House of the Dragon | S1 EP5: Inside the Episode (HBO) 

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Ryan Condal, director Clare Kilner, Rhys Ifans (Otto Hightower), Emily Carey (Alicent Hightower) and more dive into Rhaenyra and Laenor's marriage arrangement, and where Alicent's allegiances lie.



17 Eyl 2022




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@eltigre8147 Yıl önce
When Alicent made her entrance, while everyone stood up, Daemon was the only one who remained seated. Loved that detail.
Daemon never stands for anyone, in the first episode he stayed seated when Viserys enteres the room
@ThaBootyBandit Yıl önce
@@tumeloseleke5307 Which is why he should've been the heir
@s3npai486 Yıl önce
@@ThaBootyBandit thats litteraly why he should not be the heir. Disrespectfull towards everyone
@@s3npai486 and Rhaneyra? She is the same as Daemon, just milder & more dependent
Oh I didn’t see that!!!
@Divine_Chareka Yıl önce
Episode 5 was a work of art, I will miss Milly & Emily. They did a fantastic job bringing Rhaenyra & Alicent to life 👏
@blackwolf179 Yıl önce
i hope at least they ll explain what happened between rhaenyra and daemon later in the show (like little flashbacks or something)
@@blackwolf179 No flashbacks, this story is linear.
@knightnxk2906 Yıl önce
@@blackwolf179 well u can make some detecitve work and think on what happened before episode 5. Something similar happened here again. Aslo read some forums when other try to put their input on the thing that have happened til now. It gives you better insight and understanding what was or might have been going inside their head. Daemon could be for example
@anslemfrank4721 Yıl önce
@@knightnxk2906 any links to some forums to read??
@marquicej4503 Yıl önce
I’m team black always but Alicent’s dramatic entrance to the wedding wearing her green gown was everything.
@senister14 Yıl önce
This war will have no winner, only little boys who are lost in the night with no one around to guide them.
@joshua6207 Yıl önce
It was a power move. I wonder if her and cole will hook up lmao
@neonoires Yıl önce
It was soooo good
@jmb10v Yıl önce
@@senister14 aegon the broken
@senister14 Yıl önce
@@jmb10v and his brother.
@Riggpoppa Yıl önce
A Westerosi wedding never disappoints
@AWSVids Yıl önce
Only one death? This was dull by Dothraki standards.
@gabygreen9188 Yıl önce
Rhaegar's wedding is the winner for sure. it caused him the extinction for his entire clan.
@spearshake4771 Yıl önce
Both GoT and HotD make weddings and pregnancies seem horrible but there were a lot of weddings in the book universe and basically also the shows that did not end in tragedy but they aren't shown on screen because who wants to see a boring old wedding where nothing bad or dramatic happens
@randomdude4207 Yıl önce
@@AWSVids I came here to write this.
@Darkstar_Dayne Yıl önce
​@@gabygreen9188 Even Rhaegar's birth was a tragedy for his family
Ser Breakbones getting the nod to become the bully bouncer at the club and start throwing bows was the greatest moment of this entire show.
@vivek27789 Yıl önce
@indiankid8601 Yıl önce
@johnnyirons222 Yıl önce
It would’ve been so cool if he just started throwing people😂
@fettfan91 Yıl önce
Milly Alcock and Emily Carey really breathed life into their characters. I love that the director of this episode really let some moments linger so you could feel their internal struggle, like when Rhaenyra has to turn away from Criston after he asks her to run away together. You could see the conflicting emotions play out before she turns back around and reaffirms her desire to be queen.
@wain9026 Yıl önce
I don't think she really likes him. He's more of a rebound and fun for her imo and he's caught feelings big time
@Charsy8 Yıl önce
@@wain9026 Oh, she likes him. She liked him from day 1, when she chose him among all the others. And she started liking him even more, when he saved her from the boar. Then in the years we don't see I'm sure she was drawn to him, but she never acted on it, cause that's what she believed was the right thing, that's how she (and women like her) was raised to be/act. Sooo when Daemon told her that you can actually take control over your own life and sexuality (and get pleasure from that), and then left her waiting (for more from him)... Criston Cole was right there for the taking, so she decided to finally act on her crush on him. Yeah, it was purely physical for her, cause she was, is and always will be in love with Daemon... but for Cole it appears to have been more than mere sexual attraction.
@doctorj9594 Yıl önce
@@Charsy8 she only likes Daemon.. else she is not much intersted in sex.
@rinacherr7788 Yıl önce
Whenever Daemon and Rhaenyra speaks their mother tongue to each other - it's like magic in the air around them. A bond that nothing can break it, a bond that created by blood and now with lust only fires it up 🔥
@edzia13131 Yıl önce
@babyyoda3460 3 aylar önce
hes 16 yrs older than her... he always goes for the young ones
@ninac.5257 2 aylar önce
@@babyyoda3460 i thinnk being her uncle is more shocking than the age gap
This episode is about Alicent, she "lights the way" with that green dress, sending the message to her family that she will fight for her house's interests and will embody their values to the max. In these episode she realizes and supports the motives of her father to get her son into the iron throne. I do believe that the Hightowers and Maesters have been planning to get into power to erase the incestuous and magical traditions that come with the Targaryen family. Alicent feels betrayed and treated as a fool by the King Viserys and Rhaenyra...the bonds are already broken and soon enough the seeds of war will bloom and when they do they'll cry blood.
I agree, they have. Starting with their dragons.
@Illmare Yıl önce
All of that was Maegor's fault lol.
@danielkioko992 Yıl önce
I agree. I also noticed that the grand maester refuses to try any other treatment suggested by the 'assistant' maester. He only uses slugs. I'm sure that the maesters are actively working with the hightowers in oldtown to bring about the end of the dragons and their riders.
