How Apple is Taking Back the iPhone

Marques Brownlee
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The evolution of the iPhone through integration is real.

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The two headlines
Apple making their own screens: www.bloomberg.com/news/articl...
Apple making their own Cellular, Wifi, Bluetooth chip: www.theverge.com/2023/1/9/235...

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21 Mar 2023




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Alex Torres
Alex Torres 17 gün önce
FluphyBunny Aylar önce
What? lol
Twisxted Aylar önce
Manqoba Shongwe
Manqoba Shongwe Aylar önce
I love when Marques does these deep-dive type vids where he goes into the why of the tech rather than just reviewing it.
Game Over
Game Over 5 gün önce
​@maaax Because
Ithamar Lowe
Ithamar Lowe Aylar önce
@terry He made the video longer than it should have been.
tom grossi
tom grossi Aylar önce
Jonah Vanderheiden
Jonah Vanderheiden Aylar önce
Can we get a video on microLED? I know there’s probably a lot of vids already out in them, but Marques makes them so easily digestible with the graphs and how he explains everything. I feel like there’s a lot of people who have no idea how screens work, and it would be a nice addition to his “how tech works” library.
VerveTech Aylar önce
A lot of companies are already ahead in the MicroLED tech especially Samsung Displays. Even Sony is buying MicroLED panels from Samsung. Apple might design stuff but they just don't have the tech to manufacture it, also Samsung holds lots of patents in MicroLED tech which would likely hinder Apple's efforts.
David blaine
David blaine Aylar önce
@Buggi no you’re combining pled and micro led. Micro led doesn’t have a led for each pixel, but it has A LOT, so it can get pretty much equivalent black levels to oled at higher brightness.
Omar Arnold
Omar Arnold Aylar önce
I really do enjoy when you dip your toe into the business side of tech. Nicely done!!
Robin Aylar önce
I love these types of videos where you go a level deeper than just surface level knowledge. Would love to see more like this!
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GS D Aylar önce
I've seen a lot of vids. You are spot on. Logical. Well presented. Informative. And we learn how much we rely on Chinese manufacturing. Lots of lessons here. Good work. Keep it up.
FlatulentWhale Aylar önce
Oh the rabbit hole goes far deeper than you know. There are a great many ubiquitous products that nobody cares to know about. Much of the world wouldn't function without these items and they come from China. It's not that other countries can't make them, it's that they don't have the manufacturing infrastructure specific to it anymore.
Revan Aylar önce
He’s been doing this for years!! He just keep getting better as time passes by.
Rubber Band Man Destruction
Bing chilling
Edward Lam
Edward Lam Aylar önce
this type of MKBHD content is way more interesting than seeing the releases of new smartphones themselves LOL
EmeraldKnight 22 gün önce
​@SAK I fell like they are going to have a big project with their screens
Dragos Aylar önce
@T G W yes fr
T G W Aylar önce
💯. people want more MKBHD content, and industry tech discussion like this is the next layer of engagement in his channel, I love it. And on top of it, he’s taking complicated subjects like industry relationships, and making it easy to understand for every viewer - which is awesome.
David Lanphear
David Lanphear Aylar önce
I absolutely love this video format. No insanely long intro, no “make sure to like and subscribe and hit that notification button” just straight to the point. No BS. Great job marques!
Matthias Aylar önce
amen 🫡🏆
Dre2timezz Aylar önce
I mean… at 16Mill, does those “up and coming” youtube quotes even matter
Aakash Lohia
Aakash Lohia Aylar önce
Massive respect for Marques for having evolved from a youtuber to an industry academia who can teach in business schools!
Bryan Carney
Bryan Carney 22 gün önce
love this video. always great content and love how you explain this to us non experts.
Ravi C
Ravi C Aylar önce
I have always wondered who manufactures the speakers in all of Apple's devices. Especially the ones in the current 14 and 16 inch Macbook Pros because they sound absolutely amazing.
Erdie5 12 gün önce
What's stranger yet is this isn't a new trend. My only past experience with iOS was an old iPhone 4S my father didn't want after an upgrade and I tried it out. I had a Galaxy S2 at the time, the difference in audio quality was staggering. Now I've bought my very first iPhone and it's just as surprising now as it was then. To be fair, I've only ever owned Galaxies up to this point. Maybe that just isn't Samsung's strong suit.
TaNkSaLoT100 Aylar önce
The sound is unreal on iPhone 14’s I was so surprised!
Alpha Archive
Alpha Archive Aylar önce
Isn't Beats Audio under property of apple?
7enty7en Aylar önce
Its a secret company
Abundant Bungus
Abundant Bungus Aylar önce
Yeah, it's been pretty shocking how little I have minded switching from moderately priced audiophile products to apple speakers. Definitely not the same with the airpods.
