my first attempt
Yeet Everyday
Yeet Everyday 4 aylar önce
if you want to get away with any crime it's important to know how policing works and understand how people get caught. it's important to study people who were caught
Duck 6 aylar önce
Thanks for the tips my bank robbery today went much smoother than last week!
Cham Man
Cham Man 5 aylar önce
These bank robberies we're committed at a time where there were a fraction of the security and cctv cameras there are today. Very important to mention.
J.Carter 3 gün önce
Wasn’t thinking about that
𝙘𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙚 𝙖𝙙𝙙𝙞𝙘𝙩
No need to mention the obvious
daniel calabrese
daniel calabrese Yıl önce
When I was 18 I went on a 10 month crime spree because I was a heroin addict and I did about 45 armed robberies, I always thought that because I didn't physically hurt anyone that it wasn't that bad but years later in jail I did a course called (armed robbery prevention) which I thought was dumb but out of all the courses I did in jail that one showed how much my actions really hurt people mentally and emotionally and some people were still suffering many many years later and in that moment the reality of what I did hit me like a ton of bricks and I i had to act hard and tough in front of the other crims but inside and later on I was feeling alot of guilt and I really hope that the people involved with my crimes are not still suffering today. I am now drug and crime free for many years.
daniel calabrese
daniel calabrese 11 gün önce
@Larry Foster yeah thanks mate while my daily life isn't the best mental health wise that's just part of the price for living the way I did for so long but the love of my kids is what keeps me going and that will never change. Thank you for your words of encouragement I appreciate mate, I wish you and yours nothing but the best. 👍😊
Larry Foster
Larry Foster 11 gün önce
@daniel calabrese well good for you. Family over all. Keep it up!
daniel calabrese
daniel calabrese 11 gün önce
@Larry Foster well I only got arrested for 5 armed robberies and because I plead guilty they dropped 1 of the charges so I was left with 4 armed robberies, here in Australia there is a sentencing method call a form 1 which basically means that out of my 4 separate charges I do the sentence that is the most out of all of them and the others run concurrently so for 1 of the charges I was given 5yrs which was 3yrs jail with 2yrs parole, at the end of 3yrs if I haven't gotten into any trouble inside then I will get parole but if not I could end up staying inside for the full 5yrs. Because I was only 18 and I had no criminal history plus the fact that I was an addict which means I more than likely wouldn't have committed the crimes if I wasn't on heroin they give you a sentence that they feel is enough to punish you but not so long that it will ruin any chance of me being able to be apart of society when I get, basically they don't want to turn me into a life long criminal by giving me 10yrs or by making me institutionalised. Also here in Australia our sentencing laws are no where near as harsh as say America which is a good thing because if I was still in jail and there for the rest of my life I would forever be a drain on governments resources but more importantly I wouldn't be able to be there for my 2 kids who are 18 and 9, my 18yr old son would be different if I wasn't here for him to try to help him see the what life is like and how badly life can be effected by drugs and crime and the costs it has, I have always been honest with him about my past and even though everyone has to learn themselves it has helped alot that through talking to him constantly about everything and anything he has thankfully learnt some lessons from my mistakes and some of his own but even with his mistakes (which were nothing like mine) he is doing great, he has a full time job, saves most of his money and is kind, loving and respectful person who I am incredibly proud of and I tell him that regularly. I also wouldn't be able to spend that quality time with my little girl playing all the time and helping her to enjoy her childhood as much as possible while doing my best to teach her that it is nice to be beautiful on the outside but it's much more important to be beautiful on the inside and luckily she is both. I just want to be the best father I can be to my kids and in the last 5+ years because of methadone I have been clean and not touched any drugs and especially haven't even thought about crime and my relationship with my kids has never been better which is only a positive thing for society, the cycle of crime and and drugs didn't turn into a cycle because it started and stopped with me and I am always grateful that my kids are doing so well and just living a normal quite life.
Larry Foster
Larry Foster 11 gün önce
How are you even out of jail? Sounds like a life sentence.