@iiii498 Yıl önce
I love how basically everyone in the show think that they figured everything out and Rhaenyra's love interest is Criston, even Criston himself believes that. And only the three Targaryens know and see the truth 😂
Lmao 😂
@kryptonite365 Yıl önce
say uncle. say uncle
@ninelr222 Yıl önce
Because they are used to keeping it in the family. In any meaning you want :)
@antonia4523 Yıl önce
I am in love with your statement🥰
@jeanbutinfrench Yıl önce
Criston did my boy Laenor dirty, he didn’t need to see that, but story structure-wise it’s great to see rhaenyra’s thought inconsequential actions multiply on bigger and dangerous consequences, I swear every week I’m on the edge of my seat and angry that the episodes end…
@Lamiishere Yıl önce
Cringe af
@dianedavid3052 Yıl önce
I feel Joffrey escalated that by being cocky and Christon is a disappointment! Sworn protector and he caved without even getting all the information about what he was being asked. He wouldn’t have had to lie because he wasn’t even in Alicent’s equation. I’m so annoyed with him lol. Poor Laenor grief stricken and having to get married his man’s blood still pooled on the floor…
@khotunkhan3950 Yıl önce
@@dianedavid3052 patience my ass My guy didnt bother to explain either He felt he was threatened lmao
@lr84p38 Yıl önce
@@dianedavid3052 Why did a marriage have to take part at the end, of course Rhaenyra isn’t meant for Laenor Velaryon? I’m guessing now Daemon will father her children.
@cheddar9577 Yıl önce
loved that bit when daemon came uninvited and a servant had to pull up a chair for him. and viserys stress eating was funny
viserys scratching his cheek out of confusion was making it funnier . he was like “why is he here? uhm okay, anyway...”
@cheddar9577 Yıl önce
@@raemontargaryen3005 i didn't notice that 😂 paddy is smart to add those tiny details for viserys! viserys's reactions to other people's nonsense is one of my favourite things this season
@freebirdp3887 Yıl önce
@@cheddar9577 his acting is so above and beyond. effortless! i laughed too when he was stabbing his chicken while trying to keep an eye on his brother with his daughter, and alicent was looking at him at wtf
@gingerelf24 Yıl önce
Stress eating! So apt. Come here you wretched chicken 🐔. I thought it was so funny too!
@amaliarosa9961 Yıl önce
Loved the episody, mostly because of Fabien's acting. I don't like much Criston but on this episody you could see his feelings, his motives and how it leads to this breakdown. We saw lots of his emotions, the rage, shame and then dispair. To me it was one of the great moments of a character in the entire series (including Game of Thrones).
@rogerluiz2479 Yıl önce
tottaly agree
@Nnemicvids Yıl önce
Doesnt happen in the books so im getting GOT season 8 vibes from this episode, they changed so much and for the worse
@johnnyirons222 Yıl önce
@@Nnemicvids well at least D&D ain’t the directors cause they can’t right for crap at least with these new directors we have some faith
@rinmartell2678 Yıl önce
@@Nnemicvids Criston did kill Joffrey in the books.
@Regenmacher175 Yıl önce
@@Nnemicvids Dude, he kills Joffrey Lonmouth in a tourney in the book. They made a good adaptation choice that was efficient.
@teenadabi3182 Yıl önce
Fabien literally killed it, I mean what a wonderful actor he is, his emotions were so raw that one could actually feel the pain in his eyes 😐
@moonrock720 Yıl önce
He did a good job portraying Criston's desperation to leave everything behind.
@YBaclayon 2 aylar önce
@iiii498 Yıl önce
I also absolutely loved that Criston asked Rhaenyra to leave with him and abandon everything and she was like nah-ah, and then she asked Daemon the same😂 to risk everything and take her away
@twiliblade Yıl önce
her real love intrest
@MrLTiger Yıl önce
that was an interesting moment. I'm pretty sure she was calling his bluff saying that, not expecting him to actually do it, but the way she says it was almost flirty, as if she was daring him to do it for real too
@iiii498 Yıl önce
@@MrLTiger i feel like that was what she wanted him to do, but didn't believe he would
There is a difference, I think. Criston wanted her to leave everything including the throne. Leaving with Daemon would not require that.
@iiii498 Yıl önce
@@sandramathew6492 absolutely
@Emmanuel-rz6wm Yıl önce
That quote anger and betrayal making one realize who they truly are is very spot on, aint no lies told!
@kateris1976 Yıl önce
The way they're setting up Larys is brilliant. The writing, especially in the scene between Alicent and Criston is masterfully done. And all this from a book with next to no dialogue. Just excellent.
@kryptonite365 Yıl önce
is he doing that all by himself, or is lyonnel running the show all behind the scenes while giving out excellent advice that he knows the king won't follow, anyway lol
@hellokittybg93 Yıl önce
Who's Larys?
@pirualado47 Yıl önce
@@hellokittybg93 the guy with the crooked foot
@kateris1976 Yıl önce
@@hellokittybg93 The clubfoot. The man with the malformed leg who talks to Alicent near the weirwood tree.
@hellokittybg93 Yıl önce
@@kateris1976 was he a schemer in the book?
@Alex-mn1fb Yıl önce
Absolutely love that we finally see more of villain part of Daemon, remember that GRRM himself said he could be both a hero and a villain. Also, Rhaenyra and Alicent are now both firmly in the race against one another to be the first lady of the realm and the court. The idea is that both sides are neither fully good nor fully bad, and this episode really captures it. Alicent abandons any loyalty to Rhaenyra, feeling betrayed and also she realizes that between her children and her friend, she is a mother now first and foremost. That realization on her face when Otto tells her to choose had me thinking of that epic sentence : "When you play the Game of Thrones you win or you die". Great episode !!