Luke Denton
Luke Denton Aylar önce
I loved how the graphics weren't static and instead moved up and down slightly - great touch!
Samuel Gross
Samuel Gross Aylar önce
One thing to note with micro LED: There are some early studies that suggest that it is easier to move cameras under the screen with that technology since the space between pixels is larger. People are focusing on the switch from manufacturers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple is doing this because they want to get rid of the camera cutout in the near future and they believe this is the best approach.
B- VILLE Aylar önce
@catboy i guess they spend millions or dollars a year to fight right to repair because they make it easier to repair their devices. That sounds about right...🤣🤣🤣
MaDDeX Aylar önce
This would be great and I support this idea. They need to get completely independent from other companies and apple would absolutely dominate this.
Logan Media
Logan Media Aylar önce
They could get rid of the notch by making the phone slightly taller. Screens don't need to go all the way to the edge of the case.
David Mulder
David Mulder Aylar önce
Important to note: doing it yourself has one big consequence that wasn't mentioned unless I missed it: you end up putting all your eggs in one basket. If right now one of the screen manufacturers makes bad screens, or doesn't figure out the next big thing... You don't care. If your own department suddenly falls behind or bets on the wrong thing, you can't nearly as easily cut them off.
Justin 28 gün önce
Not only that but if they’re condensing BT, Wifi, and Cellular in one, that means if one thing goes bad your phone is basically gonna be unusable for calls or any form of connectivity
Tech Aylar önce
​@Jake A If Apple didn't care that much about making a one trillion dollars then, perhaps. Profit before everything else. Stupid economy..
Jake A
Jake A Aylar önce
Yea but apple’s not going to do it themselves unless theirs is more dependable than a 3rd party
Swelly K
Swelly K Aylar önce
I've never owned or used an iphone but I love learning about them and the company's history, founders and business practices have always been interesting to me and I really like your channel
Krishna K Sarda
Krishna K Sarda Aylar önce
I love this kind of content. Brings more insightful information to the viewers vs tech reviews which are available dime a dozen. Well done MKBHD for this transition
Great video, thanks for teaching me a lot more about the business side of technology, it's always exciting to see the big moves in the tech industry!
Damien Van Coke
Damien Van Coke Aylar önce
This is such a great video, well done Marques and team!
isaak junkeer
isaak junkeer Aylar önce
What’s the point though? You could literally just listen to his videos and gain the same knowledge or understanding. Everything other than what he is saying is basically pointless and done just for “likes” i.e… he wants to make as much $$$ as possible per video.
deviantpsych3 Aylar önce
This analysis of a Company's strategic moves are entertaining to watch because it makes you feel like your thinking while actually you're outsourcing your thinking, kinda like reading a good book in a way.
4536647674 Aylar önce
Suprised you even read books considering you can't differentiate "your" and "you're"
Max Jacoby
Max Jacoby Aylar önce
You're a perfect subject for a political propaganda.
Zaydan Alfariz
Zaydan Alfariz Aylar önce
@Jesus Saves! What about Johnny Sins?
I think the switch to MicroLED is a couple years off, considering that Samsung's 50" MicroLED TV they showed off at CES was only a proof of concept. And I think that was a bit less than 4K at 50", whereas Apple has only half the resolution, but at 8x smaller sizes for the screens. I think it'll be a long road to it. The Apple watch will be much easier, since it isn't as pixel dense? Still not going to be easy.
The Sex Reporter
The Sex Reporter Aylar önce
It’s also Apple taking advantage of having enough market share to make its contract manufacturers do what it wants, and a defensive move because it knows that it’s lack of control of some parts of its supply chain will enable its competitors to out innovate them in hardware. It’s really fascinating to watch as all these develops, love that you covered it
Wadderfock Aylar önce
Steve Jobs was great at pushing supply chain manufacturers to do seemingly impossible/pointless things for user benefit, and Tim Cook is not as good as that. He's great at supply chain efficiency, but his primary focus is not providing the user with the most benefit. Many people at Apple have forgotten Steve Jobs' obsessive fervency at making the best experience possible for the user.
M340 Aylar önce
You guys are blowing it out of the park with the graphics. WOW!