Peter Wilson
Peter Wilson 6 aylar önce
His body language shows he knew what he was doing. That guy knows how to command a situation.
Super Data centers!
Super Data centers! 6 aylar önce
It’s crazy how he is on here knowing his background inspiring other folks in a non direct way
dsimondublin 6 aylar önce
Biggest hand he had in the deal was low quality surveillance. With high def cameras, and security greatly improved. His scheme more than likely would have not lasted nearly as long as it did in today's scenario.
Kerry Hughes
Kerry Hughes 14 gün önce
I've never robbed a bank but years ago I walked into a bank and next thing the tellers dived under their desks and as I looked around wondering what what's going on the 2 customers ran out and left me at the counter. Once I realised that I was the so called robber I was saying excuse me, can I please get served? I actually felt quite awkward but I couldn't get them out from under their desks. Eventually they came out but the police were there by then and knew who I was so were also convinced I was there to do a robbery. It was definitely a weird start to the day. Small town syndrome I guess.
Mumba Mumba
Mumba Mumba 6 aylar önce
When we were kids, a friend of mine and I "robbed" the bank in our small hometown not a hundred times but quite often until we got "arrested" and handed over to our parents. If I remember correctly we were using squirt guns and we were about 5 years old. It was a short but intense criminal career.
Canvas 6 aylar önce
@Steve Sharpe but it's more real than this fraudster in the video. lying about this much facts about his life is dickish
Steve Sharpe
Steve Sharpe 6 aylar önce
No no not funny
your life is your fault.
Rule #1 Leave with a friend, comeback with a witness. My uncle robbed multiple banks & was turned in 10yrs later because his partner got caught on a petty theft. So he's doing 10yrs because his friend didn't want to do 1-3 months or probation.
Homedeezy fa sheezy
Homedeezy fa sheezy 5 aylar önce
Yep…no honor amongst thieves
Sean Cullen
Sean Cullen 5 aylar önce
Dude had multiple million under the floor yet still continued to steal (and this was in 2000 so worth a decent chunk more back then)...that's just pure greed. Plus, absolutely no way he turned himself in like that. Probably heard he'd been tipped off to the FBI, didn't want to run out on his family, so turned himself in to negotiate a lighter sentence. He got 9 years in 2002.
Amir Johnson
Amir Johnson 6 aylar önce
I would love to see a movie based on real events about this guy
who's your daddy
who's your daddy Yıl önce
I live in Adelaide, south Australia, and we've had several long term bank robbers that were never caught. One was the postcard bandit. He used to Rob banks in the outer metro/inner country banks on a push bike. Had another one who robbed the bank, then simply jogged away down the street. He's right about blending in. He's also right about the psychological damage. My mates mum had a sawn off shotgun jammed in her face during a bank robbery, 8 years later and she's still a mess. Hasn't worked a day since, either. Like in his robberies, nobody was ever injured(except psychologically of course) in any of our robberies either. 100 banks in 2 years though, damn son, that's impressive.
IMONSMOKO 5 aylar önce
I think were from the most boring part of the world!
Calis Yogi
Calis Yogi 5 aylar önce
What?!?! I have had 5 or 6 guns pointed at me and I work every day and still have two of them 😂
Drone Shots Berlin
Drone Shots Berlin 5 aylar önce
yeah well If I would be in a robbery, it would not really traumatize me. but I already have PTSD from worse stuff, so idk. many people are also just really.. soft.. a shotgun in the face and stuff of course that is indeed bad, but just being in a bank when a gentleman robber does the gentle robbery thing, I really would not care about stuff like this. there is always a gentle way of doing things, of course something like gentle raping or anything like that does not exist, but in general, life is hard. a few weeks ago I almost got run over by a car, like the 2nd time. I would classify this about as bad as being a bank-worker with a gentle robber, even if he is rude.
Contumelious -
Contumelious - 6 aylar önce
@Gary R Or a lie, you decide if someone can rob a bank every 6 days steady for 2 years.