@Nnemicvids Yıl önce
He doesnt kill his wife in the books, hes not even there. He receives the news from a raven. Killing his wife makes about as much sense as season 8 of GOT
@Alex-mn1fb Yıl önce
@@Nnemicvids No need to defend Daemon he is more then capable doing it himself 😁 They decided to make him less villainous in the last few episodes, they compensated a bit with this
@pilzbier5271 Yıl önce
@@Nnemicvids Fire and Blood is written by a maester of the citadel, so the information you read in the book doesn't have to be 100% accurate. A measter cannot know If Deamon killed his wife or if he was really not in the Vale. He writes down the information he is given to.
@dreamslove1184 Yıl önce
@@pilzbier5271 he was in the stepstones,also daemon is always acused of being suspect of a crime, that may be he killed laenor ,Harwin,they said he loved laena and then that no may be it was just for power,the same with nettles,Rhaenyra,his death,but with Rhea was the only time they didn't acuse him of being suspect and they decided the contrary in the show.
@TheKeeroop Yıl önce
I absolutely ADORE Alicent as a character. She is that kind of character that has to work with a reality that she didn't choose and makes the best of to survive
Clare Kilner is an amazing director. She absolutely nailed the last 2 episodes. Can't wait for E9!
@betyerpwet Yıl önce
Alicent's grand entrance is a statement in it's own not needing any words to say what she wants say. I think her green dress not only represent her family banners, but also that she is so green in envy with Rhaenyra who, not only gets to do and have things Alicent the queen can not, but can get away with things she is not supposed to do. Alicent has always made sure that Rhaenyra lives up to be the ruler she is meant to be, but I think she is realizing how Rhaenyra just doesn't give the crown the regard she does. Alicent plays by the rules and Rhaenyra doesn't and yet she seems to be having more fun without facing any true consequences to her wrong actions. I think this pushes Alicent over the edge and is consumed by envy because she has never been as free to love and choose as Rhaenyra.
@nyashagatsi8511 Yıl önce
Word and She always chose her, now that must change 😂.
@jennalogan5552 Yıl önce
Brilliant! That subtle not so subtle entrance by Alicent was louder than any words she could have spoken. The whole wedding scene you could just see and feel the tensions, the raw emotions building and churning and I was like "okay, what's the straw that breaks the camels back gonna be?" Definitely didn't expect how it happened but it really played well into the human emotions and how much a person can take before they snap. My anxiety level was pretty high this episode lol great job!!
@indiankid8601 Yıl önce
It was so good I was rewinding it again and again not to miss a single dialogue.
@KingKing-cz6xh Yıl önce
The straw is going to be a eye 😂😂
@jennalogan5552 Yıl önce
@@KingKing-cz6xh haha and that is was my friend!😆
@jakobm.4183 Yıl önce
This small dialogue about the color green, says no less than Alicent has declared war to Rhaenyra.
@@KingKing-cz6xh nice man 👌😂
@neonoires Yıl önce
I absolutely loved the subtle drama of this episode. I wonder if people who don't watch these inside the episode clips or read the books fully understand this episode. It's going to be interesting to see people's reaction to this.
@itsalejandroe Yıl önce
What do you think wasn't as clear on the episode and they explained further here? I haven't read the books and I use these to know a bit more about their reasoning behind most scenes but I don't think they explain that much that isn't clear on the actual episode, just a few minor things
@TheEtherny Yıl önce
@TheEtherny Yıl önce
@@itsalejandroe I just like hearing the people who work on the show explain their reasoning for the things they chose to do, it's pretty cool knowing Otto's actor say what he meant to say to his daughter even tho he couldn't
@Nnemicvids Yıl önce
This doesnt happen in the books so im getting GOT season 8 vibes from this episode, they changed so much and for the worse
@pressrepeat2000 Yıl önce
This show is masterfully crafted beyond belief. The fact that they made the whole death of Daemon’s wife a mini story with so much tension and action, and some stunningly beautiful filming and characterisation, is incredible. Beautifully written, acted and filmed. Every minute of this show is to be savoured so far. Hope they keep it up.
@shubhamnema8281 Yıl önce
I just want to say this episode stands as the paragon of storytelling, masterfully done. Each and everything was done so flawlessly, nothing for a moment felt wasted, and the ending was such a surprise. From now onwards, I'm sure weddings in the world of ice and fire do not go that easy and in the future I'll be prepared. Also, much love and thanks to Milly Alcock and Emily Carey for such stupendous start and eloquent performances, I'll definitely miss them and wish to see again on screen.
@parklinkin6624 Yıl önce
Daemon not standing up when Alicent enters the hall because she turned his smug badass entrance into the second best for tonight 😂 Once a second son always a second son
I wasn’t surprised he was seated😂
Game of Thrones had the Red Wedding and the Purple Wedding. House of the Dragon has the Green Wedding👑💚
@TheBaldr Yıl önce
I prefer the soiled wedding, different era, different naming scheme, but it is not up to me.
@malifex9922 Yıl önce
Also had the Gray Wedding between Sansa and Ramsay.
@Bmega81 Yıl önce
Should be the white wedding. Lol raeynara and Cristin Cole. Both wore white
@spacechampi0n Yıl önce
And at two of those weddings, a Joffrey died. hahahaahahahaahahah
@jenni5104 Yıl önce
I wanted (and expected) more deaths.
Is it me or has this episode made it clearer that the maester is part of the reason Viserys isn't getting better? When his helper offered an alternative solution, he immediately dismissed it, even when he sees that the leeches are not helping. 🤔
Either he is trying to kill him or he is too arrogant and stuck in his ways to try something else.
