How A ZERO Star Recruit Became An NBA Superstar 

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From a small town, zero-star recruit to the most electrifying player in the NBA today. This is the story of Ja Morant.
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18 Nis 2022




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See what a father can do in a young mans life?
@Donnie-sg2cj Yıl önce
Exactly. I know that sometimes circumstances prevent it, but I don’t care how good a single parent is - ideally nothing is better than a stable two parent home. Kids need their mother 𝗮𝗻𝗱 their father. We’ve gotta stop trying to glorify instability
@@Donnie-sg2cj well yeah two parents means more money or a child getting more attention.
@@bubbachildsupport4535 *two functioning parents. Sometimes two parents just means twice the abuse
@blackice214 Yıl önce
@@Donnie-sg2cj Yea his dad thought him all he needed to, his physique wasn’t above the norm for an NBA candidate but that grind was to ravenous that’s why he’s avg 32 points post season
@Donnie-sg2cj Yıl önce
@@bubbachildsupport4535 True, but it’s about more than just money and attention. It’s also about feminine and masculine energies, and the balance that is needed between the two for a person to develop properly.
@karatechap555 Yıl önce
It must be nice to have a father who is dedicated to your passion as much as Ja's dad.
@jabeiamd1352 Yıl önce
Yeah 💪🏽🔥
@jamiepike6909 Yıl önce
Yes, but could also be looked at a dad trying to live his dreams through his child. Worked out in this instance, but so many times it doesn’t.
@aguy3236 Yıl önce
@@jamiepike6909 it was also Ja's dream
@jamiepike6909 Yıl önce
@@aguy3236 that’s awesome then👍
@ape8404 Yıl önce
@@aguy3236 Point is a lot of times kids have their own dreams but their parents force the dreams they failed to achieve themselves onto their kids. Luckily it was a mutual dream in this case
@jawher7 Yıl önce
I just hope he stays injury free, his style is too explosive very efficient but prone to injuries! all the best Ja!
@Stolenized Yıl önce
@jaroj1112 Yıl önce
Like a mini young d rose
Facts, I say that same thing. Remember derrick rose 🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾
@unlikeablesGH Yıl önce
If dude gets paid of that play style, I think it's a win win even if he gets injured
@davidmalik9821 Yıl önce
My concern as well but D Rose didn't take care of his body as well as Ja seems to be doing. Both are very talented tho, fearless, and explosive. At least we can enjoy him why we can.
@ronm2970 Yıl önce
Dad gave him the tools to succeed, this young man did the hard work to take it to the next level.
@henbyrd4516 Yıl önce
Jumpers knee is murder watch how we practice
@antifr4g 3 aylar önce
until he went to the hood
As a professor at Murray State, I can say that Ja put our university on the map. We are super proud of him.
@braegon2285 Yıl önce
I go to murray high school I love ja
@@braegon2285 we are going to see him Sunday!
@coreyclosterman3889 11 aylar önce
Haha still proud of thug mordant?
@tonyawilson188 11 aylar önce
@@coreyclosterman3889 you spelled his named wrong Idiot it is morant and that is not funny dude
@tamaaa7745 6 aylar önce
@@coreyclosterman3889hahaha he’s accomplished more than you even if he retired now
@dresports8351 Yıl önce
His Dad risking it all was all worth it. Ja Morant is the future MVP of the NBA. He is going to win a championship very soon.
@qrto765 Yıl önce
Ye only if people stop going for his ankle
@crusher5599 Yıl önce
I just hope he doesn’t pull a drose
@Zorax123 Yıl önce
Unless he gets a injury that can change his whole career like d rose
Yea when curry retires
@Sillysoft Yıl önce
Just goes to show how important exposure is to athletes. This guy could be at a different job right now if it wasnt for a scout to go watch him play during his snack break. There is just so many up and coming athletes looking for that chance.
@joeselsbury543 Yıl önce
Makes you wonder if there are players not in the nba that are better than some superstars....
@cblackmanrun Yıl önce
@@joeselsbury543 no question about it. Pro Athletes know it and talk about it often.
@jaegeru3535 Yıl önce
I want a movie about that scout
@2jcward Yıl önce
You know how many street ballers I know could be great if their father was in their life.
@Sillysoft Yıl önce
@@jaegeru3535 If you want to watch a real life documentary about kids growing up and how they are recruited, go watch Hoop Dreams. It followed multiple kids from the early 90's and their life growing up and the highs and lows of playing basketball and trying to get a scholarship and get to the next level.