Santouche Santouche
Santouche Santouche 6 aylar önce
@Scruffy hahaha we used go for those dollar hotties far too often!
Sho Nuff
Sho Nuff 5 aylar önce
I imagine this being like the equivalent of those training videos you are forced to watch when you first get a job
Johnathan Doe
Johnathan Doe 6 aylar önce
It’s almost like the FBI didn’t even want him to hand himself in. He could’ve quit while he was ahead, and just used some of the money to settle his conscience a bit.
elser won
elser won 6 aylar önce
i wish i had access to someone like this when i was younger,life would have been different.
Wizard066 6 aylar önce
Thanks for the tutorial, will definitely try this next time!
spookq Yıl önce
"there was a pregnant lady... I don't want to rob the bank with a pregnant lady in case I accidentally harm the baby" (paraphrased) Professionals have standards
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 5 aylar önce
@OutGoingBlur >> A sniper is not an assassin. A sniper is a soldier.
Wrestling Science
Wrestling Science 5 aylar önce
He probably just made that up to be more likeable, and you believe it. Imagine believing anything a criminal tells you
pLAtonic buu
pLAtonic buu 6 aylar önce
He wasn't a professional at that time lmao. Immediately after that he realized he almost robbed a bank with no resources
Canvas 6 aylar önce
his robberies where really agressive in style compared to other bank robberies so yeah
old man strength
old man strength 6 aylar önce
"No women,no kids" - leon the professional
Burt 5 aylar önce
It must be a pretty crazy realization that as the rubber you know you mean good intentions toward innocent people and that you don’t want to hurt them. But they don’t know that and think you could possibly kill them specially with any type of gun.
PlantedNanoLife 5 aylar önce
Thanks for the video! Just a few more videos like this and I’ll be on my way to pulling one off myself 👌👌
Sean 6 aylar önce
A very emotionally intelligent bank robber.
Jesus R-Grossmuller
Jesus R-Grossmuller 5 aylar önce
So I can this be something to be proud of some might say, banks rip us off all the time but at the end of the day you are taking something that is not yours and there are consequences.
Edgycated Yıl önce
I was robbed 2 years ago. Bank robberies definitely aren't what you see in the movies. 9/10 times these days it's one dude passing a note to the teller. These guys have no interest in drama. They wanna get in and out as quickly as possible. Also, dye packs are rarely used anymore out of safety concerns. Most banks opt for bait money.
impyrobot 5 aylar önce
@MPrime what if they spotted it and executed you on the spot sounds pretty stupid to me. Just give the money chances are they're caught and it's recovered or its insured.
SL1TFACE 6 aylar önce
Some bank robberies do actually happen like movies. Where someone goes in and yell give me the money! That has happened before.
Jordan650 6 aylar önce
@Auriflamme lmao
D Money
D Money 7 aylar önce
@Auriflamme 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dj none
Dj none 9 aylar önce
Your not finding bait money in a teller's desk. This would create hundreds if not thousands of incidental arrests due to using fake currency.
Snake Plissken
Snake Plissken 6 aylar önce
Everybody deserves a 2nd chance. Especially if they are able to reform themselves. Locking them away in a warehouse for the rest of their life doesn't benefit anyone.
Matthew Emrick
Matthew Emrick 5 aylar önce
You can't really calculate how many crimes have been prevented by jails. Ask someone who family member was killed by a repeat violent offender if there would be a benefit to the perpetrator being in jail and not on the streets.
cracker20 6 aylar önce
He said that when he contacted me the feds, someone had already mentioned his name. I wonder if the person who turned him in was a family member, that he had disclosed the thefts? I suspect that he was turned in for a reward. But only based on his disclosing his crime speed to family?
kebman 6 aylar önce
My father knew a couple of guys who'd rob post offices. They'd hit one after the other. They were absolutely BRILLIANT guys, but bored with daily life. Eventually they were caught, though, because they got sloppy and left a pattern.