@sarakilburn2711 Yıl önce
Glad someone else picked up on this. Maesters are trained in the Citadel which is in Oldtown, where the Hightowers are Lords. Not unreasonable for Hobert/Otto (with baby Aegon’s interests in mind - aka. someone they can control) to conspire to end Vicerys, along with all the magical dragon bs the Targs bring. I smell a rat…. called faith of the seven.
@luciamota1249 Yıl önce
Also at the wedding Mellos was sat next to the Hightower lord... I didn't want to believe in this particular theory but at this point it's pretty clear it's true. The gray rats are up to something with the Hightowers, and that must be true for the future events of the books, just as Lady Barbrey Dustin said...
We see that Viserys is still alive in the next episode, so maybe the little Hightower/Maester plot has been revealed?
@kateris1976 Yıl önce
His accolyte is named Orwyle. I don't think it's a coincidence, there is a Grand Maester with that name, maybe they're setting him up for the future...
Criston Cole going crazy when Beating Joffrey was really chilling. Great acting by Fabien.
Reed the book....reed the book...is a villlian....like others TARGARYEN...
@jakea.5952 Yıl önce
Reed the book....reed the book...is a villlian....like others TARGARYEN...
@BlazedDiViNe Yıl önce
Reed the book....reed the book...is a villlian....like others TARGARYEN...
Howland the book....Meera the book...Jojen the book...is a villlian....like others TARGARYEN...
There was so much going on in that wedding scene, it was absolutely mental. The different relationships, conflicts, tension forming between all these characters is just perfectly setting up the epic shit that's coming. Truly exceptional.
@ninelr222 Yıl önce
Can we also appreciate an entrance to the wedding the Lannister guy makes? He carries his body and moves in a very epic way. Like a monument to himself.
@theahmedmustafa Yıl önce
The only complain I have with the episode was the way the significance of the color green was thrown in in the moment. It would have been much weightier (and more GOT like) if the significance was thrown in earlier seemingly randomly, maybe as a conversation earlier between Otto and Viserys, for the audience to then see Alicent dressed in green and be in awe as they made the connection themselves. Leaves a much greater impression. Other than that, solid episode
@zaraa.2198 Yıl önce
I don't know why a lot of people aren't saying this, but to me, Alicent's changed stance and so-called 'declaration of war' against Rhaenyra had more to do with how Rhaenyra inadvertently used her to remove Otto from his station leaving her alone in a tricky situation with very few allies.. and NOT because she was lied to or jealous of Rhaenyra's freedom. Plus, Otto was right. Rhaenyra's claim will be challenged and she will come for Alicent's children to secure it.
@bts_is7 Yıl önce
Farewell Milly Alcock and Emily Carey, both delivered an incredible performance and will be missed on the further episodes/seasons.
@MetalGamer666 Yıl önce
I hope we get a good explanation for how Criston is allowed to walk around freely after striking the future king consort and murdering his favored knight. I know he is the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, so I guess only the king and queen can order his arrest, but still.
@charlesw3939 Yıl önce
As someone that''s read the books, all I will say is the action/bloodshed/# of dragons we encounter only skyrockets from here, and I'm here for it. ALL of it! Alicent in that green dress had me in fanboying to the umpteenth degree even though I'm #TeamBlack. Awesome job by Milly and Emily for portraying Alicent and Rhaenyra PERFECTLY!
@NRV0 Yıl önce
What happened in this episode is mostly Rhaenyra and Cole fault. Rhaenyra for bedding her sworn sword and compromising his morals and Criston for compromising his morals and being stupid enough to think the future Queen would pick him over ruling the 7 Kingdoms. Now Rhaenyra has made two enemies when should could've had none. Criston and also Alicent.
@achadihya4706 Yıl önce
This is where the war begins
Alicent made Rhaenyra an ememy frst, though inadvertently, because of her choices and words.
@muffinhydra Yıl önce
I think when Cole asked the question he never expected her to say yes. But what he wanted to see is her to stop, contemplate on it, be insecure about her answer. Because that would signal to him that the feelings she used to coerce him to fuck her were important to her. But in the end she decided to patronize him and mansplain the situation to him. That was what set him off.
@CaptainPikeachu Yıl önce
This is all on Criston. He chose to bed her, and then he chose to be weak and toxic and disloyal as fuck and snitch on her. Man comes into this world and didn’t seem to understand the reality of things and then gets pissy because he’s rejected? There could have been none because Criston could have just been a real man about it and keep his mouth shut and understand the reality of things. And Alicent should have been cognizant of how her vile father uses her for his own ends and is putting her against her friend.
@CodiakLBJfan Yıl önce
This is Alicents fault for sleeping with and bedding Viserys, and betraying Rhaenyra
@irish_ale Yıl önce
I can literally watch Fabien playing Criston, who fell head over heels in love with Rhaenyra and being naive or something, with no sound and understand everything his obsessed character goes through, what an amazing acting! This episode is like an avalanche moving towards you - everything is just getting worse and worse with every minute, and there is no way to stop it. That's lovely🔥
Alicent just gave the middle finger to Rhaenyra, the way she called her “stepdaughter” you just know that whatever feelings she had left for her are gone!!!
@Lionspel Yıl önce
Well, she did broke her trust first by keeping secret that she's seeing the king after Aemma's death (even if not intimately) that lead to her being chosen as wife. So yeah, both played the game of thrones and made their moves now.
@balerion77 Yıl önce
By what right should she be mad at Rhaenyra?? She did the betrayal first then accused Rhaenyra of screwing Daemon, Rhaenyra answered that they didn't "DO IT". Why would Rhaenyra confess about Criston?.Alicent herself knows it was her father's fault for getting fired during his quest to make AEGON heir. She has no right to be mad.