Never forget when Jerry West said that Ja is the most talented on that draft. Unlike Zion who is undisciplined and will most likely quit his team, Ja turn around the grizzlies franchise
@kayjayedits6488 Yıl önce
You sound 5
@BigJordan92708 Yıl önce
Lol most likely, bro Zion been quit on New Orleans, if Zion wanted to play for them he would be playing.
@@BigJordan92708 I think he needs to be on a strict regiment.
@agentblock7217 Yıl önce
@@skmillennialliving i bet you weigh more than him
@mrrodriguezHLP Yıl önce
@@agentblock7217 Yeah but bro isn't trying to get the Pelicans out of the first round. Oh yeah, neither is Zion, so I guess they do have that in common.
@juancamargo5774 Yıl önce
Incredible how he was a candidate for mvp almost the entire season just in his third season and putting the grizzlies as second seed
he was never really a candidate
@heyhoe20 Yıl önce
And he didnt put the grizzlies as second seed
@mulanomula Yıl önce
grizzlies proved that they don't need ja morant to be a high seed team. he definitely helps them to be better tho
@jamiepike6909 Yıl önce
Calm down, all nba maybe. MVP……nah.
He was not even in the top 5 canidates
@JayJaylol 11 aylar önce
that rise and fall video for Ja Morant finna come soon💀
@calebc3662 Yıl önce
I’m from Austin Peay, or APSU, and Murray is our rival in pretty much every sport. However, after seeing Morant play against us I knew he was special. The man was absolutely electrifying and the crowd at Murray loved him. Proud that he’s able to lead my team to the playoffs this year!
@Prozzy747 Yıl önce
Go pea
@johnnyapples8336 5 aylar önce
“How an NBA Superstar Became an Hood Gangster” -Nonstop 2024
@theshotreview220 11 aylar önce
Ja Moronant bout to mess up his dad’s sacrifice if he doesn’t stop trying to be a YSL gang member
@___________broom4 11 aylar önce
@Kqnnin Yıl önce
I’m from Murray and it feels good having a player from our college go to the nba
There’s a couple
@zion9247 Yıl önce
@@dodgecitygabriel623 yeah the only other recognized name from murry state is Cameron payne.
@@zion9247 and he plays for the Sun's who are in the playoffs and we're in the finals last year.
Yessir my boy
@Katt2Hr Yıl önce
Is murray d2?
@jaycoolx3 Yıl önce
But just think of how many more guys like him didn't get scouted. It just shows you that if you dig a little deeper at times and look past all the media and flash videos you can find diamond rather than gold.
@AYSOne23 Yıl önce
Too bad gold is better than diamonds. Worth more. Resale value is more than diamonds. C'mon. 😂😂
@jaycoolx3 Yıl önce
@@AYSOne23 it was more of a Minecraft thing, but whatever since you really think you saying something. 🤷🏿‍♂️🤣
@AYSOne23 Yıl önce
@@jaycoolx3 you the one that really thought you were saying something. Minecraft? ..... Wtf.
@themoes4103 Yıl önce
@@AYSOne23 bro stop talking no cares what you think, you really out here nitpicking on a TRvid comment. C'mon 😂😂
@AYSOne23 Yıl önce
@@themoes4103 you too. Tf? Lol
When I told my friend before the draft that I’d take Ja over Zion he laughed. I still stand by my comment.
Zion still has a much higher ceiling and is still a far better player when healthy and it’s not even close or up for debate
@esamchen7387 Yıl önce
@@Nightcrawler90210 key is when he is healthy, for the past 3 season he is out for almost 2 out 3 seasons
@esamchen7387 Yıl önce
i stand by that too, definitely Ja over Zion
@@Nightcrawler90210 Good players are only good players when they're on the court. Injury record is a factor in signing a player.
@carboy101 Yıl önce
Same. Zion isn't as good as him.
@Choppy2k 9 aylar önce
From a 0 star recruit to becoming one of the best shooters 🔫 in nba history. Man Ja is on demon time
@mikeeguti2165 Yıl önce
I love underdogs. Hard work pays someday when you least expect. Ja and his Dad deserve all the praise. Best player of the series coming..
@cardphins68 Yıl önce
This is a great video and thank you for posting. I think Mr. Morant (Ja's Dad) is also a great story the way he sacrificed for and helped his Son. He also did a great job of teaching Ja work ethic and humility. I will admit I had some doubt but I now admit I was 100% wrong. Not only does Ja Morant deserve everything he has he deserves everything he will get because he's worked his tail off and nobody can ever deny that. Memphis looks like they have a really nice thing going with Desmond Bane, Brandon Clarke, J. Jackson, etc. Good for that franchise and those loyal fans!