Nicolas Dujarrier
Nicolas Dujarrier Aylar önce
I think that trying to consolidate all wireless radio/ connectivity chipsets (5G, WIFI, bluetooth, GPS, NFC, UWB,…) with the CPU in an all-in-one chip makes a lot of sense to create innovative usage scenario/products to get a better/more (energy) efficient interaction between the different wireless radios. However, regarding displays, I would think that low-latency Persistent Memory (PMEM) like MRAM, NRAM,… would actually bring so much more value to the User Experience that it should be an extremely high priority, (higher than displays) probably starting with the more expensive Apple products like Mac Pro products, then Macbook Pro, and then iPhones to pay for the R&D…
Dave H
Dave H Aylar önce
MicroLED has been long touted but never, significantly, delivered. Apple often use existing products to trial tech for new products. Though MicroLED isn't required for Apple Watch it would be a great test platform for AR headset video just as AirPods have been for AR headset audio and that headset will probably require custom wireless data. I feel convergence, just like before the iPad was launched.
Wadderfock Aylar önce
I'm a crazy person that thinks IPS LCD is still more eye-pleasing than any LED on a mobile screen, but I'm very sensitive to light on the eyes and its negative/positive effects.
Kevaun Tyrell
Kevaun Tyrell Aylar önce
I’m interested to see how this might affect repairability. With apple’s track record of making their phones difficult to repair, it could prove to be even more difficult if they now exclusively control their own supply chain
Erdie5 12 gün önce
This one's hard for me. As much as I like repairability, smartphones aren't super expensive, nor are the OEM repairs by Samsung, Apple, Google etc. So long as they can throw a battery in for $100 or whatever, that's what I'm going to do if ever needed. I've used Galaxies since the S2 and have never needed a repair done, not even a battery (since Samsung cuts security support after a few years and you're basically forced to upgrade. But I digress). I know a lot of people make this a huge bullet point, but it's just not something I've ever felt was super critical. A case and a screen protector seem to work wonders.
Matt Aylar önce
​@Sanic Ze Hedgehog So anyone who likes apple products is a sheep💀guess Im a sheep then
The E-Sports Pantheon
@Jason Haven Going to go out on a limb here and say you've never taken apart a phone in your life.
mateos vargas
mateos vargas Aylar önce
If they are legally required to sell their screens via right to repair bill, I guarantee they will be the most expensive replacement screen ever sold for a non-folding phone until it's release. If they aren't legally required to sell them to independent repair shops, they won't, and will probably sue any independent repair shop who does manage to aquire them or a non-oem replacement as per usual. If Scrouge McDuck was a company, it would be Apple.
Gabriel Ignacio
Gabriel Ignacio Aylar önce
@Jason Haven The changes in repairability only apply to the non Pro models of the 14 series lineup, the Pros still retain the same back glass non-repairability as previous devices, not to mention there’s still a whole remote service feature that needs to be done if you go the DIY route Apple officially has for certain devices and replace the parts yourself so they’re marked as genuine and enable features like truetone and auto brightness. I’m really hoping Apple adds more to the repairability of iPhones however. The ability to buy parts from them as well as rent the tools out for such is already a decent first step. I just wish we didn’t have these software locks when you’re literally receiving the same components they themselves use when you have their service techs repair your device instead.
nadadlani Aylar önce
Love watching your videos. Not only is the style and presentation top notch but the content is absolutely stimulating! More power to you Marques!!
Myrmidon Aylar önce
I'm concerned about what impact in-house displays will have on repairability. Apple already makes it so difficult to repair their products so that consumers just throw them out and buy new ones.
amazed dude
amazed dude Aylar önce
Some time ago, MIT announced a fully software configurable chip that could do radio, camera, etc depending on user demand. Sort of a general purpose self optimization chip.
Everia Aylar önce
Pure knowledge and information I never thought I needed. Bravo MKBHD
Karan Bedi
Karan Bedi Aylar önce
I’m excited at the optimisation aspect but scared about the potential price hike accompanying the new designs which sound exciting and radical !
tolu619 Aylar önce
Seeing as there wasn't much of a price hike when there was a switch to Apple silicon for the Macs, I don't think this is something to worry about.
KillerTacos Aylar önce
I'm pretty intrigued by this. It seems like it might actually incite more competition within the mobile phone industry
Deinorius Aylar önce
​@Joshua Cheng I hear you! At least with the software I really would love to see this coming into reality. There is just this big problem with efficiency which is the topic in general. It will even arrive for PCs at some point. Macs are the best case for this. There will be a point where we won't see much of a improvement without diminishing returns and then at least Missy games will just be like: Yeah, give me a console-like-built PC with PC software and I'm good. So the only thing I really wish for is repairability which is part of your statement (at least as I interpreted).
J Aylar önce
​@Joshua Cheng thats literally what fairphone is, except most ppl barely care about that phone let alone buy it and use it daily
GigaCat Aylar önce
@Screvo he didn't understand anything and now he's rolling on the floor crying.
GigaCat Aylar önce
@Frank Sa Ug what happened ? Didn't understand what he said??