@@balerion77 Alicent never betrayed Rhaenyra in my eyes. She never wanted any of this, she was basically pushed into this by her father. Sure, she could have told Rhaenyra about her talks with the king, but Viserys probally told her to keep all of that a secret for now. Rhaenyra on the other side oppenly lied to Alicent. About Daemon, because he DID touch her, and about the fact that she was no longer a virgin. And she swore on her mothers name!
@@nicolasritzke1042 Daemon didn't "touch" the part of Rhaenyra that Alicent and Otto were talking about. She told the truth, at least in the context of that conversation. If you're going to take every word literally, then Alicent could also be called a hypocrite for "kissing" her father.
@adbylsh2756 Yıl önce
@@Lionspel she didn’t rhaenyra began to conflict by lying to her about her maidenhood
@tealsquare Yıl önce
Claire Kilner is an amazing director
@Lucy-wi4ny Yıl önce
I've always had a love/hate relationship with the Targs. They're badass but such messy rulers. Other than Rhaegar, I've yet to encounter a Targaryen that I've fully liked. I can see why so many other houses want them out. I always seem to choose the unpopular opinions when it comes to Thrones :') It never ends well
@user-nv2wt4hi8t Yıl önce
Honestly, I hope they keep Cole morally grey, capable of good and bad. I actually do understand him a lot so far in the show. From his perspective, Rhaenyra has whined and sooked and complained about every duty to do with her oncoming marriage, from openly running away from celebratory hunts where she should be with helping represent the Royal family, dismissing the entire remaining list of potential suitors Alicent and her father arranged, and then consciously losing her virtue to Criston, having totally disregarded his oath, his vows and his honour by kissing him twice, locking him in her room, undressing him and doing all of this after he asked her to stop, simply because she wanted to get off and pleasure herself at his expense. When he then gave her, admittedly a totally unrealistic, impossible offer, she didn't even think twice before suddenly bringing up those same responsibilities she had such an issue with for years (and despite happily throwing his out the window) and now was suddenly ready to play the part of the princess fully committed to doing her duty when all he's ever seen is her chafing at it and finding every issue with what's expected of her. Add in that Alicent would have told Criston about how Rhaenyra totally forsook her own honour by lying to her about her virtue, and then repeating these behaviours by possibly birthing 3 bastards (with the proof in the pudding with their features and her relationship with Harwin) who will sit the throne, it makes so much more sense why Cole would be so infuriated by her.
@Magmafrost13 Yıl önce
I love Lady Rhea so much, she deserved better than Daemon. And I love the decision to make her such a badass, it can be inferred that the reason Daemon hated her so much was because she saw right through him and he couldnt stand that he couldnt manipulate her.
@LousySob Yıl önce
Seriously? You love a character that was in the show for 5 whole minutes?
Im going to miss milly as rhaenyra. She is awesome.
@my_quiet_riot Yıl önce
Same. I hope they find a way to do flashbacks with her.
@queenb2450 Yıl önce
@@my_quiet_riot flashbacks is just lazy writing. I feel like if they never planned it (like in the books) doing it now is only fan service and might make things awkward. Sometimes, you just have to let things be bruh. No one asked for a Ned Stark flashback........
You should watch Upright if you like her.
@Marth66666 Yıl önce
@@queenb2450 a lot of people asked for a Ned/tower of joy flashback. What are you talking about.
@OnTheLew Yıl önce
@@Marth66666 But that was a younger Ned Stark and not the one we got to know in Season 1
@shererid Yıl önce
Great episode! No senseless and extravagant fight scenes, just great writing, superb acting and costume and compelling drama. Just like Martin intended with ASOIAF. Enjoyed it immensely!
@Halliwell1199 Yıl önce
Omg, this is incredible, spin offs rarely work, but the whole crew has achieved an amazing feat! Love it. We have battles, weddings, complex characters, Dragons, intriguing and intelligent dialogues, but it's not a copy of GoT. Way to go!
@gabygreen9188 Yıl önce
I feel sorry for Viserys. he's doing his best. I caught him knowing that Daemon is behind Lady Rhea's death and he started to worry about Rhaenyra. either he worry that Daemon would kill her or kidnap her. it seems to me, he has no trust left to Daemon. he's a good father and he did his best to protect his daughter.
@rafz9147 Yıl önce
But I don't think Daemon would do anything harm rhaenyra, I think despite his ambition deep down he really cares for rhaenyra.
@jet687 Yıl önce
Alicent's talk with Otto was so powerful for her! The episode was so much about her keeping her composure with all the shit going on around her. I would have lost clumps of my hair if I was her!
@JayHam20 Yıl önce
I really hope this show keeps going the way it is. Bravo to the writer's 👏 this show has literally got me reinvested into GOT when after season 8 I thought that would be impossible. Great job 👍
@00Mindi00 Yıl önce
THE GREEN WEDDING. And BOY was it BRILLIANT, in a totally different way to the red wedding. EQUALLY as dramatic providing just as much a massive turning point in the story. I cannot express enough how satisfying this episode, let alone the entire series so far, has been to watch. I LOVE this show.
@gaffyduck7491 Yıl önce
Matt smith is killing it in this show wow
Idc what anyone says I LOVE the love triangle between Rheneyra, Ser Cristen and Daemon. Im so invested in it 😭 whyyy
@laura-hr2rj Yıl önce
Whoa I was NOT expecting Cole to react like that and literally explode! That was terrible for poor Laenor. But did ser Criston really believe Rhaenyra would have just eloped with him?? Come on ser Criston! Poor Viserys had yet another feast ruined and is sick, the guy just can't catch a break :( as for Alicent, I gotta say I see her reasons and I feel for her, though I am team Blacks.