@HOURLYSNIPES 4 aylar önce
Doritos saved his life literally.🥂💯
@alexfang6784 Yıl önce
@celenial6009 Yıl önce
yeah mostly talent then parental guidance then hardwork
@jackieclark8253 Yıl önce
@@celenial6009 ...The correct order is parental guidance, talent, then hard work. The parental guidance came long before the talent was discovered.
@celenial6009 Yıl önce
@@jackieclark8253 well you see, if there is no talent then there would have been no success no matter the parental guidance. Whatever comes first doesn't matter
@jackieclark8253 Yıl önce
@@celenial6009 ...I’m just saying that’s how it happened in his life ,not the overall rule . He got guidance first.
Totally right! Parental guidance is the most important factor when they know about the kids' passion. I praise Ja's dad and I like the way Ja playing basketball. He'll become M. J. in future.
@mikoesplana2976 8 aylar önce
Zero-Star Recruit ---> NBA Superstar ---> Zero-Star Gangster Wannabe Man took the first u-turn slot available 💀
This just show's what a great father can do for a kid.
@bonzobonanza Yıl önce
The future of the NBA is in good hands.
@farcry5107 Yıl önce
@@AVERAGERWEFAN Especially with you in the league
@kkw69yearsago84 Yıl önce
@kkw69yearsago84 Yıl önce
@kkw69yearsago84 Yıl önce
@off2249 6 aylar önce
Best shooter in the league by far😮‍💨
@lebavu8260 Yıl önce
Man what an awesome dad watching this. Respect. 👊
Yeah he is a great dad my hero I love that dude
@deeday763 Yıl önce
I read and article about him when he was bein recruited by his college( I forgot which). It talked about how the whole neighborhood would come to his parents house to lay ball, eat, advice, to stay out of trouble, etc. that right there told me he was bein raised by good people, and he was bein taught well. Kudos to the Morant’s
@brenda-wn9wx 11 aylar önce
do How an Nba superstar became a criminal next 😭
He is now the new NBA superstar while the first pick lingers in oblivion. A great story and a testament to a incredible father and son dedication and love.
@xentraction 8 aylar önce
now make a sequel.. How an NBA Superstar turned into a ZERO STAR RECRUIT
@gibsonguy5240 Yıl önce
Ja Morant so much fun to watch. Such an amazing athlete. The greatest part of this story is Ja's father in his life. To all men with children. Find a way to be involved in your child's life. PS I'm still routing for Golden State LOL. May the best team win.
@Guide1089 Yıl önce
God bless your whole family, Ja! Your father is a real man. I don't know anything about you but watching this made me appreciate your skills, but more important is the love of your father for his wife and future of his soon to be son. He is more man than many of the men playing today in NBA. I stopped caring about bball years ago. I'm gonna be checking on you now. Great video, great to see this incredible story, great player!
@lisaaustin8150 Yıl önce
This young man is so special! His athletic ability is JUST. OFF. THE. CHARTS🔥
@warrenmoore3150 Yıl önce
He’s put in the work and is now seen as an NBA super star with a great attitude with the media and fans.Morant seems to be jumping off of pogo sticks! I like seeing him dunk on and over bigger players.Some of his dunks are unbelievable and spectacular.That’s what fans want to see. Hope he stays healthy and has a great career.
This sounds like it was recorded some time before the regular season ended. However, the point *does* still stand... the Grizzlies got the #2 seed in the West, facing the Timberwolves in the First Round. The Grizzlies haven't made it to the finals at all, and not the Western Finals since the Grit and Grind era. Here's to hoping for the best.
@trisk902 Yıl önce
and they just blew out the wolves
@SANJONERO420 Yıl önce
@@trisk902 after losing game 1 at home 😂
@walkerdevin08 Yıl önce
@@SANJONERO420 they just came back from 25+ points down, TWICE, and won game 3.
@@walkerdevin08 now they up 3-2 💯
@MasterPlo Yıl önce
I love Ja he has such a wholesome story of how his dad gave up everything to make him the man he is today, and he's so inspirational too showing how he went from unknown to All Star in less than 10 years
@chrischinT 11 aylar önce
Bro is now 5 stars but GTA five stars
Shout out to his pops! Amazing lessons from his story and sports in general. Keep grinding and you never know whose looking. I love these stories of guys who are overlooked or not heavily recruited then go out and dominate. These stories give me inspiration and energy.