Kris B
Kris B Aylar önce
As always very thoughtful. My only concern is does Apple have the bandwidth to 1. Develop tech. 2. Manufacture tech. 3. Bring new tech to market at scale with quality control. 4. Supply chain management - raw material and finished products. Especially with several platforms MacBook Mac Pro Mac mini iPhone iPad iWatch We have already seen Apple not refresh some product lines as often as others. Definitely interesting times.
Jai Sang
Jai Sang Aylar önce
I could imagine that designing all the small parts takes resources away from other design questions and result in more expensiv products or worse products.
Bryan1483 Aylar önce
This channel always does a great job making difficult concepts easy to understand. Thank you.
R Wright
R Wright Aylar önce
The part about sourcing from multiple suppliers and maintaining the same standard of quality and performance was particularly impressive. I worked in the semi industry and this practice brings on a whole host of issues, requiring very detailed specifications that must be interpreted by different suppliers exactly the same. This includes things like only allowing suppliers to create components using the same qualified tools/machines each time, using the same operator to perform the process. This can be very difficult to adhere to with regards to unforeseen factors, but it sounds like they're doing it well. The first article delivery is a pita, but once you're past that and have the process in place, the money rolls in.
JohnRedstone Aylar önce
What a lovely vidoe, Marques! As someone who works in business, it's just a good idea in general to own as much of the supply chain as you possibly can. You cut out loads of middle men, which cuts cost and time (which cuts more cost), which you can then pass on to your customers OR reinvest into your product / service making it better while technically making it cost the same. It ends up being more efficient from a cost stand point, but let's not even go into how you now own the production of your products / service and can now completely customize them to do whatever you want. This means Apple, or any company that wants to do this, can make their parts do more of what they want to do, and less of what they don't want it to do. Think of how your car might have blank switches on it. They look ugly and they cost money to produce, but when you create things in mass from one general contractor, then they get put in their anyway. Anywho, lovely vid as per usual, Marques. You're da bomb, man. Keep up the awesome content! Or don't. It's your life, and I'm glad to have been here for these parts (ba dum tss) 🥳
Brian Webb
Brian Webb Aylar önce
A couple years ago, Apple pressured Honghai/Foxconn (Taiwan) into buying Sharp (first time a large Japanese company was sold to a foreign owners) so that they could manufacture displays. Apple even has a display research center here in Taiwan.
HoLDoN4Sec 5 gün önce
@Wru Lol it is true, however TI does not have much experience in manufacturing such small form factor embedded radio chips for this specific type of use case (mobile phones). the type of radios that go inside small form factor devices such as smartphones have to endure and be shielded well enough against a plethora of signal interference, wether it is electronical interference in the circuit itself or actual signal interference from various signal reflective surfaces within the phone housing itself. i wouldn't really trust TI's first attempt at doing so with a high production device such as the iPhone. imagine the amount of backlash apple would receive if TI's radio would cause issues, the backlash that apple received back in the iPhone 4 era would be nothing compared to what they would receive today, with the iPhone user base being nearly 100 times larger than what it was back then.
Wru Lol
Wru Lol 5 gün önce
​@HoLDoN4Sec Texas Instruments could make the radios alongside qualcomm and broadcomm
W Ever
W Ever Aylar önce
@Jesus Saves! 🤣🤣🤣
VerveTech Aylar önce
Then going fully BOE would be cheaper for Apple yet Samsung Display holds essential display patents that hinders any company from catching up. Also their production capability is still unmatched. So investing into LG or BOE to beat Samsung Displays is better idea. It's like Apple buying Intel's modem division just to shortly go back to using Qualcomm modems.
Nick  Ice
Nick Ice Aylar önce
If Apple is trying to do this is it likely that this could mean they are looking to do an actual mini led smart TV or perhaps a smart speaker with screen? Or this has no impact on those devices?
Vasudev Menon
Vasudev Menon Aylar önce
I hope they don't have pixel 6 like cellular connectivity issues. Apple might try micro LED on Macs marketed as cinema or Hollywood certified displays and might trickle down to SE series as first adopter and slowly make into all their portfolio for total control of pricing and exclusivity. Not sure if combining Wi-Fi,BT and cellular is a good thing if the chip fails for some reason we might need to replace the entire board. Cameras might be the next thing.
Trad Aylar önce
Excellent knowledge for users, IT geeks, and investors. Great job, thanks 👍👍
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Teelak Sahu
Teelak Sahu Aylar önce
Great Video, insightful and well researched. Kinda like "Behind the Scenes" for tech gadgets. Definitely better than unboxing the same phones with a new camera every year. More of this, please. 👍👍
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Manu Verma
Manu Verma 28 gün önce
A video on different types of displays explaining them in laymen terms would be appreciated!