@andreim.5324 Yıl önce
This show was very, very go up until now. It just passed into the realm of amazing with this episode. All hell will break loose after this episode, just like it did in GOT after episode 5. The tradition is kept, I hope they will keep it as far as episodes 9 go as well. I hate Criston Cole, I hate Larys Strong. I love Harwin Strong, I love Rhaenys Targaryen. Those are one of the things this episode underlined. I love the direction they took with the Rhaenyra/Cole affair, I love the choice they did there. Since I read Fire and Blood a few times now, I did not expect to feel any other way at this point, so that is great.
@angadsingh9314 Yıl önce
have some sympathy for my boi Criston
The story writing and portrayal of these characters is so spot on that I'm conflicted to which side I am on. Originally Team Black but Rhaenyra's actions are so selfish and suspect...I'm conflicted! Excellent show...can't wait for episode 6!!
@lilium3876 Yıl önce
The green dress was so beautiful, I just can't get enough of it. This episode was unreal, I am so excited for the next episode!!!!
@hopekane9120 Yıl önce
I was really annoyed they made Daemon kill his wife, while this clearly never happened in the book. They're really making Daemon way worse on purpose.
@adhiantos Yıl önce
Gonna miss Milly and Emily, but I do look forward to seeing them on the big screens in the future! Also excited to welcome Emma and Olivia in the next episode. HOTD is seriously getting better with each episode. Also dang, Ramin Djawadi is truly the goat!
Moment of the episode : When Alicent confronts Ser Criston with that night's details, and Ser Criston unaware of what she would ask ends up telling the actual truth she had no clue of. That expression on Alicent's face clearly states she was in shock and more, saddened. I think she has a soft corner in her heart for Ser Criston. As we also see in the last scene when she stops him for killing himself.
@gopipavi9653 Yıl önce
It's not soft corner for Ser Criston..It's sympathizing with him and the mutual feeling of how the Targaryens have used them ...like how their entire existence and purpose is now tied to the Targaryen vices...that oaths or precedence or traditions don't matter...that they (Targaryens) are the law and perhaps even the seven God's only answered their prayers...that's why Alicent/Cole are seen mostly in the Godswood than in the sept in their most vulnerable moments.
@markmywords3817 Yıl önce
Alicent is no innocent either. She kept a secret from Rhaenyra as well, having secret "talks" with Viserys in order to further their own family line. She wouldn't be torn between her family and Targaryens if it weren't for his scheming father. She very much well could've stayed friends with Rhaenyra if she didn't marry Viserys.
@@gopipavi9653 I liked your perspective. Quite right in fact. Rhaenyra is pretty cool about continuing things as they were going with Cole but he clearly felt being used by the Princess. That look on Cole's face when watching Rhaenyra dance with Laenor. was impactful. Think this is gonna create resentment for Rhaenyra in Ser Criston's mind. Looks like he would be in the Green party soon enough.
@indiankid8601 Yıl önce
@@gopipavi9653 It is not soft corner. She will use criston's anger against rhynaera that's why she saved his life. Criston will become rhynaera's sworn enemy.
@adbylsh2756 Yıl önce
@@markmywords3817 but she had no choice she was forced by her father and you can’t refuse an proposal made by the king himself
@ankurdhawan7828 Yıl önce
4:52 Alicent till now always reffered Rhaenyra by her name or as princess. Her calling her step-daughter is her way to let Rhaenyra know that she knows the truth about her lies, and that they are no longer friends.
@batgurrl Yıl önce
That was an amazing episode and I was on the edge of my seat waiting for chaos to ensue. So happy the green dress appeared. Christon Cole has a deep sense of honor and I was so glad he was stopped from his guilt trip
If he values his honor more he wouldn't have slept with Rhaenyra in the first place. Also, running off with Rhaenyra and marrying her wouldn't have restored his honor. In fact, it would have made things worse.
@KillerTacos54 Yıl önce
Fantastic, brilliant episode. This show continues to blow me away with each episode! Seeing the classic heavily political drama that GoT started at has me more excited than I've ever been! The only thing I will say is that I felt Criston's turn could've been a bit more subtle/gradual, instead it felt a bit too fast. But given the pacing of the show I can completely understand why it had to be a little quick. That being said, everything else was brilliant, really nothing other than praise comes to mind. Man, I'm going to miss Emily and Milly so much!! But I'm very excited to see the new actresses
I know the end, from the book, so no spoilers to the ones that do not know, I just enjoy how they have done it ,so far, I love it, can't wait to see how they will do it till the end. I do not think there will be more than 2 seasons, with the tempo story is going, and that will be perfect to be honest. Great story telling, characters, atmosphere , every frame could be a picture on the wall, I love it. I would like a prequel of the time before they went to the Westeros, when they were in old Valyria, how all of that looked. That period is much of the mystery...and I love dragons, to be honest XD
It would be wonderful if in season 2, Mily and Emily come back for some flashbacks. Very good acting from both of them.
@missmac564 Yıl önce
Had Rhaenyra been born male, what she did with Ser Criston wouldn’t have meant anything, but because she’s a woman she’s expected to be ‘chaste’. I found this episode intriguing to see both young women develop their characters & how Rhaenyra is a modern woman in a rather backwards setting.
@Sam-0827 Yıl önce
That’s true and Alicent and Rhaenyra both have such different lives despite being so close to each other now
@nickrubin7312 Yıl önce
Had Ser Criston in this case would be born as a woman, let's say Lady Cristina, and somehow would be elevated to the position of the Kingsguard, what potential male Rhaenyra did to potential Lady Cristian would be clearly discussed as the an obvious abuse of power.
@Al-ji4gd Yıl önce
Takeaway: Don't be a modern woman.
@chaiky6556 Yıl önce
This episode was really, really good at building tension. Well done!