Spencer Bainter
Spencer Bainter 5 aylar önce
Stay blessed and am so glad you are so developed and on the right side now. Amazing sir
Gary B
Gary B Yıl önce
First time I’ve ever heard of this guy, but he’s well spoken and in his own way impressive. No one taught him how to rob a bank, or was part of a bigger criminal organization, he just started doing it (out of desperation). As others have said, he probably stretched the truth and agreed to do this interview for his own benefit but still no less impressive LS
Gary B
Gary B 5 aylar önce
@David Kordesh turning himself in IS absolutely self serving. The more difficult you make it for the cops or the justice system…the more difficult they make it on you. I’m sure the pressure of “the life “ was getting to him. I think “greed” can be good…in his case greed for a life where you don’t always have to look over your shoulder…is a great alternative
David Kordesh
David Kordesh 5 aylar önce
Kinda rough of you to assume he did this for any sort of greedy reason when he literally turned himself in and changed his life years ago.
BACCGOD 9 5 aylar önce
@Brad Kindley No such thing as 3/4 mixed. Do you realize how moronic that sounds. You're literally losing sleep over whether this man is blk or wht. Sounds like you're one of those covert racist types. Anybody that looks wht but is blk you'll want to claim them as your own if their positive and shame them if they are negative. I see your type a mile away. You probably believe Egyptians were wht to huh? 😆 🤣 😂 This some sad shii. By the way, the blk gene is dominant over all genes. You should have learned that in 9th grade biology. But, carry on.
Brad Kindley
Brad Kindley 5 aylar önce
@BACCGOD 9 Well maybe from other videos you can tell. His head is buzzed down to the shortest setting and his facial hair is barely more than trimmed right down. Plenty of white people with thick stubble/hair. I dunno if you are aware, but most white people are not gingers like Prince Harry. You already admit he's mixed. And I'd say he's probably 3/4 or more white genes. If if he actually is only half, then he took after his white parent a heck of a lot more.
BACCGOD 9 5 aylar önce
@Brad Kindley Lol. Hes not wht. Stop it. He can pass for wht because he's mixed race. Other then a pointy nose, wha other features are wht? And even with that,, his nostrils are broad, which is a giveaway to blk genes. His hair on his face is coarse, which is giveaway to blk genes. He's not reddish or yellowish tan, he's brownish, which also means it's his natural melanin and not a tan. Stop it already. And finally, but most importantly, I saw another video that showed family members of him...and they were blk as night. NO MORE TALK
L L 6 aylar önce
All the preparations,all the research, he could have used his mind to benefit society.
Art Xbklyn
Art Xbklyn 6 aylar önce
The guys who did the most recent bank holdup around here should have listened to this guy first. They pulled out into lunch hour traffic...20 yrs.
Kyle Ott
Kyle Ott 6 aylar önce
Sounds like this is just another proof of how broken our justice system is
Unsung Heroes
Unsung Heroes 5 aylar önce
An authentic man. So refreshing to watch. Thanks Man
Captain Kirkwood
Captain Kirkwood Yıl önce
I love whoever edited the shots of banks, slapped a early 2000s camcorder on there and went to town 😂
Macdaddynick1 6 aylar önce
Fun fact, they did get the calabassas banks correct. I was sitting and watching the footage of the banks and I was thinking to myself, well that looks familiar. Then I thought to myself it would be funny if I actually knew which banks were those. Afterwards, when he described Chase and Wells Fargo, the banks he actually robbed were in that footage.
Jesus has given you all. Repent or die.
Repent to Jesus Christ! “Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed-not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence-continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling,” ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭2:12‬ ‭NIV‬‬ H
thetruth777 Yıl önce
@GriswoldSmith 😂😂😂
Cory Norell
Cory Norell Yıl önce
Nobody noticed the almost neon white hand holding the replica handgun?
SzotyMAG Yıl önce
Plus the timer going consistently while the footage is changing. Definitely a post production work
Asa Walker
Asa Walker 6 aylar önce
Yes! Thank you for being a Karmic avenger through your actions. You are an inspiration, brother.
