How 5 Movie Props Are Made To Be Eaten | Movies Insider

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Prop makers frequently have to make props that aren’t just handled, but consumed by an actor. Food stylists like Melissa McSorley have to replicate an object’s true properties while making something safe to eat. Typical prop blood can be safe to put around an actor’s mouth is small qualities, but in HBO’s “True Blood,” the characters had to consume a lot of blood, meaning her concoction had to go far beyond red juice. She also found ways to replicate the viscosity of blood. McSorley used cleverly disguised dates to imitate a live cockroach for “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” and made edible maggots from scratch for Netflix’s “Daybreak,” so she wouldn’t harm any actual live maggots.

Check out more of Melissa McSorley’s work here:

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How Edible Props Are Made For Movies & TV | Movies Insider



9 Şub 2022




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Chris Martin
I thought all cockroaches were edible. What have I been eating all this time?
Shafiya Salsabila R.N
This is truly an underrated Hollywood job, as a viewer you never consider long filming hours/multiple takes could affect the food in a scene and the food stylist had to research for substitutes. As for the gross stuff made edible, that's even more impressive lol she had to be an impromptu scientist and research how cockroaches look like, how a plant-eating monster poop would look lmao, so interesting
this vid was great and informative, plus the interviewer was hilarious lol. thanks for showing Melissa McSorley's work, it's cool seeing how much detail goes into prop food
Yeh Wat
It really looks convincing because despite me knowing the fact that those aren't real. It still creeps me out to see them eat it.
Now THAT is detail. I've raised chickens, and I hate to find unlaid eggs inside, but it happens. And yes, like on an assembly line, they range in size and color depending on how close they are to being eggs. All yolk, all edible.
Marianne Contrino
This was really interesting. Just wish videos like this, would explain how it is someone gets into this line of work....same with prop masters, stand ins, or even casting directors. They seem like such cool jobs to have, but it's really not something you go to school for. There's no "casting" degrees, so really curious how people end up in that position.
I was a former phlebotomist! I could totally work with her when it comes to blood props. 😂
Lcs Laelan
As nearsighted, I almost grab a cockroach and put it into dates container. Then, I ran as it was flying towards me. So, she spot on with the resemblance.
I am curious to know what she cooks for her family?
Scott A Seigel
OMG, does this lady have a kid’s cooking site? My grandkids would TOTALLY LOVE to make maggots, cockroaches and poop snacks!
Imagine you go to her house for a party or something, see a cockroach on the kitchen counter and you put it in your mouth thinking it was one of her creations when that thing starts running around in your mouth
Jay AK
I respect her hard work and dedication.
Diego A. Salazar
This is so awesome. I mean, it must be difficult to be an actor and actually eat any or even hold any of these. The human body is so smart that our eyes recognizes something and the brain sends signals to the rest of the body saying: dont do this, this is bad. Is a natural response to run away from a disgusting or dangerous situation, even though we as an audience and the actors know that they are gonna be ok after the shoot, even thought we know and they know anything that they do infront of the camera is real, and they have to sell the emotions so we can translate them and feel disgust, danger or pleasure. This is really the secret behind movie magic.
This woman is a genius. So thorough with the chicken guts!
Luna Pérez Ariyadi
She surely did a perfect job with the dates
This woman must be the queen of Halloween parties
I envy her job. Fun, creative and creepy, also probably make good money.
In Hannibal they had a scene where they were eating a rare delicousy called ortolan which is a baby bird cooked and eaten whole. Obviously nobody wants to eat a whole cooked baby bird, (and also there are some ethics concerns uh-) so the props team made fake ortolan out of marzipan and raw spaghetti noodles for the legs
Joe Avella
Eating and drinking all those props were fun! I ate one of her fake poops in a TikTok after the shoot and it was flagged lol.
the date one is actually so funny bc once my mum was eating dates & i convinced her they were dead roaches (she's terrified of roaches) & she audibly gagged & closed the container😭
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