@Wood490 Yıl önce
Whether it's medicine, business, engineering, law, education, science, technology or sports field far too often chidden are forced to learn everything on their own, which includes making all the mistakes. With his father's guidance this cat was able to avoid many of the pitfalls that derail a lot kids today
@8ballstreet 8 aylar önce
Your comment didn't age well
@jadengreen7841 11 aylar önce
Next video -“How an nba superstar made it to the hood” A Ja Morant Documentary
@TraGiiXzaze Yıl önce
Was lucky to see Ja at Murray State. Met Ja's dad without knowing who he was, and I eventually found out. His dad came off as a great guy from my half hour conversation with him. Really happy to see him succeed
@Dviil 11 aylar önce
then to "how an nba superstar became a prisoner"
@stevesjob6808 Yıl önce
This piece did Ja justice. Well done sir.
@tmaziriri Yıl önce
One of the most exciting players to watch, the explosiveness is unreal.
Thanks g
Becoming my favorite player all around. Kids a beast and looks so comfortable in the playoffs.
@pennstation5638 Yıl önce
2:16 🤣🤣 " He heard balls bouncing and out of curiosity decided to take a peek" 😭
@cavinmoore6086 Yıl önce
Best Ja Morant breakdown video EVER!! Great job bro 💯🏁
@aaronguya233 Yıl önce
I'm just speechless on how amazing this story is! Keep up the good work
@jeffreylaz2073 Yıl önce
Ja Morant was the Allen Iverson with Mamba Mentality
He's ja Morant with the Ja mentality could y'all stop with all the dumb comparisons this dude works hard to carve his own niche
@AntonioRuffin Yıl önce
This was an incredible watch for a Ja Morant fan my wife and I love his electrifying style play style!!
@apoorvsingh3395 Yıl önce
He and Steven Adams are one of the best duos
@jacoblavoie8326 Yıl önce
The recruiter was spot on.
@juanvega5152 Yıl önce
Love stories like this!!!!! Well deserved! And he is a fucking beast!!!
@user-nd3ug6zo6m 8 aylar önce
Best shooter in the NBA
@Jumpman. 8 aylar önce
@woowatchingyt 7 aylar önce
fr 💀
@bananabandit2 7 aylar önce
Literally lmao
@DaLibraTay Yıl önce
He got that IT factor like a Kobe and A.I he is a beast
@ThaDiggestBick Yıl önce
This kid is something else, young and dominant. If the Grizzlies can build around this young man they'll def wreak havoc in the West for years. Phenomenal talent💯
What can I say
@Jason-cf1xn Yıl önce
I’ll admit, I was originally one of the doubters. But this dude has proven that he has a great work ethic and is undeniably a dominant force in the NBA. Being on the west, and in a small market, it will be difficult to win a championship. But I think if there’s a guy that can lead a team to a ring, he is the one.
I'm not even a Grizzlies fan and I love watching Ja Morant 🔥🔥
@beltonguy86 Yıl önce
This dude travels all thru the NBA
@doctordef324 Yıl önce
3:57!!!!! It's always that one guy in your beginning stages that will be worshiping you before the world knows your name!!!!!😂😂😂... Look at the teammate in the back!!! HE KNEW THEN!!!! "that boy AMAZING!!!!".....
@doctordef324 Yıl önce
He back there looking like, "my boy NICE!!!!"!!😆😆😆
@AnotherIQ Yıl önce
I love how good Ja has been. But what makes me fear the Grizzlies is Desmond Bane, all he needs is for the Grizzlies to give him proper minutes and then were looking at a top 3 greatest 3pt shooter. And a player that could become better than Ja.
@Supastackman Yıl önce
Never that Ja is special.
@royyalty1264 Yıl önce
Bane clutch but he’s not a leader
@AnotherIQ Yıl önce
@@royyalty1264 I never said he would lead the team, that's the PG role in this case Ja(s). But Bane definitely could become better than Ja.
@user-pt8yx4fr3v Yıl önce
What an amazing story, from what I’ve learned in life is no matter how good you do there will still be haters trying to bring you down. All you can do is do what you do and ignore them
@abrahamramirez7239 11 aylar önce
Ja morant is an incredible talent! Reminds me of Kawhi Leonard w the spurs except he won a ring in his 3rd season 😩
@rollotomasse Yıl önce
Boy had those muctache when he was twelve 😂😂
Don’t laugh that mustache got me to the nba
Ja averaged 27.5 this season
@gulitzt5865 3 aylar önce
zero to super star to criminal :D
@XxLordDavido 3 aylar önce
Welp tables turned now he JA WICK
@henrybrown1268 Yıl önce
There will always be a diamond in the rough and Ja Morant is a very special diamond!