@dreamslove1184 Yıl önce
I like a lot of things about the episode but how could criston Cole leave the room without consequences after killing without consideration a guest that was so close to the future king consort ,his squire,he also punched that same king consort? . Also what happened with Daemon,he was almost kissing Rhaenyra and then he just vanished and Rhaenyra didn't care bc she was just asking for Laenor ?it doesn't make sense.
@Maxi86inAction Yıl önce
This show gets better every episode, the green dress was definitely a Rains of castermere moment, I got goosebumps
A truly emotional episode. All strangled up. Can't judge how it's gonna procced & who is gonna turn evil. Eagerly waiting for the next episode.
@day_day_ Yıl önce
Episode 5 gave us more than what we could expect! Kudos to the creators!
@ginao6810 Yıl önce
Fantastic episode I love that Ser Cristen asks Rhynera to give up everything to be with him and thinks nothing of it. And she asks him to give up only what he has already given up and he loses his goddamn mind. Oh the entitlement of a boy with a crush!
The way Rhaenyra called Daemon on his bluff and was like alright so do it, I was like good lord 🙈
@SPQSpartacus Yıl önce
Loved 99% of the episode. Criston murdering someone at the Wedding, not so much. There is no way he won’t be executed, with the truth of his motives found out the easy or a very hard way. But after ruining the crown princess’s Wedding that the King himself had great plans for... Yeah he’s dead.
I love how Daemon walk in to the wedding 🤣🤣🤣 also like how when Alicent come entering Daemon doesn’t stand for her like yea whatever 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣
@frankx1219 Yıl önce
Team Green all life! The actors who play Otto, Alicent and Criston are great! Can’t wait to see all the other greens in action like Ser Tyland Lannister, Lord Larys Strong, Aegon II and his siblings, Lord Jasper Wylde and Gran Maester Orwyle
the last shot left me with goosebumps. its bareley switched into 2nd ger and this show is in my opinon will becoe the better show. 1 because it is a cooler period 2. the show runners give a shit 3. they've got the right amount of money/backing to properly sell the world of ice and fire. It's hard to judge HotD against season 1 of thrones, just merley because that first book is very rich and methodical with it's developments and the transisition from book to show was bound to succeed simply because of how good the source material. Having said that this show is more colourful and lore heavy. Which is a must in these fantasy shows and is kinda why The rings of power (tRoP) hasn't really failed yet. The emphasis on lore really drags in fans just because of how grand most fantasy lore's/mythos can be. Love this show it's topping tRoP by a mile. When this show ends, ill legit be praying for some Aegon the conqueror/Valaryia spin off show. Like I reckon GRR martin is really happy and thrilled to be apart of these shows, where he's allowed to build upon hs own works/world. Like the whole dagger thing i reckon will be mention in the up coming books. im waffling. fuck
@mateo.escallon Yıl önce
I am loving House of the Dragon. It has been amazing so far, and I am certain that it will be this way in the future. Thanks for it.
i love how this shows having alot of brothers dynamic. how Daemon is such a contrasts to Viserys’s nerdiness and peace loving nature. Otto trying to take his part as a Hightower(probably to outdo his older brother by placing his daughter as a wife to the king to make his heir to be a future king). the contrasts between the Lannister twins (the wise and the arrogant) and larys and Harwin strong . one the muscle and other the “brain”. ❤❤❤. SPOILER ALERT cant wait to see the dynamic between Alicents sons.
@Aemond2024 Yıl önce
yes. The brother dynamic is very cool in this show. Cant wait to see Aegon, Aemond and Daeron
@LudeKrissy Yıl önce
This episode was hands down the best episode thus far! What a turnaround from the last episode. We pretty much got a lot of what was lacking in this one. Someone died, awesome! 🤣 The Queen is definitely getting on my bad side ! 😦
@indiankid8601 Yıl önce
Wow calling someone's death awesome. What kind of person you would be in real life 🙄
@lubz95 Yıl önce
Someone died in episode 4 as well, stabbed by a boy
@tobyford189 Yıl önce
@@indiankid8601 its a show lmaoo
@LudeKrissy Yıl önce
@@indiankid8601 Relax kid lol. I’m a down to earth person in real life. Can I enjoy one of my fav shows?
@forzer456 Yıl önce
Going to miss young Rhanerya and Alicent. The actors did a realy good job. All the best for their older halves.
@jaytibee Yıl önce
The after credit scenes are gems for real.
The writing and characters just keeps getting better and better
This was an incredible ending
I love Ryan Condal's insights in these. You can tell he's such a nerd with the books because he's always talking about how they adapted certain things.
@citations1ml503 Yıl önce
The Show Just Gets Better And Better🔥
@ry2950 Yıl önce
If I had a nickel every time a dude named Joffrey died at a wedding I would have two nickels. Thats not a lot, but its funny that it happened twice.
Killing Joffrey is just a wedding Tradition for Westerosi's at this point why not?
@Nnemicvids Yıl önce
Doesnt happen in the books so im getting GOT season 8 vibes from this episode, they changed so much and for the worse
Hope the third Joffrey doesn't die at a wedding 😅
@PeachyIsolation Yıl önce
@@Nnemicvids i think you're confused and wrong because plenty of other people were talking about the book, and it unfolds just as that.
@@Nnemicvids Yes it does. Just a few days later at a wedding tournament.
@danc5644 Yıl önce
I get that this show is fundementally paced differently than the GOOD part of GoT, mainly in its time jumps between episodes. I also understand that characters who are dragon riders can pretty much be on one end of Westeros at the beginning of the episode and then be on the other at the end. That said, I'm really taken out of the story when they do these time jumps in the middle of an episode. The bronze bitch's cousin just shows up at the wedding, accusing Daemon of killing her. Not only did that part fail to make sense, but both HER murder, and his appearance at the wedding, just felt really out of place.