Prince Banini
Prince Banini Aylar önce
Why would i ever want to stop watching this channel. This is the best tech channel on youtube in my opinion. I love how you always keep things clean and straight to the point. No unecessary gimmicks or long talks. Big Ups Marques
Charles Wallis
Charles Wallis Aylar önce
@Big John Cena could be, yeah he sounds less 'critical' towards apple and tesla a lot of times but he doesn't just swipe problems under the rug
Wielson Factolerin
Wielson Factolerin Aylar önce
@Vive echoing you here. To indulge the rhetorical question, I'd say that a reason for me to skip and ultimately unsubscribe from MKBHD is that he is a shell of his classic style of reviewing circa 2015. He is biased for Apple and Google, which makes sense since he's based in North America, but for a global audience like his, there are fairer viewpoints here on TRvid.
Lavan Param
Lavan Param Aylar önce
Well there is a tradeoff mate, it's generally good content but not very comprehensive and presented in his own opinion. There is nothing wrong with that, but you got to realize that he's often wrong and has some big biases. That's why its important to listen to "long talks" and other tech journalists to get a deeper understanding of tech (if that's what you care about of course)
Big John Cena
Big John Cena Aylar önce
@Charles Wallis thats kinda the trick no?
Vive Aylar önce
he's good but pretty biased towards apple
D Urban
D Urban Aylar önce
Great video. Wish I'd found you sooner. Your ability to pull together applicable pieces of info reminds me of Jon Stewart's podcasts. Different topics, same in depth, coherent, adult analysis.
Julie Teng-Williams
You got me at the triangle object learning! One of the best MB videos ever! More of these explanatory videos please!
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson Aylar önce
Top notch video! Really informative and accurate summary of how manufacturing/supply chain work in general and industry specifics!
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intrepidgaz Aylar önce
These business strategy videos are my absolute favourite, Marques. I get to use my favourite TRvidr to teach my business & econ students. Thanks ✌️
TheHiderOfKeys Aylar önce
I feel like the big thing is controlling parts. The fewer off the shelf components you have the harder it is to get replacement parts
Wadderfock Aylar önce
Apple's shown they don't care about repairability for the user unless they're forced to, like with recent right-to-repair actions.
Demorthus Aylar önce
Excellent video! & especially loved the visual info graphics! It helps so much at getting a better reference for the topics discussed
Jesus Saves!
Jesus Saves! Aylar önce
Jesus Christ is the propitiation for the whole world's sins. They that believeth and are baptized (with the Holy Spirit) shall be saved; but they that believeth not shall be damned. Those led by the Holy Spirit do not abide in wickedness. *God is ONE manifesting himself as THREE;* the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! Bless him! *For these three are one.* As I am led by the Holy Spirit, nothing I state is a lie, but the truth of God. Anyone who tells you differently is misinformed or a liar. They do not know God, nor led by him. Anyone who *claims* to be a Christian and is against what I am doing, and where I am doing it; the Holy Spirit does not dwell within them, they lack understanding. They know not God, read his word, and their religion is in vain. Do not hear them, they will mislead you, the lost cannot guide the lost.
Giovanni Taveras
Giovanni Taveras Aylar önce
This is exactly what I was thinking when he showed the gradient graphs of the phone parts. It was a much better way to visualize the amount of customization done on each part.
Speed Demon
Speed Demon Aylar önce
The videos are actually getting so much better its seriously crazy.
Justin Sharp
Justin Sharp 15 gün önce
I’m excited for the possibility of having Wi-Fi chips that don’t overheat an iPhone!
Andy Blondyn
Andy Blondyn Aylar önce
Normally I am not commenting, but this time -> brilliant. This kind of videos are just perfect. I know how much work it took, so not counting for "more", but.. more? :) Have a nice week!
mit_w_buck Aylar önce
I work for a chemical supplier and trying to explain how we fit into the supply chain/what off the shelf consumer products we supply materials for is a huge bear. Thank you for this video!
Ben Gracewood
Ben Gracewood Aylar önce
I'd imagine the wireless chip consolidation is also about building a better protocol for wireless audio.
pikokchu Aylar önce
I love those "deeper" dive into a subject videos. I believe many people will be surprised that Samsung, Apple's main android side competition, is making displays for iPhone (although Samsung Display is kinda separate company from Samsung Electronics tbh).
catboy Aylar önce
@Huch Ah yes because informing others about a topic is "fighting"
NotBrick_ Aylar önce
legit EVERY single storage chip in some of the MacBook airs at some point were Samsung
The Power Lover
The Power Lover Aylar önce
@Tenner The diference seems that Apple is also developing tech for the manufactoring of Micro LED, not only desings of those.
Huch Aylar önce
@catboy you must be REALLY passionate about these topics huh? with that essay you made... you must be pRoUd. i swear you people initiate fights over the most shallow things.