Mick May
Mick May 6 aylar önce
Absolute legend. I feel it's impossible to rob banks in Hawaii, no bloody interstates and basically one main road on all islands but Oahu
David O'Briend
David O'Briend 5 aylar önce
Use a dirt bike
IJustFarted 5 aylar önce
If my FBI agent watches this after analyzing my internet history, please note that I'm just curious and not really planning to rob a bank
redd B-1, FBA
redd B-1, FBA 5 aylar önce
😂😂😂 I was thinking same thing.
mrtransmogrify 5 aylar önce
I am all praises for ppl who turn their life around and right their wrongs... it is never easy. On the other hand, too little are told about those who are consistent keeping their life as clean as possible amidst temptations to go the other way... cause that too is heroic and not easy
Tim✿ Yıl önce
Note for my FBI : _I watched this just for an entertainment._
RUSKOV 5 aylar önce
Exactly hahha
MrOramato 6 aylar önce
Yeah sure, and everyone inside swears their innocence.
MANO OVERDUE videos 6 aylar önce
The DESCRIPTOR 6 aylar önce
At 0:01 - A Black Explaining How He did Criminal Things in Society. -BLM: Black Laptops Matter.
Hessler 6 aylar önce
There are billions of FBI agents who just watch people everyday
Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind 5 aylar önce
Thank you for the tutorial. Really appreciate you 🤧
VadeVerum 5 aylar önce
Alright, so he cut a deal to turn in his associate(s) in the network and now he can talk about it and this is how he can capitalize on the story. Good for him.
JDLamb42 5 aylar önce
Soo being dishonest and betraying the public trust is fine but being dishonest and betraying another criminal is bad? No honor among thieves. He broke any rule of man to capitalize off crime and you think he's not going to capitalize off that?
Quirico mazarin
Quirico mazarin 5 aylar önce
Over a hundred banks & he's not in Jail still... Love how our system works.
Yung Kevooo
Yung Kevooo 6 aylar önce
The pregnant lady part made me realize just how much of a respectful/smart professional he actually was. I respect that part.
Incognito Mode
Incognito Mode 3 aylar önce
Like what‽
Sam Evans
Sam Evans 6 aylar önce
At least a 50/50 chance he made that up. Criminals all have a story. There are things he’s saying that don’t add up.
golforfishing 6 aylar önce
I think what he meant was that if it ended in a miscarriage then it could potentially become a complicated situation (robbery levels up to homicide)
Red Tsun
Red Tsun 5 aylar önce
Thanks for this advice on what not to do. I'm definitely not going to put any of this information to use in the near future.
mach e
mach e 6 aylar önce
Going to prison might be the last thing you do if you try to rob a bank. The fact that he did it 100 times is astounding.
Rubber_ Face
Rubber_ Face 6 aylar önce
Thanks for the tutorial. It worked perfectly
Jesse 1437
Jesse 1437 5 aylar önce
Awesome. Glorifying criminals with their own “how to” videos. 🙄
Steven Whiting
Steven Whiting 5 aylar önce
2:59 Just like in the UK in the 90s. A bank by the big Tesco on the A40 was closed due to being robbed so many times. All because it was on the A40. Which meant you'd jumped straight on that and a short distance and you'd be on the M40 and could just head up to the North of England and hide out there.
Painmopi Redicoinen
Painmopi Redicoinen 5 aylar önce
This man can make a great mentor on bank robbery matters as well great actor and stuntman for bank robbery films.
Phillip Kyle
Phillip Kyle 5 aylar önce
“OK now I begin my life”, simple yet powerful~
Areus 5 aylar önce
Very nice interview. Well done.
Fredrik L
Fredrik L Yıl önce
He totally didn't turn himself in out of conscience at the same week as someone reported him to the FBI. The coincidence is too unbelieveable. More likely than not he had heard about it and immediately contacted his attorney to try to get a shorter sentence.
clinton adrian
clinton adrian 5 aylar önce
He and the FBI agent "hugged each other" even the world's most hardened tough guys are flamboyant these days.
pheezgotsteez 5 aylar önce
asdf 5 aylar önce
@James Hill Maybe. But they also had nothing on him other than that.