@celliott5021 Yıl önce
This episode was wonderfully mastered, bravo! Sunday needed to be the next day.
@marias.7717 Yıl önce
While I feel that this episode was the perfect culmination for Emily as Allicent (you see her becoming an adult in her desicion making so an older actor is the next step), I don't feel the same way about Milly as Rhaenyra. She is still a teenager here, playing with her prospective lovers. I hope we got to see her turning point, when she realised there was a bigger plan around her.
@bts_is7 Yıl önce
@livnatperez2591 Yıl önce
Daemon and Rhaenyra are caring the show on their shoulders. Their chemistry is just INSANE!!
@JuliusGalacki Yıl önce
Their chemistry is excellent but they're NOT carrying the show. First and foremost the writing and direction are. Most of the cast is excellent. Take away Paddy Constantine's performance, etc. and there would be no counter-weight, no opposition to what Matt Smith and Milly Alcock are doing as Daemon and Rhaenyra.
@NinaC Yıl önce
They are not carrying the show, at least this episode 5. It is Criston Cole and Alicent’s powermove of being late and wearing that green dress that made this amazing.
@roussomusique Yıl önce
I felt an unexpected strong emotion when I saw the queen in the green dress, didnt know what it was. I knew it was big, without knowing the meaning. I when online and saw that it is the start of the greens vs the blacks. Biggests deep goosebumps in years for me. This may be the most powerfull rewatchable scene when the other seasons will come out
@LucerysOwner Yıl önce
oh my boy this episode left me speechless and I really fell bad for ser Criston... and f Fabien Frankel's acting was so a 10/10! such a good performance
@warrenzevon4994 Yıl önce
In what world would you feel bad for Criston after what he did, just wait til you see the rest of the season😂
I mean, his idea to run off with Rhaenyra was kind of foolish. Your idea was to run off with the King's daughter, you assume she would leave her dragon (which she loves to ride) and her position. Corlys would be upset and presumably Rhaenys may have gone to look for her, Daemon has some connection with her as well so he would have been up in the air. Viscerys would have sent people to look for them. It's possible they could have disappeared but not an absolute. Rhaenyra wasn't going to be happy as the wife of a trader or sell sword. He already disobeyed his vows of chastity, running off with Rhaenyra certainly wouldn't bring back his honor.
bro feels bad for ser criston after he commits a vicious hate crime in homophobic rage hm.....
@@villanelles_suit7271 I think it was less about 'Homophobic rage' and more so about the fact my guy just told Criston he knew his secret that could ultimately ruin him entirely
@@bugcatcherjacky1334 Except Criston knows his secret too, so weak point.
@AlmostaCountry Yıl önce
I only don't understand how come nobody came there to separate Criston and Joffrey. Like Harold Westerling. And ultimately, how did Criston just... leave? Why didn't anyone stop him?
@Barberserk Yıl önce
I laughed out lout when the king fell on the floor yet again, at the end of the episode. Great comedic timing!
A artistically perfect episode with all of it's dramatical aspects, worthy of the name "Game of Thrones" with it's signature wedding.
@jsomhorst Yıl önce
loved this episode! Actually you should have named it 'The Green Wedding' ;)
@Jptm26 Yıl önce
Great episode! The only minor gripes I have with it are: 1- The need to explain the green dress. It should be something that was introduced to us earlier in the episode or the season, so that when she walks in with the green dress, we as an audience pick up on the meaning right away. 2- Criston's "confession" to Alicent. It was one of those tropes of one character talking about one thing without using specific details or names, so that the other character miss interprets and revels something different. I just think that could have been better worked out, maybe he tells her he knows nothing about Daemon, but that he was the one to have sex with her. Still, everything else is very close to perfect, love all the subtle looks, the subtext in each sentence or characters actions, very well done
@Aemond2024 Yıl önce
totally agree on 1, but for 2 feel the misunderstaning works perfectly in this case. Alicent wants to be very delicate in choosing her words, since she discusses a princesses virtue with a lowly kingsguard, and Cole is ridden with grief and perhaps guilt he breaks.
@Jptm26 Yıl önce
@@Aemond2024 yeah, that's the only excuse for it and it's the reason it didn't break the scene completly for me, but I still would've preffered a different structure to it. Still, these are just minor gripes, the episode was excellent
@Aemond2024 Yıl önce
@@Jptm26 yeah dude i loved it. Didn't expect this beforehand. My friends also dont believe me lol. They won't even give it a try
@Jptm26 Yıl önce
@@Aemond2024 I was not looking forward to this show at all! Didn't even check out the trailers. But thankfully, I gave episode 1 a chance and I was hooked! What a comeback for this universe
@100rabhjha Yıl önce
Every thing is temporary in this world But Joffrey dying in a wedding is permanent
@Nnemicvids Yıl önce
Doesnt happen in the books so im getting GOT season 8 vibes from this episode, they changed so much and for the worse
@FURYCHAOS184 Yıl önce
@@Nnemicvids Are you legally blind btw?
@@Nnemicvids Are you going to elaborate or just spam under every comment?
@pauljonas7301 Yıl önce
Characters randomly snapping and killing people is what made GOT S8 great, so nice to have that back
Allicent lied to her friend, yes she didn’t know completely what her father was doing, she still closed the communication first. She has no right to feel slighted when she cut the chord long before rhaenyra. She chose her families place over friend and she thinks they should all be miserable now? No, she chose her way rhaenyra chose hers. Men at that court can do what they want but god forbid the princess find her own fun🤣🤣🤣🤣
@VictorGauto Yıl önce
Laenor voice at the end, saying his vows, so sad and heartbroken 😭😭😭😭