Var Aylar önce
No, not surprised at all you must’ve missed the memo. 🤣
Jpp Aylar önce
This was a very good primer on supply chain management generally, not just for cell phones. Very well explained and illustrated.
Zohaib Adnan
Zohaib Adnan Aylar önce
That analogy with the triangle and the squares was brilliant. Love the new intro too!
Daniel Global
Daniel Global Aylar önce
Profound insights into industry trends here. I really appreciated this. Mr. Brownlee = The undisputed King of totally 'tubed tech nerds. A man whose opinions, even whims and moods, can now in this era make or break entire Fortune 500 companies.
Tomas Sancio
Tomas Sancio Aylar önce
Regardless of the content itself, the professionalism of your videos is incredible. Infographics are top-notch. Keep it up!
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Ryan McNutt
Ryan McNutt Aylar önce
I think this is great to improve their existing products but it might slow them down or speed them up on their next gen products. I just want to know what is after the iphone. It doesn't feel like there are any major improvements between each version so what comes next
Vishnu Prasad
Vishnu Prasad Aylar önce
Love the effort you take for these videos. I've been watching your videos for a long time, but you still manage to impress me!!
neoamaru Aylar önce
Ultimately, it's all about minimizing costs...and maximizing profits..like any other corporation.. nothing fundamentally bad about that, that's the goal of a corporation after all. But i personally think it should have been mentioned.. the only sad part for me as an end user, is that these things are not getting any cheaper in the process..
Buggi Aylar önce
@Jema Explain what’s bullshit instead of just calling it like in kindergarten. There is no other slim, fanless laptop as powerful as Macbook Air at all, and it’s competitive against actively cooled Windows devices for the price. I’ve only used one Apple product in my my life so I’m hardly biased or fanboy.
Jema Aylar önce
@Buggi that’s debatable lol clearly you are very bias, I’m a apple fan boy & I even know that’s a bunch of bs
Buggi Aylar önce
@jhuesos Why would they, if they just gained competitive advantage? Even without lowering price, Macbook Air went from being overpriced for its parameters, to being the top choice in its price range.
DiSH Aylar önce
It should allow Apple to 100% optimize their software on their hardware even more, should be a win/win for performance However i cant help but see this also as an action against right to repair, repair shops cant source parts from 3rd parties the repair only the specific damage. They'll close their hardware/software eco space even more, as everything will be even more proprietary and custom then it already is, although this could bring security but just as easily insecurity and backdoors.
jhuesos Aylar önce
Basically they just keep doing these changes improving their profit margin. I bet with the change to M chips in MacBook, they did increase their profit margin and they didn't pass along to customers.
Traveler Volkriin
Traveler Volkriin Aylar önce
I’m super stoked to see the Apple, Pixel, S Series rivalry that I feel is on the horizon.
Kasper Garam
Kasper Garam Aylar önce
Great video as always. So much interesting information here. We want more of these! (Or I do at least)
Katherine Elizabeth
I would watch entire videos of MKBHD cutting shapes out of construction paper and fitting them together all day. How is it oddly soothing?
reyesarg Aylar önce
My takeaway is apple will serialize all the hardware to the logic-board making self repair very difficult again. Also, making their apple self service repair store the only place to purchase parts.
Boris Gramajo
Boris Gramajo Aylar önce
These are my favorite videos from mkbhd! Your clean graphics and all th research to show us your opinion
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bar levi Aylar önce
This is what makes a company great. Always thinking of how to break the boundaries of what is possible. And most of the times, they also excuse wonderfully. Not only showing capability, but success as well.
bar levi
bar levi Aylar önce
@Splendid Cookie Well you simply don't understand what it's like running a business... When you have a reliable supplier that gives you workflow stability and confidence, you will not take any risks changing that. The amount of risk taken to in-house a workflow that you have outsourced for years is so hight, Not including the effort it takes to even start such a process.
Bp. Pradhan
Bp. Pradhan Aylar önce
And they remove headphone jack
Jaquan Kelsor
Jaquan Kelsor Aylar önce
Qaiq Alves
Qaiq Alves Aylar önce
I found you a couple of weeks ago and your content is just AMAZING! Sending cheers from Brazil.
Graeme Trautmann
Graeme Trautmann Aylar önce
Absolutely awesome review. Great insights thank you
Rodolfo Molina
Rodolfo Molina Aylar önce
This thing with displays explains a bit! Back then when I switch from a 4 to 4S the 4S had a yellowish hue (there wasn’t Night Shift) it was never a deal breaker but something that I always kept in mind while I had that unit.
Aayaan Aylar önce
I’m a huge fan of these high quality debate videos. They are unlike anything in the tech world of TRvid.