Very lucky to have a father like his.
@proskillz8693 Yıl önce
He is easily a mvp contender with his incredible stats getting put up. I really hope he earns at least a ring!
@winregardless85 Yıl önce
Definitely my favorite NBA player today.
@dukemypants2589 Yıl önce
89-148 damn, impressive
@SixTenVisuals Yıl önce
Ja probably has 6-7 years top to go hard in the paint like that before his body starts coming apart like D-Wade, D-Rose, A.I., etc.
@3man4futbol Yıl önce
Hands down a fan favorite basketball player.
@pvaxter1978 Yıl önce
A good father help his kids get to the mountain top and continue to push them to get better. Sometimes having your parents support means the world to your kids, not materialistic things. "JUST SUPPORT"
@chappaholic2000 Yıl önce
500k subs... Ive been here for a long time,,, i dont remember what subscriber count when i first watch in this Channel... Who cares, Big Fan keep it up 👌
@deepdunk1355 Yıl önce
Nonstop finally made the video! 🔥🔥🔥
@najecarmona3496 Yıl önce
The Next D-Rose🌹
Except not the injuries and a chip
@1pikapein Yıl önce
Pretty sure it's hard work and extreme determination. Plus chips on shoulders can motivate or de-motivate Ja is steppin up!
@sabzletebz3121 Yıl önce
Ja is a force to be reckoned with. This kid maaad talented
@engodsibbe Yıl önce
As a Timberwolves and Anthony Edwards fan I obviously want us to beat the Grizzlies, we will probably lose tho and after my team I really want the grizzlies to go all the way, Ja deserves everything ever!
I’m not letting y’all win I’m trying 110 percent but good luck to you man and thank you
@renato.bakaadv Yıl önce
Soo good.. amazing player
@rajeealidao5296 Yıl önce
I agree watching ja morant this playoff is electrifying
Only 1 thing in common about these all star players, work ethic. Makes me think that scouts should be trying to find out a player's daily routine if they want to predict his potential
He never was a Zero Star. He was always good. He just never got recognition cause his team is bad. Nonetheless he'd be in the league.
His story needs to be a movie...unbelievable!
@mjcs6399 Yıl önce
As a pro basketball fan, I find him as amazing and entertaining to watch as the NBA has to offer. I wish him ALL success (except against my guys)!
Ja Morant is the truth
@Gounesh 8 aylar önce
We can say he’s an explosive player
@ericulric223 Yıl önce
Ja Morant is literal electricity.
@k4vinski Yıl önce
What a great dad gave up his dream just to be there for his son
Dad helped me come up he the best
Same as lavar?
@mromneyobama Yıl önce
Don't talk to the mother during those times who had to work for 15 years supporting the 3.
@noahx.classic 8 gün önce
I remember watching this guy at Murray play in march madness, he was a 1 man wrecking crew from the arc, it was fun to watch. Too bad shenanigans and injuries have really screwed up his playing time and potentially collapsed his team.
Amazing. He’s a stud forsure
@drpkiddvj7840 Yıl önce
Fav nba player since he join the league ong💯
One of my favorite players 🙌🏽🐐🙏🏽
@bodji9615 Yıl önce
Loving the content man! Can you do Carmelo Anthony?
@Fanaro Yıl önce
You need to be completely blinded by social forces to think that he was a 0 star recruit.
Mans was a 6 star recruit on his own right😂
@jackieclark8253 Yıl önce
That was only because he didn't play in the AAU circuit as much. That's where the star ratings are usually given. It just sounds good to say it though.
@DELLG Yıl önce
Tee Morant was my favorite player on Hillcrest Wildcats. He was silly and brought fun to the game. Always thought I'll see Tee in NBA with Ray Allen. Smart move for Tee to get the baby Ja on the market early. Salute... TEE TELL JA TO WEAR THAT TIE ON THE HEAD WITH THE LOLLIPOP LOL. I ended playing ball behind him. Some things don't pan out in Sumter, SC.
@CrazyFella230 Yıl önce
Prime D Rose: Wait are you me Ja: No your me. -insert spiderman point-
@MrFrost-mr9us Yıl önce
Man i love your vids
Ja Morant is...
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