James Hill
James Hill 5 aylar önce
@asdf He was profiled on America's most wanted before he turned himself in as well. Add to it the fact the police were looking at him as a person of interest makes his story of after 24 robberies the reason he surrendered was he grew a conscience unlikely.
fanny boni
fanny boni 5 aylar önce
Yeah he is clearly not saying everything, im sure a lot of this money he kept 1 way or an other and is manipulating the truth...
NM6 5 aylar önce
Thanks! Great guide. Worked for me
Great Dragon
Great Dragon 6 aylar önce
i saw a youtube video one time of some old guy robbing a store for money for medicine for his sick daughter, and when he got the money he realised it wasnt enough so he gave it back, and still went to jail for a LONG time, it was kinda sad that we allow people to become that desperate and hopeless, so that we can then justify it and be like, see? aha! this is why we need more cops! ;/
Steel Dad
Steel Dad 5 aylar önce
Great person!. Better than me cus I still say it's absolute minimal victim abrasion considering other violent crimes and abrasion is dependant on their level of cooperation. Protecting the bank's money during robbery is just protecting money for money's sake.
Rytis Januškevičius
Rytis Januškevičius 5 aylar önce
Seems like nice guy ... I believe he gonna make up for what he did... Most ppl deserve second chance
Tom Hocking
Tom Hocking Yıl önce
What he did might have been wrong, but you have to admire the crazy amount of foresight this guy had to avoid being detected by the cops. Ordering people to keep looking forward rather than lie on the floor with their arms out seems so obvious but it blew my mind
Big Zagundo
Big Zagundo 6 aylar önce
No way he was a junkie. He said he had millions saved. 100% hid the cash, claimed to have spent it all on drugs, turned himself in, got out with a retirement fund.
Shockwave 5 aylar önce
thanks for the in depth guide! I can finally fulfill my dream!
Okui Aohara / Silver Sky
I'm here as a writer. I find these interviews helpful because I can make sure my character isn't completely incompetent.
Natalie Zementbeisser
Natalie Zementbeisser 5 aylar önce
thank you for sharing your knowledge I will use it in my next robberies
Melted Reality
Melted Reality 6 aylar önce
I'm skeptical on some parts of this story. Edit: kinda left this part out.... Typically, a lone robber will slip a demand note to a teller or ask for money quietly to attract as little attention as possible. The Kangaroo Bandit was brazenly aggressive, however. Flashing his gun and shouting obscenities, he struck fear into customers and tellers alike.
RockoC Yıl önce
As a former teller he’s absolutely right. I managed a teller line in DC back in 2008 and depending on the day of the week I could have north of 800k sitting in my vault. My branch was so busy I would have to ship out money two times a week to be in compliance. I remember one time we took in so many deposits that we almost had a million and It was the only time I ever considered filling up a duffle bag and making a run for it lol.
Dr Cornelius
Dr Cornelius 6 aylar önce
@Commando Mkz I'm guessing you don't own a business. Their/there..... Their is many things.. holy fk dude
RockoC 6 aylar önce
@Lull Armstrong for stealing? I would have been on the run from the feds lol.
Commando Mkz
Commando Mkz 6 aylar önce
Its not that hard to make real money the legal way, its just that nobody wants to share their secrets or disclosed the amounts they make. Here in America the only way to make money is to open a business. Their is no magical way of millionaire overnight like those who invent something. American Dream exist only if you have a business. Their is many things to start from, but for everything, you have to start from the bottom.
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@Lull Armstrong I think that would be the least of their problems
Lull Armstrong
Lull Armstrong 7 aylar önce
You probably would have gotten fired for that and not been eligible for unemployment.
Chainy Rabbit
Chainy Rabbit 2 aylar önce
I never understood how anyone could Rob a bank and get away with. Seems way too complicated to pull off
DirtyDanglesFERDAAA! 5 aylar önce
What an absolute LEGEND!
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