Truth In Beauty
Truth In Beauty Aylar önce
Your method of breaking down tech is incredible. Thank you!
Literary Landslide
Literary Landslide Aylar önce
Putting that higher education experience to good use with these excellent presentations lol, and the visuals are always so clean and consistently stylish even when your editors change from time to time, I wonder if there's some clear branding guidelines shared within the team.
Literary Landslide
Literary Landslide Aylar önce
@PhazonBlaxor lol alright, but there's a diff between quality standards and a consistent brand, I don't see too many channels with such strong and consistent branding, you can even see it in the merch which is better designed than most.
PhazonBlaxor Aylar önce
Of course not, they just throw stuff randomly together and nobody manages anything, duh!
Nikhil Maha Devan
Nikhil Maha Devan Aylar önce
Fabulous content MKBHD! A very interesting video on "Apple: The Supply Chain Mandrake". The prominant reason Tim Cook was hired seeing the magic he did in re-modelling Compaq's Supply Chain. Apple, once again proving to be a leader in innovation, not just in technology, but also in their business models. Very few people know the fact that Apple is not just a digital technology and design company, but a even Bigger Supply Chain Wizard🔥
Farhan Mobayyen
Farhan Mobayyen Aylar önce
It’s a good thing if it happens. As we saw prices are affordable and logical for such machines like ipad iphone and macs. So we welcome this kind of exclusivity if it beneficial to coustmers✌🏼🙌🏼
Péter Kovács
Péter Kovács Aylar önce
I think battery life is the key here since displays and radios consumes the majority of the battery power of a smartphone, so having full control over those can make Apple to beat the competition badly.
Tom1k9 Aylar önce
I'd just like to say the visual ways in which you explained things in this video were absolutely on point and made the information much easier to digest and enjoy regardless of whether i even care about Apple
crazychase443 Aylar önce
Super interesting, and I wonder how the usb-c UK law will play into this as well
Vikas Krishnan
Vikas Krishnan Aylar önce
Taking things under a company's own hands is a make or break deal. We would have to see how things turn out with the new radio chips and display in the future iPhones
Leon Aylar önce
Would love to see the difference between micro LED and OLED that you mentioned. And here I was thinking that OLED was the end of screen tech for phones
idk 28 gün önce
Imagine the benefits of oled and the LCD ones together (pure black, very accurate colours, burn in/green tint being very unlikely)
bighand69 Aylar önce
I am not buying the idea of a micro led at this point replacing oled or lcd.
Fyn Kozari
Fyn Kozari Aylar önce
MiniLed < OLED < Microled. Oled tv has been around since the last decade.
D. Moons
D. Moons Aylar önce
take a look at samsung latest TV Technology with Neo QLED. It is the best of both worlds so i presume that thats the next step for phones as well.
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I love these informative videos. Great!
Siosal01 Aylar önce
I love how knowledgeable Marques and his team are. So many times he has said something and put it into context and I've just gone "Oooohhh yeah.. of course."
Julien Aylar önce
Bro, it's their full-time job lol
Vima Santorini
Vima Santorini Aylar önce
Good video! 1) First guess is that financially it won't have the big impact for the brands. Widely available parts are usually cheaper in bulk, self-developed components cut out a middle man and its margin but economies of scale are lower. Therefore not much financial impact for brands like apple, but for sure the better hw/sw integration. 2) Interesting to study how the whole system might be changing. While in the beginnings of tech a lot of things were made in-house, things were outsourced and accumulated after that to drive innovation up and cost down. Now we seem to be going back to more in-house dev - is this the end of big innovations? Or is it actually the beginning of more company/industry specific innovation. What about software?
Zaydan Alfariz
Zaydan Alfariz Aylar önce
@Username And be happy
Jack Aylar önce
Interesting point actually. It seems that the exponential progression in technology innovation has led to tech and tech-related companies wanting to integrate vertically, which is debatable. It surely would give more of a distinct look to what a company focuses on, when it comes to innovation, instead of having some sort of industry specific standard that is good for scale, but not for range nor for competition. If you think about new competitors in the smartphone market, you probably can go up to two names tops. Integration for bigger companies is easy and can be great, but it also gives newcomers few possibilities to reach a customer base with a cheap phone. If in-house innovation and vertical integration have the effect of bringing cost down and opening Apple a pathway to a cleaner lineup, maybe even cheaper, but surely more unique than before, then what innovation could a new company bring to the market? My only concern is that both risk and cost come with innovation and while Apple has literally invented the smartphone, brilliant ideas have sort of vanished in the past decade of the company pushing out standard high-quality premium products. Therefore, my fear is that customers will have to endure a higher price ceiling when innovation will be sold as a premium unique feature, whereas before that could at least be alleviated by the innovation being available to the competition as well
dvn.s_00 Aylar önce
@KrazyMeanie I think an argument can be made for both sides to be honest, it depends what it is. For one, Lightning Port is a perfect example defending your end in that in it's dawn it DID push tech further. But now that we've reached this end, I feel like the same tech is also perfect example to defend my initial point in that it's continued existence is NOT helping the industry advance and just continues to be a proprietary tech that helps no one except Apple.
KrazyMeanie Aylar önce
@dvn.s_00 If everyone is using one standard the time to innovation becomes longer and harder to improve on a wide scale. Company specific innovation is that push competitions to make better products. If everyone is using an industry standard new tech would be slow to evolve. Not saying that company specific innovation is perfect but its better.
dvn.s_00 Aylar önce
@KrazyMeanie Not when it's proprietary tech that holds back the rest of an entire industry in the name of profit. Apple is no stranger to that exact thing either.
THE ZONE Aylar önce
I'm addicted to your channel.....i cant really afford most of the tech gadgets you review but I am always fascinated when I watch your videos. I think I need to start buying Apple stock during the next Dip Lol
MaTTIn 16 gün önce
Isn't micro led ( at least common ones) kinda bad these days? Especially with quantum dot displays etc which samsung should soon start making for phones
Toms Vārpiņš
Toms Vārpiņš Aylar önce
I like these journalistic analytical look at the behind the scenes! Well explained!
Michael 'MC' Carter
Intelligent, articulation of where things are possibly / likely headed in this space. Great insights, super-well presented. Thank you.
Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson Aylar önce
I wonder what the cost implications are behind their new designs.
CasualGamer! Aylar önce
I really want them to succeed with their “C1” chip the same way they had success with M1… and hopefully this means MacBooks will have cellular since Apple won’t have to pay qualcomm anymore for each cellular device they sell lol Also microLED displays sound incredible. But will it arrive before or after “C1”? 😁
ٰ 22 gün önce
@SyrupyBrandy corrected my comment
The Power Lover
The Power Lover Aylar önce
@Suly This. The "dimming zones" are each individual pixel, just as OLED, but being inorganic erases the problem of burning and allow much higher luminosity and contrast.
Suly Aylar önce
@SpaceLobster you’re confusing MicoLED with MiniLED, miniLED uses dimming zones but microLED is a self emissive tech just like oled, every individual pixel can be turned off
SpaceLobster Aylar önce
@Suly not ALL the benefits of OLED. MicroLED uses dimming zones, while OLED controls each pixel independently. This means that with MicroLED you'll still see light pollution around your image if you have black around it. But I agree that overall OLED is a little worse because of the burn-in risk. The MicroLED on the iPad Pro is incredible.
Suly Aylar önce
@ٰ no it’s not worse, it has all the benefits of oled without the downsides of oled
Nick Lauw
Nick Lauw Aylar önce
I got the impression that they are doing this more for cost saving and supply line resilience. As a result, it’s possible that we end up with worse products from a consumer standpoint (Isn’t OLED better than mini led?)
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justasurfer Aylar önce
Also be interesting to see how much of this huge R&D effort across multiple technologies will be passed on to the consumer.
Anurag Anasane
Anurag Anasane Aylar önce
That's how you research and give a presentation. Love such informative content.
PhazonBlaxor Aylar önce
@Mason Lewis Are you saying this information is not available on the internet, thus accessible via couple of Google searches? I suppose he went to the library instead? "No" back to you sir.
Mason Lewis
Mason Lewis Aylar önce
Anurag Anasane
Anurag Anasane Aylar önce
@PhazonBlaxor I know.
PhazonBlaxor Aylar önce
"Research", i.e. do couple of Google searches.
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Product reviews are nice but I do appreciate these kind of Deep dives! 🤓
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i love these clean ass tech videos, you guys are on the top of your game. mkbhd just gets better and better
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The idea seems so great. As they are the manufacturer's now. I think we can expect an sky rocketing price for the iPhones.
Ryan Sablan
Ryan Sablan Aylar önce
MKBHD, Maybe this has been said or asked but why doesn’t apple just stick with 3 models (Mini, Reg, Max- all pro specs) I know it comes down to sales, and affordability but keeping it simple and allowing users to chose from 3 line ups all identified in specs besides battery size and display size. Thoughts on this would be appreciated Love you stuff!
Javier Espinosa
Javier Espinosa Aylar önce
Enjoying these type of vids! Keep it up MKBHD
Muhammad Mustafa Shahzad
Curios to know what the third party repair-ability would be after apple manufactures their own chips/sensors/screens. Would it be completely impossible to do so leaving everyone with repairs only through Apple?
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